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Pokemon Adventures Review/Thoughts Discussion - Ruby & Sapphire/FRLG/E Arc (Gen 3)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by shoz999, Sep 28, 2018.


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  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Trainer for Fun!

    Pokemon Adventures Review/Thoughts Discussion - RS/FRLG/E Arc (Gen 3)
    This is a discussion thread to talk about the many awesome, fun, hilarious, and questionable moments of Pokemon's Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen and Emerald arc that you can't really find in the anime or even the video games. So please, lay out your thoughts of some of the best chapters of Pokemon Adventures!

    Pokemon Adventures Quick Summary - Ruby and Sapphire Chapter
    Two trainers make a bet under 80 days to undergo a journey. Ruby, our flamboyant male protagonist who is obsessed with beauty and style yet hates battling, comes out to the Hoenn region to charm his way to the contests. Meanwhile Sapphire, our tomboy female protagonist who loves the surrounding nature of Pokemon yet hates beauty, comes out to the Hoenn region to conquer all eight Pokemon gyms. What starts out as a simple action-packed story of children going on their Pokemon journeys escalates to new unforeseen levels as two villainous teams, Team Magma and Team Aqua, are on a mad hunt for power that rests somewhere in the deep seafloor levels underneath the seas of Hoenn. Witness a Pokemon story unlike any other full of disaster, tragedy and possibly the greatest love story ever told in Pokemon.

    Pokemon Adventures Quick Summary - FireRed and LeafGreen Chapter
    Several years later after the tragic events of the Mask of Ice's kidnappings, Blue (female protagonist) finally gets to meet her parents after all these years thanks to Silver's help. Unfortunately Giovanni and Team Rocket has finally returned. He's stolen Red's, Green's (Rival) and Blue's Pokedex leaving Red to question his abilities as a trainer, he's kidnapped Green's grandfather, Prof. Oak, and through a mysterious Pokemon he caused Blue's parents to vanish before her very eyes leaving her in a coma. Why is Giovanni doing this, what is he after? As this is happening, Silver investigates where and who his father is, meeting Yellow of the Viridian Forest.

    Pokemon Adventures Quick Summary - Emerald Chapter
    Emerald, a trainer who loves battling yet dislikes Pokemon, is sent on a mission by Prof. Oak and Krys to catch Jirachi in seven days in order to save a certain group of trainers from a terrible fate. As Emerald is investigating Jirachi, he goes on to challenge the seven Frontier Brains, some of the strongest geniuses of competitive battling out there. The scales get bigger and bigger when Ruby and Sapphire join the fray as an armored thief hungry for power, Guile Hideout, is on the move to take Jirachi through any means necessary. Witness an epic Pokemon ending to this Gen 3 saga unlike no other.

    • There is no recommended review system. Instead I recommend you come up with your own review systems, from 5/5s to 10/10s, to give people a quick idea what you generally think of the story arcs as a whole.
    • There is however a 5/5 review system for the entire Gen 3 saga for the first time.
    • This is both a review and thoughts thread. So if you don't want to rate and review a story arc but instead express your thoughts of certain moments or scenes. That's fantastic and is encouraged!
    • Please alert others with a "Spoiler Warning!" if your review or thoughts does indeed have potential spoilers.
    • Have fun discussing the many amazing, funny or even questionable moments you've seen in the third generation of Pokemon Adventures
    Links to other current Review/Thoughts discussion threads
  2. shoz999

    shoz999 Trainer for Fun!

    Ruby and Sapphire Review and Thoughts Post
    Well I can't wait any longer! I'm just so freaking eager to talk about this chapter! I think I'll split my review posts into two, one focusing on the original stand alone storyline, RS, and the other focusing on the expanding two parter, FRLG and E. HEAVY SPOILERS! Oh man where do I begin with this amazing chapter of Pokemon! Actually I'm kind of serious about that. It was really hard talking about all the awesome moments that happened without explaining the entire plot because literally EVERYTHING that happens in the plot is of significance somehow.

    The Short Review (Heavy Spoilers)

    • To me this is undoubtedly the best Pokemon love story in the series! However, I also personally think this is also the darkest story in Pokemon Adventures. In some ways it reminds me of a Shakespearean romance/tragedy. This story does a fantastic job of progressing from seemingly another simple Pokemon journey to a Shakespearean disaster romance story where the stakes are extremely high.
    • This story arc does a great job at continuing Pokemon Adventures world building.
    • This story arc gets a new artist, Satoshi Yamamoto, giving up on much of the "gamey" art style by the previous artist, Mato, leaning heavily in favor of a more "realistic/anime" art style featuring more realistic body proportions and a more detailed and gorgeous look of the Hoenn region. It can be clearly seen in the final chapters of the GSC art when this change of artists happened, particularly the Mask of Ice transitioning between forms. Although I liked the gamey art style and it makes a return in the DP story arc, I do think this is an improvement of a simple but already great art-style from the GSC, Y and RGB years.
    • It tells a far better story that GameFreak envisions for Ruby and Sapphire, including the remakes.
    • It tells the fun story of Ruby, a flamboyant boy obsessed with beauty but hates battling, going on to challenge the Pokemon contests and Sapphire, a tomboyish girl who loves battling but hates beauty, going on to challenge the 8 Pokemon Gyms.
    • The unique fashion boy and rough n tough girl duo dynamic is just too funny and full of character. In fact this may be one of the more well-crafted "original" duo dynamics I haven't encountered in a long time in all of media. Yes all of media, not just manga.
    • Ruby's relationship to his Terminator-esque father is quite compelling.
    • Feebas easily out of all the Pokemon here has the best story.
    • The Pokemon teams they use are quite versatile for contests, battles and the environment. Every Pokemon they have has some kind of role in the RS story arc.
    • The story has a lot of epic foreshadowing very early on. For example the earliest foreshadowing is in Petalburg City, more earthquakes have been happening than usual.
    • Like GSC previously, it also tells the story of nearly everyone in the Hoenn region. Not on the same level as GSC which featured both Johto and Kanto characters but it shows enough to make you realize just how big of a place Hoenn is and how important these characters are. However I feel it's more focused tightly on Ruby and Sapphire, the two main characters.
    • The depiction of Hoenn is gorgeous and full of detail due to the new change in art-style featuring more detail, texture, shade and lighting than ever before.
    • The manga's depiction of Maxie and Archie, the main antagonist, as men who've gone mad with power is a simple trope we've seen again over and over and... actually it's not only very compelling, it makes a lot more sense that what GameFreak came up with for Maxie and Archie in the remakes, obtaining power to save Pokemon or enhance humanity. In the original Ruby and Sapphire games, Maxie and Archie don't even have much of a motive at all. In the Adventures adaptation, Maxie and Archie are written around the idea of whose in control, you controlling the power or power controlling you. It's very fascinating of the steps these two are willing to take to great lengths for the sake of power, including spoilers, working together as part of a truce. I believe Kusaka wrote a far better version of Maxie and Archie than GameFreak did for the remakes, I really do.
    • I like the depiction of the Team's lieutenants, from their unique skills to there characteristics. Such as Courtney's interest in Ruby's contest skills and Amber's die-hard loyalty to Archie even after Archie left him to die.
    • For the first time in the Adventures series, Pokemon are also the villains, in fact they are the true or final villains of the Ruby and Sapphire Arc, Groudon and Kyogre.
    • I love how Pokemon Adventures depicts Groudon and Kyogre as misunderstood creatures, like in the games, but at the same time shows them that they are the villains of this story in control of their own power, using Maxie and Archie lust for power as pawns.
    • Groudon and Kyogre are downright the most terrifying take of a legendary I have ever seen. The games and the remakes does not do Groudon and Kyogre's lore justice. The manga does. You actually see people fleeing in terror away from incoming tidal waves and earthquakes, the Gym Leaders are almost powerless to stop these supernatural disasters, the Elite Four and the Regi brothers can only slow down Groudon and Kyogre's bloodlust for battle. To add to it, Groudon and Kyogre not only don't they care about the innocent people and Pokemon around them, they eagerly give out a wide smile for battle to YOU, the reader!
    • Near the end, you get to see Norman with his manly glare crossing his manly arms while manly standing on top of a sky-high dragon, Rayquaza, lol.
    • What happens after will actually leave you worried for the fates of the characters.
    • How it ends is quite polarized. Many fans love how everyone is happily throwing a celebration after the gloomy terrifying events of Kyogre and Groudon. However it's how it leads up to that happy moment, the twist near the end, that is very polarized.
    THE LONG REVIEW (Heavy Spoilers)

    So this tells the story of Ruby and Sapphire, two kids who make a bet that has to be completed under 80 days. Ruby is a boy obsessed with beauty and wants to win Hoenn's Pokemon contests while Sapphire is a girl who loves nature and battling and wants to beat all 8 gym leaders. They travel throughout the Hoenn region encountering many adventures along the way, meaning new people, new Pokemon, encountering new foes and braving head-on for whatever dangers lies before them. The region they explored, Hoenn, is fairly pretty and in some ways gorgeous and mesmerizing due to the new art-style succeeding the previous one. When this manga first arrived, a lot of people in various types of comment sections were quite surprised, confused and even disappointed at this character dynamic. Traditionally, especially in the Pokemon anime featuring Ash and May, it's the rough n tough boy who challenges the gym and the beauty-obsessed girl who enters the Pokemon contests. There were a lot of people who understandably thought Ruby was kind of annoying and didn't liked that Sapphire was too different from May of the anime. Honestly, I kind of thought Kusaka expected this reaction because he actually addresses how Ruby and Sapphire became like this way which is important to what happens later on. However that's far ahead into the story. So how do you prove them wrong that such a character dynamic duo can work early on! Easy! Good old fashion believable storytelling and this story is epic from beginning to end.


    One of the best things about Ruby and Sapphire is that there is a lot of ominous foreshadowing, most notably there appears to be strange occurrences with Hoenn's environment and sometimes Team Magma and Team Aqua, the antagonists, are just around the corner. Now what's interesting is how Pokemon Adventures handles these two villains at the same time. It's actually very different from the previous arcs in that they show who the villains are, including their boss, quite early, who they are, their personalities, their motives quite early on instead of leaving it as a big secret until near the end. Why does Kusaka, the writer of Pokemon Adventures, do this? It's shown that they are not just battling against Ruby and Sapphire, the two protagonists of this story. They are plotting against each other and we actually get a lot of in-depth comic book time of them showing what plans they are hatching up that it's almost like Team Magma and Team Aqua are also main characters themselves. We see that Maxie and Archie, the leaders, are willing to go to great lengths for power for the sake of having power and it's actually quite compelling and makes far more sense than GameFreak explaining their motives in the remakes. They're not doing it to save the Pokemon or save humans which could endanger Pokemon on the land or humans who need water in the remakes, they're doing it for the sake of power and it's so interesting to see how Team Magma and Team Aqua are working step-by-step to their goals. In fact a central theme here is, are you in control of the power or is power controlling you?

    But back to Ruby and Sapphire. So other than their goals to win the contests and gyms, they have personal problems of their own. Ruby has to deal with the manliest man with the manliest glare with the manliest crossing-his-arms-constantly throughout the region of Hoenn, his father Norman who is looking for his son like the Terminator. Norman is the Gym Leader of the Petalburg city who is fairly strict and tough on his son, which is why Ruby thinks Norman wants him to follow into his footsteps of Pokemon battling. At the same time it turns out Ruby is surprisingly a genius at battling even though he hates it which actually asks even more questions. It's not just that but he also shares some other characteristics of his father, most notably a very intimidating glare that scares a lot of Pokemon on first glance. The thing is, he's trying to distance himself away from that. As for Sapphire, she's an independent girl seeking ways to get stronger, help her father, Prof. Birch, at his research from time to time and she often gives an odd look to Ruby whenever they first meet, almost as if she recognizes him somewhere or as a few other people put it, she has a crush on him lol. It's pretty interesting how they evolve over time. We see Ruby confront his Terminator-esque father for the first time and it's revealed that Norman was planning on letting him enter Pokemon Contests on his birthday before he ran away home. We see Sapphire confront Ruby about his amazing battling skills, arguing with Ruby, believing him to be selfish. In fact one characteristic of Ruby that's been mentioned and explored constantly is his selfishness. That's actually one of the best parts about his character, especially how it relates to his relationship with his Feebas. What's funny is that Ruby just flat-out considers Feebas the ugliest Pokemon he's ever seen right to his face. The funny thing is that he enters this Feebas in the Beauty Cup anyway and he actually and surprisingly wins unfortunately however Ruby gets in an argument with his wif- I mean girlfr- I mean a friend who happens to be a girl, Sapphire over his battling skills. Just when it seems the two become really good friends, Sapphire calls him a coward for not participating in the battle against Team Magma and Aqua with the other Gym Leaders. Sapphire leaves him and this leaves Ruby in quite a serious depression to the point that he selfishly insults Feebas for it's appearance, even though he won the beauty cup with it. This causes Feebas to swim away from him in tears. Feebas running away, seemingly forever, actually causes Ruby to break down full of regret. Out all the Pokemon who have story-lines in this chapter, Feebas probably has the best one throughout the story later on.

    So what's interesting later on is what direction does Team Magma and Team Aqua ultimately take in the pursuit for power after one of them takes the Red and Blue Orbs, orbs required to awaken the legendary monsters sleeping deep in the seafloor of Hoenn. They put up a truce and work together. Yes in a surprising and compelling twist, rather than waste manpower to steal back certain parts for the submarine, they are willing to go so far as to work together peacefully, but temporarily, in order to get to the sleeping Pokemon, Kyogre and Groudon deep within the seafloor. You can feel the tension in the Team Aqua and Magma grunts as soon as they enter the submarine together. The only ones who don't seem that tense are Maxie and Archie who have a sense of overconfidence on their faces, thinking they are one step ahead of each other and that is something the two can relate a lot.

    Eventually Ruby makes up his mind and decides to team up with Sapphire after realizing the key Pokemon they need to reach to the deep sea floors where Team Magma and Team Aqua are at. They do that with the help of Relicanth, one of the few Pokemon that can dive at deep sea levels. Why are they the only ones to do this? Well because they are the chosen-nah I'm just kidding. It's actually because Relicanth only has enough space for two kids, not two full grown adults which is for the case of the Gym Leaders. Wallace and Winona agrees to this, vouching for them to the other gym leaders, knowing Ruby and Sapphire are experienced trainers and the fact that two experienced trainers are better than one against not one but two villainous teams.

    Ultimately however. The reason why this is the darkest story arc is pretty much how this seemingly innocent story leads up to the end. Shocking terror strikes through the heart of the reader and stunning revelations are made throughout the final chapters of this manga. Things take an unsuspecting turn. It's hinted by all their tension and rivalry that Team Magma and Team Aqua are going to fight each other in some big awesome battle right? The manga complete turns this predictable idea the reader might have over their heads because the manga was also hinting at something else, how similar Archie and Maxie's characters are. These two power-hungry men having gone mad under the further influence of the Red and Orbs, straight up betray their own teams, leaving many of their loyal followers on the verge of death, deciding it's better to work together. WHAT THE HELL MAN! WHAT THE HELL! "O.0!?" I mean I know they were hinted at being treacherous but this just takes treachery in Pokemon to a whole new level! This is the point where Archie and Maxie have gone mad with power and have strangely ordered Kyogre and Groudon to pretty much do battle with each other instead of the original plan, flooding and creating landmasses. This is an absolute shocking twist that I don't think anyone saw coming and yet actually kind of stays true to what happens later on. It actually gets more shocking from there. Archie and Maxie are not in control, they are no longer the current main villains. The ones who are in control, who have become the final epic villains of Ruby and Sapphire are Groudon and Kyogre themselves and they are downright far more terrifying than Maxie and Archie.

    The true villains of the Ruby and Sapphire arc.

    This is personally the most terrifying, yet faithful for Kyogre and Groudon's case, take on a legendary. From the reader's point of view, this picture looks like they are eagerly grinning at you, the reader, ignoring everyone's lives at stakes all for the sake of their own bloodlust for battle. They are misunderstood creatures like GameFreak says for all Pokemon but that does not mean they are not the villains. They are the final villains, they are the ones who are in control of their own power, not Maxie or Archie who are merely pawns to them. This goes along with the theme of "Who is in control? You over power, or the power over you?", almost quite literally. And man. The disaster they cause making citizens fleeing in terror, making Gym Leaders feel helpless, how nearly unstoppable they are that the Pokemon Champion and Elite Four can't do enough to even slow them down adds to their terrifying nature. What even adds more to it is the new and improved art-style, showing how much of a terrifying place the gorgeous Hoenn region has become with all the tsunami's, storms and earthquakes.

    So what do Ruby and Sapphire do? Well considering the fact that the Pokemon Champion, Elite Four and Gym Leaders are all having a hard time on their own slowing down Kyogre and Groudon, you'd think they give up right? No, Juan, the new Gym Leader of Sootopolis and Wallace's master, decides to train them. You'd think it'd be "they are the chosen ones" trope but no. There's actually another reason why Juan is doing this. After attempting to deal with Maxie and Archie during their escape of the deepsea floors, it turns out Ruby and Sapphire manage to have the Red and Blue Orbs inside of them, the same orbs that corrupted Maxie and Archie. Unsure if things will be alright in the end, Sapphire confesses her feelings to Ruby saying "I love you." What was originally an action packed shonen manga is a twist itself, a love story in disguise. Sapphire reveals a realization on her mind for a while, that they both actually met as children long ago. Ruby was your traditional rough n tough boy protagonist and Sapphire was your traditional pretty princess protagonist, playing together when they were little. Things changed when a Salamence came and caused a bloody scar on Ruby's forehead, horrifying Sapphire. It's from this experience that Sapphire decides that she wants to be stronger, hating the idea of being helpless while Ruby is scared by Sapphire's horrified expression and starts to hate battling. The thing is their fears of appearing either scary or weak is starting to catch up to them again.

    Another character that has to be mentioned is Wally. Early in the story, Wally is shown as a shy scared child who has an interest in Pokemon but has some kind of a breathing disorder. That shy scared child progresses into a experienced brave trainer who works with Norman to get to the top of Sky Pillar. Sky Pillar is shown to be a dangerous place that is slowly falling apart and Wally is the only one who can do this because the puzzle here can only be done through two people, one of which has to be a child and he's the only experienced trainer nearby who happens to be a kid. Norman needs Wally to help awaken the legendary dragon, Rayquaza in order to stop Groudon and Kyogre.


    The final battle arrives and it is both epic and tragic. Ruby, out of fear for his friend's safety, leaves Sapphire quietly behind at the training area. He sneaks off with Courtney, the Magma Lieutenant he befriended, to the final battle. The reason why this is the darkest chapter is not only because of Groudon and Kyogre's terrifying appearance but it probably has to do with the fact that people actually die in this story arc. I've heard the term "death" thrown around the Pokemon Adventure series but that's actually far more rarer than you think, all the more shocking that it actually happens here. Many big players here die during the chaos, alarming Ruby how dangerous this situation is. Suddenly Sapphire shows up, not wanting to be the helpless girl while also wanting to help Ruby, brings even more worry to Ruby. However lucky for those two, a Milotic comes in and rescues Ruby from certain danger! To Ruby's surprise, that Milotic is actually Feebas, evolving from all the hard work Ruby put into her for the beauty contests. Even luckier for them, the manliest dad, Norman, with his manly glare and his manly cross-his-arms while manly standing on a flying dragon comes to save the day. Everything seems alright, right? No, things aren't alright. While Groudon and Kyogre are scared by Rayquaza's appearance, Maxie and Archie has come back with a vengeful look in their mad eyes, ending Norman and are off to deal with Ruby and Sapphire for good.

    So with all this death and horror, how does one fix this? Why time travel of course! Where the heck did that come from? I have no clue actually. This was quite a sudden and very polarized solution to all of this and that was through Celebi, the same Celebi from Johto during the events of the Mask of Ice. Celebi undoes much of the horror by sending Ruby and Sapphire to a different timeline where the characters who died... aren't... dead? Yeaaaah... I'm kind of confused by this. How the writer wrote it makes it seem like two timelines converged together, judging by Ruby and Sapphire's happy reactions, where those who died were healed back alive. At the same time it's explained specifically that Celebi sent them into an alternate timeline. (Edit: as lolipiece said, it was a mistranslation. Celebi used it's power to reverse their deaths, not to send them to a different timeline.) Your also probably wondering why isn't a seemingly out-of-nowhere solution just considered downright bad? Despite the extremely questionable way things were solved, it ended on a satisfying note. Maxie and Archie are killed by their own lust for power and are sent to the "shadow realm" lol. All of the participants are alive and happy, instead just very injured from the battle, waiting to celebrate Ruby and Sapphire's victory. The Team Magma and Aqua grunts resume their lives peacfully as ordinary citizens of Hoenn. Wally comes home as a healthy Pokemon trainer and Ruby and Sapphire? They come home just in time to celebrate Sapphire's birthday with their family. Everyone gives out smiles and Ruby and Sapphire start off a new Pokemon journey. I suppose one of the reasons why this happy ending is so satisfying is that just moments ago, things were dark, death-filled and gloomy. Now it's sunshine and a bright future. I can't exactly explain it to be honest but how things ended were pretty good.

    Despite the polarized twist, this was one of the best story arcs with one of the most interesting character dynamics rarely explored in any form of media. What adds even more to this is that this is a love story in disguise of an action-packed manga about a boy and girl who have vastly changed over the years and yet are still in love with each other. You can see it in their expressions, worries, their actions and why they changed in the first place. We see how Team Magma and Aqua progress as villains step-by-step rather than operating behind-the-scenes that they almost feel like main characters and we were shocked on what Maxie and Archie planned next. In the end, this was quite a satisfying chapter of the Pokemon Adventures manga series full of twists and turns.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
  3. lolipiece

    lolipiece ウソです2.0 Staff Member Moderator

    Celebi did not transport Ruby and Sapphire to an alternate timeline. That's just a mistranslation. They're in the same Hoenn as before.

    It just used its time travel powers to reverse the deaths.
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  4. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    I like that we have a male character who is into traditionally feminine things actually have his interests be a part of his character, flaws and all, rather than be a joke or gag. It really adds to Ruby's charm. It was enjoyable to see him not depicted as this frail butterfly when it came to battling.
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