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Pokemon Adventures Super - RGBY

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by shoz999, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    Important Note - My fanfic's release schedule is probably a bit unusual among fanfics? It's released chapters under volumes, groups of chapters. When I start releasing a volume, I release around six chapters, each chapter released on a daily basis. That means all the chapters for that volume are already finished and this works for me because it helps keep me keep my deadline promises while releasing chapters smoothly, something had a lot of trouble with previous fanfics where I couldn't due to various issues.

    Also I do welcome constructive criticism and even your own personal standards, no matter how extreme, when reviewing. However I also wish that you address what this fanfic excels in as well. Constructive Criticism is good but it also helps to let a reader know what they are good at as well.

    Summary - A action packed PKMN Adventures fanfic, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow have reunited, going on a adventure across Kanto to solve the mystery behind a legendary dragon's appearance causing havoc and mayhem, continually hunting something or someone. Worst, old friends and foes are hunting them, there own Pokemon are acting strange, and the world may shatter at any moment. (Set after Sun and Moon arc.)

    My Fanfiction Ver. Link!
    Prologue Short

    Vol. 1
    - Saffron City (7/9/2018 - 14/9/2018)
    - Feraligatr's Ferocity!
    1.2 - Beedrill Buzzes!
    1.3 - Salamence Strikes!
    1.4 - Dusknoir's Darkness
    1.5 - Reunion!
    1.6 - The Dragon Descends!

    Vol. 2 - ?
    Prologue Short!
    Some key things to know about this Prologue short. It's basically a quick summary of Pokemon Adventures first two arcs in a Sonic Mania trailer-inspired style. Sonic Mania's gamey fun cheerful artstyle reminded me of Pokemon Adventures original gamey artstyle which also has it's share of fun and cheerfulness. Also I wrote this prologue short while listening to Hyper Potions - Time Trials, which is a song also used in Sonic Mania's trailers. Also I did made some huge differences that only Adventure fans will noticed, but I don't think it will be misleading.

    Yellow "Pika!" Version!

    Press Start!​

    "Hello there!" An elderly old man in a labcoat appeared. Welcome to the world of POKEMON! My name is OAK! People call me the POKEMON PROF! This world is inhabited by creatures called POKEMON! For some people, POKEMON are pets. Other are used for fights! Myself… I study POKEMON as a profession! First… what is your name?"





    RED- "ED - CLICK! -"
    "Right! So your name is RED! RED! Your very own POKEMON Legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with POKEMON awaits! Let's go!"

    It was complete darkness. A sprite popped into existence. Bright red cap and jacket, black shirt, blue jeans. Suddenly. The sprite popped into a sizable 10-year old boy sporting spiky black hair.

    "Whoa?" Red looked at his fingerless gloves. "Hmm?". He realized his legs weren't touching anything solid. "AAAH!" he screamed, landing shortly on the ground. "Oof!"

    Red stood up from the ground, he noticed a red colored spot below his feet. He opened his mouth.

    "…? ...!?" Red realized he couldn't talk. He could hear mumbling. He sighed wondering what was happening.

    The young lad walked forward until he noticed something far onto the ground. A large Pokeball symbol, almost like a stage for Pokemon battles.

    "Hmm?" Red walked closer.

    As he walked closer, he noticed a blue and green spot coming closer to the Pokeball as well.

    "Huh?" Red looked at the two standing in front of him.

    It was Green sporting his usual spiky brown hair and his classic purple shirt and black pants, crossing his arms, wondering what he was doing here and Blue, the brown long-haired girl smiling in her black dress reaching down as a skirt covering her knees, swaying back and forth on her toes. Green pulled out a Pokeball, so did Blue. Red grinned knowing what this means. A Pokemon Battle!

    Red sent out Bulbasaur to his side. Green sent out Charmander while Blue send out Squirtle. They all grinned eagerly along with there starters by there side. A one versus one versus one match! Suddenly they heard another pop noise from above…

    "Huh?!" All three of them looked up.

    "Whoa!" A blonde-haired girl "Oofed!" in Red's arms, her ponytail sticking out as her straw hat slowly waved back and forth. She let out a little chuckle for popping in out of nowhere. "Hehehe… huh?"

    Her face turned red as Red looked confused, she jumped out of her arms and onto the ground. She spoke out loudly… "...?! ...?" She tried speaking but only low mumbling came out as a yellow spot emerged under her feet.

    She stood in the middle of the Pokeball-sized stage, in the middle of there battle. She sighed dusting off her clothes, taking a step out and suddenly the four were in awe. The darkness dispelled, miles of grass and trees, cities in different directions, a RBGY sky pointing towards the Sun.

    "Whoa!" Red spoke.

    There colored spots on the ground transformed! Forming into roads, pathways to the next adventure. They each smiled at each other and so did there Pokemon.

    Red tucked his cap. "Let's go!"

    The four ran on the colored roads towards the next city!
    Pokemon Adventures!

    RGBY Short!

    Red kept running with excitement alongside his Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl, following the red line through the forest as he noticed Green was ahead of him… chasing Mew!?

    "Mew!" Mew giggled at Green and his Charmander.

    Green ordered. Charmander unleashed a burst of flames unto Mew!

    "Mew!" Mew vanished.

    "Huh…" Red continued running, wondering what that was all about.
    The red road pointed outwards from the Cerulean Gym doors. Red stepped out covered in wet clothes, eagerly smiling at his gym badge alongside Pikachu, Poliwhirl, and Ivysaur with his eyes closed. Red opened his eyes and found his badge to be missing.

    "Huh!?" Red jumped. He then noticed Blue sticking her tongue out, riding on a Wartortle on one of the city's riverways. "Hey!"

    "Heheheh!" Blue smiled, waving Red's newly earned badge.

    "After her!" Red shouted as the red line shifted directions.

    "Huh?" Blue noticed the red line shifted next to her blue line visible in the riverwalkway.

    "Come back!" Red yelled ran as fast as he could.

    "Oopsie! Gotta go!" Blue hopped onto a bridge along with Wartortle. "This way!"

    Blue turned to the left but she saw Red's Pikachu standing in her way! Blue turned to the right and saw Red with a determined annoyed look on his face. He wanted those badges back now! She turned to both sides of the bridge's rails, seeing Ivysaur and a Poliwhirl crossing his arms.

    "Hehehe…" Blue looked nervous.

    "Mhmm…" Red reached out his hand, demanding the badges back.

    "Kay! Kay!" Blue sighed, dropping two of his earned badges.

    "Huh?" Red and Blue noticed Green and Charmeleon on the Riverwalk way, on his green road, looking at the RGBY skies pointing towards the sun.

    As they were looking, a man in uniform, a ninja, and a psychic standing on top of a nearby building each smiled eagerly behind one man. One particular shadowy man wearing a evil smug smile on his face. His bright red R symbol shined through the darkness.

    "Go." He pointed at the kids.

    "Yes sir!" The three figures moved out.

    "Hi Green!" Red waved hello.

    "Look out idiot." Green remarked.

    "Hmm?" Red turned back. His eyes widened, he jumped up and jumped back dodging the large electrifying punches of an Electabuzz!

    His Pokemon were startled by this, Poliwhirl in particular slipped and fell into the riverway.

    Electabuzz kept on viciously attacking Red relentlessly as it's trainer, a strong-arm man sporting spiky blonde hair, a green uniform, and magnemites around him like a vest, Surge, grinned on the other side of the bridge.

    "Huh?!" Surge noticed Poliwhirl popping into the scene but bigger and more serious.

    Poliwrath stepped into the fray! The boxing frog side-stepped Electabuzz's electrifying punches, slamming his fist into Electabuzz's face.

    "Urgh…" Surge gritted his teeth.

    Green watched on as he heard a hissing sound from behind. He sighed as Charmeleon sliced the purple serpent, an Arbok, from behind him into two pieces. Green took another step on his green road until he heard a pop sound.

    A 1UP! sound emerged over the seemingly dead Arbok. Arbok popped into action over the sliced Arbok snickering at the boy and his Charmeleon.

    "What!?" Green looked surprised as a ninja figure, Koga, stood behind the Arbok.

    Green gave out the order, Charmeleon dashed forward to the Arbok. Arbok swinged his tail as Charmeleon jumped and unleashed a mouth full of fire. Meanwhile Blue and Wartortle smiled with Red's badges in her hand. They tiptoed away from the battle only to bump into something.

    "Aggh!" Blue stumbled. She opened her eyes and noticed a glass wall. "Huh? Urrrgh!"

    Blue gritted her teeth as she and Wartortle were ready to battle her opponent from behind. She noticed the small pinkish mime-like Pokemon, Mr. Mime, laughing at her next to his trainer, a long black-haired woman sporting the red R on her shirt, Sabrina.

    "Hmm…" Sabrina grinned.

    Mr. Mime stopped laughing, his face covered in a burst of water.

    "Ha ha!" Blue smiled.

    "Urgh." Sabrina made an order!

    Wartortle jumped, withdrawing into his shell as he rapid spin to the angry Mr. Mime!
    The red road kept growing and growing as Red ran alongside his Ivysaur, Poliwrath, and Pikachu. He passed by a tree and Eevee popped into a fray smiling and frolicking. The four Pokemon suddenly astonished for a second as another tree passed by. Eevee evolved into Flareon as the four all saw Mew looking at them curiously.

    "What is it guys?" Red kept running to the path of adventure.

    "Pika! Pika!" Pikachu kept pointing to the Mew.

    "Hmm?" Red turned around as a Trainers Tips Bulletin Board passed by.

    He turned around and only saw buildings and buildings full of people and Pokemon happily together. He saw Brock and Misty next to her Gyarados. Bill and Daisy walking together happily on the streets eating ice cream. Mr. Fuji shopping groceries on another street while having a chat with the Pokemon Fan Club Chairman. He saw Erika with her students visiting the Safari Warden for a field trip. He could see some of the little kids from Pallet Town, the Bug Catcher, Camper, and the Lass petting a Nidorino. He saw one of Surges Sailors captaining the S.S. Anne near the ports. All he saw now was Pikachu, Venusaur, Poliwrath, and Vaporeon wondering where whatever they saw went, looking confused. He had no clue what they were so surprised about and turned forward.

    "Whoa!" Red and his Pokemon stopped on the piers, a massive green blob blocking the passage way!

    Red turned to the confused Swimmer next to him. The Swimmer pointed to the side revealing huge feet on one side and pointed to the other, a snoring head on the other. It was a Snorlax! Red smiled eagerly as he enlarged a Pokeball with the click of a button, throwing it.
    Red, Pikachu, Venusaur and Eevee kept running on the mountainous terrain. Red sent out the sleeping Snorlax as the four jumped on his belly, bouncing high into the RGBY skies!

    "Whoo!" Red relaxed in the air his arms and legs sticking out in excitement. His eyes now turned wide open in astonishment!

    "Mew!" Mew smiled.

    "What!" Red was puzzled, so were his Pokemon, Pikachu in particular pointing his finger to Mew repeatedly!

    Red turned his head around and saw a giant floating Jigglypuff and a person riding it. It was Blue… smiling at him… with his badges in her hands! An exclamation mark emerged over Red! Red smiled eagerly as he landed on Aerodactyl. Meanwhile Blue looked amazed at the badges she stole. Suddenly they disappeared as a grey flash passed by.

    "What!" Blue looked to her right.

    A red flash then passed by. It was Green on his Charizard!

    "Urgh… " Blue looked annoyed. Suddenly a light bulb popped into existence. "Aha!"

    Red's Aerodactyl and Green's Charizard raced across the ocean blue as Gyarados's and Magikarp jumped back and forth in the water. They could see the Indigo League Conference on the edge of the horizon. Suddenly a blue flash rocketed between them, spinning both of the winged dragons in confusion.

    "What!?" Red and Green were astonished.

    They saw Blue riding on her Blastoise using Hydro Pump from his cannons to propel both of them across the ocean like a rocket!

    "That annoying woman…" Green looked annoyed.

    "That amazing woman!" Red's eyes sparkled.

    Charizard and Aerodactyl sped up, hurrying to the Pokemon League as Yellow was on an island. She yelled and yelled at them, waving Red's Pikachu!

    "Huh?" Yellow heard something from behind.

    A large orange dragon appeared, almost clawing Yellow to the ground. Yellow jumped back as Pikachu looked angry.

    "Hehehe…" A red haired man in a cape stepped forward.

    There were three others behind him. A red-haired woman pushed back her glasses as a snow-white seal-like Pokemon slided to her side. A old woman snickered like a witch as a purplish spiky creature emerged from her shadow. A large shirtless muscular man crossed his arms next to a four armed creature crossing his arms as well.

    "Hmm…" Yellow looked at them nervously.

    Suddenly a purple flash emerged punching Dragonite in the gut. It was Mewtwo! Yellow looked surprised as an old man in a labcoat walked forward, gripping onto his right arm.

    "Stay back!" Blaine ordered. He couldn't bear the pain no more in his arm, returning Mewtwo to his Pokeball!

    "Hehehe!" Lance grinned sending out all his Pokemon to the field. Yellow looked at them nervously. Dragonite, a couple of Dragonairs, Gyarados, and a Aerodactyl stared down at her.

    Yellow gripped her hand into a fist, looking determined to fight. Suddenly a flash of fire, water, and leaves struck at the Elite Four!

    "Hey!" Red ran to Yellow's help alongside Green and Blue.

    There stood Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise behind them… and… Sabrina, Surge, Koga, and Bill?!

    "Wait!? What is Bill doing here?" Yellow said.

    "Hehehe… I'm not sure either…" Bill looked nervous.

    "C'mon!" Surge grabbed Bill's arm towards Bruno and his Machamp.

    "Let's get this over with." Sabrina and Blue walked towards Lorelei and her Dewgong.

    "We'll deal with her." Koga and Green went towards a grinning Agatha as her grinning Gengar slowly descended to her shadow.

    "Let's do this!" Red smiled as Yellow looked up to Lance and his Army of Dragons.

    Red smiled eagerly only to be frozen shut by ice beam!

    "Ha ha!" Lorelei and Dewgong couldn't help but chuckle a bit as Venusaur looked shocked.

    "No!" Yellow looked shocked as well. She gave a determind look to Lance. "Okay! Fine!" Yellow pulled out all her Pokeballs as Pikachu looked eager to battle.

    The battle raged on, Green, Charizard, and Koga hunting the sly Gengar as it slowly emerged behind there shadow, Blue and Sabrina narrowly escaping Dewgong's Ice Beam on a flying Blastoise, a Surge placing traps as Bill and his Rattatta are running away, screaming with fear, from Machamp!

    Lance and his army of dragons looked astonished at Yellow's Pokemon being sent out to the fight. A Raticate, a Doduo, a Graveler!? Wait! A omanyte... and... a Caterpie!?

    "Your joking?" Lance and his dragons looked confused.

    Suddenly all of Yellow's Pokemon bright glowed, evolving into there final stages. Dodrio, Golem, Omastar, and ButterFree stood alongside Raticate and Pikachu eager to battle!

    "Better I suppose…" Lance sighed.

    "Go!" Yellow charged alongside her Pokemon as Butterfree flew, picking her up as she carried Pikachu in her arms. Yellow flew in the air, closer and closer to Dragonite as her Pokemon distracted Lance's other Pokemon! Brock's Golem and Misty's Omastar tackled the twin Dragonair's together! Dodrio clawed and pecked the Aerodactly in the air while Raticate tackled Gyarados from above!

    Pikachu jumped from Yellow's arms. Lance's eyes widened. His eyes reflected on the largest thunderbolt he ever seen. MEGAVOLT! Thunder shook the island as Lance fell from the defeated Dragonite. He saw the thunderclouds above him flash, a large white bluish bird roaring over the battlefield!

    "Huh… so this is it?" Lance grunted, returning Dragonite.

    "Hey!" Yellow grab his hand.

    "What?" Lance looked up. He saw Yellow's face in the skies. He sighed, smiling.
    Yellow and Lance landed on to the island's beaches. Butterfree, Raticate, Dodrio, Omastar, and Golem all ran to Yellow, hugging her. Lance couldn't help but smile at this moment.

    "Hmm…" Yellow smiled at Pikachu as her Pokemon looked at the little electric mouse.

    She reached her hand out to the little guy until Pikachu ran off… to Red after hi-fiving Bruno for some reason.

    "Oh yeah… Pika is Red's Pokemon…" Yellow smiled at Pikachu climbing Red's shoulder. She then noticed something smiling at her from the ground.

    She picked up the Pikachu with the pink flower on her head.

    "Chuchu!" The Pikachu smiled.

    "Hi! Nice to meet you!" Yellow smiled back.

    Yellow scanned the area smiling at this victory. She saw the other gym leaders, Brock, Misty, and Erika riding on Misty's Gyarados. She saw Lorelei disappointed in defeat as she cleaned her glasses. She couldn't seem to find Agatha anywhere, she just disappeared it appears. So did Koga. Where did he go? Not all of them disappeared like that. She saw the Rocket Gym leaders chatting and laughing with Blue and Green.

    "So much has changed…" Yellow smiled.

    "Speaking of change! We all gotta get on the bus now." Red smiled, pointing towards the red, blue, green, and yellow roads going in the same direction as the RGBY sky was to the sun, a bus lingering under the edge of a Golden, Silvery, Crystalline full moon. "Let's go!"

    The four heroes, the gym leaders, the Elite Four members, and the many characters they've met boarded the bus. Red quickly returned all of his Pokemon to there Pokeballs. His Venusaur, Pikachu, Poliwrath, Aerodactyl, Snorlax... and his Espeon looking happier than usual. Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow sat at the back smiling at each other, eager for what's next. Red looked at the object in his hand, smiling at the baton pass with a red and white look at each end, with a black slit in the middle, resembling a Pokeball.

    "Adventures never ends does it?" Red smiled.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  2. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    RGBY - Vol. 1 - Saffron City Summary - A Legendary Dragon is searching for something...

    1.1 - Feraligatr's Ferocity

    Thunder roared throughout the skies, rain poured hard onto the crackling flames. Many Pokemon ran for shelter through the wet flower fields, away from the danger, past a lone gray figure with a purple tail standing above from a rock. Mewtwo gripped his spoon angrily, staring at the draconian figure, barely visible in the black clouds as thunder clapped once more. He could see the draconian-Pokémon angrily searching for something or someone at the Pokémon Village.

    "What are you looking for?" Mewtwo gripped both of his hands onto the giant spoon, ready to attack.

    The draconian Pokemon only ignored his aggressive stance, continuing his search. Mewtwo, about to jump into action, stopped. The draconian Pokemon flew away in seconds with each thunder clapping showing the dragon heading east.

    "Pika?" Two Pikachu came forward, one striking a regular tail and the other a heart-shape tail. Behind them, three Pichu peeked at the tall looming figure.

    "I am… relieved no one got hurt." Mewtwo smiled at the family of Pikachu. "I will get some humans from the nearby settlement to help repair what has been lost here. Blaine has told me much that the Gym Leader nearby can be trusted."

    "Pika? Pikachu…" Pikachu looked worried.

    "I need to investigate this… not just for the safety of the Pokemon here but also for my friends… in Kanto…" Mewtwo gazed to east

    "Pichu!" A Pichu walked forward, grinning, boxing in the air with his tiny paws.

    "Hehe… yes. He won't get away with this." Mewtwo said. He looked towards east again, his smile gone. "Of all places... why here? In the Pokemon Village?"
    Cerulean City, a grand city full of white-colored bridges and wide river walkways full of citizens and adventurers enjoying the warm summer days. Gondola's full of couples, old and young. The mysterious Cerulean Cave on the outskirts remain relatively quiet. The popular Bike shop down town and the medicinal shop selling different types of berry powders were full of customsers. The Cerulean Gym coaching new swimmers and ready for new trainers. And of course! The golden bridge where trainers are excited to battle!

    "Mamoswine! Giga impact!" A feminine voice called out to the pig-nose mammoth.

    Mamoswine head-charging his way on the golden bridge with great force towards the large stubby green dinosaur carrying a giant flower on it's back. Vensaur's trainer tucked his red cap, smiling.

    "Okay Saur! Jump and swing those horns around with vine-whip!" Red shouted.

    Venusaur smiled, jumping up into the air with great ease. The audience around the golden bridge were astonished that such a Pokemon with great size and weight could jump so high.

    "Saur!" Venusaur felt the river breeze as he grabbed the charging Mamoswine's tusks with vine-whip.

    "Mamo!?" Mamoswine's legs were no longer touching the ground!

    Venusaur spinned swinging Mamoswine into the air and slamming Mamoswine's head into the sturdy bridge's brick-floor before landing on all fours!

    "Ma…mo…" Mamoswine's eyes twirled unconciously.

    "Return!" Both trainers beamed there Pokeballs onto there Pokemon.

    The giant pig-nosed mammoth and the plant-shaped dinosaur disappeared instantaneously. The two trainers threw there next poke balls starting the next round!

    "Go! Pika!" Red grinned.

    "Go! Seaking!" The trainer grinned back.

    Two pokeballs opened a flash of light! A brightly orange fish with white fins and a horn on his head jumped over the golden bridge's rails and into the river without a second thought! The electric mouse ran alongside the bridge-railings trying to find the fish hiding in the water.

    "Seaking!" Seaking's head popped out.

    "Hydro pump!" The trainer called out.

    Seaking unleashed a mouthful of gushing pressure of water at Pikachu!

    "Pika!" Pikachu's eyes widened, narrowly dodging the surpise attack!

    Seaking jumped from the river and into the air with a mouthful of water! Pikachu's eyes widened again in surprise! Hydro Pump!

    "Get out of the way you guys!" A man yelled.

    Pikachu jumped over the attack again, hydro pump sent towards the watching audience instead! Brock and Misty quickly moved out of the way as did others to avoid getting hit.

    "That's quite powerful!" Brock smiled at Red's latest battle.

    "Yeah! She knows how to use Seaking quite well? I wonder…" Misty smiled, looking at the Seaking just seconds before it fell back.

    "Thunderbolt!" Red ordered.

    Pikachu eyed the Seaking before it touched the water. Pikachu retaliated with thunderbolt! Seaking's tail fin took the hit? Seaking looked fine as if it missed.

    "Pika?" Pikachu could've sworn he struck the Seaking.

    "Wait for it..." Red smiled.

    "Hehe..." The female trainer smiled.

    Seaking's head popped out full of gushing water! Seaking wasn't going to attack this time as Pikachu was full of electrifying energy!

    "Now! Thunderbolt!"

    Pikachu unleashed thunderbolt, striking the Seaking but Red and Pikachu gasped.

    Seaking gleefully smiled as water was leaking bit by bit from his fish lips. The electricity had no effect on him. "Seaking."

    "What!?" Red looked at the Seaking glowing red once. "Its stats got boosted!?"

    "So that's why she chose Seaking! It has lightningrod!" Misty smiled.

    "Never seen one a Seaking immune to electricity." Brock looked on.

    "Pika?!" Pikachu hesitated, he couldn't believe what was happening!

    "Hydro Pump!" The trainer called out.

    Seaking fired a mouthful of pressurized water, slamming the Pikachu into the air.

    "I'm here Pika!" Red ran to the center of the golden bridge in circles, catching the twirled eyed Pikachu. Red smiled. "You did good! Return!"

    "Pi… ka…" Pikachu's eyes dizzied from that powerful blow as he was beamed back to his ball.

    Red looked back at the trainer sporting a helmet, vest, and shorts that resemble Hoenn's Legendary Pokemon Kyogre. She was dancing happily as her Seaking splashed and jumped happily in the river.

    "Okay! Return!" The trainer beamed Seaking over the bridge railings.

    "Seaking!" Seaking smiled back.

    Both trainers smiled as they were ready to use there next Pokemon!

    "I choose you! Poliwrath!" Red shouted.

    "Go! Feraligatr!" The trainer shouted.

    "Poli!" Poliwrath, the boxing frog crossed his arms gazing at his opponent. Poliwrath flexed his biceps to the crowd, sizing up his muscles to his opponent, Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr's eyes electrified for a quick-second. "GRAAARRRRR!" The giant gator Pokemon roared across the air as electricity sparked from it's body! Red and Poliwrath quickly shielded themselves as wind was blown away by Feraligatr's electrifying presence.

    "Whoa…" Red looked amazed at Feraligatr's yellow glow. He smiled pointing to the Feraligatr. "Alright! Poliwrath! Thunder punch!"

    "Poli!" Poliwrath dashed across the bridge with both of his clenched fists held forward like a boxer!

    "Feraligatr! Thunderfang!" She ordered, blinking her eye to Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr nodded to her trainer. "GRAAAARRR!" The crocodile roared again as he glowed red! Feraligatr used his powerful hind legs to dash across the bridge.

    The two Pokemon's fierce eyes met each other face to face as they both were about to unleash there respective attacks. Feraligatr's sharp electrifying fangs snapped towards the Poliwrath but the boxer-like Pokemon side-stepped right escaping his huge jaws only for Poliwrath's eyes to widen.

    "Gatr!" Feraligatr eyed at Poliwrath from the left as his clenched fist thunder punched Poliwrath right into the gut!

    "Poli!?" Poliwrath eye's widened as his feet were off the ground.

    Feraligatr's fangs grabbed the flying Poliwrath by the left arm and slammed into the ground with electrifying force! The audience stood back gasped as Poliwrath laid there imbedded into the stone-bridge with dizzy eyes.

    "Woops? Hehehe… I guess Feraligatr overdid it…" The female trainer saw Poliwrath stuck there in the bridge.

    "That's alright. I'll just return him and take him to the center!" Red aimed his Pokeball to the Poliwrath. "Return!"

    "Poli?" The dizzy Poliwrath heard another crack. "POLI!"

    "AAAHG!" A couple screamed, standing on one edge of the gondola.

    "Poli…" Poliwrath laid there in the gondola covered in bricks, tired, seeing three Red's at once over the grown hole.

    "Sorry!" Red looked at the couple.
    Red stood there at the golden bridge's entrance gate with Misty, Brock, and the female trainer from before.

    "Well that Feraligatr was amazing! I didn't know it could learn electric attacks?" Red smiled.

    "Oh that? No. Regular Feraligatr's can't do that." The female trainer smiled. "He's a special type of Feraligatr when I caught him as a Totodile during my travels to the Holon region! Names Marina by the way! I'm from Sinnoh!"

    "And I am…"

    "I already know who you are." Marina smiled. "Your Red, the former Pokemon Champion!"

    "Yup. That's… former Pokemon Champion?" Red looked clueless.

    Brock stepped forward. "Red. You haven't visited any of the Pokemon Association meetings nor have you challenged any of the challengers of the other yearly leagues. You've been replaced by Lance of the Elite Four."

    "Wait a minute… that... Lance?" Red remembered the face of the red-haired dragon tamer who caused havoc to Kanto all those years ago. "He sure has gotten more peaceful hasn't he…"

    "He's changed and matured a lot and maybe you should too." Misty crossed her arms. "On a side note… I'm surprised you lost…"

    "He only lost because he was holding back." Marina replied.

    "Uh... What?"

    "Hahaha… yeah. You caught me red-handed!" Red chuckled.

    "Yeah. I've heard Red knows how Mega Evolution works but the only item I've notice are those power items on Venusaur that lowers your speed." Marina stated.

    "You… were holding back?" Brock looked to Red.

    "Yeah… to be honest… Many of the battle requests I've been getting are kind of boring ever since I became champion so I thought maybe if I held back somewhat I could get some fun out of it." Red sighed.

    "Pika…" Pikachu worriedly looked at Red from his Pokeball.

    "Well! If your always looking for a challenge! Maybe you should come to Sinnoh some time and take me more seriously next time!" Marina smiled. "I heard a big battle festivity held at Poketopia is happening there sometime next year! A mysterious magician runs the whole show and is almost as strong as any Pokemon Champion from what I've heard!"

    "Poketopia? That actually sounds... really fun!" Red smiled.

    "You can bring your friends along too!"

    "That sounds fun! Maybe I'll meet you there as well!"

    "Oh… I think you will…" Marina gleefully smiled as she left the bridge, giggling a bit.

    "Hmm… I wonder what she meant by that…" Brock looked on as the sun began to set.

    "I don't know but I have to say her water Pokemon were amazing! Especially that Seaking with lightning rod!" Misty smiled in glee. "Maybe I should go to the Holon Region and capture myself an Electrifying Feraligatr!"

    "Hey! Guys!" A familiar voice called out.

    The three looked on as they saw a curly brown-haired guy wearing his usual business casual clothes. It was Bill running past the golden bridge from Route 25.

    "Whoa? What happened here? A battle?" Bill saw a giant gaping hole in the bridge, walking past it leaning on the side railings.

    "Yup! She had a Feraligatr that can use electric attacks!" Red smiled.

    "A Feraligatr that can use electric attacks? Sounds like something from the Holon region with all it's weird magnetic storms." Bill said.

    "That… how did you know?"

    "I know lots about Pokemon origins. I'm not only the guy who helps maintain PC storage functionality across not only the Kanto and Johto region but also a Pokemon Researcher who needs to know about connectivity to other regions full of other Pokemon. Especially near the Sevii Isles where Celio is working with the Orre and Hoenn regions. Anyways! Are you ready to go to Saffron City!"

    "Sure. What about you guys? You should come too!" Red smiled at his two friends, Brock and Misty.

    "No thanks. I'm assisting my dad at Pewter City's museum soon. I need to go to Mt. Moon and search for anymore fossils with Steelix." Brock pulled out a Pokeball.

    Red looked through the Pokeball's red glass and saw Steelix staring and smiling at him. "That's cool! You finally evolved to Steelix? I remember Pikachu battled you as an Onix! Hey? What about you Misty?"

    "Sorry. I have plans too! I also have to coach some trainers and there Pokemon to swim with synchronization at the gym." Misty smiled nervously.

    "Oh... um... Okay!" Red smiled. "Well you all have your plans and I have mine. Good luck."

    "Good luck with Saffron City!" Misty smiled.

    "Yeah. Good luck!" Brock smiled.

    "Good luck with those fossils and swimming guys!" Red waved goodbye smiling back at the Gym Leaders.
    The pair continued walking across the mountainous route of Route 9 as the skies grew more orange. Red's eyes focused on the dirt ground. All his Pokemon in his Pokeballs looked through the red glass with a bit of concern.

    "Along this route leads to the Rock Tunnel and the Power Plant." Bill said. "I need to check on the Power Plant and I know you said you need to visit Lavender Town Red. Red?" Bill noticed Red's blank look facing to the ground. "Is something wrong?"

    "Hmm? Nothing. It's just that I've noticed lately I've been seeing less and less of my friends everyday…" Red said.

    "We're not the kids and teenagers like we used to be. We may still be young but this is just one of those times where we get more and more busier than usual."

    "I guess so… speaking of busy… how's Daisy?" Red grinned at Bill.

    "Um… what? What do you mean?" Bill blushed a bit looking the other way.

    "Just asking. Does Green know your dating his sister for a long while?"

    "What!?… of course he knows…"

    Red looked at him with unconvincing eyes.

    "Please don't tell…"

    "I won't. I won't." Red smiled.

    "Oh thank…"

    "But you have to someday!" Red pointed his finger to Bill's face. Bill backed up a bit. "He's going to find out sooner or later. Better you tell him as soon as you meet him."

    "I will tell him! He just has this strange look on his face every time he's asking me about Daisy but… I guess it wouldn't be right for him to be clueless all these years." Bill said. "Maybe next time I meet him… I'll tell him I'm dating Daisy Oak!"
    "Hmm…" Green looked behind. There was nothing at the wooden door. He just kept staring…

    "Is something wrong?" The purple-haired girl clad in ninja clothing wondered what exactly he was staring at? "I sense nothing Green… is something wrong?"

    "It's nothing Janine… I thought... I sensed a disturbance…" Green said.

    "Like trouble?"

    "Something like that…"
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    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    RGBY - Vol. 1 - Saffron City Summary - A Legendary Dragon is searching for something...

    1.2 - Beedrill Buzzes
    Green sat from across a wooden table, legs criss-crossed while Janine, the ninja-clad girl of the Fuschia City Gym, sat on the other side. She picked up her cup of fresh hot tea, slowly drinking.

    "Mmm..." Janine smiled taking a sip. "Just like how my father makes it. So are you absolutely sure?"

    "Yes." Green sipped his tea. "I haven't seen your father at all. Left no traces or signs last time I've seen him. Can't believe you still haven't met him all these years. Hmm... this really is good."

    Somewhere else, Koga clad in his usual ninja garb braces himself from fierce giant claws.

    "No. I've met him several times before and after he became one of the new members of the Elite Four." Janine looked down at her own tea's reflection. "It's just that… he's been missing for the last few months. Not only that but the rest of the Elite Four are gone. Will, Bruno, Karen. All missing."

    Will screams, his mask sent flying away and his favorite purple dress vest slashed through, as he is thrown into the air.

    "Yes. That is disturbing. I think the Pokemon Association is already aware of this issue. Lance has also gone missing but at a different time and…"

    Bruno, weakened and injured cuts and bruises on his muscle-toned upper body, dodges the claw under holding one last Pokeball in his right arm.

    "I'll do whatever I can to help!" Janine shouted, slamming her cup on the table.

    Karen drops to the floor bleeding, gritting her teeth, her eyes reflection capturing the dragon staring directly into her eyes…

    "Um… you already offered you help so… okay?" Green looked puzzled by Janine's sudden reaction. "Anyways. I'm heading to Silph Co soon. Do you have what I came for?"

    "Yes? But why Silph Co.?" Janine brought up a small wooden box from under the table.

    "Invited as thanks for saving them from Team Rocket. Also… that's one of the places where Team Rocket's base of operations was formerly at. Might be able to find something about your father."

    "Team Rocket? You think there at it again?" Janine opened the box.

    Green looked at the box. His green eyes locked onto the red shiny stone.

    "Possibly… I really have no leads at this time. It seems like anyone these days start a dangerous organization. I remember running into these guys in flashy red suits talking about how they were the chosen ones or whatever." Green got up from the table. "Anyways... thank you for the tea and bringing me this stone. I'm very grateful. This will be a huge help."

    "Your going to Celadon City which leads up to Saffron right?" Janine sprang up eagerly smiling.

    "Yeah? Something you need?"
    Route 18. It was the start of the cycling road for many in Fuschia City. The cycling road often consisted of Route 16, 17, and 18, from Fuschia City to Celadon City. Green stood there with Janine, seeing several biker gangs surrounding an old man on there bikes. The old man jumped up and and up again for his golden teeth dangling out of his reach in the hands of a biker.

    "Stupid old man! Jump higher!" The biker yelled.

    "Surely your not that old!" Another biker yelled.

    "Ah howhee ho hoo!" The man mumbled.

    "I can't hear you old timer!"

    "Eef ee hafah! Ho!" The man jumped again.

    Green looked at the the biker gang messing with the old man. "You want me to deal with those bikers? Why don't you do it? You handled yourself pretty well in that Gym Leader Tournament."

    "I would stop these thugs. Recently they've been blocking the cycling road but me and Erika have been busy lately. Now I could do that or... I could always see the Viridian Gym Leader in action again after all these years since the Gym Leader Competition."

    "Okay. I have to go this route and meet Blue anyway." Green walked to the bikers. He shouted, "Hey you pathetic lot!"

    All heads pointed to the spiky brown-haired man sporting his usual black jacket.

    "Hmm? You talking to us boy?" The bikers noticed the young man.

    "I thought you guys were supposed to be big and tough. Not playing around with some old timer and his teeth."

    "Playing?!" One Biker shouted.

    "Why you!" A Female Biker pulled his Pokeball.

    "Wait a minute!" A bigger biker grinned widely on his massive motorcycle. "Ho ho ho. I recognize you! Your Green! The Viridian Gym Leader!"

    Shock spread throughout the gang. They spoke to each other, whispering or loudly talking.


    "The one who stopped Team Rocket?"

    "Wasn't he Number 2 at the Pokemon League?"

    "He's the Gym Leader of Viridian City after that one fella went missing."

    "Yup. That's you ain't it?" The Big Biker grinned at the silent man before him. "How about a battle?"

    "Sure. I assume you're the boss so how about we make a bet?" Green said.

    "What kind of bet?"

    "Simple. You leave the passengers of cycling road alone. In fact you can start by giving that old man his teeth back."

    "Don't speak to our boss like that!" One of the Biker thugs gritted his teeth clenching his hand into a fist.

    "Hey!" The Biker Boss angrily looked at the grunt. "Give this old gentleman the teeth back."

    "What?! But it's made of gold!"

    "Are you talking back to me?" He eyed the grunt.

    "Nnn… No!" The Biker thug quickly gave the old man his teeth back.

    The old man stuffed his golden teeth back into his mouth proud with a smile.

    "I can speak again! Oh joy!" The Warden ran to the two gym leaders.

    "Nice to meet you again Warden." Janine smiled. However something was on her mind. "What are you doing in Fuschia City anyway? I thought you were managing the new safari zone in Johto."

    "Vacation! Nostalgic memories of Fuschia City of course!" The Warden smiled.

    "Hey! If I do this!" The Biker Boss yelled. "I get to be the new Gym Leader of Viridian City! Okay!?"

    "That's not how it works." Green explained. "You have to go through a series of tests under the Pokemon Association to become a Gym Leader."

    "Hmm... oh! I got it..." The Big Biker dude smiled widely. "You have to be a member of the Biker Beedrills! Yes! The Viridian Gym Leader being a member of my gang! That's it!"

    "Sure." Green responded. "What are the rules?"

    "No worries? No glaring look? Your no fun. The rules are simple. Three vs three race to Celadon City! Will battle on our motorcycles!" The Biker Boss grinned.

    "Okay but I got a foldable bike with me instead from Cerulean. I don't have a motor bike or anything like that."

    "What!? Then we can't do this!"

    "But Sir!" One of the grunts stood up. "Didn't your motorcycle had a regular bicycle mode?"

    The Biker Boss thumped the grunt's head with his massive fist. "Of course I know that! I'm not a dumbass!"

    "Annoying…" Green muttered.

    Green gripped the bike handles of his green-colored bicycle as the Biker Boss sat there grinning on his motorcycle waiting at the starting line. Green looked at Janine to his right.

    "Hey? How are you going to see all this since your so excited?" Green said.

    "My Pokemon are stealthily all over the cycling road with camera's. You'll never see where there watching." Janine stuck her tongue out with a smile.

    "Huh… creepy…" Green muttered.

    "I'm sorry. What!?" Janine's smile disappeared.

    "Anyways!" The warden came in between them bearing a red flag. He lifted the flag up with his one right hand. The Biker Boss grinned towards the road while Green remained calm as usual. He waved the flag down. "Go!"

    The two drifted off into the cycling road past the warden! Route 17! The warden spin out of control as his golden teeth were sent flying.

    "Foo Fah Ooonn!" The Warden ran after the flying golden teeth dropping the flag behind him.

    The two rode across the cycling road past the first lake feeling the great windy breeze, each bearing a Pokeball in there hands!

    "I choose you! Golbat!" The Biker Boss beamed open his poke ball, unleashing a bat with a wide-gaping mouth.

    "Ghoulbit!" Golbat flew in the air next to his trainer's motorcycle as leaves were rolling on the winds.

    "Golbat huh? Couldn't evolve it into Crowbat?" Green looked at the Pokemon. It reminded him somewhat of Koga's Golbat.

    "You gotta enjoy the Kanto classics! Kanto Pokemon are always better which is why I always shake him before he can evolve again!" The Biker points his right thumb to his chest proudly.

    "Oh… Your one of those trainers." Green sighed. "I choose you! Gourgeist!"

    Green's poke ball beamed open, revealing a tall pumpkin-shaped Pokemon.

    "Gouuuuurgeist!" Gourgeist smiled floating in the air to the road next to Green's Bike.

    "A Gourgeist! Since when did the Viridian Gym Leader had a Kalos Pokemon!"

    "Gourgeist! Trick R Treat!" Green ordered.

    "Gooooooourrr" Gourgeist shifted around, singing in a cursed voice, aiming a ghostly beam full of pumpkin faces to the Golbat.

    "Already!?" The Biker Boss saw the beam fired instantaneously after his question went unanswered.

    Golbat took the hit but Golbat looked at itself wondering if there were any injuries at all? The Biker Boss smiled eagerly as nothing seemed to happen, the Golbat flying normally as usual by his side.

    "Hah! It didn't worked and you seem to have forgot how type-match-ups work! Golbat! Poison fang!" The Biker Boss reached out his hand.

    Golbat fluttered rapidly to the Gourgeist with his fangs shining beneath the sun!

    "Gourgeist! Phantom Force!" Green ordered.

    As Golbat came for the bite, a breeze of wind rolling leaves in the air passed through Gourgeist. The Gourgeist faded away, vanished into nothing.

    "Golbat!?" Golbat looked shocked. The large-mouthed bat kept looking and looking in different directions wondering where it went.

    "Phantom Force?" The Biker Boss gritted his teeth.

    "Gourgeist!" Gourgeist popped out of nowhere charging behind Golbat's back!

    "Golbat!" Golbat was sent flying with dizzied eyes as he was close to hitting the road.

    "Return!" The Biker Boss beamed his Pokemon back. "What happened!? He got knocked out instantaneously!"

    "Not only do I know my type matchups but I know there are moves that exist that can change a Pokemon's type!" Green explained.

    "What?! Wait a minute?" The Biker Boss thought back to it, that one move that seemed to do nothing. "Trick R Treat!?"

    "Bingo." Green passed by several trees to his left.

    "I'll shut that cursed singing! Electrode!" The Pokeball beamed open, unleashing a giant poke ball-shaped Pokemon in reverse colors.

    "EzzzzzLEEEECTROOOOOODE!" Electrode bounced and rolled across the cycling road as the group went past another lake.

    "Electrode huh? Gourgeist! Trick R Treat again!"

    "Gour… GEIST!" Gourgeist sang another ghostly beam full of pumpkins.

    However the Electrode easily bounced over the beam with a smile. The oversized Pokeball stuck his tongue out to the Gourgeist.

    "Gouuur!" Gourgeist looked frustrated, clenching his two peel-like arms into fists.

    "Ha! You can't hit my Electrode easily! He's one of the fastest Pokemon out there!"

    "Fast huh? Return Gougeist!" Green beamed the annoyed Gourgeist. He beamed open another Pokeball. "Arcanine! It's your turn!"

    "AWHOO!" Arcanine howled as he sprung onto the field from Green's Pokeball.

    The two riders and there rolling Electrode and galloping Arcanine eyed each other on the cycling road!

    "Arcanine! Fire Fang!" He pointed to Electrode.

    "Grrrr…" Arcanine's fangs were full of flames.

    "Didn't you hear! Electrode is one of the fastest…"

    "LEEKeeeTRODE!?" Electrode bounced over Arcanine's fangs, barely escaping the legendary Pokemon.

    "What!? He's able to keep up!?"

    "Arcanine is known for its high speed as well." Green explained. "It is said it's capable of running over 6200 miles in a single day and night. It runs so agile it's almost like its on wings!"

    "Errrgh…" The Biker Boss gritted his teeth. "Whatever! Electrode thunderbolt!"

    "Elec… TRODE!" Electrode full of electricity sprung into the air from the road.

    The explosive ball launched an electrifyingly fast attack over Green's Bike and to the Arcanine before bouncing onto the road!

    "Arf!" Arcanine couldn't dodge the shockingly fast attack but he continued dashing non-stop as electricity sparked from his body.

    "Hah! Lucky me! Paralysis! Not only will your Arcanine get paralyze from time to time, that amazing speed you bragged about will be lowered!"

    "Me bragging? Dude. You were the one bragging about your Electrode. Although I will admit. That electrode is well-trained. Did some serious damage. Should've changed items." Green thought. The young trainer reached out his hand and called out to Arcanine. "Arcanine! Extreme Speed!"

    "AWHOOO!" Arcanine disappeared in a quick-second as puffs of air appeared in his place.

    "Huh?!" The Biker wondered where he could've gone too.

    Arcanine warped in front of Electrode.

    "Trode!?" Electrode looked surprised!

    "GRRR!" Arcanine head-charged the Electrode.

    "Electrode no!" The Biker reached his hand out.

    "Elec…TROde!?" Electrode's dotty eyes popped out like a cartoon from that amazingly fast headbutt. The dizzied eyed Pokemon began rolling awkwardly, bouncing up and down on the fast road being caught up in the momentum.

    "Urgh! Return!" The Biker Boss gritted his teeth, returning the Electrode, as he passed by some wild grass.

    "You gonna call quits now? Were almost to Celadon." Green could see the city skyline from the horizon.

    "Hell no!" The Biker Boss smiled. "In fact this Pokemon is going to bring me victory! Beedrill! Go!"

    He beamed opened the poke ball, revealing a giant bee Pokemon with a drill on it's thorax.

    "Bzzzzzz…" Beedrill stared at his opponent with his big red eyes as he flew next to his trainer.

    "Ha ha ha! Look at what I got!" The Biker Boss revealed a large colorful stone ringed to his motorcycle key's. "A mega stone!"

    "A mega stone? Fashioned into your motorcycle key's no less." Green hided the fact that he was a little surprised that he of all people had a mega stone.

    "It's convenient to have! Now!" The Biker clicked his mega keys. "Mega evolve!"

    BRZZZZZ!" Beedrill became enveloped with some kind of strange sphere full of energy.

    A strange spherical symbol emerged above Beedrill, flashing above as the larger sphere broke and vanished. The Pokemon had a larger body, three larger sleek horns, two shaped like lances on his arms and one shaped more like a missile than a drill on his thorax. It was Mega Beedrill!

    "Ha ha ha! Mega Beedrill! Knock off! Fell Stinger!" The Biker Gang shouted.

    "BRZZZZ!" Mega Beedrill turned around in the air, pointing his lance-like arms to the Arcanine.

    Mega Beedrill disappeared instantaneously with puffs of air in it's place!

    "It's fast!" Green couldn't help but be amazed at Mega Beedrill's speed.

    "Oohr?" Arcanine looked surprised.

    Mega Beedrill popped in visibly behind Arcanine slamming it's lance-like drills into the legendary Pokemon! A purplish orb was knocked off from the canine, plopping into Green's left hand.

    "A life orb! As powerful as it is, you realize it takes away your Pokemon's energy right?!" The Biker Boss proudly smiled. "Mega Beedrill! Fell Stinger! Ha ha ha!"

    "Arcanine! Extreme Speed!" Green shouted.

    Arcanine's was shocked by sparks and electricity! Paralysis at the most unfortunate time! Mega Beedrill slammed his torpedo-like drill into Arcanine's body. Arcanine, fainted, was sent rolling across the road as Green aimed his Pokeball.

    "Return!" Green returned the rolling Arcanine. Green then turned to the Mega Beedrill. "What the?"

    Green noticed the Mega Beedrill glowed red three times.

    "Mega Beedrill's stats rose sharply?! Three times?" Green looked puzzled.

    "I'm surprised you don't know? It didn't rose sharply! It rose drastically! Fell Stinger can raise a Pokemon's attack power by three times if it successfully KO's a Pokemon! That means your in huge trouble kid!" The Biker Boss boasted. "So what's next! That Gourgeist or that famous Mega Charizard I heard all about!"

    "So you heard about that… guess I'm too famous… " Green couldn't help but smile at the thought. He pulled out his next Pokeball. "The answer to that question is none of the above! Go!"

    "Scizor!" Scizor glided his wings across the windy cycling road next to Green.

    "Scizor!? I didn't know it could fly! I thought the metal coating was too heavy for Scizors to fly!"

    "Not flying. More like gliding using the breezy winds across cycling road!" Green declared as many leaves rolled across the wind, Fearow's and Pidgeotto's flying across high in the sky.

    The two cyclists saw a right turn! It was Route 16! The two cyclist and there flying Pokemon turned a hard right as Green saw Celadon City much closer, the gate was in his view distance.

    "Let's put that red stone to work! Now!" Green revealed his Mega Bracelet as he took the hard right.

    "What!? You have another Megastone!" The Biker Boss looked puzzled for a moment. Then he looked closely at the Scizor.

    Behind it's crimson color was a red shiny Mega Stone!

    "Still doesn't matter!" He grinned thinking to himself. "It only can glide on those winds. That metal coat is a nuisance in this situation. I'll use Brick Break with that +3 attack boost to make that Pokemon lose his mobility in the winds and finish him when he's on the ground quickly! Too easy!"

    "Mega Evolve!" Green called out to the Scizor.

    The Scizor became enveloped by a glowing sphere of light as a spherical symbol appeared above. The sphere broke, Scizor looking bigger, his claws looking tremendously larger and more menacing than previously.

    "SCIZOR! Mega Scizor glided across the winds.

    "Brick Break!" The Biker Boss ordered.

    "BZZZZ!" Mega Beedrill left lance glowed brown, aiming towards the Mega Scizor.

    "Protect Scizor!" Green ordered.

    Mega Beedrill vanished instantaneously, slamming his lance-like drills into Scizor's spherical shield the second it was created, locking each other's eyes for battle up-close before backing off!

    "Protect? What an annoying move."

    "Swords Dance!" Green shouted.

    "Sciz!" Dancing glowing swords emerged around the Scizor. Scizor glowed red twice!

    "What?! I won't let you win this! My Mega Beedrill is still faster! Brick Break now!"

    Beedrill eyed the red metal coated bug aiming his lances upwards.

    "Scizor! Bullet Punch!" Green ordered.

    "Bullet Punch!? That move gives priority! No!" The Boss Biker thought gritting his teeth.

    Both Pokemon instantaneously vanished as puffs of air appeared in there places! They popped visibly together, Mega Scizor viciously clenching his fist deep into Mega Beedrill's face in a split-second as Mega Beedrill's lance-like drills sparked against Scizor's armor! The breeze around them waved back from the force in a quick second!

    "Sciiz... ZOOOR!" Mega Scizor sent the Mega Beedrill crashing down!

    "BZZZ!?" Mega Beedrill lost control of his flight, bumping back and forth on the road from the force.

    "Urgh… return. " The Biker Boss smiled annoyingly, beaming Mega Beedrill back to his Pokeball. "That was… a good match."

    "I'll admit. I wasn't expecting you to pack such power." Green smiled a bit.

    "Sciz!? Scizor!" Mega Scizor looked alerted.

    "What?" Green eyes faced forward.

    Celadon City's gate was up-close… too close.

    "Oh sh…." Green and the Biker Boss pressed the brakes.
    The Biker Gang were on there knees before Green, Janine, and the Warden begging for forgiveness outside of the destroyed rubble what was formerly the Celadon's Gate to cycling road.

    "We are sorry for what we've done! We will let passengers continue to use the cycling road normally and we will fix this gate!" One Biker said.

    "Well that's great." Janine smiled.

    "Also! In honor of you beating me, the boss of this gang. We have decided to name the Biker Gang after you, the new boss of this gang senpai! The Cycling Greens!"

    "Senpai? Look… that's not really necessary…" Green said.

    "No! No! We even have a cheer-leading squad ready from the female bikers!" The Biker Boss smiled. "Here they are!"

    The Biker-clad girls wore pom poms on there hands.

    "Green! Green! He's our man! If he can't do it! No one can! Go… Green!" The Biker girls cheered on.

    Janine couldn't helped but giggle a bit as the Warden tried to hold his own laughter. Green stood there staring at them with oddity.

    "So… wh… what do you think?" The Biker Boss asked.

    Gree calmly answered. "I've always wanted my own cheerleading squad. Maybe I can use them around at the Viridian Gym as my official cheering team."

    "What?" Janine and the Warden looked at Green with dumbfounded eyes.

    "I'm glad your pleased! Is there anything else you desire?" The Biker Boss asked.

    "Yeah… I suppose my gym could use some trainers. Other gyms seem to do this so why not. You could stay at Viridian Gym if you like for now after your done fixing the gate here." Green said.

    "Alright!" The Bikers smiled, giving him a thumbs up.

    "No promises. Will see how good you guys are when I get there." Green said. He then turned to Janine and the Warden. "What about you guys?"

    "Us? Well I'm going back to Fuschia City. I'll be sure to tell everyone what you did there! However first! I have to go retrieve my Pokemon." Janine smiled.

    "Me? I've seen enough of Fuschia City for some time now. I think I'll go explore Saffron City and take a peek at the Celadon Gym along the way hehehe…" The Warden's cheeks became big and round.

    "Your not the first old geezer to be caught old man." Green sighed.

    "What about you?" Janine asked.

    "Me? I'm going to go visit an old friend. Blue." Blue spoke. The thought of that woman's giggling evilly imprinted in his head. "I wonder what that annoying woman and her parents are doing right now?"
    "I LOOOOVE SHOPPING!" Blue screamed happily, springing her arms up in excitement as her father and a young man sporting red hair carried much of her purchases in tightly wrapped boxes.

    "I agree this is fun." Another woman of black short hair walked along, smiling in her green sweater and long red skirt. Erika, the Gym Leader of Celadon City, carried a couple of her own groceries from the Celadon Department Store.

    "Glad your doing it with money we earned this time. Not like how you kept thieving people back than." Silver spoke.

    "A… A thief?! Is… Is that something she does back than?" Her Father, astonished, asked the young man.

    Silver sighed. "Yes… Yes she did…"

    "Aren't you a cute boy?" Blue's mother eyed Silver. "You'd make a good boyfriend!"

    "What!? No… um… were just friends is all." Silver looked away.

    "Yup!" Blue agreed. "He's more of a little brother to me anyways!"
    "Yeah… a little brother…" Silver sighed, rolling his eyes.

    Janine and a pinkish giant spider with black stripes, an Ariados, came near one of the trees on the side of the cycling road. There was nothing there. She repeatedly called out, "Venomoth!" but no answer.

    "Where is she?" Janine sighed. She then noticed a wing near the bushes. She leaned over to see what it was. "Venomoth!"

    "Venn…" Venomoth eye's were dizzied.

    Janine noticed some large bite marks on Venomoth. She reached out her hand and picked up something right next to the fainted Venomoth. "A dragon fang? Hey? Where's the camera?"

    Ariados nodded no, unsure of where it was too.

    "The camera is missing!" Janine stood up holding Venomoth in her arms. "Who did this?"
    A person bearing a black cloak stared down from the roof of an apartment complex with binoculars. A giant blue-green dragon with crimson wings lazily looked with her, his head peaking out to see five people, Blue and her parents along with Silver and Erika.

    "Target spotted…" She smiled.

    "Hmm?" Blue looked up, staring directly to her binoculars.

    "Huh!?" The hooded person and Salamence quickly withdraw sweating nervously. "D… Did she see me that faraway?"

    Meanwhile, Silver wondered why Blue paused for a second. A second ago she was happier than usual, hanging out with her friends and family while shopping. Now she seems like something was bothering her.

    "Is something wrong?" Silver asked.

    "Hmm… nah. Nothing." Blue grinned.
    Did a edit of an error someone caught. Mega Scizor can't have Light Metal as his ability and instead gets Technician. So I changed it from floating across the winds to the move protect. I hope it's just as cinematic and thoughtful. Also I edited Twinneedle to Fell Stinger, the move that boosts an attack 3 times if successful.
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    RGBY - Vol. 1 - Saffron City Summary - A Legendary Dragon is searching for something...

    1.3 - Salamence Strikes
    Blue drank a cup of soda through a straw, walking past the Game Corner as her family and friends followed.

    Blue smiled. "Can't get that movie out of my head! It was sooo good!"

    "Yeah. I'm surprised the production studio were able to afford a big name star like Brycen." Her father commented.

    "Also…" Erika paused for a moment, her fingers on placed on her chin. "I could've sworn one of the actors look like Sabrina."

    "That was Sabrina." Blue chuckled a bit.

    "Really?" Erika tried to maintain her astonishment. "The Team Rocket Lieutenant and Master Psychic we fought years ago is now a movie star? I would've never guessed that future for her. Especially since Celadon City was under Team Rocket control years ago. It's surprisingly peaceful how many of the former Rocket-controlled areas have been."

    "I know what you mean." Blue sighed. "Even the ex-Rocket leaders, at least I hope there ex-Rocket, have seemed to given up more and more as Giovanni went missing. Koga is a member of the Elite Four and Surge is continuing on building new ships and gadgetry for his gym. Even when Giovanni did appeared around the time Deoxys showed up, those former lieutenants didn't showed up. Strange how much people can change so fast."

    "Yeah… change…" Silver remembers her father, Giovanni all these years. Still planning Rocket's big return the way he plans it.

    Green's parents looked a little glum at the thought. The idea of Deoxy's face, the black hole years ago, imprinted in their heads.

    "Say… I wonder what Pryce is doing?" Erika said.

    "Pryce?" Blue grew silent.

    Her eyes went blank as the wind breezed past her long brown hair, past her new white hat, blue top, and red skirt. Those masks with those smiles filled her head.

    "Um… who's Pryce?" Blue's Father interrupted the thought.

    "Hmm?" Blue turned around, smiling. "Oh. He's just this nice gym leader in Johto who cares a lot about Pokemon."

    "Yeah… cares a lot about Pokemon..." Silver looked at the ground.

    "Um..." Blue's father looked at the depressing atmosphere around. "Did... something happened?"

    "Hey!" A voice called out. "Did I missed something or what?"

    "Green? It is you! It's been so long! You're looking big and strong…" Blue giggled.

    "She's still annoying as usual..." Green muttered.

    "Annoying?" Silver and Blue's father thought.

    "How's your day Green?" Blue smiled at her long-time friend.

    "Fine. Met Koga's ninja daughter, fought off a gang of bikers, and now I got my own cheer leading squad waiting back at Viridian. The usual." Green said.

    "The usual?" Blue was unsure what to make of that.

    "How you've been Silver?" Green looked to red-haired kid, sporting his usual black jacket and dark blue jeans.

    "Good. I still got your Rhypherior here. Do you need it?" Silver showed him the poke ball.

    Blue could see Rhypherior staring at him through the top red glass.

    "Yeah. I'm going to need it later." Green answered, catching the poke ball thrown from Silver.

    "Anyways. Are you guy's hungry? I know a popular restaurant nearby!" Blue spoke.

    "Not rea…" Green's stomach growled. "Actually... Maybe one bite."

    "I suppose we have time for a meal." Silver took a look at the time on his Pokegear.

    "Of course we do! I'm starving anyway!" Blue smiled, turning to her parents and Erika. "What about you guys?"
    Blue's Father and Mother stood there watching, feeling a bit out of place wearing their usual business attire around all these sailors and big macho men, while Erika simply and calmly smiled at the two contestants. Blue's Mother slowly leaned away from a huge sailor. "Um… will just stand here honey. Since we don't have any Pokemon of course..."

    Blue sat down with her Blastoise, Silver sat down with his Feraligatr and Green with his Machamp along with other contestants and there Pokemon. There were big bowls of rice set up with a set of chopsticks in front of their tables.

    "You ready Blastoise!" Blue smiled at the giant hulking turtle.

    "Blast!" Blastoise smiled.

    "Okay! This rice-eating contest starts… NOW!" The announcer yelled from the top of the bar counter.

    The three trainers and there Pokemon swiped the chopsticks, eating through the big bowls of rice. Feraligatr lumped the entire rice together into his big jaws demanding the next one. Blastoise pigged his mouth into the bowl. Machamp used the chopsticks to eat the rice as fast possible.

    "Done! Next bowl!" Green yelled.

    "Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora!" Machamp was already on his second bowl.

    Time passed by, Silver and Blue leaned against the bar counter too full to move, just to watch. There two water-type Pokemon slumped there next to them stuffed full of rice.

    "Ferala..." Feraligatr picked his sharp teeth with a toothpick happily.

    Green and Machamp sat there eating there 8th bowl. They and one other contestant and her Pokemon were the only one left.

    "Wow. Is Green really that hungry?" Silver looked at the clock nearby.

    It was getting dark.

    "Nah… I think he's just pigging out now." Blue yawned.

    "I herghed that!" Green angrily yelled with his mouth full of rice.

    "Ora! Ora! Ora! Ora!" Machamp finished his bowl.

    "I could say the same for that girl too…" Blue looked to the other contestant.

    The contestant next to Green had short pink hair and wore the clothing of a person going out to exercise. Next to her was a bluish canine Pokémon on two legs. The fighting-steel type was using chopsticks as well as Machamp did.

    "Done! More!" She yelled.

    "Luc!" Lucario smiled.

    "Ooo… okay…" The cook quickly gave her the next bowl.

    The four kept going, stuffing their mouths full of rice until two were left standing. Eventually, Green fell to the floor, trying to stuff more rice in his mouthful of rice as Machamp held the fallen loser burping out some gas. The canine Pokemon happily raised his trainer's hand into the air as the champion!

    "We have a winner!" The cook smiled. His smile turned into horror. "Um… are… are you okay?"

    The canine Pokemon continued holding his trainer's hand in the air only to notice his trainer lingered in the air drooling and motionless.

    "I… I think… I think I'm full for the first time in years…" She muttered.

    "Um… o… Okay? Well! Here's the prize! Through permission from my daughter all the way back from Alola!" The Announcer smiled. "The Grass Z- Crystal is the prize!"

    "A Z-Crystal? Aren't those supposed to be earned through a trial last I recalled?" Green asked.

    "Normally but there have been many cases of them found naturally or offered as prizes, similar to Mega Stones in recent years. The trials in Alola now are used for entering the Pokemon League these days. As for this competition..." The green-haired man smiled proudly. "Only the strongest of trainers who have good bonds with their Pokemon can compete in this eating contest! So… I believe it's alright to have this as a prize."

    "Well…" The winner stood up from her motionless state. "I can't really accept that prize. I use mostly fighting-type Pokemon, not grass-types. You could give it to the second victor though!"

    "Hmm?" Green got up from Machamp's arms on both legs. "Grass Z-Crystal huh?"

    The announcer gave Green the Grass Z-Crystal. He started through the green diamond as he saw Blue's face through it.

    "What do you say!" Blue crossed her arms.

    "Right." Green turned to the young girl. "Thank you for the prize."

    "Well that was fun!" The pink-haired girl smiled. "The name's Maylene! I'm the Sinnoh Gym Leader of the Fighting Gym!" She then pointed to her Pokemon. "And my partner here is Lucario!"

    "What is a Sinnoh Gym Leader doing here in Kanto?" Erika walked forward.

    "Easy? Vacationing with my pops. Came here to experience the culture… and the cuisine of course… " Maylene smiled.

    "Say? Is your father here?" Erika smiled.

    "No… No he isn't… "Maylene sighed, glanced to the nearby Game Corner through the restaurant's window, her hands clenched into fists. "Speaking of my father… I'm heading to where he is right now."

    Green and Silver looked a little surprised as Maylene stormed off with an annoyed look on her face, cracking her knuckles.

    "Well… um..." Blue turned to Green. "Cool that you got a Grass Z- Crystal!"

    "Yeah. Really lucky." Green stared deep into the green gem in the palm of his hands.
    "I'm stuffed!" Blue stretched her arms as she took a step out from the restaurant.

    Erika, Silver, and Blue's parents followed. Green followed behind slowly grabbing his stomach tightly as he felt like he was going to throw up any second.

    "Ugh… I shouldn't have let you taught me into that contest." Green glared at the smiling girl strolling happily across the stone pavements.

    "Hee hee..." Blue walked into Celadon's nightly streets.

    Couples, citizens walking there Pokemon, visitors from elsewhere, families and friends strolled across the beautiful nightlife around the fountains of Magikarp and Gyarados's pouring out water from their mouths and the many tall lamps, passing by tiny gardens including the one at the restaurant. Blue smiled as her friends and family follow, Green walking slowly, grabbing his stomach tightly not trying to throw up as clear signs of irritation were drawn on his face. Blue's smile disappeared as she noticed something shine from a nearby building. She eyed the building with vigilant eyes.

    "Is something wrong honey?" Her mother asked.

    "Nothing's wrong mom." She smiled.

    "Can we please hurry!" Green gritted his teeth, his eyes bulging out in anger.

    As the group walked forwards, Silver paused for a moment, looking at the same building Blue was looking at. "Who is it this time?" He thought.
    Green, Silver, Erika, and Blue's parents all gathered around the table. Erika rolled the dice onto the board game laid before them as Silver looked at his cards. Green laid out a card while Blue's Parents looked nervous over there poor hand. Everyone was there except for Blue.

    "Where is she?" A picture flashed. The hooded assailant stood on the top outer floor of a building, taking pictures with her camera. "She's gone for a while. Is she no longer there?"

    "I'm right over here!" A voice echoed from behind.

    "Huh… ehwewhhaat!" The hooded assailant, startled, jumped backwards awkwardly, almost tripping herself. "Oh uh... um... hi?"

    "So… whatcha doing?" She grinned.

    "N… nothing. Just enjoying the sights…"

    "You mean… photographing... from this peculiar area in front of my hotel… with a suspicious looking hood huh?"

    "Um… hey! How did you even get here!"

    "Never mind that. You're going to tell me what you're doing here?" Blue wore a serious look on her face, crossing her arms.

    "No. I think not." She smiled, pulling out a poke ball from her sleeve. "Haxorus! Go!"

    The Poke ball beamed opened, a tall golden dragon slided onto the ground roaring. "RAAAAWWR!"

    Blue sighed, rolling her eyes, as she gently threw a Poke ball. "Go. Granbull."

    A bulky pinkish bulldog with giant fangs standing on his two hind legs beamed opened from the Pokeball.

    "Awwwooo!" Granbull howled.

    The Fairy Pokemon growled at the Haxorus trying to maintain a fierce look while also sweating nervously as it glowed blue.

    "Intimidate huh? Haxorus! Ignore it! Dragon Claw!" The Assailant ordered.

    The Haxorus charged forward as Blue smiled. The tall golden axe dragon slashed its claws to the bulldog. However the claws only budged into his tough skin like nothing. Haxorus looked annoyed now as Granbull grinned at him.

    "No damage?!"

    "You don't seem to be up to date? Granbull's a fairy-type and happens to literally be called the Fairy Pokemon! Now Granbull!" She pointed to the Haxorus. "Play Rough!"

    Granbull reached out his bulky arm as Haxorus backed off on his two feet.

    "Iron Tail! Crunch!" She ordered.

    The Haxorus tail shined brightly as he slammed his tail into the attacking Granbull, grabbing the Granbull with his menacing jaws in a full 360 degree angle from his tail to jaws! Haxorus threw the Granbull into the nearby metal door.

    "Grnn... bull" Granbull slided to the ground from the bent-up door.

    "Well there goes the easy escape." The assailant thought. "At least that Granbull's taken care of…"

    "Go! Cleflable!" Blue interrupted the thought, throwing another Pokeball to the floor.

    "Another fairy type!" She gritted her teeth as a pinkish fairy-like Pokemon hopped into the fray. "Dragon Dance!"

    A bluish-purplish flaming aura emerged around Haxorus, the dragon glowing red twice as Blue smiled.

    "Doesn't matter!" She smiled. "Your attack and speed boost won't work on my Clefable's Unaware ability! Moonblast!"

    "Ability?" She chuckled. "Haxorus! Attack!"

    The Haxorus charged forward, snapping his jaws to Clefable only for her to hop to the right away from those snapping jaws!

    "Clefable!" Clefable smiled raising her hands into the full moon, energy pouring into a ball of light!

    But Haxorus was still fast!

    "HAXOR!" Rotated his body again from head to tail, Haxorus slammed his iron glowing tail into Clefable!

    "Clefable!" Clefable shouted as she too was thrown towards the bent-up door.

    Blue looked shocked, seeing Clefairy knocked out with dizzy eyes from such a powerful attack. "That Haxorus bypassed Clefable's unaware ability!?" Blue returned Clefable, preparing another Pokeball. "Okay! I'll beat Haxorus with Haxorus!"

    "You have a Haxorus?" The Assailant thought.

    "Go! Ditto!" She beamed open Ditto to the field.

    "Ditto!" The Ditto landed on the ground, waving its sides like a pair of muscular arms before transforming! Ditto grew ten times sizes with razor sharp claws, golden scales, and a long sharp tail.

    "Oh please… that Ditto may be identical but Haxorus is still faster! Dragon Claw!" She ordered.

    "Dragon Claw!" Blue ordered.

    The Haxorus dashed to the Ditto Haxorus, only for the Ditto Haxorus to vanish leaving puffs of thin air.

    "Rwr?" Haxorus looked shocked.

    Haxorus wondered where that ditto could've gone. Suddenly a strange feeling shocked his entire body. Claws sink deep from behind as Haxorus's eyes slowly turned around nervously.

    "What!? It shouldn't be faster!" The assailant gritted her teeth, seeing the Haxorus fall to the floor unconscious before the Ditto Haxorus! "Return!"

    The Ditto Haxorus stuck her tongue out in a victory dance taunting the opponent.

    "What?" The Assailant noticed something around that Ditto Haxorus's mouth. "A choice scarf!? So that's how… annoying but genius." She thought.

    "That choice scarf I got from the Battle Frontier was definitely a great idea!" She smiled at the thought confidently.

    "No matter! Go! Salamence!"

    The assailant sent out another Pokeball revealing to be a long bluish-green dragon with crimson red wings.

    "RHAAAAAAAAAAWWWR!" Salamence flew past above Blue as she held her hat tight to her head from the flapping winds.

    "Salamence huh?" Blue noticed her Ditto Haxorus sweated nervously, trying to maintain a tough look. Still, she glowed blue. "Intimidate. Granbull's ability. Hmm?"

    The assailant grinned as she revealed something around her neck. A mega stone embedded in a necklace. A mega necklace.

    "Mega Evolve!" She grinned, clicking the stone.

    Salamence roared as the crimson winged dragon was enveloped by a sphere of energy. The sphere broke and vanished, the dragon's body and wings grew bigger! The Mega Salamence tucked its legs in its vest looking somewhat like an aircraft.

    "Ditto…" Ditto Haxorus awaited orders.

    "Dragon Claw Ditto!" She ordered.

    "Ditto!" Ditto Haxorus nodded.

    "Double-edge" She grinned.

    Salamence roared as it came flying at the Ditto Haxorus at amazing speeds. Ditto panicked, transforming back to its original pink form ducking those red shiny wings. Ditto gasped for a moment as those red wings sliced through the solid concrete and the bent-up metal door of the small escape room quite easily.

    "Whoa! Those wings are like blades now!" Blue looked startled. "Ditto! Transform!"

    "Ditto!" Ditto nodded back to her trainer.

    Ditto turned its head back only to freeze in fear. Salamence head-charged the Ditto with ferocious strength and speed. It was Dragon Rush! Ditto bounced back and forth on the ground with dizzied eyes as Salamence flew away in the distance.

    "Sorry Ditto! Return!" Blue sighed. "Even with choice scarf, Ditto still isn't much of a fighter."

    "You should give up now." She smiled.

    "I find it odd you're not taking the chance to escape right now with such a fast Pokemon." She pulled out another Pokeball.

    "I'm touched but you should be more concerned about yourself!" She grinned.

    "You're going to tell me!" Blue pulled out a Poke Ball. "Go! Blastoise!"

    The Poke Ball beamed opened!

    "Um... what?" The Assailant couldn't help but chuckle.

    "Blastoise!" Blue yelled.

    Blastoise sat there on the ground, in the middle of eating a rice ball he probably got from the restaurant.

    "You're going to get your Pokeball messy if you keep bringing food!" Blue yelled.

    "Blast?" Blastoise looked around his surroundings, a hooded assailant, a vicious-looking dragon watching and a destroyed escape exit. Blastoise sprung up in action, popping his two cannons out, ready for battle! "Blastoise!"

    "That's more like it!" She revealed a bracelet around her wrist, one with a particularly large stone. The young lady clicked the megastone. "Mega Evolve!"

    "Blastoise!" Blastoise became enveloped by a sphere of light.

    The sphere broke and vanished! The giant turtle emerged sporting two cannons on his shell-armored arms and one giant one on his much larger shell, all cannons locked and loaded!

    "Let's shoot down that Salamence Blastoise" She pointed to the target.

    "Go Salamence!" The Assailant pointed.

    Mega Salamence flew off in the great distance, yards away from the building in the great moonlight as Mega Blastoise stayed in position aiming his three shiny new cannons at the aircraft-like Salamence.


    "Blastoise!" Blastoise nodded.

    "Dragon Pulse!" She ordered.

    "Blast!" Blastoise fired thousands and thousands of purplish energy missiles shaped like dragons to the aircraft-like Salamence.

    "This is getting dangerous!" The assailant thought as Mega Salamence made a turn towards Mega Blastoise. "Salamence! Dodge those fires! Double-Edge!"

    Salamence roared as he felt the stream of air flowing against his body, dodging and barrel rolling the thousands of Dragon Pulses firing at him at incredible speeds. Each one Salamence dodged exploded behind him. Salamence's eye reflected against Mega Blastoise, becoming bigger and bigger as he came closer!

    "That Blastoise is too slow to escape. This will be over!" The assailant thought.

    "Wait for it…" Blue watched.

    "Finish this!" The assailant ordered.

    Mega Salamence barreled roll, spinning to dodge the dragon-like missiles. Mega Salamence came closer and closer, aerilating itself with air as Mega Blastoise continue to shower artillery fire!

    "Okay!" Blue smiled. "Take a stance! It's time to slam-dunk that dragon!"

    "Blast!" Mega Blastoise withdraw his cannons, spreading out its arms as his heavy legs took a stance quickly while the Mega Salamence got close, too close!

    "RAAAAAAWR!" Mega Salamence head-charged the Blastoise!

    A thought just occurred to the Assailant. She yelled, "Wait a minute! It's a trap!"

    Mega Salamence tackled the heavy-weight, unable to change directions as Mega Blastoise gritted his teeth, his heavy arms head-locking the Mega Salamence as he was pushed across the ground, scraping dust off the concrete!

    "Dragon Pulse! Now!" Blue shouted.

    As Mega Blastoise slowed down with the dragon in his arms, a huge cannon popped out… right in front of Salamence's face. Salamence's eyes widened, trying to shake away from Blastoise's grip, pushing his claws against the heavy weight!

    "Blas…" Mega Blastoise's eyes sparked fire within them. "TOISE!" Blastoise launched a Dragon Pulse at point-blank range to Salamence's head.

    "No!" She yelled.

    Salamence's head became enveloped by one giant purple beam! Such energy formed into a purplish dragon roaring across the night sky as the nightlife populace of Celadon City gazed at the attack's beauty and fierceness. Couples were in awe, children pointed their fingers at the building, a baby dropped his pacifier. They all stared at it before it dispersed into the night sky.

    "Urgh! Maybe next time!" The Assailant returned the burnt-out Mega Salamence as it reverted back to its original form. The Assailant stood next to the edge of the building with another Pokeball at her hand. "Go! Altaria!"

    The Poke Ball beamed opened, a bluish bird of cloud-like puffy wings flapped in the air as the Assailant landed on its back.

    "Come back here!" Blue ran after her.

    "Blast!?" Mega Blastoise watched her go off without hesitation!

    As Altaria flew, Blue jumped on her ride.

    "What!?" The Assailant turned around.

    "Errgh!" Blue leaped, tackling the Assailant.

    "Are you crazy!?" The Assailant yelled angrily.

    "Maybe a little." She smirked.

    "Erraaagh! GET OFF! MY ALTARIA!" The Assailant pushed her off of Altaria.

    Instead of horror or screaming, she only saw Blue smiling back with no worries. No worries at all. This annoyed her further until she noticed something. The wind breezed upon her gloveless hand.

    "What!?" She looked below Altaria's wings.

    The assailant gasped at the sight of Blue standing on a rocketing Blastoise withdrawn to his shell. Blue stuck her tongue out while holding her gloves and her camera!

    "That sneaky little...! Okay. I will admit that's brilliant. Altaria use..."

    "Use Dark Pulse!" A voice cut her off.

    Altaria flew below the Dark Pulse as the Assailant looked where it came from. She saw Silver on a large crow-like Pokemon, a Honchkrow, and Green on a large red dragon, Charizard!

    "Altaria! Let's just get out of here! Now!" The Assailant clenched her hands into a fist.

    "Okay than! Blastoise! Let's go!" Blue ordered.

    "Blast?" Blastoise's cannon spurted water little by little eventually to sprinkles.

    "Not right now!"

    Blue felt her balance loss as Blastoise began to fall.

    "Return!" Blue beamed Blastoise back to her Pokeball.

    "I got you!" Silver's Honchkrow swooped in.

    Blue screamed as Honchkrow narrowly missed her. Blue quickly got her next Poke ball.

    "C'mon! Need you now buddy!" Blue beamed-open the Pokeball below her knees.

    "Wigglytuff!" Wigglytuff smiled until she noticed she wasn't on any flat surface. Wigglytuff's eyes widened and panicked until she puffed up, expanding her size like a balloon.

    Wigglytuff expanded and expanded before she hit the solid ground, bouncing like a ball as Blue held on to her tight.

    Erika looked and saw a huge pink balloon with rabbit-like ears coming right at her, slowing down with each bounce eventually halting to a stop.

    "Oh my..." Erika saw the giant Wigglytuff inches away from her feet.

    "Hi there!" Blue stuck her hand out visibly, giving a thumbs up from Wigglytuff's puffy body. "I'm alright!"
    "Oh thank god!" Silver jumped off from Honchkrow before he ran to Blue near the Game Corner. "You could've gotten hurt you know!"

    "I'm alright! I'm alright!" She smiled. "Ain't that right Wiggly!"

    Wigglytuff sighed, rolling her eyes at the countless times she got herself caught in danger.

    "She agrees with me." She smiled. "Hey? How'd you know where to find me?"

    "That's easy." Green shouted, jumping off of his Charizard. "Erika decided to keep your parents busy and less worry while we try to find you after being gone for more than a little while. Next thing you know we saw a huge dragon pulse in the sky. We knew you were fighting someone."

    "How did you know about the spy? Wait! Where is she!" Blue just remembered.

    "She manage to escape. Crafty but reckless." Green sighed. "We knew about the spy already because we, especially Silver here, also spotted the person spying on us along with you two."


    "You sound surprise. Were both professional trainers and Erika here knows archery after all." Green said. "Anyways. That doesn't matter now. Did you found anything out about her?"

    "I got her camera and also... I got this." Blue unveiled a black glove. Everyone around her, eyes widened as it held a red R symbol on it.

    Team Rocket.

    "..." Silver paused.

    "There back… again?" Erika gulped.

    "It appears so." Green said. "We gotta alert Red and Yellow. Where are they anyways?"

    "Oh… um." Blue sighed. "I believe Red's on his way to Saffron City to the Rock Tunnel to meet up with Yellow at Lavender Town."

    "Lavender Town?" Green sighed.

    "Is something wrong?"

    "Nothing. Met an annoying ninja on my way there." Green remembered Koga's face from that day. He looked to Blue. "What is Yellow doing in Lavender town anyways?"
    A young blond-haired girl wearing her favorite straw hat felt a sense of relief, her hands glowed over an Oddish.

    "Oddish!" Oddish sprang up happy and jumpy, smiling at Yellow.

    "Whew! You look much better!" Yellow sighed with a smile, her eyes feeling tired.

    "Is something wrong?" An older woman of long brown hair sporting a white top and bright blue jeans asked.

    "Hmm… nothing? Just a little sleepy." Yellow stretched her arms. She faced towards the old man smiling at her work. "Anyways? How has it been with the past few years Mr. Fuji?"

    "Good. Very good." Mr. Fuji smiled. Something just popped into Fuji's head. She turned to the woman next to him. "Hmm… why… you forgot to introduce yourself young lady to our guest."

    "Oh right!" She smiled widely at the young girl. "My name is Amber. I'm Fuji's daughter. Please to meet you!"

    "Nice to meet you Amber!" Yellow smiled back.
  5. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    RGBY - Vol. 1 - Saffron City Summary - A Legendary Dragon is searching for something...

    1.4 - Dusknoir's Darkness
    Yellow smiled, watching all the previously abandoned or orphaned Pokemon enjoying their livelihood at Fuji's Pokemon House. The blonde hair gal saw a pair of Nidoran cuddling together on a Snorlax plushie, a Growlithe chasing a Meowth around and across a table, a Doduo that reminded of her own Dodrio long ago as a Doduo pleasantly drining some water out of a small bowl.

    "They all look so happy." Yellow spoke.

    "Yes. I treat them like my own children." Mr. Fuji smiled.

    "Hmm?" Yellow spotted a Pokemon hiding behind a plushie resembling Dragonite, silently staring at her with suspicion. "Um… what's with him?"

    "Cubone? That Lonely Pokemon?" Amber spotted the tiny brown Pokemon sporting a skull on it's head. "He doesn't really get along with the other Pokemon unfortunately."


    "Team Rocket is why. A group of thieves nearby were hunting Cubones because their skulls can be sold at high prices. Cubone's mother, a Marowak protected her son at all cost. Team Rocket didn't exactly took that well and unfortunately…" Mr. Fuji remembered that day.

    Cubone cried, standing over Marowak's lifeless arm as her bone club rolled through the wild grass.

    Yellow gulped. "Oh. I see."

    "Yes. I was far away and too old to do anything so by the time I came there to teach them a lesson they left." Mr. Fuji sighed. "I decided to do the right thing and give Cubone's mother a proper burial at the Pokemon Tower. Now Cubone refuses to talk or socialize others. He eats when everyone else is finished, practice fighting with his bone club, and constantly stares at new visitors or through the window there at the Pokemon Tower."

    "The Pokemon Tower…" Yellow looked through the window, a tower boasting a menacing and haunting presence. "For a peaceful town full of happy people and Pokemon… that Pokemon Tower kind of…"

    "Kind of out of place?" Amber said.

    "This town wasn't always the peaceful place it was. I remember there was a time people were afraid, refusing to help outsiders because they thought the tower was haunted. Turns out to be Team Rocket's doing." Mr. Fuji smiled. "But then these two boys, one wearing a red cap and the other with spiky brown hair, came in and put an end to their practices."

    "Ah!" Yellow smiled. "You mean Red and Green right!"

    "Yes. That's the two! I heard from Prof. Blaine your friends were the ones who saved Saffron City from those vile fiends!" Mr. Fuji smiled.

    "Speaking of which. Not only did Prof. Oak wanted me to see how you were doing, I'm going to meet Red and Bill here. So in the mean time, I've always wanted to pay my respects to the Pokemon Tower!" Yellow smiled.

    "Ah I see. If you don't mind…" Amber looked back to the Cubone. "Could you bring Cubone to the Pokemon Tower with you?"

    "Sure. Why?"

    "Marowak's mother is buried at the top floor." Mr. Fuji explained. "I feel Cubone wants to see her tomb again but honestly I'm also doing this so Cubone can socialize and interact with each people and Pokemon more. I think you're perfect for the job since you seem to care about Pokémon so much."

    "Okay! I'll do it!" Yellow smiled.

    "You hear that Cubone!" Amber shouted.

    "Cu…" Cubone walked forward.

    Yellow could clearly see he was still being vigilant of strangers, gripping onto his bone club tightly, staring at her with suspicion.

    "She's friendly Cubone! She helped heal some of the Pokemon here and she's going to take you to the Pokemon Tower!" Mr. Fuji explained.

    "Please to meet you." Yellow squatted to the ground giving a big smile.

    "Cu." Cubone looked the other way, blushing as he crossed his arms.

    "I think Cubone likes you hee hee." Amber smiled.

    "You really are a tough one! Do you want a snack?" Yellow pulled out a large bluish berry from her satchel. "Here!"

    Cubone stood still, eyes shut, looking the other way, rejecting it.

    "Okay. More for me." Yellow took a bite out of the berry. "Mmm! It's really good!"

    Cubone's eyes opened, glancing towards her and that shiny berry.

    "But it's too big. Too bad no one here can help me finish this." Yellow sighed.

    "Cubone!" Cubone jumped back and forth, waving his tiny arms in the air.

    "You wanna help me finish the rest?" Yellow smiled.

    "Cubone!" Cubone nodded.

    "Okay! Here! Enjoy!" Yellow gave the Lonely Pokemon her Oran Berry.

    Cubone took a bite out of the berry, jumping in the air, squealing in delight. "Cuuu!"

    "Hehe." Yellow smiled at the Cubone.

    Cubone's eyes sparkled at the trainer as another Pokemon from behind a table, watched from a distance.
    Yellow and Cubone stood at the front of the Pokemon Tower's entrance, amazed of how far the building reaches to the sky. Yellow took a look at another building under construction next to it, almost the same height as the Pokemon Tower.

    "Hmm… A Kanto Radio Station…" Yellow read the construction sign. "Anyways. Are you ready to go Cubone!"

    "Cubone!" Cubone nodded at her.

    "Well… wait a minute." Yellow just thought of something. "Mr. Fuji said he also wanted Cubone to be more social with Pokemon… I know what to do!"

    "Cubone?" Cubone watched as Yellow held six red Pokeballs in both arms.

    "Come on out all you guys!" Yellow smiled.

    Six Pokeballs beamed opened! Cubone looked at each one. One was a giant brown furry rat with giant teeth. Another was an electric mouse sporting a flower on her head and a heart-shaped tail. One Pokemon that stood tall was a three-headed roadrunner. Another was a purplish butterfly sporting the most beautiful wings Cubone has ever seen. The other two was a giant "Golem" of some kind, sporting rock-armor that looked like a ball, and the other was a sky-blue Pokemon sporting a spiky helix shell and several tentacles.

    "Cubone?" Cubone took a closer look at the unusual helix Pokemon.

    "Oma!" Omastar's slitted yellow eyes and his four-way beak opened wide, screeching at the Pokemon.

    "Cubone!" Cubone shriveled in fear as he jumped backwards.

    "Oma! Oma!" Omastar laughed. He turned to see his companions not laughing, only looking at him as if he was guilty. Omastar froze "Oma?!"

    "You shouldn't scare him Omastar." Yellow sighed. She walked up to the Cubone as tears rose up in his angry face. "I'm sorry Cubone. Did the big scary Omastar scared you?"

    "Cubone." Cubone nodded.

    "Well he's not such a bad guy when you get to know him." Yellow smiled. "Meet the rest of my Pokemon!"

    "ChuChu!" A Pikachu greeted the Cubone.

    "Dodrio! Golem! Oma! Free! Free! Raticate!" They all greeted the Cubone happily, welcoming the Pokemon. Cubone's eyes sparkled at how big and strong they all looked.

    "So are we all good!"

    "Dodrio!" Free! Freeee! Oma! Golem! Cubone! Cate! Chu Chu!" They all nodded.

    "Okay let's… hmm." Yellow paused. "I forgot to check on if I had my snacks ready since Red is coming today! Also I'm going to need you guys to act as Cubone's muscle if he gets in trouble okay!"

    Her Pokemon nodded and waited as Yellow turned around looking through her satchel.

    "Chuchu!" Pikachu smiled at the Cubone.

    "Cubone!" Cubone smiled.

    As Pikachu smiled, the Cubone was swooped away instantly by a rather large bird, a Fearow.

    "Eh…" Yellow's Pokemon froze for a second noticing Cubone was no longer there.

    "CHUCHU!? DRIO!? GOLEM!? OMA!? FREEE!? CATE!?" All of Yellow's Pokemon were panicking as they saw the Fearow in the far distance.

    "Is something wrong?" Yellow found the snacks. She heard a powerful electric attack from behind as light flashed around her. She quickly turned around. She saw each and every one of them smiling nervously as Pikachu put her paw around Cubone's shoulder. Cubone stood there acting fine and normal, like nothing happened. "Huh… Well! Let's go!"

    "Chu!" Pikachu nodded

    "Cubone!" Cubone followed.

    The rest of her Pokemon followed suit into the Pokemon Tower as a fainted Fearow laid somewhere in the bushes covered in smoke and electricity. A small little creature sporting horns noticed the fainted Fearow, curiously watching Yellow entering the tower.
    "Okay onwards to the second floor!" Yellow stepped forward on the first set of stairs.

    Her Pokemon followed near the top. Pikachu and Cubone were walking up the stairs together, almost to the second floor.

    "Cubone!" Cubone smiled.

    "Chuchu!" Pikachu smiled, patting Cubone on the back.

    "Cub… bone?" Cubone's balance felt off as he stood on the edge of the staircase. "Cu…"

    "Chu!" Chuchu's face turned to shock. The electric mouse quickly went behind pushing Cubone back to his balance.

    "Cubone!" Cubone regained his balance.

    "Chu!" Chuchu wiped the sweat off her face.

    "C'mon you guys." Yellow's voice echoed from the first floor.

    "Chu…" Chuchu sighed with a smile.
    The group walked onto the next floor as Yellow noticed a sign saying "Third Floor".

    Yellow smiled. "Half-way there Cubone!"

    "Cubone!" Cubone smiled for a moment, noticing a bat-like creature flying past him, a Zubat. The Cubone looked at it with curiosity "Cu?"

    As the group continued walking, Pikachu noticed Cubone wasn't here. "Chuchu?"

    "Oma?" The Omastar noticed Pikachu stopped.

    "Chuchu!?" Pikachu spotted Cubone hopping onto the edge of a window chasing a Zubat.

    "Cu? Cubone!?" Cubone lost his balance again.

    "Chu!" Chuchu jumped, quickly grabbing the falling Cubone by the tail from the window's edge but she too was slipping. "Chu!? Chu!?"

    Pikachu slipped off from the window too as a blue tentacle wrapped around her.

    "Oma!" Omastar grabbed Pikachu.

    Omastar quickly pulled Pikachu and Cubone out of harm's way onto the safe ground of the third floor. Pikachu and Omastar looked particularly tired from all the shock and worry.

    "Hey guys? Were heading out." Yellow noticed the three.

    "Cubone!" The Cubone ran to Yellow happily.

    "Chu." Chuchu slumped to the floor.

    "Hmm?" Yellow paused, looking at the Xatu-shaped pillars. "Come out. Now please."

    "Chu? Oma?" Chuchu got up from the floor as Omastar followed.

    "Golem." Golem sized up his arms, ready to battle.

    "Hoop!" A tiny golden imp-like Pokemon floated away from the pillar.

    "Oh. It's a Pokemon. Did it follow us?" Yellow looked at the creature.

    "Hoo…" The imp-like Pokemon twiddled it's thumbs in shame.

    "Cu? Cubone!" Cubone recognized the Pokemon.

    "You recognize him Cubone?" Yellow noticed his reaction. "He must be from the Pokemon shelter too. Did that Pokemon follow us here?"

    The imp-like Pokemon nodded smiling.

    "I get it!" Yellow smiled. "You saw your friend here going off outside and you wanted to come too! Right!"

    "Hoopa!" The imp-like Pokemon nodded.

    "You keep saying Hoopa a lot… I guess that's what you are called. Hoopa!"

    "Hoopa! Hoopa!" Hoopa nodded.

    "Okay! You can come with us but I'm taking you two back to the shelter." Yellow smiled.

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa floated around the group happily.

    "Chuchu! Dodrio! Raticate! Oma! Golem! Free!" The Pokemon greeted the new companion.
    Yellow stepped onto the seventh floor, the resting place of Marowak.

    "Well… were here Cubone." She smiled lightly at the motherless Cubone.

    "Cu…" Cubone's eyes were filled with tears.

    "Cheer up little guy. Were almost there."

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa agreed.

    The group continued walking through the fog that began appearing since the 5th floor. Something was on her mind. There were no people here. Suddenly Yellow glanced at a figure hiding behind the tombstone.

    "Wait." Yellow spoke. All her Pokemon stopped, wondering why. "Come out!"

    "Psy…" A yellow duck came out.

    "Oh it's just a Psyduck. Are you from the daycare too little…" Yellow frozed.

    Psyduck's eyes melted out.

    "Um… uh…" Yellow gulped.

    "Hree!" A skeletal unicorn blazed with fire emerged from one tombstone.

    "Griimmmm..." A Grimer melted to the ground.

    "Golem?!" Golem glanced his eyes in every direction, shrieking in fear.

    "Oma!" Omastar looked active and ready for battle.

    "Hoo... pa?" Hoopa hid behind Golem.

    "Chu!?" Pikachu turned around, seeing another Pikachu. "C…chu?"

    "Piiiikaaaaaaa." Pikachu's skin melted off into a skeleton.

    "CHU!?" Pikachu hopped away quickly from the ghost and onto Yellow's hat, shaking in fear.

    "Cubone?" Cubone spotted something from the distance. It looked like a face of some sort.

    "M… maybe… maybe this is just an illusion…" Yellow thought as she slowly backed away, but she gulped, arms shaking of what she sensed. "I can sense there lingering energy… huh?"

    Yellow backed forth, feeling someone's hair on her shoulder. She looked to her left noticing strings of blond hair on her shoulder. Pikachu and Hoopa also noticed the strings of dead hair on her head. They slowly looked up, seeing a dried-up Jynx staring at her from the ceiling , her one right eye peeking out of her fallen hair, smiling.

    "AHHH!" She screamed alongside Pikachu and Hoopa getting as far away from the ghost only to bump into something else.

    ChuChu the Pikachu and Hoopa looked up, eyes widened. Yellow looked up and saw a massive ribcage.

    "Snoooorlax!" The skeletal Snorlax gave a wide grin to her. The skeletal Snorlax raised his fist covered in ice.

    "Dodrio!" Dodrio picked up Yellow and Pikachu with her beak, away from the Ice Punch!

    "Okay! There definitely real!" Yellow saw ice being formed on the impactful punch.

    "Cubone!" Cubone went blindly into the fog.

    "Cubone!" Yellow shouted. "Dodrio! That way! C'mon guys!"

    Yellow's Pokemon quickly followed, being as far away from the ghosts as possible. As Yellow went farther, she saw something. A face. No, not a ghost Pokemon. A Ghost-type Pokemon.

    "Dssk…" The Ghostly Floating Pokemon bearing a face on its chest stared at her and the Cubone, it was as if it was waiting for something.

    "What is that?" Yellow pulled her Pokedex, scanning the Pokemon.

    "Scanning…" The Pokedex loaded the information. "Dusknoir. Classification: The Gripper Pokemon. A Ghost-Type. The Evolved form of Dusclops. It uses its antenna to capture radio waves of the spirit world commanding Dusknoir to guide them peacefully back home."

    "Could Dusknoir possibly use that antenna to control these ghosts?" Yellow glanced back as the ghostly Pokemon were coming to her, albeit slowly. "But wait! Why would Dusknoir do such a harmful thing! The Pokedex said they were peaceful! Why is it waiting around. Unless…"

    "You guessed right. It's waiting for orders." A ominous voice echoed from the fog.

    "You! Come out!" Yellow ordered as her Pokemon looked angry and determined.

    "Sure…" The voice echoed larger and larger.

    Yellow took a step back, gasping the size of the giant, his entire body and face cloaked. What was even more weirder was his massive long gorilla-like arms.

    "Saluuuuutations!" The cloaked giant spoke in a soft voice. "Apologies but I have a job to do. Dusknoir. Destroy them."

    "Dsssk." Dusknoir created four purplish balls, two Shadow Balls from his hand, one Shadow ball from his mouth chest, and another from his single eye.

    "Dodge!" Yellow ordered.

    All of Yellow's Pokemon spreaded out as Dusknoir shot the four Shadowballs. Butterfree flew to the left as the shadow ball went past destroying a Xatu pillar. Dodrio hopped over one shadow ball while Golem rolled barely away from one other. ChuChu jumped over the shadowball, running with Yellow by her side. They got closer and closer to the Dusknoir as the Gripping Pokemon awaited orders.

    "ChuChu! Thunderbo…"

    "Xatu." Many motionless totem-like birds calmly popped in out of nowhere, surrounding the girl and her Pikachu. They had nowhere to run!

    "It's double team! How are they able to move without… moving?!" Yellow saw all the Double Team Xatu's standing there motionlessly like a totem. "ChuChu! Thunderbolt!"

    "A Level 45 ChuChu? You are kidding me right?" The Giant looked at a watch around his hand. It detailed everything about ChuChu, her level, ability, strengths and limits. "Hmm? What is this?!

    ChuChu Lv. 45 - Lv. 56- Lv. 59 - Lv. 63 - Lv. 74 - Lv. 88!

    "The level is rising! Impossible! Could it be? A Psychic" The giant placed his hand upon his chin, thinking and analyzing, as she watched her called out an order.

    "Thunderbolt!" Yellow ordered, ducking to the ground.

    "CHU!" ChuChu let out a massive thunderbolt shocking each and every one of the Xatu double team clones, one by one they vanished!

    "Xatu." Xatu calmly and motionlessly took the thunderbolt with dizzy eyes, before falling down like a log being tumbled over.

    "Chu!" ChuChu smiled at the victory, gripping her two paws into fists.

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa hi-fived the Pikachu.

    The Electric Mouse and the imp-like Pokemon turned around, seeing Yellow's eyes becoming sleepy. "Chu?!" ChuChu began shaking her leg to prevent her from falling asleep.

    "Oh… 'Yaawwn'. I'm sorry." Yellow rubbed her eyes.

    "Chu?!" ChuChu looked behind.

    "Dodrio!" Dodrio headbutted a ghostly Psyduck from leaping at Yellow.

    "Golem! Oma!" Golem and Omastar tackled together against the skeletal Snorlax from coming closer.

    "Ratta!" Raticate tackled the dried up Jynx from getting any closer.

    "Free!" Butterfree hurried to Yellow trying to see if she was okay.

    "Hmm…" The Giant watched the sleepy Yellow trying to remain focus. "It appears her psychic powers drain some of her stamina. They say psychic powers seem very similar to the abilities of that of a Pokemon. I must test a theory! To see if her level boosting powers are any similar to that Pokemon."

    "Wait a minute!" Yellow's sleepy eyes opened wide. "Where's Cubone!?"

    She looked and looked and saw nowhere for him to be found.

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa looked worried for his friend, so did Pikachu.

    "Dusknoir!" The Giant ordered. "Let's really push their limits!"

    "Dsssk." Dusknoir nodded.

    Suddenly the ghost Pokemon stopped commanding the ghost. All the ghosts vanished into nothingness as Yellow's team looked surprised, wondering what the giant was up to this time.

    "Wh.. what is he doing?" Yellow remained vigilant.

    "Dusknoir!" Dusknoir opened his gaping mouth chest.

    Yellow saw the fog slowly disappearing, a few leaves inside going towards Dusknoir's mouth chest. Yellow and her Pokemon suddenly felt like there feet were being pulled into that direction. Yellow looked and saw complete total darkness in Dusknoir's chest.

    "ChuChu! Thunderbolt!" Yellow ordered.

    Chuchu nodded. "Pika… chu!?"

    Chuchu lost her balance completely being carried away by the force of Dusknoir's black hole.

    "Chu!" Chuchu shaked her paws, trying to grab anything.

    "I got you!" Yellow grabbed Chuchu's leg but Yellow started to feel her own feet losing the ground. "W…whoa!"

    Yellow started getting drawn towards the force of the blackhole. She felt a tentacle wrapped tightly around her leg. She looked in front and saw her Pokemon hanging together.

    "Oma!" Omastar desperately grabbed Yellow by the leg while holding onto one of Dodrio's heads.

    "Free! Ratta!" Butterfree and Raticate held onto another of Dodrio's heads.

    "Go…lem!" Golem gripped onto Dodrio's leg with one arm and another arm pressed heavily against the Xatu pillars. Golem gritted his teeth.

    "How am I going to get out of this!" Yellow gulped as she saw a Xatu Pillar broken down in pieces by the force, being sucked in by Dusknoir's blackhole easily.

    "Cuuuubone!" Cubone cried as he hanged onto a tombstone.

    "Hoooopa!" Hoopa hanged onto another tombstone.

    "Cubone! Hoopa!" Yellow gasped. She then looked in front and saw the Xatu Pillar Golem was holding onto was cracking. "Chu! Chu! Thunderbolt!"

    "Chu?!" Pikachu looked afraid, Yellow holding onto her leg would mean she and her fellow teammates would get shocked.

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa lost his grip, being drawned into the force.

    "Do it!" Yellow shouted.

    ChuChu nodded. "Pika…"

    "Espeon! Shadowball!" A voice echoed elsewhere.

    Dusknoir looked to his left and saw a purplish orb coming right at him!

    "Dssk?!" Dusknoir got struck by the Shadowball.

    His mouth chest closed as Yellow, Cubone, and the rest of her Pokemon fell to the floor.

    "Hoop!" Hoopa rolled on the floor near ChuChu.

    "Who… who did that?" Yellow thought.

    She got up on her knees, seeing a hand reaching out to her and a familiar a smile.

    "Hey there Yellow!" Red smiled next to a pink-purplish fox.

    "Esp." Espeon sat there calmly.

    "Red..." Yellow stared at him. She smiled. "It's so good to see you and…"

    "Dusknoir! Do it again!" The giant shouted.

    "Dusk…" Dusknoir got up from the attack, grabbing his head as that shadow ball gave him a headache.

    Dusknoir showed clear signs that the Shadow Ball was powerful, but it wasn't enough.

    "Espeon!" Red shouted. "Use…"

    "Dusk!" Dusknoir felt a shock from behind his head, falling to the ground.

    Red and Yellow could clearly see a large bone club behind Dusknoir.

    "Dusknoir!" The Giant looked shocked. He lifted his unusually massive arms and hands, holding a Pokeball in his two fingers. "Return!"

    As Dusknoir beamed backed to his Pokeball. Red and Yellow saw a figure wearing a white skull, similar to Cubones but larger. Yellow's eyes showed shock.

    "Cubone!" Cubone ran up happily to the strange figure.

    "Hey wait!" Red took a step.

    "Wait." Yellow stopped Red, smiling. "Look."

    Cubone leaped from the ground, hugging the figure. It was Cubone's mother, Marowak.

    "Maro…" Marowak tearfully hugged her son.

    "Oh… so there family…" Red smiled.

    "Yeah… she came back from the grave to protect her son." Yellow smiled.

    Hoopa watched silently.

    "Maybe we should leave the two alone for a while." Red smiled. Suddenly a thought just jumped into his head. "Hey. Where did that giant guy go!" Red looked everywhere across the fog. There were no signs of him here. He was gone.
    Yellow and Red walked through the exit. All of Yellow's Pokemon were held in there respective Pokeballs. She held Cubone and Hoopa in her arms as they all saw the sunlight and flowers outside of the tower. The sun shined brightly this time of the day.

    "Hey you youngsters!" An old man wearing a lab coat slowly walked to them.

    "Blaine!?" Yellow and Red shouted the name at the same time with a smile on there faces.

    "Hoopa? Cubone?" Hoopa and Cubone looked at the old man.

    "Why don't you say hello too?" Blaine turned to another figure behind them.

    Red and Yellow's eyes turned and widened. They smiled widely, it was Mewtwo leaning against the Pokemon Tower waiting for them.

    "Mewtwo!" Red and Yellow smiled.

    "Good to see you two in good health." Mewtwo smiled. "Hmm?"

    Mewtwo noticed a particular Pokemon in Yellow's arm, the imp-like Pokemon.

    "And who are you?" Mewtwo spoke to the creature.

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa smiled.

    "Hmm…" Mewtwo stared at the golden creature, particularly his rings around his wrists.

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa looked nervous at Mewtwo's staring.

    "Nice to meet you Hoopa." Mewtwo smiled.

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa smiled.

    "Hoopa…" Red echoed that name. "That sounds familia… Wait a minute! Your not possibly related to a certain pink Hoopa I know from Hoenn are you?"

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa looked confused.

    "A pink Hoopa? This one is gold, not pink Red." Yellow looked at Red.

    "It's just that I've met a Pokémon that looks exactly like this one only... well he was more mischievous if I recalled and he befriended Emerald. Emerald. Remember Yellow. From the Battle Frontier." Red explained.

    "Hoop?" Hoopa had no clue what Red was talking about.

    "However…" Red thought about it. "Hoopa had these rings that can teleport him anywhere anyplace. This Hoopa was in danger several times but he didn't use his rings…"

    Yellow looked at the Hoopa's rings around his wrist. "Maybe… he somehow can't use them?"

    "Probably. Where did you find him anyway?" Red asked.

    "In the Pokemon Tower. Cubone seemed to know him so I assumed he followed us from the Fuji's shelter."

    "Fuji? Of all people?" Blaine gulped, glancing back to Mewtwo.

    "Hello there." A familiar voice came.

    "Mr. Fuji!" Red and Yellow smiled.

    "Hello old friend and who is this?" Blaine noticed a woman standing next to him. He saw a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and a Squirtle following her.

    "Ah! This is my daughter Amber." Mr. Fuji smiled.

    "Hey there old timer!" Amber smiled.

    "I didn't recognized you Amber! You've grown up! I heard you got married to a scientist from Saffron!" Blaine smiled.

    "Who's this Pokemon?" Amber smiled at the Mewtwo, reaching out her hand. "Please to meet you!"

    "Hmm…" Mewtwo stood there silently, staring at her hand.

    "I'm sorry." Blaine explained. "This is Mewtwo… he is kind of susp…"

    "Oh I get it." She slowly withdraw her hand, still holding that smile. "Hmm?"

    Mewtwo reached out his hand to the young woman.

    Amber smiled, shaking the Pokemon's hand.

    "Huh?" Mewtwo looked puzzled.

    "Is something wrong?" Yellow asked.

    "She is… bearing a child…" Mewtwo spoke to Red, Yellow and Blaine telepathically.

    "What!?" Red and Yellow jumped.

    "Is… Is something wrong?" Amber spoke.

    "Oh." Blain looked astonished. "Congratulations on the baby!"

    "Baby?" Fuji looked confused.

    "Baby? H… how did you know!" Amber looked surprised.

    "You have a baby!? Why didn't you tell me!" Fuji jumped.

    "Ha ha ha… it was going to be a surprise." Amber scratched the back of her head. "But… how did you know that?"

    "Telekinesis." Mewtwo projected his thoughts into Amber and Fuji's.

    "Y… you can talk!" Amber said. "That's amazing!"

    "Y… yes…" Mewtwo gulped at the praise.

    "Do you guys want to come over for dinner?" Amber smiled.

    "Hmm…" Mewtwo stared at that smile.

    "Sure!" Red smiled.

    "Wait! What about Bill!" Yellow asked.

    "Bill?" Red spoke. "Oh. He already went ahead to get to Saffron City early. I'm guessing he wants to be extra prepared."

    "Oh. I guess that makes sense for a tech guy."

    "So let's eat! We got time!" Red smiled.
    "I see." Blain drank his tea at the table. "So you found Hoopa somewhere near the entrance of the Rock Tunnels."

    The moon was bright and full. The Pokemon were all sleeping in separate rooms away from the dinner table. Blaine, Red, Yellow, Amber and even Mewtwo all sat at the table together.

    "Yes." Mr. Fuji gathered the finished plates. "Say Mewtwo? How did you like the food?"

    "Hmm… it was quite delicious. I never known such flavor in berries." Mewtwo thought.

    "That's great to hear." Fuji smiled. "Anyways. The Hoopa I found didn't have any of the teleportation powers you mentioned. I thought he was abandoned and let him play with the other Pokemon at the Pokemon shelter till then. He was very playful and always wanted to venture outside like he just did today."

    "That is quite odd." Blaine said.

    "Well… it might have to do with the state of his rings." Fuji explained. "I found it's rings with cracks and a large scratch mark on both. It's almost as if... Hoopa was in battle."

    "Interesting… I hear Hoopa needs those rings to teleport. It must've fought a particularly powerful type of Pokemon to damage those rings. Perhaps if it's damaged it can't teleport anymore." Blaine said.

    "Also… why isn't it pink?" Red said. "The one I saw is pink. This one looks golden."

    "I believe it is what people call a shiny variation, Pokemon found with different but extremely rare colors."

    "You know…" Amber spoke towards Mewtwo.

    "Yes?" Mewtwo noticed Amber was staring at him for a while.

    "It's kind of strange…" Amber smiled. "But… this strangely feels… kind of nostalgic."

    "What do you mean?" Fuji eyed her.

    "I don't know how to put it…" Amber smiled. "But it feels like we've met before…"

    "Hmm…" Mewtwo smiled. "Yes… I do also feel strangely nostalgic meeting you. A sense of déjà vu. I don't normally talk to humans that I just met through telepathy but... it does feel like we have met before. You, me… those three Pokemon down there even… and you, Mr. Fuji."

    "Bulba? Char? Squirtle?" Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle looked curiously at the Mewtwo away from there food bowls.

    "I wonder why's that?" Mr. Fuji smiled. "You all get some rest now. I have some extra guest beds for tonight."

    "Hey… by the way?" Red spoke. "How does Blaine know you? I understand Oak since he knows practically everyone but Blaine is kind of a… secluded individual."

    "That is an interesting question." Yellow smiled. "How did you two meet? I bet it's a great story."

    "Oh well…" Mr. Fuji spoke. "Before I was running this Pokemon shelter, I was an… adventurer like you. Both me and Blaine together were explorers who were searching for a rare species of Pokemon deep in the Amazon jungles."

    "What kind of Pokemon was it?" Red smiled.

    "It was…" Fuji paused for a moment. He noticed Blaine looking a little nervous. "... a Pokemon that was only hinted at in pictures. We had no names and we weren't even sure if the historical pictures we had were accurate. We never really found that Pokemon in the end."

    "A mystery Pokemon huh…" Red smiled. "I'd like to meet it."

    "Ho ho… I'm pretty sure you already have…" Fuji smiled.

    "Hmm?" Red looked at Fuji, confused.

    "Um… uh…" Fuji hesitated. "Look at the time! It's getting really late! Come now. I have guest beds ready for the night."

    "Oh yeah…" Red looked at the clock, it was getting late.

    As Red got up from his chair, a pink cat-like Pokemon floated near the window, looking with curiosity.

    "Mew." Mew flew away into the moonlight.

    Mewtwo smiled.

    "Is something wrong?" Red followed up the stairs.

    "No… just… a familiar presence." Mewtwo smiled.
  6. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    RGBY - Vol. 1 - Saffron City Summary - A Legendary Dragon is searching for something...

    1.5 - Reunion
    "Hmm…" Bill sat there working and studying on his laptop. He looked through the glass window of his office, seeing hundreds of armored ants moving pieces and parts around a giant machinery. "A gate way to another dimension… the dream world. Hmm?"

    Bill's laptop repeatedly said "ALERT!"

    "What is this? The gate hasn't been open yet." Bill examined the problem. "Where is this disturbance coming from?"

    Somewhere else… a dragon enveloped by a strange red world roared angrily. A portal opened up forth as the dragon hurried quickly. The dragon came closer and closer until a blast of light struck him, pushing him off course. The dragon regained balanced, noticing his portal has shattered. He eyed the moon-shaped being with great hatred.

    "WRAAAAAAARRRH!" The dragon roared at his foe.

    Bill looked at the rate of the disturbance decreasing, the "ALERT!" message stopped.

    "What... What was that?" Bill waved his arms back forth. He noticed something from his desk.

    A tiny pink pearl… cracked.

    "The pearl I collected from Cinnabar's beach…" Bill sighed. He stared at the pearl for a minute. He then looked to the ceiling wondering. "Is it a bad omen?"
    A four-armed Pokemon bearing muscles, Machamp, was thrown to the wooden floor. Poliwrath flexed his biceps, much to the surprise of the Karate Master.

    "You have defeated me in battle Red!" The Karate Master sporting his black belt uniform stood tall before the two.

    Red returned Poliwrath as Yellow stood there in boredom. Pika sat there happily as ChuChu's eyes sparkled at the sight of the battle.

    "For your victory!" The Karate Master held a red band in his arm. "I give you the Focus Band! Only a great trainer such as yourself Red should able to wield it in battle!"

    "Um… thanks… but?" Red looked around. There were no other students, participants, no one here at this dojo. It was quite empty. "But… where is everyone?"

    "Ah. Believe it or not. The Fighting Dojo used to be a Pokemon Gym until Sabrina came." The Karate Master explained. "Since the Psychic Gym opened up, we lost our status as gym, more people were interested in becoming Psychics than Martial Artists, and our most popular master, Master Kiyo, is training somewhere in the Tohjo Falls of Johto."

    "How is this place still opened?" Yellow asked.

    "That is a good question." The Karate Master smiled. "Ever since Sabrina took away our status, she has been more merciful after the Team Rocket incident years ago. She and her fellow Gym Leaders use this dojo for their official training together. This place draws lots of visitors everytime the Gym Leaders duke it out."

    "That sounds awesome! I wonder why Green never mentioned this place." Red said.

    "Speaking of which. How about you young lady? Care for a battle?" The Karate King smiled.

    "Um… me?" Yellow looked puzzled. "No thank you. I'm not really interested. I just came here with Red is all."

    "Ah. A newcomer eh? Perhaps you should try out the actual gym next door. I heard Sabrina is back in Kanto!"

    "Look. I'm not really interested in…"

    "ChuChu!" ChuChu smiled, buzzing her electric cheek pouches, using her little paws to punch i nthe air.

    "Pika?" Pika smiled at ChuChu.

    "What? You want to battle again after what happened in Viridian City."

    "ChuChu!" ChuChu nodded.

    "Hehe." Red chuckled. "I think Pika's influence may have rubbed on ChuChu."

    "Pika." Pika smiled laughing a bit.


    "Pika... ChuChu…" Pika and ChuChu revealed there baby-doll eyes, there cute eyes big and wide staring deep into Yellow's soul.


    "Pika... ChuChu..." Pika and ChuChu's eyes grew bigger.

    "Fine I suppose…" Yellow sighed. "I guess we could give it another try before meeting up with the others."

    "That's the spirit!" Red smiled.

    "ChuChu! Pika!" The Pikachu's jumped in the air with a smile.
    Red and Yellow entered the Saffron City's Gym. It was nowhere as grand or as decorated as some of the other gyms Red visited. Brock's Gym had a sturdy rock arena while Misty's was set at a large pool and an aquarium. Here it was just a tiny room with two metal pads on each corner.

    "This is Sabrina's Gym?" Red looked disappointed.

    "You sound like you've never been here." Yellow looked around.

    "I haven't been to all the gyms actually. I got the rest of the badges at Silph Co. when Team Rocket attacked." Red walked over to one of the pads. "I wonder what are thes…"

    Red took a step, instantly vanishing into thin air as the pad glowed green.

    "What!? Pika!? Chu!?" Yellow and the Pikachus gasped.

    The pad glowed green again as Red re-emerged smiling.

    "You gotta check this out Yellow! The room leads to other rooms! It's a teleporter!" Red smiled.

    "Thank goodness…" Yellow took a deep breath, feeling relief.

    "C'mon. Let's go check the rest of these rooms out!"

    "Okay." Yellow smiled.
    Green, Blue and Silver walked past much of the busy populace of Saffron City. Blue smiled happily as usual, Green held his hands deep into his pockets looking around while Silver glanced his eyes back and forth at Saffron's citizens.

    "People are really busy huh." Blue spoke.

    "Yeah. Years ago Rocket took control of this entire city." Green responded. "Now there just continuing on with their daily lives like nothing happened years ago."

    "Yeah… I heard about that from Green." Silver frowned. "They practically blocked off the entire city from the rest of the world. To think they were able to achieve something like that makes them really dangerous and…"

    "Hey! Turn that frown upside down!" Blue turned to Silver. "Enough talk about Rocket. Let's just enjoy the rest of the day until Red and Yellow get here."

    "But what about your parents or that Rocket glove we found?" Green spoke.

    "My parents are safe at Pallet Town. I told them I'm off to Saffron to visit Silph Co. and only that!"

    "Won't your parents worry?" Silver asked.

    "Better not to tell them to be honest. Don't want them panicking and do everything they can to prevent me coming here. Besides I made a promise to Bill to come here." Blue said. "Also I know that glove is a dangerous sign but… I don't know. I feel like there's something odd about it."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I agree." Green replied. "There is something that is bothering me. From how Blue explained it, that person seem to battle you to analyze you right?"

    "Mhm." Blue nodded.

    "What's so odd about that?" Silver asked.

    "Doesn't that strike you as odd at all?" Green turned to Silver. "Your old man is a resourceful and clever guy. Team Rocket should already have information on our battle styles knowing them. Giovanni himself came prepared with both the knowledge and Deoxys to re-challenge Red for the title of Pokemon Champion. Why would they want to reanalyze Blue's battle styles up and personal? I would think they would know our tactics and strategies on a constant basis without having to go so much trouble."

    "Hmm… is someone else in charge of Team Rocket?" Silver spoke. "Someone new... like the Mask of…"

    "Hey! I said enough talk about Team Rocket! Let's just relax for today." Blue smiled before turning around, hearing a man yelling faraway. "Hmm?"

    "Everyone! Everyone! Citizens! Adventurers! Come and behold me, the professional Mr. Psychic!" Mr. Psychic shouted next to a pink hippo-like Pokemon as people gathered around. "Don't call me Uncle Psychic! Mr. Psychic is my name! I can lift and bend spoons, read your minds, or I can teach you the technical machine known as Psychic! I can do these things and you will not regret it… for 200 Pokedollars of course heheheh."

    "Mind reading? Like Yellow's Psychic Powers!" Blue smiled, grabbing Silver by the arm. "C'mon! Let's check it out."

    "Wait what?" Silver gulped.
    "So who will be first? A nifty levitation trick? Adventurers who want to teach there Pokemon the move Psychic? Or perhaps you want to test my mind-reading skills!"

    "Mind-reading skills please!" Blue walked forward happily.

    "Our first customer of the day Slowpoke!" Mr. Psychic smiled at his Pokemon.

    "Slooooooooo…" Slowpoke yawned.

    "So young lady! Anything in particular?"

    "Nope but I want you to mind-read my friend here!" Blue giggled.

    "I'm sorry… what?" Silver's eyes widened.

    "C'mon! Have some fun!"

    "I can think of a million other things to have fun other than stupid mind-reading tricks."

    "Stupid?! I have you know that I am one of the best mind readers of Saffron City! Now anything in particular?" Mr. Psychic asked.

    "Not really. Let's just get this over with." Silver muttered.

    "Okay." Mr. Psychic cracked his knuckles. The man closed his eyes, reaching out his hand to Silver's forehead. "Ah… I see…"

    "Um… see what?" Silver crossed his arms.

    "You had quite a harsh life, you and that young lady."

    "Um… Blue. I don't think he should know…"

    "Shh! Let him speak!" Blue looked curious.

    "Yes. Quite the hard life, tragic actually. I won't speak anymore of it but… throughout your travels you have made many friends, both Pokemon and people. Also… there is happiness for you young man." Mr. Psychic smiled.

    "H… happiness? What? What do you mean?" Silver looked nervous.

    "A very special lady in your life hee hee." Mr. Psychic chuckled.

    "Ooh! A special lady! Who is it!" Blue smiled.

    "Time to go!" Silver backed off, handing him 200 Pokedollars. "Here! Take it!"

    Mr. Psychic took the money. "Sure but…"

    "Whoa!" Blue yelled as her arm was pulled by Silver.

    "Tell her! Tell her before it's too late!" Mr. Psychic shouted.

    Silver gritted his teeth, face turned bright red as his hair.

    "Huh… well that happened." Green sighed.

    "How about you young man?" Mr. Psychic looked at him.

    "No thanks. I think I've ran into enough psychics and tricksters." Green remembered the ninja at the Pokémon Tower, the psychic from Saffron, and the elderly woman cackling like a witch. "Far too many to be honest."
    Red and Yellow continued teleporting to room after room. It was the same. There were no trainers here anywhere. Pika and ChuChu looked bored as ever. Red, Yellow, Pika and ChuChu took a step forth into the teleporter, finding themselves in a far larger room.

    "Where is everyone? Aren't there normally trainers in gyms?" Yellow spoke.

    "This is pretty big. Must be the Gym Leaders room." Red spoke.

    "Who's that?" Yellow pointed at a figure standing in the shadows.

    "Huh? Um… why hello there?" The tall man stepped forward.

    The pair saw an old mustachio man in a brown suit wearing a brown top hat and sunglasses, holding a suitcase.

    "Who are you? Where is everyone?" Red walked forth.

    "Ah. You must be challengers. I thought the gym was locked." The old man spoke.

    Yellow could see and sense another figure from behind him, it looked like a Pokemon of some sort.

    "Well anyways. Everyone is at home until Sabrina comes back. She's busy as a movie star you know."

    "But we've been told by the Karate Master next door that she's back in Kanto." Yellow responded.

    "Um… that's because… she's back in Kanto, not necessarily in Saffron City at her gym duties. Again. The Movie Star life is a very busy and demanding lifestyle for the miss."

    "Well… then who are you?" Red crossed his arms.

    "Me? I've been personally chosen by Sabrina as the Gym Leader stand-in and the Gym's caretaker." The old man smiled.

    "Really? You must be really strong to be recommended by Sabrina? Care for a battle." Red smiled.

    "A battle?" He grinned.

    "Oh you must know me! I can see that innocent-looking smile on your face. You want try out some new tricks right?" Red pointed his finger at his wide malicious grin and his crazed look in his eyes.

    "Um… innocent?" Yellow gulped at the old man's scary smile.

    "Pika? Chu?" The Pikachus gulped.

    "Uh… yes. Sorry if that bugs you. I… have a strong love for battling. It's a bad habit of mines that needs control." He stopped smiling. "So Red. What Pokemon do you want to use?"

    "Me? Sorry but I want Yellow to battle first for the badge. Then me! Sounds good?" Red smiled.

    "You are the challenger?" The old man eyed the young girl.

    "I guess so." Yellow walked forward to one end of the battle stage.

    "Okay. Alakazam. Come out." The Old Man spoke to the figure in the shadows.

    "Alakazam." A golden fox-like creature holding two spoons stepped forward.

    "Alakazam." Yellow thought. "What's good against Alakazam?"

    "Use Butterfree! Bug types are great against Alakazam." Red shouted.

    "Oh. Thanks Red." Yellow picked up a Pokeball.

    "Chu!" ChuChu shook her left leg with her little paws, having a sad look in her eyes.

    "That's right. You wanted to battle as well." Yellow looked at her Pikachu. She pointed to the battle stage. "Okay! I choose you Pikachu!"

    "Chu!" ChuChu walked forward holding a determined smile.

    "Pika!" Pika jumped in the air as support.

    "Hmm? You're using Pokémon that are begging to battle over type-advantage? Illogical." The old man said.

    "The reason I came here is because of ChuChu!" Yellow responded. "ChuChu! Use… um…

    "Thunderbolt! Use Thunderbolt!" Red shouted.

    "Pika!" Pika shouted.

    "Thunderbolt!" Yellow shouted.

    "Chu!" ChuChu leaped off the ground sparking with electricity. "CHU!"

    The electric mouse launched a powerful thunderbolt directly towards the Alakazam. The Alakazam just stood there waiting.

    "Chu!?" ChuChu gasped.

    "Pika!?" Pika gasped.

    Alakazam vanished instantly, the thunderbolt missed striking the ground.

    "He didn't even give a order? Psychic powers? Is that allowed in gym battles?" Yellow thought.

    "Chu!?" ChuChu continued floating in the air, enveloped by a blue light. It was Psychic. The Pikachu kept looking and looking wondering where Alakazam was. ChuChu's eye widened as she felt a poke on her back.

    "Alakazam." Alakazam spoke.

    "Chu!?" ChuChu looked up and saw Alakazam floating, his blue glowing eyes staring right at her.

    "Alakazam!" Alakazam shifted his spoon down, launching Pikachu to the ground.

    "Pika!" Pika looked worried.

    "Oh man." Red was astonished by the Gym Leader stand-in's strength. "Sabrina's students are really strong."

    "Alakazam." Alakazam crossed his arms, unimpressed of his opponent.

    "Hmm…" Yellow clicked something around her wrist.

    "Your not going to forfeit?" The Old Man smiled. His smile dropped, replaced by curiosity. "Hmm?"

    "Kazam? Kazam!?" Alakazam's eyes widened as an intense electric energy emerged.

    "What!? What is this!?" The Old Man looked at the young girl.

    She was performing a stance, a strange dance in the middle of the battle.

    "Hee hee." Red couldn't help but laughing as Yellow used her hands to mimick a Pikachu's ears.

    The Old Man saw ChuChu beneath a smoke performing the exact same dance as Yellow. "Alakazam! Focus Blast!"

    "Kazam!" Kazam used his hands to create a brown ball of energy while upside down.

    "Go!" Yellow ordered.

    "Chu!" ChuChu jumped past the attack to the air grinning, full of immense energy

    "What is that?" The Old Man eyed Yellow's wrist, there was a ring around there… and a yellow crystal too!

    "Pika…" ChuChu eyes locked onto Alakazam's eyes, seeing a sign of nervousness.


    Catastro!… Pika!.!.!

    The Pikachu rolled up into an giant electrical ball.

    "Chu! Chu! CHUUU!" Pikachu tackled the Alakazam as a massive THUUUNDER! mid-air flashed throughout the entire arena!

    "KAZAM!?" Alakazam felt a searing shock of electricity coursing through his body.

    "Chuu!" Pikachu landed on her feet as the massive thunder died down with a smile as Alakazam fell to the floor.

    "Return!" The Old Man quickly returned his Pokemon.

    "Hmm?" Yellow noticed Alakazam's hand shrank.

    "Pika!" Pika ran up to ChuChu.

    "Chuu!" ChuChu rubber her noses against Pika's, kissing him on the cheek.

    "Pika!" Pika felt a little embarrassed as ChuChu ran to her trainer.

    "Chuuu! Chuuu!" Pikachu happily ran and jumped into Yellow arms.

    "Well you're a happy little mouse aren't you?" Yellow smiled.

    "Chuu!" ChuChu nodded.

    "Well done young lady." The Old Man smiled. "What was that exactly?"

    "Oh this?" Yellow revealed a black ring around her wrist containing a yellow crystal. The old man looked at the crystal containing a symbol depicting Pikachu's tail. "This is a Z-Ring I got in Alola along with Red."

    "You have one too?" The Old Man looked at Red.

    "Yup!" Red showed him his Z-ring.

    The Old man looked at it. It looked similar to Yellow's but the entire crystal looked like the tail of a Pikachu containing an electric symbol within. "Hmm… anyways…"

    The Old Man pulled out a Marsh Badge from his pcoket, one resembling a golden circle. "Here you go! The Marsh Badge. You deserve it."

    "I'm sorry…" Yellow looked nervous. "Um… I think I… may have cheated a bit."

    "Chu?" ChuChu looked at her.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I have psychic powers… and use them in the battle." Yellow twiddled her thumbs.

    "I can read Pokemon's minds, heal them with my hands… and… I can also boost a Pokemon's level to higher levels." Yellow sighed. "I boosted ChuChu's levels because the last time we fought she lost and got her hopes down a bit… I'm sorry."

    "Stop. That's alright." The Old Man smiled. "To be frank. I've been using my Psychic Powers as well to command Alakazam."

    "But I boosted ChuChu's level. That's way different from…"

    "It's okay. There's no rule against using Psychic powers. If you really feel that way, just don't use them next time. The Marsh badge, you earned it."

    "Um… really?" Yellow looked surprised.

    "Chu?" ChuChu smiled.

    The two hugged each other as Red and Pika smiled.

    "So how about our battle?" Red looked at the Old Man.

    "Pika!" Pika's electric pouches glowed.

    "Ah… I'm sorry but I just got a message in the middle of the battle so I have to go now. Maybe next time?" The Old Man walked away to a backdoor.

    "Hmm… he didn't had a watch last time I check…" Red thought.

    "Okay than. Let's go meet the others!" Yellow smiled at Red.

    "Hmm…" Red looked at Yellow's face for a moment.

    "Uh… is something the matter?" Yellow wondered what Red was staring at.

    "Huh… it's nothing really." Red smiled back. "It's just that… you got a really great smile."

    "Uh… thank… you?" Yellow's face turned red.

    "Is something wrong with your face?" Red looked nervous.

    "What!? No! No! Nothing! Nothing at all!" Yellow turned around.

    "Chu!" ChuChu giggled, flashing her eyes romantically.

    "Pika!" Pika made kissy faces.

    "Why are you looking at me like that!" Yellow yelled at the two.

    "Pika! Chu! Pika! Chu!" Pika and ChuChu turned around, giggling more together.

    "Did… Did I do something wrong…" Red thought.

    Meanwhile, the Old Man stepped forward away from the giggling and shouting, into the backroom.

    "Hehe…" The Old Man grinned at Sabrina and her students, there hands and legs tied together.

    "You won't get away with this you fake."

    "Oh… but I already have..." The Old Man's eyes flashed red repeatedly.
    Red and Yellow walked out of the gym seeing the sunny skies raying upon them. Yellow glanced nervously at the ground as something was on Red's mind.

    "Hey…" Red spoke.

    "What!? I mean, yes?" Yellow looked startled.

    "Wasn't there something odd about that gym?"

    "What... what do you mean? Like he allowed psychic powers?"

    "No. Not that. There are rules set in place for gyms. I shouted out advice there without thinking. The penalty for a companion shouting out advice to the challenger is being kicked out of the gym."

    "Maybe he's new to the job."

    "True that's a possibility but… he's a Gym Leader stand-in right?"


    "Well… shouldn't even a Gym Leader stand in's be updated on the latest information on battles? Such as Z-moves? He seemed to have no idea what they were." Red explained.

    "Well again… maybe he's new? I heard some time ago the Gym Leaders were caught off-guard by Z-moves from challengers in faraway lands, asking the Pokemon Association on the status of the legality of Z-moves." Yellow spoke.

    "From who?"

    "Brock, Misty, and Lance actually. Apparently they were challenged by Kukui, that wrestler guy who became a professor. He used Z-moves."

    "I guess that makes sense." Red said. "Anyways. Where is Blaine and Mewtwo anyway?"

    "Them? I believe they said they went somewhere else to study something quickly." Yellow replied.

    "Hey guys!" A familiar voice called to them.

    "Hmm?" Red and Yellow looked ahead, smiling waving "Hello!" to them. "Hey guys!"

    "Hi you two!" Blue smiled.

    "How you've been Red! And you too Yellow!" Green smiled.

    "Hello Blue and Green." Yellow smiled.

    "Hey Green! Blue! You ready to battle sometime!" Red grinned.

    "Right now!" Yellow responded. "We just battled the Saffron Gym!"

    "Saffron Gym?" Silver walked forward.

    "Silver? What are you doing here?" Yellow spoke.

    "Hi Yellow. Hey Red. I'm care here through the Magnetic Train Station over there from Johto." Silver pointed to a large train station just nearby.

    Red and Yellow could see the magnetic rails reaching to the far west... Johto.

    "I'm came here because Blue was… apparently bored… literally. That was her reason for me being here."

    "And you came anyway." Red smiled. "Blue must mean a lot to you hehe."

    "Um… something like that." Silver said.

    "Hey guys!" Two more familiar voices called to them.

    "Hey. It's Bill and your sister Daisy, Green." Red looked at the two running together.

    "I'm glad your all together! This makes much things easier to find you!" Bill stopped to catch his breath.

    "Hi there Green! How's my little brother doing!" Daisy smiled.

    "Hmm…" Green stared at Bill.

    "Um… Is... something wrong?" Bill felt an uneasy atmosphere forming.

    "How's my sister been? She's fine right?" Green spoke.

    "Yeah. Yeah! She's been great at assisting my Pokemon Research! Yup! Nothing else! Just two friends!" Bill shaked.

    "Oh. Okay than. Also you should stop shaking so much. So. When do we get to Silph Co?"

    "Right now actually! The building is just right there!" Daisy pointed to the tallest building of Saffron City. Silph Co.

    Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Bill, and Daisy all entered the building. It was massive. They saw fountains in the center, waiting chairs on the sides, and a reception desk at the end near the elevators. There weren't a lot of employees on this floor though.

    "Hello! Hello! Welcome!" A tall man walked forward.

    Red noticed the black-haired man in his brown suit, his black tie, and his charismatic smile with that beard of his. He must be the one in charge of Silph Co.

    "Welcome heroes of Saffron City! I see you brought friends as well. My name is August. I am the head of this company!"

    "Nice to meet you!" Red reached out his hand.

    August shook Red's hand, smiling widely.

    "I'm so happy that you all came!" August spoke. "I must confess! I've heard of other lands where heroes similar to you have been welcomed with celebrations and parties. Also, as a huge fanboy of Pokemon, I just had to start a celebration! My father absolutely said it was a necessity that the world heard what you did for Kanto!"

    "A celebration huh?" Green spoke.

    "You mean like a party?" Red smiled.

    "Yes. Now come! I have much to show you what the company is doing!" August spread his arms wide.
    The trainers entered a room full of mass-produced discs. Green looked at them, recognizing what those were.

    "Those are Up-grade discs for Porygon right?" Green spoke.

    "Yes. I can see the Viridian Gym Leader is very knowledgeable." August smiled.

    "I know because I have a Porygon 2 on my team. Got a disc from my grandpa."

    "Ah! I see! This may interest you but years ago we discovered Porygon 2 has a second evolution!"

    "Really?" Red smiled.

    "Ah yes!" A short man walked forward in a lab coat. He was as tall as a tree stump. "Porygon Z is the name of the evolution. It evolves through a disc not yet in production as of now!"

    "Not yet in production? Why?" Green asked.

    "Well… we have found some… dubious… problems to it that had made Porygon Z act very odd, very glitchy you could say. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Argus. I am August's father." Argus spoke.

    "Really? I… um…" Blue looked at the two. One was as short as a stump and the other was as tall as a tree. "I can see the resemblance."

    "I think I can see it too." Daisy said.

    "Your... your joking right?" Silver said.

    "So why did you planned on creating a disc for Porygon 2?" Green spoke.

    "For one thing to improve security measures of course!" August smiled.

    "Security measures?" Green said, holding back a Pokeball containing Porygon 2 from behind, near one of the computers.

    "Yes. Ever since Team Rocket attacked. We ramp up security measures by sending Porygon 2's throughout the computer system. It's a very tough security system to crack... or fight more specifically."

    "I see." Green clipped his Pokeball to the back of his belt. "I assume Porygon Z is also used to improve security?"

    "Yes! But there's also another reason!" Daisy Oak smiled.

    Bill smiled "Let us show you!"
    The group followed Bill past several windows displaying all sorts of testing facilities. Red noticed new Poke Balls being tested, Yellow noticed several water tanks full of Lapras's being studied and taken care for, Silver noticed a mass production of Poke Gears being readied to be shipped to Johto and Blue spotted something that caught her eye.

    "Oh look! Dittos!" Blue smiled.

    "Ditto?" Blue's Ditto looked through the red glass of the Pokeball.

    "Yes. Ditto." August smiled. "There's an interesting legend about Ditto."

    "Really? " Blue looked at him.

    "They say Ditto is a failed byproduct of attempting to clone Mew." August smiled.

    "Um… failed?" Blue said.

    "Ditto?" Ditto, in Blue's Pokeball, didn't like where this was going.

    "Yes." August smiled. "There were experiments on Cinnabar Island in attempt to clone Mew into something called... Mewtwo."

    Red, Green, Blue and Yellow eyes opened wide. Bill gulped a bit. Silver and Daisy just stood there clueless.

    "However many of the tests failed and they became Ditto that roam the Pokemon Mansion. I heard however they've been transported to the wild somewhere after the Pokemon Mansion was refurbished." August continued. "However. I don't see them as a failure."

    "You don't?" Blue said.

    "No. There just so adorable and cute and can transform to any Pokemon! There amazing creatures!" August smiled excitedly.

    "Hehehe…" Blue looked nervous. She thought, "Didn't expect such a tall man to use adorable and cute in a sentence."

    "Ditto!" Ditto smiled in the Pokeball.

    "Anyways! Let's get to what were going to show you!" Bill spoke.
    "Whoa!" The trainers stepped into a massive room.

    There was a large machine in the middle and around them were armored ant-like Pokemon carrying pieces and parts around.

    "What are those?" Red said.

    "Those are Durants." August explained. "There under the command of my father as of now. There used to help out the construction of this machine."

    "What is it?" Silver looked at it.

    "It's a device used to create a gateway to Pokemon's dreams!" Bill smiled.

    "Pokemon's dreams?"

    "Yes! A researcher from Unova had discovered a gateway to what we call the Dream World where trainers can enter there Pokemon's dreams and see what they are dreaming about!" Bill explained. "Silph Co. has been interested in such a device, feeling it's a step forward to uniting Pokemon and people and they invited me and Daisy, two professional Pokemon researchers, to help!"

    "That's awesome! Does it work!" Red smiled at the idea.

    "Actually yes! However that's not the only thing it does." Daisy explained. "It has another application."

    "Another application? Is that why the Durant are moving around parts?" Green looked at the Durants scattering all over the room, from the floor to the walls to the ceilings.

    "Yup! Pretty much! In theory… it should also be able to create a portal to other dimensions!"

    "What?" Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow looked puzzled.

    "You mean like the wormholes from Alola?" Yellow said.

    "Yes!" Bill answered. "And without that information you found in Alola. Me and Daisy would've never accomplished Silph Co's latest project! It was thanks to you people that I was able to find a way to recreate wormholes right here!"

    "Okay… but what's the other reason for Porygon Z?" Green said.

    "According to our studies." August stepped forward. "Porygon Z has the ability to travel to alien dimensions!"

    "What?!" Red, Green, Blue and Yellow all looked shocked. "Really? Why would you need a machine then if you can just use Porygon Z?"

    "Well… as mentioned before… Porygon Z aren't exactly reliable." Bill explained. "Some error in the disc used for Porygon Z has caused them to act erratically. Even then, they don't seem to know how to activate these wormholes on their own. It just happens randomly. However when it does, they serve as a great way to travel on through these wormholes."

    "Yes." August smiled. "It's thanks to Bill, the famous PC admin, and Daisy, the granddaughter of Prof. Oak, here and his team in the Sevii Isles too! Without them setting up the communication center that would eventually lead to the prestigious Wi-Fi centers across Sinnoh, Unova, and beyond plus there extensive research on Pokemon. I would've never gotten any of this done without a world more connected than ever."

    "Excuse me sir." A woman appeared from behind.

    "Huh?" Red looked at the woman. She wore a purple business top and skirt but her face and her raven-colored hair looked familiar, too familiar. "Uh… Yellow."

    "Yes?" Yellow responded.

    "That woman behind August. She kind of looks like you…"

    "Hmm?" Yellow looked at the woman. She looked exactly like her, she even wore her hair like a ponytail. However she looked bored with cold eyes, carrying pieces of technology in her hand. "Maybe a little bit."

    "It's weird. She's like your technological opposite." Blue watched.

    "Technological opposite?" Yellow thought.

    "Hmm? Yes?" August turned around.

    "It's that time again." The woman spoke in a nasally voice.

    "Ah. It appears I have to go. The tour is over but there is a party later so feel free to come back when night hits." August smiled.

    Red saw the two leave as he spoke to Bill. "Hey Bill? Who is that girl?"

    "Her? That's August's secretary. Her name is Violet. She's kind of an introvert and doesn't like socializing with others. Prefers to be around the computer all day, working nonstop."

    "That doesn't sound like me at all." Yellow said.

    "Sound like you?" Bill paused, looking at the secretary.

    "Oh. Is it because she kind of looks like you, only with black hair." Daisy smiled.

    "Huh…" Bill looked at her again before she left. "I do see the resemblance."

    "Hmm…" Yellow stood there, watching her. "I bet she's a nice person underneath."

    "She is… but she's socially awkward at times… and has… anger issues." Bill sighed. "So guys? How about we go eat lunch right now!"
    Red and his friends stepped out of the Silph Co. building. Bill, carrying his laptop, looked up and noticed the clouds have gotten dark.

    "Looks like it could rain any second." Bill said.

    "I checked the weather on my Poke Gear." Silver said. "It's supposed to be sunny all around this week."

    "You and your laptop should be fine sweety." Daisy smiled at Bill.

    "Sweety?" Green looked at Bill.

    "Ah... um... that's just something she says to a lot of close people!" Bill looked nervous.

    "I never heard her call that to me." Green said.

    "I only say that to you Bill!" Daisy looked confused.

    "Um... uh... huh?" Bill saw a bunch of people running.

    "What's this?" Red noticed several people running to different directions.

    "Have you tried the other gate!" One man yelled.

    "Yes! It's the same there too!" One woman yelled.

    "I'm still checking anyway!" Another man yelled.

    "Um… excuse me!" Blue said.

    "Huh?" The first man stopped. "Yes?"

    "What's going on? What's with all the people running everywhere?" Blue asked.

    "Y… you haven't heard? It's better to show you! C'mon!"

    "I guess we follow him." Silver spoke.

    As the group of trainers ran, Bill's laptop flashed red.
    Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Bill and Daisy stopped at the gate that lead to Lavender Town. They noticed the gate covered in dense fog to the point that the gate didn't seem to be there at all. They heard people screaming and yelling at each other as a driver stepped into his truck.

    "What's this idiot doing?" The escort watched.

    "No you idiot!" One man yelled. "Your going to crash into someone!"

    "I gotta try! I'm late for shipments!" The man yelled, pressing into gear.

    "Everyone run!" He yelled as the truck went full speed.

    "What are they talking about?" Green said.

    "Don't just stand there! Move!" A man called out to the trainers.

    "Huh?" Red's eyes widened. "Move! NOW!"

    The six quickly scattered as the truck returned from the fog in full speed!

    "Oh shiiii-" The truck driver quickly pressed the brakes.

    The truck slowed down as the same man from before grabbed him by the neck.

    "You idiot! You could've hurt someone!"

    "I'm sorry! I... I didn't know!"

    "Wh… what happened?" Yellow's eyes widened.

    The man that escorted them explained. "All the gates are cut off from the rest of Kanto. I can't explain it but every time someone tries to leave through that fog, they come right back here!"

    "What? That's stupid." Red got up.

    "Wait Red!" Blue yelled but Red didn't listened.

    He ran for it.

    "I'm telling you. It's the truth." The escort said.

    Red quickly ran into the dense fog as others watched. He walked in blind, the fog being too dense. He kept running, seeing a glimpse of light!

    "I don't know what he's…" Red slowed down. He saw the streetlights of Saffron City, his friends looking at him surprised and shocked. "… talking… about?"

    "What's going on?" Green gulped.

    "It's like that time Rocket controlled Saffron." Blue's eyes widened.

    "Were cut off from the entire region." Silver gritted his teeth.

    "Wait! What about the train station? Maybe that's a way out." Blue said.

    "You don't think people have tried that?" The escort said. "Look, I'm outta here. I'm going to find my family quickly. You guys. Be careful. Something bad looks like will happen."

    "Something… bad…" Bill remembered the cracked pearl. "Hmm?"

    Bill noticed his laptop flashing red.

    "What are you doing Bill?" Red ran to them, seeing Bill opening his laptop

    "My laptop. It's sensing powerful disturbances." Bill looked at the screen as a red light flashed his face.

    "A disturbance of what?"

    "Any who travel through the wormholes are bathed in a strange type of energy. Sometimes they've been found to even power Pokemon up, increasing there size. The Alolan people called them Totem Pokemon but that's not always the case." Bill looked through the programs.

    "Wormholes? Is it happening in Silph Co.? Is the machine on?" Daisy asked.

    "No. It's happening at that abandoned Colosseum over there! Let's go!" Bill said.

    "The Colosseum?" Red looked at the abandoned building. It was massive, half the size of the Silph Co. building.
    The group ran to the abandoned stadium. It was a massive battle stage used for Pokemon battles but it's pretty clear it hasn't been used in a long time. Right in the middle, Yellow recognized a familiar Pokemon.

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa smiled at Yellow. "Hoopa! Hoopa!"

    "Hoopa!?" Yellow and Red shouted.

    "Hoopa." Hoopa smiled.

    "I thought I... I left him at the shelter." Yellow gulped.

    Elsewhere... the dragon descends...
  7. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    RGBY - Vol. 1 - Saffron City Summary - A Legendary Dragon is searching for something...

    1.6 - The Dragon Descends
    Everyone standing in the Colosseum seemed confused what that little imp-like Pokemon was doing there.

    "Hoopa!" The golden Hoopa smiled.

    Yellow quickly ran without hesitation.

    "Hey! Wait a minute! We don't even know what that is." Green said.

    "This colosseum." Silver looked at the race-tracks around the battle-stage. The battle stage didn't seem to appear to be a battle stage either. It was split into several other stages by chalk. He recognized some of them. One of the stages looked like it was used for sumo wrestling. Another looked like a small football court. The one Hoopa was on was a wooden platform, near a stack of wood and a football. Each of the platforms had four colors on each corner red, blue, green, and yellow. Silver realized was this was. "Is this an abandoned Pokeathlon dome like the one in Johto? What is that Pokemon anyways?"

    "That Pokemon looks... familiar?" Blue looked at the imp creature.

    "We've seen one before Blue in Hoenn. It was pink creature that was tricked into summoning Groudon and Kyogre. This one is a shiny variation apparently." Red said.

    "You mean that time you helped three trainers stop Deoxys from destroying the planet?" Green said.

    "Yeah." Red nodded. "There was a Pokemon called Hoopa who could teleport anywhere or anything it wants." Red looked at Yellow taking a deep breath slowly descending to her knees to the little guy. "This is a different Hoopa we found but last time we checked it was from Fuji's shelter."

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa slammed his hands into the stack of wood. His hands felt shockwaves, glowing red. The Mischief Pokemon jumped in the air in pain. "Hoopa!? Hoopa!"

    The imp-Pokemon quickly ignored the pain, showing a curious smile at the football next to him.

    "Hoopa!" Hoopa smiled offering her the soccerball.

    "You!" Yellow eyed the imp.

    "Hoopa!?" Hoopa gulped with guilt at the sight of Yellow's glare.

    "Fuji? You mean that guy from Lavender Town?" Green said.

    "A Hoopa. Here?" Blue gulped.. "Did it teleport here?"

    "I doubt it. Hoopa's rings are damaged. It must've followed us all the way from Lavender Town." Red said.

    "What!? Hoopa can't teleport?" Blue said.

    "That Pokemon has a very curious nature to put it when it followed Yellow into the Pokemon Tower. It must've gotten lost in the city while trying to follow and ended up finding this place full of sports equipment dedicated for Pokemon." Red explained, but he didn't smiled. He felt something was wrong, very wrong. So did Bill.

    "Even though what you say is interesting Red." Bill checked his laptop. "That Hoopa doesn't seem to be the source of the disturbance. No. The disturbance strangely seems to almost have a mind of it's own… it seems to be… "

    Elsewhere, a dragon descended forward to an distorted portal as many letter-shaped Pokemon began fleeing the red dimension in haste, away from its menacing aura.

    Yellow looked mad at Hoopa.

    "Hoo… pa?" Hoopa gulped.

    "Did you follow us here! You could've gotten hurt!" Yellow shouted and stop. She took a deep breath, feeling a sense of relief. "I suppose what matters is that your fine."

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa was unsure how to take this.

    "C'mon. I'll tell Mr. Fuji at the Pokemon Center." Yellow grabbed the Hoopa with both hands.

    Yellow gently held Hoopa in her arms with a warm smile. Hoopa looked in awe at her angelic face in the midst of this abandon Pokeathlon Dome.

    "The disturbance! It's getting bigger! It's coming right here!" Bill looked above from his laptop where Yellow was standing.

    "Wh… what do you mean it's coming right here?" Daisy looked worried.

    "Yellow! Get out of there!" Bill yelled.

    Yellow's body froze for a moment, Hoopa shivered in fear as he felt a monstrous presence behind her. Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Bill and Daisy's eyes were wide opened in shocked as a massive red wormhole opened, but what was more frightening was the shadowy giant in that portal sporting striking pink eyes. Yellow turned around, slowly stepping back, looking at the fanged giant taking a step out of the portal one massive foot at a time.

    "I… It can't be!" Silver recognized that shape, quickly getting his Pokedex out.

    The white dragon stepped out fully, bearing pink stripes stretching from it's feet to it's armored shoulders each holding pink pearls. Red stood in awe of it's massive wings stretching to its white crest as the dragon's pink intimidating eyes looked around it's surroundings, finding itself in a strange place, a place full of colorful platforms and strange objects, from rubber spheres to non-pointy wooden sticks.

    "Scanning…" Silver scanned the white dragon. "COMPLETE! Palkia. Classification: The Spatial Pokemon. A Water and Dragon Type. Palkia, the ruler of space and dimensions is able to distort or warp space. It is said that space becomes more stable everytime Palkia breathes... DANGER! LEGENDARY CLASS!"

    "Is that the same… Palkia from Sinjoh ruins in Johto?" Silver spoke.

    "Sinjoh ruins?" Blue looked at him.

    "Oh man!" Bill panicked, looking through his laptop non-stop. "This is bad! This is seriously bad! This is really really bad! That Pokemon! That Legendary Pokemon! He's the source of the disturbance and according to my laptop his estimated base stats are off the charts!"

    Palkia's pink intimidating eyes slowly descended to Yellow. No. The Pokémon in her arms, Hoopa.

    "H… hello." Yellow spoke. Her eye's suddenly grew bigger reflecting blue light.

    Palkia aimed his sharp claws at the two, a bluish sphere of aura energy formed.

    Yellow quickly ran as Palkia launched the Aura Sphere at her, barely escaping the deadly blast.

    "He's going to kill her!" Red shouted, pulling out a Pokeball. "Go! Saur!"

    "You go help too Blasty!" Blue threw a Pokeball.

    "I choose you! Charizard!" Green followed also with a Pokeball.

    "Venusaur!" Venusaur roared, sizing up his body.

    "Blastoise!" Blastoise popped open his cannons.

    "CHAAAARRR!" Charizard roared flames into the sky.

    "Go! Ferali…"

    "Wait Silver!" Blue interrupted. "We got this! We need you to escort Bill and Daisy away from here! This could get really dangerous!"

    "What! I don't need protection!" Daisy said.

    "You guys might need me!" Bill said.

    "No!" Green shouted. "You guys just end up getting hurt in this situation! We need you safe! Besides. You'd only slow us down."

    Bill sighed. "Fine."

    "Bill…" Daisy frowned.

    "C'mon! Follow me!" Silver said.

    The three quickly ran to the large exit behind away from the danger.

    "Okay guys!" Blue turned to the three Kanto starters.

    "Mega evolve!" Red, Green, and Blue shouted, clicking there mega stones as the three of the Kanto starters shined brightly in spheres of light.

    Palkia breathed air through its nose as another blue sphere formed, his pink scary eyes locked-on to Yellow. Yellow kept on running towards what appears to be an exit as Palkia launched the aura sphere! The aura sphere launched off-course as Palkia got struck by a beam of draconic energy. Palkia's eyes turned, glaring at the Mega Blastoise firing dragon pulse from those massive cannons.

    "Hmm…" Palkia continued looking at Yellow escaping through what appears to be an entrance, ignoring Blastoise's attack.

    "Don't ignore us! Flamethrower Charizard!" Green shouted as Red took off to Yellow.

    "Body slam!" Red shouted.

    Suddenly Palkia's right shoulder and arm was covered in a massive sea of flames brought forth by an orange dragon with massive wide wings as a green dinosaur holding a giant jungle-like plant on it's back tackled the Palkia in the leg. At the same time the giant cannon-wielding turtle launched several purple pulses to the front but the dragon didn't budged one bit by there attacks.

    "CHAAARR! SAUUUUR! BLAAAST!" Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise attempted to keep up the pressure.

    "Why is Palkia attacking Yellow?!" Green shouted.

    "I don't know!" Blue yelled. "Just look at him! He's a big stupid bully is what he is!"

    Palkia just stood there, his eyes not flinching one bit by such attacks, as he grabbed Mega Charizard Y in the air and Mega Venusaur on the ground by the throats easily, instantly blasting them with Aura Sphere!

    "I never thought pink would be such an intimidating color!" Green sweated.

    "He's absolutely pulverizing them!" Blue shouted.

    Palkia threw the Mega Charizard Y into one of the football goal line stands, slamming Mega Venusaur into the ground hard before kicking Mega Venusaur into the Colosseum's inner sidewalls. Palkia's pink eyes turned to Mega Blastoise.

    "SCOOOOOOORE!" The Football Goal Line activated as Charizard reverted back to his original form.

    Meanwhile, Yellow found herself in an abandoned pool training facility, this was definitely not the exit!

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa looked at the empty pool

    "Is this colosseum also used for Pokeathlon?" Yellow looked around for an exit.

    "Yellow!" Red catched up. "Why is Palkia chasing you!"

    "I don't know why! I have no clue why he is…"

    Suddenly the pool's side wall broke down as Mega Venusaur was thrown into the empty pool.

    "Venu… saur…" Venusaur reverted to his original form.

    "Venusaur!? He's taken down that fast!" Red gulped.

    Red and Yellow looked through the giant hole Palkia made, seeing Palkia at a distance gazing at Mega Blastoise.

    "Blasty! Dragon Pulse again!" Blue shouted.

    "Blastoise!" Mega Blastoise launched another Dragon Pulse to the relentless dragon.

    The massive dragon vanished instantly, the Dragon Pulse striking the concrete walls of the Colosseum instead.

    "Blast?!" Mega Blastoise looked shocked. He looked and turn his head, wondering where such a large creature went.

    "He… he can teleport!?"

    Blue and Blastoise's eyes suddenly froze in what appeared right in front of them, standing in his shadow. Palkia's pink eyes glared at the two.

    "Blastoise!" Mega Blastoise's eyes woke away from that frozen fear aiming his massive cannon to the dragon. "Blast!?" Mega Blastoise panicked as Palkia grabbed Mega Blastoise's large cannon, lifting him in the air.

    Palkia threw the Mega Blastoise in the air, blasting the free-falling turtle in the sky with Aura Pulse!

    "Blasty!" Blue yelled.

    Palkia ignored the girl's screaming as Mega Blastoise fell and tumbled on the platform, far away from Blue's location, reverting to his original form. Palkia eyed Yellow standing from the pool.

    "He's an absolute monster!" Green said. "We need to go all-out guys!"

    "Probably for the best!" Blue said.

    "Me and the other guys got this! Please heal my Venusaur in the mean time!" Red ran past the rubble.

    Yellow watched as Red grabbed all his Pokeballs in both hands while descending to the empty pool where Venusaur laid.

    "I got you Saur!" Yellow placed her hands over Venusaur.

    "Hoopa?" Hoopa looked puzzled as Yellow's hand glowed over Venusaur.

    "Sauurr..." Venusaur muttered.

    "Go! Pika! Poli! Snor! Aero! Vee!" Red shouted.

    "Come on out! Jiggly! Clefy! Nido! Bull!" Blue shouted.

    "I choose you! Scizor! Gourgeist! Arcanine! Rhypherior! Porygon 2!" Green shouted.

    An array of Pokeballs flashed around Palkia. Suddenly the glaring dragon found himself attacked from all fronts by highly-trained Pokemon... but he still didn't budged.

    "Does anything have a impact!" Red yelled.

    "Scizor! Aero!" Scizor and Aerodactyl came flying in.

    "Aero!" Aerodactyl got blasted in the air by Aura Sphere much to Scizor's surprise.

    "Aero!" Red shouted as Aerodactly tumbled to the platform.

    "Scizor!?" Scizor glanced at his fallen friend as Palkia grabbed Scizor by the head. "Scizor!?" Scizor try to push himself out of Palkia left claw with his feet and claws to no avail.

    "Get out of there Scizor!" Green gulped at the sight of his first Pokemon desperately trying to get out of Palkia's grip.

    Palkia locked on to the Pokemon's angry left eye through his draconic claws as he was being struck by all kinds of attacks. Palkia blasted the Scizor to the head before slamming him to the ground. Palkia felt two massive jaws biting down on his right arm but it felt light to the massive dragons. Palkia eyed the two canines, Arcanine and Granbull, gripping onto his arm.

    "Grrrrr…" Arcanine and Granbull held determined eyes.

    "Pika! Esp! Gour! BZZZ!" A combined attack of thunderbolt, psybeam, shadow ball, and ice-beam came bolting to Palkia's other side.

    Palkia turned calmly to see Pikachu, Espeon, Gourgeist and Porygon 2 attacking from a distance together. "Hmm…" Palkia scanned throughout the battle, sensing a group dashing behind him. The spatial Pokemon warped.

    "Snor!? Poli!? Nido!?" Snorlax, Poliwrath and Nidoqueen gasped at how fast the massive dragon warped as they attempted to jump from behind wielding thunder, ice, and fire punch.

    "That damn warping!" Green gritted his teeth.

    "Arroo!?" Granbull and Arcanine got struck by the combined attack of the special attackers.

    "Bull! Arcanine!" Blue and Green gasped.

    "Pika!" Pikachu gasped as Granbull and Arcanine fainted by there powerful combo attack.

    "Snor. Poli. Nido." Snorlax, Poliwrath and Nidoqueen landed on their feet confused on to where he gone, looking nervous at the fainted canines near them.

    Suddenly Palkia reemerged from behind as the three heavy hitters sensed him, eyes wide opened. Palkia grabbed Poliwrath with his massive claws.

    "Poli!" Poliwrath tried to get out of his claws but Palkia's grip was too strong!

    Snorlax and Nidoqueen fired a massive orange beam to Palkia, Hyper Beam, but Palkia used Poliwrath as a shield much to there shock.

    "Poli!" Red screamed to his first Pokemon!

    "POLI!?" Poliwrath got struck by the double Hyper Beam.

    "Hmm…" Palkia blasted the two other heavy-hitters with a single aura sphere.

    "Nido!? Snor!?" The two heavy-hitters were engulfed by the attack's explosion.

    The trainers and the special attackers watched in horror as Palkia kicked Poliwrath, Nidoqueen, and Snorlax with ease off the platform into the racing tracks.

    "This isn't over yet!" Red's hands clenched into a fist full of anger.

    "Pika!" Pikachu wasn't going to back down.

    "Vee! Gour! BZZZ!" Espeon, Gourgeist, and Porygon 2 nodded.

    But Palkia didn't seem to care. He just raised both his claws, blasting all of them away easily with a barrage of spheres.

    "Pika! Vee! Gour! BzzZZ!" The four special attackers were thrown in the air, hitting and rolling off the stage!

    "Is he even taking us seriously?!" Red thought.

    "RHY!" The massive rock giant, Rhypherior, came running at the dragon with Clefable and Wigglytuff by his side.

    "Clefable! Wiggly!" Clefable and Wigglytuff jumped into the air with Ice Punches.

    "Hmm…" Palkia raised a single Aura Sphere, blasting the rampaging Rhypherior legs off-course easily forcing the rock giant to trip, his face hitting the ground. Palkia eyes shifted to the the two fairy-types using a double ice-punch on him.

    "Wiggly! Clefable!" The two fairy-types yelled.

    Palkia quickly grabbed the two fairy's by there arms much to there surprise.

    "Wiggly!? Clefable!?" The two fairy-types panicked.

    "Hmm…" Palkia blasted both fairies sending them flying into the bleachers.

    "Rhy..." Rhypherior try to get up, his legs injured by the blast. Suddenly he heard something beamed up close. He looked up, his eyes flashed blue.

    "Hmm..." Palkia aimed an Aura Sphere up-close to Rhypherior's head.

    "RHY!" Rhypherior roared trying to get up as fast as he could...

    ... but Palkia wouldn't allow that. Green froze for a second as Rhypherior was blasted to the head.

    "Rhy..." Rhypherior's head dropped to the ground, whited out as saliva leaked from his mouth.

    "Wh... what can we do?!" Blue looked shocked.

    "I don't know." Green couldn't think of a answer.

    "Yellow! What about your Pokemon!" Red ran to Yellow healing Venusaur.

    "Mine?… " Yellow stood up, peeking her head above the empty pool. Her jaw dropped, all of her friends Pokemon, all laid there fainted, unconscious at the hands of a seemingly unfazed dragon. She then saw the dragon's eyes looking directly her. "I... I don't know..."

    "What?!" Red looked surprised..

    "They could get hurt. Look at what he did to you guys!"

    "Yellow!" Red . "Your Pokemon wouldn't want this Pokemon rampaging around Saffron… leaving everyone, humans and Pokemon, trapped here. The Yellow I know would say those things... but... she would also act when no options are left!"

    "But…" Yellow paused, noticing the pink eyes of a figure bearing it's fangs, looming over them. "You..."

    Red turned around, seeing the white dragon eyeing and breathing on them.

    "Hoopa." Hoopa tried to maintain confidence, his eyes turning red...

    Yellow got out of the empty pool, confronting the dragon! "What is it you want!? Why are you doing this!? Huh?..." She looked at the dragon's unfazed eyes. "Wait... Why do you look… that way? Why are you… Huh!?"

    "Hoopa?!" Hoopa's reddened eyes disappeared, seeing Yellow's pokeballs shaking.

    Yellow's Pokeballs opened on there own!

    "Raticate! Chu! Free! Dodrio! Golem! Oma! Yellow's team of Pokemon came out despite her objections.

    "No. Wait a minute guys!" Yellow said.

    "Chu!" ChuChu dashed as her fellow teammates followed her lead.

    "Free!" Butterfree flew over Palkia's head scattering a green powder as Golem rolled forth but Palkia quickly reacted.

    "Golem!?" The rock-hard Pokemon could feel the dragon's sharp claws gripping onto his withdrawn body.

    The unfazed dragon held Golem to the top, shielding himself, as the rock-hard Pokemon fell asleep inside.

    "Free!?" Butterfree looked shocked as Palkia spotted her.

    Palkia threw the Golem at Butterfree, like throwing a rock at a bug.

    "Dodrio!" Dodrio's heads panicked all at once, seeing Golem and Butterfree coming right at him.

    Palkia raised his claw to the Dodrio, fallen under the sleeping Golem's hard body, blasting all three of them away.

    "Look out!" Yellow dragged Red's arm outside of the pool and into the race tracks as Golem, Dodrio and Butterfree were thrown into the pool.

    "Saur!?" Venusaur got up from the pool, seeing his friends hurt. He looked and saw Palkia spotting Yellow and Red running!

    Palkia raised his claw, aiming at the two. Suddenly Palkia felt nibbling on his wing! Palkia glanced back, seeing a giant mouse trying to bite through his scale-hard skin.

    "Raticate!" Raticate continue gnashing his giant teeth into Palkia's wing.

    "Hmm?" Palkia got hit by pressurized beam of water.

    Palkia eyed back and saw Omastar firing Hydro Pump. He stopped and ChuChu launched thunderbolt. ChuChu stopped as well as Omastar used Hydro Pump again! They were rotating to shock Palkia easier but it didn't seem to bother him at all.

    "Raticate!" Palkia grabbed Raticate using him as a shield against Pikachu's thunderbolt!

    "Pika!?" Pikachu stopped but the thunderbolt hit anyways

    "Raticate!?" Raticate got shocked hard by ChuChu's powerful attack.

    "Raticate!" Yellow gasped, seeing her first Pokemon getting shocked by ChuChu.

    Palkia threw the fainted mouse away, aiming his claws at the two, blasting them!

    "Pika! Oma!" The two Pokemon rolled and tumbled on the racing tracks.

    "Guys! C'mon! Let's go!" Green, along with Blue, came to Yellow and Red.

    "But what about our Pokemon! There hurt!" Yellow shouted.

    "Look I know you care but…" Blue stopped. She looked above, seeing a large dragon figure standing there.

    His claw was aiming right at them but his arm was restrained!

    "Are… are you crazy…" Red looked shocked.

    "Hoopa..." Hoopa looked worried.

    All of their Pokemon still standing tried to restrict Palkia's movement. Charizard, Aerodactly and Scizor together headlocked Palkia by the neck, Arcanine, Raticate and Granbull gripped there teeth onto Palkia's left arm as Venusaur used his vinewhip around Palkia's right arm wrapped tightly already by Omastar. Espeon, ButterFree, Clebafle, JigglyPuff, Gourgeist, and Porygon 2 all used psychic to encase Palkia's movement nearby further as Rhypherior grabbed him by the arms and Snorlax pushed him from the front. They saw Nidoqueen, Poliwrath, Dodrio, Golem, Blastoise, and the Pikachu couple trying to push him back at the legs.

    "He can just warp! What are you doing! Save yourselves!" Green yelled.

    "Are you crazy!" Blue yelled.

    "Your far too injured to fight any further!" Red yelled.

    "Why?" Yellow looked puzzled.

    "Hmm…" Palkia sighed.

    The trainers looked terrified. The Pokemon around Palkia gulped, froze, hesitated as Palkia summoned a sphere of a hundred of Aura Spheres around him! Palkia launched the Aura Spheres inward as a massive explosion engulfed the Pokemon and Palkia.

    "No!" Red shouted.

    Many of the Pokemon were seen being thrown, tumbling, rolling away from the explosion. Palkia shielded himself with a pinkish shield but the trainers didn't noticed Palkia has no injuries at all. Instead they quickly ran to there Pokemons without hesitation.

    "Why? Why would you do something so crazy for us!" Blue yelled at the fainted Blastoise, searching for her other Pokemon in the process.

    "Don't ever do something rash again!" Green yelled at Charizard as he also noticed Scizor and Rhypherior from a distance. He looked, hoping the rest of his Pokemon were alright.

    "Don't go to such lengths again... Okay guys?" Red looked at Poliwrath, than Venusaur, then Aerodactyl, then Espeon and then Snorlax. He held Pika in his arms. "Please... please don't do that again.

    "Chu…" ChuChu muttered weakly.

    Yellow carried Hoopa as she founded her Pokemon lying together, smiling at her.

    "You guys…" She gulped nervously, wanting to say how stupid they were to put there lives in danger but than she smiled. "Should take a break as soon as we get back okay?"

    "Chu…" ChuChu smiled... but that smile turned to horror. "Chu!"

    Yellow turned around and saw Palkia staring right at her.

    "Hoo… pa…" Hoopa felt a uneasy tension.

    Palkia raised his arm creating another Aura Sphere.

    "Wait Palkia! Stop!" Red shouted.

    "What's that!?" Green noticed something shiny from the skies.

    A giant spoon came flying, deflecting the Aura Sphere to the bleachers!

    "A giant… spoon?" Red said. "Wait a minute!"

    Mewtwo descended with Blaine as Palkia watched. The genetic Pokemon smiled as he telepathically spoke. "Take Hoopa and your Pokemon to the Pokemon Center and get some rest. I'll handle this one."

    The four trainers felt a sense of relief, smiling at Mewtwo's arrival as he descended the floor. Palkia just watched, wondering who this was but Yellow could sense something Mewtwo was hiding behind that smile, anger lots of anger.

    "Um… Mewtwo! Blaine! Becareful!" Red and his friends ran to the professor and Mewtwo. "He may look big but he can warp instantly and fire Aura Spheres anywhere in his vicinity and…"
    "Hey Red." Blaine smiled as he and Mewtwo right hand reached out to the air. "Everything will be alright."

    The giant spoon quickly returned to Mewtwo's hands as Blaine revealed something around his risk. A mega bracelet!

    "Mega evolve!" Blaine clicked the megastone

    Mewtwo became engulfed by a sphere of light. The sphere broke and vanish as Mewtwo Y came out, levitating over the ground with a much larger body.

    "I'll deal with the dragon." Mewtwo wielded his spoon like a staff.

    Palkia walked forward anyway, not caring about Mewtwo's mega evolution, only eyeing Hoopa in Yellow's arms.

    "Hey!" M. Mewtwo Y threw a shadowball to the dragon's back.

    "ERGH…" Palkia gasped, gritting his sharp teeth, he felt that! He no longer glared at Hoopa anymore, his eyes locked onto Mewtwo's.

    "So… your taking me seriously now?" M. Mewtwo Y smiled.

    "Huh?" Red noticed Palkia's arms, his pink stripes, pearl, and wings were glowing a vibrant pink. He pulled out his Pokedex, aiming at Palkia. "What is that?"

    "Scanning…" The Pokedex scanned. "Analysis Complete. This is Palkia's strongest move able to cut a hole through space. Spacial Rend!"

    "Spacial Rend?" Red said.

    "He's never used that move before!" Green added.

    "That's because he wasn't taking any of us seriously." Blue responded. "But he is now to Mewtwo!"

    "GRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHWWW!" Palkia roared immensely.

    Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow braced themselves, covering there ears at the sound of Palkia's roar. Mewtwo just stood there, gripping his spoon as Blaine watched, crossing his arms as his tie blew across the wind.

    Palkia lifted his right vibrant arm to the left, swinging his claws forming a blade of energy that destroyed the entire left wall of the Pokeathlon Dome.

    Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow could hear screams on the outside of the stadium.

    "Hey Mewtwo!" Blaine spoke, crossing his arms.

    "Yeah." Mewtwo responded.

    "Let's do this!" Mewtwo and Blaine shouted.

    The two legendaries lifted off from the ground!

    "GRRAAAAAHHHHWWW!" Palkia raised his vibrant claws against the Mewtwo.

    "Hmm..." Mewtwo clashed his vibrant claws with his giant spoon.

    The clash, such force, opened up the sky to a dimension of thunder storms and letter-shaped Pokemon fleeing away from the battle.

    "Is that Palkia's doing!" Red said.

    "Those are Unown!" Green said.

    "GRRRAAAAHHWWW!" Palkia used his other arm to swing another dimensional blade.

    Mewtwo quickly moved out of the way, the trainers watched as the Spacial Rend slammed into the sports announcer tower in the dome.

    "This is getting really dangerous Blaine!" Green shouted.

    "What? No it isn't? Ain't that right Red?" Blain watched.

    "No! Actually I agree with Green on this one!" Red shouted, seeing the announcer tower slamming to the ground.

    Mewtwo swinged his telekinetic spoon to Palkia but the dragon warped from behind slamming Mewtwo with a devastating Spacial Rend!

    "ARRRGH!" Mewtwo clenched his teeth as he fell from the sky. Mewtwo quickly turned around, gripping onto his spoon, as Palkia quickly slammed his dragon claws against the Genetic Pokemon pushing him even further down!

    "Mewtwo looks like he's in trouble!" Red said.

    "Stay out of it! You can't do anything in your current state! You'll only slow me down! SO GO to the Pokemon Center!" Blaine yelled.


    "He's right!" Green said. "We need to help our Pokemon now!"

    "Your right Green." Red smiled.

    Palkia slammed another dragon claw into his spoon, grabbing his weapon with the other arm!

    "What?!" Mewtwo saw a Aura Sphere coming right from Palkia's fangs!

    "GRAAAAAAHWWW!" Palkia blasted Mewtwo's face, pouncing his body to the ground!

    "Errgh!" Mewtwo felt the impact of the ground, he opened his eyes, still gripping onto his spoon, only to see a massive dragon coming straight at him! Mewtwo quickly raised his hand creating a shadow ball! "No you w..."

    Palkia pushed Mewtwo's arm into another direction, causing the shadowball to go off-course! The dragon slammed his dragon claws onto Mewtwo's throat! Breaking through the ground!

    "Errgh!" Mewtwo could feel his body pushed against the earth further!

    "I can still sense him! His pain!" Blaine held onto his chest, clenching his teeth. "Don't give up!"

    "Run away!" A man screamed.

    "Quickly now!" A woman screamed.

    Adventurers and Travelers found themselves running away as Mewtwo and Palkia duked it out in the underground pathways underneath Saffron City!

    "Take this!" Mewtwo blasted Palkia with a barrage of shadowballs!

    "GRRRRRWWW!" Palkia gritted his teeth, feeling the damage, losing balance.

    The Spatial Pokemon regained balance as he saw Mewtwo coming straight at him with a clenched fist covered in an orange glow. Palkia braced himself as Mewtwo's force alone sent the ground underneath the dragon cracking. Mewtwo relentlessly sent another orangish punch at Palkia.

    "There are people down there... better to move the battle elsewhere." Blaine thought as he coughed a bit onto a tissue, feeling a sense of relief throughout his body. "And that Drain Punch. Will serve Mewtwo nicely hmm?"

    Blained looked down at the tissue, there were bits of blood.

    Mewtwo dodged the attack, Palkia slicing through a pack of stalacite with Spacial Rend! Mewtwo moved the battle to an underground cavern deep under Saffron City.

    "Eerrgh!" Mewtwo was pushed backed by Palkia's dragon claw! Mewtwo quickly shielded himself with the spoon. "No you won't!"

    The Genetic Pokemon pushed Palkia off with both hands, aiming his spoon at him firing a powerful Psyshock to Palkia. To his surprise, Palkia warped.

    "That trick again!" Mewtwo had completely forgotten Palkia could do that in the heat of battle!

    His eyes were wide opened at the danger he saw! Hundreds of aura spheres around him.

    "Errr! I won't let you…" Mewtwo was cut off by the explosions.

    Palkia watched silently as Mewtwo was bombarded by hundreds of Aura Spheres. Palkia breathed deep as Mega Mewtwo levitated away from the blasts weakingly, reverting back to his original form.

    Mewtwo fell to the ground, fainting.

    "Hmm…" Palkia looked at the fainted Mewtwo. He turned around, looking up at the holes there battle created. As he began to ascend he felt a shadow ball slamming him right at the back. Palkia gritted his teeth, annoyed, feeling that attack!

    The dragon turned around, seeing Mewtwo standing, bearing the injuries of the battle.

    "Hmm…" Palkia no longer seemed to care.

    "Get back here!" Mewtwo yelled.

    As Mewtwo took another a step, he saw another hundred Aura Spheres surrounding him. Mewtwo only gritted his teeth, his eyes sparked with electricity, as all the Aura Spheres launched.

    Palkia heard no explosion, he turned around, his eyes looked puzzled at what he saw. The Aura Spheres were close to hitting Mewtwo's body... but there were being pushed by some kind of electrifying psyshop energy.


    Mewtwo formed an intense psychic aura around his body, shifting from purple to blue repeatedly, launching the Aura Spheres backwards, exploding across the cave. Mewtwo flew upwards into the solid surface breaking much of the earth above with his intense psychic energy. Mewtwo bursted through Saffron Cities streets Palkia followed as a strange dark ghostly substance flowed into the dragon's glaring eyes.

    "Still taking me seriously huh!?" Mewtwo flew pass several buildings, pass several troubled people as the buildings glass shook a little. People wondered what that purple blur was. Suddenly Palkia followed behind, the people braced themselves screaming as glass everywhere shattered!

    The two duked it out in the skies! Palkia launched a Spacial Rend but Mewtwo pushed his radiant claw into a different direction with one hand, the other hand punching Palkia directly to his jaws as the Spacial Rend shattered a storm cloud. Palkia gritted his teeth, attempting to blast Aura Sphere but Mewtwo moved his head to the left punching Palkia in the gut, his eyes bulging out as lightning nearly struck them. Palkia returned the punch with a punch to Mewtwo's gut, saliva bursted from his mouth. The Spatial Dragon attempted to claw him in the head but Mewtwo ducked in the air grabbing his claw down under with both hands, swinging the massive dragon in circles, catapulting the dragon past several stormy clouds as Unown scattered across the skies!
    Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow all looked at the flashes of light far into the sky outside of the Pokemon Center.

    "There fast! Extremely fast!" Red watched the battle.

    "I... I can't see anything!" Green could barely see them move, only purple and blue flashes striking each other.

    "There on a whole different level." Yellow gulped as the two began rising and rising into the thunderstorms more and more.

    "It's kind of... scary…" Blue looked nervous.
    Mewtwo and Palkia calmly levitated to the air as thunder echoed across the skies, locking there eyes for battle to each other. The two flew forward! Mewtwo launched a barrage of Shadow Balls to the Spatial Dragon but Palkia simply warped behind Mewtwo with a vibrant pink claw!

    "Errgh!" Mewtwo gritted, barely dodging the Spacial Rend. "So! You like to teleport too huh!?"

    Palkia's eyes widened! Mewtwo teleported! Palkia turned around seeing Mewtwo from behind but he teleported again! He turned to the front but again he was gone. To the sides! The back again! The front! Palkia was having a hard time keeping up his eyes as he was astonished by Mewtwo's speed.

    "Hey!" A voice shouted from above.

    Palkia looked up, his eyes grew, he couldn't keep his mouth closed as Mewtwo raised two hands, creating a a massive sphere of blue energy close to Palkia, too close!

    "Here's my Aura Sphere!" Mewtwo shouted, swinging the Aura Sphere downwards!

    The Aura Sphere struck Palkia before he could warp!

    "GRAAAAWWWR!" Palkia screeched in pain, enveloped in the blue light!
    Red, Green, Blue and Yellow found themselves led by Blaine at the front of the Silph Co. building where lied a fainted massive dragion in a huge crater. The populace eyes all gazed at the mysterious dragon.

    "Mewtwo… did it!" Red smiled.

    "Yeah but…" Blue said.

    "I'm... grrr... back." Mewtwo descended bearing the injuries of the battle against Palkia.

    "Mewtwo! You need healing ASAP!" Yellow yelled.

    "I appreciate the concern but right now… I want to know what Palkia was doing at the Pokemon Village I protected." Mewtwo angrily looked at the dragon.

    "It might be a misunderstanding!" Yellow said.

    "A misunderstanding!?"

    "Palkia… Palkia had an angry look to his eyes!"


    "But he also… well… he not only had an angry look." Yellow continued. "It looked like he also had a sad look in his eyes too."

    "A sad look?" Mewtwo fell silent. He looked to Palkia.

    "Sad look huh? Strange..." Blaine thought about it.

    "Uh guys..." Blue spoke.

    The people surrounding the crater were all looking at the group and Mewtwo oddly. Most of them never seen Mewtwo, some wondered what there connection was together, other's mentioned that they recognized Palkia from legends.

    "Hmm…" Mewtwo crossed his arms annoyed, looking at all the humans below him.

    As the people were distracted by Mewtwo's presence, a red wormhole enveloped Palkia on the ground, sinking the dragon to the floor it looked like.

    "Palkia's escaping!" Green shouted.

    "Your not escaping!" Mewtwo tried going further but he could feel his injuries coursing through his body. "Errghaah!"

    "Mewtwo! You need rest!" Blaine shouted. "I'm returning you to your Pokeball!"

    "No! I…" Mewtwo was interrupted by the red beam of a Pokeball.

    "Return!" Blaine returned Mewtwo.

    Blaine looked at Mewtwo's Pokeball before looking onto the portal.

    "What… what should we do?" Red looked in the portal.

    Within that portal, the trainers all saw a moon-like figure sparkling over the injured Palkia before disappearing completely.

    "You?" Blaine said. "You should do what I said. Your Pokemon did a lot to protect you and you sent them to the PokeCenter like I told you... but there trainers need some rest too."

    "Do you think Mewtwo is alright with you… forcing a return on him?" Yellow spoke.

    "Honestly. I don't know." Blaine sighed.

    "Why was Palkia chasing Yellow?" Red said.

    "I think… I may have an idea." Blaine said. "Where's Hoopa?"

    "Hey look!" Blue pointed to the skies.

    The thunderstorms were gone, replaced by blue skies and a bright orange sun.

    "Hey everyone!" A person shouted. "The fog! The fog is gone!"

    "Seriously!?" A person responded.

    "Palkia's defeat must've ended this bizarre phenomenon cast over Saffron City." Blaine said. "All those Unown, the unusual fog, the high disturbances according to Bill, and those thunderstorms appearing out of nowhere... I wonder... was Palkia..."

    "What is it Blaine?" Red said.

    "I will tell you everything I know and think I know tomorrow. For now you youngsters please. Please get some rest. You wouldn't want your Pokemon to worry right?" Blaine smiled.

    "I... I guess not." Red smiled.
    Silver sighed, crossing his arms as Bill and Daisy sat next to him. "I should've gone with them with all that destruction."

    "No." Blue smiled, entering the building. "We didn't know what was going to happen. For who knows what reason, Palkia could've easily gone after Bill. Or they could've been caught in Palkia's destruction. You did the right thing Silver!"

    "I suppose..."

    Red entered, alongside Green and Yellow. "Hey Silver. Is our Pokemon..."

    "Healed. Yeah. There all fine and waiting in the other room." Silver smiled. Suddenly another individual entered, one sporting a lab coat. "Um... you look familar?"

    "You may recognize me as the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island who entered the Gym Leader Tournament all those years ago." Blaine said.

    "Ah!" Silver remembered. "Your the one who controlled Entei!"

    "Yes. Right now however... I need to know where Hoopa is?" Blaine said.

    "Um Hoopa? He's with the other Pokemon. Why?" Silver said.

    "It's because I have this suspicion that..." Blaine was cut off by his coughing. He quickly pulled a piece of tissue, coughing onto the tissue paper. His eyes widened with sweat. It was blood. "Um... I'll be back. Nurse. Where's the bathroom?"

    "Um... just right over there in the hallway." The Nurse pointed to the hallway next to the counter.

    "Hey... is everythhing alright?" Red said.

    "Yes. Yes. Everything's fine." Blaine continued walking.

    "Hmm..." Green crossed his arms.

    "So you guys want to see your Pokemon?" Silver said.

    "Of course!" Blue smiled.
    "Hey everyone!" Red and his friends stepped into a large play room.

    "Pika! Chu!" Pika and ChuChu jumped into excitement as they saw there trainers.

    "Chari! Blast!" Charizard and Blastoise smiled as they were doing a arm-wrestling contest.

    "Snor..." Snorlax happily rested on the walls.

    "Sciz..." Scizor also rested calmly on one corner next to Snorlax.

    "Poli!" Poliwrath flexed his muscles.

    "Aero! Raticate! Dodrio!" Aerodactyle, Raticate, and Dodrio began munching through there bowl of Pokemon food.

    "Esp!" Espeon tagged Butterfree in the air.

    "Free!" Butterfree went to tag a pumpkin and polygon-like Pokemon.

    "Gourgeist!" Gourgeist hurried away from Butterfree.

    "BzzzZZ!" Porygon 2 jumped into a nearby PC away from Butterfree.

    "Free!" Butterfree looked frustrated at Porygon 2 hiding away in a computer.

    "Venusaur!" Venusaur held a Ditto, Clefable, and a Wigglytuff with his vines setting them on a slide.

    "Ditto! Clefable! Wiggly!" Ditto, Clefable, Wigglytuff went down the slide.

    "GRRRR..." Arcanine and Granbull bit one end of each side of the rope, playing Tug-O-War.

    "Queen!" Nidoqueen slammed her fist into the two canines, wanting them to play nice.

    "Rooh?" Arcanine and Granbull fell to the ground.

    "Rhy. Rhy." Rhypherior sat down chatting with Golem and Omastar about there Gym Leader experiences from the past.

    "Oma! Golem." Omastar and Golem nodded in agreement.

    "They look healthy and active already." Red smiled.

    "I know." Green smiled.

    "Yeah. There are having so much fun. Ain't that right Yellow?" Blue smiled. She heard no response. "Yellow? Whoa."

    Yellow collapsed as Red quickly held her in his arms. "Must be the Psychic powers."

    "Those psychic powers make her sleepy if I recall right if used excessively?" Green said. "Must be tired from today."

    "I think we can all use some relaxation!" Blue stretched her arms.

    "Yeah." Red smiled. "Let's find you a bed to sleep on Yellow."

    "...Mmm..." Yellow muttered in her sleep.
    Red, Green, and Blue stepped out of the PokeCenter, stretching there arms and legs.

    "What should we do today!" Red said.

    "I hear there's this amazing Ice Cream shop that sells Castelia Cones from a faraway region!" Blue said, something just hit her. "Oh! I forgot! That Silph Co. guy said there was a party tonight right!?"

    "I don't know if it was tonight but we have a lot of time." Green responded. "We can go get an extra cone for Yellow and wake her up for the party till then."

    "Oh! That's a good idea." Blue said.

    "Let's go!" Red said.

    A cloaked figure in black stood on the corner top of a building, watching the three leave for Castelia Cones, his feet slowly creating frost around him.

    "So... Palkia finally found Hoopa... " Cold breath flowed through the mask's icy fangs, his sky-blue hair flowed against the wind, a mask bearing a wide menacing smile. "... I wonder... who I should go after next? Deoxys perhaps? Maybe I should check out some Lance's Pokemon. So... many... options..."

    Volume 2 - The Mask of Ice - A familiar villain is hunting them...​
    Finished with Vol. 1. Now I'm working on Vol. 2. Also if you think the fight scene feels familiar, that's because it's heavily inspired by Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods amazing fight scene between Goku and Beerus.

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