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Hi everyone,

I've spent the last few weeks working on my own website called PokeBay.

The idea behind PokeBay is to create trades. Once signed up you can create a trade saying you have a certain pokemon and are looking for a certain pokemon OR any pokemon. In the near future there will also be a wanted section.

It'd be great if everyone would be able to check it out and give it a shot. There are currently only 6 users and no trades however every site needs to start somewhere.

You can visit PokeBay at: http://www.pokebay.com

Of course Registration is free (I thought I'd better say that just in case).



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Looks good....... Do we have to have Diamond and Pearl yet to register? (Cause I live in Australia and don't get them until June)
Looks good....... Do we have to have Diamond and Pearl yet to register? (Cause I live in Australia and don't get them until June)

No you don't. I live in Australia myself and know exactly what that's like, at least we have a release date now (I only found out today, not sure when the release was actually announced). You are able to register at any time. There is an optional section upon registration that says what games you own, apart from leaving it blank you can select Neither, Diamond, Pearl or Both.

I'm trying to accomodate as many people as possible.
Sorry for the double post (personally I try to avoid them as much as possible) but I thought I'd post about happenings on the site. There will be a new layout going up pretty soon (one that actually looks good :p i.e not made by me)

We also have our first trade on here which I hope is the first of many successful trades so head on over and check it out if you can :)


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Try to get a more better logo, more better pictures.

The website is looking to generic.


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This is a really good site, has 33 members in it. I joined as Crystalbear, and will start to trade pokemon when I can.

I wish good luck. And that PokeBay button in combusken1994's signiture is sweet.
That is an awesome picture combusken1994 :)

I have someone working on a layout for me, everything will look a LOT better.

Thanks for the offers everyone, feel free to send suggestions or example pics to support@pokebay.com

At the moment there aren't forums. I want to get the main site up and running smoothly before I worry about a forum as well.

We have a lot more users and a lot more trades so feel free to sign up (if you haven't already) and trade away.


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Not bad at all.
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Sorry to bump such an old topic but I think it's better than making a new one.

Just thought I'd let you all know that PokeBay has (finally) gotten it's new layout and hopefully there will be more improvements in the future so check it out!


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This is innapropriate, but how much do you want for that domain? PM me if you'd like/not like to sell and your price, I want it,