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Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by IshanZ, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt was glad when he found Ishan, he was getting cold for some reason. Then Zane joined them with two cups ‘what the hell is shooting freezing winds up my rear end’ Matt thought watching Zane drink two coffees at once.

    "So Matt are you gonna watch the Gym Battle?" Matt heard Ishan ask Matt turned around and saw that he was sitting on an air conditioner. “Sorry about that” he mumbled feeling embarrassed and walked away from it “Yes I do plan on going Ishan” he then saw a Nurse Joy give Ishan two pokeballs.

    "How is your Combusken?" he then asked Matt

    “Combusken?” Matt said “Oh you must mean this guy” Matt threw a pokeball in the air which revealed his Blaziken “he evolved during my battle for my rainbow badge” Matt explained “I think we should get going to the gym and Zane flirt with girl on the way and I’ll let Blaze knock you out” he said jokingly.
  2. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Matt vs. Sabrina - Part 1

    "Espeon, use Iron Tail!" Sabrina commanded. The move surprised Matt because she's a Psychic Gym Leader and, plus, Psychic is really powerful.

    "Counter that with Brick Break!" Matt called out. The Electric Mouse jumped up in the air and its little hand collided with Espeon's tail. The collided attacks seemed to cause a stale-mate in the match and Danny & Kirsta were getting restless. Then Matt though of something. "Grab Espeon and use Thunder Bolt!"

    Pikachu stopped using Brick Break and got a hold of Espeon's tail and unleashed the Thunder Bolt attack. Sabrina gasped. "Use Psybeam before it's too late, Espeon!"

    As the Thunder Bolt hit Espeon, she quickly used Psybeam and hit Pikachu, to Matt's dismay. Both Pokemon got hit pretty hard and fell to the ground from mid-air.

    Damn. We have to go all out with this next attack; as it could be Pikachu's last! Matt thought, cautiously thinking of a strategy.

    He smirked. "Pikachu! Use a full-power Thunder Bolt on yourself!" He commanded. Pikachu looked at him with a confused look, but used the attack, hoping Matt knew what he was doing.

    Sabrina chuckled. "Giving up, I see? Let me help you! Espeoon, use Giga Impact!" She commanded. Her Pokemon engulfed itself a purple ball-like thing that increased her power when she headed towards Pikachu.

    Matt laughed. "Ha! Electric attacks on a Pokemon like Pikachu increases their power!" He explained and then added, "Now, let's say we finish this! Pikachu use a full power Volt Tackle combined with Iron Tail!"

    Sabrina gasped. "No!" She knew the inevitable. The two attacks collided causing a huge explosion, and Matt stood his ground. Like Matt had planned, Pikachu was still standing, albeit wearily, and Espeon had fainted.

    Sabrina returned her Pokemon and sent out her next one; a Mr. Mime.
  3. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    "Ya let's head out." Ishan said in agreement as he left the Pokemon Center for the first time since he entered Saffron.

    On his way out Ishan felt like there was an odd vibe in the town . He felt like the town had magnets in the air or at least that something unatural in the air. Maybe it was the fact that the Gym Leader had pyschic powers, but either way he had never felt anything like it before.

    Before even taking a step further Silvia the leader of the mercanaries had appeared from the Pokemon Center and stopped Ishan.

    "Ishan good thing I found you right now. Nurse Joy said you were gonna use a Nidorino in your Gym Battle so I thought I might tell you that while Nidorino may have a disadvantage there is a way to counter it, but it's gonna need alot of luck." Silvia said as Zane began watching cautiously.

    *She seems to have taken an interest in Ishan, but I can't help but think that she means no harm and on another note where have I seen her before.* Zane thought to himself as Silvia began talking to Nidorino who Ishan had let out and then showed Ishan a moonstone.

    "If you win your Gym Battle with Nidorino defeating Sabrina's last Pokemon I will give you this moonstone. Do we have a deal?" Silvia asked kindly as she put the moonstone away with Nidorino watching in awe.

    "Ya we have a deal. So does this mean you are gonna watch my battle?" Ishan asked as Silvia nodded and headed straight to the Gym.

    "You guys go on ahead I need to train with with Nidorino for a little bit." Ishan said to Matt and Zane.

    Ishan moved behind the Pokemon Center and had Nidorino practice with a practice dummy. Nidorino began running in circles around the dummy and then when it was behind the dummy Nidorino rushed and hit the dummy in the back. Ishan continued having Nidorino do this until he was sure it would work and then returned Nidornio and slowly walked to the Gym...
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2010
  4. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    After arriving to Saffron City overnight, Lucas immediately yawned after dismounting Salamence while Lucia and Pichu both had their eyes half open prompting Magus to chuckle and say, "Tired?", but got no response. The group took the chance to check in a room at the Pokemon Center where Lucas and Lucia had the same room while Magus got a different one next to it, however Mesprit opted to stay with Lucas and Lucia. Before going to bed Lucia had asked Mesprit, "So are you sure you can't read anything off Magus, not even his real name?", "I'm afraid not, he has closed his mind very securely, all I can sense is a great deal of sorrow and regret not to mention fear, so it is a safe bet that he's telling the truth about his past, but he's also worried about his identity getting out.", "So then...He really is sorry about abandoning that Pokemon two years ago and that he lost someone important to him. But there still the real question here: what if he's really Claus?", Lucia asked out loud before lying down with Pichu and Mesprit next to her.

    Meanwhile, Lucas began to have another dream, it was similar to the one he had years ago but the figure in it was speaking calmly instead of yelling at him like before, however instead of being all in one place the visions flashed by with the only clear ones being of the figure saying, "I'm sorry...But I know there's someone who needs you more than I do right now, maybe not in the city nearby or even in this region, but I know that if you search hard enough you'll find that person...", before walking away, after that however the visions that followed showed him being surrounded by a flock of birds and another figure approaching him shortly afterwards before a bright flash of light coupled with a voice calling out, "Lucas, Lucas wake up! Lucas!"

    At that instant Lucas woke up drenched in sweat, as was Riolu, "Thank goodness you're alright! You two looked like you were having a nightmare.", Lucia told them, Lucas simply looked at her before shaking his head stating, "That's not too far from the truth." After explaining the dream to Lucia, Pichu, and Mesprit, Lucas went on to say, "The odd thing is I was just fine when Claus left, but after this vision with a flock of birds I was in pain again, the last time I had the dream I was in pain as Claus left and he was yelling at me...but this time he was actually calm.", "This doesn't make any sense, why would a memory change like that, wasn't it always the same up until now.", Lucia asked him, Lucas nodded before stating, "It's so confusing, even Riolu can't figure it out, which means there's only one person who can clear things out for us."

    The group soon met back up with Magus and after explaining everything to him Magus asked Lucas, "Do you at least remember anything particularly out of the ordinary the day you met Riolu?", Lucas merely shook his head stating, "Not much, to be honest ever since I remembered Uxie a lot of things I remembered from between then and now have been pretty blurry.", "Perhaps your memories have come in conflict from that moment you recollected our meeting, hopefully you'll be able to piece everything together with time."

    Soon the group decided to put everything aside as Magus had something to tell the others, "I just found out they recently had the Sinnoh League on TV and apparently one of the top Trainers there was a boy named Xixxus.", Lucas immediately took interest as soon as he heard the name, "I think Ishan said one of his old friends was named Xixxus.", "Exactly.", Magus said to close the subject as Lucas headed off outside with Riolu following behind him, "It's funny, whenever Ishan comes up Lucas tends to all but forget about everything else.", Lucia said out loud before heading out after Lucas followed by Magus.

    Outside Lucas had just arrived at the Gym to see Ishan nearby, "Ishan!", Lucas called out as he approached him before stopping to ask, "I knew you'd be here. Is it true one of your friends was at the Sinnoh League?"
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
  5. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Before entering the Gym Ishan heard Lucas call out to him and ask him if one of his friends was in the Sinnoh League. Ishan smiled and looked up at the sky.

    "Ya his name is Zixxus. He came in the Top 16, but throughout the whole fight he gave it his all and was one of the most favored to win the Sinnog League." Ishan said with a smile.

    "Ishan we should head inside now." Zane said to Ishan who nodded and entered the Gym

    "Come on let's go Lucas." Ishan said before entering the Gym where Matt N. was battling Sabrina with his Pikachu.

    After seeing Matt's Pikachu, Ishan had remembered his own that had actually been Duke's. Saddened by remembering everything that happened Ishan quietly went to go sit in the stands next to Silvia who had already arrived and was watching. Zane noticing this quickly started talking about Draco's Fire Punch.

    "So how about Draco's Fire Punch. Do you think it will work?" Zane asked hopefully.

    "Honestly I hope so. I haven't had anytime to work on it at all with the Safari Zone and then watching Sinnoh League." Ishan said nervously.

    "As long as you keep trying it will work and remember when you do train don't over work yourself or your Pokemon." Silvia calmly said.

    "Ya I guess your right." Ishan said quietly still nervous about Fire Punch.
  6. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Alright I will see you later, Arina have fun and good luck" Vera said as they both said their goodbyes and left.

    "So you are going to do those contest, Vera" asked May as Vera smirked "Maybe not, I'm not feeling it to be honest because I have more things on my mind though" she muttered the last part but May did hear it.

    "Ash?" she asked as Vera replied "That and well my career and other off court activities such as modelling due to sponsorship I guess" she added as she got up.

    "But I think Arina wants to have a go at it and I hope she goes go with it because she has talent with Pokemon, I just I don't know should I try to compete in the next league I can battle" Vera asked May who took awhile to answer "Yeah, so you did participate here, what happened?" she asked.

    "Well I came 4th here but I got demolished in the final, lost 6-0 which really took me out of it...Arina has some of my Pokemon, so I could get them back for the next league after this one, who knows I'll talk to you and Ash later, now I just want relax" Vera answered as she was really tired "So I'm going to hit the hay I guess" as they both decided to meet up later as Vera stopped her.

    "Where are you staying, I can get a discount on a hotel, so lets be roommates, it will be fine" Vera stated as May thought about it "Of course, my Hoenn buddy" she smiled as they took their stuff to a hotel and book a very expensive suite and went in.

    "Wow this place is great" Vera and May said in unison as they stood there stunned at the beauty of the room and did not even move until May spoke "What should we do after we unpack, head out to shop?". Vera dropped her luggage and replied "You know it girl, lets go after unpack". They both started to unpack as their friendship grew a lot due to their similarities.
  7. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt and Zane ran down to the gym, opened the doors and entered. Both trainers sat down on a bench and watched Matt N’s Pikachu face off with Sabrina‘s Mr. Mime. Zane left to go look for Ishan leavening Matt with two people who he didn’t know (that’s Krista and Danny).

    Matt then saw Zane return with Ishan and Lucas “hey guys” he said to them he then saw the girl who made that bet with Ishan enter. Matt listened into Zane conversation with Ishan about his Draco’s fire punch.

    Matt muttered to himself "who are those two?" looking at the two he hasn't seen before (Krista and Danny).
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2010
  8. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    As Ishan told Lucas about Xixxus, he looked up in the sky just as Ishan was, then while entering the Gym Lucas said to Ishan, "Sounds like you and Xixxus were close huh? How long has it been since you last saw him?"

    As they watched Matt battle with his Pikachu Lucas noticed Ishan looked a little sad, which didn't surprise him considering what had happened last month with his own Pikachu, or rather Duke's, and while he understood how Ishan felt Lucas couldn't think of anything to say that would make Ishan feel better.

    Eventually Lucia and Magus showed up and sat down alongside Lucas as Ishan was discussing Draco's Fire Punch, seeing Ishan still nervous about whether the attack will work or not Lucas told him, "Don't feel nervous Ishan, just believe in Draco and he'll be able to perform any attack perfectly, just like I did in my Gym battle against Forrest in Pewter City, even when it looked hopeless I didn't give up on Riolu and before we knew it he had finally mastered Aura Sphere, which ultimately won us the match. I'm sure it'll work just the same for you and Draco."
  9. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Matt vs. Sabrina - Part 2

    "Ha!" Matt laughed. "Your Mr. Mime doesn't scare me! Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!"

    The move was a bit risky, but it seemed right to go all out. After all, Matt still had two other Pokemon left... for now. Pikachu still was giving it all as the burst of electricity surronded it, knowing Volt Tackle can hurt Pikachu with overusage.

    Sabrina smirked, which kind of confused Matt considering he was winning. "Psychic." Sabrina said calmly as Mr. Mime put its hands out and a light blue aura surronded Pikachu.

    Suddenly, the Volt Tackle disappeared and Pikachu was in mid-air! Mr. Mime's hands waved up higher and higher and then came right down, causing Pikachu to hit the ground, hard. This process repeated itself and Pikachu got more beat up.

    If this keeps up, Pikachu will lose! Matt thought, trying to think of strategy. "Use Thunder Bolt on Mr. Mime!" Pikachu tried moving, but it was no use. Mr. Mime was in control of the electric mouse.

    Matt tried to return Pikachu to its PokeBall, but the blue aura was like a shield and nothing could come in or get out. As if it were a miracle, Mr. Mime moved forward to attempt a direct hit, but fell down on the ground, releasing its grip on Pikachu!

    "Yes!" Matt joyfully shouted. "Now, use Thunder Bolt on Mr. Mime!" Pikachu got up slowly and stored enough electricity to hit Mr. Mime, before fainting from exhaustion.

    Matt returned Pikachu, and sent out his next Pokemon; Riolu. "Use Shadow Ball!"

    Just as Riolu was released from its PokeBal it shot a Shadow Ball straight at Mr. Mime, who was still in shock from being hit by Thunder Bolt. (pun not intended)

    "Reflect!" Sabrina called out. Mr. Mime put up to hands and a white barrier appeared, which connected with the Shadow Ball, but sent it straight back to Riolu!

    Matt gasped. "Quick, whack it back with your tail, then use dig!" Riolu whacked it back, then qucikly burrowed underground, out of sight. A few seconds passed, and Riolu jumped out of the ground and punched Mr. Mime right in the face. "Shadow Ball, again!"

    Riolu shot a Shadow Ball at the wounded Mr. Mime, and the first one Riolu launched came back and hit Riolu in the back, making it hit Mr. Mime.

    This made Mr. Mime faint. Things were going pretty easy for Matt.

    Is Sabrina's Final Pokemon going to be tough?
  10. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After Matt had took down Sabrina's Mr. Mime Ishan got up and went outside for a little while. Outside Ishan sat down in front of the Gym and took out his Pokedex. He opened the Pokedex and scrolled through until he found Alakazam(He had taken the data from Light's Alakazam). Ishan read through the description and looked at the possible movesets. After looking over its special abilities Ishan remembered the days before he left for Kanto and how everyone including him were getting crazy about where to start and which Pokemon to catch.


    Ishan was outside in Petalburg's Park where many of the trainers and Coordinators were talking about where they were gonna start their journey and what Pokemon they were gonna catch. Ishan was talking to two of his friends who had already gotten their starters from their parents.

    "My mom and dad got me a Spoink!." one of Ishan's friends exclaimed.

    "And my mom got me a Larvitar from Johto!" the other friend said equally happily.

    "What about you Ish?" Both friends asked in unison curiously.

    "You see I haven't gotten a starter yet I'm gonna get one before I leave on the boat to Kanto. My dad said he'd get me either a Mudkip or a Treeko before I head off." Ishan said happily.

    "Wow it must be awesome having your dad be a Professor since he has access to all kinds of Pokemon!" they both said at the same time.

    Both friends stared at each other until a man in a gray suit appeared in the park and spoke into a microphone. The man began telling everyone about how proud he was of them and how far they had come. He then went on to say that on behalf of Petalburg City they are going to have a party once all leagues and Grand Festivals end to celebrate how proud he is of everyone...

    (End Flashback)

    Remembering the Gym Battle Ishan quietly went back inside with a smile and sat back down to watch Matt finish his Gym Battle...
  11. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Matt vs. Sabrina - Part 3

    This was it. The Final Pokemon Matt decided to use was Bellsprout. Sabrina has uet to reveal her last one. Who could it be?

    "Go, Alakazam!" Sabrina shouted and the Psychic Pokemon appeared out of the ball and readied his hands, holding two spoons. Like he planned, Matt sent out Bellsprout.

    He knew this battle would be tough, but also remembered Bellsprout's great doding techniques, which will come in handy. Sabrina called out, "Psybeam!"

    Matt smirked. He snapped his fingers and just like that, Bellsprout dodged by just moving his body slightly and the beam missed him by just inches. "Razor Leaf!" Matt countered.

    Right after the Psybeam had been launched, Bellsprout shot a barrage of Razor Leaves, hitting Alakazam, although just causing minimal damage. Nothing gets passed this thing! Matt complained to himself, trying to think up a strategy.

    From the bleachers Kirsta asked Danny, "How come Matt didn't use his Charmeleon? She asked whilst petting the somewhat neglected Pokemon on his head.

    Danny shrugged, but smiled. "Gee, I don't know! Maybe it was to give his other Pokemon a chance in this gym!"

    Kirsta reeled back, almost falling off the bleachers, in fact. "Sheesh, I was just wondering!" She crossed her arms and looked away.

    Back down at the battlefield, Sabrina had ordered Alakazam to launch three Psybeams. They were all in different directions, but she ordered a move Matt hated. "Psychic on the Psybeam so you can control them and hit Bellsprout!" She commanded.

    The plan was great, for Sabrina that was. A blue light surronded the Psybeam, like Pikachu, and combined to make one huge beam that hit Bellsprout in the head, making the twig Pokemon be launched backwards landing in front of Matt, on the ground.

    He looked at the hopeless Pokemon and saw it was still smiling. Bellsprout jumped right back up, determined to win.

    "That's right!" Matt smiled. "Nobody is going to beat us! Use Razor Leaf again, then use Vine Whip!"

    Alakazam easily blocked the Razor Leaves, and almost got tangled up in the Vine Whip. "Psychic!" the girl ordered again. A blue light surronded the Vine Whip and got Bellsprout all tangled!

    "Ha! Now, use Psybeam full power!" She laughed, seeing as though victory was in grasp.

    "No, Bellsprout!!" Matt cried as the Psybeam attack went straight for the helpless Pokemon.

    "BELL!!!!!!!" the Pokemon yelled and a white light surronded it.

    Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell! Victory was very easy for Matt. weepinbell learned Sludge Bomb, so it used then then Razor Leaf and Alakazam lost!

    Matt accepted the badge and left to heal his Pokemon, but quickly came back to watch Ishan's match, then Kirsta's.

    "Your up," Matt whispered to Ishan as he got to the bleachers. "Good luck.

    (Sorry for the weird ending, but brother has to go one, and my dad has to bring his laptop to work soon.)
  12. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After Matt had defeated Sabrina with his newly evolved Weepingbell Ishan got up and walked slowly out of the bleachers onto the battlefield where Sabrina was awaiting with a Pokeball already in her hand. After establishing the rules she immedialtly threw out the Pokeball to reveal Grumpig who began jumping up and down. Ishan then took out his Pokeball and sent out Draco.

    "Grumpig versus Charmander...begin!" The referee yelled

    "Draco use Ember!" Ishan yelled

    Draco released sparks of flames from its mouth at Grumping who extended its belly and absorbed the flames as if they were nothing.

    "My Grumpig has the ability Thick Fat which means that Fire and Ice attacks do only half damage and that's only if they're strong not a weak Ember attack." Sabina said in a mocking tone.

    "Damn....Draco use Metal Claw!" Ishan ordered

    "Grumpig Psychic." Sabrina said calmy

    Draco ran toward Grumpig withglowing white claws. Grumpig however used Psychic and captured Draco.

    "Now lift it up in the air and smash it to the ground!" Sabrina ordered

    Grumpig lifted Draco up into the air and then smashed it down into the ground, then continued repeating it until it grew bored. Grumpig the lauched Draco up at the ceiling. Draco hit the ceiling and then fell to the ground and slowly got up. Ishan knowing Draco couldn't win returned him and sent out Nidorino who was eager to test out his new move.

    "Nidorino use Horn Attack!" Ishan yelled with a shakiness in his voice.

    Nidorino ran toward Grumpig with its horn set straight at its stomach, Grumpig then proceeded to use Psychic, howere Ishan had another plan.

    "Now Nidorino use Sucker Punch!" Ishan ordered with a smile.

    Nidorino immediatly turned to the left and began running circles around Grumpig who couldn't decide which direction to use Psychic. Nidorino then hit Grumpig from behind and then at Ishan's order used Horn Attack to strike Grumpig while it was recovering from Sucker Punch. Grumpig staggered back and angrily prepared a Giga Impact and rushed at Nidorino with a dark purple aura surrounding it. Nidorino quickly thought on its toes and jumped to the side.

    "Now Poison Sting then follow with Horn Attack!" Ishan commanded.

    Nidorino quickly hit the stunned Grumpig with Poison Sting and then struck it with its horn and waited for the tired Grumpig who was even more angry. Grumpig let out a roar and began running at Nidorino with great force.

    "Grumpig use Zen Headbutt!" Sabrina ordered ad Grumping continued to rush with it head covered by a greenish light.

    "Nidorino dodge!" Ishan yelled

    However Ishan was too late and Grumpig was hit with by Zen Headbutt and knocked down. Nidorino slowly got back up and was immediatly attacked by rapid Fire Punches by Grumpig. Lucky for Nidorino, Grumpig was slow so it was able to dodge the attacks. Ishan however, was thinking about what to do he couldn't keep Nidorino in there with Fire Punch, but Grumpig wasnearly immune to Ember and Fire Punch had a 50-50 chance of working. Ishan remembering what Lucas said quickly returned Nidorino before it could get hit by Fire Punch and sent Draco back out hoping that Draco could win.

    "What you really think that Charmander can beat Grumpig you must really be crazy kid!" Sabrina yelled from her side of the battlefield.

    "Alright Draco use Ember!" Ishan yelled

    Draco used Ember again and Grumpig who easily absorbed the tiny flames with its belly laughed and used Psychic again. This time however Draco began struggling around and was causing Grumpig to try harder to keep him under control. Ishan noticing this told Draco to keep moving around which Draco did amazingly until Grumpig lost control and dropped him seeing the opportunity Ishan took the chance.

    "Now Draco use Fire Punch!" Ishan yelled

    Draco got ready and began Fire Punch. Fire Punch had lit Draco's claws on fire and right when he was about to hit Grumpig the flames disappeared! Grumpig laughed and used another Zen Headbutt and hit Draco while Ishan closed his eyes in hope and then right when Draco was hit by Zen Headbutt his claw emerged with twice as much fire as before. Draco then struck down on Grumpig's head twice and knocked it to the floor. Then Draco jumped in the air and used Metal Claw and stuck down on Grumpig who was slowly getting back up, but was knocked down again by Metal Claw. This time however, Grumpig stayed down and had fainted. Sabrina returned Grumpig in shock, but immediatly shook it off and sent out her recovered Alakazam.

    "Charmander versus Alakazam...Begin!!!" The referee shouted as Draco eagerly ran at Alakazan with Metal Claw ready....
  13. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt left the Saffron gym to go for a walk simplely because he needed to think about how he was going to get to Cinnabar Island.

    “Let’s see now because I don’t have a flying pokemon that’s big enough to carry me I’m going to have to go by sea but I have two water types on me and nether of them could carry me hell I doubt Maikarp would even be able to swim around there.” Matt muttered to himself he then sighed “Looks like I’ll just to focus on training Maikarp until he’s strong enough to carry me”.

    Then from an alley a black ball came flying towards Matt and hit in the chest the blast pushed him back ‘That’s strange’ Matt thought ‘Was the thing that fired it, holding back on the attack power’ Matt pulled out his white and silver swords and ran into the alley.

    Matt stopped running when he came face to face with a black shadow like creature in had a white fog like substance coming from it head, two bright blue eyes and a red spiky object around its neck

    Matt pulled out it’s pokedex which said

    It chases people and Pokémon from its territory by causing them to experience deep, nightmarish slumbers.

    “Darkrai?” Matt said “why did you just attack me”

    “I had to get your attention somehow” the Pokemon replied in a rash voice “and I need you”

    “Me?” Matt questioned

    “l do you see anyone else in this alley kid?” Darkrai answered “You see there are this bad people who have been trying to hunt me down I have been avoiding them pretty well but lately they have been close shaves so I need a place to hide and because you were walking around just then decided to chose you”

    Matt was taken a back this legendary pokemon has just asked him for his help “ok then” Matt then pulled out

    Darkrai just chuckled darkly what makes you think I have any intentions of hiding in there Darkrai then dashed towards Matt and vanished

    “Darkrai where are you” Matt said

    “I’m in your head kid”

    “Why are you hiding in there” Matt whispered “I offer a perfectly good hiding place”

    “Yeah right listen kid I may not spent much time with humans but even I know that they have machines that can see what kind of pokemon is in a pokeball. Don’t worry I’m not going to possess your body while you sleep and if it makes you feel any better my fellow legendary pokemon will be able to sense me”

    “Great” Matt groaned as he walked as returned to the saffron gym

    “oh a Charmander facing an Alakazam I’m going to like this.

    “Well, I’m glad your enjoying this” Matt whispered.

    (OOC: Matt is not going to gain anything from having Darkrai in him other than Darkrai talking to him and you can already see what thinks of that)
    (OCC: I’m sorry if anyone does not like this post just tell me and I will edit it)
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2010
  14. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Draco quickly smacked Alakazam with Metal Claw twice and then used a close up Ember which Alakazam blew away with a simple breath. Alakazam then used Psychic to throw Draco into the air and jumped up and charged up a close up Psybeam. Alakazam charged up a gold and purple beam of energy in its two and then released it at Draco who was being crushed under the pressure of the attack and fell to the ground barely able to get up. After Draco got up he smiled closed his eyes for a few seconds before its tail fire grew bigger and his arms and legs became covered in fire. Draco then let out a unusually loud roar that bellowed throughout the Gym and sent out a large fire almost as big as a basketball from its mouth straight at Alakazam who crossed its arms and tried to unsuccesfully stop the attack. Draco then turned to Ishan and nodded as it awaited its next order.

    "Blaze activate, but it seems different from the red aura from when I battled Shadow.....Right Draco use Fire Punch then follow with Metal Claw!" Ishan commanded as Draco rushed in with the fire from its leg going to its arm and creating what seemed to have full covered his arm making a gauntlet of fire covering Draco's arm.

    Draco punched Alakazamn twice in its stomach and was about to use Metal Claw when Sabrina yelled out Psybeam which Alakazam easily fired at Draco who was caught off guard and knocked out immediatly upon impact. Ishan picked up a sad Draco and said thanks before returning him and sending Nidorino back out who was already ready to battle.

    "Alakazam Psychic." Sabrina whispered quietly so only Alakazam could hear.

    "Nidorino Sucker Punch then Horn Attack!" Ishan commanded.

    Before Alakazam could even move Nidorino tackled it from the side and then struck it again with Horn Attack. Alakazam then retaliated with a Fire Punch to Nidorino's stomach and sent him up in the air. Nidorino did a quick flip and pointed both feet at Alakazam who was hit by a kick to the eye and one to the chin. While Alakazam was wiping its eye Nidorino quickly launched a Poison Sting attack and followed up with another Horn Attack except this time to Alakazm's knee. Alakazam fell over from the Horn Attack and stayed down.

    "Now Nidorino finish it with one more Horn Attack!" Ishan ordered happily

    Nidorino was about to attack when Alakazam opened its eyes and let out a one more Psybeam that grazed Nidorino's whole left side before Nidorino moved to the side and used Horn Attack on Alakazam who was still lying on the floor at the time of impact. After being hit by Horn Attack Alakazam fainted and after the referee called Nidorino the winner he also fainted from the last Psybeam. Sabrina walked over to Ishan with the Marsh badge and handed to him with a smile.

    "You've done good congratulations." Sabrina said as she went back to the other side of the field waiting for her next challenger.

    Ishan picked up a now awake Nidorino and walked back up to the stands where Silvia approached him and gave him a moonstone.

    "A deal is a deal congratulations and remember you don't have to use it right now you can wait until later to use it." Silvia said with a smile as she left the Gym to go back to Silph Co.

    After Silvia left Ishan sat back down and waited to see who would battle next...
  15. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Kirsta vs. Sabrina - Part 1

    (Bad post, sorry. Will do better in the next posts)

    Matt, Kirsta, and Danny all watched Ishan's spectacular battle against Sabrina. They were all happy for him, and were even more happy that his Nidorino will evolve soon. After Ishan's battle ended, Kirsta stood up and approached the Psychic Gym Leader.

    Standing on her side of the trainers' box, she called out, "Hi, my name is Kirsta and I would like to battle you!" She announced and before Sabrina could respond, she grabbed a PokeBall from her belt, enlarging it.

    Sabrina smirked. "Of course, Kirsta. I hope it's okay if I use some different Pokemon?" She asked, also grabbing a PokeBall from her belt, and enlarging it.

    Kirsta nodded and threw a PokeBall in the air revealing her Gliscor who landed gently on the ground with his tail. Sabrina's Pokemon was different from the ones previously used. It was an Xatu. Both Pokemon could fly, so this could become an Aerial Showdown.

    Kirsta was the first to make a move. "Gliscor fly up high in the air, then use Steel Wing, and give a spin to it!"

    Gliscor flew up high in the air and spun his whole body around, and his wings shown a fine steel color making the Pokemon look good, too. Sabrina smirked. "Won't beat me with Contest moves! Xatu, use Aerial Ace!" She called.

    Around Xatu was white streaks as she flew fast towards Gliscor. Before the two Pokemon collided, Kirsta called out, "Ice Fang!" While the Pokemon was still spinning and had glowing wings, his fangs became all icy and then finally collided with Xatu.

    Even though the match had only started a short while ago, Xatu still fell down easily to Gliscor who seemed fine, but was really in a lot of pain from the Spinning Steel Wing Ice Fang combo.

    Sabrina then summoned her next Pokemon which turned out to be a Medicham.
  16. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Ishan was watching Krista's match against Sabrina calmly when hefelt something shock him and jumped out of his seat.

    "Dude you ok?" Zane asked Ishan who sat back down in his seat, but then felt another shock except this time bigger than before. Ishan tried to sit back down again, but he kept getting shocked so he decided to go outside for a little walk.

    Outside Ishan had begun walking around the block when he came across what appeared to be a dojo. The sign on the dojo said closed, but Ishan noticed there were lights inside the dojo. Curious Ishan opened the door and walked through. Inside Ishan was greeted by what appeared to be Silvia's mercanary group. Silvia was talking about Ishan's Gym Battle and when they saw Ishan was inside they all began cheering for him. Silvia got up from her seat and brought Ishan over to the group.

    "I told them about you Gym Battle and they all loved the story!" Silvia said with excitment.

    "Hey thanks guys, but can I talk to Silvia alone?" Ishan asked as the group went to the other side of the Dojo.

    "What's going on Ishan?" Silvia asked curiously

    "I've been wondering why have you taken such an interest in my training I mean th moonstone, teaching Nidorino Sucker Punch, and watching my Gym Battle?" Ishan asked in a kind tone.

    Silvia sighed and looked up at the roof.

    "Your the son of Professor Zaveri right?" Silvia asked to which Ishan nodded.

    "Well all I am gonna say is that it's my way of saying sorry." Silvia said as she walked away back to her group.

    Ishan still not satisfied with the answer tried to say something, but couldn't as he had gotten shock again except this time he couldn't move. Then out of no where the whole room had turned black and Zapdos had appeared and shocked Ishan again except this time the shock sent a message to Ishan's brain.

    "I need you to listen to my words. You and I need each other to defeat Team Liberator, but we also need the others as well. I will be with you from time to time and when we finally fight Team Liberator I will be there to help." The Shock Zapdos had sent said.

    Before Ishan could say anything else he ws back in the dojo. Even more confused Ishan went back outside and back into the Gym where he sat back down quietly without saying another word....
  17. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Kirsta vs. Sabrina - Part 2

    Kirsta laughed, thinking she could win, just because she is leading by one. "Now, Gliscor use Steel Wing!" She called. Gliscor flew backwards, spun around and flew towards Medicham, wings glowing a bright metallic color.

    Sabrina smirked. "Just because you are leading by one, doesn't mean you can win!" She exclaimed. "Medicham, hold down Gliscor, then use Ice Punch!" Medicham grabbed Gliscor's wings and tried holding it down. Both put up a great fight with that, but Medicham released one hand and quickly readied Ice Punch, smashing Gliscor in the face.

    Actually, before the attack landed, Kirsta ordered an Ice Fang, and both attacks collided, but Gliscor got knocked out. She returned her Gliscor and sent out Gallade. "Use Leaf Blade!" She commanded.

    Wasting no time from when Gallade popped out of its PokeBall, Gallade's wrists glowed green as it ran towards Medicham. "Block that with Ice Punch!" Sabrina commanded. The collison of fists resulted in both Pokemon connected hands, trying to push each other down.

    "Now, use Thunder Bolt, then Psycho Cut!" Kirsta called. Gallade was able to land the surprise Thunder Bolt, thanks to Medicham's hands being blocked. Medicham got thrown down to the ground and easily beaten by a Psycho Cut.

    Sabrina was down to her last Pokemon. She sent out a Grumpig.
  18. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Wow that was a lot of shopping" remarked Vera as she was along with May carrying a lot of shopping bags from different stores of different products. "And we spent a lot" replied May as they continued to walk around in disguises hopefully not being noticed by people until they were in safety.

    "Hey, Vera" May spoke up as Vera acknowledged "What do we do now?" May asked as Vera turned around and looked at her. "I really have no idea, I guess we can sit down or go to a spa?" Vera answered as both of the girls found that they had nothing to do.

    "Well we can check out the gym" May added as Vera grunted in reply as she smiled which did confuse May a lot. "It is life of a famous person" she joked "So much to do but nothing left" as she spotted the Gym and decided to go inside and looked around. "Isn't that..." May asked just then Vera interrupted "Yes it is" as they both walked up to him.

    "Hello, Ishan how was your gym battle?" asked Vera as she looked at him as another battle was going on. "Ohh who's battling?" asked May as Vera shrugged showing that she had no idea. "Looks like a girl who is battling Sabrina" stated Vera bluntly as May looked carefully "She is doing alright" she added as they continued to watch the battle.
  19. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Kirsta vs. Sabrina - Part 3

    As Grumpig was sent out, Kirsta could only wonder why Sabrina had a mischievous smile plastered on her face. This Pokemon must be stronger then Alakazam, who was very powerful. Kirsta thought.

    Sabrina called out the first move. "Use Charge Beam!" She commanded. Grumpig stored up electricity then released it, in a similar way to Thunder Bolt, except it was formed a beam. Gallade stood there, and only moved his arms to block the attack. Slightly skidding back, a small explosion formed and once it disappeared, Grumpig was nowhere to be found.

    Kirsta looked everywhere for Grumpig, well, almost everywhere. Eventually, she figured out Grumpig had used the move Bounce. Unfortunately, it was too late and Grumpig was mere inches way from Gallade. Not knowing what to do, Gallade simply punched Grumpig in the face as it smashed into Gallade.

    Gallade was the one getting knocked out, only landing one, simple punch on Grumpig. Kirsta's Last Pokemon was her Prinplup. She had a lot of faith in her starter, but could possibly lose, as Grumpigs are capable of learning a wide variety of moves.

    "Use Bubble Beam to surround yourself!" Kirsta called out. Her Pokemon nodded, knowing exactly what to do by surrounding itself. Sabrina had no idea what was going on, so once the Bubble Beams made a huge, round barrier around Prinplup, Grumpig dashed toward it and shattered it, creating blue sparkles, flying everywhere.

    Sabrina gasped once realizing that Prinplup was nowhere to be found! After awhile, she realized Prinplup had used Dig, but also covered up the hole pretty well. "Come out from the ground and hit Grumpig, then use Hydro Pump followed by Metal Claw!" Kirsta exclaimed, knowing that victory was definitely in grasp.

    Prinplup burst from the ground and was able to land a Hyrdo Pumpand a Metal Claw on Grumpig. The Pokemon fainted, making Kirsta the winner. She happily accepted the badge and sat down on the bleachers to relax before exiting.

    (Sorry for the slightly rushed post guys. :()
  20. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    As Krista's battle took place Lucas noticed something seemed to be bothering Ishan, but he left before Lucas could ask him what was wrong. Once he came back however Lucas took the chance to ask him, "Is something wrong Ishan?"

    Shortly afterwards Vera and May showed and started commenting on Krista's match, their chatter, however, began to irritate Magus, who simply gave off a sigh and tried his best to ignore it.

    Once Krista was finish with her battle, Lucas was about to head down when he noticed Magus heading out, "Something wrong Magus?", "No, I just need to check on something, go ahead with your Gym battle. I won't be gone long.", Magus replied to Lucas, who simply nodded in response before watching Magus head out the door.

    Lucas then turned to face Sabrina stating, "Sabrina! I, Lucas Serenes, challenge you to a Gym Battle for the Marsh Badge!", "Very well then Lucas, let us begin!", Sabrina exclaimed in response. Lucas called out his Pidgeotto while Sabrina called out a Drowzee. Thus the battle for Lucas' fifth badge has begun.

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