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Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by dragontamer44722, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Joanie

    Joanie Well-Known Member

    I'll check the type charts and see if I can breed something up. Been quiet, but slowly breeding to the point where I can get 5 IVs on ... currently just over half of the egg groups.
    So, should be able to get *something* together this time.
  2. Well this isn't a final list, but currently the Electric, Poison, Grass, Flying, Dragon, Ground and Steel gyms are open to apply for, I should have done this long ago
  3. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    I can put an ad in my sig to see if we can attract some people, you never know. Problem is we get people and then they disappear right after they get picked xD
  4. LynxForte

    LynxForte The Phoenix

    E4 Mr. Y vs LynxForte
    Win 1-0
    I swear Mr. Y makes me sweat every time we battle. Amazing battle. A key burn and stalling out the weather gave me the win.

    We will be rebattling because I didn't realize I had a counter team.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
  5. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    E4 Mr. Y vs LynxForte
    Win 1-0
    GG, many missplays at the end really costed me.
  6. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Just a reminder to the previous raffle winners that I still have your prizes. Pm me to get your prizes and I'll try and catch you. I'm not open as I'm doing some cloning/breeding,
  7. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    Will be breeding today, but tomorrow I can finally open my gym without any hiccups. If anyone would like to schedule a time, please feel free to contact me via PM/VM. My time zone is EST, but I can do my best to accommodate those who are on at strange hours of the day/night.
  8. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Rock gym and NU frontier open
  9. jon199

    jon199 Well-Known Member

    Well, leftovers hunting is still greatly annoying, just as I remember it.
    Triples frontier is OPEN.
  10. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    Getting a entire team of level 91 pickup users helps. I got one Leftovers within an hour of searching.
    That aside, Psychic E4 will be open for challengers tomorrow!
  11. jon199

    jon199 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's basically what I got. 5 lv. 100 pachirisu. XD
    Also, Frontier is now closed, with no challengers.
  12. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    Good Luck with the hunt :)
    Also, I won't be available next Friday - Sunday, as I have much needed business to attend to.
  13. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    Normal gym open today, feel free to contact me for a battle. I won't be on constantly, but I will check back periodically throughout the day.

    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  14. Wego

    Wego WeCounting Stars

    Rock gym and NU frontier open
  15. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    If anyone wants to challenge the Water E3 just pm me tomorrow, I'll be on most of the day.
  16. AmazingChi

    AmazingChi Volcanic Rage

    Bug Gym is open, sorry for lengthy absence - job's a killer.
  17. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    Fighting gym is closed for teh day
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2015
  18. Flamingmence

    Flamingmence Member

    UserName flamingmence
    Friend code: 4699-8209-7087
    Favorite tier: OU
    Time zone: central time zone
    The only things I would like for you guys to know about me is that I am new to competitive battling so if you have any advice I would gladly appreciate and I will try to battle on weekends cause I don't have internet at home.
  19. MasterGohan

    MasterGohan Dovakin

    Welcome, welcome! We're glad you're here. My only advice to you is this:Have fun! That's what we're about here so just have fun. Challenge the gym leaders if you feel up to it or just ask and I'm sure someone will battle you and critique your team or battling style. Anyway, good luck.

    Now,..... that's right!! Its time for....


    So it have been a crazy year so far and we're not even one month in!! My son is getting bigger everyday (coming up on 1 year old) and that is taking up more and more of my time. I have transferred my team over to my Alpha Sapphire so i can take challenges there. I've been doing a lot of trading lately since I haven't had a lot of time for breeding. It looks like I wont be able to participate in the coming tournament, sadly. I was really looking forward to it and had an interesting type combination planned. Oh well. I'm still able to take challenges though so if anyone wants to challenge just send me a message and we'll work out a time. I really need to get back to challenging the gym leaders. I feel like I've been a bit distant lately and I apologize. I am here and I will be more active.

    Well that about wraps up this episode. Tune in next time when I say things like "Hello" and Paunch!!" See you then!
  20. LeafeonTheVoid

    LeafeonTheVoid New changes

    Welcome to the League! Everyone is welcome, and this is a great place to start with learning about the competitive scene. Feel free to ask any of the leaders here for advice, and remember to have fun battling. :)
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