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Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by IshanZ, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Hi there Vera, how is your friend?” Matt asked looking at brown haired girl with blue eyes.

    Matt then saw the girl who called herself Krista “you did a good job out there.” Matt said until he remembered that she didn’t know him.

    Smooth move ” Darkrai said dryly from within Matt’s head

    “Oh sorry I forgot that you didn’t know me. I’m Matt” Matt continued ignoring Darkrai and his smart a*sed comments. Matt then stared at the ceiling while waiting for a reply. He looked down to the arena hoping that his stareing contest with the ceiling didn’t make him look like loony.
  2. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After returning back to his seat Lucas had asked Ishan if he was alright to which Ishan responded with a nod. After that Vera and May entered the Gym and asked how his battle had went. Ishan took out his badge case and showed them his newly earned Marsh Badge.

    "I barely won thanks to Nidorino's quick thinking." Ishan said as as Nidorino who was resting next to Ishan had smiled at the compliment and got up tug on Ishan's leg.

    "What is it Nidorino?" Ishan asked as Nidorino pointed at the pocket the moonstone was in. Ishan took out the moonstone and was about to give it to Nidorino when he suddenly recalled that when a Pokemon evolves their personality changes and they may not even listen to their trainer anymore. Ishan put the moonstone back in his pocket and patted Nidorino on the head.

    "Not right now buddy maybe later." Ishan said to Nidorino who pouted for a few seconds and then went back to resting.

    Out of nowhere Zane suddenly walked out of the Gym. Wondering what was going on Ishan followed him, but was stopped by Zane before he left.

    "I need to go get my Scyther from the Pokemon Center and then I need to do something so don't worry I'll be back by tomorrow morning." Zane said as he walked off out of the Gym.

    Ishan went quietly back to his seat and sat down again to watch Lucas' Gym battle, but wasn't very focused as he was still trying to understand everything that had happened within the last hour....
  3. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!


    After exiting the Gym, Magus had his back against the wall speaking to someone on his cell phone with his mask off, it was one of very few times he could remove his mask as anyone who saw his eyes could reveal his identity to Lucas, which to him wasn't the time to do so if there will ever be one.

    "I'm calling because I've found two worthy candidates for those two Pokemon you're keeping.....Ya, I've been traveling with them for the past month and they're more than capable of taking care of them.....I'll ask them later and try to get them to Lavender by either tonight or early tomorrow morning.....Trust me sir you won't be disappointed."

    Shortly after getting off the phone Magus noticed the doors opening causing him to curse under his breath before quickly placing his mask back on and looking to see that it was Zane.

    Magus always felt concerned about the number of people that could potentially reveal his identity to Lucas, Ishan was a close friend who had other friends such as Zane and Karen, not to mention Ryan and the two Matt's are also more than likely to inform Lucas and Lucia should they ever see Magus' eyes, so far the only person unlikely to tell them anything besides Drake and Redwing, who already know who he is and made a promise to keep it a secret, was Vera. But there's a rule towards hiding your true self, you can't take chances.


    Meanwhile in Lucas' battle, both his Pidgeotto and Sabrina's Drowzee took some hits, now it was a matter of who hits last, "Pidgeotto, ascend!", Lucas called out signaling Pidgeotto to gain altitude in preparation for a Fly attack, however Sabrina looked prepared to counter with anything so Lucas felt it was time for his countermeasure, "Pidgeotto, use Aerial Ace!", Pidgeotto then dove towards the ground, and just when it looked like Drowzee was about to hold Pidgeotto off with it's Psychic abilities, Pidgeotto disappeared into thin air for sevearl seconds before suddenly appearing in front of Drowzee and ramming into it, thus knocking it out.

    After Sabrina released her next Pokemon, a Kadabra, Lucas recalled Pidgeotto and look to Riolu, "You ready Riolu?", Lucas asked him. After seeing him nod in response, "Rio!", Lucas took Riolu's scarf off signaling him to head into the field.

    "Wait. Why would Lucas use Riolu, isn't he at a disadvantage?", Lucia asked out loud, "Lucas and Riolu are not bothered by anything concerning type or evolution. Lucas has always believed that the bonds he has forged with those close to him is his strength which is why he is sure to succeed in any challenge time and again.", Uxie explained, his spirit appearing on Lucia's shoulder just as Mesprit was settled on the other.

    "There is a saying I had heard Magus speak back in Celadon. He said, 'Strength of heart, when united, is barred by no door.' It's true, no matter how strong the individual, it's when you try to face an obstacle alone is when you are truly weak.", Mesprit explained, making Lucia wonder about present matters, "If only that Zeke person and Claus could see things that way, or maybe if Magus really is Claus then perhaps he already has."

    Lucia then looked to Ishan and asked him, "Ishan, do you think Magus might be Claus, that guy Lucas has been looking for?"
  4. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    Kirsta meets Matt

    Kirsta was sitting on the bleachers, having every intention on watching this match. She didn't know who this kid was, but she liked good Pokemon battles. Just as the match was about to begin, a kid approached Kirsta congratulating her on a good battle. Kirsta giggled when the kid remembered that he never actually knew her.

    "It's okay," She said, still slightly giggling. "I'm Kirsta as you know."

    Matt laughed with them, too. "Hey, Matt. How many badges do you have? Kirsta and I both have six." He announced, and Kirsta and himself both pulled out their badge cases, flashing their six badges. "Oh, and this is Danny," He added, putting his badge case away.

    "Hey," Danny said, quickly turning back to watching the match. Something seemed a little off about Danny...... He usually likes introducing himself and isn't shy, even around people he's just meeting.

    Matt sighed, and the four kids watched the match. "Matt, what's this kid's name? The one in the match." He eventually asked.
  5. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Matt turned to Matt, Krista, and Danny.

    "Hi I'm Matt and I have six badges as well." Matt said warmly with a smile.

    "Oh and his name is Lucas." Matt said in response to the other Matt's question.

    "What about you are you a coordinator or something else?" Matt asked Danny

    After Lucia asked Ishan if he though Magus could be the person Lucas was looking for Ishan slowly looked at Lucas who was battling Sabrina. He then turned back to Lucia and answered her question.

    "I think anything is possible, but regarding Magus I wouldn't think so seeing as how he seems more different from what Lucas told me about Claus." Ishan said to Lucia.

    Ishan looked around and wondered about Zane thinking about going to look for him, but choosing otherwise after remembering the look on his face when he left. Ishan turned to Matt who was talking to the other Matt and his friends.

    "Hey Matt seeing as you're going to Cinnabar as well how about you come with me and Zane to Vermillion to catch a boat there we can stop by and you can enter a few contests on the way if you want?" Ishan asked with a smile.

    "Ya sure and I can protect all those girls from Zane as well." Matt said jokingly.

    "Haha ya we can both keep him under control." Ishan said in agreement as he returned his attention to the Gym Battle
  6. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Vera and May were watching the gym battle while of course talking about everything that was common between them. "I wonder, how are we going to get to Cinnabar" asked May while watching the gym battle with somewhat of a keen interest. "Well" Vera replied, taking out something from her purse which was a phone "Ship, first class without any doubt" while they both smiled "This is a pretty interesting gym battle" May added as Vera nodded in reply agreeing with her.

    They both heard Ishan and the other younger trainers talk about a few things while they were watching the Gym battle. "Love how they don't notice us" she smirked to May who looked like she was daydreaming "Huh oh yeah it is good but you know a little attention wouldn't hurt but I could be wrong" May replied while Vera sighed "Crazed teenage boys, the worst of them all or fanatical girls, you pick" knowing that the silence of no media, fans and loud noises relaxed both knowing that it was a rarity that both even got silence to begin with.

    "Want to go early to Vermillion" asked Vera looking at the date and time "I mean if you want, sneak out though because you can't trust people". May looked at the gym battle and then at Vera "I guess but well how are we going to get there?" she asked. "Well we could I suppose use a car but that is a bit out there, maybe a helicopter from Ash?" Vera answered without any real conviction to the questioned asked by May "Car it is I think but then we can wait a little" answered May with Vera smiled "Alright, lets watch" as they watched the gym battle while listening to bits and pieces of the conversation nearby.
  7. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After a while of watching the Gym Battle, Ishan decided to go outside and take a walk. Once outside Ishan walked out of Saffron where he noticed a Golduck running through the bushes gathering berries. Immediatly the Golduck noticed Ishan and glared at him. Ishan immediatly noticing the hostility decided he might as well catch the Golduck. Ishan sent out Nidorino and waited for a few seconds before Golduck began to rush and Nidorino.

    "Nidorino Suck Punch." Ishan whispered to Nidorino.

    Nidorino slid to the side and smashed into Golduck as it passed by. Then while Golduck was recovering Nidorino smashed into it again. Following this Golduck staggered back and used a powerful Water Gun which struck Nidorino with the power of a boulder. Ishan then commanded Nidorino to use Double Kick. Nidorino jumped into the air and rammed Golduck with two kicks to the head.

    Golduck now tired sat down on the floor to catch a breath. Ishan used the moment to try and catch Golduck, but the problem was that Ishan had run out of Pokeballs! Ishan annoyed by his forgetfullness to get Pokeballs returned Nidorino to its Pokeball, picked up and Oran Berry, handed it to Golduck, and then walked away to the Pokemart to pick up some Pokeballs.

    After doing that Ishan walked back to the Gym and sat down again disappointed at the loss of Golduck.

    "Well there goes that Golduck." Ishan said to Vera and May as he explained his situation to them.

    "So what's been happening with you two you guys looked pretty bored?" Ishan asked them as he waited for something interesting to happen in the Gym Battle...
  8. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    While both Vera and May were watching the gym battle. They sighed both bored and Vera waiting for a call from her boyfriend or at least when they go Cinnabar Island but the boat wasn't due for a long time and they were all shopping out. "When does boat come again?" asked Vera to May who shrugged "No idea really, I think in about 6 to 7 hours or so" she replied with a long stretched out answer.

    Suddenly Ishan walked inside the gym and looked a bit disappointed. He came up to them, "Well there goes that Golduck." and then followed up with an explanation on the battle between his Nidorino and the wild Golduck as well as how it ended. "Oh that does suck, if only you had some Pokeballs, I think I have some" Vera said pulling out two "You can have them, I don't need them anyway" as she threw them to Ishan. "Yeah I used to be a top notch trainer but I took the more glamorous route" she said "I think exactly 6 years ago I was battling here for a gym badge, those were the days" Vera trailed off as May looked at her "You must have been good though" she responded.

    "So what's been happening with you two you guys looked pretty bored?" Ishan asked them both. May quickly answered the question "Well we are going to Cinnabar and Vera is looking forward to see her Ashy boy aren't you Vera" she looked at Vera who was blushing "Umm yeah but we did all our shopping, I haven't actually battled in a while but you know I do wonder if I took the other path, where I would be?" she asked herself out loud and then realizing "Well that's life, nothing much though right now"
  9. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    "I'm sure Ash will be happy to see you again Vera." Ishan said

    "By the way what happened with you and contests I've heard you haven't entered the one in Saffron yet you should try it." Ishan suggested to Vera.

    "Lucia you should enter after Lucas finishes his Gym Battle and Matt since we are traveling for the time being I wouldn't mind if we stopped to enter a few contests along the way." Ishan said to Matt S.

    "Ya I wouldn't mind entering after this Gym Battle. Hey what happened to Zane he's been gone for a while now maybe we should go look for him." Matt S. suggested

    "I think we should in about a half hour he seemed kind of worried when he left." Ishan said

    "Hey Matt what do you plan on doing after the Gym Battle ends? Are you going to take a boat to Cinnabar or are you gonna take another route?" Ishan asked Matt N.

    "Ishan when are you gonna use the moonstone of Nidorino?" Matt S. asked Ishan who took out the moonstone.

    "To be honest I don't know I mean if I use it then there's a chance Nidorino may not listen to me ever again and his personality could become so different. I mean ya he will become stronger, but what would be the point if I lose a friend in the process." Ishan said as he put the moonstone back into his pocket.

    "I guess you're right, but still you nevr know until you try." Matt S. said to Ishan reassuringly

    "What do you guys think?" Ishan asked everyone that was near him....
  10. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    As Lucas' match progressed Magus walked back in looking uneasy as he returned to the stands, soon afterwards Ishan got up and left making Lucia wonder why, "He's probably got a lot on his mind.", Magus said noticing her puzzled look, she simply nodded in response and watched Lucas' match, eventually Ishan came back a little disappointed about an incident he explained to Vera and May, however Lucia and Magus were to focused on Lucas to catch any of it.

    Later on however Ishan told Lucia about the contest and how she should try it, Lucia simply sighed in response explaining, "I'd like to but...There's been so much going on lately with Lucas and the whole problem with Uxie's soul, I haven't been able to concentrate with it.", "Don't feel restrained by everything that's been happening, even if you don't win the contest it doesn't hurt to try. Besides, Lucas wouldn't want you to feel burdened by his misfortunes.", Magus told her, making her nod, "Ya...I guess you're right.

    Ishan then once again became uncertain about whether or not to evolve Nidorino, who he believes could change drastically once evolved, when asked about what they though Lucia shook her head saying, "I don't know what to say Ishan, I mean if the Pokemon wants to evolve then I'm all for it. But if you want advice about the actual connection between yourself and Nidorino, then I'd talk to Lucas about it.", Magus on the other hand turned away stating, "Evolution. I've no right to speak of such a matter. Sorry but I can't help you there."

    As far as the round between Riolu and Sabrina's Kadabra had progressed, Riolu was having a difficult time due to Kadabra's psychic attacks just as Lucia suspected earlier, however Riolu wasn't letting it get to him, he never did as long as Lucas had faith in him.

    "Perhaps now you regret your decision to pit a Fighting-Type against me?", Sabrina remarked, as so far the only attack that has worked is Aura Sphere, which has little effectiveness. "Types mean nothing to me, even though I know the risks, I also know that as long as I trust my Pokemon they'll always be at there best, no disadvantage of any kind will change that." Lucas called out prompting Riolu to regain his stance.

    "I'll just have to test that faith of yours.", Sabrina remarked once more before Lucas noticed Kadabra was concentrating, "You won't have to. Riolu, Shadow Claw!", Lucas had called out, Riolu had then extended claws of dark energy out of his paws just in time before getting caught in a Psychic hold, however he simply stepped back before rushing up to Kadabra with the Shadow Claws ready.

    "How is Riolu enduring that attack like that, during Ishan's match Draco was getting tossed around.", Lucia asked to no one in particular, however Magus theorized, "I'm guessing the fact that Riolu's using a Ghost-Type move like Shadow Claw somewhat limits a Psychic-Type moves effectiveness, but he's still taking damage so Lucas can't rely on it too much."

    Once he got close enough Riolu swung his claws down on Kadabra and struck it several times, disrupting its concentration and stopping whatever damage was being done to Riolu. "Don't expect that to work twice.", Sabrina told Lucas, who gave a serious nod stating, "Of course not, I've already made that mistake once and learned from it."

    Lucas quickly called out, "Riolu, try Double Team!" In response Riolu jumped back from Kadabra and split into three copies. As this was being done, however, Kadabra stepped up to Riolu charging up a Thunderpunch, which he swung in a sweeping motion that would hit all three of them, except all of them disappeared leaving Kadabra stupified until Riolu reappeared behind it and sliced his claws at Kadabra's back causing it to kneel in pain. The enraged Kadabra then turned around swinging it's electricity charged fist at Riolu only for it go through another apparition, after which Riolu emerged to strike it again.

    The moves from both Pokemon were repeated at least five times before Sabrina finally lost her patience, "Enough!", She shouted, the outburst also influenced Kadabra, who released a blast of psychic energy around itself forcing Riolu away from it, "Alright then, Riolu, finish it with Aura Sphere!", Lucas commanded, Riolu then fired an Aura Sphere, which once it struck Kadabra resulted in a large cloud of dust that cleared away to reveal that it had fainted.

    Once Lucas was rewarded with the Marsh Badge from Sabrina, Lucas made his way up to the stands, Lucia quickly got up commenting, "You were pretty amazing Lucas! I didn't imagine you'd handle that disadvantage as well as you did.", Lucas was about to reply when Magus put his hand on Lucas' shoulder before telling him, "I think there's something you need to talk to Ishan about."

    Magus and Lucia explained Ishan's uncertainty to Lucas, who approached Ishan and told him, "I don't know if I can help to much with this kind of situation Ishan, personally when it comes to evolution I let the Pokemon decide. But if there is something you feel unsure about then I think you should work it out with Nidorino, I believe understanding your Pokemon as best you can makes it easier for both of you in the end...That's all I'm saying...It's completely up to you Ishan, however if the time when you decide to evolve Nidorino ever comes just let me know, I'd like to be there when it happens."
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
  11. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt looked at the clock tower and saw that it was ten o’ clock “I’m going to bed, the contest’s tomorrow and I’ll see if I can find Zane on the way” he said to everyone in the group before making his way back to the pokemoncenter ‘now I wonder who to use in the contest’ Matt thought to himself both walking to the center and searching for Zane Matt walked into the pokemon center still unable to locate him “he’s probably gone to bed” Matt said to himself before going up to his own room and resting for tomorrow.

    (yes I know it's short but I didn't know what I was allowed to post)
  12. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After seeing Lucas' Gym Battle end Ishan listened to what everyone had to say on Nidorino evolving. Ishan got up and took out the moonstone, a rope, and sent out Nidorino. He tied the moonstone to the rope and tied it onto Nidorino. Nidorino smiled and began to glowing white and change. He began to become bigger and his horn and spikes extended. After finishing evolving Nidoking let out a roar and walked up to Ishan.

    "Wow Nidoking I expected you to be a bit bigger." Ishan said jokingly as he compared himself to the shorter Nidoking.

    "But Nidoking everytime you feel angry or have an urge to not listen to me look at the moonstone." Ishan said to Nidoking as he pointed at the now greyed out moonstone that was hangin from Nidoking's neck.

    "Nido!" Nidoking said in pride as Ishan returned him to his Pokeball.

    "Lucas, Magus, Lucia thank you for your advice I appreciate it, but I have to go it's really late and I have to get to go find Zane." Ishan said as he left the Gym.

    In the pitch black of night Ishan ran through Saffron looking for Zane and after entering what appeared to be a grass clearing Ishan found him and Scyther battling what appeared to be an Abra. Scyther quickly slashed Abra and knocked it out leavin Zane the oppurtunity to catch it. Afterwards Ishan walked up to Zane and congratulated him on his catch to which Zane simply walked away back to the Pokemon Center.

    "Hey what's wrong Zane you seem pretty angry?" Ishan asked Zane who walked into his room without another word.

    Ishan figuring he was tired went to sleep and in the morning walked to the Contest Hall to watch the Contest. Ishan sat in the top row awkwardly hoping someone else would show up soon...
  13. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Well-Known Member

    (Might be a pretty awkward beginning, I'm sorry. Sorry for the lame post, too.)

    Matt thought about Ishan's question as the Gym Battle was going on. He didn't want to seem rude by not going to the contest, but he also really wanted to get his next badge. He then decided.....

    "Kirsta, Danny, and I will go on ahead to Cinnabar. There should be a boat along the way there," he explained. "Don't worry, we'll wait for you." he winked.

    The next day......
    The three trainers woke up, and knew that they'd be heading off to Cinnabar Island today. It would be pretty tough, and at some point or another they'd need a boat.

    After getting changed, they went outside, belongings with them, and bid Saffron City farewell and decided to go to Vermillion City to where the boat is.

  14. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt got out of his bed and changed into his clothes, clothes that he would have to replace seeing as how he’s been wearing them since the start of his journey in kanto (except for his big black coat) the good news was they didn’t smell because they were easy to wash but they carried the cuts and marks from the battle in Celadon city and training along side his pokemon.

    He went down getting both him and his pokemon some food before making his way to the contest hall when he got there he made his way to the locker rooms.

    After twenty minutes of other people battling it was Matt’s turn he walked into the arena and saw a boy about his own age with blue hair, slim build and violet eyes he was wear jeans with a cream shirt and teal jacket his name was Johnson

    “Begin” the judge said

    “Tauros, Jolteon. Come on out” Johnson said releasing a three tailed bull with a dark brown mane it also had horns and three studs on it’s forehead these two features were both silver

    Matt opened up his pokedex which said:


    They fight each other by locking horns. The herd's protector takes pride in its battle-scarred horns.

    Matt then turned his gaze to the other pokemon it was a yellow fox that’s fur was in the shape of spikes it had a white collar that was also spiky. Matt pokedex then said:


    It concentrates the weak electric charges emitted by its cells and launches wicked lightning bolts.

    Matt placed his hands into his pocket and pulled out two pokeball “Nidoking, Kabutops your up” he said throwing their pokeballs.

    "Jolteon get onto Tauros" Johnson said

    Jolteon jumped on to the back of the wild bull pokemon

    "now Take Down Tauros and Jolteon if they dogde shower them with Pin Missle"

    Tauros moo'd (I'm not even sure if that's a real word but hey) and began to charge with Jolteon rideing on top

    "Kabutops move away" Matt said suprised by Jolteon by able to keep it's balance.

    Kabutops jumped out of the way by 60 centermeters. Jolteon's fur became spikeyer ready to follow it's order

    "Nidoking, Iron tail" Nidoking swung his silver tail into Tauro's left side which knocked off balance for a bit. used the time it toke for Jolteon to regain it's balance to power up an Aqua Jet with ramed Jolteon off of Tauros

    Nidoking then ran towards the still dazzed Tauros

    "Nidoking, double Focus Punch"

    "Tauros, Horn Attack"

    Nidoking hammered both of his fists into Tauro's left side. Tauros swung around and cliped Nidoking's thigh with it's left horn.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
  15. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "I'm sure Ash will be happy to see you again Vera." Ishan said to Vera as she sighed "I hope so to, that's why I'm skipping the contest to see him, it doesn't matter for me as long as I can be with my friends and more." She added while looking at May who smiled "Yeah so Cinnabar here we come, it is an island resort I hope"

    "What do you guys think?" Ishan asked them about the issues of his Pokemon. "I suppose you could infact just try and see how everything goes" Vera explained quickly "We don't know what could happen until then, so you have to a risk like with some boys that never call you maybe something bad happened to him or he is with another girl" her tone started to go from concern to sad to angry until May calmed her down "I doubt that Vera, I just do"

    Vera and May both waited for a while before she spoke up, Vera for that matter. "Yeah I guess we are off, both May and I to Cinnabar, so bye we will see you there" Vera then started to walk as May stayed back a little "See she would enter the contest but she just wants to see Ash" she added while she said her goodbyes and they started to walk towards Vermillion to catch the boat.

    They after a few hours made it to Vermillion and then caught the boat going to Cinnabar "Lets see what happens" Vera thought as she looked at the sunset from the boat.
  16. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Half a foot away from Nidoking and Tauros. Jolteon and Kabutops were staring each other down

    “Thunder Fang” Johnson said

    “Use aqua jet to jump up, Kabutops”

    Jolton was about to bit Kabutop’s leg with it’s fang that crackling with electricity but Kabutops, covered in water shot upwards before the fangs could close

    “Now into Ancient Power” Matt said smiling just a little bit

    Kabutops broke out of its water type move and began to roar savagely as silver balls began to rise from the ground before showering towards Jolteon

    “Agility” Johnson said

    And, to Matt’s surprise, Jolteon used the silver balls as platforms to get near Kabutops

    “Aqua jet down now!” Matt said louder than he wanted.

    Kabutops used Aqua Jet to shoot downwards but Jolteon cut the Shellfish pokemon off by ramming him with Quick Attack both pokemon fell to the ground with Kabutops taking the most damage he was just getting to his feet when Johnson yelled “Double kick Jolteon”

    Jolteon covered the distance that was made in the fall it then span around ready to put it’s back legs in Kabutops “Mega Drain now” the bottom two of Kabutop’s spikes released energy beams of a green colour that wrapped them self’s around Jolteon back legs. Trapping it while draining the energy right out of it.

    Tauros ran towards Kabutops hoping to save Jolteon but Nidoking stoped it by tripping it up thanks to a water pulse to the hooves. It was shortly after that when Jolteon fainted Johnson returned Jolteon and told Tauros to get up, Tauros got up to it’s hooves and gave a moo in anger “ok Tauros lets take them both down with Giga Impact”

    Tauros grunted and began charging, Matt was out of ideas until he saw the floor “that’s it Nidoking fire water pluses at the floor” Nidoking obeyed and threw two orbs of water in front of Tauros which wet the floor “Kabutops!, wait for it” Matt said he then heard a splash “Now Ice Beam the wet floor” Kautops fired a light blue beam at the floor which froze the water Tauros then slipped up thanks to the small sheet of ice “Nidoking, Kabutops take opposite sides” both pokemon moved to different sides of Tauros “Kabtutops, Aqua Jet” Kabutops rocketed towards Tauros “Nidoking, Ice Beam him” Nidoking fired his Ice Beam at Kabutops which his Aqua Jet into an Ice Aqua Jet” Kabutops smash into Tauros ,who was struggling to keep himself up and knocked it out

    “The winner of this battle is Matt” Judge said as Matt returned his pokemon and left for the locker rooms.
  17. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member


    After finally completing all the paperwork he had to do after returning to Viridian, Ash used his jet to get to Cinnabar. When he landed on Cinnabar Ash headed out to the Pokemon Center where he sat down and sent Vera a message telling her he was waiting for her in the Pokemon Center....


    After waiting for what appeared to be hours the contest had finally started and Matt was battling a coordinator with Tauros and Jolteon. After defeating the coordinator Ishan cheered for Matt and a few minutes later Zane appeared and handed Ishan a note. Ishan read the note which said that Zane had to meet someone in the forest. Ishan closed the note and asked Zane what was up.

    "You see I was supposed to meet my dad last night he was going to tell me where my mother was, but he never showed up." Zane told Ishan.

    "I see well don't worry we'll find your mom I promise." Ishan said with a smile as he waited for the next match to start....
  18. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Our frist semi final match is Matt vs. Alison” Matt heard the judge call out, he got up and made his way to the arena when he got there he saw an attractive red head with emral green she was wearing a black shirt with army camouflage pants.

    “Marowak, Golbat lets go” she said releasing two pokemon the first one looked like small brown dinosaur with a spike on it’s tail, a scaled underbelly and a big bone in it’s hand it also had a skull covering it’s head.

    Matt toke out his pokedex which said:


    It collects bones from an unknown place. Some whisper that a Marowak graveyard exists somewhere in the world.

    Matt then looked at the second pokemon it was a big blue bat with a large mouth, four fangs, small triangular ears, small eyes and one toe on each foot.

    Matt pointed his pokedex at it, and it said:


    However hard its victim's hide may be, it punctures with sharp fangs and gorges itself with blood.

    “Nidoking, Kabutops lets go” Matt said releasing his pokemon

    “Begin” the judge said

    “Golbat Screech” Alison said Golbat flew right above Nidoking and screamed downwards so that Nidoking was fully covered by the move. Nidoking growled in pain and covered it ears but the screech got through “now Marowak, Bonemerang” Marowak threw its bone towards Kabutops

    “Sent it to Golbat using night slash” Kabutops side stepped the Bone his left sickle turned purple he then knock the bone towards Golbat thus redirecting it.

    Golbat flew away from the bone however this meant that it had to give up torturing Nidoking’s ears and Nidoking toke his revenge by throwing a Water Pulse which struck Golbat on the right wing

    “Thunder Bolt” Matt said sparks of yellow electricity appeared around Nidoking’s horn and it release a beam of electricity at Golbat from its body. But the thunder bolt went straight towards Marowak “It must have lighting rod” Matt muttered.

    "Golbat, Poison fang and Marowak use Bone rush"

    Golbat dive bomed downwards towards Kabutops , fangs turning purple and Marowak ran towards Nidoking with it's bone lowed

    "Nidoking block it with Iron tail and Kabutops use Ice beam" Matt said. Nidoking's tail turned white and swung it towards Marowak's riseing bone. The bone and tail collided with each other.

    Kabutops shot light blue beam after light blue beam in an attempt to convince the bat pokemon that it's attack was not going to work but Golbat was avoiding the beams but one of them struck it in the right wing which froze, being unable to stay in flight Golbat crash landed near Kabutops feet and bit him on the ankle with it. Kabutops hissed in pain and glowed purple.

    "Whirlpool, Kabutops" Matt said hoping to take out Golbat before Kabutops fell Kabutops eyes turned blue and it became engulfed in swiling water which sucked up Golbat and span it around until it got spat out the bat pokemon the water around Kabutops stoped moveing and the shellfish shot towards Golbat with Aqua Jet and knock it out. Alison returned Golbat and Kabutops turned purple again hissed louder than last time.

    "Marowak take out Kabtutops with Iron Head" Alison said calmly as if Golbat being beat didn't matter. Marowak wacked Nidoking on the knee with it's club then ran towards Kabtops

    "Kabutops, Aqua jet out the way" Matt woundering how much longer the shell fish pokemon would last. Kabutops shot sideways just Marowak reached his destination

    "got you. Now Marowak Focus Blast" Alison said and Marowak held his bone in both hands and created a light blue a few feet in front of the bone. Matt looked toward Nidoking who was still rubbing life back into his knee and then Kabtops...

    "TOPS!!!" he yelled in Pain when he turned purple for a third time Matt knew there was no way for him to avoid it in time. Marowak griped the bone tightly and used to bat the light blue at Kabutops as if it was a baseball it smacked Kabutops in the side of the head and knocked it out. Matt returned Kabutops and whispered "good job." he then yelled "Nidoking are you good to go" the Drill pokemon roared his reply Matt could tell that Nidoking's knee stoped hurting "then lets end this" Matt said to Nidoking.
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  19. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    "Well" Vera said to May while they were waiting for a ship which turned out to be delayed by a long time. "Pokemon Center?" she asked to May while she sighed and agree with the blonde. They both walked up to the nearest Pokemon Center and chilled out waiting for the moment where at least something could happen that would break the boredom and silence. BUt it was just pure silence in the Pokemon Center, much to the boredom of both girls but at least there were people but they didn't even talk.

    Until Nurse Joy came and gave Vera a message after taking a while to find out who she was much to the annoyance of Vera and Nurse Joy. Vera after getting the message, read it. "Huh, Ash is at Cinnabar, like I thought" she thought to herself while she was reading it carefully to make sure that everything was read right. "Alright" Vera said out loud, "Cinnabar it is" she added as they waited for the boat which some chatter about various subjects until the boat came.

    Once the boat came, both girls got on the boat. Finally going towards Cinnabar as Vera was excited to meet again with Ash as she wondered if the resort was anything before the volcano incident a while ago.
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  20. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Marowak,Bonemerang” Alison said

    “Break in with Irontail” Matt yelled

    Marowak threw it’s towards Nidoking who bated it away using his tail

    “Marowak, Ironhead” Marowak ran towards Nidoking with its head down and glowing silver

    “Nidoking aim low” Matt said and watched Nidoking crouched as far down as possible “Ice beam” Nidoking fired a light blue which hit Marowak in the waist and made the ground type to stop its charge “Now Hyper Beam” Nidoking charged and fired an orange beam with shot Marowak into a wall. Once the dust from the crash cleared every one could see Marowak knocked out

    “Matt is the winner” the judge said but Matt returned Nidoking and ran back into the locker rooms before the judge could finish because it wouldn’t be long till the final and Matt had to get Kabutops back on his feet.

    Matt toke a revive and two hyper potions that he brought from a pokemart out of his bag. He then released Kabutops who was not moving and had his eyes shut Matt opened Kabutop’s mouth and fed it the yellow revive the shellfish pokemon’s eyes opened and quite a few of it’s wound disappeared. Matt the sprayed to hyper potion over the remaining wounds he also did this for Nidoking with the second bottle.
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