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Pokedex One-Shots (PG)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ysavvryl, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Libie

    Libie Well-Known Member

    awwww, snorunt :) poor bruno, not being able to understand a word of what his Pokemon says... very sweet! him talking about them needing to be in groups of 5... that made me picture him trying to beat the League with 5 snorunts xD well, it would be glailie actually...
  2. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    He wouldn't have to use all of that one species, just build a team theme around them. Like adding a Walrein or Jynx... on second thought, Bruno with a team including a Jynx is pretty silly!

    The style of this particular story follows American folklore. Also, time for another round of requests! Looking back, the types I haven't done are Poison, Electric, Rock, Fight, and Steel.

    In Process: Zangoose/Gardevoir
    On Deck: Vaporeon

    Ruby entry: Shedinja's hard body doesn't move - not even a twitch. In fact, its body appears to be merely a hollow shell. It is believed that this Pokemon will steal the spirit of anyone peering into its hollow body from its back.

    There are old stories in these parts, about a mysterious immortal Pokemon that appears bearing strange gifts. But these gifts cause chaos and it is rumored that this legendary is nothing but a devil...

    One day, the mysterious Pokemon appeared in form of a Scyther to a young boy who liked nothing better than to catch bugs. As soon as he got out of school, he would run into the woods and search out newer and bigger bugs. When he saw the Scyther, larger than any other he had seen, with sharper scythes and longer wings, he was overjoyed. The bug catcher had his newly evolved Ninjask weaken the Scyther, and then prepared to capture it.

    But then the Scyther dropped to its knees. “Oh please, don’t catch me,” it said. “There is something I must protect in these woods, and for that I must remain free.”

    The bug catcher dropped his jaw and the Pokeball. “You... you can talk? I’ve never heard any other Pokemon talk before.”

    “I guard a powerful magic, and thus it has transformed me. Please, let me remain.”

    The boy was disappointed in that he couldn’t have the talking Scyther, but nodded. “Okay. I shouldn’t take you from your task.”

    The false Scyther bowed its head. “Thank you; I am most grateful. Kindness like yours should be rewarded. Do you have the shell from when this strong Ninjask was formed?”

    Proud that his Pokemon was being acknowledged, he nodded again. “Yeah I do. I think the shells are neat, but my mom thinks they’re creepy.” He brought out the hollow shell. “I was going to hide it in my secret base.”

    The Scyther took the dropped Pokeball and the shell. It summoned a shadowy mist to surround both. When the mist departed, the shell was floating on its own. The Scyther handed the ball back. “There. This is a Shedinja. It is stronger than it looks, but you must never look into the crack running down its back.”

    “Why not?”

    “You must never look into its body.”

    “Well, okay. Thank you, Scyther.” The boy headed back for his secret base.

    There came a crazed laughter echoing through the woods.

    The boy turned back, but saw nothing. The Scyther had vanished. It might have just been the local Pokemon, except that he’d never heard one sound like that before.

    The Shedinja never moved. It had wings, but they were stiff. It hovered and followed him, but no part of his body did anything. Not even twitch. If it made any sounds, it was like a faded hiss or crackle. Some people shuddered when they saw the bug catcher’s Shedinja, making signs to ward off evil. But he liked it, even if it was ghostly.

    It was in Pokemon battles that the Shedinja showed its true power. Most attacks couldn’t touch it. Shedinja would endure torrents of water, vine whips, tackles, scratches, body slams, dropped rocks, and displays of sheer cuteness without fail. What attacks did strike it, however, would knock it out instantly, things like fire or bird attacks. The bug catcher was careful not to look into the crack while battling and also to watch out for situations the Shedinja would be frail in. Otherwise, he still liked it.

    He did make sure to warn his little brother. “Don’t look into the crack on its back or something bad will happen.”

    “Like what?” the little brother asked.

    “Just don’t.”

    The little brother wasn’t satisfied with this response. One night, he got mad at his brother and decided to disobey his every word. After the bug catcher had gone to sleep, his little brother snuck in and stole the Shedinja’s ball. He released it, then looked into the crack.

    None can say what he saw there, for the moment he saw it, he became a zombie.

    He walked to his parent’s room, carrying the shell. His mother shook her head. “Oh, why do you have your brother’s creepy Pokemon? Put it back.”

    “Look inside,” he replied in a flat voice.

    Thinking the small boy was just tired, she went ahead and looked inside the hollow. Then she gave it to her husband. “Look inside.”

    When the bug catcher awoke, his entire village had been turned into zombies. Terrified, he recalled the Shedinja to its ball, then ran for the next village over to speak to the priestess. “My Pokemon is evil and turned everyone into zombies,” he said with tears falling down his face.

    She patted his back, but then said, “No Pokemon is evil, save one. This one you have simply does not understand what it is doing. I will purify it so that no one else turns into a zombie.”

    Although the strange Scyther was never seen again, the Shedinjas appear sometimes with trainers of Ninjasks. It is not known if they are all created from the power of the mysterious evil legendary. But most people don’t take the chance of peering into the crack running down the back of the Shedinja.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
  3. Inconspicuosaurus

    Inconspicuosaurus Bone-ified dinosaur

    Ooooh, spooky! Were you talking about Darkrai or Giratina when you said only one pokemon was evil? I just remebered something, in the "Pokemon Trainer's Handbook" it says that Team Rocket's Meowth is the only evil pokemon, LOL :D.
  4. Inconspicuosaurus

    Inconspicuosaurus Bone-ified dinosaur

    Ooooh, spooky! Were you talking about Darkrai or Giratina when you said only one pokemon was evil? I just remebered something, in the "Pokemon Trainer's Handbook" it says that Team Rocket's Meowth is the only evil pokemon, LOL :D.
  5. MarshtompMan

    MarshtompMan DestinyTrainer 10yrs

    It was awesome!
    I knew Shedinja would be a good one!
    I love the ones like these!
  6. cbiesra

    cbiesra Pedophillia? Naww.>>

    I think she means the scyther is evil
    anyway this was a really good chapter it was creepy but it would have been nicer if yo extended the zombie/shedinja scene
  7. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Nice chapter.

    I liked the Staryu/Starmie one as well. (at least it explained those random star pieces you find)

    Whatever happened to the village full of zombies?
  8. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    ^ Aww, thanks, TheSequelReturns! I needed some praise. *hugs*

    Now THIS one is creepy, better than the Shuppet one, though I giggled when the zombies told everyone to look inside the shell x3. I like the folklore of the Shedninja, though I don't recognize it. I don't hear many folklores. Is it Native American by any chance?

    When you mentioned Legendary Pokémon, I thought up of Celebi for some reason, lol. Though I think it's Ho-oh. *shifty eyes*

    Keep it up!
  9. Libie

    Libie Well-Known Member

    rofl at "displays of sheer cuteness"... xD i can just imagine a poor skitty trying to battle that creepy shedinja. but the zombies... were creepy o_O *shudder* i'm glad i've never owned one of those...
  10. LOL. Everyone knows that the evil Pokemon is Celebi.

    That was AWESOME. Zombies = instant win. It was fascinating, creepy ... I loved it. :D
  11. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    This folklore style is unfortunately a dying breed. It does come partially from Native American tales (like the tricky Coyote, ancestor of Wile E. Coyote and a bit more successful), but there's all sorts of influences. It was popular in rural regions: the Appalachians, the Ozarks, the Mississippi River Valley. A really good example is actually a song, 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'. Can't recall the singer, though.

    As for who that evil Pokemon is, it's not really a Scyther, just using that form to fool the bug catcher.

    I might do an extended version later and it will probably show up in a different thread. And, according to the style, the boy's name will be Johnny (don't ask me why, but it's nearly always Johnny).
  12. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Now for the odd pairing. Zangoose and Seviper seem an obvious choice, since all of their entries mention the other. But I didn't want to do the obvious here. This does have a major outside influence, but I'll explain at the end.

    Anyhow, requests? There's only one Pokemon on the list.

    In Process: Vaporeon
    On Deck: nobody...

    Sapphire entry: Zangoose usually stays on all fours, but when angered, it gets up on its hind legs and extends its claws. This Pokemon shares a bitter rivalry with Seviper that dates back over generations.

    Emerald entry: It apparently does not feel the pull of gravity because it supports itself with psychic power. It will give its life to protect its Trainer.

    The sun shone bright over Route 114, making the small lake below and the gray mountains above sparkle. There was a mountain path that slithered around various boulders to lead to Meteor Falls. Before that path was a lovely field with tall grasses, fragrant bushes, and dozens of wildflowers. Lacking any breeze today, it was still and quiet.

    Much too quiet. There wasn’t a Swablu’s song or a Geodude’s rock thumping filling the air. It wasn’t a peaceful quiet either. The Gardevoir could feel hostility and tension in this field. There was an unwanted truce here and he and his trainer had walked right into no-man’s-land. He didn’t like it. Among his kind, it was expected that you found your person and then protected the person all your days. This was not safe.

    And yet the signs were confusing him. His powers allowed him to see glimpses of possible futures. Even his clearest glimpse was vague and symbolic, but this utterly baffled him. The signs were telling him that this danger was strong but necessary. A necessary danger? Unthinkable. He floated closer to his trainer with what used to be his legs billowing out like a light skirt. “Gwa, ve,” he said in worried tones. They should leave this battleground.

    “Hang on,” she replied. “I have to find it.” She pulled the tall grasses apart, looking for a telltale flash of metal. “I can’t believe I dropped it. It couldn’t have gone far.”

    So she had slippery fingers and was always dropping things. And so close to Fallarbor too. After climbing all those ledges and wandering through that waterfall cave, then following this crazy mountain path, she was within sight of the town her aunt lived in. It was like her to trip up, drop the Pokenav, and then not realize it until five minutes later when she got out of this field. She couldn’t have dropped it earlier; she’d checked it for her aunt’s address before coming into the tall grass.

    The Pokenav had to be around here somewhere. It was a pricy miniature computer. Would her parents insist she come back home if she lost something that vital to traveling? Ugh, it would be terribly embarrassing. She brushed some stray blond hairs out of her face and briefly touched a barrette by her ear. It had a lovely purple scale on it; her aunt had sent it on her birthday for good luck.

    There was another in the field, and her attention was on the barrette as well. She knew what that scale meant. It had a dark violet luster that was unmistakable; it was a Seviper’s scale. Did that mean this human and the Gardevoir with her were on their side? It could be. Her twin tails flicked, barely moving the grass. She crept up on the pair.

    The Gardevoir noticed the slight motion of grass. Something was here, something aggressive and hostile. Territorial too, so perhaps the aggression was natural. Still, whether the aggression was right or wrong, he wanted nothing more than to take his Trainer out of this field immediately. The thing she had lost was far from his mind.

    “There it is!” the trainer said triumphantly. She picked up the device, shaped like a large wristwatch. “Better latch it good this time so it doesn’t fall off ag...”

    “Zaaaa!” a loud cry interrupted. The Zangoose leapt out of the grass, extending her claws. She was of the mind to bash that scale off the girl’s head. No matter if the girl got badly hurt; the scale was the sign of the enemy. The girl shouldn’t be in the lands of their clan.

    Instead of hitting the girl and the hated scale, the claws struck deep into the delicate body of the Gardevoir. He tried not to cringe at the biting pain and the loss of his life’s blood. It was taken for the sake of his trainer, it was... good, that way. He redirected the pain back at the Zangoose, sending the white and red feline reeling. He’d always held back, but not now.

    The Zangoose steadied herself on her back legs and snarled at the white and green blur in her vision. That attack was nothing like she had experienced. The splitting headache it induced was almost bad enough to make her want to retreat. But no, it wasn’t in her pride and honor to retreat if she could still fight.

    Startled at the sudden attack, the girl trainer shrieked. She had the Pokenav already latched, so she grabbed the next nearest thing, an empty Pokeball on her belt, and threw it hard at the Zangoose. Her Gardevoir was the only Pokemon she had and he looked to be in no state to fight. The Pokeball nailed the Zangoose between the eyes, which accidentally activated it. As she stumbled backwards, the ball grabbed her with a white light and pulled her inside. It quivered in the grass for a little while, but the Zangoose was too stunned to fight her way out.

    “Gardevoir, that could have killed you,” the girl said in a panic.

    He smiled, but held onto her shoulders. He’d forgotten how gravity felt. “Ge va,” he murmured, glad that she was okay.

    She took his ball and recalled him so he would be safe. Then she picked up the ball with the Zangoose. For a moment, she thought of releasing her. She was more aggressive than the Trainer wanted to handle. Then again, the Zangoose might help. She put the ball on her belt and ran for Fallarbor.


    Ysa’s note: This actually happened to me in Ruby. I was trying to catch a Zangoose (level 16) when she used Fury Cutter on my Gardevoir (level 30). With type advantage, a critical hit, and being the second hit (Fury Cutter increases power with each successful hit, in case you didn’t know like me), the attack knocked 60 HP off the 90 HP he had.

    After the battle, I immediately pulled her out of the Box, stuck a Silk Scarf on her, and have been using this Zangoose ever since. She soloed Flannery’s Gym... and Wallace’s, and fainted two of Winona’s four birds. When it came to Tate and Liza, I put the Zangoose and the Gardevoir together. First round Imprison (no Calm Mind!) and Sword Dance, then the fight was even easier than last time when I double-Surfed the Solrock and Lunatone.

    While I’ve kind of ignored the Zangoose before, it’s now one of my favorites due to this one that nearly KO’ed my Gardevoir.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
  13. MarshtompMan

    MarshtompMan DestinyTrainer 10yrs

    It was great!
    Especially since it was based on a "true story".
    Well, I guess since you have no requests, can you do a Miltank/Tauros story?
  14. Inconspicuosaurus

    Inconspicuosaurus Bone-ified dinosaur

    Awesome, and it seemed to have alot more emotion about it than the rest of the one-shots, maybe that's something to do with it being based on a true story, I don't know. Anyway, I'm glad my favourite pokemon (Zangoose :D) wasn't portayed completely evilly like it is in the anime *grumblegrumblemutter*.

    Off Topic: My strongest battler is a Zangoose, it's shiny and has full EVs in attack and speed (W00T!) (No, my fic is not a self-insert; my Zangoose has different attacks for a start and I got it after writing that section of the fic :p).

    EDIT: I forgot to say, could you do a Rhyperior entry? Then you'll have covered both my fav pokemon :D.

    PS: If you want to do a double one, it'd work well with Geodude ;).
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
  15. cbiesra

    cbiesra Pedophillia? Naww.>>

    Wow that was a good chapter, yet again you portrayed them as opposite sexes than i would think, I always picture zangoose male and gardvoir female.

    To add to your request list would you do a pidgeot story please
  16. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    You pulled those two together nicely. It was cool how it was inspired by a true event.

    Request: I'd love to see an Aron story or Sableye story.
  17. LOL, male Gardevoir. :D

    That was so cool! All the emotion and shedding life's blood ... I think I forgot to blink while I was reading it.
  18. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    This was interesting, kept me hooked. I'm a bit pleased with how you made the Gardevoir male, there was a need for that here, I suppose. Had a really good image with the Zangoose attack, there. It was swe-e-e-et.

    Hmm... could you do a Seviper? Its background story sounds like a good one to use, and it's your first (I think) Poison :D.
  19. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    To those of you giggling about the male Gardevoir, Wally's Gardevoir and my Chrono would like a word with you...

    Okay, so maybe I was up late last night writing this. Anyhow, any fan of Eevees will like this story. Anyone who's not, well, blame Hans Christian Anderson for inspiring this quadruple entry I think I'll stick to just singles and doubles from now on.

    Whee, lots of requests. My reactions range from "Good, haven't seen that one much," to "Who's that again?". Hope nobody minds me bumping the Seviper up front; I have an image for that story already. An' now I need a nap.

    In Process: Seviper
    On Deck: Miltank/Tauros, Rhyperior, Pidgeot, Aron, Sableye

    Fire Red entry: An extremely rare Pokemon that may evolve in a number of different ways depending on stimuli.

    Fire Red entry: Its body's cellular structure is similar to the molecular composition of water. It can melt invisibly in water.

    Fire Red entry: If it is angered or startled, the fur all over its body bristles like sharp needles that pierce foes.

    Emerald entry: Flareon's fluffy fur releases heat into the air so that its body does not get excessively hot. Its body temperature can rise to a maximum of 1,650 degrees F.

    By the rocky coast of the inland Sea of Jasper, there lived three Eevees. They were siblings, or so they felt, for they had all hatched on this beach of stones. They had a happy life, playing in the surf, finding interesting rocks, catching fish, and sleeping under the bushes. It was their idyllic little land.

    But it was also a kind of prison. Steep cliffs surrounded their beach, unclimbable by their small paws. High-water marks on those cliffs indicated a frightening possibility of their patch of land being deeply submerged during fierce storms. The Sea of Jasper spread for miles around, even to the southern horizon. And far off in the distance, they could see other shores, with blue-green blurs that might be trees or might be cliffs.

    The Eevees were two boys and one girl. They called themselves Jasper (for he liked the sea best), Pebble (for he liked the rocks best), and Belle. One time, a boat named Belle came to their beach for emergency repairs, and they decided that name fitted the sister best. When boats like that one came, they hid so that nobody found them. But those times were exciting, for they could listen to humans and learn interesting things.

    One thing they learned from the sailors was the name of a city on another shore of the Sea of Jasper. Port Searose was a beloved place. It had a cathedral with sixteen bells that the Eevees fancied they could hear on clear days. It had an elegant lighthouse whose guiding beam could be seen by them every night. It had a fish market, a famous bakery, a historical museum, rose gardens, fountains, and a town square that was so lovely that hundreds of pictures had been painted of it.

    Port Searose sounded thrilling, beautiful, legendary, and far away from the little rock beach the Eevee family lived on. They talked about it when the sailors were gone. They dreamed about it in the night, then talked some more. They desired to go more than anything... but it was so far away. Port Searose seemed like just a dream.

    Then came one fateful day when a boat called The Searose Queen stopped by the rocky beach. It was a racing sailboat that belong to a rich man, so rich that he had people to do everything for him. While his deckhands made the necessary repairs, the rich man stepped onto the land and looked around. He sniffed. “Lovely view of the sea, but much too small to be of worth for anything.”

    Pebble sniffed as well, but he was sniffing a wonderful meaty smell coming from the sailboat. He swished his tail happily. “<Let’s go with him.>”

    “<Why?>” Belle asked, nervous, possibly scared. “<Haven’t you heard their stories? They make Pokemon fight each other. That sounds terrible.>”

    “<But he must live in Port Searose! If we go with him, we can go there. Maybe he’ll even share that food, whatever it is. It smells really good.>”

    Jasper huddled down. “<I’m not sure this is a good idea.>”

    Pebble was torn for a moment: Searose or the little beach? Then he jumped up, making his choice. “<I’m going.>” He ran out of the bush.

    “<Pebble!>” Belle cried, and ran after him.

    Jasper shivered, but didn’t move. He saw his brother and sister come up to the rich man. The human looked at them curious. “How strange. One wouldn’t expect an Eevee way out here, not to mention two. Monday!”

    A teenaged boy with orange-brown hair spiked backwards jumped off the sailboat. “Yes Uncle?” Then he noticed Pebble and Belle; his eyes widened. “Wow, are those Eevees?”

    “Of course. Catch them for me, would you?”

    “S-sure.” He pulled a Pokeball off his belt and pressed the button. “Clefable, give them a lullaby.”

    A large pink fairy appeared and giggled. She started singing the most soothing song the Eevees had ever heard. All three fell fast asleep. When Jasper woke up, the Searose Queen, the rich man, the spiky-haired boy, the Clefable, and his brother and sister were all gone.

    He cried for the rest of the day.

    When the sun disappeared beyond the western shore, the Searose Lighthouse came on. The bright beam of light beckoned Jasper. Were Pebble and Belle already at Port Searose? What was it like? Were they safe? Did they miss him as much as he missed them? Would they have to fight and get hurt? There were so many questions and he was all alone.

    He closed his eyes. He had been slower to decide than the other two. Now that he had made up his mind, there was only one thing to do. He was going to swim across the Sea of Jasper and find his family.

    That was it. He opened his eyes and looked across the vast sea. The Lighthouse shone its light to guide him. With that and all the hope in his heart, he ran into the sea and began to swim.

    Surely, he could make it. He loved the sea more than the others. He could swim better than them too. Whenever they swam out and back, he could always make it further. He’d never gotten tired, although he went back to land with the others because they tired. How far could he make it going straight?

    It was a hard trek. His long fur got soggy and salty, making him heavier than usual. The waves pushed him around, trying to make him lose his course. Occasionally he spied or smelled potential predators in the waters below him. He had to keep a steady pace to make it all the way to Port Searose, but when something might want to make a meal of him, he wanted to swim faster.

    His little beach, his family’s home for years, dropped steadily into the background. But Searose, with its guiding Lighthouse and beckoning dreams, stayed far away. Would Jasper make it tonight, or tomorrow, or never?

    His paws and shoulders began to ache. His body felt like it grew heavier with every stroke. And the exhaustion was overbearing. He forced his eyes to stay open, for if he closed them, he might fall asleep and never make it. He had to make it.

    ...had to make it.

    His family was there... he had to be there... he had to... sleep... no, swim... but sleep...

    And then the grand beam of light went out.


    Jasper opened his eyes and saw that he was in a dark watery place. Perhaps the bottom of the sea? Maybe he was dreaming. He often dreamed of swimming under the sea. It wasn’t possible, though. He couldn’t breathe underwater.

    Or could he? He felt different. He looked at his front paws; they were like paddles now, or fins. He looked at his back paws. They had merged with his tail to form a back fin, like the painting of a mermaid he had seen on one of the visiting boats. And his whole body was the same color as the water. Even he had a hard time seeing himself.

    Then a presence came to him, a watery being far stronger than he could ever be. It said, “Your love for your family and your love for the sea have impressed me. I have turned you into a Vaporeon, a Pokemon of the sea. Use your new powers well.” And then it left.

    A Pokemon of the sea? Jasper truly belonged to the sea that shared his name. That also meant that he could easily swim to Port Searose and find Pebble and Belle. Gladdened by this thought, he swam straight up to the surface. There was the legendary port, closer then he remembered it being. With his powerful new fins, he would make it there in no time.


    Pebble and Belle were released from their Pokeballs into a caged-in area. The boy Monday shut the door on them. As it clicked, it started to hum. “Are you use about this, Uncle?”

    The rich man tapped his lit cigar on the bars. “They need to be trained as proper house pets. And it’s a good thing I found a male and female. They can be bred and the eggs sold for large amounts of money.”

    The boy handed over the two Pokeballs. “Still, keeping them in a cage?”

    “They’re animals, boy, and nothing more. Come; it will be time for dinner soon.”

    The two Eevees looked around. The concrete and steel cage was smaller than their rocky beach. There was a mat for sleeping, a long dish for water, and two food bowls. There was a litter box, a camera, and a piece of rawhide for chewing. But nothing to play with, nothing to explore... and no Jasper.

    “<What happened to Jasper?>” Belle asked. “<Where is this place? I don’t like it here.>”

    “<This doesn’t seem like Port Searose,>” Pebble said. He sniffed around. Maybe there was a way to escape. While examining the door, he got hit by a jolt of static from the door. “<Ow.>”

    “<What happened?>”

    He covered his nose with his paw. “<The door hurts.>”

    Belle sighed. “<Jasper knew this was a bad idea.>”

    Pebble felt bad, knowing that he had gotten himself and his sister into this cage. Well, he would have to get them out. He spent the night searching the cage. The concrete was too hard to dig through and the bars were too close together to squeeze through. And the door hurt.

    The wind passed through the outdoors kennel, making the cage door rattle. However it had been latched, it hadn’t been latched well. It was only the shock that kept them from breaking out. The shock...

    Pebble nodded to himself. If they both couldn’t get out, then he would have to get his sister out, by any means possible. He checked; she was asleep, worn out from worry. After preparing himself for his possible death, he lunged forward and grabbed hold of the bars of the door.

    Electricity shot through his body. Every single one of his nerves screamed in pain, to the point that his brain simply cut them all off. Did he still have a good hold? He yanked on the door. There was a loud snap as the latch broke, followed by a clang as the door hit the wall. Pebble collapsed to the floor, his fur falling off his entire body.

    Belle yelped in waking up, then trotted over to him. “<Pebble? What happened to you?>”

    He wanted to tell her to run away, but couldn’t move his body. Then he felt the electricity again, as if it were now something much stronger than himself, better than he’d ever be. “Your love for your family and your bravery have impressed me. I have turned you into a Jolteon, a Pokemon of lightning. Use your new powers well.” Then the electrical being was gone.

    He got up, able to feel his body again. Electricity seemed natural now; his own yellow needles of fur gave off static charges. A collar of white spikes had grown around his neck. He looked to Belle. “<Let’s go find Jasper.>”

    She looked puzzled. “<What happened?>”

    “<I’ll tell you later, now come!>” He ran out of the kennel, soon followed by his sister.

    They spotted the sea as they came out, so ran for the beach. It was rocky like their home, but not exactly home. On the beach, a blue Pokemon with two forepaws and a tail fin was sitting on a rock, looking around. The stranger perked up on seeing them. “<Belle? Who’s this?>”

    “<Huh?>” she asked, tilting her head.

    “<Jasper?>” Pebble asked. “<Did you hear a strange voice?>”

    “<Of a watery being that was greatly powerful? When I woke up like this. Is that you Pebble?>”

    He yipped in excitement. “<Yes, it is you, and me! A being of lightning came to me.>”

    “<What’s going on?>” Belle asked. “<Why did you two change?>”

    Then a telepathic signal came to Belle and Pebble before the entire world went fuzzy. They couldn’t know it yet, but the rich man had summoned them back into the Pokeballs.


    The rich man blamed Pebble for the escape attempt, so he put the Jolteon on a collar and chain attached to a thick wooden post. Jasper let himself be captured by the rich man’s nephew, so that he could be with them. Again, they plotted escape and failed, so Jasper was put on a chain as well. Belle was frightened by all this; she behaved herself.

    Because of that, she was allowed inside the house. The maids would brush her fur and comment on how pretty she was. They dressed her in sunbonnets and ribbons. All the attention was fun, but Belle kept wishing that her brothers could be inside with her. Although, they probably wouldn’t like the sunbonnets and ribbons.

    She went out to keep them company whenever she could. Monday was nice about that, taking her out often to do so. He had a weird name and weirder hair, but he was a nice boy. He played with all three of them, called them by their proper names, and would give them hugs. He even took them to the beach so they could swim and look for rocks. While Jasper would snarl and Pebble would rustle his needles at anyone else approaching them, they greeted Monday with yaps and licks.

    But the boy’s uncle was another story. He was gruff, proud, and mean. He hit Jasper and Pebble with his cane if they growled and tried to bite. He was annoyed that they had evolved without his intervention. He even found reason to complain about Belle.

    “Why hasn’t she laid an egg yet?” the rich man huffed, glaring at her.

    Belle scratched with her back paw, trying to remove the pink sunbonnet she had on. This one had been recently washed, so was starchy and irritating. When she paused, she looked out the window. Winter was starting and while the Sea of Jasper was mild year-round, there were some cold nights.

    “She’s out there with those two males every day,” the man went on. “Surely she would have a child by now.”

    “Maybe they’re her brothers, so she won’t mate with them,” Monday said, removing the itchy bonnet and scratching her chin.

    “That shouldn’t matter. I hear of breeders putting rare Pokemon siblings together all the time.”

    “She’s certainly old enough, but she might not be ready.”

    “Maybe I ought to sell those two outside and buy another male.”

    Hearing this, Belle whined. “<Don’t do that! Please? Pretty please?>”

    “Could I train them for battle?” Monday asked. “I mean, I did catch them.”

    “But I own them, and that silly Clefable,” the rich man said, narrowing his eyes at his nephew. “And I’m in charge of you since your fool parents are dead. I’m selling the other two.”


    It was an unusually cold night. Frost was growing on the windows. Belle was inside, but stayed by the icy patio door. There was a cozy fire in the other room, but she was miserable. Her brothers were stuck outside on this terrible night and were going to be gone the next terrible day. She didn’t even have the heart to tell them about this.

    Well, maybe she should take the fire out to them. One last night together... she could barely stand the thought. She went back to the fireplace to fetch a piece of fire.

    The servant watching the fire had fallen asleep, so hadn’t noticed a stick tumble off the main pile. Half of it was burning, but the other half was still whole. Although nervous about getting burned, Belle crept up and picked up the half-burning stick with her mouth. Then she walked to the patio door. If she pushed just right, she could open the door on her own.

    But as she walked down the hall, she carelessly got close to a thin curtain. The material was fragile and the air was dry. Once the flame touched that curtain, it went up in a fast ‘poof’. The fire jumped quickly to other curtains.

    Startled by this, Belle dropped the stick and started yet another blaze on the carpet. As the flames spread rapidly, a terrible thought came to her: Monday was in danger! And it was all her fault. She rushed to his door and barked as loudly as she could. “<Wake up, everything’s on fire!>”

    The teenager opened the door, wondering what the fuss was about. He was holding onto a brown backpack. Once he saw the room filled with smoke, he ran across the hall to manually pull the fire alarm. This woke up everyone in the house: the maids, the butlers, and even the rich man. Belle tugged at Monday’s pants. He got down out of the smoke and followed her to the patio door. There, he released Jasper and Pebble, for they were chained closely to the burning house.

    Belle felt fire again, but not the fire that was consuming the house. This was a kind and gentle fire that still managed to be awesomely powerful. “Your love for your family and friend have impressed me. I have turned you into a Flareon, a Pokemon of fire. Use your new powers well.” Then the gentle fire spirit was gone.

    And her fur had turned red and yellow, while growing out longer and lighter. Despite the chilly air, she felt a deep inner fire that she knew would never go out. Belle trotted over to her brothers and warmed the air around them, so they wouldn’t be cold. Monday sat by them for warmth as well.

    “<We have all grown up,>” Jasper said. “<Now what do we do?>”

    “<I don’t want to stay here, but I want to stay with Monday,>” Pebble answered.

    “<So long as I’m with you all, I don’t care where we are,>” Belle added.

    Some distance away, the rich man was shaking his fist in the air and stomping his foot. “Who’s responsible for this terrorism? I’ll make sure that person never gets out of jail!”

    “Might as well go tonight,” Monday said quietly. “I’ve been planning on running away; Uncle wants to ship me off to a military academy. Do you want to come with me?” He held up Belle’s ball. “I did catch you three, after all.”

    “<Sure!>” Belle said.

    “<So long as I get away from those chains, anywhere,>” Pebble replied.

    “<Absolutely,>” Jasper said.

    And so the Eevee family, in new forms and with a new member, went out to explore the world beyond the Sea of Jasper.
  20. Inconspicuosaurus

    Inconspicuosaurus Bone-ified dinosaur

    That was nice, I liked the way they evolved, it would have been a bit too much of a coincidence to find a fire, thunder and water stone. There was one problem though - Vaporeon does have back legs, it just has a fluked tail aswell. Other than that, it was excellent, I'm looking forward to the Rhyperior entry :D.

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