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Pokemon Academy: Dedication Through Light and Darkness

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Hey there readers! I've brought you the newest chapter of Dedication Through Light and Darkness. I set dates for the realease, but procrastination is a strong foe. I have good news though. Starting yesterday I am officially on holiday! Chapters should be coming out every week, if not then every other week. In this chapter, some training is done for the tournament. Three new characters are introduced. One might not seem important, but trust me that character will be of some importance. I have been trying to decide on a new theme song. PM me some suggestions. Also, I want to have a favorite character poll, so PM me your favorite character too. Biographies should be finished and posted soon. They will give you some insight on the characters and a chance to hear their background. I've talked enough. Time for the new chapter! This one totals twenty-five pages! Longest yet! now, enjoi!

Dedication Through Light and Darkness

Chapter 11: Torn Eevee! Her Decision!

“Try to use Protect again!”

A green sphere appeared around a little cream colored fox. A rock, thrown by a human, hit the sphere and bounced off. When another stone was thrown it fell through, hitting the creature on the head.

“Come on Eevee,” Jyharri said. “You can do this!”

The little Pokémon nodded her head and prepared herself.

“Now, use Protect!” Jyharri shouted as he threw a barrage of stones at Eevee.

As the stones hit the green barrier they all bounced off, flying back at Jyharri. Covering his face so he wouldn’t get hit, Jyharri clapped loudly.

“Let’s try it again,” Jyharri said as he picked up another stone.

Launching it high into the air, Jyharri watched the stone as it reached its peak. As it came down Eevee focused on the stone. Right before the stone made contact with her head a green dome appeared around the little fox, the stone bouncing right off, shattering to pieces. As soon as Jyharri was going to clap, applause was heard from behind him. Spinning on his heel, what came into view was a large student. The red blazer made it obvious they were in the same dorm.

“Hey,” Jyharri said, “you’re, um.”

“Mio,” he told him.

“Right,” said Jyharri. “Funny thing we were never in the same place before a couple days ago.”

“Oh we were,” Mio assured him.

“Huh?” Jyharri asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been in the background the whole time,” Mio explained. “You know that time you battled that guy Sean on the boat? I was in the crowd. Remember the battle with Sydnie? I was watching with my juice box. Also that time you followed that lady in black, I followed you some of the way.”

“I’m surprised I never noticed you,” Jyharri told him. “What are you doing out here?”

“I was training my Cacnea and decided to take a walk,” Mio replied. “I see you’re trying to learn Protect. That’s a good defensive move.”

“Well we got it down, right Eevee?”

Eevee nodded her head, proud that she learned how to use Protect well enough to shatter stone. Jyharri knelt down to his side, picking up Eevee and petting her on the head.

“Hey,” said Mio, “can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead,” replied Jyharri.

“Do you want to go check something out with me?” Mio asked.

“What is this something?” Jyharri asked, a little suspicious.

“Well, while out training yesterday I stumbled upon this cave,” explained Mio. “It’s at the top of this cliff jutting out over the ocean. It’s only a couple miles away from the school’s campus.”

Jyharri set Eevee down, contemplating the idea of exploring a cave. The upside was it would get him away from Jessica. The downside was that his training would be interrupted.

“I heard Pokémon cries from inside the cave so it would be perfect training for our Pokémon,” Mio said as if he heard Jyharri’s thoughts.

If I go then I can train and see lots of different Pokémon, Jyharri thought. “Do you want to go Eevee?”

Eevee nodded her head, a smile upon her face. Jyharri turned to Mio and nodded.

“We’ll go now if you want,” suggested Mio.

“Let’s go!” yelled Jyharri punching the air. “Which way is it?”

“That way,” Mio said as he pointed towards many trees.

The trees covered about ten miles of land away from the school, a path parting the trees into two sides. The tops of the trees were a lush green. Standing at almost twenty feet, the trees were tall.

“I’ll have to get supplies first,” Jyharri told Mio.

“No worries,” Mio replied as he opened his bag. “I’ve got everything we need. I’ve got Pokémon medicine, human medicine, food, and water.”

“Did you expect me to say yes?” Jyharri asked laughing nervously.

Mio nodded his head as a reply. As the two boys approached the path the sound of branches snapping made itself known from behind them. The two wheeled around, focusing on a small bush behind them. Normally they would search the bush, but this bush was suspicious. It was the only bush for a couple hundred meters.

“I know someone’s there,” Jyharri announced. “You might as well come on out.”

“Looks like the jig is up Craig,” said a feminine voice. “You’ve got the eyes of a Noctowl!”

Out of the bush jumped a flash of yellow. Fully revealed was a Lightning Yellow girl, her brown hair falling down to her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes sparked with passion.

“You two are Mio Bunea and Jyharri Ahmed, am I correct?” the girl asked.

“Yeah we are,” Jyharri answered.

“I’m guessing you know who I am so no need for me to introduce myself,” said the girl with a twirl.

“Actually I have no idea who you are,” Mio told her. “What about you?”

Jyharri shook his head. “Not a clue.”

“Well for your information, I’m Stacy Thompson of the Thompson Twins!”

“So where’s your sister?” Jyharri asked as he looked around.

“My twin is a boy thank you very much,” Stacy informed him, throwing her hands on her hips. “He’s still hiding. Craig come on out!”

A boy, who looked exactly like Stacy, stepped out from behind a tree. He possessed the same brown hair except his was short. The blue eyes were a match, but the passion was gone. His blazer was blue, him being an Ocean Blue student. As he stood up he hesitantly approached the three.

“Um,” he said holding his hands behind his back. “You, uh, forgot your backpack.”

From behind him he pulled out Jyharri’s red and black backpack, a round blue object sticking out of it. Jyharri thanked him as he received his backpack while Craig looked at the ground, fidgeting.

“Craig is nervous around new people,” Stacy told them. “That’ll change once you get to know him.”

“What is that?” Mio asked pointing to the blue object in Jyharri’s pack.

“Oh, this is an egg I found,” he told him.

“Interesting,” Stacy butted in pulling out a notepad, scribbling something on it.

“You found one too?” Mio asked surprised.

Jyharri looked at him questioningly. Mio set his bag on the ground and pulled out a green elliptical object. Unlike Jyharri’s, Mio’s had a white stripes crossing the egg diagonally. The egg flashed suddenly three times. Everyone jumped back, surprised by the bright flashes.

“I found it about a week ago,” Mio told them. “It’s been doing that this whole time. I think it’s going to hatch today.”

“That’s noteworthy,” said Stacy as she started to scribble some more on her notepad.

“Any particular reason you carry around a notepad?” Jyharri asked her, eyeing the notepad suspiciously.

“Oh, um, this?” she asked holding it up. “I want to, uh, become a, uh, reporter!”

“Right,” said Jyharri as she continued to scribble. “What about you Craig?”

“Oh!” Craig jumped. “Me? Um, I, uh, just want to become a great trainer.”

Jyharri ignored Craig’s stuttering and inched himself behind Stacy, trying to get a look at the notepad. Not noticing him, Stacy continued to scribble away. On the notepad were two lists of words. Above the list was a name. It read, ‘Mio’. Under Mio were descriptions that sounded almost like she was comparing him to other guys. The first list read, ‘Too tall, too nice, wouldn’t look good with me.’ The second list was much more positive, but had two lines to it. It read, ‘Is nice, and looks very sweet.’

“Nice reports,” said Jyharri, making Stacy jump a mile.

“Were you reading what I wrote?” Stacy questioned him.

“Yeah, I did and it looks like you’re comparing the guys here,” Jyharri answered. “Look, we’ve got some training to do. You two can tag along if you want.”

“What Pokémon are you going to train with?” Stacy asked.

“Mine of course,” Jyharri scoffed. “Why do you ask?”

“You don’t have any Pokéballs on you,” said Stacy.

“That’s because my Eev-” Jyharri stopped abruptly as he looked down at his side.

Eevee had vanished! Frantically looking everywhere Jyharri couldn’t find Eevee.

“You should keep better track of your stuff,” said Stacy as she pointed towards Craig.

Sure enough Jyharri’s Eevee was curled up into a ball asleep behind Craig’s leg. Jyharri pulled out Eevee’s Pokéball from his bag and recalled her. The group headed off towards the cliff, Stacy in front and Craig in the back. Jyharri stared down Stacy the whole way with a look that could kill. Resting at the base of the cliff, Mio pulled out an iPod and plugged the ear buds into his ears. Jyharri on the other hand took a book out of his bag and opened it to the middle and began to read. Stacy took notice of this and made a beeline for him. Craig sat on the stump of a tree which had been cut down previously.

“What are you reading?” Stacy asked sitting down next to him almost seductively.

Jyharri barely peered over the edge of his book to look at Stacy. “A book,” he replied.

“Which book silly,” Stacy asked as she hit him playfully.

“If you must know,” said Jyharri, “it’s Sherlock Holmes.”

“Oh,” was all Stacy said before she started to scribble more notes on her notepad.

“Are you taking notes on me too?” Jyharri asked putting his book down.

Stacy flashed him a smile and turned away. Jyharri leaned over trying to get a look. Stacy shut it immediately and smiled. Jyharri chuckled and reached over to grab the notepad. Stacy pulled the notepad away even farther, making it out of Jyharri’s reach. Jyharri reached even more, but Stacy once again made it out of reach. Over extending his arm, Jyharri fell onto the ground right in front of Stacy. Stacy laughed with Jyharri joining in as he turned over. As the two looked at each other their eyes met. Stacy noticed something different about his eyes. Instead of being the usual light black they were green. Stacy smiled with Jyharri returning it.

“I have to ask,” said Stacy, “why your eyes are green now? I remember seeing your eyes before when I saw you the first day and they were black.”

“I wear contacts,” replied Jyharri. “Not because of bad eyesight, but because they remind me of something I need to forget.”

“I think we should get moving,” Mio suggested.

Stacy and Jyharri stood up, still smiling at each other. Craig slowly stood and approached the others slowly. Just as the group was about to take to the path up the mountain, the trees started to rustle. The whole group turned around, pulling out one Pokéball. A figure flew out of the tree, zooming by Stacy. Stacy was knocked off balance and fell back to the ground.

“Are you all right?” Jyharri asked her as he knelt by her side.

“I’m fine,” said Stacy as she stood and dusted off her yellow skirt. “What was that?”

The figure landed on the ground and faced the group. It was human sized with a pair of cream colored wings. Jyharri had faced this primarily green Pokémon before.

“It’s a Scyther,” Craig announced.

“I’ll take care of it,” said Jyharri as he held up his Pokéball to Scyther, “Eevee standby!”

As the Pokéball opened Eevee jumped out with a couple of front flips. As she landed she started to growl at the Scyther. The Scyther gave a little laugh and flew off. Both Eevee and Jyharri’s faces now had a look of surprise.

“Oh man!” Jyharri cried as he kicked the ground. “Eevee was going to kick its butt too!”

“No time for complaining,” Mio told him. “We have to be back to the dorms at midnight. It’s currently five thirty-six.”

As the group headed up the mountain the sun started to sink behind the horizon. Being barely visible over the horizon the time it took them to get up the mountain was about an hour. As they reached the face of the cave Stacy peered inside. A screeching sound was heard emanating from the cave. As soon as Stacy put her head in a little farther a flock of Zubat flew out frightening the girl. Stacy shrieked and ran behind her brother, clenching on to him trembling.

“They’re only Zubat,” Craig whispered to her.

“I was just startled, that’s all,” Stacy said as she chuckled nervously.

“Let’s go in,” Jyharri said.

As the group entered the cave most of the sunlight vanished. The only thing lighting up the cave was tiny cracks in the cave’s ceiling. The light that was filtered in was scarce, but it was enough to see where you were going. Mio pulled two flashlights out of his backpack, handing one to Jyharri and keeping on to himself.

“I think we should split up,” Mio suggested. “That way we can all get an equal amount of training done.”

“How should we split up?” Jyharri asked.

“How about I go with Mio and you go with Stacy?” Craig suggested quietly.

“I’m fine with that,” answered Jyharri. “What about you guys?”

“It’s cool with me,” said Mio.

“I don’t see any problem with that,” Stacy said as she walked to Jyharri.

“Let’s meet back here at ten o’ clock,” Mio told them.

Stacy and Jyharri nodded. The two pairs turned on the flashlights and started down two different paths. The path Stacy and Jyharri took was dark. A dripping noise was heard throughout the cave. The stone was surprisingly smooth opposed to the rough, unleveled ground. The many breaks and crevices in the ground made it difficult to walk. Jyharri walked in front holding the flashlight close to his body, barely above his waist. As Stacy took a step her foot caught onto a rock. Falling forward, she threw her hands out. As they landed on Jyharri’s shoulders, he stopped.

“Maybe we should have gone the other way,” Stacy said with a chuckle.

“Are you going to tell me what you wrote down?” Jyharri asked, turning his head slightly.

“What are you talking about?”

“That notepad,” Jyharri told her. “You wrote something about me right?”

“Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t,” said Stacy.

The Lightning Yellow girl grabbed the flashlight with a smile and started to walk ahead. Jyharri shook his head with a smirk and followed. After approximately seven meters the ground became flat. The dripping noise became louder, almost changing altogether. The sound now seemed like flowing water. Jyharri looked around them, at least the best he could, and saw that the walls seemed to be getting closer with every step they took.

“Hey Stacy,” Jyharri called out as he looked around.

“Be quiet!” Stacy shushed him. “Look at this!”

Jyharri looked towards Stacy’s voice and saw her outline was peering down another path. Jyharri quietly walked behind her and decided to take a look. The room over was filled with light from the moon hanging in the sky. The source of the water noise was located in the next room also. In the center there was a waterfall, surrounded by huge stones. Atop the waterfall was a rock that was about thirteen feet tall. It glowed brilliantly. Small figures congregated on the outside of the waterfall.

“What are those things?” Stacy asked Jyharri quietly.

“Pokémon,” said Jyharri as he pulled out a Pokéball.

“What are you doing?!” Stacy asked bewildered.

“Training,” Jyharri said simply. “That’s what we came here for right?”

Without anymore words Jyharri jumped out from behind the wall and dashed into the next room. As he entered clouds appeared in front of the moon, making the figures harder to see. When the figures noticed him an object went whizzing by Jyharri’s face. The object seemed long, barely scratching Jyharri’s cheek. The thrown object came flying back and landed in one of the figures hands. That one seemed to be the leader as it was bigger than the rest and it was in front. Jyharri looked closer and noticed something about the smaller figures. They looked very familiar. They seemed to be wearing a white helmet. As the clouds parted over the moon Jyharri recognized the Pokémon.

“It’s a gang of Cubones!” Jyharri exclaimed.

The bigger one wasn’t as familiar as the Cubone. It looked a lot like the Cubone except its helmet was its head. The object it had thrown, now brandished in its hand, was a thick bone club.

“Be careful!” yelled a voice from behind Jyharri. “That Marowak looks dangerous!”

Jyharri whirled around to see Stacy enter the room. As he shook his head Stacy gasped. Jyharri turned back around to see Marowak three feet from his face. As the Pokémon swung its bone club Jyharri jumped backwards barely dodging it. As Jyharri landed Marowak swung its club again, this time at his feet. Jyharri jumped straight up. Before he could touch back down to the ground Marowak threw its body into him, knocking him back. Stacy rushed to his side.

“Are you ok?” she asked worried.

“Never better,” said Jyharri as he sat up. “It’s time to teach this overgrown Cubone a lesson. Eevee, standby!”

The Normal type Pokémon emerged from the Pokéball with her usual front flips. As it landed it eyed Marowak and gave it a smirk. Marowak jumped towards Eevee, swinging its Bone Club furiously. Eevee agilely dodge all of its attempts to hit her.

“Give em’ your Iron Tail!” Jyharri yelled as he jumped up.

As Marowak’s bone club missed Eevee and hit the ground, Eevee’s tail started to glow. Eevee spun quickly, smacking Marowak in the face. The Ground type staggered backwards, dropping his bone club. As Marowak fell backwards the gang of Cubones jumped at Eevee, all swinging their bone clubs. Eevee started to dodge them all, but one caught Eevee in the side. As Eevee fell the Cubones jumped back as Marowak jumped forward. Eevee staggered out of his way, barely missing getting stomped on.

“Eevee use Dig to get out of there!” Jyharri called.

Marowak finally reached his bone club as Eevee burrowed under the ground. Marowak look all around him for the Normal Type Pokémon. A full three minutes passed and Marowak still could not locate where Eevee had dug to. As he approached the hole Eevee had originally dug the ground burst open underneath him. Eevee had waited for Marowak by the original hole. Marowak once again hit the ground.

“Hit those Cubone with Shadow Ball!” Jyharri shouted as he saw the Cubone running at Eevee.

Black energy began to gather in Eevee’s mouth. Once the energy reach a substantial amount, Eevee fired it at them in the form of a ball. The ball knocked the Cubones over like bowling pins.

“Now let’s finish this Marowak off,” Jyharri told Eevee.

As Eevee turned to face Marowak, the bone club collided with the side of Eevee’s face. Eevee was knocked back into a stone. The bone club flew back into Marowak’s hand as if it were a boomerang. As Eevee attempted to get up Marowak dashed towards Eevee, bone club high in the air.

“It’s time to use Protect!” Jyharri shouted.

Right before Eevee was struck with the bone club, a green sphere appeared around her. Marowak’s bone club collided with the sphere, knocking him back. Marowak jumped towards the sphere and struck it again. Every time Marowak’s hits were deflected he tried it again and again. The fourth time Marowak jumped forward Eevee did the same. The green sphere hit Marowak in the face. The Ground type was knocked back onto the ground in front of the waterfall, his bone club falling beside Eevee.

“Eevee,” Jyharri called, “use his bone club against him!”

Eevee picked up the club in her mouth and dashed towards Marowak. As she neared him, Eevee jumped into the air, her tail starting to glow once more. In the air, Eevee dropped the club. As the club started to fall, Eevee did a front flip, hitting the bone club with her tail. The club rocketed towards Marowak. The Marowak could only look in horror as he was struck with his own bone club. Jyharri pulled something out of his pocket, pointed it towards Marowak and enlarged it. It was a Pokéball.

“Since you caused me all this trouble I might as well catch you,” Jyharri said.

“Wait,” Stacy yelled.

“What is it?” Jyharri asked as he lowered the Pokéball.

“I want to catch him,” she said.

“I guess if it’s what you want,” Jyharri said as he handed her the Pokéball.

Stacy took in a deep breath. Like Jyharri, she pointed the Pokéball at Marowak. The Ground type moved slightly, trying to get away. Stacy concentrated on Marowak, not moving an inch. The Cubones saw their fallen leader and rushed to his side, helping him get away.

“Why didn’t you catch him?” Jyharri asked surprised.

“Those Cubones need him more than you or I do,” answered Stacy.

“Well that was a good battle Eevee,” Jyharri complimented his Pokémon.

Eevee smiled as the glowing rock on top of the waterfall started to glow even more brilliantly. Eevee turned towards the rock and was mesmerized. Jyharri walked over to his Pokémon and picked her up. Her eyes could not stay off the rock.

“I think she wants to go and see that rock,” Stacy guessed.

Jyharri walked over to the side of the waterfall, carefully scaling the wall with Eevee on his shoulder. As the landed on the top Eevee hopped off Jyharri’s shoulders and approached the rock. The air got colder the closer they got to the stone.

“What is this weird rock?” Jyharri asked out loud. “It looks as if it’s made of ice.”

Eevee began to make cries as she nudged Jyharri’s leg. Jyharri looked down and saw a paper in Eevee’s mouth. When Jyharri took it he saw that there was writing on it. It read, “To whoever finds this, you are probably wondering what this rock is. It is called the Glacier Rock. The amount of time it has been here is unknown. The only known things about it are that it is a very unnatural rock and that it serves a very specific purpose. It evolves Eevee into Glaceon.”

“Evolves Eevee,” said Jyharri to himself.

“What is it?” Stacy asked from the base of the waterfall.

Ignoring Stacy, Jyharri stared at Eevee. She could evolve here and now and beat Sydnie’s Espeon. Eevee stared right back at Jyharri, almost reading his face. She knew what would happen.

“Jyharri,” Stacy shouted.

“Sorry, what?” asked Jyharri, coming back down to Earth.

“What is that up there?” she asked again.

“It’s this thing called Glacier Rock,” he informed her. “It can evolve Eevee into Glaceon.”

“Are you serious?” Stacy asked. “Are you going to do it?”

“It all depends,” Jyharri told her. “Do you want to evolve into a Glaceon right now?”

Eevee looked at Jyharri’s face, not sure what to do. The small Pokémon walked over to the rock and lifted her paw. As she was about to place her paw on the rock Jyharri placed his hand on Eevee’s head.

“You don’t have to evolve if you don’t want to,” Jyharri told Eevee with a smile. “We can beat that Espeon without you evolving.”

Tears started to gather in Eevee’s eyes. She jumped into Jyharri’s arms, licking his face. Jyharri jumped down off the waterfall to join Stacy. As he landed Jyharri recalled Eevee back into her Pokéball.

“What was going on up there?” Stacy asked.

“Eevee decided not to evolve,” he informed her. We decided that we could beat Espeon without having her evolve.”

“That’s good,” said Stacy. “I hope you guys win.”

“I think we’re lost.”

“No we’re not lost. I know exactly where we are.”

“And where is that?”

“Craig, I don’t need your negativity.”

Craig and Mio had been travelling down many different paths for about an hour. After deciding to rest the pair tried to figure out where they were. Craig suggested they were lost, but Mio wouldn’t accept that.

“So,” said Mio, “while we are sitting here how about we get to know each other better.”

“That sounds good,” Craig agreed quietly.

“As you already know my name is Mio. I come from Lavaridge Town. Where are you from?”

“I was born and raised in Hearthome City with my sister,” Craig told him. “When we turned ten, our father gave us our first Pokémon. Mine was a Beldum while my sister’s was a Turtwig.”

“That’s cool,” Mio commented. “I started off with a Torchic.”

Suddenly, rocks clattered from behind them. Both boys flinched, spinning around to face the noise. Mio pointed the flashlight in the direction of the noise, but saw nothing except the cave walls and rocks. As soon as the two were about to turn around a leg stepped out of the darkness.

“Who’s there?” Mio asked.

As if answering his question, the figure of an old man stepped into the light. His back was hunched as he wobbled with his wooden walking stick. His beard was white as snow, coming down to the beginning of his chest. As he approached Mio and Craig he ran his fingers through his white, balding hair.

Mio quickly reached into his bag and pulled out a little canister. “Back up Jack!” he yelled as he pointed the canister at the old man.

“What is that?” Craig asked him.

“It’s pepper spray,” Mio answered. “I grabbed in just in case we ran into a perverted hermit like him.”

“Whoa, you’ve got me all wrong,” said the old man. “I’m not into things like that. You look like you’re lost.”

“So what if we are?” Mio asked, not lowering the spray.

“If you take this cave hear,” he said as he pointed behind him, “you’ll reach the entrance in about an hour at most. It’s an intricate system of twists and turns, but what do I know? I’m only a perverted hermit. So you should be able to figure it out.”

“Mio,” Craig whispered in his ear, “he seems like a nice guy.”

Mio slowly lowered the pepper spray. “I’m sorry. I wanted to train my Blaziken so I came here with my friends. So far we haven’t gotten much done.”

A sparkle appeared in the old man’s eye. “You have a Blaziken?”

“Yeah, and my friend here has a sweet Metang,” Mio told him.

“I’m sure it is, how you kids say the bomb, but I am only interested in Fire Pokémon. Do you know anyone with say a Typhlosion or Infernape?” the old man asked.

“Well my friend Jyharri has a Charizard,” Mio said after thinking.

“That is perfect!” the old man exclaimed. “I’m going to tell you how to train your Pokémon to use the perfect Fire type move.”

“Sweet,” Mio exclaimed, “and who can I thank?”

“You may call me the Cave Hermit.”
“You seriously did that?”

“No lie. Craig told Mom and I got in trouble. Ever since then I’ve never had a thing for the rules.”

After the battle with the Marowak, Jyharri and Stacy sat on a stone telling each other stories of themselves. After the two laughed, Stacy once again took out her notepad. When she started to look for her pen Jyharri got a glimpse of what she was about to add something to. His name was indeed at the top. The only word he saw was ‘confident’.

“Found it,” Stacy said as she pulled out her pen. “You weren’t looking at my notes were you?”

“No,” said Jyharri. “I was looking at the notepad and happened to see one little word.”

Stacy laughed as she started to scribble more down on to the pad. Jyharri watched her as she wrote his head on his hand and his elbow on his knee. From time to time Stacy would look up from her notepad and look at Jyharri. The two would smile at each before Stacy looked away.

“Should we get going?” Jyharri asked.

“Yeah,” Stacy agreed. “Let’s go.”

Jyharri leapt off the rock, landing a meter from the stone. Stacy shook her head at him as she hopped off and jogged towards him. Before reaching Jyharri, Stacy’s foot hit a rock, tripping her. Jyharri reached an arm out and caught her by her arm.

“Thanks,” Stacy said as she started to stand up straight.

When she came to be upright their eyes met. Jyharri felt a feeling in his stomach that he never felt before. He had butterflies for once. Stacy slowly inched herself closer to Jyharri. He wanted to back away, but he couldn’t move his body. It was as if he didn’t want to move. Stacy wrapped her arms around Jyharri’s neck, pulling him closer. Just as the two were about two kiss, a clattering came from a cave on the far side. The two instantly broke apart and Jyharri thrust the flashlight in the direction of the noise.

“Whoever’s there, you need to come out,” he yelled.

“Jyharri?” called a familiar voice.

“Who is that?” Jyharri yelled out.

Three figures appeared out of the cave. One of them was at least a head or two taller than the rest. A flash of red confirmed it; it was Mio. Craig dashed to his sister and embraced her tightly. As soon as they broke apart Craig started to ramble about how Mio and he got lost and ran into the hermit.

“Did you get some training done?” Stacy asked the two.

“A little, but this hermit here did-” Mio started.

“Wait until you’ve left to tell them,” said the Cave Hermit. “That way you can focus on getting out of here.”

“What about you?” Mio asked.

“I stay here of course,” the hermit laughed. “I’ll leave when that tournament of yours starts.”

Mio and Craig waved goodbye to the Cave Hermit as Stacy and Jyharri led the way out. As they reached the entrance the moon was out in the form of a crescent and shining down on them. Mio checked his watch and saw that the time was ten o’ clock.

“We’d better get back,” Mio said.

As the group traversed down the mountain side, Jyharri saw that a paper was sticking out of Stacy’s blazer’s side pocket. Deciding this was his only chance, Jyharri slowly reached for the paper. When the paper touched his hands, Jyharri quickly snatched it out of the pocket. As he unfolded it Jyharri saw in the moonlight that it was the paper Stacy was writing on before. With his name atop, there were two lists below it. One was titled ‘negatives’ while the other was ‘positives’. The negative list read, ‘Kind of rude, slightly cocky, secretive.’ The list labeled ‘positives’ read, ‘Confident, funny, gives me a funny feeling in my stomach, great trainer, and kind of cute.’

“What is this small writing down here?” Jyharri whispered to himself. Ignoring the small writing, he deposited it into his front pocket.

“What’s happening to it?” Mio said intruding on Jyharri’s conversation with himself.

Jyharri looked up and saw the other three around Mio’s egg. It had started to glow and didn’t stop. As Jyharri watched in surprise a bright flash appeared from his backpack. Jyharri placed his bag on the ground and pulled out his own egg. Just like Mio’s, his had started to glow and kept glowing. Jyharri walked over to the others and placed his egg down to show them.

“They’re hatching at the same time?!” Stacy said bewildered.

The glow had started to diminish. When the glow completely stopped the eggs cracked open. The group of students all peered inside the egg. Suddenly, a jack popped out of both eggs.

“Congratulations, you fail,” the eggs said in unison.

“Huh?” the group said together.

The jacks held cards in their hands. Jyharri and Mio took them. Mio looked the card over, not knowing what it is.

“It’s a detention slip!” Jyharri exclaimed.

“What,” Mio cried.

The card read, ‘If you are reading this then you failed the egg test. You were either given an egg or you happened to “find” it. The reason behind this is in the real world, if you find something as valuable as a Pokémon egg then you need to return it. Let these detentions be a lesson to you. Love, Headmistress Taylor.’

“Great job guys,” Stacy said giving them a thumb up. “You got detention!”

“Let’s get back before we get in even more trouble,” Mio said grumpily.

As the group walked back to their respective dorms there was no conversation. Craig and Stacy walked up ahead while Mio and Jyharri trudged behind them. Jyharri put his hands into his pockets and felt something. It was Stacy’s paper on him.

“Better return this,” Jyharri said to himself.

As Stacy waved goodbye to Craig Jyharri snuck up behind her and took the paper out of his pocket. Slowly reaching for her pocket, Jyharri was about to slip the paper back in. Suddenly, something gripped his wrist. It was Stacy’s hand!

“Gotcha’,” Stacy said with a wink. “When were you going to tell me if I hadn’t noticed the paper missing?”

“Probably never,” Jyharri told her truthfully.

“It’s a good thing I felt you take it out of my pocket then,” Stacy said smiling.

“You spent this whole time hiding this from me and you let me take it out of your pocket?” Jyharri asked. “Why?”

“I decided that I wanted you to know,” Stacy informed him. “I wasn’t going to hide it anymore like a little girl.”

“These feelings,” Jyharri started, “are they real or not?”

“Of course they are,” she said sounding offended. “Why would they not be?”

“It has happened to me before,” Jyharri told her as he looked at the ground.

Stacy put her hands behind her back as she approached Jyharri. She lifted his chin and pulled him down to her height. Her lips softly touched his cheek, staying there for about twenty seconds.

“I’m not like other girls,” she whispered in his ear.

While Jyharri was still surprised Stacy walked off towards the Lightning Yellow dorm. The Fire Red boy rubbed his cheek, a smile etching itself across his face. As Jyharri turned to go to the docks he ran into Mio.

“You didn’t see that did you?” Jyharri asked.

“See what?” Mio asked look around stupidly.

Jyharri walked to the boat that took students to the dorms with Mio close behind. When they entered the boat Mio stared at Jyharri smiling.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” Jyharri asked him. “It’ll last longer.”

“I’ll take one,” Mio replied, a smile appearing on his face, “when you’re with your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Jyharri said.

“Hey,” Mio said as he nudged a random student. “Jyharri’s got a girlfriend.”

“Shut it Mio,” Jyharri warned him.

Mio nudged the student next to him. “Guy right there has a girlfriend and she is pretty good looking, I’m not gonna lie.”

Soon all five people on the boat, excluding Jyharri, were talking about Jyharri and his new “girlfriend”.

“Only eight more months,” Jyharri said as he closed his eyes. “After eight months I won’t have to deal with this.”

“Hey did you hear?” a student asked another next to him. “Ryan from Ocean Blue tells me Stacy from Lightning Yellow has a boyfriend in Fire Red.”

“Yeah,” said the other student. “I hear its Jyharri.”



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Great chapter again! The end was funny and I hope Stacy and Jyharri get 'together' It is not like she is like Jessica. I'm kind of happy and not really suprised Eevee didn't evolve.


It's always Jyharri with the girls, I mean you haven't seen Mio all that much but i mean all the girls (but Megan) can't all like Jyharri, the other guys need some action too.

Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
Well, well... so Jyharri has a girlfriend... again. Rumors sure fly fast. The dude must be popular.

Eevee displays a Pikachu complex and may just get her butt handed to her. again ^_^

And Mio and Jyharri fail a honesty test. that must have been fun for Headmistress Taylor.

Well, it's late here and i really must get some sleep.

Before I turn in, Grammar Tyme!
“If you take this cave hear,” he said as he pointed behind him, “you’ll reach the entrance in about an hour at most. It’s an intricate system of twists and turns, but what do I know? I’m only a perverted hermit. So you should be able to figure it out.”
That word's here.

Good going, although you might want to check your homonyms.



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Wow, a great new chapter, ending was cool, sounded like year 7 all over again. I've lost track of all Jyharri's girls, lol.

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Hey there readers! Shadow Lucario here. I am here to bring you the first two biographies. These are the biographies of Jyharri and Sydnie. While I am on the subject I want to say that there is no romantic connection between the two. They are just friends. Now that I have that out of the way, here are their bios.

Character Biographies​
Jyharri Ahmed
Date of Birth: December 14, 1992 (17)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black w/ contacts, originally green
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto
Dorm: Fire Red
Year: 1st

Background: Hailing from Blackthorn City, battling became Jyharri's favorite past time at a young age. After travelling around Johto for about two years, Jyharri returned home thinking he would stay for a while. A year later he got word of a Pokémon Academy for elite teen trainers. Being an avid fan of Pokémon battling, he trained up his team, hoping he would be accepted into the Academy. Jyharri is somewhat on the arrogant side, thinking very highly of himself. He always seems to put himself above others. His battle style is reckless, almost a brute force style, but he seems to almost always come out on top.

Charizard- Charizard teamed up with Jyharri while he was still a Charmander. Being his starter, it is assumed to be his strongest Pokémon, but is seldom used in battle. Since he has been around Jyharri for about six years, he seems to almost act exactly like his trainer, very arrogant and cocky. Not much is known about Jyharri's Charizard at the moment.

Glaceon- Jyharri obtained Glaceon as an Eevee when he was ten years old. Not much is known about her abilities as it just evolved.

Zangoose- Zangoose is the newest addition to Jyharri's team, as well as his most used in battle. This Zangoose was the strangest of its litter as he does not have the species Immunity ability. Despite this Jyharri loves Zangoose. Even though they have not been together for long Zangoose and Jyharri share a close bond. Zangoose appears to be the powerhouse of Jyharri's team.

Sydnie Lake
Date of Birth: May 31, 1993(16)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn
Dorm: Fire Red
Year: 1st
Background: Living in Lilycove City, Sydnie has been around contests her entire life. In her family almost all the females have been coordinators. None of them won the Grand Festival, but they were all great coordinators. Sydnie decided to try her hand at it when she became ten. In her debut she didn't make it past the appeal round. After, she had a winning streak of three contests. When it came time for her fourth contest, she lost in the semi final round. Thinking she lost her touch, she retired. When she heard of the Pokémon Academy she decided to start training again, hoping to get her skill back.

Milotic- As a Feebas, Milotic was Sydnie's starter Pokémon. When she showed Feebas to her friends they all called it ugly. Sydnie told Feebas she was pretty every day. After a year, it evolved. Since then Milotic has become Sydnie's ace for the appeal round of contests.

Espeon- It is unknown when Sydnie met up with Espeon. With its powerful Psychic attacks, it easily defeated Jyharri's Eevee. Espeon was mostly used for contest battles. Sydnie seems to be very proud of Espeon. It is presumed she evolved Espeon as quickly as she could, not waiting to develop Eevee's skills.

Bulbasaur- Bulbasaur is a Pokémon that Sydnie received as a gift from her father for getting accepted into the Academy. Bulbasaur's strengths are unknown as it was pitted against Jyharri's Charizard.

Brandon Longeway
Date of Birth: March 19, 1993 (16)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey w/ Blue
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Hometown: Sunyshore City, Sinnoh
Dorm: Lightning Yellow
Year: 1st
Background: Brandon is from Sunyshore city in the Sinnoh region. He acquired 5 badges from the Sinnoh league before falling ill and missing the Pokémon League. While recuperating, he heard news of a Pokémon Academy accepting young trainers. The fact that he was sick didn’t stop him from training before he set off to the boat going to the Pokémon Academy.

Torterra- Torterra has been with Brandon for 6 years, ever since it was a Turtwig. He is the powerhouse of Brandon’s team and despite being Brandon’s first Pokémon; he sometimes doesn’t follow his instructions in battle. While battling, Torterra is lazy and doesn’t see the reason to put in any effort.

Electabuzz- Elekid was Brandon’s first Pokémon caught. He would never listen to Brandon’s commands which lead to Elekid losing just about ever battle. Once learning his lesson, they won every battle since then and Elekid also evolved into Electabuzz.

Wartortle- Brandon's Squirtle evolved into a Wartortle one day during a training session. Ever since then he has become even stronger than before. Wartortle beat Brenna's Vulpix in a matter of seconds with one Hydro Pump, showing his strength.

Brad Kay
Date of Birth: April 2, 1994 (15)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Hometown: Hearthome City, Sinnoh
Dorm: Fire Red
Year: 1st
Background: Brad had lived in Hearthome City for his whole life and never left for anything. Since he was a little boy he got interested in Pokémon, their battles, and even contests. When he first turned 14, Brad got into music called Heavy Metal. He got influenced by many bands and wanted to follow in their footsteps, so he started learning how to play the guitar. His friends in the neighborhood also played instruments needed in a band, so they got together and formed their own. Brad never wanted to leave Hearthome, but his mom signed up for the academy to see new places. It was hard for him to leave and is hard for him to be away from his band mates and friends. Brad is very random and weird to people he doesn’t know that well, but can get very personal with people he is close to occasionally. Brad spends most of his time rocking out and training his Pokémon.

MC- MC is a Prinplup which was Brad’s first Pokémon that he obtained as a Piplup when he was ten. MC would battle random wild Pokémon that would be in Hearthome and quickly evolved into Prinplup. MC has had several attempts to evolve into Empoleon, but has denied because he doesn’t want to be an Empoleon for most of his life. He is quick tempered when things aren’t his way, but always listens in battle.

Electrike- It is unknown how Brad had met with his Electike. She spends most of her time running and practicing her electric attacks. She can be somewhat stubborn and shares a personality similar to MC and looks up to him for everything like he's a big brother.

Leafeon- It's also unknown how Brad had met with Leafeon. Leafeon's personality is opposite from Brad's other Pokemon for it is never angry and always in a good mood. It often dances to soft and soothing music or just at random times. Even when Brad plays heavy metal, Leafeon will still dance for it sees the goodness in everything. Leafeon also isn't the smartest Pokemon and is like a dumb blonde. It's suspected to be female, but is unknown.

Honchkrow- Honckrow is another Pokemon owned by Brad, but has never been seen in battle. Brad doesn't use his Honchkrow for battle either and treats it less as a Pokemon and more as a friend for it listens to Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Metalcore/etc. Honchkrow also writes music with Brad and pecks him if something doesn't sound right. Honchkrow doesn't like traveling like Brad and always stays in the dorm room.

More biographies are to come. I will put a link in the first page for easy access to these. I will soon be editing this page as soon as I finish more biographies.

Until then, Shadow Lucario is signing off.

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While I am on the subject I want to say that there is no romantic connection between the two. They are just friends.
Your an ***, you know that? XD

Bios were cool n stuff. I never knew Sydnie did contests.

Oh, and why do you go to an Academy when you're already good at contests or battling? I mean, can't you journey around instead to train?

Shadow Lucario

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Your an ***, you know that? XD
I know :p

Bios were cool n stuff. I never knew Sydnie did contests.
I tried to make it obvious with Milotic

Oh, and why do you go to an Academy when you're already good at contests or battling? I mean, can't you journey around instead to train?
Why travel around getting dirty when you can stay clean and learn cool new strategies? Also, the students aren't the best at this Academy. If they are on that level imagine the teachers. Oops, I just gave a tiny spoiler of an upcoming chapter ;P My bad.

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Why travel around getting dirty when you can stay clean and learn cool new strategies? Also, the students aren't the best at this Academy. If they are on that level imagine the teachers. Oops, I just gave a tiny spoiler of an upcoming chapter ;P My bad.
I wouldn't wanna sit in class for 2 hours listening to.

" Yesh, the Psychic types pwn teh Poision types..." "The rockey types die from wet types like, water gun."

Seriously, but you get like have an all year sleepover with your friends which would own badly.

Shadow XD001

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Nice bios! I still don't really understand the height and weight with kg and cm, but the bios were great! They were descriptive and nice.


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So now Jyharri likes Stacy, hmm? well, no matter what you say, his soulmate is Sydnie. I loved Stacy's character though, great chapter. a few annoying grammar glitches but fun altogether. epic lol with failing the "egg test" that was great. I hope to see more of craig and can't wait to start teaching charizard some blastburn. eagerly awaiting he next chapter :)
heh heh heh! I can't believe I finally looked up your story again! ^^ By the way, I think it was obvious that she was a coordinator when her Milotic was revealed. Milotic was invented FOR contests I swear! It's got all the beauty to go with it's wicked strength!!! XP Well, I'm looking forward to the next chappie J.

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My readers, I have come to inform you that Dedication Through Light and Darkness is currently on hiatus until further notice. I have recently left my home for vacation and am not bringing my laptop so I cannot work on this fan fiction. When I return from my hiatus I will bring you chapter 12.

Until next time, Shadow Lucario is out

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Hey there readers! I am finally off of my hiatus! Like I promised I have brought you the latest chapter. In this chapter Charizard tries out a new attack. Not only that but there is a confession. What?? Who makes this confession? Well I'm not telling you ;) Also a reaction from Jyharri that no one saw coming especially since I basically said it will never happen. Also, two name changes. One is the character Bart is now known as Brad. Bart reminds e too much of the Simpsons and I really don't like that show. I will go in and edit that as soon as this posts. Second is the name of two chapter. The chapter's names have been changed due to some events in this one. Now enough of my blabbing! Enjoi!

Dedication Through Light and Darkness

Chapter 12: Enter Charizard! Blast Burn Attack!

“I can’t believe I have detention!”

Sunlight filtered in through the window in Jyharri’s room. Three Pokéballs lay on his dresser, the red and white gleaming in the light. Jyharri lay in his bed, his hand on his face. A knock was heard at the door. Jyharri looked up at the door guessing what the distance from him to the door was. His final guess was around three meters.

“Come in,” said Jyharri not moving.

As the door opened, Jyharri’s roommate Brad stepped in. His red blazer was open revealing a white t-shirt. His blue jeans were ripped by the left knee.

“Yes Brad?” Jyharri asked him.

“I just wanted to talk,” replied Brad.

“Ok then, talk.”

Brad chuckled a little. “So how has school been going for you?”

“It’s been alright,” said Jyharri. “I got a ‘C’ on my project for my Battle Skills class. She said my style was wild and lacked strategy.”

“I know what you mean,” Brad said as he chuckled. “I have a ‘D’ average in my Pokémon Physiology class. What are you doing the rest of today?”

“What else do I do on a Sunday?” Jyharri asked.

“Um, train?” Brad guessed.

“Of course,” exclaimed Jyharri.

“Mind if I watch?”

“Just don’t get in my way.”

As soon as Jyharri grabbed his Pokéballs, the roommates headed out of the Fire Red dorm. When they touched down on the mainland, the two boys headed to a small area surrounded by craggy rocks. The ground went from lush green grass to soft tan sand. The area was located on the bottom left of the island. Brad situated himself on one of the rocks as Jyharri tossed up one of his Pokéballs. Out of it came the Fire type Charizard.

“Charizard, remember that attack I was talking to you about last night?” Jyharri asked him. “We’re going to be working on that attack today!”

Charizard threw his head into the sky, spitting out flames. The overgrown salamander flew up into the sky, circling the area where his trainer was.

“What is this attack you’re talking about?” Brad asked.

“Only the most powerful fire attack ever!” Jyharri explained.

As Charizard came around one more time Jyharri nodded at him. Charizard drew in a large breath. As he expelled it a stream of fire shot out. Charizard looked surprised as Jyharri slapped his hand to his face.

“Remember to breathe from your diaphragm and not your gut!” Jyharri shouted. “I know you can do it! Try hitting that rock by Brad!”

Charizard nodded as he drew in another large breath. This time the only thing that was expelled from Charizard’s mouth was hot air.

“Try to start a Flamethrower then go into the attack!” Jyharri suggested.

Charizard started to take in a breath as if he were about to use Flamethrower before expelling it quickly. The air from his diaphragm pushed it out at a high speed and in a different shape. The attack was in the form of a fireball. The ball of fire accelerated through the air towards the rocks by Brad. Realizing he was in danger, Brad jumped out of the way as the fireball crashed into the rocks. Upon impact, the rocks were blown to smithereens. Chunks of the rocks hit both trainers, barely scratching them. Parts of the sand where the fireball collided with the rocks glittered in the sunlight. Some of it had been turned to glass. As Charizard landed Jyharri jumped on him, embracing him around the neck.

“Blast Burn attack,” said Jyharri, “successful!”

“What an attack,” Brad said as he dusted himself off. “Do your other Pokémon have attacks that devastating?”

“Of course they do,” said Jyharri. “Want to find out?”

“Are you challenging me to a battle?” Brad asked.

“You are one of the only first years I haven’t battled yet,” Jyharri smirked as he drew a Pokéball. “And by that I mean beat.”

Brad backed up as he drew his own Pokéball, accepting the challenge. Jyharri watched as Brad threw his Pokéball out into the sand. As it opened a white light shot out. Hitting the ground, the white light materialized into a fox like creature. Its body was tan colored with its paws and the inside of its ears being dark brown. The leaf atop its head looked to be quite sharp, matching its leaf tail.

“A Leafeon,” Jyharri observed. “Eevee stand by!”

Eevee emerged from her Pokéball with the usual flips. As she landed in the sand, Eevee stared down yet another of her evolutions, ready to battle.

“Leafeon use Quick Attack,” Brad started.

Before the blink of an eye, Leafeon collided into Eevee, knocking her down. As Eevee started to get back up, she was hit again.

“Now use Leaf Blade,” Brad said.

“Eevee use Protect!” Jyharri reacted.

The leaf on Leafeon’s head started to glow a bright green. Before Leafeon could hit Eevee, a green sphere appeared around her. Leafeon’s leaf bounced off the sphere, knocking him back.

“Hit ‘em with Shadow Ball!” Jyharri yelled as he punched the air.

Eevee started to gather black energy in her mouth while Leafeon started to gather green energy. As soon as the energy in both of the Pokémon’s mouth was in the shape of a large ball, they fired at each other. The energy balls collided into each other, making a small explosion. A small gust of wind blew through the makeshift battlefield. Both Pokémon slid back to their respective trainers. The two fox like Pokémon dashed towards each other, colliding. Leafeon pushed Eevee back due to his superior strength.

“Now use Leaf Blade,” Brad shouted.

As the leaf upon Leafeon’s head started to glow once more, Eevee slowly stood up. Leafeon charged Eevee, head bent low. Eevee saw Leafeon approaching and jumped towards him.

“What is she doing?!” Brad said bewildered.

“You know how they say a great offense is a great defense?” Jyharri asked. “You’ll see ours here and now! Eevee, use Protect!”

The green sphere appeared around Eevee, colliding with Leafeon. The sphere knocked Leafeon back to his trainer. Leafeon stood, breathing heavily, Eevee doing the same. While the Pokémon stared each other down, the trainers smiled at each other. They all knew that there would only be one attack left each.

“Go! Use Iron Tail!” the trainers yelled in unison.

Both Pokémon jumped forward, their tails glowing brightly. The Pokémon swung their tails at each other, both hitting their opponent in the face. Jyharri and Brad had a shocked look on their faces. Both Pokémon had knocked each out!

“A tie huh?” Jyharri smirked as he recalled Eevee.

“It is just the beginning,” said Brad while he recalled Leafeon.

Both trainers stared each other down, not moving a muscle. A small breeze picked up, blowing Brad’s red hair around. Brad was the first to throw his Pokéball, releasing a small green, dog-like Pokémon. Its small back legs had spikes on the back, seeming like it possessed three tails. A yellow mark covered the tip of its tail, as well as the sides of its head and nose.

“Electrike won’t lose,” Brad said confidently.

“Don’t be so sure,” said Jyharri. “Zangoose, stand by!”

Zangoose emerged from the Pokéball with his claws raised. Electrike lowered her head, eyeing Zangoose. The small electric canine charged Zangoose, head bent low. As soon as Electrike neared Zangoose, he swiped. Electrike did a small back flip, barely avoiding Zangoose’s claws.

“Zangoose, hit her with a Crush Claw,” Jyharri told his Pokémon.

Light began to erupt from Zangoose’s right claw. The Normal type directed his claw downwards. Right before the claw connected, Electrike jumped backwards and out of the way of the attack. As Zangoose’s claws hit the ground, the sand blew into the sky, some into Electrike’s eyes. The small Electrike tried to rub the sand out of her eyes with the little paws she possessed, but the sand remained in her eyes. Zangoose decided to use this to his advantage. Rushing in, Zangoose slashed Electrike across the back with his glowing right claw. The Electric type was knocked back to her trainer, sand still in her eyes.

“Try using Discharge,” Brad suggested.

Electrike nodded and her face scrunched up for a second. After about three seconds, Electrike released several electric bolts. One narrowly missed Jyharri by a few centimeters, one hit the water, and one hit Zangoose right on the head.

“We don’t need vision to win!” Brad yelled excitedly.

Zangoose fell to one knee, panting heavily. Electrike charged toward the panting sound, her head colliding into Zangoose’s gut. Knocked back to his trainer, Zangoose groaned in pain. As Zangoose slowly stood up Electrike fired another bolt of lightning. The Normal type saw this one coming and rolled to the side, barely dodging the lightning.

“Zangoose go for a Close Combat attack,” Jyharri told him.

Zangoose nodded and dashed towards Electrike. Panicking, Electrike started to fire random lightning bolts. Some came close to hitting Zangoose, some even almost hit Brad. Zangoose leaped at Electrike, a loud thud sounding as he landed. The Cat Ferret Pokémon started to punch and kick Electrike with great speed. As Zangoose landed his last punch Electrike fired a huge bolt of lightning. The lightning hit Zangoose point blank. Both Pokémon fell to the ground unconscious.

“Another double knock out!” Brad exclaimed, recalling Electrike.

“Zangoose return,” Jyharri said as he recalled his Pokémon. “It’s time to settle this! Charizard it’s your turn!”

Jyharri’s strongest Pokémon walked out in front of Jyharri, blowing a stream of fire into the sky. Brad tossed out a Pokéball, the ball blasting open, spitting out a white light. When the light hit the ground it materialized into a medium sized penguin looking creature. It had yellow three-toed feet. The tips of its wings looked sharp enough to cut through trees. The light blue coat on the Pokémon shinned in the light, showing it was well groomed.

“I assume that thing is your starter,” Jyharri said. “Exactly what is it?”

“MC is a Prinplup,” Brad answered. “Don’t underestimate him because he’s smaller than your Charizard.”

Charizard stomped his way over to the Prinplup. MC looked Charizard up and down before letting out an unsatisfied sigh, a bored look on his face. Charizard let out a surprised grunt, whacking MC with his tail. MC was sent flying back into Brad, despite it not having the ability to fly.

“Don’t underestimate Charizard because you have the type advantage,” Jyharri chuckled. “Nice one Charizard.”

Charizard flew back to his trainer, giving him a high five. MC let out an angry trill and dashed back onto the field. Charizard landed, the ground shaking a little.

“MC,” Brad shouted, “give him a Metal Claw!”

The tips of MC’s wings started to glow, along with the two yellow crests on the top of his head. MC dashed towards Charizard, wings behind him. Charizard flapped his wings in MC’s direction. The wind created from Charizard’s wings started to push MC back. The Prinplup stood his ground, digging his feet into the ground.

“Now Charizard, use Focus Punch!” Jyharri said.

Charizard’s right fist started to glow as he barreled towards Prinplup. MC tried to dodge, but his feet were still stuck in the ground from earlier.

“Don’t panic MC,” Brad shouted, “use Bubblebeam!”

MC’s beak opened to release a barrage of bubbles at Charizard. The Fire type was pelted with bubbles, his forward momentum not stopped. Charizard fell out of the air, landing on MC. The weight from Charizard pulled MC out of the ground.

“Charizard,” Jyharri yelled. “Can you get up?”

Charizard slowly got up as MC jumped back. The Water Pokémon dashed at Charizard again, the tips of his wings glowing again. As Charizard looked up all he saw was what looked like yellow buttons. MC whacked Charizard in the gut once before whacking him in the back of the neck.

“Don’t let that poor excuse of a penguin whack you around!” Jyharri shouted.

As MC went for a last hit Charizard’s claw grabbed and stopped the hit. The claw stopped glowing as a shocked look appeared on MC’s face.

“Now give it that Focus Punch you owe him!”

Charizard’s right claw started to glow again as he balled it into a fist. MC tried to pull away, but Charizard’s strength was too great. Charizard swung at MC, punching him square in the face. The Prinplup was sent back towards Brad, skidding against the ground.

“MC, can you battle?” Brad asked.

Prinplup slowly stood up and puffed up his chest. Charizard blew flames out of his nostrils, ready for round two. MC dashed towards Charizard as the Fire type flew up.

“It’s time to show them our new attack!” Jyharri said with a grin.

A grin appeared on Charizard’s face as well. Charizard started to take in a big breath, keeping MC in his field of vision.

“MC, stop that attack,” Brad yelled. “Get up there and use Metal Claw!”

“How is a flightless Pokémon going to reach on in the air?” Jyharri questioned.

MC looked around and dashed at a rock. As he jumped on it he fired a barrage of bubbles at the rock. The force and angle of the attack sent the Prinplup flying. The tips of his wings started to glow yet again as he rocketed towards Charizard.

“Now Charizard,” Jyharri shouted, “use Blast Burn!”

Charizard smiled as he saw MC could not dodge the attack. Charizard blew straight at MC, but nothing came out. The Prinplup hit Charizard in the gut as he reached him. Swinging around behind him, MC hit Charizard in the back. Charizard was sent flying towards the ground.

“Finish it MC!” Brad shouted. “Hit him with Hydro Pump!”

MC took in a deep breath himself and released a big stream of water towards Charizard.

“Charizard watch your back!” Jyharri yelled.

Charizard turned himself around just before hitting the ground and flew straight up barely dodging the attack. MC put his wings to his side and started to spin like a drill towards Charizard. Before he realized what happened, Charizard was hit. As Charizard hit the ground it felt like a small tremor hit the area.

“Now use Bubblebeam!” Brad yelled.

Once again MC fired the barrage of bubbles at Charizard. This time the fire type couldn’t dodge. The bubbles hit Charizard one after another. After the attack stopped Charizard lay in his small crater not moving. Jyharri pulled out his Pokéball and recalled Charizard.

“Nice battle Brad,” Jyharri said with a smile. “You have to be good to beat Charizard.”

“I thought MC was going to lose when you said Blast Burn,” Brad told him as he recalled MC. “We got lucky when the attack didn’t work.”

“Well I better go get my team healed up,” said Jyharri as he turned to walk away. “I’ll see you back in the room.”

“See you later then,” Brad said as he waved.


“Genevieve, can I talk to you?”

“What is it Jessica?”

Jessica had approached Genevieve in the Fire Red dorm entrance room. Genevieve had been sitting in one of the red chairs reading a magazine. The magazine was entitled The Many Pokémon Trainers of the World. It was filled with many Pokémon trainers and their teams. It listed all of their known information in a two page spread.

“I know you like Jyharri,” Jessica said flatly.

“Is it that obvious?” Genevieve asked as she started to blush.

“That’s not what I wanted to talk about though,” Jessica told her as she took a seat next to her. “I was talking with Jyharri a few days ago.”

Genevieve laughed a little. “That’s what friends do, they talk.”

“Well after we talked we kind of…” Jessica started.

Genevieve looked at Jessica, waiting for her to finish her sentence. Jessica looked to the left of them, looking at the portrait of Lance and then up, looking at the ceiling. She fiddled with her a fingers a bit, biting her lip.

“Well what did you do?” Genevieve asked. “You didn’t do anything bad did you?”

“Well it might be bad to you,” Jessica told her.

“Why do you say that?” Genevieve asked a little worried.

“We kind of kissed,” Jessica admitted.

Genevieve’s worried look changed to that of expressionless. Silence reigned over them for what seemed like eternity. Genevieve stood, not even glancing at Jessica.

“So you kissed him despite knowing that I liked him?” Genevieve questioned her.

There was no answer from Jessica. Genevieve didn’t wait for her to answer. She walked out of the doors, tears streaming down her face.

“Jyharri Ahmed, your team is all healed up.”

Jyharri approached the counter. A blonde haired woman wearing a nurse’s outfit handed Jyharri his Pokéballs. As Jyharri thanked the nurse he heard a familiar laugh. He turned to see Sydnie sitting by a window at a table with a boy across from her.

“What is that guy doing with Sydnie?” Jyharri asked himself silently. “I’m going to go find out right now.”

Jyharri approached Sydnie’s table and saw the boy was in Lightning Yellow, made apparent by his yellow blazer. His auburn colored hair almost matched Brad’s red hair, but was darker in shade. Sydnie turned as she heard someone approaching the table to see Jyharri walking towards them.

“Jyharri,” Sydnie said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Getting my Pokémon healed,” he answered. “What about you? Who is this guy?”

“I’m Ryan Davis,” the boy answered in Sydnie’s place. “You must be Jyharri. Sydnie has told me a lot about you.”

“I don’t like this guy,” Jyharri said to Sydnie, despite it being loud enough for Ryan to hear. “Do you want me to take care of him?”

Ryan chuckled, sounding like an arrogant rich person. “I highly doubt you could. I’ve seen your battles and you couldn’t beat me even if I used one of my Pokémon.”

What a jerk! Jyharri though angrily.

“I must say though I have taken a liking to your friend Sydnie here,” said Ryan as he picked up Sydnie’s hand and kissed it.

“Well too bad bub,” Jyharri said pulling Sydnie up. “I highly doubt she likes you.”

“I kind of do,” said Sydnie as she yanked away from Jyharri. “He’s funny, smart, and really cool. On top of all that he is an awesome battler.”

Jyharri gave a disgusted sigh and turned away. Looking up he saw a man put a poster on the wall. Jyharri walked over to the poster and a smile drew itself across his face. The poster read, “The school wide tournament has been moved from three weeks from now to two days from today. Prepare yourselves students. Take care, Headmistress Taylor.”
“Kecleon try using Fury Swipes on that tree!”

The multicolored lizard ran towards a tree and clawed at it many times. The trees around that one already had claw marks on it from the Pokémon clawing at them.

Kelly walked to the tree and examined it. “Good job buddy! You hit all seven trees in exactly the same spot!”

“Kelly!” a voice called.

She turned around to see her partner, Damien, standing outside their base. He motioned for her to hurry towards him.

“What is it?” Kelly asked.

“A message from the boss,” replied Damien, “an urgent one.”

“Let’s go,” Kelly told Kecleon.

As the three entered the base an outline of a man appeared on the screen. His face wasn’t visible, but his hair was. It was white in color, going up in different directions, like it was defying gravity.

“Yes sir?” asked Damien. “We’re all here like you asked.”

“I wanted you two to know that I will be arriving sooner than I told you,” said the boss.

“You get to meet the boss, Kecleon,” Kelly told him excitedly.

“Why is that sir?” Damien asked, ignoring Kelly’s childish response.

“I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the assignment and would like to know sooner than later,” he told them. “On top of that, I have a tournament to host.”

Air Dragon

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Let's start this review off with a little Grammar review!

The Normal type averted his claw downwards.
‘Averted’ sounds like a really odd choice of word there. AVERTED is usually used to described something being diverted to avoid contact with something. I’d go with words like ‘directed’, or ‘arched’ or even more simply, ‘swung’.

A big vocabulary doesn’t really work if the right word is used at the wrong time.

“Nice one, Charizard.”
Despite the spelling mishap, I’d like to draw attention to the comma. Commas are usually placed either before someone’s name and/or after it if it is in the middle of a person’s speech, or the first word to be mentioned respectively. They are only not used when the person who’s name is mentioned is not being addressed but is spoken about instead. Look at this other example from the chapter:

“You get to meet the boss Kecleon,” Kelly told him excitedly.
Here it sounds like Kelly’s boss either has a Kecleon or is a Kecleon. The comma lets people know who’s being spoken to, even without mentioning who’s speaking. Or at least gives them an idea.

With a comma, this becomes:

“You get to meet the boss, Kecleon,” Kelly told him excitedly.
Makes more sense, doesn’t it? I dunno if you noticed, but even when you speak to someone, you take a slight pause before you mention their name. Even when this pause is infinitesmally small, it’s still there, and needs to be shown. And as punctuation marks go, the comma denotes the briefest pause.

“Well too bad, bub,” Jyharri said pulling Sydnie up. “I highly doubt she likes you.”
Homonyms. You gotta hate 'em, right?

With this, I can go into the chapter discussion. I feel awfully sorry for Genevieve, but in life and love, the rule’s usually, “One strike, one kill.” That means, ’Victory goes to the one who lands the first punch,’ or makes the first move. Jyharri doesn’t get knocked down one peg, but two in this chapter. Sadly it doesn’t really seem to have a humbling effect on him, does it?

And the mysterious boss appears! From his remark, could he have some connection to the Academy? Only time will tell.

Well, gotta go. Got church and we’re kinda late as it is.


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Nice chapter! I'm guessing in the tournament it's Jyharri vs. Ryan. That would seem real obvious. Anyway, I wonder how the boss!

Too bad fir Charizard, though.
btw, thanks for taking my idea! (you did, right?)

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Let's start this review off with a little Grammar review!

‘Averted’ sounds like a really odd choice of word there. AVERTED is usually used to described something being diverted to avoid contact with something. I’d go with words like ‘directed’, or ‘arched’ or even more simply, ‘swung’.

A big vocabulary doesn’t really work if the right word is used at the wrong time.
I stole this word :p

Despite the spelling mishap, I’d like to draw attention to the comma. Commas are usually placed either before someone’s name and/or after it if it is in the middle of a person’s speech, or the first word to be mentioned respectively. They are only not used when the person who’s name is mentioned is not being addressed but is spoken about instead. Look at this other example from the chapter:

Here it sounds like Kelly’s boss either has a Kecleon or is a Kecleon.
Would be funny wouldn't it?

Homonyms. You gotta hate 'em, right?
I'm usually good with homonyms it's just that either I was too tired to care (it was almost midnight here) or the key got stuck. That happens with my laptop sometimes. I have to bang on the 'M' key just to get one 'M'.

With this, I can go into the chapter discussion. I feel awfully sorry for Genevieve, but in life and love, the rule’s usually, “One strike, one kill.” That means, ’Victory goes to the one who lands the first punch,’ or makes the first move.
Too bad Jessica didn't exactly win either XD

Jyharri doesn’t get knocked down one peg, but two in this chapter. Sadly it doesn’t really seem to have a humbling effect on him, does it?
He's not just arrogant, he's ARROGANT. At least he's made some development since the beginning. We all have to be patient with him. If he doesn't come around soon I'll make a threat about letting his contract expire. We'll see how he is then.

And the mysterious boss appears! From his remark, could he have some connection to the Academy? Only time will tell.
I guess you could say it's a connection. That's all I'm saying about it.

This has got to be my worst chapter grammar wise. Thank you for correcting everything Air Dragon. I will go edit everything in.

Nice chapter! I'm guessing in the tournament it's Jyharri vs. Ryan. That would seem real obvious. Anyway, I wonder how the boss!

Too bad fir Charizard, though.
btw, thanks for taking my idea! (you did, right?)
I'm not telling the match-ups until the chapter comes out :p Maybe they will face each other, maybe they won't. Only I can decide, unless of course you have cash and bribe me. Just kidding ;) Yes Shadow I used your idea. Thank you very much for that.

What do you guys think of the new chapter titles? Excited that I included a chapter that just so happens to have the same name as the fan fiction? I know I am. Much fun is going to be had with that one.

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