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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Sidewinder, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury


    I work at a company that has a golf course right next to it. I usually take my lunch break on the back loading dock, and occasionally golf balls will fly over towards our back parking lot or just be lying around on the ground. I picked one up one day and carried it back inside with me.

    As I sat at my desk I started thinking about Pokemon, and realized that golf balls were about the size a Pokeball was when it was minimized. So, armed with a rainbow of different colored sharpie's, I got to work. After I colored in my first ball, I picked up every golf ball that got hit my way and started coloring them to look like different Pokeballs.

    In no way are these well done or art worthy at all haha. I know they're not very good, but I got kinda excited about them and wanted to post them just to show everyone what I do when I'm slacking off at work ^^;


    From left to right: Pokeball, Masterball, PremierBall, TimerBall


    From left to right:
    Ultraball, Friendball, Greatball, Luxuryball

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  2. thecutecelefable

    thecutecelefable the fairy trainer

    Those look awesome That is all i have to say about that ^.^
  3. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    XDD Did you give them back like that?

    That's both hilarious and really neat. All this done with sharpie, eh? I didn't think there were that many differently-colored sharpies out there. The Luxury Ball might've killed the black sharpie XD.

    I demand more defilement of golf balls!
  4. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    Lol thanks very much!

    Lol I made two great balls and threw them as hard as I could at the fourth hole. lmao I wonder what would happen if a golfer picked one up. WTF is this?

    I went to the store and bought a twelve pack of different colors for six dollars. They had a 32 pack but it was fifteen.

    Lol every time I find a new ball I plan on making one. I think I'm going to do a nest ball next. I've always liked the way they look

    Thanks for commenting ^_^

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