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Pokedex One-Shots (PG)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ysavvryl, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. ToeyJoey

    ToeyJoey Forward...

    I did not expect that message from the Camerupt one, touché...
  2. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    Still catching up, I'm at Corsola/Shellder.
  3. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    @Clinkclang: good luck with that!

    It's the fifth year anniversary of POS! Yay! What does it mean? 315 stories, 600 Pokemon, over half a million words... it's enormous. Yup, 49 Pokemon left and only 5 of them are non-Unova Pokemon. Also, Claydol means that I'm done with Psychic types for now.

    In process: Karrablast/Galvantula/Eelektross
    On deck: Cryogonal/Larvesta, Shroomish/Octillery, Druddgion

    Granbull and Claydol

    Smokey the Granbull didn't see them move, so he went up to one of the two statues to sniff it. It smelled of clay and Pokemon. Was it a Pokemon? In his travels with his human partner, he had seen many strange Pokemon. This one had a large head with many eyes, on a body with detached arms. On the other side of the ruin entrances, there was an identical Pokemon statue. If they were statues. They were about his size, but they might just be heavier.

    “It doesn’t look like there's any traps just to get inside,” his partner Toma said. The human shifted his hat, then patted Smokey. “Come on, let's head in. This is going to be our biggest adventure yet.”

    Wagging his tail, Smokey followed after Toma. These adventures were often crazy and dangerous, but they could be fun too. He mostly loved that his partner let him explore around too, seeing the world in full rather than just limited to battles and small fragments. True, it would be better if his partner didn't insist on exploring all these scary old places. But Smokey knew he was lucky to be where he was, so he didn't complain much.

    They walked cautiously down a staircase, straight at first but then curving to the left after several feet. It wasn't a safe staircase, Smokey noticed. There was a wall on the right, but a large pit to the left with nothing to keep them from falling off the stairs. Except for the lantern Toma carried, there was no lights in here. The further they went down, the older the air smelled.

    Smokey heard a hum somewhere behind and above them. Feeling a shiver up his spine, the Granbull paused by the wall and looked back into the darkness. For a moment, he thought he saw a yellow ring of light. But it vanished, if it was really there. So creepy.

    “The scans of materials we gathered outside suggests that this place is nearly twenty thousand years old, if not older,” Toma said. “I wonder if it was made by humans or Pokemon. The outer grounds doesn't offer much evidence, one way or another. There are theories floating around that Pokemon may have once been capable of making such buildings. If that's so, what happened to you?”

    Hurrying down a few steps to keep up with his partner, Smokey wasn't sure what Toma was talking about. Pokemon didn't make things like humans did. But that didn't matter. It was important for him to protect Toma however he could. Although, there wasn't much a Granbull could do against falling down a dark shaft.

    Eventually, they came to the end of the staircase, a circular room with one doorway. Past that, there seemed to be a larger room with many items in it. It could be one of those tombs they often explored. Although, they hadn't run into any Ghost Pokemon. Ghost Pokemon usually hung around old tombs.

    It was then that Smokey realized that they hadn't come across any other Pokemon since the two maybe-Pokemon maybe-statues. There had been only one other ruin where they hadn't found other Pokemon and that was an experience that Smokey did not wish to go through again. Knowing that Toma might not notice due to looking for visible traps, Smokey tugged at his partner's arm.

    “What?” Toma asked, looking at him right as four beams of light shot right by them. None of them hit, but they were too close for comfort. Warning shots?

    They turned around and soon found the source of the attack: the two clay Pokemon statues from the entrance. Both were floating in midair, their many eyes glowing bright yellow. Poised with their arms pointing at the explorers, one fired again while the other caused many stars to appear in the darkness. These stars swirled around, blurring to Smokey's vision.

    For a moment, he wanted to run away. He never did like being confrontational. But as an explorer's partner, he would invariably end up battling with other Pokemon in ruins, to protect Toma. Smokey clenched his paws into fists, trying to hold his heavy chin up.

    Then the stars blasted outwards, causing the darkness to overtake the lantern's light. Smokey wasn't sure what was happened, just that he could only see stars. He couldn't even see the floor he could feel beneath his paws. What kind of attack was this?

    One of the two clay Pokemon appeared then, floating downward. It pointed to the side and fired a different beam of light at something. With that, the starry field changed into a huge city. Strangely, there were no plants on the ground and ugly gray clouds in the sky. There were many humans around with cars going down the road. But no Pokemon other than the two of them.

    A voice that was neither of them began to speak. “In the beginning of the third era, the humans had grown too powerful, ignoring the damage they did to the planet. They ignored the many signs that the planet's love and patience was being pushed to the limits. And so, to stop the humans from destroying the planet and themselves, a curse was laid upon all of the animals to turn them into Pokemon and punish the humans for their sins. The third era was one of destruction and death as what the humans had built up was destroyed.”

    As the voice spoke, the city turned into a burning disaster, then to rubble and char. Smokey wondered what this was about. This kind of thing didn't happen in most battles.

    “Many millenniums have passed, many more generations have passed. The humans forgot what happened then. The Pokemon forgot why they came about. Granbull, do you see what must be done? Destroy the human with you.”

    Destroy Toma? That was never going to happen! Smokey couldn't tell where the voice was coming from, but he could tell what had triggered it. He launched himself at the clay Pokemon, leaping up and punching all four paws wildly into it in hopes that at least one attack connected. As the clay Pokemon got knocked onto the floor, the illusion of the ruined city and the stars broke. Smokey ran over and kicked his opponent. The other clay Pokemon paused, pointing an arm down at them but not shooting yet.

    “Smokey, use Crunch on it,” Toma called.

    Crunch was a biting move; Smokey's jaw had grown incredibly powerful, painful to those he bit even when he tried to bite lightly. He tried to avoid using bite attacks whenever possible. But if Toma asked for it, it had to be the right time. Smokey bit the clay Pokemon, breaking a hole in its side. It didn't bleed, but a yellow glow filled the spot to protect it.

    The voice spoke again. “Good. Pokemon have forgotten about their origins because the third era is over. The humans have learned to be more mindful of the planet. As is normal with their nature, they have turned what was a curse into a blessing. But they are in danger of forgetting the lessons of history once again. More on the story I told you is within this place. Make sure that he finds it. The guardian Claydols will not attack you now.”

    Backing off, Smokey watched as the injured Claydol righted itself. A glow appeared around its arms, then it put them to its sides. The other made a similar show of non-aggression. They might be okay now.

    “Did something change?” Toma asked. It seemed like he hadn't heard the voice.

    Smokey turned and headed back to his partner's side. He took his hand in his paw and tugged at him to enter the next room. Since there was something of great importance in here, they needed to explore this place. It would be their greatest adventure yet.

    After a glance to make sure the Claydols wouldn't attack, Toma smiled and walked with Smokey further in. “A change for the good, it seems. Let's get exploring, buddy.”

    Sapphire entry: Claydol is an enigma that appeared from a clay statue made by an ancient civilization dating back 20,000 years. This Pokemon shoots beams from its arms.

    Granbull Heart Gold entry: It is actually timid and easily spooked. If attacked, it flails about to fend off its attacker.
  4. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Well, that was certainly different. I love historic tales, and this one was really good. Claydol is a weird Pokemon.

    Also, you've forgotten to link a lot of Pokemon in the OP.

    Let's see... Pair Druddigon with Excadrill and Cincinno, and do Mienshao/Terrakion/Deino, Slugma, Corphish/Shellos, and Cobalion/Patrat/Hippopotas. That should clear Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, since Octillery's already on the list.
  5. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    I was going to make a request, but Z-nogyroP seems to have filled you up already.

    Now, my first review:
    I liked this one, the first paragraph really piqued my interest, and held it throughout.
    And I think I smell a conspiracy...
  6. ToeyJoey

    ToeyJoey Forward...

    Smokey was correct, as a Granbull he weighs in at 48.7kg, compared to the mighty Claydol at 108kg. It's the little things...

    A problem I too, have faced...
  7. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    If either of you want to suggest Pokemon, go ahead. Z-nogyroP requests a lot, so I'd be willing to rearrange what's on the list (sorry Z, but gotta let other people have a chance too). Also, I'm still having issues with editing and formatting posts, so I can't update the first post right now.

    Electric Pokemon can be checked off the list for a while!

    In process: Cryogonal/Larvesta
    On deck: Shroomish/Octillery, Druddgion/Exadrill/Cincinno, Mienshao/Terrakion/Deino, Slugma/Corphish/Shellos, Cobalion/Patrat/Hippopotas

    Karrablast, Galvantula, and Eelektross


    Alkar the Galvantula strummed his foreleg against a thick bundle of his silk. It was taunt, still strong. “Charge is low, but movement will no doubt correct that,” he said, shutting the metal arm casing with a loud clang. Taking a drill in one leg and working some silk with three other legs, he securely shut the casing and set up a spiral of silk around the machine.

    “Boss! Boss! Hey, can you hear me?”

    “This is the last; after this, my machine should be ready for duty. But there's something...” Alkar paused, then looked around. There was some noise that was out of place. On the floor by the machine, he spotted one of his assistants waving his stubby little arms. Cid the Karrablast could be a pest at times, what with being a little eager for battles all the time. But he was a good worker once he had the right incentive. “Oh good, you're here at the perfect time. Well maybe a little early for perfect, but good enough. Give me a minute.”

    “Boss, I gotta talk with you,” Cid said, but Alkar was already back to his work. It seemed like he'd have to wait. Sighing, he walked around and inspected the machine.

    Every time Alkar built a new machine, it seemed stranger than the last. This one was no exception. It looked like a large version of a Galvantula, but with twelve limbs. At the bottom, eight were normal legs. Above, four more limbs acted more like arms: two held pincers to grab and hold things, one held a massive hammer, and the last held a huge pair of scissors with bladed edges. Its back held two sitting areas, one with large amount of switches and buttons, the other with a cushioned and protected seat. Most of the body was covered in Alkar's silk, made pale so as to not cover up the yellow and black paint job.

    “There!” Alkar said, securing the last part of silk to the arm he was working on. He hopped off the machine and tossed the drill on the table. “It should be ready to go. And just in time, I believe. Come aboard, Cid, we're off to the beach!” He jumped back on and got into the cockpit.

    Knowing he wouldn't get to talk to his boss in any other way, the Karrablast followed suit, getting into the passenger seat. It was rather comfortable; most of the town Pokemon would be able to sit in here. “What's this machine for, boss?”

    “It's my ultimate Town Defense Vehicle,” Alkar said proudly, putting on a pair of goggles over his red compound eyes. “It should take out that troublemaker who's been dragging folks into the sea.”

    Cid went to the edge of the seat closest to Alkar and put his arms on the side. “But this seems more like something that would attack, not defend.”

    “The best defense is a good offense, isn't that what they say?” the Galvantula replied. “It should help the town guard fight other invasive forces as well, although I may need to make a few more to be more effective. Hmm, and probably something that requires only two paws to work, and an electrical starter in case they can't do it themselves. All well, I’ll fix that next design. Starting the steam generator!” The bristles on his body sparked as he fired a jolt of electricity into a port that would connect to the steam generator. This would produce enough steam from the water tanks to start up the machine. Once the system got moving, it would sustain itself.

    The defense vehicle was soon hissing and humming. Once the pressure gauges equalized at a good level, Alkar pulled several switches, causing the machine to rise on its eight legs. He made a quick check of how things were running, then directed the machine to move towards the door. Thankfully, Cid saw fit to hop off and hurriedly pull the switch to open the way. Gears moved throughout the building and in the machine to lead to the grand entrance of his TDV onto the streets. As the Karrablast hopped back on by way of one of the legs, the workshop doors automatically shut behind them.

    They didn't run into many Pokemon on their way to the beach. They did see some running off, afraid of the giant new thing tromping around their town. What ones did stick around stood at the sides of the street or at windows to gape in awe at Alkar's newest machine. The sky above was full of dark blue clouds, taking on streaks of yellow as the sun sent its final rays of the day across them. Most of the other 'mons in town would be heading home due to the recent disappearances around this time of day. Alkar and Cid were out to do something about that.

    At the beach, Alkar parked his Galvantula vehicle a few yards from the water. He adjusted some dials to keep it running while they were waiting. “Right then, now to keep a look out for our culprit.”

    Cid hopped onto the back of the vehicle and went up to the cockpit, careful to not step on the silk. “Wow, this is great! It moves just like you do!”

    “Hah, and you've only seen in walking on the ground!” Alkar nodded. “I mean for it to walk up walls, over cliffs, and across rough terrains too. I wasn't able to try any of that in my test runs so far; the workshop has so much stuff hanging on the wall, I never realized until earlier. It doesn't make silk, though. Doesn't need to, so we'll have to rely on existing structures. I'm glad you could be here to see it in action.”

    “Yeah, well, I had something I wanted to ask you, boss. Would you make a lasso out of your silk for me? It needs to be electrified.”

    Alkar lifted his goggles up. “What do you want that for? It's a piece of cake for me, but...”

    “So I can prove that stubborn Saul wrong,” Cid said, tapping a foot on the vehicle. “He says that a Shelmet and Karrablast must follow the old traditions and have a ritual battle during a thunderstorm to prove their worth to the legendary Pokemon. But I’ve been working with you for a while now and I have a different idea. See, I think it's just the electricity that matters. If I can get a lasso with your silk, I can hold it with one paw in a glove until I run into Saul. Then I lasso him good, put my ungloved hand on the lasso, and boom! That should do the trick to evolve us both without having to wait on a storm and the luck of a lightning strike.”

    The Galvantula rubbed his jaw with one foot. “I see, I see. In scientific terms, that should work. And I don't think the legends will be insulted or anything. It's been recorded that they don't know everything, and you'd be taking initiative so they should admire that. But Saul will probably have an issue with you lassoing him.”

    “Boo, it'll be good for both of us in the end.”

    He nodded. “Right, but it'd be better if you can get him to agree to it. He doesn't have to know that your goal is to evolve without the rituals, he just has to be in contact with my electrified silk along with you, both willingly. Let me think about it; I'm sure we can come up with something.”

    It wasn't what he wanted, but Cid grinned. “That's great, thanks boss! I'm sure you could convince him, one way or another.” It would help prove that tradition wasn't everything, although his main reason for wanting a new way was that even if it was a ritual battle, he didn't want to take a chance of losing to that dumb brick Saul.

    Although he seemed intent on thinking of a way, Alkar soon looked with interest towards the sea. Then he put his goggles back over his eyes. “Cid, head back to the passenger seat and hang on. Our target seems to be approaching.”

    “Gotcha,” he said, hurrying back. Once he was there, he looked to the waters to see who was coming. There was a line of ripples moving along the waves, indicating something swimming their way. Then a dark-colored Pokemon emerged, its yellow eyes seeming to glow in the evening air. It had no legs on its long body, but its muscular arms were enough to pull itself around the sand surprisingly quick.

    “Aw crud, I didn't consider an Eelektross as the culprit,” Alkar said, bringing his machine into motion. “The static charge on the silk threads would have instantly crippled any regular sea Pokemon, but not this one. Thankfully, we can still brawl with it.”

    “Brawl?” Cid asked, before the TDV lunged forward. The Karrablast clutched at the side of the passenger seating, briefly considering clamping onto something with his headgear. But he also wanted to watch this fight.

    The Eelektross hissed at them, pushing itself to slide across the wet sand. Electricity soon arced between it and the vehicle. Thankfully, Alkar's silk absorbed the shock, keeping the vehicle from breaking down. Alkar furiously worked the switches, causing the hammer arm to pound into the sand. Narrowly escaping that, the Eelektross grabbed hold of one of the TDV's legs and bit it. The metal casing was too tough for it to get through, although Cid briefly saw indentations of teeth in the leg as the Eelektross slithered underneath them. It was a powerful Pokemon; no wonder otherwise capable Pokemon were getting kidnapped by this one.

    Finally, Alkar managed to slam the scissors into the Eelektross, stunning it long enough for one pincer hand to pick it up securely. The sea Pokemon was bleeding some from the hit, but was alert. Eyes full of bitterness, it said, “Submit or I will make you suffer.”

    “You're in no position to be making demands like that,” Alkar pointed out. “What are you doing with the Pokemon of this town?”

    The Eelektross growled with spite; that kind of attitude was usually meant a corrupted aura, a worrying sign of bad times to come. “I serve the fierce goddess of the sea. I bring tributes for her. Do not provoke her or your fate will be most dire.”

    Alkar shook his head. “You're going about this all wrong. A being who wants tributes like that does not deserve to be respected. We're going to bring you to justice.” He turned the TDV around and headed into town with their captive.

    “Going to kill me?” the Eelektross asked.

    “We'll see what the court has to say about that,” Cid said. Tradition didn't matter to him and Alkar, but they weren't going to ignore the law either. They were civilized Pokemon and they were going to act like it.

    Although Cid still wanted to make a fool out of Saul. That jerk deserved it.

    Karrablast B2/W2 entry: For some reason they evolve when they receive electrical energy while they are attacking Shelmet.

    Galvantula B2/W2 entry: It creates barriers from electrified silk that stuns foes. This works as a weapon as well as defense.

    Eelektross Black entry: They crawl out of the ocean using their arms. They will attack prey on shore and immediately drag it into the ocean.
  8. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    An interesting story, certainly not what I expected.
  9. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Oh yeah, that's fine. I do request a lot. But I don't think it's honestly that much- it just seems long because of all the triple entries. You can take out the Mienshao/Terrakion/Deino request if you've got too much on your plate, though. If you guys wanna request though, I'll stay out of your way for a while. :)

    Now, this was certainly cool. Alkar sort of reminds me of the ludicrous devices Team Rocket usually deploys(like that one Arbok-shaped destructo-tank that was hijacked by a Sentret). Cid is sort of a weird name- how'd you come up with it?
  10. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Cid's not that weird. Of course, being a Final Fantasy fan, I see it quite a lot, haha. Actually, it's because of acid/Cid and alkaloid/Alkar. I got stuck on the names for a bit.

    These two worked together nicely. And Ice Pokemon are all covered, for now.

    In process: Shroomish/Octillery
    On deck: Druddgion/Exadrill/Cincinno, Slugma/Corphish/Shellos, Cobalion/Patrat/Hippopotas

    Larvesta and Cryogonal

    “And they say, that at the top of the mountain, there's a Pokemon that never dies. No matter how many battles it gets in or how much time passes, it's always there, luring other Pokemon into its cave to their deaths.”

    Aria the Larvesta widened her eyes. “Really? But that sounds horrible. Why does it have to kill others because it can't die? And how would a Pokemon never die? Unless it's a legendary Pokemon, but we haven't heard anything like that living around here.”

    Her brother Crimson rubbed his forelimbs together. “Nobody knows why the deaths happen, cause nobody comes back. I heard about it from some travelers.”

    “But then how did they know if nobody comes back? You're making things up again.” She made a small flame come from one of her horns. “I bet there's nobody like that at the peak. And you'd better not be telling that story to the visitors. We don't need to scare them away.”

    “You're just saying that cause you're scared,” he retorted.

    “I am not!”

    “Then why don't you prove it and go up there?”

    Aria swatted at him with a horn. “Because I can't, dummy. It's my week to keep the torches lit, so I have to stay down here.”

    “You're just using that as an excuse.” He swatted back at her.

    If this kept going, it'd end up with a fight and they'd get in trouble with the head priest of the volcano's shrine. “It's my responsibility and I'm not budging.” She began crawling away.

    But Crimson wouldn't give up. “You're just putting it off hoping that I'll forget about it next week. Coward.”

    “Well why aren't you offering to go up and check the story out?” she asked. Although she wouldn't trust him when he got back, it would at least give her some time to talk about it with the priest and get some advice.

    “Because nobody would mistake me for a coward,” he pestered. And he kept pestering her, even as she tried to get some chores done in an effort to shake him.

    “Don't you have anything better to do than nagging me?” Aria finally snapped at him. “I have work to get done around here, and so should you.”

    “What, do you not like me? You're a horrible sister.” He sniffled, tears appearing in his eyes.

    “Are you two fighting again?” the head priest asked, coming into the room. The Mienshao crossed his arms over his chest. “What is it this time?”

    “She's being horrible to me!” Crimson whined.

    Aria rolled her eyes. “He won't stop bugging me about this story about a Pokemon that won't die on top of the mountain, and keeps trying to get me to go up there. He calls me a coward for not going up there, but isn't going himself and tries to get in the way of me doing my chores.”

    “That story, huh? Well why don't you both go up to check out the peak? I hear it centers around a certain icy cave up there.”

    “But what about the torches?” Crimson asked.

    “That's my job, and why I'm not going,” Aria said.

    “I'll handle the torches for tonight,” the priest said. “You two go on up and see what's there. I'll expect a good report out of both of you.”

    And that's how the two Larvesta ended up hiking along the trails that led to the snowy peak of the volcano. “Why do you always have to cause us so much trouble?” Crimson asked.

    Aria was trying her best not to respond to him this time, no matter how much he blamed her. Sometimes Crimson wasn't so annoying. However, having to share the same small room and being around him constantly seemed to make him much worse than he had been before. She couldn't wait for something to come up that would get him out of her hair.

    Thankfully, they did have a good coat of hair around their bodies or the cold up here would be bad. “Kind of strange that there's so much snow and ice up here when we know that it's a volcano,” she said. “It must be sleeping hard.”

    “Like you do when you snore,” Crimson said, kicking some snow at her. When she didn't say anything in response, he added, “Aw, come on. If you're really sick of me, why don't you move back to the other side of the mountain with mom? I can handle all the shrine chores and make a better priest than you.”

    “Is that what this is about?” Aria asked. “Look, being the shrine's priest isn't a job you can be a slacker about. And if you really want it that bad, then this is exactly the wrong way to go about it.”

    “What am I doing wrong? I'm just trying to be friendly, and encourage you to explore and be nice more. You're so abrasive, and cold, and stuck in drudgery.” And he kept dragging her into arguments. She tried to hurry ahead, but Crimson followed. “That's exactly what I mean! You're so mean!”

    “What are you kids doing here, making such a racket?” a strange voice asked them. It had a stiff but clear quality. This may have been because the speaker, when she looked up to see him, was made entirely out of ice. With sparkling tendrils of ice crystals following him, the stranger approached them.

    “What are you doing interrupting our conversation?” Crimson said, acting like it had been terribly rude. “Who do you think you are, anyhow?”

    “Crimson, he lives here,” Aria said. “Sorry sir, we were supposed to be looking...”

    “I'll explain,” he said. “We're discussing important matters and looking for an ice cave, so if you'll just leave us alone, thank you.”

    “If you want an ice cave, they're all over,” the stranger said. “But you would do well to be quiet, especially since you both are fiery in nature. Some of the more sensitive Pokemon might trigger avalanches.”

    He didn't like being told that. “If they're going to let some talking bother them so much, they need to toughen up. I've got every right to be here like any other Pokemon, and...”

    “Crimson,” she said in warning.

    “Don't tell me what to do,” he retorted immediately. “Just leave us be, it's nothing for you to be concerned about.”

    “Actually, I don't think I want you being here, not with that attitude,” the crystalline Pokemon said. His icy surface glistened as he seemed to be gathering power.

    Aria thought it prudent to get out of the way, while Crimson shook his horns. “What're you picking a fight with me for? I've done nothing wrong. You're going to pay for that foolishness.” He launched several fireballs from his five horns while the stranger sent ice crystals that were nearly as large as the Larvesta at him. Crimson shuddered, but dug his feet in for another attack.

    As for the stranger, his body hissed and turned into steam. Aria was shocked by that. “Huh? You, you destroyed him.”

    “That's cause I'm strong, and brave, unlike a certain somebody,” he said.

    “Not quite,” the stranger's voice said. More ice crystals appeared and hurled themselves at Crimson.

    That changed his tune. “Wha-wha-waaaaah! It's real, it's him!” Crimson hurried out of the barrage of ice, running as fast as his legs to carry him.

    It was certainly strange. But, Aria felt it was important not to leave a bad impression on this Pokemon. “I'm really sorry about that. I'll leave if you don't like the trespassing.”

    Shifting the cloud of steam and condensing it, the image of the stranger appeared. “I don't mind visitors, but one must have respect. And some of the Pokemon here are indeed cranky this time of year. I am Hector of the Cryogonal clan.”

    “Ah. Well I'm Aria, a Larvesta. My brother and I live at the shrine at the base of this volcano.”

    Hector made a welcoming gesture with the stream of one of his crystal tails. “Ah, it's been many years since we've seen one of you up here. Is there anything I can help you with?”

    “If it's all right,” she said, nodding. “We came investigating a story that there was a Pokemon that could never die up here, and that it killed those who went into its icy cave. But so many travelers and explorers climb up and down the mountain that I thought it was an exaggeration.”

    By now, the Cryogonal had made some of his ice reform. “Is that story still going around? Seems strange to me, but it started with a rumor about us. As you can see, I have a tendency to melt and break easily. But I can remain conscious and reform, given that it's cold enough for me to do so.”

    “Wow, that sounds like it would hurt,” Aria said. She couldn't imagine losing parts of her body, or even her whole body, on a regular basis.

    He shook himself. “Sometimes, but times like now aren't that bad. And like you, our clan is rarely seen. Other Pokemon can't always tell the difference between Cryogonals. Then we tend to live in the same places for many generations, making it appear as if the 'one' living there never dies.”

    “That makes sense. And yeah, sometimes others can't tell me and my brother apart until we start talking.” She rubbed her nose, considering whether she wanted to ask about the other part of the story.

    Hector answered without her doing so. “And about Pokemon getting killed... it happens. The trail you're on is safe because it's maintained. Once you get off the path, there's many dangers, even to those of us who live here. The ice on top of a mountain that bears great fire in the caves below, it makes the ground and plants different here. Many are not prepared. But, that's partly why myself and generations of my clan before me live here. We find those in trouble and get them back to safety. That's partly why your shrine is below, as a place for them to recover, or prepare by asking for divine protection.”

    That made sense. “Oh, so you're like the Magmortar who lives at the shrine in the fire caves? That's great.”

    By now, Hector was almost entirely frozen again. “Yes. It's not always obvious, but the shrines share a purpose, and traditions that not everyone sees. Would you like to come see the ice shrine? You'll need to be careful; it shouldn't melt to your body heat alone, but it may become slick.”

    She lifted her front end up happily. “Sure, that's be great! I only knew about the other two shrines.”

    “It's still some ways off, so you should probably stay the night there. I can prepare the warm room for you to sleep in.” Hector then floated over the snow, Aria following after him.

    The following day at noon, she arrived back at the main shrine where she lived. The Mienshao priest was in the main room, cleaning the wall scrolls with Crimson. “Ah, I thought you'd be coming back soon,” he said, nodding.

    “Aria, you came back?” Crimson asked, surprised. “Wow, that's great! I was worried that you'd gotten lost.” He sniffled.

    “There wasn't any reason to worry,” Aria said, feeling happy enough at her discovery that she didn't care about him being dramatic. “Hector watches over another shrine at the top of the mountain! And he knows lots of great stories.”

    “Then what about the story of the deadly unkillable Pokemon?” the head priest asked.

    She shook her head. “That's a misunderstanding. The volcano's more dangerous than any Pokemon that lives on it, and it sleeps.”

    “And we pray that it continues to sleep for many years.” He nodded. “Good work, Aria. You ought to be more like her, Crimson.”

    Crimson bristled his hair up. “What? But, but she...”

    “No excuses,” the priest said. “Aria, you can take a week off to visit your mother, or the other shrines if you wish to study more. Crimson will handle all of the apprentice work here, and then we'll discuss what he really wants to do.”

    “Why me?” he asked.

    “Thanks, I'll make sure mom is okay and then study hard,” Aria said. Maybe this would make her brother rethink his attitude and how he did things. That would make things much better.

    Cryogonal Black entry: When its body temperature goes up, it turns into steam and vanishes. When its temperature lowers, it returns to ice.

    Larvesta White entry: The base of volcanoes is where they makes their home. They shoot fire from their five horns to repel attacking enemies.
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    Nice entry, I like the aesop.

    (Off topic: I discovered your AC fic, A Slice of Heaven. I love it, I'm on chapter 14.)
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    @Clickclang: Glad you like that story too.

    I have a feeling that some immature giggles will come out of this story. All well. Johto is complete!

    In process: Druddgion/Exadrill/Cincinno
    On deck: Slugma/Corphish/Shellos, Cobalion/Patrat/Hippopotas

    Octillery and Shroomish

    The Octillery found herself dry, gritty, and groggy. Grumbling, she opened her eyes to find that she'd washed up on a sandy beach near a thick forest. Last night had brought a powerful storm over her home waters, churning up the water so strongly that she got knocked out by some debris. This wasn't a familiar place. Of course, any area of land would be a strange place as she rarely left the ocean. She'd do best to head underwater soon, to wash this sand off and figure out where she was. But she was still waking up, so she looked around.

    Over by the forest, she could see a group of brown and green mushroom Pokemon poking around and eating something off the ground. They seemed pretty happy, but there were more of them than of her. Probably best to leave them be. On the beach near her, there were more signs of the storm last night: strands of seaweed, broken shells, a human's buoy, bits of sea glass, and a large clay pot.

    A pot? The Octillery crawled across the sand to investigate it. It was brown and wide, lying on its side. Finding the top of it, she saw that the neck was slightly narrower, but she could fit herself inside. She crawled in and found some water already inside. Not as salty as she was used to and it would get stale just sitting in here. Still, she could sit inside comfortably and come and go quickly. The narrower neck would give her more security in here too if she made it into her home. All in all, it was the perfect pot. Now she just had to get it underwater and find a place to set it up.

    Then the pot was jostled, pushed into an upright position. The Octillery shrank down inside, afraid for a moment. Had something dangerous come by while she wasn't able to look outside? She missed the vibrations and sounds she felt in the water that would have told her something was approaching. She was able to hear some Pokemon voices outside of the pot.

    “It's big enough to store a lot of spores,” one said. “We'll have plenty in case our forest gets invaded again.”

    “But what about the strange Pokemon that was around here a little while ago?” another asked.

    “It's not here anymore. We're fine. Come on, everybody, let's take this to the shelter!”

    There were cheers and the Pokemon picked the pot up. The Octillery inside remained still, uncertain of what she should do. After a minute, she attached her suckers to the neck and pulled herself up to peek outside the hole. She could see the trees moving at her sides, but not the Pokemon that were carrying her. Looking in the direction they were going, she could see one of the mushroom Pokemon from earlier leading the way. Those Pokemon... they were called Shroomish, right? It seemed fitting. Their bodies were like puffy mushroom tops.

    Dropping back into the pot, the Octillery considered an attack plan. She'd need to get away quickly. It meant leaving behind the pot, which was sad. However, that was better than getting hurt again.

    “Oof,” one of the Shroomish carrying the pot said. “Hey, careful making this pot slosh.”

    “I'm not the one doing that,” another said.

    “It's heavy,” a third complained. “I'm still hungry and the dirt smells so good right here. Can we stop to eat some more?”

    “There'll be plenty of time to eat before it all dries up again,” the one leading them said. “Let's hurry and get this pot back.”

    “Well if you want to hurry, why don't you help carry it?”

    “There isn't room for me to help carry, so I'll lead the way and make sure there's nothing to trip over.”

    “Lazy butt.”

    “It's not that far. Come on.”

    A short time later, the pot was set down on the ground. The Octillery pulled herself up to the neck, preparing to make a break for it. The lead Shroomish said, “Here, we've found the best thing to store the spores in, for the community defense program.”

    “My, that would store a lot,” another said. “But we should wait on the Brelooms to return to decide what to do about it.”

    “I think we should start now. We'll impress them with how much we've done!”

    “Or, they'll tell us to take it all out and put the pot back. We don't know what they'll think, so leave it and wait.”

    “Aw, come on. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this pot.” The Shroomish hopped onto the lip of the pot. “See, it's perfectly fine.”

    The Octillery spat out a wad of ink at the Shroomish above her, knocking him to the ground. She then swung her weight and made the pot tip over, letting her scoot out of there. Now surrounded by the Shroomish, she found that they were in a small cave with sunlight coming from nearby. She could run past them and be free to hurry back home. This was not where she wanted to be.

    Unfortunately, she hadn't accounted for how much harder it was to escape over land than in the waters. She could have jetted away using the water and been gone in seconds. Now she had to drag herself along the rocky ground while trying to get around dozens of panicking Shroomish. Clouds of spores spread from them, making it hard for the Octillery to breathe. Not only that, but some of them were painfully irritating, causing her muscles to stiffen or skin to burn. But she just had to get out of this cave and she'd be in fresh air, away from the spores. She stretched two arms out and tried to pull herself out quickly. She could make it...

    She didn't make it and passed out.


    As she had been left in charge of the shelter area, Loam the Shroomish shook herself in annoyance at the fuss going on. “Stop it, stop it all of you!” she shouted. “Now look at what you've done, Moss. You've made an innocent Pokemon get hurt.”

    Her fellow Shroomish (although she'd like to deny that he was anything like her) stopped trying to wipe the ink off himself. “Innocent? It attacked me!”

    Loam pointed with some of her fronds. “She was trying to escape, can't you see? We probably scared her real good. She belongs to the ocean and the pot probably belongs to her. So go take them both back to the beach.”

    Hopping in anger, Moss said, “No, the pot was my discovery. It's just what we need. Maybe we'll take that oct-whatsit back, but the pot stays for spore storage.”

    “It's wet inside,” Loam said, seeing water drip from the overturned pot. “It'll cause the spores to go bad, or sprout and get overcrowded and get bad. The pot's no good to us. Take them both back.”

    “Yeah, this is your fault Moss,” another Shroomish said. “And you had better help carry them back instead of lazily give orders.”

    There was some arguing, but then one of the Breloom came back early. In his judgment, Loam had the right idea. Moss had to take the Octillery and the pot back to the beach.


    For the second time today, the Octillery woke up on the sandy beach. This time was more painful, with her skin dry and body aching. She half opened her eyes and thought of dragging herself into the waves, taking the risk of resting in the shallows. Then she noticed an offering in front of her. It was a group of tasty-smelling berries, piled up on a large leaf. Was it an apology? Whatever it was, it was welcomed; she ate them all.

    She felt a little better, so shook herself fully awake to head back home. But she spared one more look around. To her shock and delight, the large pot was sitting close by. She walked around to check it out, but there were no cracks, no Pokemon inside it, no Pokemon waiting around to snatch it. The perfect pot was now all hers.

    Crowing in delight, she latched onto the pot with two arms and pulled it into the water with her. It made crawling and swimming a little awkward, but it would be worth it. This pot would make a wonderful home for years to come.

    Octillery B2/W2 entry: It has a tendency to want to be in holes. It prefers rock crags or pots and sprays ink from them before attacking.

    Emerald entry: It loves to eat damp composted soil in forests. If you enter a forest after a long rain, you can see many Shroomish feasting on composted soil.
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    I've noticed that many of the entries aren't linked in the OP.

    If you haven't written a story about Gallade yet, I think you should.
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    Gallade's there. It even got an expansion story. As for the missing links, it's because I'm having issues with editing. I should try that again...
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    Oh yes, I remember now.
    Well, maybe do a Swalot one? Or did I forget you did that one as well?
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    Got that one. At this point, I should have every non-Unova Pokemon covered with what's on the request list right now. This probably would be a good time to request Pokemon from Unova. I've managed to get myself severely slowed in my larger stories, so I'll probably write a few of these the rest of this week or next week until I get my pacing back.

    Punny names!

    In process: Slugma/Corphish/Shellos
    On deck: Cobalion/Patrat/Hippopotas

    Exadrill, Cinccino, and Druddgion

    The world was a funny place. Boris the Exadrill reflected on that as he worked on digging new tunnels and rooms for the expansion of his underground hometown of Rock Springs. Some days were normal and quiet, but others turned odd without any warning. With all the kinds of Pokemon in the world, there were all kinds of thoughts and ideas. However, everyone managed to get along most of the time. Like his friends, which included a Glalie, a Slugma, and a surface-dwelling Skiploom. Boris disagreed with them on some things, like the ideal place to live, but they were still his friends and he'd even go up to the surface to stand up for one of them.

    Since this area was easy to excavate, Boris had a lot of time to think over these things. He wondered if he should build a stairwell to a higher level and dig out a larger room, to better please Pokemon like the Skiploom. True, most of the underground town inhabitants wouldn't care or would want easy ways to climb around. But they had those visitors from time to time, and it might encourage more trade if such a 'skyroom' was made. Maybe if they could find some way to let sunlight into a place like that...

    There was a metallic scrape as his claws hit another piece of steel, forcing Boris to pay more attention. This was unexpected. After clearing away some plain rock, he found that he'd hit a large flat piece of metal. It was far too regular and smooth to be natural. Was it another Pokemon, maybe a Steelix? He poked at it and sniffed, but it didn't seem to be living.

    “What's going on?” a Geodude that was part of the rubble clearing crew asked. “What's up with that?”

    “I'm not sure,” Boris said. “But it's in the way; we're supposed to add some living burrows along this tunnel.” He rubbed his claws across the steel horn on his head. “Looks like this will take my full strength. It's going to get noisy.”

    “Right!” The Geodude chucked some more rubble into the wheelbarrow, then headed off to the dumping point.

    Having confidence that this wasn't another Pokemon, Boris brought his claws up by his horned mask, their tips a short distance away from the horn's tip. Different strengths of rock or metal would require different positions... he'd know better once he got started. He took a deep breath, then caused his horn to rotate rapidly to drill into the steel plate. There was a lot of shrieking and sparking as the plate resisted him; it was one of the toughest materials he'd encountered in his career of excavating. But even this gave way to his drilling prowess and he began to clear cracked steel out of the way with his claws. As he made his way through, the material changed to something softer that got shredded in an instant from the combination of his spinning horn and sharp claws. Then it changed back to the steel, now cold. Why?

    Then Boris burst into a pocket of air, crashing through the barrier. But it was more than just a pocket. Close to him, there was a metal flooring, some pipes, a metal ceiling barely a foot over his head, and a large wooden crate. He would have dug into that crate if he'd been a few steps to the left. Not only that, but it was cold enough to make his breath visible and his skin tingle. Boris walked off the metal floor onto a concrete one, finding that he had been on some massive shelf. A long row of the metal shelves stood in front of him, and another behind him.

    “What is this place?” he wondered to himself.

    “Where'd you go?” the Geodude asked, hopping into the hole. “This... whoa, it's so cold in here.”

    “This isn't going to be suitable for what the town needs,” Boris said. “Unless we want to make a cold room. Go back to town and find the metal workers. We need them to fix this hole so that our tunnels don't cool off too much. I'm going to look around a bit.”

    “Right!” His co-worker left, leaving him to explore.

    He looked around, but didn't go far from where he'd come in. It seemed as though someone was storing a great many things here in the cold. But who? And what would need such cold storage... no wait, this would actually be pretty good for keeping a stockpile of food. Was that it? But that still didn't explain who made or owned this place. In all his years of living and working in this town, he had no idea that a dungeon like this was so close.

    He heard something like a light footstep on the metal structures, so turned in time to see something gray and white drop just behind him. Acting on reflexes, he swung his claws back to give a warning shot. His claws passed right through soft fur as the Pokemon twirled around and slapped him with her tail. It wasn't much of a hit to him, though, so he tried a more forceful strike with his horn and claws. But again, he hit fur and nothing else.

    Hopping back, the stranger curled her tail around her front. “Ho, a strong one, but a little odd to see around here.”

    “Why's that?” Boris asked, holding his claws up but not attacking for now. This might not require a fight. “My town's just a short walk that way, through the hole I just dug.”

    That changed her attitude entirely, causing her to flip her tail back and lean forward. “Oh, there's a town that close? Wow, that's great, just what we needed! Hey, sorry about attacking you then. Me and my partner have been on an exploration that's lasted a week already.”

    He put his arms down. “I see, so you're used to fighting back against any who show up. It's fine. We were planning on blocking up the hole, though, so if you want to go to town for supplies and pick back up, you'll have to make it quick.”

    “Uh... well, better to abandon this while we can.” She pointed down the row of metal shelves. “My partner collapsed a while back and I've been hoping for a teleport circle or some other way out. I gotta get her out of this cold, but she's rather heavy. Could you lend me a hand? Either in carrying her or fending off the few wild Pokemon in here.”

    It was always good to help explorers; they would spread good word about the town and might have interesting things to trade. Boris nodded. “Sure thing. But was it okay for her to be left alone?”

    “Thanks!” She started a quick walk back, enough that he could keep up with. “Haven't had a problem yet; if she lies still, most any wild Pokemon will mistake her for a rock. Oh yeah, and I'm Minka the Cinccino. Sorry about not introducing myself earlier, but I’ve had a lot on my mind.”

    “It is an emergency, it's fine. I'm Boris the Exadrill, from Rock Springs.”

    After a short while of walking, they came to a break in the shelving row. There was another row of shelves and crates in front of them, lining a wall perpendicular to the way they had come. Looking down the new row, Boris could see many more rows of shelves. Between the crates, he could see that there were even more open space with more shelves on the other side.

    A short ways down that hall, they came across what indeed seemed like a pile of rough dark blue and red stones. But it had the smell of a dragon, which surprised Boris. He had expected a Geodude like his neighbors if Minka's partner could imitate rocks. This one could do just as well.

    Minka dropped down and seemed to listen to the dragon. “Okay, she's still alive. Geez, if we'd known it would be this cold, I would've insisted that she bring something to keep warm with. Aegis can't move until she warms up, since a Druddgion is like that.”

    “We've got a lava room for some Pokemon that like that,” Boris said, picking up the dragon. Aegis was quite hefty, but he could handle her. After all, he needed a lot of strength for his work.

    “Maybe not in the lava, but close. Thanks, let's go.” Minka then led the way back to where they had met, with Boris heading towards the hole once they got there.

    When they got through, the Geodude had come back. “Magcargo and his crew are coming. Who's this?”

    Boris put Aegis down for a moment, in a spot that was fairly clear of rubble. “Some explorers. We need to get them back into town. Could you ask the crew if they could make a door instead? The dungeon in there seems to be huge, but it could be useful to us with modifications.”

    “Yeah, I got it.”

    “That'd certainly be a quicker way to go investigate that place,” Minka said. She petted her partner. “Oh, and since we're out of there, I won't do damage if I help out. Hope I don't bother you by making things sunny!” She put her paws together and summoned a warm light with Sunny Day.

    It did make things a little uncomfortable for Boris. But as he sometimes had to do business on the surface, he kept quiet even though he had to squint briefly to adjust to the change in brightness. With that warmth, Aegis began to visibly breath again. “Thanks,” she said in a voice as rough as her skin. “I thought... I might... get used to it. But while I was checking... on that writing... I went numb.”

    “We probably should have gone back through that huge door,” Minka said. “There's a town nearby with a lava pool. That won't be as good as getting sunlight, but it'll get you to the surface, right?”

    “Yeah, I could warm up there.” She managed to push herself off the ground with her bulky arms. “I'm a little stiff now; how far is it?”

    “A few minutes walk through the tunnels, but we do have to go down a level,” Boris said.

    “Can you walk that far?”

    Aegis rubbed her snout. “Give me a minute to loosen up a bit more. If you keep up Sunny Day, I should be fine for a short walk.”

    “You can count on me,” Minka said, smiling and curling her tail.

    “What were you ladies doing in there if she doesn't handle cold well?” Boris asked. He was curious and it might help them to talk while Aegis recovered.

    Aegis let Minka explain most of it. “Well we didn't know that it would get so cold. We're a team that explores human ruins! A while ago, we came across a big tunnel that had big straight lines of metal. According to our research, they're called rails and humans used to have big machines called trains that traveled really fast and powerfully on the rails. We were hoping to find a train and see if we could make it work, because no Pokemon alive as seen a train run. At least, we think nobody has. Anyhow, on our search, we came across a huge door that was cool to the touch. We managed to get it open and found ourselves in that place. It's a huge maze, but it's also a storage warehouse, a treasure trove of human artifacts!”

    “Are you sure that's a human ruins?” Boris asked, looking at the hole. “Sure it's big and really well made, but Pokemon could do that, given a long time. At least, I've never heard of such a place near here and if it was a human ruins, we should have known something about it..”

    “A lot of human places were forgotten,” Minka said. “Plus, we know that the train tunnel was of human make.”

    “I'm sure the cold storage is of human make as well,” Aegis said. “I've taught myself how to translate human text, by comparing it to Unown text. It's strikingly similar and many of the boxes are labeled. If what I read off that notice is right, then there's more levels to the warehouse which may be even colder.”

    Minka put her paws to her cheeks. “Even colder? Amazing! And to think, we've also seen human ruins which they made to be really hot. They were still hot! Humans were really clever creatures. I hope we find some clues to what happened to them soon, although we'll have to leave exploration of the cold storage to another team.”

    “Is it going to bother your town if other teams show up to investigate that place?” Aegis said.

    “Rock Springs should be fine with that,” Boris said. “We were planning on expanding, so this will change those plans. But I'm sure if you explain what this place means in terms of our world's history, the others will be interested in finding out what's there as well.”

    The cold areas would also attract more ice Pokemon to live here; adapting the human storage to food storage for Rock Springs was still an option. This definitely wasn't what Boris thought he'd find while excavating in this area. Even so, it was most likely a great thing that he had found a way in. While he helped Aegis and Minka to the lava room, he considered how to present this to the town leaders to be positive to everyone, local and explorer alike.

    Druddgion Black entry: It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings. When its body temperature falls, it can no longer move.

    Cinccino Black entry: Their white fur is coated in a special oil that makes it easy for them to deflect attacks.

    Exadrill B2/W2 entry: Forming a drill with its steel claws and head, it can bore through a steel plate, no matter how thick it is.
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    WHOOPS forgot the other two. Anyway...

    Larvesta/Cryogonal- Very well-written. It had a nice, old-timey feel to it.

    Shroomish/Octillery- Haha, loved it. Poor Octillery, but nice she got a new home.

    Excadrill/Cinccino/Druddigon- Yay, another PMD one! I really thought you'd use Druddigon's B2/W2 entry, but I suppose that was too predictable for you, haha.

    Wait, I just realized... did you do Numel or Carvahna? I forget, and I don't think those are covered.
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    My numbers are screwy, lol. But what do you expect? I counted and sorted them by hand. Anyhow... a recount tells me that this entry will finish Johto for me. And I didn't get to Carvahna or Numel, so I'll put them up on the list to get Hoenn completed.

    Oh yeah, and that Druddgion entry for B2/W2 would have been so easy...

    This was an odd mix, but I think it turned out pretty nifty.

    In process: Cobalion/Patrat/Hippopotas
    On deck: Carvahna/Numel

    Corphish, Slugma, and Shellos

    'Want a cool and easy to care for Pokemon that none of your friends will have the like of? A Pokemon that's ready to rumble and still friendly enough to be your buddy? Then register now for the opportunity to purchase a Corphish, a Pokemon sure to amaze and be by your side for years to come. Limited time offer!'

    A clatter on his umbrella startled him from his study of these old advertisements. There was a shadow above him as well as a tear with a red foot sticking in, so he shifted the umbrella to knock off a Corphish. “Scoo?” the crustacean asked, turning around and looking up at him.

    “Ugh, you wrecked my umbrella,” he said kicking a foot out. “Go on, scram.”

    The Corphish nipped its claws at his boots, then scurried off towards the stream. What had it even been doing to fall on him? He tilted his umbrella a little to the side and looked up the cliff. There was a nine-foot waterfall nearby. One would think that a water Pokemon would come down that way rather than jumping down the cliff onto the ground. Or rather, onto his umbrella to wreck it. He put the magazine clippings away and looked around.

    Nearby, his own two Pokemon were engaged in a curious kind of dance. Ever since being brought out in this rain, the Slugma had been crawling around in circles. There were a few scorch marks on the grass, but not as much as the boy would expect for all that movement. While his Shellos had initially gone to play at the river's edge, she had come back to figure out what the Slugma was doing. Now she was circling around an imaginary spot with him, making that blubbery noise of hers as if she was trying to cheer him up. But that was a silly thing to think, since they were just Pokemon.

    “And what are you two up to?” the boy asked. As he grumbled, he shifted his umbrella and got the new hole in just the right spot to drip water on his nose. “Can I go back in time and not sign up for this? It was supposed to be something cool, getting to travel around and battle with awesome Pokemon. Not sitting around in this constant rain trying to count the stupid Corphish population. My whole summer vacation is going to be wasted on this now.”

    The adults had told him that this was important. Something about the Corphish being a foreign species to Hoenn and seeing if they needed to take tougher measures to capture and deport them. But this was the lamest summer of his life and it had only been four days. As far as he was concerned, the old ads were lies and there were too many Corphish even if there were less than a dozen in all of Hoenn.

    “Pbbbbppbbt,” the Shellos said, her pastel blue color contrasting with the Slugma's deep red. She wasn't a native species either, but he had traded a Spoink for her over the trading network. It would be a better deal for him in the long run, he believed. What was so important about native or non-native? They were just Pokemon.

    The Slugma made a pitiful gurgle, slowing down his part of their impromptu dance. Normally his skin seemed to glow, making water hiss off him. Now his fiery skin was dim, even black in places. The boy looked at him, frowning. What was that about? He'd never seen that happen before.

    Coming over to him, the Shellos nudged him with her nose. She didn't even flinch. The boy knew from experience that the Slugma was usually too hot to handle with bare hands. Then again, the Slugma might have seemed squishy, but she was tough. She probably wouldn't get burnt easily.

    “Fiiii!” a squeal came from nearby. The grasses shuffled in several places as nine Corphish crawled out of hiding. They immediately went over to the Slugma, one poking him.

    “Hey, what's this about?” the boy said, gripping his umbrella. Were they expecting him to battle all of them with just the two he had? Definitely too many Corphish around if they were being bullies like this. “Couldn't you just come one at a time? Dumb Pokemon. Shellos, scare them off with me.”

    Instead, the Shellos whined and backed up. This allowed the Corphish to swarm around the Slugma, pick him up, then cart him off to the stairs nearby. It was so bizarre that the boy was caught his his mouth open for a few seconds. Then he shut his umbrella and scrambled to put his backpack on. Once he had his gear, he went a few feet to where the Shellos was unsuccessfully trying to catch up to the Pokemon-napping Corphish. He picked her up then ran up the stairs after them.

    “Why are they being so ridiculous?” the boy said, pausing at the top to find them. The grasses were being disturbed in a big way, indicating that they were heading towards the nearby Weather Institute. Running after them, he continued, “This doesn't make any sense. What do they get out of stealing my Pokemon?”

    The Shellos squeaked as his grip tightened, causing her to release a violet slime from her skin in defense. He loosed his grip a little, not wanting to get those stains on his clothes again. Already, his jeans were going to be messy from crouching in the mud and running through the wet grass. He caught up with the group of Pokemon by the air conditioner unit of the Weather Institute. The Corphish had placed the darkened Slugma next to the warm machine for some inexplicable reason.

    Looking over his Pokemon, he noticed that the Slugma wasn't moving much now. His eyelids were drooping and his skin was almost like volcanic rock. But that was impossible. The Slugma always stayed like molten lava even when attacked with water and ice. At least, he had stayed like that. The boy didn't usually keep his Pokemon out with him while he worked on this tedious study. In fact, the only reason he'd had them out today was because of a conversation he'd had with a friend last night, that all the really cool and powerful Trainers often kept their Pokemon out with them. It seemed like an easy thing to do in order to be a better Trainer. But it shouldn't have caused problems. Was this lukewarm rain enough to cause his Slugma trouble? If so, not even being by the running machine was enough to loosen the Slugma's skin up.

    But how had the Corphish figured that out when he didn't know about it? And why had they tried to help like this, as futile as it was? The boy looked over the crowd of Pokemon there, several glancing at him for answers. Not a battle, but answers for what would help this Slugma that they had never met before. They were just Pokemon.

    Just Pokemon? Maybe they were more intelligent than he thought... more caring too, as the Shellos crawled over to the Slugma once released from his hands, to nuzzle his face and try to keep him alert. The boy felt like some idea had come to light in his mind and it would never go out for the rest of his life. These Pokemon were more than they seemed, and he needed to respect them more.

    For now, he recalled the Slugma and hurried back to Fortree, hoping that the Pokecenter there would have some method of recovering his Pokemon from turning to rock.

    Ruby entry: Corphish were originally foreign Pokemon that were imported as pets. They eventually turned up in the wild. This Pokemon is very hardy and has greatly increased its numbers.

    Slugma Leaf Green entry: It never sleeps. It has to keep moving because if it stopped, its magma body would cool and harden.

    Shellos Platinum entry: Beware of pushing strongly on its squishy body, as it makes a mysterious purple fluid ooze out.
  19. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    I like this entry, but I'm afraid I can't be more specific.
    Which Sinnoh pokémon have you not done yet?
  20. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    @above- just Hippopotas, which is up next!

    I don't want to risk flooding you with requests again, but since you're running low, try your hand at that Mienshao/Terrakion/Deino I asked for before, and maybe a Blitzle/Ducklett/Foongus combo.

    Anyhow, very nice read. Definitely not what I was expecting, and I never knew that was how Corphish started to live in Hoenn.

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