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Pokemon 4th generation battle time

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Jakob99, May 31, 2012.

  1. Jakob99

    Jakob99 Gremlin

    (Please move this if in wrong section thanks)

    Be sure to check out my profile comments section for details on some important stuff.Also check out my signature for a few important things like my Friend Code for soul silver and a few other things in there.Please PM me your 4th gen friend code if you are to participate in this.Please PM me if you want an account on the website in my signature as registeration is disabled and I have to register you.DO NOT PM me if you want an account on that site as it's only open to people partaking in this and are in my Pal Pad.

    This will be a 4th gen tournament.You'll start at the beggining of the bridge(Round 1)and must traverse the bridge.Pokemon battles get you there.If you survive you Must battle me the all mighty champion who is gonna be HARD than your average Pokemon trainer.My team is all secret and will not be revealed till you battle me.Spoilers will be in place witch will contain important info in them.

    Round 1

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 45-50.Think of Round 1 as a garden variety battle[/Spoil]

    Round 2

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 50-58.This round may be a wee bit harder than round 1 but not too hard[/spoil]

    Round 3

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 58-65.It will be about the same as round 2 possibly or a bit harder.Depends on your Pokemon levels[/spoil]

    Round 4

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 65-79.The trainers will be advanced so be prepared as it will be harder here[/spoil]

    Round 5

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 79-87.The trainers here and the rest are all experts from this point on.Stradegies will be usefull here[/spoil]

    Round 6

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 87-95.Same difficulty as round 5[/spoil]

    Semi Finals

    [spoil]Trainers will range from levels 95-100.The trainers are Experts here so be prepared and don't get concerned if you loose to these tuff Pokemon Trainers[/spoil]

    Championship Match

    [spoil]Be prepared for this HARD HARD HARD Match against the Expert Pokemon Trainer(Me Jakob99)It's the match you've been dreading as I will wipe you whole.If you can't see all of my team Tuff your Pokemon isn't strong.And don't use the excuses I can't battle I'm busy I just started my adventure.That is a way to get out of battling me and I need a good match[/spoil]


    [spoil]That's right if you spelled the word correctly you get retirement.I'm retireing after the tournament is over unless someone else claims they can beat me with only seeing one of there Pokemon(Doubt that will ever happen Heh)After this I am only battling by special requests only[/spoil]

    No Pokemon's level may dip below 45

    Have a good and balanced team

    Have a good breakfast Lunch and/or snack and dinner

    No pokemon may Hold anything like leftovers unless it's a one time use HP berry other than that those are the Only items that are allowed is HP berries.


    The matches will last a week(7 rounds)They will start tommorow.My wi-fi isn't working so I will need to ask my dad to fix it(Can't do it tonight he has to go to bed eairly for work at 3:00 AM)

    My name is Jakob as you will need it for the name part of the FC regosteration
    Last edited: May 31, 2012

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