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Pokemon Adventures Happy Birthday Thread

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Sure, sure. Go for it.
So apparently only the Pokemon Adventures manga really does birthdays, not the games and anime. That's honestly kind of weird to me, could've sworn they did it in the anime at least. Anyways this is simply just a thread to celebrate character's birthday from the Adventures manga. You can either say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" or celebrate by mentioning your favorite memories about a character, be it through words of pictures. You can do this across the entire week or even the entire month until the next birthday.

Here is the list of birthdays featured in the manga according to Bulbapedia, organized by dates.
  • Moon - January 1st
  • Y (or Yvonne) - February 2nd
  • Ultima - February 2nd
  • Yellow - March 3rd
  • Lorelei - March 15th
  • Diamond - April 4th
  • Crystal (or Krys) - April 30th
  • Blake (or Lack-two) - May 4th
  • Emerald - May 31st
  • Blue (or Green, Female Protagonist) - June 1st
  • Pearl - June 6th
  • Ruby - July 2nd
  • Gold - July 21st
  • Giovanni - August 1st
  • Red - August 8th
  • Sun - August 31st
  • Whitley (or Whi-two) - September 16th
  • Sapphire - September 20th
  • White - October 5th
  • Black - October 8th
  • Platinum (or Platina) - October 27th
  • X (Or Xander) - November 6th
  • Celio - November 12th
  • Green (or Blue, Rival) - November 22nd
  • Silver - December 24th
  • Bill - December 31st
Here's a Did You Know Fact about Red's birthday. Did you know Red's Birthday, August 8th, is the EXACT same date as the very first release date of Pokemon Adventures Volume 1? If you think about it. Your not only celebrating Red's Birthday on August 8th. Your celebrating Pokemon Adventures anniversary.

Other than that. Do you know who this week's birthday is? It's X's (or Xander's) Birthday! November the 6th 2018! Happy Birthday X!
Not open for further replies.