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Poke16Freak's Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Poke16Freak, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    [IMG200]http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/006.gif[/IMG200] [IMG200]http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/003.gif[/IMG200] [IMG200]http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/009.gif[/IMG200] [IMG200]http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/025.gif[/IMG200] [IMG200]http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/018.gif[/IMG200] [IMG200]http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/012.gif[/IMG200]

    The Rules:
    All SPPF rules and Trade Forum rules apply here; do not get
    infracted for not following them.
    No hacks; you will be blacklisted if you knowingly trade a hacked
    Pokemon. Cloned and rnged pokemon are fine, however.
    If you conclude that I have mistakingly traded you a hacked Pokemon, and you have sufficient proof suporting this, I will return your pokemon in exchange for the hacked. I will release any Pokemon marked as "hacked"
    Posts should be done in this format:
    What You are Offering: Pokemon Name , Category (Shiny, Flawless, etc)
    What You Want: Pokemon Name, Shiny/Not , Level , Nature , IV’s (if
    Possible) , UT/BT/T
    NOTE: BT= Less than 20 EV's Total. T= More than 20 EV's
    Be patient, if you decide to spam me you will be
    blacklisted and, depending on the severity, reported.
    Please use proper grammar, or at least try your hardest. It gets
    annoying having to interpret PM’s.
    If you are posting or PM’ing or VM'ing and your FC is not in your signature,
    please include it in your request.

    None yet, hopefully never.

    Dw Pokemon I Want:
    flawless shiny adamant lapras With EM's Ddance female
    flawless shiny jolly tauros with DW move rock climb and iron tail if possible female
    flawless shiny timid/calm/bold natu with DW move giga drain female
    almost flawless DW timid charizard with HP ice/grass
    almost flawless timid snivy with HP rock
    Flawless Shiny adamant carvanha female
    Flawless shiny jolly/adamant bagon female with Ddance
    Flawless adamant/jolly blaziken
    You can offer any dw pokemon female and i will see if we can make a deal
    and if u have flawless dw pokemon tell me and we will see if we can make a deal

    Shinies I'm Looking For:
    almost flawless shiny heatmor modest nature with HP grass
    flawless shiny basculin adamant/jolly nature
    flawless shiny shelmet timid nature
    flawless shiny cubchoo adamant nature with EM night slash
    flawless shiny larvesta timid/modest with HP ground
    Any flawless shiny thats interest me im also looking for good ev trained flawless shinines so tell me if your interested.

    Shinies I Have:
    Flawless squirtle modest nature UT with aqua jet, flail, aqua ring, yawn
    Flawless voltorb timid nature UT
    Flawless giratina timid nature UT from sinjoh ruin
    Flawless heracross jolly nature UT
    Flawless latias timid nature T
    Flawless Munchlax careful nature UT with curse and fire punch
    Flawless murkrow ????? nature UT
    Not Flawless shiny shellder UT
    Flawless moltres timid nature UT
    Flawless larvitar Adamant UT

    Evtrained Pokemon I Have:
    Flawless jolly heracross ev trained in attack and speed
    Flawless jolly rampardos ev trained in attack and speed
    Flawless jolly aerodactyl ev trained in attack and speed with the move stealth rock Nnamed
    Flawless adamant metagross ev trained in attack and speed with thunderpunch and trick
    Flawless modest rotom ev trained in attack and speed with the move trick
    Flawless adamant scizor ev trained in attack and speed with bulletpunch and super power
    Flawless modest kyogre ev trained in spatt and speed
    Flawless adamant darminitan ev trained in att and speed
    Flawless adamant ev trained bulky gyarados
    Flawless adamant/jolly dragonite ev trained in att and speed
    Flawless timid/jolly pikachu ev trained
    Flawless bold/calm cresselia ev trained
    Flawless modest/timid kingdra ev trained with draco metor
    Flawless jolly mienshaoo (japanese) ev trained in att and speed
    Flawless adamant/jolly medicham

    Flawless Pokemon I Have:
    Flawless adamant darumuka
    Flawless modest pansage
    Flawless ?????? timburr with drain punch and Mach Punch

    Events I Have:
    event japanese flawless cubchoo
    10 ANIV dragonite
    10 ANIV tyranitar
    10 ANIV dragonite
    10 ANIV suicune
    10 ANIV entei
    10 ANIV raikou
    Nzone pikachu
    ALAMOS darkrai
    TRU shaymin
    TRU regigigas
    TRU dragonite
    TRU arceus
    TRU tyranitar
    Almia darkrai

    Rare Items That I Have:
    soul dew

    My Cloner

    Looking For Rngers, Cloners that clone with out getting ribbons on the pokemon, Ev trainers.
    Post any trades i will try to read all of them and try to respond to them. And most of my 4th gen shinies are in my HG game so give me time to send them over ok.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  2. evan0913

    evan0913 New Member

    Hey poke16freak!
    I would love ur jolly flawless herracross.
    But r u only after flawless shinies? I have quite a few shinies but none of them r flawless :'( I can trade two or three shinies for it?

    Cheers and good luck with ur shop!
  3. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Check my shop for your 10ANIV Dragonite .
  4. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Hiya, I'm interested in your Heracross, Latias, Voltorb and Munchlax. Please check my shop to see if there is anything you would like for these. Thanks =)
  5. Dodobird133

    Dodobird133 Member

    Hey, I'd really like that Heracross of yours. I can offer you a Flawless EV trained timid Zoroark, Flawless Timid Shiny EV trained Galvantula, or a Flawless Shiny UT Rash Raikou.

    My FC: 2322 7323 4509
  6. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    thanks and what unova shinies do you have
  7. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    how about for ur shiny modest flawless deino with dark pulse
  8. heiiumzz

    heiiumzz Pokemon Master

    Nice shop buddy, ill be ur avid trader :)
  9. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    hey is ur blitzle shiny and with motor drive as a ability
  10. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Ill take that .
  11. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    hey u can clone right without getting ribbons on the pokemon right
  12. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    alright its UT right with no ribbons right if it is i can trade in 5 mins ok
  13. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    ok ill take the galvantula and the zoroark does it have any egg moves
  14. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    alright im going in
  15. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Ill be there in a sec
  16. Flash2010

    Flash2010 Shiny Master

    do i have anything you want for shiny flawless giratina and latias
  17. Poke16Freak

    Poke16Freak Well-Known Member

    im interested in ur shiny flawless dw nidoking modest and
    is ur dw chandelure the shiny flawless timid one a female or no
  18. evan0913

    evan0913 New Member

    Hey poke16freak, I have the following unova shinies:
    Liepard, Unfezent, Zebstrika and Rufflet
  19. Pingo

    Pingo Member

    Hi there!

    I'm interested in this Pokemon: Flawless latias timid nature UT

    I offer you a Flawless Reshiram (Lonely) UT in return. Interested?

    - - - - - - - - -

    I also have an EV-trained DW Blaziken: 6 hp/252 atk/252 spe. It's flawless (31/31/31/X/31/31), adamant, but not shiny. Are you interested in this? If you are, I'll say what I want in return ^^
  20. jaisey89

    jaisey89 Shiny Hunter

    Just checked and yes it has motor drive =) everything in my shop is shiny.
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