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Pokemans Perfect Pokemon Trade Booth

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Pokemans man, Jul 26, 2012.


What should i RNG more of?

  1. Shinys

  2. Flawless shinys

  3. DW shinys

  4. DW flawless shinys

  1. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    Hello all
    this shop has just started so it will be small to begin with but i will update it constantly as i get more shinys, legendarys and flawless pokemon.
    Firstly follow the standard Serebii trade shop rules, i don't want to have a blacklist and also i absolutely do not tolerate hacks. All my pokemon (unless it specifically states so) are not hacks and are 100% legit with an OT of MATT, TID of 35205 and SID of 46805 (unless again if it states so). If i accidentally trade you a hack pm me and i will be happy to trade back.


    I also take RNG requests, just ask
    rosierjay for letting me keep a shiny jirachi even when it might have not been hacked :D

    Now as to how this trade shop works:
    Spending points
    1 point = an ordinary shiny
    1 point also = an ordinary legendary
    1 point also = a DW female
    2 points = a flawless shiny
    2 points also = a shiny legendary
    2 points also = shiny DW
    3 points = shiny DW Flawless
    3 Points also = shiny legendary flawless

    and to gain points:
    anything on my major wants list = 5 points
    anything on my wants list = 3 points
    anything i want that matches my other wants specifications = 2 points
    anything on my Minor wants list = 1 point

    Owed points
    no one at the moment

    Just a note, I do NOT want any shinys that are not flawless. this may sound harsh but if i wanted them i could just rng for them. If you trade me a non flawless shiny (unless it's a legendary or DW) then i will demand a refund and you will get a warning. Also i do not want clones, it takes no effort to clone a pokemon and as all my shinys have taken effort this would be an unfair trade and you will be required to trade back and will receive a warning.

    Now onto what I'm offering:


    Metang lvl: 55
    Absol lvl: 50
    Jynx lvl: 48
    Claydol lvl: 50
    Onix lvl: 49
    Yamask lvl:21
    Cofarigus lvl: 36
    Venipede lvl:21
    Togepi lvl:1
    Togepi lvl: 1
    drillbur- adamant
    drillbur adamant
    ferroseed - sassy
    baltoy - bold
    baltoy - bold
    baltoy - bold
    Flawless Shinys
    Frillish- female- calm- 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Solosis - Quiet - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Drillbur - Adamant - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Ferroseed - Relaxed - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Larvesta - calm - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Phione - timid - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Terrakion lvl: 42- nicknamed Terrakium but otherwise untouched, also not my own but is legit- OT of NATHAN, TID- 44297
    Shiny Legendarys
    Nothing at the moment
    Dream World females
    Nothing at the moment
    Flawless/ Near flawless dream world shinys
    Politoed will be worth 4 points as she is one of my prize pokemon also not mine but is legit
    - Quiet - 31/30/30/31/31/02
    Breeding ( worth 1/2 a point per 2 pokemon )
    all pokemon in unova dex + starters + others ( just ask )

    OK now onto my wants
    Major wants
    Shiny Shaymin
    Shiny Darkrai

    Shiny Zapdos
    Shiny Articuno
    Shiny Tornadus
    Shiny Thunderus
    DW Torchic (must be adamant and flawless)
    Rare events
    any shiny flawless DW

    Other Wants
    Any Flawless shiny that i don't have already
    Any event i don't have

    Minor Wants
    Nothing at the moment/any common events that i dont have
    I will be adding more stuff soon :D
    also as it is school i am only free to trade on the weekends once i have worked out a trade with you pm me for times i can trade
    and please subscribe and check back because i wont pm you unless we are working out times and finer details :D
    I am now looking for someone who can create a cool shiny magikarp userbar which says 'Pokemans Perfect Pokemon Trade Booth' anyone who can do this will get a flawless shiny of their choice
    Good Luck and Have fun trading in this shop ;)
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2012
  2. rise and shine!

    rise and shine! New Member

    do you want a dw riolu with bullet punch? i can breed it for you(i have lv 10 dw lucario event). if not does a dark pusle egg move houndour can be given to you!
    can i have one of the togipis? it donsen't matter which one
  3. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    let me know if you ever need help cloning anything.

    oh i have the three shinies in your major wants, but i don't know if they are legit or not. you can have them. if they are legit you can give me points for them. if it turns out they aren't you can just trash them. (you don't need to trade me anything special for them since i don't know for sure.)
  4. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    im interested in shiny flawless frillish/larvesta/phione check my shop and see if anything interest,s you
    NOTE: although i say my pokemon are flawless which most are some dont but are very close to perfection.
  5. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    hi thanks for the enthusiastic responses
    a dw riolu would be nice and i can do that trade :D
    are the pokemon in your shop shiny? i can't make sense of it
    yeah what we can do is that you trade them to me for say a lillipup and i hack check them and if they are legit then i can then give you shop points :D
    sound ok?
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2012
  6. Rayce

    Rayce _

    VERY Nice to see another trade Booth here :D . Awesome shop!
  7. 36squid

    36squid ISingTheBodyElectric

    CMT for shiny flawless frillish & Phione ^_^
  8. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    sorry what's cmt?
    thanks rayce :D
  9. EarthquakeCroc

    EarthquakeCroc 黑雷王

    I'm interested in ur shiny Ho oh and shiny togepi. Check my sig for wt u want
  10. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    the shiny flawless lati looks interesting
    would you be willing to trade that for both?
  11. EarthquakeCroc

    EarthquakeCroc 黑雷王

    A shiny flawless legendary is worth more than a sf but seeing as we ar both Aussie I will accept that trade if u can RNG a poke for me
  12. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    what do you want rnged?
    and so you know your lati would be worth 3 points so i can do togepi + ho-oh + 1 shiny ( i take it that this is your RNG Request ) or shiny + flawless
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2012
  13. EarthquakeCroc

    EarthquakeCroc 黑雷王

    I'm quite sure I got it from a trade shop and I checked as well, I would be interested in a baltoy SF
  14. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    so shiny flawless baltoy + ho-oh or togepi
    sound good
  15. EarthquakeCroc

    EarthquakeCroc 黑雷王

    I'm quite sure I got it from a trade shop and I checked as well, I would be interested in a baltoy SF
  16. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    try not to double post
    unless it's my browser which is screwed up :D
  17. EarthquakeCroc

    EarthquakeCroc 黑雷王

    Sorry it's not your browser but mine :p. yeh that sounds good :D it's gonna be easy to trade with u as we ar in the same time zone
  18. mogan3

    mogan3 Wanna trade

    ill trade u a shiny thunderous for the shiny fraxure also i could clone for ur shop if u want me too
  19. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    sounds great to me. can you let me know via vm when you can trade?
  20. Pokemans man

    Pokemans man magikarp trainer

    I don't need a cloner but I'll definitely do that trade pm me and we'll work out a time :D

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