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Pokemon Adventures Online MMO

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Were in the process of making a Pokemon MMO 2D game. We have already dived deeply into development. Already have fans and what we need now is more help. Right now we have one coder, one GUI artist, one concept artist, two writers, two excellent mappers. That is our team. Most of us do more than one task though but still we are short a few members to really take this game to another level.

We are very involed Pokemon lovers and carry a great passion for it. Most of us have worked on other MMO Pokemon games such as PokeMMO, PWo and others. We are not youngsters with a unrealistic dream. Besides our one 17 year old we all average about 23-24 in age on the team. We take this project very serious and will dedicate lots of hours to this project daily. We hope you find some sort of interest in this project either by joining us or giving us fan support.

The game starts off in the Nexus Region. Where you must catch Pokemon, battle leaders, and be the league champion. But this adventure is not what you expect. There is a villain lurking in the shadows. The mystery behind these villains is not yet unraveled. The motives still unclear. But we do know they go by the name of Team Neo. Led by a man named Neron. They run the streets of neo City and control it with brute force. Now they look to take over the whole region and use Pokemon they control to do so. In this fight for Pokemon and humans alike, you must take on the leaders of each gym, catch Pokemon and together become stronger to take on such a powerful enemy and his Generals. But there is still more unexplained events occuring and more secrets to be discovered in the Nexus region. Is Neo the only threat? Take on the adventure and unlock the truths.

Open Positions

GML Coders [ 0 / 2 ] - We are looking for Dedicated staff so you must be active in order to apply for this position.

Sprite Artist [ 0 / 1 ] - Must have proof of your past work and also be-able to spend
at least 4~5 hours on the computer daily.

Concept Artist [ 0 / 1 ] -
Must have proof of your past work and also be-able to spend at least 4~5 hours on the computer daily.

P.S. - More information about the positions we need will be ask upon your interview.

Add me on Skype @ "Tangalicious0414" and you will be interviewed by the Pokemon Adventures Online Staff.


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