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Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by dragontamer44722, May 16, 2013.

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  1. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    again xD Just proves that you are that good ;D

    Helio and I chit chatted, and the Animal theme idea has been approved. He also suggested that instead of limiting it to specific species (dogs, horses, etc..) we widen it by going into their groups (canines, felines, and so on) That will allow for more flexibility.
  2. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    I was actually quite lucky this tourney, no Hydro Pumps missing was a great thing considering my usual luck (although I did miss one draco on the last battle and I did get burned by scald twice but it is the game :)).
  3. jon199

    jon199 Well-Known Member

    Congratz Mr. Y... again. XD It was more than luck that helped you, it was that Pikablu.
    Animal theme singles tourney? Sounds good. Will the groups be based on Pokedex entries and egg groups, or is there a specific Bulbapedia page that I don't know about? :)
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  4. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    Congrats Mr. Y. You did it again. :D

    So animal single battle tournament? i'm ok with this.
    When we decide what battle style we're going to battle i'll make the banner
  5. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    This tournament was definetley fun! :)

    I knew Mr.Y would win so I'm just glad I got 2nd despite never actually facing him lol.
  6. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    For the animal theme, there isn't exactly a page where we can look up what the Pokemon is based on. SOme are obvious, like most of the dogs, while some are not. The determination of what the POkemon is is going to be left up to you, but it has to be within reason. You can base it off of its appearence, its dex entry, its name (though as Helio pointed out this isn't the best method), or in most cases, Bulbapedia has a page on the POkemon stating where they believe its design originates from.

    One thing I wanted to note is in the case of fantasy animals, such as dragons. There are a lot of dragon types out there who frankly don't look like dragons (Altaria, I'm looking at you) If you decide to use dragons, please stick to either the Western shaped variety (4 legs/arms and wings) or the Asian variety (serpentine, like Gyarados). One exception I can think of is Kingdra, who is based off of the Japanese belief that sea horses are baby dragons, hence its dragon typing. If there are any questions in regard to this, don't hesitate to ask me.
  7. We don't have a multi type gym leader, you can still sign up as a challenger though
  8. Ryanp

    Ryanp Member

    Could I do reptiles?
  9. AzureCharizard

    AzureCharizard Really? Come on now.

    well reptiles are part of th animal kingdom, wait so then what isnt allowed in this tournament? i believe most if not all pokemon are based off some creature.

    BTW flying gym reopening
  10. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Rock gym open
  11. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    If you can make up a team of a certain type of animal, (humans count) regardless of what it is, you can use it.

    On a different note I'm just giving you guys a heads up that I'm not going to be on serebii much for the next 1-2 weeks. I'm going to be going through a rough time at home so I won't be around unless I check my messages or finish up some trades. If I see that there is a question that needs to be answered I will answer it, but I will not be taking any sort of challenges until everything has settled. The only time I will be on for a long period is if I am at work. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I have to do it.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  12. You know I don't have a problem with giving you guys a break every once in a while, I can close the fighting gym until you're ready to take challengers again.
  13. metalman6423421

    metalman6423421 New Member

    ummmmmmmmmmmm............. i would like to challenge someone
  14. metalman6423421

    metalman6423421 New Member

    can i join the elite 4?
  15. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    we really need battle frontier. in the OP it says we have uber and little cup. since we decided that we can't really battle little cup we should come up with some other battle frontier challenges.
    dunno like... rotation,triple,double,single,monocolour,monotype, etc.

    you should read the OP. there are the instructions on how to become an elite 4 member. also...try not to post two posts in a row. edit your first post if you have something more to say.
    and also...gym leaders post when they are opened here in the thread. if you see "gym opened" you can challenge him/her
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  16. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Like for example rock gym open I'm not kidding my gym is open still

    Everyone do have a point Helio to honest I didn't know we had a frontier actually I was aware of it but no one was picked to be in it
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  17. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Yh Helio, you/we should really do something about this frontier you have on the OP. If you're only going to have 2 modes then at least fill those positions.

    Ice gym back open now I got my Pokemon back.
  18. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Will accept challenges on demand, Im not going to 'open' the Gym for periods of time as I dont have those periods of time, but message me to set up a battle :)
  19. I don't look for people for the frontiers, to me it's the same as applying for a gym and there's not a lot of people interested in the spots. If any of you have (good) ideas for new frontiers then feel free to mention them
  20. venom1950

    venom1950 Ace Trainer

    Ok,here's my suggestion.

    Double Symbol - double battle with serebii OU rules.
    Rotation Symbol - rotation battle with serebii OU rules.
    Triple Symbol - triple battle with serebii OU rules.
    Tiers Symbol - challenger and frontier brain use 2 pokemon from 3 different tiers except Uber.
    Multi Symbol - this symbol you have to find someone else to battle with you against two frontier brains who are in charge of this symbol.
    Random Symbol - a bit tricky. you say all your pokemon you use in battles and frontier brain puts them in the pot. you have to use 6 pokemon drawn out from the pot.
    Champion Symbol - single battle with serebii OU rules. You battle the current league champion.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2014
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