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PokeGear Speculation Thread


So Cool
I'd hope that you could actually fit all the people in your poketch memory this time around. I hated the fact I'd have to choose which people to register on my pokétch to call. I always felt terrible when I deleted one person x.x

lol I felt the same way. There should be unlimited memory since there were so many useful people to have to call and there might be more now or might be the same amount. But either way they should improve that. Maybe a calling feature to people registered in your "pal-pad". That would be awesome though but I dont know how that would work.


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I am hoping for a VS. Seeker app. that would be useful. You can have bike (faster recharge) as quick selet (Y) and VS. Seeker on the bottom screen.


Heartgold!!! <3
I hope the Pokegear is on the touchscreen like the poketch, but less useless apps that you have to go through when you want the pokeradar app or something x_x


Bring on ze mudkipz!
I'd definitely rather see a Pokegear style function rather than a Poketch.

A lot of the Poketch apps seemed either very overbearing, tedious and pointless.

I'd love to see them put the Radio function to really good use on HG/SS, giving out information and reminders about Bug Catching Contests, Swarms of Pokemon and other events.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Pokegear was alot better then the Pokech. I think that they will have some sort of News show saying updates in Johto. I still like the Phone where some old people that you battled tell you where swarms are. I am thinking that the Pokeradar will be a card on the Ech, hopefully you have to work for it a little more though.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Hmmm, people keep talking about the radio. The DSi does have the SD slot. Random thought would be nice if the radio played music from your SD card. (speaking of which, that could be used for extra boxes, recording videos if they keep some form of the recorder, etc. But those are for rant for other threads)

An interesting thought, but consider that not everyone will be using a DSi. I probably won't for a while.

Also, to solve the problem of the ridiculous amount of pokegear apps, they could have a menu sort of like the iPhone menu.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
New PokeGear

Most likely, the PokeGear will be touch-screen compatible like the Poketch. The Radio and Phone Cards should still be a part of the Pokegear while Poketch apps like the Notepad and Calendar and helpful things should be added. Lets also not forget the Digital Watch for obvious reasons. Otherwise the PokeGear wouldn't look like a watch.

Tyranitar trainer

Back for a bit
I think they should have a new version of the poketech with a radio, and map but instead of phone calls they should have text messages like collosium
This is exacatly to do with the pokegear but they should have a way of taking screen shots of battles that can be displayed is some sort of in-game photo album with the option to trasfer to SD cards or a DSi album.
There could also be a way of either recording in-game music for later playing or some kind of juke-box app or in-game juke-box, say in the radio staion that would play music that the player has heard such as when you've beaten the champion go can go to the radio station and replay the music
Well thats just my idea, thanks for reading


The Ghost of Tsushima
Aside from the radio, calling device and clock it would be nice to see these:

- Map
- Marking Map
- Calculator
- Move Checker
- Breeding Center App
- Friendship Checker App
- Berry Searcher App
- Pedometre


O.o So pretty...
Phone, radio w/ more music that doesn't stop if you change routes... and unlimited phone storage space.

Yoru Ryu

I'd like to see the retrun of the FR/LG Fame Checker. Or something very similar on the PokeGear. NPC chatter and information is always both interesting and hilarious! "Did you know Bill can't stomach milk." Seriously XD And you'd get info on a lot more characters in HGSS.

steven gambee

Johto Master
okay i perferably like the pokegear better then the poketch...i hope that the pokegear will allow you to use wifi to make phone calls to your friends via friend code....and that you can talk to them even throughout in-game battles and quests.etc... and as for the radio.. the dsi SD slot feature should be used so you can import your own music. and of course analog clock
Aside from adding new cards, (which are not useless like many on the Poketech...) they should really expand the phone book. It was quite annoying last time when I wanted to add someone, but did not want to delete those already programmed in.

But as for the music suggestions and such, how many people have the DSi right now? Though chances are, they actually might do that since it would encourage people to buy the DSi...


Piplup's #1 Fan!

I dunno if anyone's mentioned it, but maybe using the phone application to send msgs like emails? like text messages almost. connect to wifi, send the msg, and your friend (multiplayer other person, not trainer in-game) receives it next time s/he turns it on.

steven gambee

Johto Master
:eek: good idea for the emails/txt msgs. but game freak wont do it. they will stick with their word texts. not lettered. a major flaw of the pokemon games as i see it


From Zero To Hero
I want the PokeGear to be like Poketch with all the features, except have a radio, phone, and map on the PokeGear. The main features I want from the Poketch are:
-Party thing
-Happiness checker
-Berry Checker
-Breeding Center
-Pokemon History
-Marking Map
-Type chart
-Match up checker.
Personally, I would like to see the Pokedex, Pokegear, Pokenav, Poketch, and Start Menu integrated into a single full-color touchscreen interface. I say call it the Pokemon Digital Assistant.

As far as layout

Main Menu with the following Icons:
Pokedex Pokemon Items Trainer Stats
Phone Radio Applications Settings

I think the Pokedex interface should be a combination of the FRLG and DPP interfaces. In addition to Pokemon Information, it should also contain an encyclopedia of moves and integrate the Fame Checker into a 'Important people' database. The pokedex should also include tools for calculating weakness/resistance and determining mating compatibility.

The Pokemon Option works similar to its DPP incarnation, but also allows you to remotely check the stats of Pokemon in storage, and Happiness has a display within the stat screens.

Items should use the same categories from DPP, but separate Held Items into a seperate category. To make navigation, instead of each category consisting of a long list of items, display them on a grid, with line breaks to separate subclasses and have all items organized in the a preset order.

For example:
TM and Berries would be listed in order, 15 to a row.
Held Items might have one row each for incenses, type-specific boosters, signature items, Weather Extenders, Plates, Choice Items, Power Items, etc.

Trainer Stats works like the existing Trainer Card. The recent Pokemon and PokeRadar Apps should be integrated into the Trainer stats.

Phone works identically to Match Call in Emerald. Also, you can register the Daycare and they will call you when you have an egg to pick-up, and you can call them to check the levels of your Pokemon

Radio works like it did in GS, but has been updated to a Full Soundtest with all of the game's music.

Applications is for the small stuff that does not fit into the other 'Top Level Functions'
Possible Apps:
Map - Combines Berry Map, Town Map, Marking Map, etc into a single utility while adding other functionality.
Scheduler - Combines the Memo Pad and Calendar Applications into something that is actually useful.
Probability Tools - Spinner, Coin Toss, etc.

Settings works similar to previous games and also allows you to customize the appearance of the PDA.

As for the Clock: have the PDA's main menu display the time and date along the top edge. Any Poketch Apps I did not mentioned should be integrated into larger, more full featured applications.


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Well it would be cool for it to be on the bottom. Maybe we should be able to pick what color we want. Also, having somethings being able to be added like certain apps would be cool as well. I would like the calling feature to stay though.