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Pokedex Depot! the Lumiose City location.

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Macklin, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion


    I noticed the last couple of days people trying to get some relatively simple Pokemon but having trouble because they didn't have near flawless or Hidden Ability Pokemon and with the type of Pokemon player I am I know how frustrating that can be therefore...

    Welcome to the Pokedex Depot! With all the fine shops on this site already what can I possible offer that they already can't?
    Just regular old Pokemon! I know we all love our flawless, shiny and event Pokemon but not everyone has the building blocks to trade for such wondrous things...
    Also there are people who just want to fill in a blank in their Pokedex entries. I am here to help!

    I cannot guarantee stats, I cannot guarantee if it is a shiny but I do guarantee you will get the Pokemon you want.
    All Pokemon eggs are bred with an international Ditto. If you want a specific nature and or gender it can be arranged but it will take a little extra time.
    Please also note that as I acquire them, there will be a separate section for Hidden Ability Pokemon

    Also during all my trading I will end up with extra Pokemon which I will simply post here to trade as well. Extra babies, or evolved forms I just don't need.

    So how does it work? Well take a look at what I have, leave a message here with what you want and then we will work out a deal.

    What am I looking for? To fill in my Pokedex holes, to get the Pokemon other people have asked my help getting, also to help make your game experience as enjoyable and full as possible! I see a lot of people on here that just want an old favorite and have a hard time trading for one due to not having ‘premium’ Pokemon, so I want to help.


    1. All other SPPf rules and Trade Forum Rules. This includes things like no trading/asking for hacked Pokemon, no spamming, no flaming, and the other basics that you should know by now
    2. Please note if a hacked Pokemon is traded, the deal will be reversed.
    3. Trading a hacked Pokemon and, after confirmation not fixing the deal, you will be black listed.

    How I value Pokemon

    I tend to have four tiers that Pokemon fall into:
    A. Shiny
    B. Legendary
    C. Hidden Ability
    C. Everyone Else

    This works both ways, but if you want that starter and am unsure if you have something I want, please request it anyhow. You never know! Obviously if you have something of a higher bracket than what you want, you will get more(multiple) in trade.


    Abra/Audino/Azurill/Axew/Bidoof/Budew/Bulbasaur/Bunnelby/Burmy/Carvanha/Caterpie/Charmander/Chespin/Combee/Corphish/Croagunk/DoDuo/Ducklett/Dunsparce/Espurr/ Farfetch'd/Fennekin/Flabebe/Fletchling/Froakie/Furfrou/Gulpin/Honedge/Hoppip/Illumise/Kelcleon/Ledyba/Litleo/Magikarp/Meditite/Minun/Munchlax/Nincada/Oddish/Pancham/ Panpour/Pansage/Pansear/Pichu/Pidgey/Plusle/Psyduck/Ralts/Riolu/Scatterbug(Polar)/Scraggy/Sentret/Skiddo/Skitty/Smeargle/Spritzee/Squirtle/Surskit/Swirlix/Venipede/ Volbeat/Weedle/Whismur/Zigzagzoon/Zubat

    Absol/Aerodactyl/Alomomola/Amaura/Bagon/Binacle/Carbink/Chatot/Chingling/Clauncher/Corsola/Cubone/Dedenne/Deino/Dratini/Drifloon/Dwebble/Electrike/Eevee/Emolga/Exeggcute/Ferroseed/Golett/Hariyama/Hawlucha/Helioptile/Heracross/Hippopotas/Horsea/Houndour/Inkay/Kangaskhan/Lapras/Lunatone/Luvdisc/Machop/Mantyke/Mareep/Mawile/Mienfoo/Miltank/Mime Jr./Nidoran(F)(M)/Nosepass/Onix/Pachirisu/Pinsir/Rhyhorn/Roggenrola/Sableye/Sandile/Scyther/Seviper/Sheller/Sigilph/Skrelp/Slowpoke/Snubbull/Solosis/Solrock/ Spoink/ Starly/Staryu/Stunky/Taillow/Tauros/Tentacool/Throh/Tyrunt/Wailmer/Wingull/Woobat/Wynaut/Yanma/Zangoose


    While I have a lot of Pokemon from the National Dex at this time I haven't unlocked it in the game. been too busy trading, trying to hatch a shiny Phantump. So at this time just ask for what you are looking fro and I will update once I have officially been given said National Dex.




    None at this time.

    I am more than willing to trade you Pokerus!


    None at the time!

    What I'm looking for:

    I am looking for any basic evolutions of any Pokemon I am missing from my Kalos dexs, any Hidden Ability Pokemon I am missing, evolutionary items...will also trade multiple Pokemon for Mega Stones or Shinies!

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2013
  2. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Hey! Things are now open and updated! I claim this post in case I need to update more than one post can handle!

    Please take a look at things and let me know if you need anything!
  3. Zimu

    Zimu Member

    do you have any pokemon from the mineral egg group (male or female i really don't care) who have 0 speed ivs? i need one to breed with my steelix. it needs to be male or if not that (ditto) i am willing to give mega stones for it. if you wish. (its not a problem for me. i dont have any use for mega pokemon atm)
    is it a problem that i didn't read clearly enough your op message? i just noticed you said i cannot guarantee stats... if that is a problem feel free to delete it. if not let me know. oh and if you want my friend code its 0817 5116 1464.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
  4. Charizard006

    Charizard006 Beginning Trainer

    Nice, a much-need store.

    I'm trying to complete as much of the pokedex as possible before the bank launches(i'm at 563 owned,570 seen). I already completed the three regional pokedexes, so all that's left for now is the Nat'l Dex, minus the events/legends/random missing pokes here and there.

    These are all I need:

    I got some Hidden Ability Pokes, pokedex pokes, evo stones for you, let me know what you need.
  5. Erron Black

    Erron Black Sticky Situation

    HA Quilladin for a Polar Pattern Scatterbug? I am trying to collect all of them :)

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