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Pokeblaock guestion

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Well I've been giving Pokeblocks to my prized shiny Gardevoir and ll of a sudden it wouldn't eat anymore. So I wited a dy and tried to give it another one but it wouldn't eat it. Even to this day it wont, when will it start eating my pokeblocks again?

EDIT: aww shoot, typo in the tittle...


Psychic Trainer
thers a limit on how many times u can feed a pokemon. and no it wont eat anymore.

btw, if u plan to get p/d, can u clone ur shiny gardevoir and trade it to me? ill trade u a shiny alakazam in return:)


Matt the Drat
Once a particular attribute gets maxed out, the Pokemon won't eat anymore berries. So, in your case, Gardevoir's attributes are probably maxed out.

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