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Devoted Spriter
I couldn't think of a good name for the comic (suggestions appreciated xD) sorry!

Well, This is my first comic, and I used MD sprites. I hope you like them C & C appreciated.

Also if you have any attack move sprites, please give them to me.

I will update as often as possible, probobly 2-5 times a week. Updates are most likely to be on weekends.

Character page comic soon.



Part 1



Devoted Spriter
I've had problems making the next area xD Computer keeps freezing, and with my limited time on the computer. But I should have another comic before Saturday (late night Friday maybe)

Thanks ^^ This is /kinda/ based on a roleplay I did a long time ago, The Charmander in the roleplay was named Charm though... Still has the same blue tail xD Neko hasn't changed much =3 Expect 2 or 3 new popping up soon xD