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pokeball discussion.

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by EchoEcho, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Streetlight

    Streetlight Well-Known Member

    I always liked the way the Premier Ball looked so I'll go with it as my favorite.

    Speaking of Pokeballs, If I'm playing through a 3rd/4th/5th Gen game, I always try and have each of my team members in a different style Pokeball. It's just fun to do for some strange reason. I also find myself putting certain types into certain style balls such as Water in Great, Electric in Ultra, and Psychic in Heal.
  2. AuraWarior

    AuraWarior Knight of the old

    I allways use Ultra Balls, cuz I like the color :p I also like Dusk Balls, but I only use them at night and in a cave ofc. And I always try to save the masterball as long as possible :p
  3. Baton Passer

    Baton Passer Bzzzzzzzzzzt!

    Great/Ultra balls are part of a conspiracy.

    Not really...

    Hey, if you're lucky and patient you can get a pokemon on the very first regular bokeball thrown.

    If not, then you could wind up throwing 7-10 more.

    And even then, lets say I just threw 20 pokeballs at Volcarona.

    Each ball is 200$

    That comes out ot a grand total of 4000$ to catch.

    Meanwhile, I throw 5 Ultra Balls and catch Volcarona.

    Each Ultraball is worth 1200$

    Thats a total of 6000$

    The only thing you're saving is time really XD

    I use specialized pokeballs for tough, or annoying captures, such as roamers and healers.

    Other than that I go anime style, all pokeballs.
  4. Cute

    Cute Kawaii for life~ x

    It would be awesome to have a pokeball like that! Also, it kind of defeats the purpose of having legendary pokemon as they are suppose to be "one of a kind" But seeing as you said only one per game then why not.

    Quick balls are handy, especially when I'm RNGing shinies. Handy handy pokeballs to have.

    Ditto, I try and save the master ball for a special occasion where it comes to a point where I don't need it anymore.. (as in I've caught all the in game legends ._.)
  5. Victory

    Victory Banned

    I only use Pokeballs and Masterballs. I don't like using the other ones because...I just don't :/
  6. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    I use quick balls for catching sprees
  7. jammy3000100

    jammy3000100 Steel Trainer

    Timer balls all the way, caught my suicune in colosseum which was the first pokemon I got to level 100 and have used them on any hard capture since and besides they look awesome. :p
  8. DarkCharizard2

    DarkCharizard2 Vae Victis

    I love dusk balls. Everything about them. How they look, how they work. Yes. Dusk Balls. Are. Awesome.
  9. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    I think they should design special Poke Balls for every type, like they have the Lure Ball for Water-types. They should also design a kind of Ball that works best when used against a Legendary Pokemon.
  10. icyman300

    icyman300 lets go...

    dusk balls r my favorite kind of pokeballs, bein that i only ever have time to play at night becuz of school and b ball. and they just look really cool.
  11. ~Kari~

    ~Kari~ Well-Known Member

    I like Dusk Balls and Premier Balls because they look awesome
  12. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    My favorites are the master ball, because I can catch roamers. Quick balls so I can catch Pokemon fast.
  13. Lord of Fire

    Lord of Fire The Great Conqueror

    I like Cherish Balls. They look cool. O, and I like Premier Balls a lot too.
    But I only use Premier Balls to catch my favorite or main party pokemon. ;216;
  14. I don't care, I just throw them.
  15. Pokefan1023

    Pokefan1023 Pokemon Breeder :)

    For some reason I love the Luxury Ball. It's such a neat concept, and whenever I'm trying to catch a Pokemon I know is going to become one of my favorites I like to use one but it's no better than the average Poke Ball so it's fairly useless. Heal Ball is nice too, even though it's completely useless. I just love the color pink :)
  16. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    My most commonly used ones are Ultra and Dusk. I think Dusk would be my favorite, because I like the dark rays that come out when it opens. Other then those two and the poke/great balls, I don't use many other types commonly.

    I think it'd be cool it they had more and better seals (from D/P/Pt, if you didn't play that one). Like the Electricity seal would actually look the electricity from an electric move. And it'd be nice if you didn't have to take them off before each deposit.
    Meh, the cost never really mattered to me, but I always spam the Amulet Coin/Luck Incense.
    When I first heard of Timer Balls in 3rd gen, I thought they sounded great, but then I found out that it takes forever to get the time affect, and they've never worked well for me. Plus I don't really like the little clock thing that appears when I use one.
  17. Ropav

    Ropav Howls of Loneliness

    I mostly use quickballs,duskballs,and premier balls.
  18. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    I really only use ultra balls and dusk balls. Or as long as it will catch the pokemon i could care less what ball i use.
  19. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    I quite like the Timer Ball, it has a pretty cool design and effect when the Pokemon comes out. Not really as good as a Ultra Ball at first but who really cares.
  20. wildbiscuit

    wildbiscuit One Tough Cookie

    I try to use the plain old pokeball as much as possible.

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