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Pokemon: A New Age(Kanto)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by IshanZ, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member


    After seeing Matt win Ishan clapped loud for him and then continued sitting in the stands untils a piece of paper fell onto his lap. Ishan picked up the piece of paper and read it. Ishan quietly got up and walked outside where Zach was waiting for him with a smirk on his face and with a Pokeball already in his hand. Ishan without saying a word walked straight into the forest with Zach following behind eagerly. Ishan and Zach kept walking until entering a clearing where they both took the opposite sides of the area.

    "Well Ish you ready for this, I've been waiting for this ever since Risa claimed you were a great trainer. I think she's stretching the truth so that's why I challenged you so don't think I believe you're a good trainer." Zach said said with his continuous smirk.

    "It's Ishan to you and I don't care what you think let's just begin." Ishan replied with hostility.

    "Fine then. Marshstomp let's do this!" Zach yelled as he sent out Marshstomp.

    "Draco let's show them what a strong trainer really is!" Ishan yelled as he sent out Draco.

    Draco and Marshstomp both ran at each other with Fire Punch for Draco and Brick Break for Marshstomp....


    After resting for a bit at the Pokemon Center Ash headed out to view the newly rebuilt Cinnabar Island. The buidings on the island were made out of bricks and painted dark and light blue with carefully drawn designs on the buidings. The volcanoe that was now inactive was the main attraction of the island, but also carefully watched in case of another eruption, but the one thing that everyone was visiting was the resort house that inside had the Gym Arena where Blaine battled his opponents. Ash immediatly headed for the resort where he entered the hot tub eagerly and rested.

    After resting up Ash entered the stands of the Gym Arena(that was covered by a glass window to prevent the heated battle fumes from hitting the viewers) and sat down watching Blaine demolish his opponents with his Magmar as he waited for Vera to show up....
  2. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “The final is Matt vs. Josh” the judge yelled to the crowd.

    Matt at the last person he had to get past for the ribbon he was short fat male in his mid thirty’s wearing a yellow shirt with purple writing on it and faded jeans.

    “Nintail’s, Golem come out and fight” Josh said slowly and calmly, releaseing a ninetails and a two leged turtle with a rock bunch of small rocks stuck together to make a shell.

    Matt flipped open his pokedex which said


    It is capable of blowing itself up. It uses this explosive force to jump from mountain to mountain.

    “Kabutop’s, Nidoking let’s go” Matt releaseing the two of them

    “Golem, Rock blast and Ninteails Will-O-Wisp”

    Golem fired rocks it’s shell into the air and Ninetails coated the rock with a blueish flame

    “Kabutop’s Ancient Power”

    Kabutop’s roared as silver ball’s rose from the ground and were shot at the flaming rock’s. Both attack’s met and made an explosen. “Nidoking fire water pluse’s through the smoke Nidoking began to toss his blue ball’s of water through the smoke hoping to shower both pokemon.

    It never happened as Matt learned when the smoke cleared for both were gone leaveing a hole in the ground. 'Great' Matt said to himself bitterly 'they can pop up and attack whenever they want unless...'

    "Kabutop's Aqua Jet upwards and Nidoking Iron Tail on the ground" Matt called out Kabutop's shot up in the air and Nidoking slamed his tail on the ground causeing a shockwave which knock Golem and Ninetails out of there
    "Whirlpool and Focus Punch" Matt said. Kabutop's shot a whirlpool in Ninetails direction while Nidoking waited for Golem to start falling once it did Nidoking ran close to the spot so that it hit Golem just as it's about to land. It fell in range and Nidoking was just ready to hit when...

    "Golem, Explostion" Josh said and an Explostion happened and sent both pokemon opposite ways and knocked out. Matt and Josh returned their pokemon this was now a one on one battle.

    Ninetails was able to block the Whirl Pool using Safeguard and landed on it's feet "Energy ball" Josh said, Ninetails fired a green ball of energy at Kabutops

    "charge through it, Kabutops" Matt said hoping that Kabutop's new method would work. Kabutops engulfed itself in a waterly coat before jeting off towards the ball

    "Your insane" Josh scoffed

    "If me and my pokemon weren't this would never work" Matt retorded "Now drill it"

    Kabutops began to rotate while moveing, turning the Aqua Jet into a drill it went through the ball but Kabutops lost his water coat. "Ancient Power now" Matt knowing the Kabutops going to fall soon, Kabutop’s roared as silver ball’s rose from the ground and were shot at Ninetails they hit the fire type pokemon on the back just as Kabutops landed on his belly "Kabutops, get up" Kabutops got up to his feet (which was pretty hard seeing as how he has no hands) "Now night Slash" Kabutops ran towards Ninetails who was recovering from the Ancient Power and slashed it with a black sickle across the face and neck (it was an upwards slash) Ninetails then fell to the floor.

    "The winner of the Saffron ribbion is Matt" the judge said while giveing Matt a purple ribbion with a gold circle in the center. Matt left the hall to give Nurse Joy his Nidoking. He went to go find Ishan and Zane.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2010
  3. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    After Ishan left to go see the Pokemon Contest, Lucas and Lucia were about to follow when Magus stopped them, "I need an answer Lucia, are you going to enter the contest? If not, then there's something I need to ask both of you.", Lucia turned around to look towards Magus before shaking her head saying, "I can't right now, there's just too much on my mind."

    "In that case, there's someone who wants to meet you two in Lavender Town. He looks after the Pokemon Tower there and looks after any orphaned Pokemon, I told him about you two and he would like to know if you'd be willing to look after these two Pokemon that lost there home in a fire.", Magus explained.

    After hearing this Lucas and Lucia looked to each other and nodded before turning back to Magus, "Alright, we'll go with you to meet this man.", Lucas replied. Magus then smiled to them saying, "Thank you. Not a lot of people are willing to make this choice, I've met people who view orphaned Pokemon as weak, that's what makes this man's line of work difficult."

    Magus called out Salamence, whom everyone quickly mounted. Riolu got in front of Lucas while Pichu got in front of Lucia and Mesprit settled on her shoulder. As Salamence took off for Lavender Town Lucas looked down to a forest clearing and saw what appeared to be Ishan battling someone. "What's Ishan doing down there?", Lucia asked once she noticed it as well, "It looks like a battle, I wonder who he's battling against.", Lucas responded. Magus looked to the battle and remarked, "Ishan can take care of himself, I'm sure he'll be just fine no matter who that is." As Salamence gained speed and altitude to the point where they couldn't see Ishan anymore they all looked onward towards Lavender Town.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2010
  4. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After atleast an hour of battling Ishan was down with his last Pokemon. Ishan had Nidoking and Zach still had Marshstomp. Ishan quickly ordered Nidoking to use Horn Attack while Zach ordered an Ice Beam. Nidoking tried to punch right through the beam of ice, but was immediatly hit and knocked away. Marshstomp then walked up to Nidoking and used another close up Ice Beam, this one ending the battle with Nidoking holding its stomach in pain. After winning Zach looked around at all of Ishan's injured Pokemon. Draco and Scyther were both face down on the floor, while Machop, Growlithe, and Gyrados all curled up in pain from the beating.

    "Hmph how pathetic only barely took out Dratini and she just hatched, guess Risa was really exaggerating when she said you were a good trainer. Here take this Pokemon some guy who looked like you told me to give it to you, it must be perfect for a weak pathetic like you. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two about training before the League" Zach said with a smirk as he walked away dropping the Pokeball like it was a piece of trash.

    Ishan walked over and picked up the Pokeball, and sent out the Pokemon that came out. In a flash of light an Abra popped out of the ball and did a funny dance before handing a letter to Ishan. The letter was from Ishan's dad who said the Abra was his Grandfathers Alakazam's son and that it was a gift to try and make Ishan feel better about the incident. Ishan picked up the Abra who teleported Ishan and his injured Pokemon to the Pokemon Center where a few kind trainers and Zane helped him get them to Nurse Joy.

    Ishan took a seat in the lobby with Zane and his new Abra and waited for Matt to congratulate him on the win(Zane had told Ishan about this) while also waiting to hear about the verdict from Nurse Joy. After a little bit more Nurse Joy appeared with a smile.

    "Your Pokemon seem to be quite durable, they are all ok and will heal in a few hours although your Charmander seems to have a cold which can explain why it may seem more injured than your other Pokemon, but with some medicine it will all go away in no time." Nurse Joy said to a relieved Abra and Ishan.

    "By the way that Abra seems to be very young, would you like me to run a few tests to see its current ability level?" Nurse Joy asked with Ishan saying yes.

    Nurse Joy walked away with Abra and headed to the examination room as Ishan with a smile continued sitting peacefully...
  5. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt gave up looking for to two of them and walked back into the pokemon center to find both trainers sitting there with an Abra. “Hey guys” Matt said to them both. Before sitting down “so who’s Abra is it?” he asked looking at the Psi pokemon.

    “Ok Matt your Nidoking is good to go” Nurse joy said Giving Matt a pokeball

    “Thank you” Matt replied, checking his pokenav for an idea of where they should go next. ""Well it would make sense to go to Cinnabar Island" he muttered to himself he then walked off to ask Nurse Joy if they were any contest's that were soon to happen.

    "No not yet" she replyed Matt then walked back to Zane and Ishan and said "I'm ready to go to Cinnabar Island whenever you two are"

    (sorry for shortness but can't think of anything to add)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2010
  6. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    After a while Matt entered the Pokemon Center. Ishan went up to him and congratulated him on his contest win before Nurse Joy arrived with his Pokemon and Abra who eagerly teleported next to Ishan.

    "That Abra has quite the amount of potential I did some tests and he passed with flying colors. Anyway all your Pokemon are fully healed and they are all ready to go as soon as you are." Nurse Joy said with a warm smile.

    Ishan took the Pokeballs and lifted the young Abra up in the air. Abra let out a laugh as it continuously teleported around Ishan and after five minutes falling asleep. Ishan returned the Abra to its Pokeball and nodded when Matt said he is ready to go to Cinnabar.

    "Right so let's head out and get our seventh badge!" Ishan said very eagerly.

    "Right. Get ready Cinnabar Chicas Ishan, Matt, and I are ready to show you what it means to be a real man!" Zane said as Ishan laughed at his excitement at meeting more girls.

    After reaching Vermillion Ishan tried to ordered three tickets for Matt, Zane, and himself aboard the S.S Cinnabar, but to his surprise they were already ordered by Redwing who had apparently already ordered the tickets for them before leaving Cinnabar and heading back to Pallet Town's harbor. Ishan smiled when he recieved the tickets and a pictured of Drake and Risa with Lisa. Ishan nodded toward Matt and Zane and boarded the ship happy to recieve word from Redwing as well as a picture of his friends who he had not heard from in a while...
  7. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    (if anyone does not like this post than tell me and I will edit it)

    Matt walked around the boat looking for something to do, he couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the girls on the ship were in swimsuit’s he put his hood up because he’d be dead before he let Zane see him blushing he then saw a brown haired girl in a teal swim suit “excuse me but I was wondering if I could battle you ?” Matt asked

    “Sure, by the way I'm Flora” she said in a rather peppy voice

    "I'm Matt" he replyed both trainers walked to a pool and walked to a empty part of it.

    “Kingler I chose you” The girl said releasing a large crab red and cream coloured crab with one pincer bigger than the other it was standing on the outskirts of their battle field

    Matt toke out his pokedex which said


    Its pincers grow peculiarly large. If it lifts the pincers too fast, it loses its balance and staggers.

    “Magikarp, go” Matt said relaseing the fish pokemon into the water

    "Kingler, Bubble beam" said Flora, Kinger fired a stream of light blue bubbles from it's big pincer

    "Dive" Matt said, Magikarp ducked under water began swiming towards Kingler "Now tackle" Magikarp jump right out of the water ready to hit Kingler with his head.

    "Protect" Kingler glowed green and placed it big pincer in front of it's face which Magikarp ram right into (the pincer not the face) Kingler then grabed Magikarp's tail with it's smaller Pincer

    "Fail out of there" Matt pleded to the water type pokemon but Kingler kept Magikarp's body away from it

    "Crab Hammer" Kingler opened up it's smaller pincer before hammering Magikarp with it's bigger one the shot knocked Magikarp back by a bit and into the water

    "are you ok Magikarp ?" Matt asked, Magikarp surfaced to conferm Matt that it was.

    "Now Bubble beam" Flora said in a cheering way

    "dive" Maigkarp ducked under again. The water started to glow white for a minute then the glowing stoped and a Gyardos surfaced, a lot people swam out of the pool

    "No....way is that my Magikarp ?" Matt said stareing at the Gyardos which nodded "ALRIGHT!!!" Matt yelled happly

    "Kingler evoled or not it can't take another Crab Hammer so fire" Kingler jumped into the water and swam towards Gayardos it then leaped out of the water

    "stop it with Bite" Gyardos used it's serpentine body to manove around the oncoming pincer and bit it from the side "Toss it then fire an Aqua Tail" Gyados flung Kingler into the air and then bated it back to where it was at the begining of the battle with his tail.

    Flora returned her knocked out Kingler and Matt returned his new Gyardos "Good match" he said. Matt then walked towards Ishan and Zane.

    (OCC: Matt's Gyardos knows the following moves and is going to use them for the rest of the RPG
    Aqua Tail
    Ice Fang
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2010
  8. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    Ishan saw Matt walking up to him and went to go meet him, however on the way the boat had already landed on Cinnabar and Ishan yelled to Matt to meet him at the Pokemon Center as many people began rushing to the exit. Ishan caught in the rush was being squished by a multitude of people, but luckily was able to get out without any injury. The first thing Ishan noticed when he left the ship was the large hotel along with a fresh, but cold breeze in which Ishan realized that winter was coming fast. Ishan took a deep breath and read the large sign that said

    "Cinnabar The Island of Paradise"

    Ishan quickly rushed to the Pokemon Center where he found none other than his old teacher waiting for him with a smile as he turned around. Ishan ran up and shook his teacher's hand who began comparing their heights immediately.

    "My my Ishan you've grown so much since I last saw you and by the looks of it you've been growing a mustache and a light beard and you've gotten taller than me too man you kids growing taller each year!" Ishan's teacher Mr.Johnson said with a smile.

    "Well now I came here quite awhile ago and seeing as how you just arrived it must mean my boat has arrive so sadly I must bid you adieu and hopefully I will see you at the Pokemon League maybe battling one of your old classmates!" Mr.Johnson said ecstatically as he left to catch his boat.

    Right after Mr.Johnson left Zane had arrived with a girl who seemed to be quite shy. Zane tried to introduce the girl however she ran of shyly much to Zane's dismay. Ishan simply laughed at Zane who let out a small cry as he went to get some hot chocolate so he could warm up....
  9. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Once they arrived in Lavender Town Salamence landed in front of a lone house, where Magus recalled it and approached the door, after knocking on the door and briefly speaking with the girl who answered it, Magus told Lucas and Lucia to stay put while he speaks with the person inside.

    After a minute or two the girl that answered the door earlier came out telling them, "My Grandfather's ready to speak with you two now," and allowed Lucas and Lucia, who had Mesprit hiding in her backpack, inside. As they reached the living room Lucas noticed Magus speaking to an old man in the living room with his mask off but also with his back turned, just as the man noticed the two entering Magus put his mask back on and turned around telling them, "Mr. Fuji here will speak with you on the matter, I have to run an errand right away. Once you two are done I'll meet you at the Tower,"

    Once Magus left Mr. Fuji, beckoned the two to sit at the couch, which they did, and told them, "So you two are Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford, Mr. Belmont spoke to me highly of both of you," making Lucas think, *There's Claus' last name again, so Light wasn't just messing with our heads after all.*, "I want to take the chance to say thank you both for accepting the offer to adopt these two, most trainers don't have the heart for it these days unfortunately.", Mr. Fuji continued, "Yeah, but sir, can we at least see just what Pokemon your talking about?", Lucia asked prompting Fuji to raise his head a bit asking, "Oh? You mean Magus hasn't told you yet?"

    When the two children shook their heads in response Fuji simply sighed and said, "What am I ever going to do with you Mr. Belmont.", he then turned to his granddaughter asking, "Would you bring them here dear?", "Of course Grandpa," she replied before heading to another room while Mr. Fuji turned back to Lucas and Lucia, "You see I met Mr. Belmont while he was passing by several months ago, he helped me and my granddaughter pay our respects to the Pokemon that have been laid to rest at the Tower, and once I told him about the orphans I had here he said he'd tell me about any potential Trainers he came across. In fact I believe he said that he himself had gone to the Tower to remember someone he had lost sometime ago."

    Once Mr. Fuji explained this, his Granddaughter returned to the room followed by a pair of Eevees, who both sat side by side in front of Lucas and Lucia. "Magus may have already told you this, but these two lost their home and parents in a fire about a year ago, Grandpa feels they deserve a happy life and wants them to see the world. We asked Magus if he could, he refused saying he wasn't worthy of the task. He brought you to us hoping you'd accept our request. However, we'll understand if you refuse," Mr. Fuji's Granddaughter explained.

    Lucia looked to her responding, "We'll we don't mind it's just...We have a dangerous task ahead and someone could get hurt...", Mr. Fuji gave them a stern look telling her and Lucas, "Belmont told us about your upcoming stand against Team Liberator and that you two are trainers, but do not feel obligated to decline because of future trials, I expect you two to care for these two Eevees not just as Pokemon, but as friends. And as friends I expect them to protect you as you would them. I can tell that neither of you would allow any harm to come to them even in the most dangerous of circumstances."

    Hearing this, Lucas looked to the Eevee in front of him and felt a sense of determination, after some though he nodded and said, "Alright Mr. Fuji, we'll do it.", Lucia looked at him with some concern asking, "Lucas...Are you sure?", Lucas looked back to her saying, "I don't know how tough our battle will be, but I came on this journey hoping to find the strength and courage to fight for those I care about. If I know one thing, it's that I have that strength now thanks to everyone I've met ever since I came here. Lucia, Riolu, Pichu, Magus, Drake, and Ishan. Everyone I've met gave me the strength to face any challenge. As long as I believe in them as well as myself, I know I have what it takes to protect them."

    Upon hearing Lucas say this, Lucia smiled and stated, "Alright, I've gotten stronger too, and it's all thanks to the friends we've made along the way. If I have to protect one more person or Pokemon, then that's one more friend I have lending me their strength, and Eevee is no exception." After hearing this, both Eevees nodded to the two trainers calling out, "Vee!", before looking to them with determination. Soon Mr. Fuji chuckled to them saying, "It makes me happy to see such strong spirit from such young trainers, I can see why Magus chose you two to look after them.", his Granddaughter returned the two Eevees to their pokeballs and handed them to the two saying, "Thank you, I know you'll take good care of them."

    As Lucas and Lucia were heading out Mr. Fuji called out, "Oh, and Lucas!", Lucas stopped and turned around to look at him as he continued, "Whatever you may know about Mr. Belmont, please don't be too harsh on him. He has suffered many losses in his life. He may have made great errors, but he's doing all he can to atone for them. He's a good man and I believe he can be forgiven but you and your Riolu must be the one to choose.", "Me and Riolu? Forgive Magus? But for what sir?", "That's not for me to say, but you'll find out soon enough," With that Lucas and Lucia headed outside to meet with Magus, albeit a little uneasy for what's to come...


    Meanwhile, Magus was already at the Pokemon Tower with his back leaned against the wall thinking, *So the time has come...*, and wondering the outcome of things when he noticed something nearby, "He's here..."
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  10. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt heard Ishan yelling to him about meeting up in the Pokemon Center, Matt waited for every else to get off before leavening himself. He walked around the island until he found a big white building “this is where the guy from Pewter city told me to take my old amber” Matt explained to Darkrai who wanted to know why they were at the building.

    Matt walked to the building “excuse me but I was told to bring this here” Matt said while holding the old amber to a man wearing a lab coat and carrying a clip board

    “Interesting, I’ll try to take care of it for you”

    “Thank you”

    “No problem but I’ll need to know where you will be so I can send it to you”

    “Ether here, Viridian or the pokemon league”

    “Okay and good bye”

    “Bye” Matt waved to the man and left for the pokemon center when he saw three familiar faces

    “Hello Matt” one of them said he was a boy with blood red hair and sea blue eyes he was wearing black jeans and a blue top. The girl of the three had the same eyes but blond hair she was wearing a thick yellow coat and a white scarf she was Nick sister Daisy. The other boy had a bald head and steel gray eyes and was wearing an orange coat with a yellow scarf he was Nick’s friend Bob

    “What do you doing here? Nick” Matt said bitterly, Nick believed you were meant to work with Pokémon but never make friends with them or be kind to them unless you benefit some how.

    “School holiday” Nick replied

    Matt just walked into the pokemon center without another word he walked over to Ishan and Zane then Nick, Daisy and Bob walked in, Matt ignored them until Daisy walked up to him and said in a timed voice “Are you here to face Blane” Matt nodded and his features softened due to the fact that Daisy was a lot more nicer than her brother “well good luck” she then walked back to her brother and Matt looked a little bit more happier 'I better do some last minute training tonight' he thougt to himself.

    (OOC: Ishanz I was thinking of having Nick as Matt’s rival in the sequel with you permission)
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2010
  11. IshanZ

    IshanZ Well-Known Member

    (OOC: Sure Ashds it's fine with me.)

    After Matt had arrived in the Pokemon Center and began talking to some rough looking boys and a girl Ishan walked up to the map of Cinnabar on the wall of the Pokemon Center and wrote down the quickest way to the Gym on a piece of paper as well as some interesting information about how long until the Pokemon League starts. After he had finished writing down the directions Ishan noticed Matt was finished talking as went to greet him.

    "I'm gonna head to the Gym I just found out we have only have 2 months before the Pokemon League begins and we are gonna need that last month for training." Ishan said nervously to Matt as he rushed out of the Pokemon Center hoping no one else was at the Gym.

    Once Ishan had reached the Gym he was greeted by a crying girl who had seemingly lost to Blaine. The young girl ran out the door to the Pokemon Center and was carrying her injured Politoad. Ishan sighed and slowly entered the Gym not knowing that he had left Zane behind on the run over to the Gym. Ishan entered the Gym and quickly took his place on the battlefield as he looked in awe at the impressive Gym that was covered in heat resistant glass to protect the audience.

    Ishan looked around and saw Ash waving at Ishan along with multiple people in spa robes calmly watching him look around. Suddenly the audience went wild as Blaine entered through his tunnel with his trusted Rapidash at his side. Blaine smiled as he turned on his speakers and began to speak in a wise and fiery voice.

    "Welcome trainer I am the Gym Leader Blaine and we shall have a one on one battle, I will use my Rapidash what Pokemon will you choose?" Blaine asked Ishan

    "I choose to use Gyrados." Ishan said as he sent out Gyrados.

    "Very well I shall begin. Rapidash use Flamethrower!" Blaine commanded as Rapidash unleashed a powerful stream of fire toward Gyrados.

    "Gyrados use Water Pulse then follow with Bite!" Ishan ordered

    Gyrados countered with a ball of water that exploded when it came into contact with the stream of fire and covered the arena in a dense steam. Gyrados used the steam and slithered near Rapidash were he grabbed Rapidash with his tail and bit down on it and then tossed Rapidash up in the air as Rapidash prepared another attack.....
  12. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    He heard Ishan telling that there was two months until the pokemon league and that he was going to challenge Blaine. Matt walked over to Zane and told him Ishan was going “and I’m going there as well, you can come if you want to” Matt added before leavening the pokemon centre he then realized that he had no idea where the gym was “great now how am I going to find it, oh yeah Go Eevee” Matt releasing the Evolution Pokémon “I need you to pick up Ishan’s scent.”

    Eevee started sniffing the air and said “vee”

    “Found it?” Matt asked and Eevee nodded “lead the way” Eevee then ran off with Matt following.

    “Whoa” Matt said in awe when he saw the big glass building “so this is the place good job Eevee” Matt said he then returned Eevee and waited until Ishan was done.

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