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~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

Are you going to use the PokéWalker?

  • Yes, probably all the time!

    Votes: 559 48.4%
  • Yeah, but probably just sometimes cause I may be busy.

    Votes: 370 32.1%
  • Um...maybe...I haven't decided yet.

    Votes: 181 15.7%
  • No, not going to use it at all

    Votes: 44 3.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


New spicy version
I'll probably find a way to hook it to my lanyard that I wear every day anyway...in college I don't think it'll be a problem. In high school, as long as you hide it, I think it'd work. Imagine you were hooked to an elementary or middle school though, and you saw a bunch of kids using the Pokewalker and talking about it? I've had that experience with Pokemon where I felt out of place.

I'll probably use it for Pokemon that I want to evolve, but probably not team members, just Pokedex additions. I wonder if the points you get per step can be applied to a Pokemon you put in after you get the points?


The one and only.
I'm likely getting one too. Seems interesting having one of those.

I'll use to to level up some of my trained up Pokes that I want to level 100. I'm not much of an EV, IV person so this is perfect for me to use.


Yes, I'm still alive
i could just put it in my desk at school,but what if it beeps a lot?

Shadow Gamer

The Shadow Trainer
I will probably forget about it 90% of the time so I most likely wont be using it.


Adventure Seeker
I'm gonna take it to the YMCA with me 'cause I do 3+ miles on the elliptical.

That will be useful.


Pokemon Caretaker
I'll be using it to level EV'd Pokemon that have learned all their moves, most likely.


Kanto SuperTrainer
i wonder what pokemon u can find on it or what items are available, and more importantly what pokemon are in the edge of the night sky area that gets unlocked by the wifi jirachi


Well-Known Member
I'm using mine ALL the time! I have a lot of Tamagotchi's I play with at school under my desk when I'm bored anyways and it's pratically the same thing except you don't treat it as a pet...


Well-Known Member
What will they do if your Pokemon needs to learn a move while it is in the pedometer?

when you send it back to the DS it'll probably go
"during -insert pokemon's name here- training from the pokewalker it learned a new move. But you already have four moves. Would you like to forget a move to make room for -insert move here-."

anywayz i remember having a digimon data scan thing like this when i was 7 you just keep shaking it.

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
Even if they won't gain EV's while using this,I will probably use it to get a Lv. 100 Red Gyarados.I will run aroung my house 50 times everyday(difficult but will try)to get it Lv. 100 in no time!


I run every day for cross country but I don't know if the device is just for walking or if you could run too. But I'll try it out anyway.

Johto King

2nd gen all the way!
Ill use it if you can get ev when ever you lvl up but if not i probably wont use it