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Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto) Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by IshanZ, May 5, 2009.

  1. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    This is the discussion thread for the rp only those approved may post. You should post whether you'll be gone a long time or whether you have a problem with someone's post in the rp. Also post any ideas you have for the sequel which will take place in Sinnoh and will be called Pokemon A New Age(Sinnoh): The Descendants and The Elemental Plates(Credit to Stabberz for Elemental Plate idea and Andydemon for descendant idea). And you should post if you wish to meet with someones character and ect.

    The Story: The Story: It has been 8 years since newly crowned Pokemon master Ash ketchum had started his journey and destroyed the last of the evil teams. Many things have changed since his journey started. For example after Cinnabar island was destroyed by a volcanoe it was rebult into a full blown resort where many people go to rest and watch Blaine battle his challengers. Also some of the elite four of many regions have changed along with some of the gym leaders(more explained later). Ash has become champion of the four regions and then putting someone responsible in charge while he continued to challenge the other pokemon leagues. In kanto Richie Ash's rival, in Johto Gold Ash's apprentice, in Hoeen Professor Birch's son Ruby, and in Sinnoh Ash's rival Jun who was then defeated by his bestfriend Diamond. Ash wasn't the only one to succeed his friends also became famous.

    Brock the ex leader of Pewter Gym became a successfull breeder who has daycare centers in all 4 regions. Misty has become an accomplished water pokemon master nad is training with elite 4 member Lorlei. Gary has become a pokemon professor of kanto now providing starting trainers with their pokemon after professir oak retired. May daughter of Norman has won the Grand festival in kanto and hoeen while her younger brother max has started his journey and is traveling through Johto. Dawn has won Grand festivals in Johto and Sinnoh. Finally Mr. Mean man Paul is still as mean and harsh is now an elite 4 member taking Bertha's place.

    The elite four has changed. In kanto Agatha was replaced by a young girl named Blue. In johto Silver has taken Lance's place as the fourth elite four member after being demoted when beaten by Ash then replaced by Gold. In Hoeen Drake was replaced by Tyson after Drake broke his back in battle. Finally in Sinnoh Paul became the fourth elite four member after taking Bertha's place then defeating the other three.

    Now although all the evil teams are gone...one team is on the rise...Team Liberator. Team Liberator's legacy began on the start of Ash Ketchum's crowning and burst of light appeared and Giratina and Raquaza appeared before all in the crowds and Ash. In between them was a man with long white hair, the man claimed this was the best for everyone and had Raquaza and Giratina attack. Ash and his friends tried to stop him bur the legendaries were too strong and Ash and his friends were all defeated. After the defeat all types of security forces from the police to other hidden groups tried to stop them... and none were heard from again. According to reliable sources Team Liberator wants to liberate the world of all things evil. Their leader is said to be an intimidating man who will do anything to get what he wants. His grunts wear white and black cloaks which cover their black jeans and white longsleeved shirts. Team Liberator uses a all types of pokemon however they try to find the strongest pokemon and realese them if they are too weak(remind you of someone?). Team liberator does anything to get what the want much like their leader, they have been known to even destroy towns to find out any information on legendaries. Many know this name and are terrified when they hear it... many even say that they have seen the leader riding Giratina in its origin form heading towards their next target....

    Well let's forget about these rumors....Ok now it's time for a new age of trainers you have recieved invitations from the retired Professor. Oak Senior to come to Kanto and start your journey, however do to an estimated amount of over 24(including rivals and compainians) trainers and co-ordinators combined he prefers you come with your own pokemon and to have some variety of trainers and other pokemon he has sent even those from other regions to come and join in this years Pokemon League and Grand Festival

    Those who can post(Updated with those who were kicked for not posting at all or only once...wow only 6 people left...):

    Vera Lebedeva-treespyro(co-ordinator)

    Lucas Serenes- Andydemon(trainer)

    Matt Styles-ashds(both)

    Ryan Shand- Stabberz(both)

    Gaia Zand- Zandgaia(co-ordinator)

    Matt Nickerson - Torpoleon(trainer)

    Anyway here you are go ahead and post if you are on the list above =)

    Approved By: RaZoR LeAf
  2. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    I think In Sinnoh, you should have a storyline where Team Galactic join Team Liberator( if they're still there) and also you should have some of the bad guys be either descendant's of touch a plate, it would even it up a little more.
  3. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    ashds' character(Matt) is in love with my character(gaia) ;D
    just to tell every1 xD
  4. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Well I think we should find a way to get everyone that is not 'Evil' together soon to add something to the story

    I want Vera to have some importance
  5. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    ^ xD contest anyone?

    edit: vermillion contest 'course
  6. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    well one of my characters is a Co-Ordinator so I'm already game for that
  7. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    mines both so pokamanic will be runing wild
  8. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Speaking of which Ashds, concidering you and Torpoleon's characters both have the same name I have to ask, what're you gonna do if your characters meet?
  9. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    I don't know we'll make that part up as we go along
  10. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    I know what ashds and I can do. Since our characters have different last names(thank god) with my character we could say Matt N. or we could do Matt S. for ashds's cahracter.

    Okay, with the new RPG(after we finish this one) we should still have Team Liberator(duh) and how about(warning Platinum spoiler alert) since in Platinum Charon (the fourth commander) says that he wants to make a new Team Glactic after Cyrus left, we should do that. Ya know, make a new Team Glactic(with a new name but stil about the subject and make Charon the leader) Then, Team Liberator and thew new Team Glactic wil unite but go by their own team names. Good idea, eh?
  11. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Regarding the bringing all non-evil people together that will indeed happen(it's already happening with Aifread the not pirate and some guy who tipped Ishan off with the rampaging Gyrados) and all I need to do is think of a name and I'll start the "Gathering".

    Regarding Team Galatics return, if they do then they probably will work with Team Liberator but, although Team Liberator will consider them worthless "Pawns" and will try to kill two birds with one stone once their job is done.

    And the elemental plates will indeed give "powers" to Team Liberator and possibly Galactic however only the high up people will get them(like the real leader of Team Liberator and comanders and executives).

    Finally here are some descendent ideas I have(these are ideas and the names will probably change).

    The Shapers- can shape into pokemon as an illusion(if you touch an elemental plate you can use the corrosponding pokemon attacks IE: Fire plate will allow you to shape into a Charmeleon and allow you to use more of the attacks than when you shape into a Dewgong or Wartortle)

    The readers- can read a pokemon's mind when you touch an elemental plate you have the ability to read a pokemon's past(only those pokemon that has the element of the plate you touch)

    The Auraholics(lol)- Basicallt what the name suggests can use Aura(the aura changes when you touch an elemental plate and grows stronger when you combine aura's with a pokemon that has the same element as the plate)

    NPC Descendant(s)(yes there will be descendant powers for NPC's only. Although only though of one)

    The controllers- can control pokemon*Cough*Team Liberator*cough*

    These are all the ones I can think of go ahead and contribute more(and names).
  12. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    First focus on the story itself, the one right now

    So with the future contests. We have 4 competitors. I assume the winner has to be one with experience which cuts 2 of them. Since there are many I think Vera who is the most experience should win. I mean very rarely will someone on their debut will win
  13. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    ^ but you know it's fairly dumb to let the "best" and most famous win you know xD
  14. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    I have to agree with Zandgaia, I mean it's only fair to let the other people have fun right? So it'd be best to match the Contests up evenly so everyone gets a shot for the top near the end rather then leaving it up to the...celebrities...in the cast.
  15. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Treespyro you always create *****y characters and always expect them to be major, I personally would like to see Vera take a beating and be knocked down a peg or three.

    IshanZ: I think that you could have a descendant/ power who can use 1 Pokémon attack which is based on there personality but can change as the human changes.
  16. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Well aren't we a bit angry. What I do with my characters and how I make gives you not right to bag them out. Am I not going to take a swing at another characters. So you have no right to comment on my character, so you can keep your thoughts to yourself. I am not going to make a cliche character that is an orphan or has links to legendary characters. I prefer realistic-esq characters that have flaws and are human.

    Fair is fair, You are correct.
    For the Contest then, How about we say that Vera loses in the first round. Upsets happen

    Then Gaia and Lucia can duke it out. Or my character can forfeit due to other commitments due to fact that she is not a proper co-ordinator
  17. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    ^ the last thing of that she says she's not a proper co-ordinator xD
    but also a question: why you always make famous people?
    and an idea: every co-ordinator signs up for the vermillion city contest and she loses the first round already?
  18. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Let me rephrase it
    1) I don't mind Vera losing first round, I don't want some cliche with the final 4
    2) Why because I want to
    3) I mean a part-time, doesn't mean she is not bad

    So you all can pick who you want to be in the finals
  19. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Here's what I want to happen at the Grand Festival and Pokemon league.

    -One of the main characters(as in our characters) to win first and second place.

    -After the Pokemon League the winner will face the Elite Four only the champion(if you choose to beat all four members) will take place at a later place which I will decide and PM you about and will be given a letter inviting them to the Special training island to train their battling skills(the Elite Four battles will take place whenever you want whether it's now or in one of the sequels)

    -The runner up will be given the same letter except they won't be able to face the Elite Four

    -The Grand Festival winner will face the Contest Masters and will face the Leader around the same time as the Pokemon League winner faces the Champion.

    -Both winner and runner up will gain enterance to the Special training island.

    As for Team Liberator here's what I have in store for them.

    -The final encounter in Kanto will take place after the Pokemon League.

    -You're character does not have to participate in this final encounter however I highly recommend they do.

    -Team Liberator will not run away after this encounter they will fight til the end even if it means death.

    -Team Liberator's real leader will be reaveled

    -Agent Shadow's true face will be reaveled along with his past and why he wears the mask will be reaveled also.

    -It will take more than one character to defeat Duke and his pokemon

    Now staying away from the end of this rp here's what to look forward to soon in the rp.

    -The legendary birds, Mewtwo, and Mew will all make apperances.

    -The injections real purpose is to be reaveled.

    -A new injection will be reaveled

    -Chaos, Light, and Shadow will have a face off to determine who is the strongest and who will be Duke's second-in-command

    -More commander(s?) will be reaveled

    -The purpose of the water gem/jewl/whatever I said will be reaveled

    -More evil missions that Ishan is assigned will be reaveled.

    -The man who tipped Ishan off about the Gyrados will be reaveled and will gather everyone who is good or neutral together to discuss what to do with Team Liberator and about forming an opposing Team.

    Finally here's some ideas for the good team's name.

    Team Emerald

    Team Unity

    The Descendants

    The Guardians
  20. zandgaia

    zandgaia *Gasp* He's back!

    ^ nice! That's what we can use :D so shall we start the pokemon vermillion contest?

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