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Pokedex One-Shots (PG)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ysavvryl, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    This has been inactive for a while... I guess I could request a Pansage/Simipour story?
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2013
  2. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher


    Well, POS is something I do for writing exercises. So when I got wrapped up in working on other projects, I totally forgot to keep updating this. And September. Where has the month gone? lol.

    I have a new story now! And I'll be trying to make another week (or longer) of constant updates, just because. The Sinnoh dex is now complete!

    Also, the release of X and Y is fast approaching. Just like I did for last gen, I'm taking suggestions of which sixth gen Pokemon to cover on the day of release. Or the next day, as I might be busy. Make your nominations here, then on Saturday (the fifth), I will put up a poll on my Fanfiction net profile for the final decision.

    In process: Cobalion/Carvahna
    On deck: Meinshao/Terrakion/Deino, Blitzle/Ducklett/Foongus, Pansage/Simipour
    Reserved: Virizion/??? (10/04)

    Patrat, Numel, and Hippopotas

    The Patrat guard came alert, her ears holding still and her tail puffing up. There was a sound nearby... grumbling, kicking at the ground, complaining about a stubbed toe. From underground, coming up the tunnel. She relaxed, realizing who that was. But why him? It could be good... it could be bad.

    Another Patrat popped up out of the hole near her. “Stupid rock. What right does it have to hurt me? Ah, there you are.” He hopped out and bowed. “I'm taking over guard duty.”

    Wary, she listened in case anyone else come up the tunnel. “Are you? I thought you'd been forbidden to, after last time.”

    “Yeah, well,” he rubbed one of his ears.

    “You broke out into a musical number including an elaborate solo dance, attracting predators instead of watching out for them,” she said. “We had to block up that hole and reroute a great many tunnels.”

    “I promised no more musical numbers while on guard duty,” he said. “I talked them into letting me back up here.”

    More like he pestered the leaders into letting him be a guard again. But that was fine; she didn't like guard duty, as it was the most exposed position. She saluted. “Okay then. Changing of the guards, offered.”

    He saluted with an audible smack on his head, somehow not hurting himself. “Changing of the guards, accepted!” He stood up tall and began looking around.

    “Um, you're supposed to ask for a report?”

    “Don't need one.”

    “But it's tradition...”

    The male Patrat groaned. “Okay, okay. What's going on, cute cheeks?”

    That wasn't how it was supposed to go, but she didn't feel like arguing it with him any further. “Report as follows: Sand is blowing strongly from the desert across the wind, so it must be a desert Pokemon: danger level unknown. A predatory Pokemon passed through the grasses below this hill some time ago and may return: danger level moderate because it didn't look at me. A strange Pokemon has started climbing the hill: danger level moderate because I don't know what it is. That concludes the security report.”

    “Gotcha. You can go now.”

    “Please keep focused so we can be safe,” the female Patrat said, then headed back into the underground tunnel network.

    “Whatever,” he said, then waited a few minutes. When he was sure he was alone, he pumped a fisted paw in the air. “Yeah, in the great outdoors at last! I was seriously going to go stir crazy if I had to spend any more town down in those stifling cramped tunnels. Maybe it's good for the rest of you, but I'm an outdoors 'mon. I need to feel the fresh wind on my fur, the warm sun on my head. I need to be able to see the stars and smell the grass.” He paused a moment, the coughed some grit out of his mouth. “Bah, but I can do without the sand. Yeah, you heard me, desert! Keep your gritty sand to yourself!”

    The desert didn't respond. This hole was an outpost of his group's tunnel network, the one furthest from the main hub. Here, the prairie gave way to a desert. The grasses grew less thick and strong, until they reached the land where water rarely came. The plants here were different than around any other tunnel exit, including a few that gave prized fruits. In order to have access to those rare treats, the colony kept up this hole even as very few lived or wanted to go this far. Today, the desert couldn't be seen well due to a small sandstorm. While its center appeared not that far from the hill the Patrat guard stood on, he could see clear air from his vantage point.

    “Not that there's much to do out here,” he said. “But being bored outside is better than digging inside the tunnels. That much is certain.” He looked aside and saw the strange Pokemon the other guard had mentioned. “Hey, watch yourself! I'm a mighty Patrat guard, and trespassing on our grounds is not taken lightly!” At least, by himself. With any other Patrat, they'd duck back into the hole and watch until the Pokemon was gone.

    The strange Pokemon didn't seem to pay him head, keeping his black eyes ahead towards whatever goal he had. He had a yellow-tan and green body that looked quite hefty. In contrast, his legs were short and stubby, leading him to crawl by at a quick steady pace.

    “You better not be here to make trouble, or steal our food,” the Patrat said, putting up a fist. “I warn you, I know kung-foo! Hi-yah!” He punched the air with his other fist, then kicked a leg out in a way that would have made any Fighting Pokemon roll its eyes or slap their forehead. For a little while, he kept demonstrating his imaginary skills. It did not stop the stranger, nor did the increasing amount of sand in the air. “Hey, hey! I'm not letting you get away without a word!” He ran after him and stopped in front of his tracks.

    Finally noticing, the stranger raised his head up by stretching his long neck back. “Oh? Hello.”

    “Don't 'oh hello' me,” the Patrat said, holding a paw to his face to keep the heavy sand out of his nose and mouth. “What are you? What is your purpose here? What kind of trouble are you plotting?”

    The stranger tilted his head. “Ummmm, hmmm. I am Numel. My purpose? um...”

    “You must have some purpose here. And it can only be trouble if you're lurking by our den! Hi-yah!” He kicked one of the Numel's forelegs.

    And the Numel hardly seemed to notice. “My purpose... hmmm....”

    “Quit stalling and confess already,” the Patrat insisted, shaking a fist at him.

    A stream of sand suddenly hit him from behind. When he turned around, he finally realized that a Hippopotas had come to the base of the hill. From its darker colors, it had to be a female. “You're wasting your time trying to get answers out of him,” she said. “They're so slow about everything, even noticing that they're not clean.”

    The Patrat hopped around to face her. “That's no reason to go blasting me with sand, you jerk! Are you freaks still trying to make the desert overtake the prairie? Well we're not going to allow it!”

    Snorting, the Hippopotas replied, “Well aren't you a feisty one. Maybe you might fight back, but I doubt any of the rest of your kin will. Even so, you cowards will find a better life in the desert than in the gross prairies. There's so many germs hiding in all those plants and trees, waiting for the right moment to sicken and kill all Pokemon. It all needs to be scrubbed and polished clean with sand.”

    He put his fists up. “You're just making excuses cause you're embarrassed that you move slower than this fool thinks when there isn't sand everywhere.”

    “Purpose?” the Numel said. “I'm hungry.” He then lowed his head to devour the grasses around him, not even minding the sandy grit.

    “I'd say it's more embarrassing that you so-called 'watchmen' can be fooled just by having someone sneak up on your back,” the Hippopotas said.

    “Why you... you jerk!” The Patrat punched at the air and kicked. “Come on up here and fight like a real 'mon.”

    “Nah,” she said, sending another blast of sand at him. It wasn't even a damaging move, he realized. Just one to obscure his vision and irritate him into a rage. So he tumbled aside, out of the way.

    That made the sand attack strike the Numel instead. He tensed at that, then narrowed his eyes. “I'm eating!” he shouted, causing smoke to appear from the top of his hump back. Then a stream of molten rock blasted into the Hippopotas.

    “Ow, that stung,” she said, shaking bits of the magma off her. “I'll leave you be for now, but I’ll be back, you unclean furballs.” The Hippopotas than lumbered off to find sand she could swim in. The sandstorm went with her.

    The Patrat stood up and shook himself off, then tried to brush sand out of his fur. However, it was never easy. Once he got a decent amount off, he trotted back over to the Numel's side. “Hey, that was pretty cool,” he said. “You might not be so bright, but you're pretty strong. Hey, I know!” He snapped his fingers and grinned. “I've been thinking for a long while about ditching my colony. They're a bunch of loser tunnel-lovers who are terrified of the outdoors, but I love it out here. Even though that should earn me a permanent guard position, they're idiots who thought they could keep me underground as punishment. I'm just about fed up with them. So how about it? You and me, out exploring the great wide world, away from jerks like that Hippopotas... or maybe going around getting the best of such jerks.”

    The Numel brought his head up, chewing on the grasses. The Patrat watched him until he swallowed. Then, the Numel said, “ism going somewhere. I'll know when I get there. That's my purpose.”

    “So, can I go with you?” he asked, hopeful.

    “Mmm... you must think quick. That would help. Okay.” The Numel smiled.

    And thus their great journey together began, Numel and Patrat, exploring the wide world.

    “So, ah, where are we going?” the Patrat asked.

    “I’ll know when I get there,” the Numel repeated.

    “Which way do we go?”

    The Numel thought on it a long time, going back to chewing on grasses while he did. Then he replied, “I don't know.”

    Slapping his forehead, the Patrat asked, “You don't know? How can you...? Oh, never mind. Let's just go explore.”

    Patrat B2/W2 entry: Extremely cautious, one of them will always be on the lookout, but it won't notice a foe coming from behind.

    Ruby entry: Numel is extremely dull-witted – it doesn't notice being hit. However, it can't stand hunger for even a second. This Pokemon's body is a seething cauldron of boiling magma.

    Hippopotas HG/SS entry: It shrouds itself in sand to ward off germs. It travels easily through the sands of the desert.
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I haven't come here very often... I came to nominate a sixth gen Pokemon.

    Even though I don't care for the Pokemon used, I gotta say, I found this funny. xD A germaphobic Hippopotas, a hyperactive Patrat, and a slow Numel will do that for you. xD

    I suggest starting the X and Y dex with a Fairy type since it's the first new type in years and all that. I nominate Xerneas, king of the Fairies! 8D
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  4. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    I liked the somewhat subtle demonstration of the Sand Stream ability.

    As for a first sixth gen Pokémon... I suggest Chespin, as I think your first fifth gen story involved Snivy. It would be a good way to mirror that.
  5. Ej190

    Ej190 Active Member

    I'd like to nominate sylveon(+hydreigon) since it was the first fairy introduced (and that shipping seems to be popular). Maybe you could also throw in some retconed fairies since the game probably won't explain about how they gained a type.
    Also will you make pokedex oneshots for megapokemon?
  6. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    I already did Hydreigon though... it's weird to hear it shipped with Sylveon! All well, light/dark, angel/demon, those motifs would fit the two and thus shipping is kinda inevitable. As for Mega-Pokemon, I don't think I'll include them. I'll assess the info after release to see if they are different enough to cover.

    So, Xerneas, Chespin, and Sylveon so far. I would like more options for the poll. And yeah, starting with the new type would be interesting. Although, my vote would go to Spritzee, lol, which will be my addition to the poll.

    Hoenn is complete!

    In process: Meinshao/Terrakion/Deino
    On deck: Blitzle/Ducklett/Foongus, Pansage/Simipour
    Reserved: Virizion/??? (10/04)

    Carvahna and Cobalion

    Oh dear... where had they gone, where had they gone? The lone Carvahna lingered near a fallen tree, using the muddy river bottom to disguise her normally bright coloration. Last night's rain had been heavy, so the water was still murky. But the vibrations and sounds in the water told her all she needed to know. Through that, she couldn't find her school. They must have moved on when she got stuck due to the storm currents. Where had they gone?

    Not wanting to get caught out in the open, the Carvahna swam into the shallows, in the shadow of a large rock. Her school had to be upstream. But how far? This was one of their usual areas to swim in, since the jungle river was wide enough here for all of them to swim freely. There were only a couple of spots further against the current. Or, had they gone further? There had been talk of seeing if there were better places outside their normal territory. Did they know she was gone?

    Heavy footfalls came running her way, on the shore. She froze as one of the land Pokemon stomped into the water. From the sound of it, he was strong. Looking up at him, the Carvahna wasn't sure what he was. His four legs were tall, his torso was muscular, his blue fur had a dull metallic quality, his head was held high with two long bladed horns growing back from his ears. If she was with her school, there'd be no reason to be worried no matter how strong he was. But alone, he was a terrifying presence. Another Pokemon, one with many scars on his legs, rode on the stranger's back.

    “Is this the place?” the stranger asked, in a stern voice.

    “Yes, this is where they attacked me,” the other Pokemon said. “I wasn't even doing anything to them, just trying to cross the river, and they were on me in a snap. I barely got myself out of it; there was no way I could fight so many.”

    “I'm not sure if they're here now. We'll have to look.”

    “Yeah, they do swim up and down the river. Thanks for your help, Cobalion.”

    This strong Pokemon was looking for them? That was obvious, from the wounds on the other Pokemon's legs and the fact that no other Pokemon lived in this part of the river. The lone Carvahna swam as quickly as she could upstream. She had to tell her school, so they could prepare.

    They weren't at the next spot, but they were at the one past that. This area of the river had an uneven bottom, making the currents rough. However, the Carvahna were strong. They could thrive in this area where other Pokemon might shy away from. They could find lesser fish to eat swimming near the bottom, as well as catch foolish Pokemon who got trapped in these waters. She called out to them, happy and braver as she was with the rest. They welcomed her back as a missing part. While there was news of that stranger Cobalion, it did not cause fear now. They could handle him.

    Several minutes later, Cobalion entered their territory. The injured Pokemon was no longer with him, so he hopped between stones, roots, and logs sticking out of the river. Thinking as one, the Carvahna school pulled together for attack. They sent four off their members to leap out of the water and grab hold of his legs. A second wave would help pull him into the water, which would allow the rest to swarm him with attacks. Even if he was bigger than their usual prey, they weren't afraid.

    Much to their surprise, Cobalion seemed to sense the attack before he saw the first Carvanha. He readied himself with his head held low, then slashed at the front two Carvahna with his horns before kicking the back two. His attacks were so quick that they barely saw them before the initial wave was knocked back into the water, bleeding. Agitated by this, the Carvahna school shouted curses at him. “Get out of our waters! You don't belong here.”

    “Do you really need to attack everyone who enters the water?” Cobalion asked. “Or even comes near the river?”

    “It's our water and nobody is going to take it from us!” They coordinated another attack to pull Cobalion in, this time with ten leaping after him at once. Overkill for most Pokemon, but this one might require it.

    Cobalion attacked swiftly again, knocking all but one back into the water immediately. The last clamped onto his left foreleg and bit as hard as he could. Unfortunately, Cobalion's skin was incredibly tough, like the strongest of rocks. The Carvhana could draw blood, but it was painful to his jaw to do that much. Once Cobalion struck him hard in the side with a horn, a flexibility that seemed inexplicable, the Carvahna was forced to let go and drop back into the river in pain.

    On the other side of the water, Cobalion held his injured foreleg up, but showed no fear or pain. He glared fiercely into the river, causing much of the Carvahna school to shudder. Even its most violent members saw the wisdom in ceasing this attack on Cobalion. But, what would this stranger do to them? Was he going to take the river from them?

    “Answer my question without violence,” Cobalion said in a dangerous-sounding voice. “Why must you attack everyone who comes into the river?”

    “We need food to support us all,” the Carvahna school said. “And if we don't drive other Pokemon away, they'll crowd up the river and take all of our water from us. They can have the land; we own the river.”

    Cobalion snorted at them. “The predatory hunts I can understand, although we would prefer you not hunt other Pokemon. But the river belongs to all, just like the land. Sharing parts of it is not going to lead others to steal your home.”

    “Yes it will!” the school insisted. “None of them like us. They'll keep pushing and pushing us aside, taking us out of all the good parts of the river and leaving us with just the small parts with not enough fish or space for all of us. We can't give them any part of it or they'll take it all.”

    “It's not like that. Besides, I’ve heard that you don't always attack just for hunting. You've crippled other Pokemon, then let them out of the water to suffer from their injuries. That's a cruelty I can't abide.” He still had that intimidating glare.

    But they were together. They could withstand this bully. “It's not our fault they get out,” the Carvahna school said. “We would kill them for consumption, but they squirm and thrash away. They can't be that badly crippled, as they couldn't get out of the water if they were. Besides, it's their fault if they chose to enter our river. All the Pokemon around here know the consequences of that action. They shouldn't complain if we attack when they know fully well that we will.”

    “Don't ever blame the victims,” Cobalion said, especially angered at that. “You ought to be taught proper respect and manners.”

    The Carvahna school felt divided between anger at this Pokemon's attempt to force his morals on them and fear in that he could possibly defeat the whole school. “But we're the victims because they want to take our river from us. If they just stayed out of the water, there wouldn't be any problems.”

    “You'll change your minds,” Cobalion said, then jumped back to shore with something on his mind. The Carvahna school celebrated driving him away, but soon found out that he hadn't given up. He had gone for assistance in squashing their independence with defeat.

    Carvahna Sapphire entry: If anything invades Carvahna's territory, it will swarm and tear at the intruder with its pointed fangs. On its own, however, the Pokemon suddenly turns timid.

    Cobalion White entry: It has a body and heart of steel. Its glare is sufficient to make even an unruly Pokemon obey it.
  7. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    I've got a kinda theme for this week...

    In process:
    On deck: Blitzle/Ducklett/Foongus, Pansage/Simipour
    Reserved: ??? (10/04)

    Mienshao, Deino, and Terrakion

    Lately, people have been complaining that we humans have been mistreating Pokemon with the culture that has grown around the idea of the traveling Pokemon Trainer, out to become a Master. It confused many who heard those speeches, and rightfully so. A long time ago, humans were much more unfair to Pokemon than they are these days. The cruelty grew to the point where the Pokemon fought back, in a war that was damaging to both sides. It's an old epic of many events, but the stories are still told today...

    Some humans recognized early on what their kin were doing wrong, but others were determined to subjugate the Pokemon so that humans held dominance in the world. Both factions were relatively small, though. Most humans were afraid as the previously cooperative Pokemon turned on them. They begged their leaders, almost all of them being those who wished to dominate, to protect them. So humans build massive stone and concrete walls around their cities, with steel and wood protecting the hefty gates. The majority of Pokemon couldn't even leave a mark on such castle walls, save by wasting the whole of their energy. Such was the superiority of the materials under human craftsmanship.

    Within the walls of one such castle town, a group of Pokemon remained. They were forced to work for the humans still, kept under tight security to satisfy the townspeople. One of them was a Mienshao; she was kept just outside the house of the ruling lord. With a tight collar around her neck, she was chained close to the door. She was to keep unwanted humans and Pokemon out of the home. Under the threat of a cruel form of training, she was to attack anyone who came within her reach unless they passed the approval of the door guard. Only those guards knew the secret command to get her to stay still.

    She watched humans go in and out, hating all of them. But no matter how dismal things seemed, she still had hope. This life was wrong and the guardians of the land couldn't ignore the plight of downtrodden Pokemon like her. One day, she would be free of this.


    Gnaw gnaw.

    Terrakion woke up to little teeth pressing into one of his legs curiously. Opening his eyes and looking down, he saw a dark blue Pokemon back up, then tackle him very weakly. Shaggy black fur covered much of its face, but the rest of its body was made up of battered scales. Must be a very young Deino, he thought, wandered away from its nest. “Leave me be,” he said to it.

    “Momma?” the Deino asked, tilting its head to hear him better.

    “I am not your mother,” Terrakion said. “Go back to your nest.”

    “Nest, go.” The Deino sniffed the ground, then turned and retraced its wandering path. Every now and then, it gnawed on something to remember what it was.

    After shaking himself awake, Terrakion decided to follow after the Deino. Its kin weren't good at getting along with others, but he could handle them. The child wandered through a number of tunnels, eventually coming to one that was marked with bones as a warning. Inside, there was the nest and a dead Hydreigon. From the looks of things, she'd been struck with human weapons, but survived long enough to return to her nest. The egg pieces seemed to indicate that the child must have been born only a few hours ago.

    This wasn't looking good for the young Deino. Terrakion could try to find another Hydreigon or a Zweilous, but there was a strong chance that they wouldn't accept a hatchling not their own. If times were quieter, he wouldn't mind looking after the Deino himself. However, there was now a war being waged between humans and Pokemon. He couldn't stay away from those battles, not as one sworn to protect innocent Pokemon and fight for their freedom.

    “Deino, come over here,” Terrakion said, stopping the child from tackling its mother to awaken her. “I’ve got somewhere to be today, but we'll figure out what to do with you.”

    “Okay, Momma,” the Deino said, coming back over to him.

    Terrakion caught the child gently on one of his horns, then flipped it onto his back. “Hang on there,” he said, then headed out of the nest to run through the tunnels. The Deino clung close to his rocky back, but occasionally made pleased noises at how fast they were going.

    In a few minutes, they exited onto a cliff of the Durant colony that made the tunnels. Terrakion made a tremendous bellow to call on his allies. The Deino crowed along, although its young voice was rather squeaky. Then he climbed down the cliffs to head to the woods that led to his destination: one of the castle towns constructed by the humans.

    He waited and was soon met by a crowd of Pokemon. They were all strong ones that lived around here: Durants, Mienshao, Sawk, a Braviary, a Hydreigon, and more. Once enough time passed in his mind, Terrakion stamped a hoof on the ground and called for attention. “We're here today to free some of our peers from enslavement within this town,” he said. “From intelligence gathered, we know that they were up late last night for a celebration of some kind. They are unlikely to be at full strength this early in the morning due to that. Our priorities are to find the other Pokemon and free them. Take them into the forest to one of our safe zones, unless they wish to fight with us. Show no mercy to any humans who get in your way. Also, would someone take this Deino child to the safe zone and act as a guard there? It was alone and I’m not going to take a newly hatched Pokemon into battle.”

    “Oo, I’ll watch over the little one, yes,” the Hydreigon there said, grinning.

    For a moment Terrakion was hesitant. He doubted the Hydreigon would want to stay away from the battle. But, none of the other Pokemon there volunteered to take the Deino, although a couple of Sawk agreed to guard the safe zone. So he let the Hydreigon take the Deino.

    That left one obstacle to starting their battle and rescue effort: the town walls. But Terrakion wasn't going to let that stop them. He positioned himself within sight of the walls, with nothing standing in his way. After a moment preparing himself, he lowered his head and put all of his power into his horns as he charged at the wall. A yellow light of power shone as he collided with it, punching his way right through the thick rock wall. It hurt a little and rubble fell on his back, but he didn't let himself show that pain. Instead, he bellowed again within the city, a warrior's shout that preceded the other Pokemon pouring through the hole and running into the streets.

    Today's battle had begun.


    Overhead, the Hydreigon held the Deino with his legs. He watched as Terrakion moved to another street to charge at the wall again. The Hydreigon laughed. “How marvelous,” he said. “I am so glad that I was born during this time, so that I get to see this glorious war first-hand. Mehehehe, such beautiful battles, held without restraint.”

    There was another booming crash as Terrakion put another hole in the castle wall. “Momma?” the Deino asked.

    “I'm not your mother, squirt,” he said, not caring to know anything about this whelp. Might be his, might not be, but whatever the case, he only agreed to get a good look at the chaos before joining himself. “That was Terrakion wrecking all the humans' hard work, bless him.” He headed off towards one of the larger buildings in the town. That looked like an interesting place to start.

    The Deino opened its mouth and tried to chew the air. “Flying!”

    “Yes, you dolt, I'm flying. You're just being a dead weight. Here, die with honor and make good of yourself!” He dove in front of the large building, dropping the Deino to the ground and laughing as he took off.

    Bouncing on the pavement, the Deino got back to its feet. Just a couple of feet away, the captive Mienshao tensed, gripping her paws tightly into fists. It was in her reach; hurt it, attack it. Then the Deino sniffed the air. “Where's Momma?”

    The Mienshao relaxed at that. Even with her training, she couldn't bring herself to attack a hatchling Pokemon. Not even one of such a notorious lineage. “Get away from here,” she growled.

    Instead, the Deino wandered closer. “Hi,” it said, then came alert to the moving of the chain. It walked over there and gnawed at one of the links. “Umph, tough.”

    “Of course, it's metal,” the Mienshao said. “It's all metal and I should be able to break it myself. But it's much too strong; I hate it!”

    The Deino put its head on the chain, then followed it to the stake that was secured into the ground. It put its mouth over the stake, causing the Mienshao to grumble and look away. What had that Hydreigon been thinking, dropping its child down here? And what was all the noise? Was there a battle going on? Then her thoughts were broken by the crunch of wood. She turned around and the Deino was eating the stake. “Mm, wood,” it said.

    Bu-but... it was metal too, she was sure. Stuck firmly into the ground to where she couldn't yank on the chain and get it out. Her thoughts stumbled for a moment, remembering the many times in the past months when she tried to stretch out the chain and it always held, always secure. And now... the stake was actually wood painted to look metal? The child was continuing to eat it.

    There was a bewildered call from one of the hated door guards, coming out of his little hut to see what was going on. Snarling, the Mienshao leaped straight into action, turning her movements into blurs as she whipped her arm fur at the guard in retaliation for all the times they taunted her. He shouted in fear; if it hadn't been for the metal chain still attached to her neck, she could have dispatched him before he made a sound, before he even saw the attack. Once he was down, she searched his belt for what she knew was there: keys, one of which could take the metal collar off her neck. The shape of her paws and the thickness of her fur made it awkward to use the keys, but she gave it a try.

    Thankfully, the third key she tried twisted inside the lock. A twist more and the collar popped open. The Mienshao pulled it off immediately, then turned to look at where the Deino child was. While she had been busy, some other guards had come out of the house, trying to figure out what was happening. One was looking at the Deino with greed. She grabbed up the chain and hurled it and the collar at the man, keeping him away from the Deino. Then the Mienshao dashed over to attack them. They retreated into the house, slamming the door shut behind them.

    She could have kicked the door down and pursued them anyhow. But, the Deino would be left alone. It was still oblivious to what was going on around it, now testing out the mud and grass on the ground for edibility. The Mienshao went to the child's side. “You freed me, hatchling. I owe you greatly.”

    The Deino looked up at her. “Owe?” Then, on hearing the loud sound of hooves running, it looked to the street and smiled. “Momma!”

    Puzzled as that didn't seem right, the Mienshao braced herself as a group of Pokemon came running down the street. With them was the great Terrakion. Then, she really could get her vengeance. “Great Terrakion, you came,” the Mienshao said, bowing. “I've just been freed by this child, but I’m ready to fight with you against the humans. I'll put my life on the line so that they don't win.”

    “Hi Momma,” the Deino said, trotting over to Terrakion.

    Terrakion looked at the child and grumbled, something about not trusting a Hydreigon even with one of their children. Then he looked to her. “Mienshao, I appreciate your passion, but your body does not look well enough for a battle like this.”

    “I can handle it,” she said, showing her fur whips off. “I don't care, I just want to fight.”

    “Later, when you are stronger,” Terrakion insisted. “For now, would you please take this child out of town to a safe zone we set up? There should be Pidoves along the way to guide you.”

    The Mienshao frowned; she really wanted to fight. But, the Deino had saved her and thus she should see it to safety. “I'll hold you to your word,” she said in warning, then went over and picked up the Deino. “Come on, little one.”

    “Momma?” the Deino asked sadly.

    “Go with her,” Terrakion said. “You'll hear me later, I promise.”

    “Okay, Momma,” the Deino said, then didn't give the Mienshao any trouble as she took it out of town.

    It was a victorious day.

    Terrakion White entry: Its charge is strong enough to break through a giant castle wall in one blow. This Pokemon is spoken of in legends.

    Mienshao Black entry: It wields the fur on its arms like a whip. Its arm attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot even be seen.

    Deino White entry: They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds.
  8. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    I was originally going to post this one tomorrow, but I've got another story I want for then.

    In process: Blitzle/Ducklett/Foongus
    On deck: Pansage/Simipour
    Reserved: ??? (10/04)

    Virizion, Petlil, and Cottonee

    Lately, people have been complaining that we humans have been mistreating Pokemon with the culture that has grown around the idea of the traveling Pokemon Trainer, out to become a Master. It confused many who heard those speeches, and rightfully so. A long time ago, humans were much more unfair to Pokemon than they are these days. The cruelty grew to the point where the Pokemon fought back, in a war that was damaging to both sides. It's an old epic of many events, but the stories are still told today...

    Virizion ran through the trees, following no path but his own. His hooves moved so quickly through the undergrowth that nothing caught him in place. Yet no matter how fast he moved, not a tree or branch struck him. He weaved through them with little noise, ducking his head and keeping nimble to avoid any obstacle.

    He only slowed when he came to the edge of the forest. It was clearly defined due to the number of stumps left behind from the humans' tree harvesting. Using his green coloration, he kept hidden while he observed the pen close by. Made of wood, it was constructed into a large square to hold many small Petlils and Cottonee; the humans wanted the items these Pokemon produced. Spikes of metal were placed on the bottom to prevent them from trying to squeeze past the posts. On one side, there was a human-made device that sprinkled water over the group. The Petlils didn't mind, but it soaked the fluff of the Cottonee, making them heavy and miserable. Just as he'd been told.

    Checking over the humans there, Virizion saw one knight and two caretakers. Although, he wouldn't call them caretakers, since the pen and sprinkler proved they didn't really care about the Pokemon's happiness. The knight would be harder to take out. But, Virzion wanted a good fight, to show them what he was capable of. That should make them wary of bothering his little neighbors again.

    He walked around the edge of the clearing until he was fairly close to the sprinkler. The humans weren't looking his way; even the knight was relaxed. Well that had to change. Virizion dashed out of the trees, sending a storm of sharp-edged leaves at the sprinkler's hose and one of the caretakers. Leaks sprung out all along the hose, sending little fountains of water up from the ground; the sprinkler slowed to a dribble. Meanwhile, the caretaker had his clothing ripped to shreds. He yelped and ran off, not even looking to see what caused the attack. The other caretaker soon followed, leaving the knight to draw his sword and face him.

    Virizion skipped ahead to the side that the knight was on, giving him a moment to get ready for battle. Meanwhile, the curious Petlils scurried as close as they could to the fence without getting poked. “It's Virizion, hooray!” one called out, getting cheers from the others. Meanwhile, the Cottonee were still trying to crowd on the side of the pen furthest from the sprinkler, leaving them looking like a soggy white blanket.

    Lowering his head in challenge to the knight, Virizion said, “Petlils, bring out the sun for your friends to dry out. I'll have you free shortly.” Then he charged at the knight, looking to strike him in the side.

    The human wore leather armor banded with metal, so it wasn't as good of a hit as Virizion would have liked. In retaliation, the knight swiped him in the side with his sword. It hurt, even though he did his best to twist out of the weapon's path. But he wasn't going to let that stop him. As the air brightened from several Sunny Day castings, Virizion hopped away, then made to headbutt the knight. It knocked the man back, but he kept on his feet, readying another attack. Aiming to strike Virizion in the head, the knight came for him. The green Pokemon kept still, then moved aside so that he could bodyslam into the man's right arm. That caused him to lose his sword.

    Virzion backed up a step, then darted around to block the knight's way to his weapon. Lowering his head again, he made a warning call. “I'll give you this one chance,” he said, although not in a way the human would directly understand. “Leave or I will kill you.”

    Fortunately, the knight took the chance and ran off the way the caretakers had gone. They might get back-up, but Virizion hoped to be away before they returned. Behind him, the Petlils and the Cottonee cheered. “You came to save us, really!” one of the Cottonee said, sounding overwhelmed in emotion.

    He turned back, seeing the green leaves and white fluffs bouncing around behind the fence. Smiling, he walked over to them. “Of course; I couldn't leave you in captivity. Back up a little.” He leaned over to catch his horns on one of the support beams, then pulled up with all his strength. The wood creaked in protest, eventually snapping into a smaller piece and making Virizion stumble back.

    But that left a wide enough hole for the little Pokemon to hop over the pointy wire barrier. Many of the Cottonee were still shaking as they came out, trying to get the cold moisture out of their cotton. But the Petlils immediately swarmed around his feet. “You were sooo amazing!” one said. “You beat up that human good!”

    “But you got hurt,” another said. “Here, you can take one of my leaves; it'll make you feel better.”

    “You can take mine too!” other Petlils added.

    He chuckled. “I don't need that many,” he said. “But thank you.” He carefully plucked one of the Petlil's darker top leaves and checked on the graze on his side. The sword had left a long mark, so he pressed the leaf firmly on the largest spot. Then he took another to eat. It was bitter enough to make his tongue and skin sting, but it was a wonder in healing. “Now let's hurry before they return. You Cottonee, are you able to float or run?”

    “I think I can float a little from the sun,” one said.

    “I can't float, but I can run,” another said. More of them felt like this, still damp enough that they couldn't catch the wind.

    Virizion lifted his head. “Good, then go into the forest. I'll be behind you.” He didn't run as fast into the trees as he had out, since he had to keep an eye on the slower Cottonee. But by the time the humans returned to the pen, there wasn't a sign of any of the Pokemon being nearby.

    Petlil B2/W2 entry: The leaves on its head grow right back even if they fall out. These bitter leaves refresh those who eat them.

    Cottonee White entry: They go wherever the wind takes them. On rainy days, their bodies are heavier, so they take shelter beneath big trees.

    Virizion Black entry: This Pokemon fought humans in order to protect its friends. Legends about it continue to be passed down.
  9. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Holy crap, that's a lot of entries. Don't have time to review them all now, but I will say I found the Numel/Hippopotas/Patrat one extremely entertaining.

    Could I request, for sixth gen mons, Slurpuff, Inkay, or maybe Helioptile? Or Aurorus.
  10. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    Terrakion/Deino/Meinshao: I liked how you made the Deino a hatchling, and how it seemed to have imprinted on Terrakion.
    Virizion/Petilil/Cottonee: Originally I wondered why the Cottonee couldn't just float out, but then you mentioned the sprinklers. Nice touch.
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    Well that fills out the premiere poll well. I'm still taking nominations until I set the poll up tomorrow morning. Although, there aren't many to choose from yet.

    And putting Keldeo as my birthday entry this year means I've finished off all the legendary Pokemon! At least for another week. Although, I don't think I'll be able to cover the rest of the Unova Pokemon before X/Y comes out. I'll aim for getting them done by the end of the year, though.

    In process: Blitzle/Ducklett/Foongus
    On deck: Pansage/Simipour

    Throh and Keldeo

    Along the golden stretch of sand, a sparkling blue bay stood the divide between land and ocean. It was a beautiful day to be there: warm breeze, white comb-stretched clouds, clean water. Among the Pokemon that had decided to spend the day at that beach were five Throh, all standing waist deep in the water. Their dark red skin and white gi contrasted greatly with the vibrant blue water.

    “My gi is going to be soaked if we go any further,” one complained, patting the surface of the water. “And what if one of us loses a belt? It'd be a shame to be seen without one.”

    “Don't worry about that last one,” the leader said, pulling out a vine from inside his clothes. “I came prepared.”

    “Of course you thought of everything,” one of the others said gleefully. “You're always the smart one.”

    He nodded as he tucked the vine away securely. “That's why I'm the leader. And don't be afraid of getting soaked, because if we don't dare go deeper, we can't accomplish our newest and grandest goal!”

    “Really?” the nervous one asked. “What're we doing?”

    Their leader pointed out to the ocean. “We are going to enter next year's World's Sports Tournament as the first ever non-Water mono-type synchronized swimming team! They may laugh at us initially, but once they see our strength, teamwork, and grace, the gold medal and the global glory will be ours!”

    For a moment, there was silence. Then a splash as another Pokemon burst out of the water in their midst. The group soon recognized him as Keldeo, a roaming legendary Pokemon that was occasionally seen at this beach. “That's awesome! I can't wait to see it.” He grinned as he tread water.

    “But, swimming?” one of the other Throh asked. “Why? We're usually not in the water.”

    “The water resistance is excellent for building your strength,” the lead Throh said. “This is why I’ve been telling you to start training in the bay too.”

    Keldeo nodded. “Exactly so. You get great kicks out of water training.”

    “It would be nice to have better kicks,” one of the Throh said thoughtfully.

    “I thought we were going to train for the wrestling and karate portions,” another Throh said.

    The lead Throh frowned. “That's exactly what other 'mons expect out of us. Sure, there'll be a good showing for our skills, but they won't remember it a few days later. On the other paw, if we enter something unexpected and win, they'll be talking about it for years to come. We could become famous all over the world! I looked at the events we could join and decided on synchronized swimming as our best bet. All our competitors will be frilly fish; we'll stand out above them all.”

    “I think that's a great idea!” Keldeo said. “Can I help?”

    “No, you're too scrawny, even for a legendary,” the lead Throh said.

    Keldeo huffed, shaking his mane and sending water droplets everywhere. “Scrawny? Bah. I'm as big as you guys, probably as strong too.” He stopped treading and put his hooves on the sandy bottom, putting himself eye to eye with the lead Throh. “See?”

    “You're not,” the lead Throh said, getting some worried and admiring faces from his group. Very few Pokemon would dare speak like this to a legendary. “You may be as tall as us, but you're skinnier than a typical Psychic. I've hurled 'mons that are three times your weight for a hundred yards.”

    “Prove it,” Keldoe said, narrowing his eyes.

    “Fine, but remember that you asked for it.” The lead Throh then grabbed Keldeo by his front shoulders. Not impeded one bit by the water, he circled around and threw Keldeo so hard into the sky that he seemed to become little more than a twinkle among the clouds.

    “Wow, you really are amazing!” one of the Throh said, clapping.

    “Are you sure you should have thrown a legendary Pokemon?” another asked. “It seems disrespectful.”

    “Don't worry about it,” the lead Throh said. “He's of our type, so I'm sure he'll acknowledge it as a show of strength. Now about the competition, we need to start with some basic swimming. All of us are going to swim out to the tip of the bay and back to this beach as our starting practice. Understood?”

    “Sure thing!”

    “All right.”

    “Yeah, gotcha.”

    “I'll give it a try.”

    Glad that they would try, he nodded. “Good, then on your mark...” he turned around and saw something odd. Two large arcs of water, like tall crescent-shaped fins, were racing across the water towards the beach at blistering speed. He caught a glimpse of Keldeo skating on the water's surface and sending up those sprays before the legendary made a quick turning stop a few feet from them. Without losing momentum, the waves and arcs from Keldeo's wake were flung over all of them, dousing them completely with salt water.

    Once the water cleared from his vision, he saw that Keldeo was somehow sending jets of water off his hooves to remain standing on the surface, making it froth into thick foam. “And that's why you should let me coach your team!” he said. “Maybe you can learn to swim well enough on your own, but if you want to be flashy enough to win a synchronized swimming tournament, you need to learn from an expert.”

    “That's a strong argument,” one of the Throh said.

    One that was hard to argue against, so the lead Throh accepted Keldeo's help. After months of drilling and preparation under him, they went to the World's Sports Tournament. They were at a great disadvantage, ending up with the silver medal instead of the gold. But their performance was indeed talked about for years afterward, far longer than the gold winners.

    Keldeo Black entry: By blasting water from its hooves, it can glide across water. It excels at using leg moves while battling.

    Throh White entry: When they encounter foes bigger than themselves, they try to throw them They always travel in packs of five.
  12. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    The plot was interesting, but Keldeo felt a bit out of place.
    And, am I allowed to give more than one XY nomination? If so, I nominate Flabebe.
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    I would've taken it, but the poll's already running with some votes. Not many though, so please take a moment to vote on it! Just look up my username on Fanfiction.net; I can't always get links to work these days.

    Also, I have only one pair in request, so help me finish off Unova! I've got a list of those I haven't covered yet. Here you go: Lillipup, Simisage, Pansear, Panpour, Drilbur, Gurdurr, Tympole, Venipede, Krokorok, Crustle, Scraggy, Minccino, Ferroseed, Elgyem, Axew, Fraxure, Mienfoo

    In process: Pansage/Simipour
    On deck:
    Reserve: ??? (10/12)

    Blitzle, Roggenrola, Ducklett, and Foongus

    Hopping down a sidewalk, Itake the Foongus made his way to a warehouse. He crouched down to resemble a Pokeball whenever humans walked by him. It was an instinctual habit, one that was hard to break. Many times, he wished his predecessors had not chosen the red and white look. It was supposed to make them look like a harmless item. Unfortunately, they managed to look like a desirable item to humans, so the camouflage didn't work as it should. More often than not, he was bothered less if he simply kept hopping.

    The right warehouse was easy to pick out even before he learned to read human numbers. His partner had placed a small staircase by the entrance, giving Itake access to the card reader. Bringing his card out of his cap, the Foongus hopped over and slid it through the reader, using his weight to pull it through. This opened the flap on the lower half of the door. Once inside, he bumped a button that locked the Pokemon entrance again.

    Okay, today's plan required... good, the warehouse workers had moved the crate to the front of the building. He flipped a switch that opened the crate to prepare for today's job.


    After school, the three girls and their Pokemon partners met up at a sushi bar. Darla, who had blond hair in large poofy curls, place a dab of wasabi on one roll and a swirl on a second. Then she took two sets of chopsticks, one to give the wasabi-dabbed roll to her Blitzle and the other to eat the wasabi-swirled roll herself. “This place is seriously the best in town. I don't know what it is about the others; they don't put as much skill or effort into it.”

    Ashley, an athletic beauty with short dark blue hair, poked Darla with her one set of chopsticks. Her Roggenrola was sitting on the table in an empty spot; he didn't eat sushi, but his one large eye showed no disappointment. Instead, he twisted his single ear (poking out of the top of his head) around to listen to the girls. “Yeah, but you should really stick to the shashimi if you don't want to get chubby,” Ashley said teasingly.

    “I am not gonna get chubby,” Darla huffed. “I have a naturally high metabolism, you know that.”

    The third girl at the table, Melanie, wasn't sure how to get into the conversation, so she looked over her sushi rolls. Darla had said a few kinds were milder, since Melanie had never had sushi before, she went for one of those. Her white hair often fell into her face, so she tried to push it aside while she tried it. In the seat by her, her Ducklett happily ate the wetland Pokemon salad she had, pushing some of the peat moss aside to fully enjoy it after the seaweed. Lucky Pokemon, not having to worry about how to talk to two super-popular girls who, a week ago, probably wouldn't have even looked at Melanie. There was always the reason why they invited her out today...

    After a few minutes of Darla and Ashley having friendly arguments and trying to outdo each other with jokes, Darla looked over at Melanie. “So how do you like the sushi? It's great, isn't it?”

    “Oh, um, yeah, it's really good,” she said. “So, um, about that thing we do... how does it work?”

    “Don't worry about it,” Darla said, shrugging. “It just works, and it's real easy if you follow your heart.”

    “It would have to be easy or Darla wouldn't be so good at it already,” Ashley said.

    The blond haired girl stuck her tongue out at Ashley, then crossed her arms over her chest. “Hey, I’m the first one who answered the call. That means I’m the leader and you shouldn't be the one to antagonize the leader.”

    “If I don't, then you'd never try to improve,” her friend said.

    “Um, but aren't you curious how it works?” Melanie asked. “It's... well... it's not normal for humans. I've found some records of incidents that seem remarkably similar to what happened to me the other day, but it's rare. There is something that Pokemon can do that's kind of like it, but you don't see it often either due to rarity, something called Mega...”

    “You can look into it if you like,” Darla said. “I just need to know that it works, and that we can use it to do something great! We're going to be famous someday, I know, and all kinds of people will admire us. Why worry about it?”

    Melanie blushed. “There has to be a reason for everything.”

    “It'll probably be a confusing reason, like most anything else,” Ashley said with a shrug.

    At that point, all three of them got an alert from their phones. But it wasn't just any alert. It was that alert. Darla and Ashley immediately had their phones out; Melanie took a moment longer to get her's out of her purse. “We're all here, what's going on this time?” Darla asked.

    When Melanie connected, her screen showed the other two girls along with a strange silvery shadow. “I've got a mission for you three,” their benefactor said. After a brief discussion, Darla and Ashley immediately agreed to take it.

    On the other hand, Melanie hesitated. “Wait, er, sir? Who are you?”

    “I’m your angel,” the benefactor said. “If you perform well, I may let you know. But for now, the public is in danger and you'll have to trust me.”

    It was very odd. But then, she wasn't going to get a chance like this ever again. “Okay sir,” Melanie said. The girls went to pay for their sushi snack, then headed out with their Pokemon.


    “I am the stone-tough beauty, healthy and strong! I stand up for the weak and will not tolerate intolerance! I am Rockella!” Ashley transformed into the mysterious heroine that had only appeared recently, fighting the strange crimes that police couldn't stop. She had dark blue armor, including a helmet with orange diamond-shaped ear extensions. Although it was an unusual costume, there was nothing that should have hid the fact that she was also Ashley, just fused with her Roggenrola. Magic, maybe? “See, just with that, I get great armor and power.”

    Melanie put a hand to her lips. “Um, armor? It looks like rock armor if it came in a monokini style with some tall boots.”

    “It's protected me so far,” Ashley said.

    “Okay, you try it,” Darla said.

    “Uh, I dunno,” Melanie said. “I thought you were both going to demonstrate.”

    “But I’m the leader, so I should transform first or last,” Darla said, acting like that was obvious.

    “I guess.” Melanie took a deep breath and looked at her Ducklett. The blue Pokemon spread her wings out, looking happy to cooperate. Follow her heart... she still wasn't sure what to say. “I am the studious student, um, responsible and curious. I, um... will fight for the quiet and meek to be heard. I am... Swanlett!”

    That feeling of power filled her once again, cool and refreshing. For moment, she didn't see anything. A glittering glow must be surrounding her like it did with Ashley. When it passed, she found herself dressed in a sparkling leotard in the blues of a Ducklet. It was skin-tight, but somehow made her look like she had a better figure than she thought she had. A dark blue mini-skirt and a short white top lay over the leotard, but most impressively, a pair of pale blue cherub wings sprouted from her back.

    “The name's nice, but the recital could be more exciting,” Darla said. “I'll help you out with coming up with a better one later. Okay then! Watch a pro, or someone like it. I am the friendliest sweetest girl you'll ever meet! I stand for the rights of all girls and I fight to break down false beliefs! When you see a thundercloud of justice and love, I will be there! I am the Storm Queen!” She then transformed into a girl wearing an awful lot of black wires with bright yellow rings, and an outfit (for lack of a better term) that covered even less than Ashley's outfit. She got to wear a black tiara with large lightning bolt decorations that resembled a Blitzle's mane.

    “I'm still not sure that's age-appropriate,” Melanie said.

    “Oh forget about that,” Darla said. “We look fabulous, even with your modesty. Okay girls, let's get into action! After that robot!”

    As their benefactor had said, there was a nine foot tall human-shaped robot tromping around the streets. Although it looked like it had shoulder guns, it kicked in store windows like it was looking for something. Darla rushed straight into battle, running so fast that sparks flew from her shoes. She fired a spark attack at the robot. If it was a normal robot, that would have severely impaired its abilities. But like the robot that had kidnapped her, it was only a minor irritant. Ashley followed after, a little slower due to being fused with a Roggenrola. When she hurled a rock at the robot, it did leave a sizable dent.

    Melanie hung back, trying to get used to her Swanlett form. To her delight, she soon heard her Ducklett speaking in a way she understood. “Aw, there's no water. We can swim really really good! But, well, I was never good at walking on land.”

    “I don't have flippers,” she said, glancing at her feet. She ran closer, looking around. A car screeched to a halt as it came upon a crash caused earlier by the robot, getting another car to smash into it from behind. She flicked her wings in worry, then had a thought. “Hey, can we fly?”

    “Maybe,” the Ducklett said. She thought about what it was like to fly. “I don't like flying as much as I do swimming. But I can do it, so maybe together we can.”

    Melanie focused on flapping her wings, then jumped into the air where she stayed. “All right1 let's see if we can help from up here.” She thought of a water attack that her Ducklett could perform and in a few motions, she managed to call on it herself. How did it work? She didn't have time to think about it as the robot was fighting back, punching the other two girls (as Rockella, Ashley could take a punch without flinching, but Darla's Storm Queen form didn't fare as well) and firing its guns at Melanie. When she tried to dodge, she tripped over a store's sunshade and fell to the ground.

    After getting back to her feet, Darla struck a determined pose while a thunderstorm brewed overhead. The storm only covered the area of a city block, but it rumbled like the worst of them. “You're not going to get the better of us, robot!” she declared, right before a strong bolt of lightning struck her. Because she was fused with a Blitzle, it didn't hurt her at all. The lightning didn't even mess up her hair. Instead, she redirected the energy into a punch that knocked the robot to the ground. A large stone barrage from Ashley destroyed it entirely.

    Melanie flew back into the air in time to see a dozing Foongus tumble out of the robot's wreckage. It looked at them in a startled daze. Wondering how it had gotten into the robot, Melanie flew over to the small Pokemon. “Oh, what are you doing in there? Are you okay?” She reached down to pick it up.

    “Don't go near it!” Darla called, but too late. The Foongus shook itself in a fright, causing a cloud of spores to fly into Melanie's face. They made her skin itch and her nose get stuffy. When she flew back and sneezed, the Foongus hurried away.

    “Here, take this Antidote,” Ashley said, handing a Pokemon's medicinal spray to her.

    “Thanks,” Melanie said, although she hesitated for a moment before spraying herself in the face with it. It worked, but she still felt like she was going to sneeze again.

    “You'd better listen to me next time,” Darla said. “And don't be so passive. We're heroes; we need to be ready to act right away when danger's about. Well come on, let's go practice somewhere!” She ran off down an alleyway.

    “W-wait!” Melanie said, flying for a few feet before dropping down to run. That was easier, as she had the Ducklett's weak flight but not its feet. “What if there's more robots around?”

    “I don't hear any more of them,” Ashley said. “And believe me, I would hear it. Roggenrolas have better hearing than most people think.” The two girls ran with each other, trying to catch up with their leader.


    Later that afternoon, Itake the Foongus swiped his way into another secured doorway, entering the office of a very powerful human: his partner. Itake hopped along the floor, then climbed up a wire planter that had been re-purposed into another staircase for him. Up on his master's desk, he saw that a video of his fight against Storm Queen, Rockella, and Swanlett was playing on the display monitor. It hadn't been a good battle for him. Then again, he'd been told to use one of the weaker robot suits. There were much much stronger ones in the warehouse, but it wasn't time to use them yet.

    His master waved him closer, then stroked him on the cap. Itake nuzzled against the hand, keeping his spores in his cap. He would never hurt this human.

    “The new girl is asking questions,” the master said. “She may be more trouble than she's worth. But we need a girl on the team with intelligence... just not enough to figure out the truth.” The recording was rewound to check what made Swanlett fall out of the air. “When they get their full team going, we need them investigating what I want them to find, not me.”

    Itake looked up curiously. Even though he had his master's confidence, he didn't know what the ultimate goal of this strange plan was. But for his master, Itake would do anything.

    Blitzle White entry: When thunderclouds cover the sky, it will appear. It can catch lightning in its mane and store the electricity.

    Roggenrola Black entry: Its ear is hexagonal in shape. Compressed underground, its body is as hard as steel.

    Ducklett B2/W2 entry: They are better at swimming than flying, and they happily eat their favorite food, peat moss, as they dive.

    Foongus Black entry: It lures people in with its Poke Ball pattern, then releases poison spores. Why it resembles a Poke Ball is unknown.
  14. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    I'm noticing an easily overlooked error: In the 5th paragraph, you refer to Roggenrola's ear as its eye.
    The plot sound like something beyond a oneshot, a bit suspenseful near the end.

    As for requests, perhaps a Gurdurr story? Just Gurdurr, but if you think it needs another Pokémon, then that's fine.
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    This oneshot felt odd but funny as well. Hope there'll be more of these. How about mienfoo, minccino and simisage?
  16. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    This one was certainly a different tone than most of your oneshots, and I quite enjoyed it. Funny, I've never really been into the action hero genre, but maybe it's just because it involves Pokemon. It had a lot more plot than most of your short stories, and it was quite nice.

    Could I request a Ferroseed/Crustle/Scraggy story?
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    Well, Pokemon X and Y are out, I have Y, and the Kalos premiere winner is... Sylveon! Only, Serebii does not yet have the Pokedex information I need to write the story, so I can't cover it. Have some monkeys instead.

    If someone could get me a screenshot of Sylveon's Pokedex flavor text, that could let me write it up sooner, but otherwise I'm waiting for the Serebiidex to update to that point.

    Unassigned Unova Pokemon: Lillipup, Drilbur, Tympole, Venipede, Krokorok, Elgyem, Axew, Fraxure

    In process: Gurdurr
    On deck: Meinfoo/Minccino/Simisage, Ferroseed/Crustle/Scraggy
    Reserve: Sylveon (???)

    Simipour, Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour

    I hope it's all right if I sit here by the pond for it. I just know that once I start talking, my throat’s gonna get dry, and then I’ll draw water from my tufts so I don't get hoarse, and then my hair will look all wilted and dry by the end of it. We don't want that going out as a representation of our group.

    (The camera is tilted askew, giving an odd view to the Simipour talking. She is sitting by a pond with her tail in the water and a few colorful pansies clipped to the blue tufts draping from her head. As the camera moves, a farm is seen around her: a bright red barn, clean white fences, fruit trees, berry bushes, and a yellow farmhouse. Various monkey Pokemon, mostly Pansages and Panpours, go around doing work. The camera tilts to the other side before straightening up; it jerks a few times.)

    Do you need help with that camera, Pansear?

    (“No, no, I’ve got it,” the voice of the cameramon is heard. A red and brown hand covers the lens for a moment, followed by a large brown eye and a nose. Then the view settles down, showing the Simipour looking worriedly just off frame. “You've been having me roast berries and dry leaves, but I want to help more like the others. I'll get it right.”)

    Okay. When do we start?

    (“Well...” the video turns to static, before turning back on with the Pansear's hand back in front of the lens briefly. “Oh, it was running before. I can fix it in editing. Sorry, could you start again?”)

    Sure. Ahem. Ah... Welcome to the Panfruit Farm, where all the goods are fresh and bountiful. I am Elma Simipour, owner and manager, and I am here today to teach others what our farm is all about, as well as clear up some false rumors that have been spreading around.

    Here at Panfruit Farms, our goal is to bring you the best produce and goods made with all natural processes. Our plants are grown organically, our methods are simple and pure. Even our recipes are made with whole ingredients, processed as little as possible without any of artificial flavors and chemicals that other food producers have used to streamline and cheapen their processes. Of course, this means that our goods are more expensive than the rest. But you can rest assured that everything made and sold here at the farm is pure and natural, from the Combee honey, honeycombs, and wax, to the fruits, vegetables, and berries grown right here, and even the premium clean spring water we bottle and use for everything. This makes Panfruit Farms the healthiest and tastiest choice.

    Now I will introduce you to some of our workers who make it all possible. First up is one of our Pansage. Pansage? Would you come over here?

    (A small green monkey hops into view, rubbing his leafy head until one comes off. “Hey Simipour. You look kinda nervous. Here, want a leaf to chew on?”)

    Um... (She speaks quietly) No, and watch it. We're trying to record something here.

    (“Oh, all right,” the Pansage says, then starts chewing on the leaf himself. The Simipour looks mildly irritated, but puts on a smile and continues normally.)

    So Pansage, you're in charge of choosing the plants and taking care of them. Would you explain how you do so?

    (“I am?” the Pansage looks puzzled, but then nods. “Oh yeah, I’m one of them.” He smacks on the leaf a bit. “Well, we go out into the woods and fields on good days and search out ripe fruits and berries. Now most Pokemon will just take what they get, but we taste everything carefully. When we find a fruit of utmost quality and taste, we harvest seeds and fruits from that plant to bring back here, to cultivate on the farm.”)

    Yes, that's wonderful. And...

    (“And for taking care of the plants when they're here...” he pauses, scratching his head. “Uh, we make sure they don't die?”)

    And take care of them in an organic way, with natural assistance to keep down pests, make the plants healthy, and enrich the soil, right?

    (“Yeah, that too. You sure you don't want a leaf? You've been awfully stressed over that jibber-jabber going around. My leaves will help you relax.” He plucks another and offers it, but is denied and shooed off screen.)

    Pansage, no. I’m trying to stop those rumors that we use steroids on the plants and distribute addictive medicines.

    (“But the leaves are natural, and well...” he says out of frame.)

    I know it's all-natural, which is why we can offer them without worry of liabilities, but people are becoming convinced... (She looks at the camera and blushes) Oh, it's still running, right?

    (“Don't worry,” the Pansear cameramon says. “I can fix it, or we can just use this for practice. You might want to have the others know what they're supposed to say next time, though.”)

    All right... I was hoping to get this done today, though.

    (“Hey, can you give me a few leaves?” the Pansear asks the Pansage.)

    Well then, let's practice... and next, we will bring out one of our Panpours. Panpour? No, not you, you. Come over here and help out.

    (A blue monkey Pokemon comes into view, a big smile on his face. “Hi Simipour! What're we doing?”)

    Practicing for a big video announcement to others.

    (“Oook, on TV? I can be on TV? Wow!”)

    Yes. (The Simipour takes a deep breath, then taps the Panpour's tuft.) So then, you're in charge of water management.

    (He scratches his lower back. “I am? I just help out, I thought.”)

    (She speaks as if her patience is being pushed.) Just explain what the job is and why it's important.

    (“Gotcha, Simipour,” he says with a vigorous nod. “Well I water the plants! And the water in here, in my tuft, it's really powerful stuff. I bulk it out with nutrients and good food, so that when I water the plants, it's like filling it out with those plant steroids the Steel and Psychic Pokemon make! Only, all natural, cause I make it all naturally.”)

    (The Simipour buries her face in her hands.) That's... that's not what I meant you to say. It's not like the steroids! That's what's freaking Pokemon out about buying our goods, that they think the all-natural and organic label is false. It's water! Just enriched water from pure sources because I won't take anything otherwise!

    (“You sure you don't want a leaf?” the Pansage asks off-camera.)

    (“It's only practice now,” the Pansear adds. “Or you can just write an article for the newspaper.”)

    Right, right. The article's safer. Oh, I wish I knew who started all this fuss. We're just trying to do some good. Okay, give me a leaf. I'll reconsider the rebuttal.

    (The Pansear's hand appears over the camera lens once more before the video ends.)

    Pansage White entry: It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokemon. These leaves are known to relieve stress.

    Pansear B2/W2 entry: Very intelligent, it roasts berries before eating them. It likes to help people.

    Panpour Black entry: The water stored inside the tuft on its head is full of nutrients. Plants that receive its water grow large.

    Simipour B2/W2 entry: It prefers places with clean water. When its tuft runs low, it replenishes it by siphoning water up its tail.
  18. Ivoright

    Ivoright I am back! Probably.

    I was looking forward to this one, and it turned out just as good as I hoped.
    I'm not a very fancy reviewer.
  19. repoman

    repoman Active Member

    Nice stories so far. When the Dex entries for Kalos do come out, could I request something from the Flebebe line?
  20. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Well here we go, the first Kalos Pokemon and the first Fairy type of POS! The Serebii dex isn't filled out yet, but I spent a while figuring out Pokemon Amie to get my own Sylveon to follow the poll results. Thus, I got one in the middle of completing the third Gym... earlier than I expected, thanks to Eevee's natural moveset. Amie is addictive fun!

    I will go ahead and put Flabebe on the request list. Firstly because I don't expect to get around to it before Serebii's finished out the dex info, and secondly because if not, I've got one on my game so it won't be much trouble.

    In process: Gurdurr
    On deck: Meinfoo/Minccino/Simisage, Ferroseed/Crustle/Scraggy, Flabebe


    “Hooo,” the Sylveon whined, lowering his large ears and making pitiful baby doll eyes. He backed away from the Trainer he was with.

    “What'd I do wrong?” the Trainer asked. Her excitement over getting this strange evolution to her Eevee (she'd been trying for an Umbreon) was quickly evaporating as the Pokemon was not happy with it. He kept looking down the road and was slow to respond. “You...” she double checked the name that had popped up from her search, “Sylveon, what's the matter with you?”

    The Sylveon crouched down, looking at the ground. Maybe he was tired? They had been out battling and training a lot today; he'd evolved when she was trying to figure out how to work a new move of his into her strategy. Although she didn't recall any of her other Pokemon being worn out soon after evolution.

    While she was serious about staying competitive and ahead of the game, she didn't want to push her Pokemon to exhaustion either. “Well let's go home for the night. Come on.” She left him out of his Pokeball, so he soon fell in step quietly beside her.

    At first. As they got closer to town, his mood picked up. His ribbon-feelers picked up and began swaying together. He stood up taller and raised his tail. Despite how he looked earlier, now he looked ready to stay up and active for a few more hours even though the street lights were on. Then what did the Sylveon want? Most Pokemon could be counted on and read easily; she could tell when most of them were hungry or tired. But then some were strange, not acting like the rest and a lot harder to tell what to do with. She just hadn't expected an Eevee to turn out to be one of the strange ones.

    Before they got home, they came across her teacher at the Pokemon School. “Oh, now this is a surprise,” the teacher said, smiling as she looked at the Pokemon. “This was your Eevee, right?”

    She nodded, feeling a bit of that excited pride coming back. “Yeah, this is him. I was training him at night so that I would have a dark and lovely Pokemon partner to make an entrance in style. But he turned into a Sylveon, so the outfits I was planning don't quite work. But I think it'll be much more stylish now, and cute, for us to be together.”

    “I see,” the teacher said, sounding disappointed for some reason. “Style and flair helps, but it isn't everything. Oh, but you should tell me everything you were doing with him. There isn't much information out on Sylveon yet.”

    She didn't really want to; having such an exclusive Pokemon was sure to make her stand out of the crowd. But being a person who helped discover something new, that might give her a more lasting recognition. “Sure, if I can think of it all. I've mostly been working on getting him stronger, since that's the easiest way to get an Eevee evolved unless you can find a stone. At least, so I've heard. But he learned a new move tonight, Charm, and while we were practicing that, he evolved.”

    “That sounds about right,” the teacher said, nodding.

    All of a sudden, the Pokemon began barking and ran off. “Sylveon!” the Trainer said, running after him.

    Thankfully, he didn't go far, just to their house. Her younger brother was outside, in the process of taking the garbage out when the Sylveon bounded over and stood up on his hind legs briefly. “Oh wow, is that you Toffee?” the boy asked, dropping the trash back to hug the Pokemon. “You don't look like toffee anymore.” He laughed when the Sylveon licked his face.

    “Sylveon, don't be running off,” the Trainer said, although the Pokemon just flicked an ear in acknowledgment of her talking. “Sylveon!”

    “Don't be mad at him, sis,” her brother said, without much force behind his words. “Um, he just wanted to say hi to me, I think.”

    “He's my Pokemon,” she said fiercely, putting her hands on her hips. “I caught him and I've been training him. He needs to be listening to me.”

    The Sylveon whined again, dropping down on all four paws and lowering his ears.

    “Hold on a moment,” her teacher said, having caught up to them. “Didn't you let him watch your Eevee at times?”

    “Well yeah, I did, if I wasn't training him,” she said.

    The teacher nodded, then went over to the boy. “And what do you do with him?”

    “Huh, oh,” he looked away and turned a little pink, not used to talking to many people. “I, um, I don't battle with Toffee, or any Pokemon, because I can't leave home for long because, ah...”

    “He has diabetes and has to be careful of whatever he does,” she said for him.

    The boy rubbed his head. At his side, the Sylveon rubbed his head against the boy's side, making him smile. “Yeah, that. But he watches me when I do puzzles, so I talk to him about it. I brush him too, and the other day I gave him a bath all on my own. Messed up the bathroom doing so, but mom wasn't too mad about it. And if I feel good, we go walking around town. Toffee likes that.”

    “I see,” the teacher said. “Why don't you take Toffee inside for now?”

    The boy brightened at that. “Oh, yeah! Thanks.” He pushed the trash can to the end of the driveway first. Then the Sylveon caught hold of his arm with his long feelers, walking inside with him happily.

    “I did all the work getting him to evolve,” the Trainer said, annoyed.

    “Not all of it,” the teacher said. “You still aren't that attached to your Pokemon, taking them in and out of your team all the time.”

    She shrugged. “Well yeah, that's what it takes to keep ahead.”

    “No, that's not quite it,” she said, shaking her head. “There's still some things left for you to learn.”

    Several months later, the girl was with her family in their home, helping her brother convince their parents to let him travel around on a Pokemon journey. “I took Toffee to a special training course so that he can sense blood sugar levels,” she said. “So when he smells that it's gotten in a bad range, he'll let him know if it's too high or too low, and he'll even know what will help him get better.”

    As usual, Toffee the Sylveon was by the boy's side, his ribbon feelers wrapped around his arm. “I'll be careful, I promise, and he'll be there if there's trouble. I've been trying to take longer walks every day too, so I can handle it.”

    Their parents were reluctant, but the fact that Toffee would be there and knew what to do was a good argument in his favor. In the end, the girl Trainer didn't get the Pokemon she wanted for stylish entrances. However, there were more important things than that, like seeing the excitement in her little brother and his Sylveon as they set off on a journey that the boy had been thought incapable of going on. That was a more wonderful thing to be proud of.

    Sylveon Y entry: It wraps its ribbonlike feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her.

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