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Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by dragontamer44722, May 16, 2013.

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  1. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner


    Welcome to PokeGyms, an exciting Pokémon Wi-Fi battling league. Here, you can hone your skills against several gym leaders in an attempt to earn their badge, test your strength against the elite four in order to be crowned champion, attempt to claim a gym of your own, earn prizes through our raffles as well as take part in our tournaments which we always keep interesting with special rules.
    General Rules:
    1) Follow the main SPPf rules.
    2) Do not advertise for anything that has nothing related with PokeGyms.
    3) No spamming.
    4) No foul language, including Pokemon nicknames.
    5) Respect every other person who posts in this thread.
    5.5) Forgive those who fail to respect you.
    6) Hacking is not allowed, this means perfect Pokemon from AR, or illegal items/moves/abillities. RNG'd Pokemon are legal but it's preferred that you don't use them.
    7) This league is only played on Wi-Fi.
    8) The battle tier is OU, but many teams on this league use UU, RU, and even NU Pokemon, so feel free to use your favorite non-Uber Pokemon.
    9)This league supports 6th generation games only (ORAS) Most gyms support only ORAS pokemon, and the Elite 4 supports ONLY ORAS, so please keep this in mind.
    10) SPPF battling Standard Rules & Smogon tiers are followed here, with these exceptions:
    -Blaziken without Speed Boost is permitted.
    -A Challenger/Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion may request that no duplicate items will be used in the match. If nothing is said before the battle begins, duplicate items will be accepted.
    -Sand Veil is a permitted ability if the team it is in does not contain a Pokemon with the ability Sandstream and does not have a Pokemon with the move Sandstorm.
    11) Check here for the ban list in standard matches, keep in mind that Blazikenite is banned even though it doesn't appear on the list.
    12) Please always use your Leader Userbar in your signature. Always copy this in your signature for credit purposes:
    Credit: [URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?242241-FairyWitch"]FairyWitch[/URL] and [URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?642619-Lunar-Subterrane-Graphics"]Lunar Subterrane Graphics[/URL] for the gym userbars, 
    and [URL="http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?222430-Azulart"]Azulart[/URL] for the gym badge



    This section is reserved for members of the Pokegyms league.

    Request form: Please use this request form to ask for anything from the Point Shop. You can use one form for multiple requests.

    ITEM OR POKEMON REQUESTED (please state if its shiny or the 5iv non shiny)
    TOTAL NUMBER OF POINTS REQUIRED (how many points are you using for the request)

    Point Distribution

    Defeating a gym, even if you have beaten them before (2 points)
    Defeating 2 E4 members in a row (5 points)
    Defeating a leader in a special battle (2 points)

    Points required for Prizes

    bp/battle item: 2 points
    lvl 1 5iv pokemon: 6 points
    lvl 1 5iv Shiny pokemon: 12 points
    Fully evolved/ev trained shiny pokemon :20 points

    Legendary Pokémon will be added to the list soon, but I need to hack check them and get them in order.

    5iv Pokemon

    *these are the pokemon I currently have available. Some will require breeding to get proper ivs, but I am willing to do so. Also, I MIGHT be willing to breed certain moves onto a pokemon, but only if I have the proper parents to do it. Pokemon in special balls (apricot balls) are marked with an * No extra points will be required for any additional breeding.

    Bulbasaur: Modest,Chlorophyll
    Charmander: Adamant or Timid, any ability, Flare Blitz, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power
    *Pidgey: Naive, Keen Eye, Brave Bird
    Nidoran: Modest, Hustle, Iron tail, Counter
    Zubat: Adamant, Infiltrator, Brave Bird and Defog
    *Venonat:Timid, Tinted Lens, Morning Sun, Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Baton Pass
    *Meowth: Jolly, Technician
    *Growlithe: Jolly or Adamant, Intimidate or Flash Fire, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Double Edge, Close Combat
    *Tentacool: Calm, Liquid Ooze, Poison Sting, Mirror Coat, Knock Off, Rapid Spin
    Ponyta: Jolly, Flash Fire
    Slowpoke: Bold, regenerator
    Magnemite: Modest, Magnet pull
    Grimer: Adamant, Sticky Hold, Curse, Shadow Sneak
    Shellder: Jolly, Skill Link, Rock Blast, Aqua ring, Icicle Spear
    *Gastly: Timid, Levitate
    *Cubone:Naive, Rock Head
    *Koffing: Bold, Levitate, Pain Split, Stockpile, Destiny Bond, Toxic Spikes
    *Chansey: Bold, Serene Grace or Natural Cure, Heal Bell, Seismic Toss
    *Horsea: Timid, Sniper
    *Scyther: Adamant, Technician, Vacuum Wave, Defog
    Pinsir: Jolly, Moxie, Quick Attack, Close Combat
    Tauros: Adamant, Sheer Force
    Magikarp, Jolly,Swift Swim
    *Lapras: Modest or Calm, Shell Armor or Water Absorb, Future Sight, Freeze Dry, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power
    Eevee (Capable of breeding several different movesets, too many to list so ask what I have)
    Porygon: Timid, Trace
    Kabuto: Adamant, Battle Armor, Knock Off, Rapid Spin
    Aerodactyl: Adamant or Jolly, Pressure, Tailwind
    *Snorlax: (Nature needs to be bred) Thick Fat
    *Chikorita: Modest, Overgrow
    *Cyndaquil: Timid, Blaze, Flame Burst, Extrasensory, Crush Claw, Flare Blitz
    Totodile: Adamant, Torrent, Crunch, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, Dragon Dance
    Pichu: Jolly or Adamant, Static , Thunderpunch, Volt tackle, Fake Out
    Aipom: Jolly, Run Away, Beat Up, Pursuit, fake Out
    *Murkrow: Jolly, Insomnia
    Gligar: Impish, Immunity
    Shuckle: Bold, Contrary, Rock Blast, Sand Tomb, Knock off, Acupressure
    *Sneasel: Jolly, Inner Focus, taunt, Fake Out, Pursuit, Counter
    *Teddiursa: Adamant, Pickup, Play Rough, Belly Drum, Yawn
    Swinub: Jolly, Thick fat, Stealth Rock, Icicle Spear, Icicle Crash
    *Houndour:Timid, Flash Fire, Destiny Bond, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, Reversal
    *Stantler:Jolly, Intimidate
    *Larvitar: Jolly, Guts, Stealth Rock, Pursuit, Outrage, Dragon Dance
    Togepi: Calm, Serene Grace
    Phanpy: Adamant, Pickup, Play Rough, Ice Shard
    Torchic: Adamant, Speed Boost, Reversal, Night Slash, Crush Claw, Baton Pass
    Poochyena: Jolly, Rattled
    *Zigzagoon: Adamant, Pickup
    Wurmple: Timid, Shield Dust
    Electrike: Timid, Lightning Rod
    Carvanha: Adamant, Speed Boost, Brine, Destiny Bond
    Zangoose: Jolly, Toxic Boost
    Lileep: Bold, Storm Drain, Stealth Rock, Curse
    Anorith:Adamant, Battle Armor, Knock off, Rapid Spin
    Feebas: Bold, Oblivious, Brine, Mirror Coat, Dragon Pulse
    Tropius: Timid, Solar Power
    Turtwig: Calm, Shell Armor
    *Shinx: Jolly, Intimidate, Night Slash, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Quick Attack
    Shellos: Bold or Calm, Storm Drain
    *Buneary, Jolly or Adamant, Run Away, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Switcheroo
    Gible: Jolly, Rough Skin
    Riolu: Jolly, Prankster, Endure, Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch, Crunch
    Snover: Quiet, Snow Warning, Avalanche, Seed bomb
    Rotom: Bold, Levitate
    Snivy: Timid, Contrary, Mirror Coat, Iron tail, Mean Look, Glare
    Tepig: Adamant, Blaze or Thick Fat, Sucker Punch, Curse, Yawn, Heavy Slam
    Oshawott: Jolly or Adamant, Shell armor, Screech, Assurance, Night Slash, Copycat
    Blitzle: Jolly, Sap Sipper, Quick Attack, Double Kick, Double Edge, Shock Wave
    Drilbur: Jolly or Adamant, Mold Breaker, rapid Spin
    Timburr: Adamant, Guts, Drain Punch, Force Punch, Mach Punch
    Tympole: Adamant, Swift Swim
    Cottonee: Impish, Prankster, Encore, Switcheroo, Memento, Beat Up
    Scraggy: Adamant or Jolly, Intimidate or Shed Skin,Low Kick, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Fake Out
    Sigilyph: Timid, Magic Guard, Miracle Eye, Psycho Shift, Roost, Stored Power
    Solosis: Quiet, Magic Guard
    Ferroseed: Relaxed, Iron Barbs, Spikes
    Litwick: Timid, Any ability
    Shelmet: Modest, Shell Armor
    Rufflet: Jolly, Sheer Force
    Vullaby: Careful, Overcoat, Knock Off, Foul Play
    Durant: Jolly, Swarm, Baton Pass, Thunder Fang
    Deino: Modest, Hustle, Earth Power, Dark Pulse
    Larvesta: Timid, Flame Body
    Venipede: Adamant, Speed Boost
    Fennekin:Timid, Blaze
    Froakie: Hasty, Protean, Toxic Spikes
    Fletchling: Adamant, Gale Wings, Tailwind
    Buneary: Adamant, Huge Power
    Skiddo: Adamant, Sap Sipper, Rollout
    Espurr:Timid, Keen Eye
    Honedge: Brave, Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, Metal Sound, Wide Guard
    Helioptile: Timid, Dry Skin, Electric Terrain, Glare
    Klefki: Bold, Prankster

    5iv Shiny Pokemon

    All pokemon listed here are Kalos born and either perfect or flawless. They are separated by region, with non evolved pokemon listed alongside evolved ones. Please refer to the point distribution chart to see how many points are required per pokemon. These pokemon WILL be cloned.

    Modest Chlorophyll Bulbasaur with Giga Drain
    Adamant Blaze Charmander with Outrage, Dragon Dance, and Flare Blitz
    Timid Blaze Charizard with Dragon Pulse(lvl 66)
    Jolly Shield Dust Weedle
    Calm Drought Ninetales with Hypnosis, Extrasensory
    Adamant Weak Armor Onix
    Timid Magic Guard Abra
    Moon ball Adamant Skill Link Cloyster with Rock Blast(lvl 56)
    Fast Ball Adamant Growlithe with Close Combat, Crunch, Double Edge, Morning Sun (French)
    Moon Ball Jolly Flash Fire Ponyta with Morning Sun, Ally Switch, Low Kick, Hypnosis
    Timid Gastly
    Modest Swift Swim Horsea
    Adamant Technician Scyther with Defog
    Dive Ball Magikarp (lvl 14, 31/31/31/31/31/12-18, nicknameable)
    Dive ball Modest Water Absorb Lapras with Ancient power, Freeze Dry, Dragon Dance(lvl 45)
    Calm Run Away Eevee with Wish, Yawn, Synchronoise
    Timid Anticipation Eevee with Wish (lvl 5)
    Bold Water Absorb Vaporeon with Wish (lvl 50, nicknameable)
    Jolly Unnerve Aerodactyl (lvl 50)
    Adamant Muliscale Dragonite with Aqua jet, Extremespeed( lvl 55)

    Timid Overgrow Chikorita
    Adamant Torrent Totodile with Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, and Ancient POwer (JApanese)
    Modest Blaze Cyndaquil (lvl 43, Japanese, was used as a breeder)
    Love Ball Modest Static Mareep with Agility, Charge, Eerie Impulse, Iron Tail
    Timid Magic Bounce Espeon (lvl 62)
    Timid sap Sipper Girafarig with Wish, Mirror Coat, Magic Coat
    Moon Ball Bold Prankster Murkrow with Feather Dance, Brave bird
    Moon Ball Timid Misdreavus with Sucker Punch, Destiny Bond, Nasty Plot, Ominous Wind
    Impish Immunity Gligar
    Moon ball Timid Flash Fire Houndoom with Destiny Bond

    Timid Overgrow Treecko
    Adamant Speed boost Blazkien with Baton Pass(lvl 67)
    Adamant Torrent Mudkip with Curse, Avalanche, Yawn, Wide Guard
    Adamant Quick feet Shroomish with Bullet Seed, Focus Punch, Wake Up Slap
    Jolly Quick Feet Poochyena with Fire Fang (not KB, born in Unova)
    Careful Pranster Sableye (lvl 50)
    Naive Superluck Absol with Baton Pass, Sucker Punch, Feint and Play Rough
    Adamant Flygon
    Timid Swift Swim Feebas with Mirror Coat, Dragon Pulse
    Adamant Speed Boost Carvanha with Destiny Bond
    Relaxed Storm Drain Cradily with Stealth Rocks (lvl 41,31/X/X/31/31/31)
    Adamant Frisk Shuppet with Knock off, Destiny Bond (lvl 16)
    Jolly Moxie Salamence with Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Hydro Pump
    Adamant Clear Body Metagross (lvl 45, not KB)

    Adamant Shell Armor Turtwig
    Jolly Water Veil Buizel with Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring, Switcheroo, Baton Pass
    Jolly Rough Skin Garchomp with Iron Head(lvl 52)
    Tmid Steadfast Rioul with Vacuum Wave (X/X/31/31/31/31, nicknameable)
    Timid Dry Skin Toxicroak with Vacuum Wave (lvl 49)
    Impish Battle Armor Skorupi (lvl 37)
    Modest Snow Cloak Glaceon with Wish (lvl 50)
    Naughty Thick Fat Mamoswine (lvl 56)
    Timid Rotom Wash (lvl 50)
    Calm Rotom

    Adamant Thick Fat Tepig, with Curse, Heavy Slam, Superpower and Sucker Punch
    Quiet Cofagrigus (lvl 57) (31/31/X/X/X/0)
    Impish Iron Barbs Ferroseed with Seed Bomb (Japanese)
    Relaxed Regenerator Amoonguss (lvl 62)
    Timid Illusion Zorua with Sucker Punch, Counter, Extrasensory, Snatch
    Bold OVercoat Mandibuzz with Defog, Knock off (lvl 54)
    Adamant Reckless Bouffalant with Iron Head
    Timid Hydregon with Earth Power (lvl 83)


    Modest Magician Fennekin with Magic Coat, Wish, Heat Wave, Hypnosis
    Careful Sap Sipper Gogoat with Milk Drink (lvl 55)
    Adamant Scrappy Pangoro (lvl 48)
    Modest Gooey Goodra (lvl 67)
    Timid Solar Power Helioptile
    Adamant Tyrantrum with 4 fangs (lvl 65)
    Modest Aurorus (lvl 56)
    Modest Pixilate Sylveon with Hypr Voice, Wish (not KB, lvl 100)
    Jolly Unburden Hawlucha (lvl 57)
    Impish Sturdy Carbink (lvl 44)
    Timid Infiltrator Noivern (lvl 74)

    1) To become a Challenger, Post your application in this thread using the Challenger Application template below. No confirmation is necessary before you start battling.

    2) You can use any team for the gym's, but counter teaming (defined as having more than 3 pokemon super effective or resistant to the leader/E4's type) is NOT permitted. Leaders will check to see if the team is a counter team, but it is your responsibility for making sure it isn't.

    3) Sending a PM to the leader you wish to challenge is the best way to arrange a match.

    4) Avoid asking if any gyms are open directly in the thread since not everyone is able to read over it and it clutters the thread.

    5) If you lose, you may request a rematch, but only one rematch request per day. Please note that the Gym Leader may decline your rematch if he already battled you that day.

    6) Once you beat a Gym, you may add its badge to your Signature. Do not add a badge to your signature before beating the Gym!

    1) Once you win 8 badges, you may challenge the Elite 4.

    2) To beat the Elite Four, you must claim victory against all 4 members in a row in any order.

    3) You may not change any member of your team between facing Elite 4 Members (the pokemon's nature and evs can't be changed) but you may change the items. Counter teaming is allowed, but if you lose against an e4 member you must start your challenge over from the beginning.

    4) Each Elite Four match will be of a battle style of their choosing, the challenger must battle them in their chosen style except in special cases

    5) Elite Four matches must be done like a gym battle would be done, FLATS are not allowed. An e4 member can ask for a No Restrictions battle, but the challenger must be told of it.

    6) You may try the Elite Four as many times as you would like, but no Elite Four Member is obligated to battle you more than once per day.

    1) Once you defeat the Elite Four, you may challenge the Champion. If there is no Champion, you become the Champion.

    2) You must use the same team you face the Champion that you used to beat the Elite Four. You may not change the Pokemon used, but you may change the items.

    3) The Champion decides the Battle Style (Singles, Doubles, Triples, or Rotation,) but No FLATS allowed.

    4) If you lose to the Champion, you may not face him again for 7 days.

    5) If you defeat the Champion, you will become the new Champion. Your Champion team must be the same as the one you used to defeat the Champion, but you may change the items.

    6) Defeated Champions may try to win back their title, but they may not take the title from a Champion who has been a Champion for less than 7 days.

    7) When a defeated Champion wants to challenge the current Champion, he must use his old Champion team, or he can use a completely new team if he successfully makes it through the Elite Four with the new team.

    Challenger Application

    Challenger Name:
    Friend Code:
    Favourite Tier:
    Time Zone:
    Other things you may want us to know:

    Gym Leader Application
    (If you put in the application, I will hold the spot for 1 week. If you aren't ready by then I will start accepting other applications)

    Leader Name:
    Friend Code:
    Requested Type:
    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    1) To become a Gym Leader for a Gym that is not yet claimed, PM me your Gym team, badge name, and the kind of battle the Gym will use (Singles, Doubles, Triples, or Rotation.) I will also ask for a test battle to make sure you have a proper understanding of your type.

    2) A gym must be open to challengers at least once every two weeks.

    3) As a gym leader, it is recommended you show a decent amount of activity on the pokegyms thread or just on the forum in general.

    4) If you receive a challenge through pm, you must respond to it as soon as possible. If a gym leader repeatedly ignores challenges, let me know immediately so I can deal with it.

    5) Tying in with the previous rule, If you receive a challenge but don't respond the first day I will keep track of your forum activity to make sure you're not deliberately avoiding answering someone's challenge.

    6) If you are not able to accept a challenge for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to notify the challenger when possible.

    7) As an exception to the previous three rules, I will allow you to refuse a battle request if you find the person in question is disrespectful to you, as long as you notify me with the reason (forwarding messages is the best way to prove a point).

    8) If you are going to be inactive for a certain period of time, you MUST let me know, preferably through VM so I don't accidentally delete it.

    9) As an exception to the previous rule, special circumstances may make it impossible to notify me beforehand (such as an unexpected power outage). In this case I will allow up to one month for you to return, as long as you provide a proper explanation for the unexpected absence.

    10) Gym teams must include at least 4 Pokemon of the Gym's Type. It's preferred that all 6 are of that type, but that is by no means enforced. If you want to use a pokemon who, normally, is not your selected type but can mega evolve into it, for example Altaria becoming Fairy type, it can be counted as one of your 4 pokemon but it MUST mega evolve the turn it comes in.

    11) Gym Leaders must post the results of each of their Gym battles in this thread. Please note if your opponent was a potential Elite

    12) No one person may be the leader of more than one Gym. You can own a gym and a frontier, or be an e4 member and a gym leader, but only if there are gym vacancies.

    1) Elite four members are allowed 3 wildcards as long as they still 3 have or more representing their chosen type.

    2) Elite four members can pick the battle style they want to use.

    3) Each of the Elite Four members must be a different person.

    4) Elite 4 members will be chosen by me under recommendation from current E4 members, at least 8 badges must be obtained before a challenger can even be considered for a spot

    5) Elite Four members must post in this thread at least once every 2 weeks or else be forced to Retire. Exceptions can be made if I am told that you are unable to do so for whatever reason (real life,illness, etc...)

    6) Retired Elite Four members may take their spot back if it is open. If the position is filled, they may challenge the current Elite Four member to reclaim their spot

    7) An Elite Four Member may not be the Champion, but a retired Elite four member can become champion by defeating the current Elite Four

    1) The current Champion must accept all legal challenges.

    2) The current Champion must post in this thread at least once a week or become a Retired Champion.

    3) Retired Champions may take their spot back if no one else has taken it. Otherwise they must challenge the current Champion in the same way a defeated Champion would.



    FC: 2595 0049 4886
    Badge Name: Soak Badge
    Battle Style: Singles
    Time Zone:UTC -6

    FC: 1693-1320-3008
    Badge Name: Flower Badge
    Battle Style: Singles
    Time Zone: GMT -5

    FC: 4141 3434 8031
    Badge Name: Hard Body Badge
    Battle Style: Singles
    Time Zone: Central/UTC-6 (Ex. 1:15 pm)

    FC: 1676 4178 1142
    Badge Name: Deep Dark Badge
    Battle Style: Singles
    Time Zone: Central/UTC-6 (Ex. 1:15 pm)

    FC: 0345-0046-5202
    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    The Original Wizard
    FC: 0834-3334-8468
    Badge Name: Corrosion
    Battle Style: Doubles
    Time Zone: GMT 0

    FC: 1848-2888-8103
    Badge Name: Volcano
    Battle Style: Singles
    Time Zone: GMT-5

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Friend Code:
    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Badge Name:
    Battle Style:
    Time Zone

    Badge Name: Deathfrost Badge
    Battle Style: Singles/Rotation
    Time Zone:

    Battle Style: Singles
    FC: 0447 6483 5483
    Time Zone:

    Battle Style:
    Time Zone:

    Battle Style: Singles
    Type: Psychic
    FC: 5370 0586 3904
    Time Zone: EST, GMT -5

    E4 Member 4: LynxForte
    Battle Style: Singles
    Type: Dragon
    Time Zone:


    -Current Champion-

    -Defeated Champions-

    -Retired Champions-

    This league hosts multi battles at certain times and both people on the winning team will be given a prize. If you like multi battles but can never find people to battle with then this is a great place to join.

    Rules for Multi Battles

    1) Teams will be selected randomly each time, that way nobody will have a huge advantage over other teams.
    2) Teams earn points for each battle they win.
    3) To make sure people don't win just by having the most battles out of all teams, there will be a limit on how many battles every team can have based on the amount of people participating.
    4) The top scoring teams will battle in a tournament style to determine the winners
    5) Multi battle participants are kept separate from other challengers to ease confusion
    6) If you would like to sign up for multi battles then make sure to provide your time zone and best times to battle in addition to the other things needed when becoming a challenger

    Character Name: Dante
    Friend Code: 0791 2425 2961
    Time Zone: Eastern/UTC-5 (Ex. 2:15 pm)
    Best Times to battle: whenever im out of work/school will be fine

    Character Name: Corbin
    Friend Code: 2680 9260 3852
    Time Zone: Eastern/UTC-5 (Ex. 2:15 pm)
    Best Time to Battle: Any time after 11 pm Friday, all day Saturday.

    Character Name: Fila
    Friend Code: 3754 6803 1211
    Time Zone: Central/UTC-6 (Ex. 1:15 pm)
    Best Times to battle: Whenever. I can free up my schedule Friday afternoon and all day Saturday as needed.

    Character Name: Demetro
    Friend Code: 2595 0064 5142
    Time Zone: Eastern/UTC-5 (Ex. 2:15 pm)
    Best time to battle: Open all day Friday and Saturday, but not for consecutive battles, as in I can't have three battles at once.

    Character Name: Tsubaki
    Friend Code: 3840 5907 1581
    Time Zone: Eastern/UTC-5 (Ex. 2:15 pm)
    Best time to battle: Friday afternoon-saturday night I'm free to battle.

    Character Name: Alen
    Friend Code: 2294 4517 3671
    Time Zone: Central (European)/UTC+1 (Ex. 8:15 pm)
    Best Times to battle: well anytime that isnt' too late as i'll have to adapt to others as there are more of those od the same time.

    Character Name: Alex
    Friend Code: 3153 4655 6807
    Time Zone: Central/UTC-6 (Ex. 1:15 pm)
    Best Times to battle: Really, any time past 11 AM, though after 5 PM is best.

    Character name: Solo
    Friend Code: 5198 2949 0455
    Timezone: Standard/UTC (Ex. 7:15 pm)
    Best time to battle: Pretty much all day past 2PM in my timezone, would notify if i'd be unavailable at any time

    Character Name: Sora
    Friend Code: 0275 7079 9822
    Time Zone: Pacific/UTC-8 (Ex. 11:15 am)
    Best Times to battle: Friday afternoon and most of Saturday are good for me.

    Character Name: Sito
    Friend Code: 1676 4178 1142
    Time Zone: Central/UTC-6 (Ex. 1:15 pm)
    Best Times to battle: Any time I guess xD?

    Character Name: Katie
    Friend Code: 5370 0586 3904
    Time Zone: Eastern/UTC-5 (Ex. 2:15 pm)
    Best time to battle: At the moment, Tuesdays, Wednesday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday/Sunday afternoon.

    Character Name: Reavis
    Friend Code: 1005 9620 0912
    Time Zone: Eastern/UTC-5 (Ex. 2:15 pm)
    Best time to battle: I'm available at most times. I just need to know when everyone else is available so I can set a schedule to log on at those specific times.

    1. Sito and Ivysnake-03/05/2014
    2. Mr.Y and LiquidSidious-26/05/2014

    1. Generations Tournament: Mr.Y-20/06/2014
    2. Chromatic Tournament: Mr.Y-20/07/2014
    3. Pokémon Kingdom: Morokei-23/08/2014

    Here is the list of Badges earned by all the challengers: PokeGyms Badge Standings
    If the row is colored, that means the Challenger is also the Gym leader of that color's type.
    Here is the list of the Frontier Symbols earned by the challengers: PokeGyms Frontier Standings
    Here is a chat box you may use to arrange battles: PokeGyms Xat

    This League has changed hands a few times. To avoid confusion, ignore the early posts after this original post, and instead only look at the recent posts for what's going on now, and this original post for Gym/Elite Four/Raffle information.

    Helio Breaker for... too many things to list
    FairyWitch for the gym userbars
    Azulart for the gym badges
    Sworn-Metalhead and Dædric Design for our league banner
    Astral-Shadow and The-Under for the frontier userbars
    saPower1000 for the Psychic E4 banner
    All past gym and current gym leaders for their support
    All challengers who took part in pokegyms​
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
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  2. HHG

    HHG New Member

    I would like to become the Electric gym leader.
  3. Pokemad369

    Pokemad369 Boulder trainer

    Can I be

    Can I join as a water gym leader plz here's my team

    Keldeo. Samourott
    Samourott. Feraligatr
    Tododile shiny
  4. Shadow Darkrai 101

    Shadow Darkrai 101 Unidentified Trainer

    I'll join in as psychic gym leader.
  5. HHG

    HHG New Member

    so gym leaders will have to use a mono type team
  6. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    Quite sorry for the incoveniance. I had the requirements for a gym team typed out, but I guess I forgot to put them in the OP. I'm using my iPad to type right now, but I will be sure to get the team info up first thing in the mourning!

    I also want to thank everyone so far for the interest. I will be sure to get back to each of you tomorrow!
  7. HHG

    HHG New Member

    Okay thanks. I'm hoping it can be like a 4 gym types and 2 other and freely choose the battle types like singles, doubles, etc.
  8. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    Lots of new stuff added to the OP involving gym leaders, challenger teams, and ext.

    Also I be getting to all of you via PM in the next day or so involving being a gym leader!

    I also will be getting the URL for the banner in my siggy on the OP, so we can spread the word about PokeGyms!

    Which reminds me... don't forget to spread the word! ;)

    I updated the OP with the first open gym (My normal gym).

    I did also sent several members PM's about setting up their gyms, so be sure to read them everyone.

    Let us all congratulate our newest gym leader, running the electric gym, HGG! Let me tell you, this fellow's team is far from a walk in the park, and in our match, is pretty much became a draw-out match. Again, to battle a gym leader, just PM them letting them know, or post it here.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2013
  9. EvilZ

    EvilZ New Member

    this sounds FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! lol now with that said i would very much like to be the gym leader of the ghost gym, but if i cant my next pick would be fighting. dont hold the spot for me yet just throwing it out there. but i am in the process of get more ghost/fighting pokemon so i can at least show you a team...so i guess the point of this is...meet the next gym leader :)
  10. I'd love to be the dragon leader with


    Blaziken (for ice protection)


    Can I change between battles with tyranigross selection cause I lub 'em both
  11. EvilZ

    EvilZ New Member

    I have a team this time and i would like to be the Ghost Gym Leader. This is my team im using so far but this will change some with a little training and trading to get want i want.


    Arba....I knw want your thinking but my ghost pokemon get bored so they need something to laugh at

    ....And a secret pokemon you will only knw when you battle me.

    Badge: GhostZ badge
    Last edited: May 23, 2013
  12. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    Sorry for being offline as of late. I have had family over the last few days.

    I have to head out now, but I will respond to questions and such later today!
  13. HHG

    HHG New Member

    Someone battle me!!!!
  14. The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi Stalling is Cowardly

    i am interested in the ghost gym leader position. i have a gym badge and i was recently a gym leader till i retired with a 23-12 record, but i decided to come back into the gym circuit. my team pokemon is gengar, spirtomb, froslass, cofargus, rotom and a secret rare ghost pokemon.
  15. rpryor03

    rpryor03 Epic Advancer

    I'll take the Fighting Gym.

    Leader. rpryor03
    Currently. Open
    Friend Code. 2881 0239 6989
    Badge. The Strength Badge
    Team. Infernape, Scrafty, Breloom, Lucario, Medicham, and Eelektross

    What if we made this different by having it be on Pokemon Showdown?
  16. Cerebral Bugs

    Cerebral Bugs This is my house!!!

    I would like to be the Ice Gym Leader. My Pokemon will be Abomasnow, Walrein, Froslass, Mamoswine, Jellicent and Machamp for right now but he may change.

    Is all of this stuff good? Message me back for details of what else you need or if im in. THANKS!
    Last edited: May 28, 2013
  17. PKMNinja

    PKMNinja Black Ninja

    I want the fire type gym. My FC code is 5115 2221 7581
    My pokemon is Charizard, Blaziken, Magmortor, Arcanine, Venuasaur (for coverage), and Alakazam.
    Leader: PKMNinja
    badge:Fire Away
    Please tell me if I'm in.
    It might take me a few weeks to assemble my team if I get in. You know leveling them up. Getting them ready.
    Last edited: May 28, 2013
  18. EvilZ

    EvilZ New Member

    ...Will this league ever start? :(
  19. HHG

    HHG New Member

    i hope.... soon
  20. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    I want to start off by apologizing to everyone for my lack of activity. Exams are next week, and I swear the last 2 weeks have been nothing but studying and projects >_< No me gusta!

    Reading the recent replys, something came to my attention that I forgot to adress. The league was oridginaly supposed to be open for challengers, and otherwise "Open" as soon as it was posted. I am just now relizing that I forgot to point that out... sorry about that... -_-

    But that does mean that the league is officially open!

    As for everyone who posted gym position requests, rest asured that I will be getting back to you via PM within this weekend at the latest!
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