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~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

Are you going to use the PokéWalker?

  • Yes, probably all the time!

    Votes: 559 48.4%
  • Yeah, but probably just sometimes cause I may be busy.

    Votes: 370 32.1%
  • Um...maybe...I haven't decided yet.

    Votes: 181 15.7%
  • No, not going to use it at all

    Votes: 44 3.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


hey trainer
My Pokewalker has gone through the washer. Twice.

And I felt so sad, and I was without one for like, 11 months. I walked around with it on a lanyard for like, two months. It was dead though.

But last month, I decided that I wanted to try changing the batteries. Maybe it would work, you know? It was worth a shot.

And it worked! I was so happy. So I have a Pokewalker now, and I'm always using it. Even if there's nothing in it Pokemon-wise, I've got it on me. And I'm walking. And I use it as a pedometer, so I can see if I reached the daily requirement of 10,000 steps. I usually do, unless I'm especially lazy.


Well-Known Member
I've been using my PokéWalker every day since I restarted HeartGold ten or so days ago. I think it's such a nifty little device and I have used it to get quite a few Pokémon otherwise only obtainable later in the game. In fact three of my six party members have been caught through PokéWalker.

I haven't been using it long but I have unlocked up to Blue Lake. It's also a great way of getting items such as berries much easier than rock smashing and trading shards.

Aww, there's only one more course after Blue Lake before I get the National PokéDex. That went really fast. I can't wait to get the very last, Quiet Cave, course. That would certainly be an achievement.
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Well-Known Member
I've been using it ever since buying a second one. I've just unlocked the Volcano Path area and have had to replace my battery for the first time, which was actually rather simple.

The batteries I bought were a bit cheap, so I'll see how long they last.


Fool him slightly.
No, I don't use the Pokèwalker. I didn't understand it.


Well-Known Member
When I tried using it it didn't work for some reason, so now I just don't bother.