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Poke Drama Island! (Pokemon Castaway V2)

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I Crush Everything
Heh heh. I actually was thinking of doing that sometime. But I'll probably wait until I get a computer to myself again.

Speaking of which, seeing as my horrible router only lets one computer get internet at a time, the next episode will probably take some time to be posted. Until then, continue to discuss speculations of who you think will get far. This episode gave you one clue: It probably won't be Ares.


Fire and Ice Combo
I've been ff.net... there are some really bad fanfics there DX I will admit though I have seen some good ones though but a lot not so good. I was going to join it but then I remembered... I haven't finish a single story that I started. I've really tried but forcing myself it write doesn't help...

The Fad


;475;: Hello its Gallade here again at the Dock of Defeat, with our special guest BJ!

;068;: Yo wassup.

;475;: And we also have our 3rd loser, Ares. Heya Ares *kisses her*

;308;: Hey babe!

;068;: Woooooooohoooooooo!!! Is it me or did this dock just get hot?

;475;: Umm..Thats my girlfr-

;068;: So baby, Why dont you and me take a ride. And I dont mean in the boat *wink*

;308;: Eck! You smell like a giant sweatbomb!

;068;: Thats just the aftermath of my workout. And I dont mean on my arms *wink wink*

;308;: Oh god get this creep away from me

;475;: Hey, dude get off my girl!

;068;: Oh please, a squirt like you thinks he can-

;475;: *Psycho Cut's BJ in the crotch* Its called a dual type, meathead.

;068;: *falls over* @_@

;475;: Thats all the time we have, Thank you Ares and Thank you viewers. Make sure to rate and subscribe to this thread! This is Gallade, signing out!

I doubt Murk will make it that far, since he made it far in COTT and PDI and COTT are opposite universes.


Bearer of Peace
Erm, what's SerebiiWiki? ?_?


Can I haz a link to that? I wanna see it.
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