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Pokemon Adventures Versus Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by shoz999, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Mimi! Master of Disguise!

    Inspired by the Pokemon Anime Versus thread created by Genaller and the Pokemon Versus Thread that apparently has been revived from time to time? (I'm not really sure...), I've decided to create a Versus thread for Pokemon Adventures!


    This discussion thread is used to discuss hypothetical match ups where at least one of the participants is from Pokemon Adventures meaning you can have hypothetical crossover battles! Remember, possible match ups don't need to stick to the battle format. It can be a contest of specific skills, designs, races. It can be Pokemon Contests, Pokeathalon, or any other form of contests and sport.

    Also remember the battle format does not have to confine itself to traditional competitive battling or the anime-style battling format. It can be based on Adventure's style of battling which sometimes takes account of a Pokemon stats and abilities but also sometimes takes account of the lore behind a Pokemon's Pokedex entry and the Pokemon's features like Blastoise using his cannons to propel himself into a rocket to tackle a flying Pokemon, Granbull using his dog nose to find a scent to find an invisible Keckleon, Dusclops creating a black hole to um... theoretically... kill everyone? Not so sure about that last one. Anyways. Go nuts.

    First Battle Topic
    Okay! Let's start with a simple one. TRIPLE BATTLE!
    Diamond's Torterra! Pearl's Infernape! Platina's Empoleon! VS. Paul's Torterra! Ash's Infernape! Barry's Empoleon!
  2. Redstar45

    Redstar45 The anime canon cop !

    Why ?
    I am quite interesting to know how this turn out. ....
  3. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    I haven't watched the anime on a regular basis since Gen 3, but I still want to give this one to the Holders on the power of teamwork alone.
    shoz999 likes this.

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