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Pokemon Adventures is out now DIGITALLY on Viz (English Translations)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by shoz999, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Good news Pokemon Adventure Fans!

    In the coming months, VIZ will be releasing Pokemon Adventures, the longest and most popular Pokemon manga series, digitally on Kindle, ComiXology, iBooks, Nook, GooglePlay and VIZ platforms. The story arcs will be released in a monthly basis up to December. Also, I don't believe this is actually the first time VIZ has released them digitally so I'm not sure if this is permanent but for now each Volume (which consists of around 200 pages) cost 6.99 each. Also if your new to the series, they have a free preview. So if you ever wanted Pokemon Adventures digitally on the go on your laptop or wanted to support the creators in anyway, here's a great way to start!

    Release Dates
    August - RBGY Arc
    August - GSC Arc
    September - RS Arc
    October - FRLG/E Arc
    November - DPP Arc
    December - HGSS/BW/BW2

    Article LINK - https://www.viz.com/blog/posts/poke...enturesDigitalMangaReleaseGuideBlogLinkClicks

    Pokemon Adventures LINK - https://www.viz.com/read/manga/pokemon-adventures/all
  2. Professor Ilex

    Professor Ilex Forever Breeding

    Of course they do this right as I was almost caught up on the physical volumes. Thanks for the heads up though. I wonder why it took them so long to actually do this though.
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Pokemon Adventures - Gold, Silver and Crystal Arc is now officially released DIGITALLY this September!

  4. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Pokemon Adventures - Ruby and Sapphire Arc has already been officially released on every platform offered on the Viz site EXCEPT for Amazon's Kindle apparently. I use the Kindle version on my PC and from what I've seen I assume it'll release in early October. Also just look at that Groudon, he is just so happy. On an entirely different note, what format do you use to read Pokemon Adventures digitally also why? For example, is it better than any of the other formats Viz offers.


    Update - As of Sep. 27th, the Kindle version is out.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  5. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Not only did the Kindle version of RS arrived today, the FRLG and Emerald Arcs have released today as well on all of the formats, including Amazon Kindle, with the exception of one. The only format missing is iBook as of now. So yeah, FRLG and the Emerald Arc have been released today DIGITALLY!
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
  6. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl + Platinum Chapters are available for digital pre-orders. Just a heads-up as of now, the Viz site has not updated it's sites for available digital pre-orders so I recommend you go straight to your usual digital seller, like Amazon or Itunes, for the comics. According to Amazon Kindle, Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl + Platinum chapter comes out digitally in Nov. 27th 2018.
  7. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Rejoice Sinnoh and Pokemon Adventures fans, today on November 27th, Pokemon Adventures - Diamond and Pearl Chapter + Platinum Chapter will be released DIGITALLY today on these devices, with links attached to them.
  8. TotallyNotCrt

    TotallyNotCrt Manga Ambassador

    Don't bother buying them just yet, their covers are broken and I've been going back and forth with another person e-mailing VIZ to actually fix the covers.
    They fixed *one* out of like 5 others affected.

    Sad that they knew about this issue well ahead of release schedule and they decided to kinda just do nothing about it and now it's release day.
  9. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Are you talking about underneath the "Story and Art by" section on the bottom of the cover, where the Pokemon or Character's body parts are blank white?
  10. TotallyNotCrt

    TotallyNotCrt Manga Ambassador

    Yep and Google play release is broken, they're missing a few volumes as well, only listing 7 in its set.

    Always a disaster when it comes to digital releases. There was a time also where VIZ temporarily pulled the volumes off digital like a month or so ago and blamed on Amazon, but Amazon blamed them saying VIZ removed it. It eventually came back up but seeing almost the entire GSC arc removed from digital shows how volatile and not permanent a digital solution really is.

    With how VIZ lost rights almost a decade ago for digital release and losing it temporarily again, it's worrying as a consumer to support a release that might get pulled again.

    I'd generally recommend having physical and digital for convenience to be honest.
  11. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    That is concerning. I suppose all the more reason to get it digitally now, once the covers are fixed, whether then wait. So far I haven't had any problems with Amazon but I did hear about how they pulled off the digital versions of RS/FRLG and E I believe a month ago or was it GSC?
  12. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    As a Marvel fanboy once told me when he looked at these pics, this is some Pokemon Infinity War stuff going down here.
    Anyways, Johto, Sinnoh and Unova fans rejoice! Pokemon Adventures HeartGold & SoulSilver Chapter, Black & White Chapter and Black & White 2 Chapter are available digitally through pre-orders altogether throughout the month of December. However similar to Diamond and Pearl before, as of now the pre-orders seem to be only available at your usual sellers, not ViZ directly themselves.

    All three arcs will be released in Dec. 25th, on Christmas.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
  13. TotallyNotCrt

    TotallyNotCrt Manga Ambassador

    HGSS-BW-B2W2 are all out.

    There's a huge error when they changed all instance of Black to Blake in a rush.
    It's a well documented issue since day 1 but they never bothered to fix it despite social media and support e-mails.
    Really? On Christmas day?
    shoz999 likes this.
  14. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Pokemon fans rejoice! The best Pokemon adaptation now has Pokemon Adventures HeartGold & SoulSilver, Black & White and Black & White 2 chapters released DIGITALLY in these formats.

    NOTE: The BW2 chapter is not finished yet and their are some translation errors. Also with this being the last of ViZ's digital releases, feel free to talk about the digital releases such as anything unique, be it errors or wording, you find in the translations. On a different note, I may want to try to bring this thread back up if ViZ does any digital releases for the XY, ORAS & SM chapters.

    Pokemon Adventures HeartGold & Soulsilver Chapter
    Pokemon Adventures Black & White Chapter
    Pokemon Adventures Black & White 2 Chapter
  15. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Yes. I'm aware of the translation error. They also haven't fixed the cover issues of the DP chapters yet.

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