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Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by dragontamer44722, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Solo95

    Solo95 Shiny Hunter

    Psychic gym is now open for a few hours
  2. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Ice gym open for the first time.
  3. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Fighting gym is open for about 3 hours. I check messages regularly, so shoot me a pm even if I'm not on.
  4. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    Challenge: leader lord fighting vs challenger venom1950
    Result: 2:0 LOSS

    too many wildcards but tbh you can't make a decent mono ice type team. ice types are very weak. no hard feelings... that's just the way it is.
    beside that awesome battle. gg
  5. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    We are allowed 2 wild cards over in Trinity....

    A mono ice team would be horrible >.< Priority spam.
  6. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    same as here but just saying. i wasn't really prepared for all those wild cards ;)
  7. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Well I picked those wildcards to help me win. If your unprepared then there's nothing I can do about that unless I reveal my whole team ;) :p
  8. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Challenge: Leader Dragontamer vs Venom1950
    result: leader win 4-0

    Once again my main set up caused you problems, but you fared better this time around since you actually killed it XD GG
    Last edited: May 12, 2014
  9. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    well i picked the wrong words. i wanted to say that i wasn't prepared for those wild cards you picked. you won fair and square. i didn't express myself the right way

    Challenge: leader dragontamer vs challenger venom1950
    Result: 4:0 LOSS

    darn! i tried my doubles team which is not yet complete. gg as always
    Last edited: May 12, 2014
  10. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Oh, well challenge me again another time ;)
  11. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Fighting gym is closed until tomorrow.
  12. GoldenR418

    GoldenR418 Johtos Finest!

    Battle: leader Solo vs challenger GoldenR418
    Result: challenger win 3-1(forfeit)
  13. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Ice gym closed btw.
  14. Solo95

    Solo95 Shiny Hunter

    battle: Leader Solo vs Golden
    result: 3-0 loss
    Stupid plays early on lost it for me,

    Last edited: May 12, 2014
  15. ElxlceL

    ElxlceL Xwisher Sweet

    Battle: leader Ivysnake vs challenger ElxlceL
    Result: challenger win 4-0

  16. Ivysnake

    Ivysnake Poison Gym Leader

    Battle: Leader Ivysnake (That's me!) vs. Elxlcel
    Result: Loss 0 - 4

    That was a hard battle, seeing as the score was 0 - 4, but with the potential of sweeping his whole team. GG.
  17. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Reposting since its a new page.

    Ok, this is a list of people who have sent me their choice as of today (will post this on every page when a new one is up)

    Morokei, Corbins Mix, Skullbash, akaFila, LiquidSidious, TheShoveler, Venom1950, Isamu, Sito, AzureCharizard, LeafeonTheVoid, Golden, Mr.Y and Ivysnake.

    If your name is not here and you wish to participate, please pm me with your choice by Tuesday. If you decide to participate past Tuesday, send your choice to either Helio Breaker or Mighty Tuma, since I won't be around.Also if you did send me a pm but your name isn't here, it means I accidently deleted it, so send it again

    And for those of you who are new to the league and have no idea what I' talking about, shoot me a pm and I'll give you the details of the event :D

    Edit: There have been several inquiries as to which Pokémon are eligible, so I'm making a note of it. Say you chose Sinnoh. In Sinnoh, several older Pokémon received new evolutions (Magmar, Roselia, etc...) Because you chose Sinnoh, you could not use Magmar or Roselia, but you CAN use Magmortar and Roserade, since they were both introduced in Gen 4. So, even if you are using a Pokémon that evolves from an older generation pokemon, as long as the evolution was first introduced in the generation you chose, you can use it. Hope that clears everything up :)
    Last edited: May 13, 2014
  18. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    Active post.

    Normal gym opens in an hour or so. :D
  19. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    Grass gym is open.
  20. Skullbash

    Skullbash Fire-Dragonslayer

    Active Post!
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