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Pokedex crap

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Glitchtaker, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Glitchtaker

    Glitchtaker Glitches are mine

    Don't you hate how in Ruby, Sapphire, Firered, Leafgreen, and Emerald, that if you're looking for a certain pokemon and you look on its location in the pokedex, and you go searching for it, that it mysteriously won't appear? Or takes forever to appear? Has that happened to anyone else, or is it just me? (And yes I posted this in this section because I wasn't sure where else it would go, and yes I read all the rules, and this is a honest to God question, I really want to know)
  2. Skull_Kid

    Skull_Kid Meme Lover:P

    Maybe you inputted the data wrong-.-
  3. prophet

    prophet Active Member

    It's just a sense of rarity. Many Pokemon have 1% encounter rates.
  4. Sometimes simply walking through the grass or cave or surfing won't be enough. For instance, you have to use Rock Smash in order to find Nosepass and you have to fish in order to find Horsea.
  5. Beotium

    Beotium Mew-Overlord

    don't forget to consider the time of the day..and Pokeradar (when that location mark in the pokedex flashes red instead of blue)
  6. Nothing that you mentioned even exists in this generation at all.
  7. aaron-now

    aaron-now Well-Known Member

    I never use the area feature. I prefer to go to a website and then look at rarity, catch method, etc. Even when with roaming pokemon it's such a pain to get the thing loaded. So I don't really suffer fro your problem.
  8. mech king1

    mech king1 Fire trainer

    when i search for areas, seems to load fine for me, just thats if i have seen the pokemon yet :p
  9. Pokefan0234

    Pokefan0234 Ka-Ra-Tay!

    If the Pokemon you're looking for is rare, then it may seem to you like it doesn't exist...
  10. Black Diaruga

    Black Diaruga Chahuistle

    Some Pokémon are meant to be harder to find than others; finding a Bagon isn't the same as finding a Zubat, for example.
  11. zlxq3000

    zlxq3000 Master Collector

    This never happened to me in third gen, but in Gold, I remember scouring whatever the one cave in all the world that it was found in, and NEVER SEEING IT. It was the only non-legendary pokemon in the entire game I had to capture to complete my Pokedex (I still needed to evolve some stuff, but otherwise all that was left was Marrill), and I never found it. Then I stopped playing the game, lost all my Pokemon cartridges, and never got to even wander over in Red's general vicinity. :(
  12. Lulamoon

    Lulamoon Cheese for everyone!

    It happens to me a lot, usually with Pokémon that aren't rare. Then after I find it, I run into it often.
  13. Melloyu

    Melloyu Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't it be boring if it went to easy?
    And no. I don't hate it.
    I mean, I got almost all the pokemon in those games so I don't see your problem?
  14. That happens to me all the time. Pokemon that usually appear all the time suddenly disappear when I go to search for them. It is very annoying. :/ It takes about 15 minutes to find those darn things. >-<
  15. Madness

    Madness I has a hat

    That's why you go there with the mentality, "Dang, I hope I don't run into *insert pokemon here*."
  16. mech king1

    mech king1 Fire trainer

    it would be nice if it included a percentage chance for it to appear with its location.
  17. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I use the pokedex to find their general area and look for a little while. If they don't show up, then I use Serebii's Pokearth to find the percentage of appearance.
  18. popcorn dragon

    popcorn dragon Well-Known Member

    I have a guide so I dont really use my pokedex. But yes, if you cant find the pokemon you are looking for, that really aggravates me.
  19. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    who needs pokedexes these days, the internet is stuffed with guides about them, i havn't used the pokedex for years to find what i need.
  20. shaq-attack

    shaq-attack .:~:._.:~:.

    Time exists in R/S/E, it's just not important.
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