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Pokedex Entries

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I love Dara <3
These are pretty good ^_^ Expet, I cant read the words 0_o;; I like the Milotic one the best ^_^
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Evanji Axu

My handwriting is fabled for its crapfulness.

Altaria: This elegant Pokemon dances and wheels gracefully through the sky. Its beautiful singing voice enchants all listeners.

Milotic: Milotic's stunning beauty has inspired many artists; it is generally considered to be the most elegant of all Pokemon. When it glows pink, it releases an energy with the power to soothe aggressive feelings.

Typhlosion: In battle, Typhlosion rubs its fur together. The friction it creates results in deadly explosions. Also, it shoots white-hot flames from the vents around its neck.

And I took some liberties with the Egg Groups (I changed Ground to Beast, because that sounds better and makes more sense)
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