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Pokedex Depot!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Macklin, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion


    Welcome to the Pokedex Depot! With all the fine shops on this site already what can I possible offer that they already can't?
    Just regular old Pokemon! I know we all love our flawless, shiny and event Pokemon but not everyone has the building blocks to trade for such wondrous things...
    Also there are people who just want to fill in a blank in their Pokedex entries. I am here to help!

    I cannot guarantee stats, I cannot guarantee if it is a shiny but I do guarantee you will get the Pokemon you want.
    All Pokemon eggs are bred with an international Ditto. If you want a specific nature and or gender it can be arranged but it will take a little extra time.
    Please also note that as I acquire them, there will be a separate section for Dreamworld females with their DW abilities.

    Also during all my trading I will end up with extra Pokemon which I will simply post here to trade aw well. Extra babies, or evolved forms I just don't need.

    So how does it work? Well take a look at what I have, leave a message here with what you want and then we will work out a deal.

    What am I looking for? To fill in my Pokedex holes, to get the Pokemon other people have asked my help getting, also to help make your game experience as enjoyable and full as possible! I see a lot of people on here that just want an old favorite and have a hard time trading for one due to not having ‘premium’ Pokemon, so I want to help.


    1. All other SPPf rules and Trade Forum Rules. This includes things like no trading/asking for hacked Pokemon, no spamming, no flaming, and the other basics that you should know by now
    2. Please note if a hacked Pokemon is traded, the deal will be reversed.
    3. Trading a hacked Pokemon and, after confirmation not fixing the deal, you will be black listed.

    How I value Pokemon

    I tend to have three tiers that Pokemon fall into:
    A. Shiny
    B. Legendary/Starter/Event
    C. Everyone Else

    This works both ways, but if you want that starter and am unsure if you have something I want, please request it anyhow. You never know! Obviously if you have something of a higher bracket than what you want, you will get more(multiple) in trade.


    Abra, Aerodactyle, Bellsprout, Bulbasuar, Chansey, Charmander, Cubone, Diglett, Ditto, Doduo, Dratini, Eevee, Exeggute, Ekans, Electabuzz, Gastly, Geodude, Goldeen, Grimer, Growlithe, Horsea, Kabuto, Koffing, Krabby, Lapras, Lickitung, Machop, Magikarp, Magmortar, Magnemite, Mankey, Meowth, Mr.Mime, Nidoran, Oddish, Omanyte, Onyx, Paras, Pidgey Poliwag, Porygon, Rattata, Rhyhorn, Sandshrew, Scyther, Shellder, Slowpoke, Snorlax, Squirtle, Staryu, Tangela, Tauros, Tentacool, Venonat, Voltorb, Vulpix, Weedle, Zubat

    Dragonite - M - Careful - Lv.59
    Grimer - F - Bold - Lv.1
    Grimer - F - Modest - Lv.1
    Horsea - F - Rash - Lv.47
    Lickitung - F - Quiet - Lv.26
    *Lots of Dittos - English and Not!
    *Tons of Eevees* including DW Males
    *Tons of Ekans*


    Aipom, Chikorita, Chinchou, Cleffa, Corsola, Cyndilquil, Delibird, Elekid, Gligar, Houndour, Igglybuff, Lavitar, Ledyba, Mareep, Marill, Miltank, Misdrevious, Murkrow, Nidoran, Phanpy, Pichu, Poochyena, Remroid, Shuckle, Slugma, Skarmony, Smeargle, Sneasel, Spinerak, Sudowoodo, Sunkern, Swinub, Teddiursa, Togapi, Totodile, Tyrogue, Venonat, Wooper, Yamna

    Pupitar - M - Hasty - Lv.48
    Sneasel - F - Relaxed - Lv.1
    *Lots of Larvatars* Including DWM


    Absol, Anorith, Aron, Bagon, Barboach, Cacnea, Carvanha, Castform, Chimecho, Clamperl, Corphish, Duskull, Feebas, Gulpin, Heracross, Hoothoot, Illumise, Kecleon, Lileep, Lotad, Lunatone, Makuhita, Meditite, Mudkip, Nincada, Ralts, Relicanth, Sableye, Seedot, Seviper, Shuppet, Skitty, Snorunt, Solrock, Spheal, Spinda, Spoink, Surskit, Swablu, Taillow, Torchic, Torkoal, Trapinch, Treeko, Tropius, Volbeat, Wailmer, Whismur, Wingull, Wurmple, Zangoose

    Absol - F - Serious - Lv.35
    Zangoose - M - Modest - Lv.38


    Archen, Bronzor, Buizel, Bunnery, Cherubi, Chimchar, Combee, Cranidos, Croagunk, Finneon, Gible, Happiny, Mantyke, Pachirisu, Piplup, Riolu, Rotom, Scorupi, Sheldon, Shinx, Snover, Spirtomb, Stunky, Turtwig

    Finneon - M - Gentle - Lv.45
    Mamoswine - M - Modest - Lv.47
    Spiritomb - F - Hasty - Lv.30


    Alomomola, Audino, Axew, Basculine, Blitzle, Bouffalant, Cottonee, Cubchoo, Darmuka, Deerling, Deino, Drifloon, Drilbur, Druddigon, Ducklett, Durant, Dwibble, Elgyem, Emolga, Ferroseed, Foongus, Frillish, Golett, Gothita, Heatmor, Joltik, Karablast, Klink, Larvesta, Litwick, Mienfoo, Minccino, Munna, Oshawott, Panpour, Pansage, Pansear, Pawniard, Patrat, Petilil, Pidove, Purrloin, Rogenrolla, Sandile, Sawk, Scraggy, Sewaddle, Shelmet, Sigilyph , Snivvy, Solosis, Stunfisk, Tepig, Throh, Tirtouga, Trubbish, Tynamo, Vanillite, Venipede, Vullaby, Woobat, Yamask, Zorua

    Deerling - M - Rash - Lv.24
    Deino - M - Naive - Lv.1
    Drifloon - M - Lonely - Lv.20
    Haxorus - M - Impish - Lv.100
    Jellicent - M - Adamant - Lv.32
    Litwick - M - Docile - Lv.33
    Musharna - M - Quiet - Lv.19
    Purrloin - F - Adamant - Lv.2
    Sewaddle - F - Quiet - Lv. 2
    Sigilyph - M - Relaxed - Lv.20
    Snivvy - F - Naughty - Lv.1
    Volcarnoa - M - Rash - Lv.35
    Zorua - M - Hasty - Lv.25


    Bagon, Bronzor, Dratini, Drifloon, Eevee, Igglybuff, Larvatar, Mantine, Meowth, Munna, Murkrow, Rattata, Riolu, Sableye, Sandshrew, Seedot, Shuckle, Sigilyph, Smeargle, Sneasel, Spheal, Spoink, Stunky, Swablu, Swinub, Tangela, Vulpix, Wailmer, Whismur

    Drifloon - F - Brave - Lv.40
    Drifloon - F - Docile - Lv.35
    Sableye - F - Adamant - Lv.1
    Sableye - F - Adamant - Lv.1
    Sableye - F - Brave - Lv.1
    Sableye - F - Gentle - Lv.1
    Sableye - F - Jolly - Lv.1
    Sableye - F - Relaxed - Lv.1
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  2. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Hey everyone! Already had some people worried about not having something to offer me in exchange; I can't stress this enough...I like trading and want to do everything I can to get you the pokemon you are looking for.

    Ok so outside of updating some graphics I also have added:

    8 New Kanto Breedables!
    5 New Johto Breedables!
    3 New Hoenn Breedables!
    5 New Sinnoh Breedables!
    1 New Unova Breedable!

    18 New DWF Breedables!

    Full rotation of extras!!
  3. Shimmer Mint

    Shimmer Mint Cute Pokemon Lover

    Awesome shop! I'm really happy for a shop like this! I'm one of those people who do not have any "fancy" Pokemon. ^^'

    However, my OCD noticed that Skitty is listed in the wrong section. It's Hoenn not Johto ^_^ and as well, you've spelled some Pokemon's names wrong like Cyndaquil and Torchic for example. No big deal but like I said, OCD so I thought I should point it all out.

    Anyway, I'd love that Dream World Eevee ^_^
    Is there any breedable Pokemon you'd specifically want? The starters, Smoochum, Phione?
  4. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    :D I thought this type of shop was needed, glad people seem to agree. :)

    Fixed the errors. Thank you for pointing them out, I don't mind when people point out mistakes I make because I want to offer the most accurate list possible.

    I take it you mean one of the DW Eevee males? or did you want me to breed you a female?
  5. arnez22

    arnez22 Active Member

    Hi i want a cute little Teddirusa. Any is fine. I have a dream radar shuckle n igglybuff i can offer
  6. Demonlemon

    Demonlemon Text limitssssssssss

    Looking for a chimchar, can trade sigilyth with thunderstone, will be online in one hour
  7. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Teddiursa acquired!

    Chimchar acquired!
  8. Funkmaster C

    Funkmaster C Hidden Abilities!

    I was wondering if you would trade me an Ekans for a Bulbasaur. I have no preference for gender or anything.
  9. dazg

    dazg Well-Known Member

    Would you have a bulba to trade I dont have much on black two but maybe something on my white 1 and 2
  10. Jrinvara

    Jrinvara New Member

    I am looking for a male Meditite. Nature and ability are not important. ^.^
  11. adamfitz

    adamfitz poké-lover

    Its great to see a nice shop for those without so many shiny pokemon and what not....
    I'd like any ponyta if you do not mind
    Also I cannot trade right now as it is late here
    So I will pm u tomorrow morning (my time)
  12. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Bulbasaur hatched

    Meditite hatched

    Thank you! No worry I have a freshly hatched Ponyta waiting for you.

    PMs sent to all.
  13. Nevmaster

    Nevmaster Prince of the Sea

    Hi! Could i get a male scyther if you have time? I don't really have much to trade for it though.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2013
  14. Hello! This is a really useful trade-shop, especially for those who don't have hundreds of shinies or events. Could I please get a Mime Jr? I'm not sure what I can offer you in return so can you tell me what you would like in return if you consider my offer? :)
  15. killercloud

    killercloud Well-Known Member

    Hey, I've got the Paras now thanks but I need Meowth if you still need the Oddish?
  16. grey_WARTORTLE

    grey_WARTORTLE Attack First Trainer

    Do you have Torkoal as a male?
  17. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Male Scyther hatched. PM Sent.

    Thank you! I am glad people are enjoying it.
    Mime Jr. hatched. PM Sent.

    Sounds good! Meowth hatched. PM sent.

    Yep, just hatched you one. PM sent.
  18. RexNovus

    RexNovus The Rex is King

    Good luck with the shop! ^^, As others mentioned I'm glad you're doing this kind of shop. If you happen to need anything, just let me know ^^, Also, I'll be keeping an eye on your DWF's :)
  19. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Thanks! I will be updating my have list every Friday just so you know.
  20. allenwayne

    allenwayne All Hers!

    I love the shop. i will be updating my sig tomorrow and getting back to you. thanks for the trade
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