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Pokemon Adventures

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Not bad bob, very well drawn.

A nice start to your comic, i look forward to reading the rest.


Pedophillia? Naww.>>
Woah. This comic is pretty cool. ... pokemons?
Meh, it'l get explained later.


The Infinite Fire
It would probably be wise of you to come up with a good title, because the title of your thread is generally what attracts people to come and look at your comic in the first place.

May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!
It's good. I'm under the impression that it's pokemon that train humans. Looks pretty good so far.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Nice work, i like it.

Thanks for including me btw, much appreciated.

I look forward to the bios.


It seems furryish lol, it's awesome, and the spriting is very welll done :).
BTW, is that Snover supposed to be Blue Snover?

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Lol this made me want to pee my pants! I think that some parts could use a little improvement but it is a good start!


Well-Known Member
Ah. Of course. Onix. The signature Pokemon of Brock. Therefore, I suppose that Onix's Human is a Brock, right?

This seems very similar to Pokemon Special. The first gym leader uses/is a rock type, and the participants must go through a tourney before battling Brock.

Pokemon dude

Bulbasaur is cute.
This comic is crying for improvment. Even though it's your first comic, there are things, scratch that, Alot of things you need to improve on.
Such as, punctuality needs imporving.
The sprites are missed up
Please link up your understanderd speech bubbles to the characters and please oh please, don't make other things, such as Poke'balls as huge as the Pokemon. And the Pokemon sprites are bigger than humans! Also the storyline is hard to grip on.
The thing I like about this is the fact that Humans, a once domain civilisation has become the some what submissive species to the Pokemon. That made me laugh when they summoned Humans to the battle feild. You should of renamed the Poke'balls with Human'balls. Wait a minute...This is awkward, sorry everyone I have to resort to "Chat speak", lol.
Anyway I would rate this comic an 5.5/10-Good.


This is a title.
Wow, a nice comic!
(Thats make me laugh!!) the human inside the ball and the pokemon become trainers!!!
Nice idea!(the opposite!)

The starters are May, Brendan and Red..!! xDD