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Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by IshanZ, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    The Story: It has been 8 years since newly crowned Pokemon master Ash ketchum had started his journey and destroyed the last of the evil teams. Many things have changed since his journey started. For example after Cinnabar island was destroyed by a volcanoe it was rebult into a full blown resort where many people go to rest and watch Blaine battle his challengers. Also some of the elite four of many regions have changed along with some of the gym leaders(more explained later). Ash has become champion of the four regions and then putting someone responsible in charge while he continued to challenge the other pokemon leagues. In kanto Richie Ash's rival, in Johto Gold Ash's apprentice, in Hoeen Professor Birch's son Ruby, and in Sinnoh Ash's rival Jun who was then defeated by his bestfriend Diamond. Ash wasn't the only one to succeed his friends also became famous.

    Brock the ex leader of Pewter Gym became a successfull breeder who has daycare centers in all 4 regions. Misty has become an accomplished water pokemon master nad is training with elite 4 member Lorlei. Gary has become a pokemon professor of kanto now providing starting trainers with their pokemon after professir oak retired. May daughter of Norman has won the Grand festival in kanto and hoeen while her younger brother max has started his journey and is traveling through Johto. Dawn has won Grand festivals in Johto and Sinnoh. Finally Mr. Mean man Paul is still as mean and harsh is now an elite 4 member taking Bertha's place.

    The elite four has changed. In kanto Agatha was replaced by a young girl named Blue. In johto Silver has taken Lance's place as the fourth elite four member after being demoted when beaten by Ash then replaced by Gold. In Hoeen Drake was replaced by Tyson after Drake broke his back in battle. Finally in Sinnoh Paul became the fourth elite four member after taking Bertha's place then defeating the other three.

    Now although all the evil teams are gone...one team is on the rise...Team Liberator. Team Liberator's legacy began on the start of Ash Ketchum's crowning and burst of light appeared and Giratina and Raquaza appeared before all in the crowds and Ash. In between them was a man with long white hair, the man claimed this was the best for everyone and had Raquaza and Giratina attack. Ash and his friends tried to stop him bur the legendaries were too strong and Ash and his friends were all defeated. After the defeat all types of security forces from the police to other hidden groups tried to stop them... and none were heard from again. According to reliable sources Team Liberator wants to liberate the world of all things evil. Their leader is said to be an intimidating man who will do anything to get what he wants. His grunts wear white and black cloaks which cover their black jeans and white longsleeved shirts. Team Liberator uses a all types of pokemon however they try to find the strongest pokemon and realese them if they are too weak(remind you of someone?). Team liberator does anything to get what the want much like their leader, they have been known to even destroy towns to find out any information on legendaries. Many know this name and are terrified when they hear it... many even say that they have seen the leader riding Giratina in its origin form heading towards their next target....

    Well let's forget about these rumors....Ok now it's time for a new age of trainers you have recieved invitations from the retired Professor. Oak Senior to come to Kanto and start your journey, however do to an estimated amount of over 24(including rivals and compainians) trainers and co-ordinators combined he prefers you come with your own pokemon and to have some variety of trainers and other pokemon he has sent even those from other regions to come and join in this years Pokemon League and Grand Festival.

    Ok for your first post you should get your starter. If you already have it then post how you get to Kanto, and if you've already have both then just start your journey.

    Ok here is my post.

    "Ahhh....today's the day!" Ishan shouts as he turns of his alarm and gets up.

    "Ishan get ready quick you have to go visit Norman and your father at the gym!" Ishan's mother yelled from downstairs.

    "Ok mom!" Ishan yelled back as he entered the bathroom.

    30 minutes later...

    Ishan walks downs with his gloves in his hands, looks out at the sun and smiles. He puts his gloves on and looks at his mom who is crying.

    "Awww mom i'll call when I get to Kanto." Ishan said with encouragement

    "It's not that...you remind me of your father when he was your age...so energetic...now all he thinks about is research....anyway here is your backpack it has your clothes and a sleeping bag in it." Ishan's mom said with a fake smile.

    "Right so I guess this is goodbye...bye mom." Ishan said as he left the house.

    Ishan left the house passed a few houses and stood outside the gym. He took a deep nervous breath and entered the brightly lit gym. Inside was his father and Norman both standing in front of him.

    "Welcome Ishan, i'm happy to see you've come here before leaving." Ishan's father said with a smile.

    " Yes and before you do leave we are going to help you catch your first..." Norman started to say before one of his trainers came in with a burnt hand.

    "Mr.Zaveri Norman, the Charmander has gone crazy!" The young boy shouted ''

    "Oh no not the Charmander I found I was supposed to study why it was in Hoenn!" Ishan's dad said nervously

    "Hey how about I catch that Charmander as my first pokemon!" Ishan shouted to Norman.

    "Hmmm ok here use Slakoth." Norman said handing Ishan a pokeball and Slakoth's pokeball.

    The wild Charmander entered the gym with eyes filled with anger.

    "Charr!" The charmander shouted

    "Go Slakoth!" Ishan shouted reaveling not Slakoth, but Slaking!

    "Uh-oh wrong pokeball, Slaking isn't going to listen to Ishan." Norman said to Ishan's dad

    "Your right....Ishan can't even control a slakoth.' Ishan's dad added

    Slaking looked at Ishan with anger, but instead of attacking Ishan is signaled him to hurry up.

    "Uh your listening to me?!?" Ishan shouted with confusion.

    "Slak(which means, for only a few minutes then I chase you around)." Slakind said

    "Ok then use uh...focus punch." Ishan said

    Slaking rushed at the Charmander who tried using ember which bounced of instead angering Slaking. Slaking released focus punch sending charmander up into the air hitting the ceiling.

    Charmander refusing to give up tried using scratch which didn't do anything to Slaking. With anger Slaking slapped Charmander against the other wall...then went to sleep.

    " Ok...Pokeball go!" Ishan shouted sending the pokeball at Charmander.

    The pokeball shook once..twice...and then....stopped..Charmander was caught!

    "Alright!" Ishan said picking up the pokeball and returning Slaking.

    "well well well...good job Ishan...I guess we should get you to the boat.." Said Norman looking proud

    "Yes let's go." Ishan's dad said looking shocked....

    Ok only these people may post. However you can still sign-up until we get enough players or we get to Cerulean.

    Accepted Players:

    Vera Lebedeva-treespyro(co-ordinator)

    Lucas Serenes- Andydemon(trainer)

    Daniel (Dan) Heyb- Zorg(trainer)

    Gio Yagami- Shinkagehadou(both)

    Soren Nightingale- Soren Nightingale(trainers)

    Floren Hill- Slipomatic(trainer)

    Matt Styles-ashds(both)

    Richard Weesly- handymankg(co-ordinator)

    Ryan Shand- Stabberz(both)

    Gaia Zand- Zandgaia(co-ordinator)

    Matt Nickerson - Torpoleon(trainer)

    Those Kicked:

    Richard Weesly- handymankg(co-ordinator)

    Daniel (Dan) Heyb- Zorg(trainer)

    Gio Yagami- Shinkagehadou(both)

    Soren Nightingale- Soren Nightingale(trainers)
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2009
  2. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    An Alarm clock buzzed as Vera all groggy eyed woke up, "Eugh, Time for a quick swim, Tennis Practice, Shower, Breakfast and packing" she said as she turned off the alarm and smiled as she looked at her pokemon

    "Come Andreas, Let us go" she said as she tapped her Makuhita on its shoulder, It twitched and Twitched as fell back asleep. Vera sighed as she returned it, then decided to change into her tracksuit, ready for her early mourning swim and Tennis Practice

    Vera went to her local swimming pool, The sky still not awake as she looked at her coach who was her mother, Nodded as she jumped in swimming with every stroke hitting, hitting the water as her arms and legs worked in unison as she continued for an hour and a bit.

    Vera got out of the pool, "Vera, Nice very consistant, Quick 2 minute shower and Tennis Practice, Then you can start to pack" she smiled at her daughter who walked to the showers.

    "Focus, Focu...Play the ball" she thought as Vera waited for the ball to come her way, Her strokes pounding The Living Daylights of the ball, "Nice Vera, Keep it up" her tennis coach said as Vera's mother looked at a few papers, "Ok, Backhand is looking solid and so is the forehand, I guess that is from Hoenn" he added as Vera nodded.

    "I have signed you up for the Tennis Circuit in Kanto and your Mother tells me that you will paticipate in both athletic events and Co-Ordination with your Pokemon?" He asked as Vera wearing a white top, Visor and a skirt in white gripped her racquet. "Well I got my Corphish, Andreas and yeah It is going to be tough but I am ready, I am leaving in 3 hours" she said as she placed her stuff back in her Tennis Kit.

    "Ready, Vera" Vera's Mother called as Vera ran downstairs carrying luggage and her tennis Kit, "We should get you a porter" her mother laughed as Vera rolled her eyes. "Your Dad is proud and he said he may come to one tournament and your Brother is going to be at Pewter at a Teaching conference" she added as Vera checked her bag and pockets,

    "Well that is all sorted out" she said as she walked into security area to get checked as she looked at the people boarding the ship, "All Clear, Next" the man said, "Miss Lebedeva, Are you Vera...My Daughter is a big fan of you, Excellent Tennis Player, May I have your autograph for my daughter and I" he asked as Vera was shocked, "I suppose" she said as she signed a picture of herself in action, "Here are Tickets for Daughter and you" Vera said handing a number, "Call the number, Trust me" she said as she got on
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2009
  3. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Floren was packing up her bags with what she was going to use on her travels. Ari, her eevee, was happily prancing around their room making packing a little slower as she got in the way often.

    "Oh stop it Ari, you need to calm down. I know you're excited and all, but if we're going to leave on time, you need to calm down."

    Ari obeyed and sat down near the door and yipped happily as she looked around the room. Floren smiled and continued packing the last bit of her clothes that she was going to carry with her.

    "Alright, now we're ready to roll!!"

    She slid on her duffel bag and put her backpack on and left the room with Ari. They walked through a decently furnished living room and onto outside where there was a 4x4 vehicle awaiting to take her to the port. She tossed her backpack onto the truck bed and got onto the passenger seat. Ari jumped and landed on her lap and curled up into a small ball. Flroen just smiled and asked the driver to go.

    They took off down the bumpy road though she just sat back and closed her eyes as she took a light nap all the way to the port. Her driver shook her gently to wake her up and pronounced that they were here. She thanked the driver and grabbed her backpack and walked up to the ticket booth.

    She bought a ticket to Kanto where she thought she would be able to get some rare pokemon that were rare to be seen around here. She so wanted a pikachu. She walked over to the ticket gate and scanned her ticket to a machine. Once verified, she walked up the plank onto the S.S. Anne which rang its horn, warning that it was about to depart soon.

    Pleased with getting here on time, she was going to get both Ari and herself some ice cream desert before they went to sleep. That reminded her that she had to call her parents so she did and told them that she was safely on the boat and heading towards the Kanto region where she would end up at Vermillion Harbor. She then promptly hung up and explored the boat as they took a days worth trip to Vermillion City. She arrived at the city ready to head towards Pewter City. She was going to finally see some action along with her pal.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2009
  4. Shinkagehadou

    Shinkagehadou Origianlity ftw!

    Hiro returns cubone to his pokeball, while Gio picks up sandshrew and tries to pull him out of his ball state.

    "Looks like you won, my son," Hiro digs through his pocket and takes out a brown disk, "Here, take this seems you're more ready for this than I am."

    He hands Gio the disk, Gio stares at it blankly and checks it, "What am I suppose to do with this now?"

    His father facepalms in response to his son's ignorance.

    "You're suppose to-"

    "Daddy? Daddy!? Is that you!? Daddy! It is you!" Fio is seen running up the hill where her father and brother are located.

    "Er, sorry gotta run son!" Hiro leaps into the bushes and disappears.

    "D-daddy?" Fio finally makes it to her brother but her father is nowhere to be found, "He, he left again...." Her eyes begin to swell with tears.

    "No, no he just had to be somewhere,he just wanted to say Hi to be. but was called on a very important meeting."

    "R-Really?" Fio rubbed her eyes.

    "Yeah, and don't do that here have a tissue."

    "Thanks big bro.."

    Gio looks at the disk again, puzzled on what it is used for.

    "Oh Gio, is that, a TM!?"

    "A T-what?"

    "A TM, you teach your pokemon moves with it, did you get it from dad!?"

    "Yeah I won it off of him-I mean he gave it to be!"

    "Well which is it?"

    "I don't know he left in a hurry before he could tell me."

    "Well let's test it!" Fio jumped up and down in excitement.

    "Uh, how?"

    "Oh, let me do it!" Fio grabs the disk and taps it on Dirtdevil's head. Dirtdevil shivers as it glows and bright white.

    "Hey! what did you do to Dirtdevil? If he's injured I swear.."

    "Calm down bro, he's fine, look."

    Dirtdevil leaped out of Gio's hand and his the ground hard, sending a shockwave, knocking both siblings down.

    "That, that was amazing was that Earthquake!?"

    "Well now you're catching on eh Big bro?"
  5. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    "Hey! Lucas! It's morning, time to get up!", Lucas could hear his mom shouting to him from downstairs, prompting him to open his eyes a little bit and look at his clock, it was around eight A.M., Lucas moved the blankets on his bed a little bit before he heard Riolu call up next, "Rio! Riolu!", Giving him a little more insentive to get up.

    Once he stood up and shook himself around a bit to wake himself up more he walked downstairs to see his parents waiting for him, but not Riolu, making Lucas ask, "Hey, where's Riolu?", His mother turned to him and said, "He's outside playing with Lucia.", Lucas' eyes widened a bit before he replied, "Lucia's here? I thought she said she'd be here around ten.", Lucas' dad laughed in response before saying, "It seems she got ready sooner than she thought, but she didn't expect you to still be asleep, you usually are the first one up Lucas, what happened?", "Riolu's a little scamp, he was so excited about our leave today that he wanted to play overnight, and I couldn't sleep much either", Lucas' mom went a little closer to him and said, "I know you worried about Riolu getting hurt, but you'll get used to it as you start battling, or if it's his power your worried about, you should be fine, it won't be a problem unless Riolu can use Aura Sphere, but that hasn't happened yet has it?", Lucas thought for a moment, "No he hasn't, even though you said there's a chance he might learn that without evolving, he's been trying to perform it but hasn't shown signs yet.", His father then put his hand on Lucas' shoulder saying, "Perhaps your not showing enough determination Lucas, you being scared of everyone isn't going to help much, you do remember what I told you before.", Lucas looked his father in the eye responding, "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality, ya I won't forget, but it's a hard phrase to live by for a coward."

    After the conversation, Lucas ate Breakfast, went back up to his room, put some clothes on and got everything ready before heading downstairs in time to see his friend Lucia at the door with her Pichu on her shoulder, "Well good morning Mr. Sleepyhead Lucas.", she said when he reached the bottom of the steps and looked to see his best friend Riolu at her feet before rushing towards Lucas and jumping into his arms, "Rio!", "Haha, good morning Riolu.", Lucas laughed happily before looking towards Lucia saying, "And good morning to you Lucia, and Pichu too.", "Pichu.", She replied as Lucia walked up to Lucas asking, "So you ready?", "Ya, let's go.", Lucas replied before his father told him "You and your friends be careful now, alright Lucas.", "Ya, I will, bye mom, bye dad.", "Rio.", Lucas and Riolu replied as they walked out the door with Lucia and Pichu and headed out the exit in the direction of Canalave, "This is gonna be fun, aren't you excited Pichu!?", "Pichu!", She exclaimed in response while some static sparked from her cheeks, "What about you Lucas?", "Uh, ya, we're excited about it too, right Riolu?", "Rio!", Riolu responded, raising his paw in the air.

    A couple days later

    Lucas was on the deck of the boat playing his ocarina while Riolu was watching the waves, eventually he heard Lucia start singing the same song he was playing nearby, called the Galdr of Rebirth in a fantasy story the two read when they were younger, "You know that's not gonna fit with contests right, I remember you being told you need to use your Pokemon's moves, not your voice.", Lucas remarked while letting off a little smirk, "I know, I know, I just really love singing, like you enjoy playing instruments, you said yourself once that there's have a musical side in all of us.", Lucia replied, while looking at Pichu checking the ocean with Riolu, who soon exclaimed, "Riolu!", Prompting Lucas to look in his direction to see Vermillion City coming into view, "You see that Lucas?", Lucia asked as Lucas walked up beside her, "Ya I do Lucia. You know, I'm acually excited about this.", Lucas replied, Lucia looked at him saying, "You seemed pretty happy when we got on this boat.", "I was just amazed at how beautiful the ocean looked in reality compared to the pictures, I never saw it up close like this, it makes me happier to have made the choice to go on this journey.", Lucas responded just before the boat stopped at the Vermillion Harbor, "It really was amazing to look at, maybe this'll be more fun than we imagined.", Lucia said as they got off the boat and started looking around Vermillion City.
  6. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    Dan got off the overly large Pidgeot.

    "Thanks Pidgeot! I'll send you back to sis when i get a chance" said Dan, returning his sisters Pidgeot.

    Dan had been through a rough morning. Deciding what to wear, getting strangled by his mum and trying to see what starters he would be able to pick at the Saffron City Pokemon Lab. He ended up deciding to pick a starter at Pallet Town, which is where he was directed to go to in the letter which he received.

    He was outside a big, plain white lab. 'This is where Ash Ketchum got his first Pokemon' he though.

    He tried to push the doors open, he had a tendency to be early, so he wasn't surprised that it was locked. The letter had said that there would be quite a few others there, so he decided he might wait outside the lab.

    He sat down and leaned against the lab. He pulled out a book and started to read. The cover said 'Your First Pokemon and You'. His mother had forced him to read it...
  7. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    The sun is bright and is shining down on Hoenns port(Mr. Briney's port) as Ishan and all of Petalburg City are gathered to say good-bye to the trainer who are setting off to go to Kanto.

    "Wow Petalburg hasn't gathered like this since May came back from winning the Grand Festival!" Ishan said while looking around the crown of people.

    "Hey kiddo!" A man with brown hair that is turning gray shouts as he gets through the crowd.

    "Hey Professor. Birch what are you doing here!" Ishan asked as he walked up to Professor. Birch.

    "Well Gary told me to give you this new pokedex...in red." Said Professor. Birch who was wearing a red labcoat

    "Uh Professor I think he meant give me a red Pokedex and tell Brendan I sa..." Ishan started to say akwardly

    Suddenly the ships horn rang and Ishan ran on board.

    "Bye everyone!" Ishan shouted knowing he wouldn't see them again until the pokemon league is over.

    Ishan was walking on board looking around. He saw many new trainers talking with each other and socializing and many either argueing or battling, Ishan however decided to bond with his new pokemon. He sent out Charmander who looked at him and smiled.

    "Hey uhh Charmander are you gonna hurt me?" Ishan asked

    "Charr." Charmander said happily

    "I guess that means we're friends...then I guess i'll call you Draco." Ishan said happy that he made friends with Charmander..

    "Well I guess we should go look around the ship to see if i know anyone...I hope she isn't here though..." Ishan said...
  8. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt placed pokeballs,heal items and a picture inside his bag he then put his Pokenav in his pocket. He reached in the other pocket and pulled out a red and white ball he opened the ball released Torchic and said "Lets go buddy" Torchic nodded and walked behind Matt. Once they were out of the orphanage turned around and looked back at it, it was his home for 13 years, he then turned forward and walked to Professor Elm's lab soon found an old man "Hey Matt, I've got your Pokedex ready" he said handing to Matt a small white and black striped box Matt thanked him while puting it in his bag. He and Torchic then left for the port and waited for the boat that would take them to Vermillion City it soon came and with in four hours they were in Vermillion City they quickly left for Pewter City on their way there they saw a green caterpillar with yellow ring-shaped markings down its body Matt got out his pokedex which boomed


    It releases a stench from its red antenna to repel enemies. It grows by molting repeatedly.

    Caterpie looked at Matt and Torchic it then hit Torchic with a Tackle "Torchic Ember" Matt said Torchic opened his beack and released small fire balls which hit Caterpie Matt pulled out a pokeball from his bag and threw it at Caterpie who then when into the ball. The ball shaked for a bit but soon stoped. Matt released Caterpie who climbed onto his arm.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2009
  9. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Vera looked around, the ship had nothing of her fancy. She sighed as she loosened up her body on the deck chair

    Vera was wearing a blue bikini as the light reflected her sunglasses, "Nothing much" she thought as she crossed her right leg over her left as she could here the waves waving and crashing into each other

    "One Hour till the ship docks" a booming voice echoed towards the ship, Vera got up and looked around, to get changed

    "What to wear" she thought looking at her wardrobe, also known as her luggage, "This top will go well with that, No!, Not that" she frantically said throwing clothes in the air.

    "This is good" she thought looking at a Black Top and Dark Blue Demin Jeans, "This would work with what shoes" she again frantically said throwing shoes in the air until she found the right shoes

    "Nice" she thought looking at a pair of black heels, Vera sighed as she looked at the mess, "Better clean it up" she smiled as she started to pick up clothes and shoes, Vera looked at her Tennis Bag.

    "I have to clean that up as well" she said looing at her 3 racquets, "One needs re-stringing and the other two are fine, Tennis Gear fine" she muttered as she sorted out her stuff in her comfy little room.

    "What to do until we dock" she said not realising the time, "Oh wait, We have docked that is why we haven't moved" she thought as she carried her luggage and Tennis bag which was on her right shoulder to the docks

    "Vermillion City" she thought, "Nice Place, looks modern but could I find a hotel sufficient enough and that has a tennis court" she said as she walked around the city looking for a hotel and taking in the atmosphere of the city, "Found it" she squealed in delight in finding the hotel as she entered

    "Can I have a room for Vera Lebedeva, Your best" she said taking out a credit card and giving it to the lobby, "Yes, Everything is in order, Miss Lebedeva just fill in this and what ever you want on this paper" he said as Vera got a pen from the table and started filling in.

    After the paperwork, Vera looked as she entered the elevator holding her tennis bag, "Nice Room, Hopefully" she thought as she walked in her room, "Wow It is!" she squealed in delight as she dumped her bag and opened her luggage brought by the bellboy, "I might get something to eat" she thought as she locked her room and walked down the stairs to find something to eat
  10. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    "Leeaaa" Blade moaned for the seventh time.

    "I'm sorry that we don't have the best accommodations Blade" Ryan replied falling over and hitting a crate head on as the boat twisted and turned, in truth they didn't have any accommodations, Ryan had snuck aboard the ship and here they were hiding in a storage bay.

    "HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING, WE WILL BE ARRIVING AT OUR DESTINATION, IN FIVE MINUTES" the voice sounded over the intercom, Ryan heard a noise from behind him, there was a purple monkey whose tail looked like a had and it was glowing a bright yellow, sparks flying off of the tail. Whipping out a Pokedex that he had stolen from some one on the street, he learnt that the Pokemon was called Aipom and that this particular Aipom could use Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Water Pulse and Solar Beam.

    "Hmm, looks like you are a decent Pokemon, Blade Quick Attack" he mutterd taking a step back as Blade charged at the Pokemon sending it flying into some crates, but the Pokemon retaliated almost immediately its fist still cackling it hit Blade so hard that the Leafeon went flying back and landed besides its trainer, Aipom didn't stop though it came charging at Blade, its Fist on Fire this time.

    "Ok Blade, Grass Knot" he muttered watching as the grass rose up and tripped the oncoming Aipom.

    "Now Hyper Beam!" he yelled caught up in the midst of battle, he watched as the huge beam of energy shot straight at the Aipom and sending it crashing straight into a crate leaving a huge dent.

    "Ok, Pokeball, GO!" Ryan yelled launching an empty Pokeball at the fallen Aipom, he watched as it shook once, shook twice and shook a third time before stopping.

    "Yeah I caught an Aipom" he cheered picking up the Pokeball and letting the Pokemon out.

    "I think I'll call you Fist, because you use allot of attacks with you fist like tail" he said to the Pokemon.

    "Ai, Ai Aipom" she cheered.

    ----------------30 Minutes Later----------------

    "So guys we're heading to Pewter City and then to Pallet Town and then all the way back to Pewter again" he sighed looking around at his surroundings, he saw a boy with a Caterpie and a Torchic, he recognized him as his Friend Matt Styles.

    "Matt" he yelled walking over to his friend.

    "Let me guess, you got asked to come to Kanto by Gary Oak, right?" he asked his eyes blank.
  11. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt looked round when his name was called he saw a boy with long hair and black clothes he had with him a Leafeon and a purple monkey whose tail looked like a hand. He recognized him as his Friend Ryan "yeah gods know why he wants us, oh yeah I'm sorry Ryan, Blade you two are ready know Torchic well here is some one I catched" he said pointing to Caterpie. The monkey for some reason winked at Torchic who began to blush and then was about to attack The monkey until Caterpie fried a white string from his mouth that stoped Torchic Matt said "sorry about that Ryan but you know Torchic doesn't like female pokemon hitting on" Matt got out his pokedex and pointed it at The monkey it boomed


    It lives atop giant trees. It wraps its tail around a branch so it won't fall off while asleep.
    "So this is an Aipom?" Matt said
  12. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Reteka-On the way to Pewter.

    "Yeah caught her on the way down here, just a note don't sneak aboard a ships cargo container," he said his voice deadly serious.

    "Any way lets go before some weakling challenges us," he muttered as they walked off,

    "Anyway question, are you doing gyms or contests, I'm doing both so when we get to Pewter I'll be going against Forest and then taking the contest," he said as they walked his jacket moving with the wind, they climbed up a steep hill and there before them was Pewter City.

    "Why don't we take a break before we go there, I wanna get some practice in with my sword" he said drawing the Sword and moving over to a nearby tree, he swished the blade round a bit before striking out leaving large indents in the bark, after about five minutes of this the tree was destroyed.

    "Lets go," he said sheathing the sword.
  13. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt chose to answer Ryan's question "both as well" he said after their break they kept on walking to Pewter City which they soon got to Matt turned to Ryan and said "Look the contest would be for a few days so I'll go book us a room" Matt walked to the Pokemon Center and got a room for him and Ryan he walked back and said "I've got it" the two then walked to the Pewter City Gym it looked like a stone building they walked inside and saw a battle ground filled with jagged rocks and boulders

    "So two challages" someone said in the dark, a tall man walked out of a shadow he had spiky brown hair and closed eyes he was wearing green clothes

    "Yeah" Matt said to Forrest and turned to Ryan and said "You can go frist"
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2009
  14. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather


    As Matt went in to book their rooms Reteka decided he would go check out the gym and maybe explore the town. Walking through the town he couldn't stop himself stealing from some of the people, after about ten minutes he was at the gym and his wallet was two thousand poke heavier, he pushed open the door to the gym and walked in he saw the one they called Forest dead ahead of him.

    "Who comes to challenge my gym," he roared.

    "My name is Ryan Shand and I am here to defeat you," Ryan said walking forward to his side of the battlefield.

    "This will be a two on two battle, only the challenger may make substitutions," an announcer yelled, "BEGIN!"

    "I'll go first, Crobat go,"Forrest yelled, a large purple bat emerging from its ball.

    "Fine, Fist your up," Ryan muttered letting out Fist who gave a small cheer as she came out.

    "Crobat, Wing attack" Forrest roared, the purple bat sped towards Fist its wins glowing a bright white.

    "Stand still Fist and then when it gets close use Ice Punch" Ryan mutterd, watching as the purple monkey's tail glowed a light blue color, a second later and Crobat was just about to hit Fist but instead its face got hit with an Ice cold blow from Fist.

    "Aip, Aip," Fist cheered landing on her tail and flipping onto her legs.

    "Is that all you got," Ryan muttered to Forrest.

    "No, I've got allot more, Crobat get up and use Giga Impact," Forrest roared.

    "hehe, sorry but that is just stupid," Ryan laughed watching as the Bat got closer to Fist,"Aerial Ace," Ryan roared. As Crobat came crashing towards Fist, she flipped over it and smashed her tail into the back of its head sending it flying into one of the gym walls, as it hit the floor it was out cold.

    "Crobat is unable to battle, the winner is Aipom," the announcer called.

    "Is that really all you got," Ryan chuckled.

    "Steelix go," Forrest roared.
  15. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt left the gym while Ryan was battleing he walk to the Pewter Museum of Science and saw someone run out with an orange rock Matt ran after the peason who soon stoped and released a white cat with a gold coin on it's head. Matt pulled out his Pokedex which boomed


    It is primarily active at night. When it finds a shiny object, its eyes sparkle like no other.

    Matt grabed a pokeball "Go Caterpie" Matt yelled but the pokemon that came out wasn't Caterpie insteed a green cocoon was in his place

    Matt once again pulled out his pokedex which boomed


    A steel-hard shell protects its tender body. It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution.

    "Ok Metapod, Tackle" Matt said but Metapod didn't move the peason just chuckled

    "Meowth, Metal Claw" Meowth's claws shot out and slash Metapod who then glowed white and Metapod was no louger there but a purple Butterfly with white wings the left haveing a scar on was

    Matt pointed his pokedex at him and it boomed


    It loves the honey of flowers and can locate flower patches that have even tiny amounts of pollen.

    "Ok then Butterfree Gust" Butterfree flaped his wing and sent the theif and their Meowth leaveing the orange rock which Matt placed in his bag he and Butterfree then walked back to the gym to watch Ryan
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  16. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    Dan still stood outside the lab, not knowing where other people were.

    "they must have gotten their Pokemon at their city's lab... i figured they would have wanted to start from the beginning" he muttered to himself...

    He tried to open the door and surprisingly it opened.

    'there must be a back door' he thought to himself.

    a man he recognized as Gary stood there, working on some sort of mechanical device.

    "Excuse me, are you Gary?" he asked stupidly.

    He looked up "Oh, i thought that everyone had started.... did you want your starter Pokemon?" he asked

    "Yes please, i decided to get mine at this lab" said Dan

    "Ok" he walked over to a sack of Pokeballs "Mmm... you can have this one, i contacted your mother so i know you will love this Pokemon"
  17. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    "Steelix go," Forrest roared, throwing the Pokeball, popping out of it was a large silver snakelike Pokemon.

    "STTRGGGGHHHH" It roared, its body glinting in the light.

    "Hmm, Steelix, its a steel and ground type Pokemon, so Fire and Water are my best bet," he muttered to Fist, " Ok, Fire Punch Fist," he called out, watching as the purple monkey ran towards the giant snake, its tail bursting into flames as it ran.

    "Iron Tail Steelix," Forrest roared again, the snake whipping its shining towards the little monkey.

    "Double Team," Ryan muttered, watching as the Aipom created clones of its self, all of them with their tails burning, the giant serpents tail took out most of the clones but the real Aipom survived running up the giants body it swung its fist around smacking the Serpent right between the eyes, sending it flying backwards and landing on its back.

    "Ok now as you fall use Water Pulse on it," he yelled.

    "Aii" The monkey cried a torrent of water coming from its tail smashing down on the serpent, just as they were about crash as if sensing its masters mind, its tail burst into flames and it smacked the Giant serpent with a full powered Fire Punch.

    "Steelix is unable to battle, The Winner is Aipom and Ryan,"The Announcer yelled.

    "Hmph, Well done Fist," he muttered hugging the young Monkey, he walked over to Forrest to get his badge.

    "You really are weak, if you ever want to stand a chance if we have a rematch, go on some serious training," Ryan said taking the badge and a moment later, feeling Forrest's fist smash into his nose, Ryan hit back flooring Forrest and kicking him in the chest, "Loser," he spat walking to the entrance and meeting up with Matt, "Lets go," he muttered.
  18. Soren Nightingale

    Soren Nightingale Well-Known Member

    OOC: Ishanz, I hope you don't mind to since Soren and Ishan live in the same town, Soren actually knows Ishan. He'll also sorta follow him around for a while. Just to let you know.

    Soren Nightingale, a 12 year boy from Petalburg, is about to embark on his first real Pokemon journey. He was on the boat in Mr. Briney's port. All the people in Petalburg were gathering him and all of the trainers were going to Kanto to begin the Pokemon League. He could just see his mother and father in the distance. They waved over to him and he waved back. They already have said their goodbyes at home, but Soren will still miss them. With one last smile towards them, he started to board the boat just as it was about the horn started to sound.

    Soren looked around the near crowded ship. There were so many trainers, many older than him. He took a deep breath and tried not to be intimated. He looked over and saw someone familiar. It was Ishan and his Pokemon, Charmander. He also lived in Petalburg, but he and Soren don’t talk much to each other. He sat on a chair in the docks and got out his Pokemon, Slowpoke from his Pokeball. Slowpoke looked around and saw all the people in the ship. He looked at Soren and tilted his head, wondering what he was thinking. Soren was still looking at Ishan, glad to have someone he knows on this ship.
  19. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Ishan and Draco were walking on the deck of the ship looking out at the rushing waves and feeling the nice sea breeze. Ishan looked out at the moon and saw some Pidgey flying toward the direction of Kanto. Suddenly a hand grabs Ishan pull him.

    "Ishan hey! How are you?" A girl with long black hair exclaims who guves hum a hug.

    "Oh hey it's you Risa" Ishan says sounding shocked

    "Aww man it's her she must hate me" Ishan said to himself.

    "He must think I hate him" Risa said to herself

    "Char!" Draco said pulling Ishan's leg.

    "Aww is this your starter he's so cute, how about we take a picture?" Risa asked

    "No thanks i don't want to take a picture...atleast not with you." Ishan said

    "Uh well i never knew you were so mean hmph see you later!" Risa shouted as she stormed off.

    "I knew she was still angry!" Ishan said angrily as he went back to his room

    A few days later.

    "Hello new trainers and co-ordinators I am your ship's captain here to tell you that we are now in Pallet towns harbor(yes pallet town got a harbor).

    Ishan exited the ship took a deep breath and headed off for his first destination Viridian city to go register for the Pokemon League...

    Ishan let out Draco and the both of them head off into Route 1. Ishan and Draco walked through the route and got to the end together they entered Viridian however Ishan saw through the corner of his eye a shadow...he ignored it and went to the pokemon center.

    "Hello are you here to heal your pokemon?" Nurse Joy asked

    "No i'm here to register for the pokemon league." Ishan replied

    "Ok give me your pokedex and....done your now regitered Ishan Zaveri from petalburg City." Nurse Joy replied.

    Ishan was about to leave the pokemon center until he bumped in to a boy wearing a tuxedo.

    "Hey watch it weakling!" The boy shouted

    "Who are you calling a weakling jerk!" Ishan shouted back.

    "I don't have time for this...i already know i can beat you with only 1 pokemon!' The buy replied

    "then prove it in Pewter city in the Pokemon center Battle arena me vs you!" Ishan shouted

    "Fine then see you in a few days!" The boy shouted.

    Ishan stormed out of the center and directly headed for Viridian forest....

    The Pewter city.

    "Hey did you hear there's going to be a pokemon battle at the center in a few days the whole town is going to watch Zeke beat some kid!" A young bo shouted on a microphone in the center of town....
  20. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt and Ryan left the gym and when to the contest hall both of them joined up and placed their contest pass's in their pockets Matt watched a few of the appeals "Up next is Matt styles" Matt walked onto the stage and said "Butterfree it's Showtime" while releasing Butterfree.

    "Silver Wind” Butterfree flapped his wings and silver crescents were released in a wind. “Confusion” Butterfree’s eyes turned purple as it moved the silver crescents “Bug Buzz” Sound waves from Butterfree’s wings broke the silver crescents into silver dust “Now let’s see what the judges think Matt looked up on the score broad which said 28/30 Matt then walked back to Ryan.

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