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PokeKat248's Non Cloning 5th Gen Shiny Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by PokeKat248, May 11, 2011.

  1. PokeKat248

    PokeKat248 New Member

    ok RULES:
    1) If you clone pokemon,DONT POST HERE
    2) if you are offering hacks/cheats pokemon
    3)Dont post anything perverted or EXTREMLY wrong
    4)dont ask for hacks/clones
    5)DONT offer cloning sevicies
    6) YOU CAN OFFER CLONES but there condisder less valuable
    7) dont post off topic or mean stuff YOU WILL GET BANNED from my shop
    8) 5 strikes and youre out

    5 strikes=per ban
    advertising=per ban
    harrasing how the shop runs=per ban
    posting to often=2 strikes
    spamming trolling=per ban
    advertisng on purpuse to go to other peps shop=per ban (unless in sig)
    other kinds of crap=1 strike
    stealing pokemon from my shop=per ban

    Confusious: per ban for advertsing in my shop
    JuanLink: per ban for being confirmed a scammer

    Itck:3 strikes 3 week ban
    RulerofUnova:2strikes 2 week ban

    SO i have lots of 5th gen shinies UNcloned so post youre shiny LEGIT UNCLONED pokemon here WARNING: some of my pokemon may be cloned and if you find out the pokemon is cloned i will trade back
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  2. PokeKat248

    PokeKat248 New Member

    i have shiny:
    oshawott(3)GOOD OFFERS!
    snivy(4)GOOD OFFERS!
    bravary GOOD OFFERS!
    tepig(2) GOOD OFFERS!
    meinfoo(2)GOOD OFFERS!
    terekion ALL FOUR GOOD OFFERS!

    im looking for shiny petil,cotonee,larvesta,and other good 5th gen shinies pm me offers
  3. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    Congrats on the shop! ;)

    I would like a shiny Oshawott. Would you like a shiny Metagross? BTW, it's Japenese.
  4. Blackacer

    Blackacer ~Artist~

    Interested In Shiny Oshawott , Shiny Snivy , Shiny Zorua. Visit my shop to see what interest u :) i have alot shiny legendary to offer
  5. Afwan

    Afwan <---Shiny Hunt!

    im interested in ur shiny venipede , deino , axew , archen
    i have shiny staraptor lugia purugly and mienshao

    pm me their natures charesteristics.
  6. xack

    xack Well-Known Member

    i would like your shiny axew, i can put up a shiny crobat and a few others pokes.
  7. JuanLiNK26

    JuanLiNK26 Banned

    hey pokekat its funny how u dont want clones or pokemon that come from clones, how about telling the ppl here how u got the shiny cobalion and shiny terrakion? since i cloned them for u? lol
  8. Confusious

    Confusious King in the North

    Yeah, I don't see this shop lasting long, at least from a serious standpoint. The way you conduct your business is shady, to say the least, and from what I have seen, you're impossible to negotiate with.

    Just my two cents.
  9. mick_1232001

    mick_1232001 New Member

    Would you be interested in gen 1-4 shinies? I am really interested in your shiny pawniard
  10. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    Yes, I agree with Confusious... Sorry about that but it's true.

    You're not very specific with what you offer, and you never seem to reply. The way you don't want clones, while it's most likely that most of your Pokemon are clones too.

    Sorry, but I don't see how this shop will get anywhere.
  11. JuanLiNK26

    JuanLiNK26 Banned

    trade shop

    her pokemon are clones, i gave her the shiny cobalion+ terrakion after she ketp bothering me for them, and i cloned them so she is offering cloned pokemon
  12. ltck

    ltck Shiny Sniper

    You're lucky I haven't raised an issue in the reporting thread. A word of advice (if you haven't already seen it in my thread:)

    PokeKat248: Nothing personal, since it's my fault for not checking to see if it was legit. But the fact that you continued to raise an argument AFTER I had POLITELY requested a trade-back really got on my nerves. Also, you asked for a legit Pokemon and traded me a hack in return. I'm aware that this happens, but that doesn't mean I'm going to just let it go. In the future, I would recommend that you don't go looking for legit Pokemon if you're just going to trade hacks. It'll mess up your reputation as a trader. :3
  13. AfroKing

    AfroKing Street Brawlers CEO

    I'm interested in ur Shiny Stunkfish, Shiny Axew, Shiny Feroseed, Shiny Deino and Shiny Drilbur. I can offer u a Shiny Lugia, Shiny Suicune and Shiny Rayquaza. Let me know if u are interested.
  14. Pikaboy101

    Pikaboy101 New Member

    I am willing to offer my UT female ponyta lvl 42 female or my UT shiny sentret lvl 3 female for your shiny sewaddle
  15. Shiny Porygon-Z

    Shiny Porygon-Z Hate makes me Famous

    I have a Lv. 100 legit shiny spiritomb, i did train it, i would like your shiny litwick and shiny sandile please. PM me and we can talk.
  16. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Don't post off-topic, people. If you think someone offers hacks post in the blacklist thread with proof, but don't argue here or advertise your own shops, etc.
  17. Jerry Han

    Jerry Han Death is upon you

    i really want a shiny zorua i have a shiny togekiss and flygon
  18. Rayce

    Rayce _

    shiny heatmor; a shiny UT eon ticket latios for it?

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