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Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by dragontamer44722, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    Too lazy to write my own... XD
  2. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    Active post.

    I'm still breeding for multiple teams, but I'm gonna open my gym anyway in the meantime in case anyone wishes to challenge me.
  3. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Since the date for our tournament draws near, I figured I'd get a head start for fresh ideas for the next one. I have some in mind, but obviously you guys are allowed to give up yours as well. If you have any, post them, and whatever sticks is what we will do pending Helios almighty approval xD

    EDIT: Well, I was looking through the tournament thread and saw the Word Tournament, so I thought we could do something like that, but obviously different so as not to be accused of piracy and ripping off the idea completely xD

    My idea was (potentially) that I or you guys pick a 5-6 letter word, say Pizza, and you make a team whose names start with those letters, so
    P=Pikachu, I=Inkay, Z=Zebstrika, Z= Zoroark, A= Aerodactyl, and the 6th would be a free pick. This is how the Word tournament is being done in the tournament thread, so it would not be exactly like this, but it gives you an idea.

    Or, I was thinking that we could make teams by using our own themes of our choice. Like, for example, someone could have a team of all blue Pokémon, or a team of all dog Pokémon, or my favorite, Pokémon based off of Japanese folklore. That's what I've got.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2014
  4. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    What did you have in mind? I was thinking we could do something themed again...not sure what to suggest yet.

    Edit: How about something to celebrate the release of OR/AS? A Hoenn based team maybe..?

    Or, we could make things simple and use a random generator to build our teams...? ^^' Gym closed for today.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2014
  5. 3fiddy

    3fiddy Z

    I'm a theme team player , I do stretch it some and I don't mean to offend anyone but some ideas of mine are : Bears (which you guys did a tourney around and I was furious I missed it lol ) Monkies (Darmanitan, Infernape , Aipom , Primeape, + 3 elemental Monkies) Horses (Arceus, cobalion , Rapidash , virizion , Xerneas, Zebstrika, keldeo) Foxes ( Ninetales , Leafeon , Lucario , Zorroark , Fennekin ) Blue man group (Shiny Nidoking , Shiny Politoed, Heracross).

    Just my 2cents. Really like that you guys do this :)
  6. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    All ideas are welcomed :) At least you improved on my thought, it looks like there are several things that could be done like that.
  7. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    How about a tournament in which teams consist of Pokemon from each tier: Little Cup, NFE, NU, RU, UU, OU. One Pokemon per tier, they must be used in order, no switching, LC Ubers are allowed, anything in BL gets sent to the tier below, things like Fletcinder and Porygon2 are banned...

    Thoughts? :)
  8. Ryanp

    Ryanp Member

    How about we do a back to the basics tourney? It could only be the original 151 pokemon!

    Ground gym closed. Yawn........
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2014
  9. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    I like the new guys idea and also the name of the tournament
  10. PokemonMegaBeast

    PokemonMegaBeast Im Still Here!

    Hahah New guy well i like the idea but maybe since teams would be full of snorlax and zapdos and things why not extend it to johto? If not well then 151 but call it the nostalgic tournament
  11. Right so a few days has become a week. Gym re-opening on Saturday. Sorry for the inconviniece
  12. Ryanp

    Ryanp Member

    Ground gym open.

    Challenger team: Charizard Umbreon Leafeon Keldeo Goodra jolteon
    My performance: 2/10
    Challengers performance: 8/10
    Result 5-0 challenger win
    Additional comments: good game. Your Keldeo wiped the floor with me with
    Scald, and only Donphan could stand up to it (thank god for sturdy!) Keldeo even
    Out sped gliscor which is really something. You win the mudslide badge.

    I'm still a noob at this :)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2014
  13. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    I know I am just a challenger but I have a need to apologize for being inactive for a while now. Summer has started and I have a Summer job. Also I had some problems at home last week. They are taken care of,for now at least. I'll start challenging after this tournament.

    Welcome to the league new challengers and congrats to new gym and elite 4 leaders. You've earned it.
  14. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    No need to apologize Venom, stuff happens, as we all know.

    So, since I don't think there will be any new sign ups for our tourney, I'm calling the sign ups closed. I'll add a post later on today with alll the info, and I'll pm everybody who signed up the details, so stay tuned :)

    challenge: dragontamer vs Leader Ryanp
    result: win 5-0
    My one pokemon ran through your team pretty soundly, and there wasn't much you could do about it. I know its your first battle, but there are several things that could be improved. Good luck in your future battles.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2014
  15. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    I like the idea of an animal themed tournament.
  16. Morokei

    Morokei Pokegym Steel E4

    Well after attempting to break my computer again (and failing!) I think its safe to say my laptop is fixed :D
  17. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    yes. stuff happen. but this was out of nowhere. :/

    And about the theme for the next tourney. How about body shape tournament?
    each pokemon is categorized by it's number,region,colour,footprint and body shape.
    team would be solo shape are pokemon from each shape category
  18. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Rock gym open
  19. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    I think I like the idea of sticking to one gen...particularly first. Nostalgia toury sounds solid.

    Going out in an hour, so Normal gym open for now until then.

    Edit: Normal gym closed, heading out.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2014
  20. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    what about that one idea DT had one time.
    anime/manga character's team tourney?
    we pick a anime/manga character and use it's 6 most used pokemon.

    we could do in the future a wonder trade tournament.
    you take 6 random pokemon from your pc. wonder trade for 6 new pokemon. that 6 new pokemon you use in the tournament
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2014
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