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Pokemon: Amber Sun and Opal Moon


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Pokemon: Amber Sun and Opal Moon(To be safe PG-13)

Warning rated PG to PG-13
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Chapter List

Part One: Awakening of the Seers
1.Fateful Encounter-Completed
2.An Odd Start-Completed
3.Mind Games-Completed
4.Of Heroes not so old-Completed
5.Palms, Bombs, and Tomb-like Pokémon-Completed.
6.Pyramid of the Loony!-Completed
7.The Dude who was a Lady!- Completed
8.Going for the Dune!- Completed
9.Twisted Waters
10.Cliff Diving, Air Fortress Demolishing and other extreme Pokémon stunts.
11.Cloud Two ain't a snooze, but a Gust!
12.Of Road Running.
13. Gloomwood with no Glooms.
14.Phantom Desire!
15.Iron Dread's missing its head.
16.Bad, bad, badlands!
17.A Writer's Dilemma.
18.Chaos's Womb!
19.Disco Inferno on Smoke Peak!
20.Season Finale: The Dragon, The Oracle and the Weirdo!
Special One: Explanations


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Chapter One- Fateful Encounter

Arcana. A mountainous, wooded region far from Kanto, and even Sinnoh. A place filled with mysterious, ancient ruins that belonged to the mysterious Pokélanteans- also known as the Fore bearers- the original humans who built Alto Mare; the Snow Point Temple, the Ruins of Alph; and numerous, other locations. Arcana was said to be home land of all humans, for over a thousand years ago, the land held the mysterious race that throughout the centuries have been called the “the original mankind.” The beings were said to have unique powers and with their abilities, they had supposedly combined nature with science, creating what you would now call magic. They were the ones who first tamed Pokémon. Who first befriended them.

The first to use Pokémon as weapons of War.

Which lead to the Pokelanteans' extinction.

The Pokelanteans were indeed the most mysterious of all topics when it came to Pokémon-Human connections. Legends told of how they experienced a massive War, called the Eclipsed War, which lead to their downfall. The stories also told that a Dragon of Darkness was defeated by a Dragon of Light, and with their massive battle the War ended, but it did not only caused Arcana to befall into a Dark Age- but the whole World.

Though the dragons were sealed away due to fear of their great power. Both in cocoon like states, one with nine locks on its tomb and the other guarded by ash and brimstone.

Now Arcana was modernly famous for its extensive Pokémon League that many Trainers tried their best to even be allowed to try to participate in. A region where, Professor Cedar - local authority of Pokémon - gives out the rare starters of the mossy Pokémon Newture(Grass), the shaggy pup Pokémon Embpup(Fire) and the icy horn Pokémon Calfy(Water).

A place of fifteen official, recognized Cities and many unique locations.

A region full of exotic new Pokémon, never exposed to other humans, until a few thousand years ago when they first arrived to the mainland. Here, over 250 new Pokémon posses vast new attacks and abilities, ones that are rarely seen outside Arcana. This isolated world has barely been touched, as it exists near the frozen North, but also touches the hot, dry South.

A region where there are Mysteries, new and old, waited to be solved.

And soon with the start of two Twin siblings journey, shall darkness rise from the shadows. Sleeping legends to emerge from the sands of time; to awaken from long slumber.

Aaron Kingsly had played this battle over and over on his game boy, always analyzing, always looking for a new way to take down the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia with the real Challenger’s (Lucas's) Pokémon. The battle ground of the stadium glistened in artificial light. Cynthia stood her ground, black robe a flurry by passing gusts of wind, silvery blond hair shining in moonlight.

Lucas was a scrawny boy with deep blue eyes and black hair, he wore a blue jacket on top of tan jeans. Aaron always seemed weirded out by that, thinking, Who knew they made them? The young fourteen year old had managed to beat the Elite four and the Sinnoh Gym Leaders all the while taken down Cyrus and stopping Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. It has taken him a year and half, but Sinnoh was vast and hard to navigate it seemed.

Lucas had already used his aerial striker of a Staraptor, Pulldozer of a Ambomsnow, fastest thing on lad of a Rapidash (which faired with Cynthia's Lucario-even faster- but in the end, got whooped), and a Pachirusu. Lucas's Lucario stood against Cynthia's. Both Pokémon holding their blue paws near each other's to ready a Aura sphere by their masters commands. The Pokemon let loose their blazing, swirling masses of blue aura at each other. Smoke erupted on impact as Aaron and the crowd were in awe, wondering what the result was.

The smoke cleared, one Lucario was knocked out.

Another had held on.

Unfortunately the Lucario who was knocked out was Lucas's, meaning now it was down to his fulled evolved Starter. Lucas threw his last Poke ball after recalling his gift from a man on Iron Island. A tall, ebony colored Penguin with a small gold trident on his face stood ready.

Aaron was starring contemplatively, figuring out a move to counter Cynthia's trump card, Lucario, using the Empoleon. He knew the only way to take out the Champ's last Pokémon fast would be using Earthquake very fast or Drill Peck. Then what do you know, Lucas, uses a simple Hydro Pump, which does barely anything. Cynthia's Lucario was though on the real ropes now. The Lucario then used a feint against the Empoleon's Protect, the green Barrier guarding the Pokémon till the force field was breached by the quick-paced Lucario. Though ignorance is considered ,stupidly, bliss; Aaron thought cleverly.

“Come on Earthquake or Drill peck!” Aaron shouted at the 21-inch Black Television that he received from Christmas a few years ago. A white Wii stood next to the Television as the boy looked annoyed. He pushed back small of his copper blond hair. The tall black Penguin known as Empoleon soon was commanded a Earthquake, ending the battle finally as the blue dog known as Lucario, had delivered a powerful swirling blue Aura sphere at it. Aaron was what you would call a "total nerd" in a model's guise, as the boy was smart as well as good-looking. The boy lacked though confidence-unless it was sibling rivalry, which gave him a boost of confidence.

A girl's laughter pierced through Aaron's ranting. “You're such a nerd! Aaron can you ever take a vocation from being such a Dork?” The girl stood about five two tall as she leaned bent a little over in the doorway. Her statement was partially true. Aaron was a straight-A student, yet he still needed to take the Final Exam at the Pokémon School. “You need though to stop being so not confident on your tests. Mom will kill you if you aren't.” Selena, Aaron's younger twin sister said with a huge grin on her pale face, grayish blue eyes looking at Aaron with total mocking.

Aaron snapped back “So what! Remember Mom told us either of us can't leave Sea Breeze till I get my Trainer License." Aaron sighed and then puffed a little like a Qwilfish. "Sides at least I passed most of my tests on wit and did not have to rely on sheer luck like you. ” He lectured as the grin disappeared from Selena's face. She really wanted to leave Sea Breeze and explore the world, but couldn't due to the fact that she promised her mother she would allow Aaron to come and protect her. More like I'll protect him, the blond-haired teenager thought. She always had protected her brother, who had been sickly and frail when they were younger.

Till her brother passed the Exam, they could not leave. She did think his idea of taking an early exam would be good just in case either of them needed to do a retake. Aaron was right on that one, She thought bitterly with a small sneer. Aaron always out did her when it came to school, making him more noticed then her when it came to their scholarly family. She always was very sorta cruel to her brother, but only cause he need to be push in order to actually be more manly. Though that was what Aaron got for having a tomboy for a sister.

The world was waiting, and Selena Kingsly was stuck in Sea Breeze while people from all over got to come on luxury Trainer ships and got to set off into Arcana every year.

Selena bit on her lip tell she spoke again, in her usual soft, sweet voice, “Well why did you fail the Final Exam? Your suppose to be the Smart one while I'm the pretty yet-tough one.” She said smiling at him as Aaron rolled his deep blue eyes.

“I failed because I suck at really, really, really, really realllllly important Tests- you know that.” he said grabbing his Advanced Battle Class guide, preparing for tomorrow's simulated battle as his Twin left to go to Bed. He knew he had also time while helping his Grandmother prepare to send 240 Specimen to Kanto to be observed by professor Oak.

Oak and his Grandma, Agnes Cedar, were close friends and had been since they were teenagers competing at the legendary Dragon Cup in The Dragon's Paw, the only real time foreign Pokémon were allowed into Arcana. The Dragon Cup was legendary in Arcana, it takes place in The Dragon's Paw, a collection of isles that look like a dragon's paw. Legends tell that a Dragon pushed his fiery paw into the sea, grabbed underwater mountains, and pulled them up to form the Archipelago. In honor of the Dragon, the Arcanians hosted a tournament where Trainers could only use Dragon like Pokemon- the reason why foreign Pokemon were allowed.

Now the time of allowing Arcana's unique Pokémon to leave the Region without a true Trainer owning them was approaching.

The teen boy started to read- by read skim and drink in key points- the book, remembering his last Sim Battle that counted as his Exam. To him, it was a fluke cause it was easy to forget Charizards could learn the ultimate Rock-type bane, Solarbeam. So close even without it as he pitted his well balanced Charizard(Which the Trainer could pick the moves for before the Sim Battle) against a Tyrantiar. The giant, orange, winged lizard put up a great fight against the giant Green Dinosaur.

Sim battles were cybernetic, simulated battles that were first invented by professor Krane of the Orre region. They were now used in Arcadia for the P.R.I's Pokémon's school's final exams and had been for the last seven years. They were tough hence why the Advanced Battle teachers had allowed students to have taken it early.

Selena came back in a while later with her sketchpad-she being a talented artist- as Aaron put down his book and reading glasses and looked at her, “What sis?”

Selena stood in her pink PJ bottoms and white tank top, flipping through her Sketchpad to a page. The page showed a landscape; sandy cliffs that held a flat plateau at the bottom of them, forming a canyon. The sand plain held a giant Pyramid with broken-down structures that a thousand years ago were statues. The picture was very detailed, down to the last pillar that supported the Pyramid at its base and ancient statue.

Aaron looked at it and vaguely remembered something, “What...what is that?”

“I don't know, I think a place in the desert north of us; When I drew it, it was like I was in a deep trance or something. I thought maybe you've seen it before somewhere.”

Aaron bit his lip and thought for a moment; soon he mustered a sentence after he had fell into a similar trance while looking at the curves and lines, remembering things without realizing it. “I...I don't know; you should ask Grandma tomorrow.” The boy then turned back to his book, his head now pounding with a intense migraine.

Though what could he do now but put away his book- as well as his problems-, close his eyes, and fall into dreamless sleep. The day of his Fifteenth birthday, a day of bizarre Events, a simple Night away.
A Screaming, middle-aged women broke the the newly fifteen year olds sleep. Aaron groggily woke up and yelled to his Mother, Nurse Catherina Kingsly, that he was up and to stop yelling like a Hexshee. To him it was a simple Spring Day, despite he was a year older and his final exam retake was today.

Aaron went a quick warm shower and got dressed in a Sleeveless amber red jacket over a nice button white shirt, black wrangler jeans, his prized Nyx, brown and black Nikes. Slowly, he tried putting in his contacts gently only to accidentally poke himself in the eye. Sighing after his loud yelp of pain and a few shits! the young Trainer-to-be spiked his blond hair. The fully dressed and prepared boy went down the Steps, leaving his white wall papered room covered with Trainer posters behind for now.

Catherina Kingsly sat at the Hazel coffee table, a present on it with her hand writing on the card. The red headed Nurse turned her head toward her son and smiled, looking him over, “My, your already taller then me and close to getting taller then your uncle Dimitri.” She said handing him the white and gold polka doted wrapped present to her oldest. “Happy 15th Birthday sweetie.” Uncle Dimitri was his Mother's brother who worked at Hi Tech inc. His company were the ones who created many new kinds of Poke balls and with the Pokepod, their latest invention, which his uncle of course got her a deal on. One notable thing about Catherina that she loved sales and low prices.

Aaron quickly read the card's elegant message, “To my Light Bringer, a gift to help on your coming journey.” A small smile appeared on the boy's face as he opened the birthday present, revealing a box containing the most newest of Pokegear from the famous Hi Tech inc., a Crimson on Black Poképod.

He opened the box quickly, admiring the Pokepod, gently touching he plastic and metal hybrid that looked like a Pokémon Ranger's Fine Styler but was even more advance and did not have a Styler Dock(the thing at the end). The Teen picked up the Pokémon Battle Assistant, turning it on as it homepage looked like a Iphone page. The first row of apps was a Party app for what Pokémon you have on hand; a Radio app for local broadcasts, a Notes app for well memos and a Web Browser app to surf the Web. The second filled with a Music app(Why a Music app? Aaron wondered); Weather app for local forecast; a Camera for taking pictures and Settings app. The bottom row consisted of the basic Arcana region Map, Email, Phone and Trainer Card App. He eagerly placed the device on his forearm and set in place. “This is wonderful, thanks mom.” He said to his mother who was smiling, successful at choosing his gift.

Catherina looked at the ridiculous, gray Glameow novelty clock she had and gasped, “Your late for meeting for your grandmother. It's already 9:05 and you were suppose to be there at nine sharp young man. Your sister is already there, looking at what Pokémon Starter she's going to choose, she changed her mind to Newture again so she can have it evolve into a Dragem to dig up diamonds. ”She said sighing, while the Teen had a strawberry pop tart half-shoved into his mouth.

The teen attempted to talk, mouth full of chewed up pop tart, “Crap, and she'll change her mind probably again before I get there. ” the boy said as he look to see it raining. The boy then said goodbye to his mother and went out the oak wood door into the pouring rain, of course with a orange umbrella.

Sea Breeze Town looked dreary in the rain, when in contrast to looking sunny and active when its a cloudless day. His house was across the way from the huge Pokémon Research Institute, a building that stood giant in a town of small one and two story houses. The wooden Davy Jones Sailor Club and Grand beach's port were second and third in importance. The brown, brick building did though stick out like a sore thumb- like usual.

Living in the town mostly full of imbeciles caused Aaron to be somewhat stuck up to the town's occupants to a certain degree. Who could blame him? A major flaw of his was stupid and or immature people- that and he sometimes was absurdly shy with cute girls who actually liked him, which was hard cause most of the girls in the small, hickish town, liked the Neanderthals that his peers. One's who think it was finally to put fire crackers in Mailboxes of their friends just to see them wet themselves.

He did enjoy the company of older people, but he did despised the human race itself to some degree, due to the fact that they treated Pokémon badly- as well as their own kind, like the dreadful Team Organizations of Plasma, Cipher or Rocket. He despised deviants like these to a high degree, why you would ask? Because of the fate of one Chief Investigator Darell Goldstein, the Head Chief of Police in Arcana, known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Bureau acted as the collected body of all Police Forces in Arcana. It had been lead by one of the best, most observant, Chief Investigator they ever had.

Who also was Aaron's, as well as Selena's beloved father.

Aaron lost his father right after he had returned with his mother and sister after spending time in Nippon. The nearly year long trip which his father wished he could have gone on but could not due to dealing with criminal activity in their homeland. The family had returned to be reunited once more before Darrel was killed by a Spanish mobster working a illegal black market right there in Arcana. The girls were devastated, but Aaron had took it the worst. Aaron that day lost most of his faith in humanity; closing the door to his heart to his own kind, becoming cold and calculating. He spent most of his time watching, caring and observing Pokémon; avoiding real human contact as much as he could, minus of course his family was a major goal- and flaw- in his life.

Pokémon were very special to Aaron cause he always could know what they were saying, a gift that only a few others had in this world currently. He trusted them more then he did most humans, minus his mother and grandmother. There was a girl from his childhood that could count, but that had been a long while ago. He though, over all, would trust a Pokémon he just met over a Human. The boy looked at the time and knew he should start walking faster if he wanted to get a Pokémon and get of Hickville.

The Teen speed walked to the building as he heard a small cry come from the fountain. He looked to see a bright yellow and blue small puff of hair getting soaked in the rain. The creature looked to the boy with big, abnormal blue eyes, letting out a “Bol-ster?”

“Help? I'm freezing my furry butt off.” ranged out the Electric Hamster, Aaron understanding due to a strange ability to understand Pokémon Speech- which only a few other people in the whole world posed.

“Um, yeah sure, come under my umbrella, and you'll be fine.” The Teen said crouching down as the Hamster came to him, only to accidentally giving him a bolt of electricity. The Teen shook it off as he picked the small hamster up. “Wow, I guess your from Mirage Forest, how did you end up here?” He said, knowing the diverse home of low leveled Pokémon.

The hamster spoke, trying to control is chattering teeth, “An awful Man with a dark blue O on his shirt was using two, weird Pokémon against my pack. I escaped the weirdo and manage to get far.” The Bolster squeaked. Aaron looked grim and icy as it sounded like a organized crime group like those from nearby Nippon.

“Oh, well I'll take you to see my Grandma, when were there explain to us what all happened and she'll know what to do.” He said taking the Pokémon and running to his Grandmother's house awkwardly all the while holding the umbrella. Grandma is someone I can trust to make sure that jack *** gets his just desserts, Aaron though coldly; cold as the pouring rain that came during early August for Sea Breeze town.


“Black Auras, that's seems familiar,” Agnes Cedar said after hearing the Bolster's tale, leaning back in her black leather desk chair, wrinkled hand on her equally wrinkled chin. The professor and her grandson Aaron were in her Office, a huge room full of books on of course Pokémon. Soon all the red drained from her face as Aaron dried off the poor Bolster and himself. “Oh dear, could it be?” The Professor said soon tapping some keys of the built in computer of her desk as she went to a seven year old article from Orre and a five year old article from Almia. “Aaron, have you ever heard of Shadow Pokémon.” The old lady asked, looking at her eldest grandchild with Hunter Green eyes, fading red hair almost covering one of them.

Aaron remembered them and that the Sandy Hills Museum had a upcoming Exhibit about them with information on the people who helped liberate them. “Yes, there are ways to make them like a Dark Shard or also whats known as a Dim Stone. Those close off their hearts, right?”

The Professor smiled at her brilliant prodigy of a grandson, “Yes, destroying a Gigaremo machine or using a Bright Stone, like the huge one in Agate Forest, break the hold the Shadows have over them. ” He remembered the events somewhat clearly due to his great memory.

“Cipher and Dim Sun right?” Stating the Organizations that used them with a face of disgust like he was about to vomit all over his grandmother's nice, neatly carved office desk.

“Right, I'm going to call Professor Oak, Krane and Hastings, their all leading experts, I'm also going to try to contact the first hand people who dealt with the Shadow Pokémon. ” She then looked at the Bolster and smiled, “First, lets talk about your friend, it seems to like you so here.” She said handing him a shrinked, Yellow topped Poke ball. “Its a Starter ball special for Bolster, this way you know which ball she's in.” The Professor said she with emphasize.

The teen took the shrinked ball out of her hand as he looked to her, confused, “It's a girl Bolster?” He asked looking toward the Pokémon with confusion on his face.

The Professor chuckled, “Yes Aaron, did you forget that male Bolster are usually a foot and four inches tall and she's several inches smaller?” She asked innocently.

“Yeah though I got spunk!” The Bolster squeaked out as the Pre-Trainer was reminded of his sister, he smiling a vague smile. He Enlarged the Ball and then gently tossed it at the Bolster, who turned red once the ball hit and got sucked in. Soon the ball hit the wood floor with a plunk and wobbled once.


Then with the successful third time a ping rang out as Aaron went and collected the Pokéball, smiling. He then shrinked the Pokéball, letting it sit on the built in scanner of the Poképod registering the Pokémon.

“Your first Pokémon, and without even using a official Starter.” The Professor said putting down the articles and projected on a nearby monitor three Videophone windows, each with a different man on the screen. The first was a sturdy man with fading gray hair and deep brown eyes- Professor Oak no less. The second was Professor Krane a man with squint eyes and spiky dark brown hair that looked in his late thirties. The Third, Professor Hastings, with slick back gray hair and hazel eyes.

“Colleagues, we have a copy cat of Team Cipher or now a newly resurected Order of Oblivion.” The Arcana Professor spoke, her fellow Professors gasping in disbelief.

“Oh dear, who told you a Shadow Pokemon appeared?” The youngest of them all said, meaning a Shadow Pokémon.

“A Pokémon, my grandson is a Whisperer and can understand their speech, a Bolster told him one was in Mirage Forest, with somebody with a O on their Shirt. I've heard of them but could it be?” She then went into a trance. Soon knowing who or what the man was probably from.

“Of who Grandma?” Aaron asked his Grandmother.

In a mere whisper, Agnes answered him accidentally, “The Order of Oblivion.” She said, reminiscing about something from long ago, but Agnes did look she was way older then she looked. The Order of Oblivion were said to be the ones who first created Shadow Pokemon for the Eclisped War thousands of years ago. The Forebearers-the Arcania name for Pokelanteans- fell though in the wake of the war between the Shiners(Normal Pokémon lead by the Order of Light) and the Shadows(Shadow Pokemon lead by the Order of Oblivion). “Old folktales tell that these people are using to put fear into the believers of Arcana's origins.”

Hastings was typing away as if to send emails, “We may not know for a while, if you have anymore detail, please contact me again Aggie, I have to go report this to Top Rangers. Solana, Lunick, Holly and Jackson will be going to all old Dim Sun workings and find out any information they can.” Hastings spoke as his screen disappeared.

“Grandma?” Aaron said, putting a hand on his Grandmother's shoulder, the Bolster in his other arm. The youth only cared for a few humans in the world, as his grandma was one of them.

“Oh, yes,” Agnes said, her trance broken glancing at the Kanto professor, “Sam, did you ever send those specimen?”

“I did; did you never get them my dear?” The lead professor asked as soon Agnes looked scared.

Agnes grabbed her wits and slowly replied, “We never did, oh dear I think the S.S. Cobalt got Ship-jacked. I heard news of a Ship getting hijacked a month ago, I never knew it could be the Cobalt. Stupid Cipher wannabes. Nearly Six hundred Pokémon gone, taken by this mysterious group.” She slumped into her office chair, rubbing her temple with her fingers gingerly.

Krane spoke up after texting someone on his phone, “I'll send Michael though Wes is a colleague of mine and I believe he is with the Snag Machines and the Blueprints of the Purifying Chamber that are being held in Sandy Hills' Museum. I'll email you his number so you can contact him in Sandy Hills. Krane out.” The young professor said as the screen clicked off.

“I'm going to investigate a little, good-bye Aggie, I'll call if anything comes up.” Leaving the professor and her grandson alone.

Though soon a explosion the deathly silence as Professor Cedar's eyes widened. Both her and and her Grandchild went down to see what the commotion was, though what they would soon fine would be something they wished they had never encountered.
Being a lonely Team Oblivion Peon sucked, literally. For now Team Oblivion Peon 237(originally Gerald) was simply using a modified vacuum to suck out the last of the basic Pokémon of Arcana, including the Starters they had especially breed and their evolutions. He hated his current job and wanted his boss, Commander Darren, to promote him as soon as possible, especially after being one of the the people that hi jacked the S.S. Cobalt and helped hid the ship in the bay of Cloudburst City.

After a month the two Shadow Pokémon Factories were in full swing, the northern one based on Research and Development as the southern one was more focused on Brute force. Peon 237 was issued his Shadow Pokemon and before his latest mission he stopped in the Mirage Forest. The forest served as a great place to try out the Shadow Pokémon; the grunt used his new play toys on a pack of Bolster and their evolutions, Zapbits, inside the creepy forest. That little target practice showed me I picked the winning side, the Peon though deviantly.

The lonely peon though had accidentally left one starter ball fall to the ground as he left the room, other Poke balls in vacuum in all. Hey, no one ever said he had to care about this sucky job, and he could just lie like a sailor. Though when he accidentally kicked the ball into the hallway where it would be noticed was his probable downfall.

Unfortunately for the Pokémon thief he ran smack into the Professor and her grandson, which was way bad for he thought that all the facility's employees left to go look at the diversion of an explosion he rigged in the back yard. Greek fire was very useful on a very rainy day.

The elegant and old lady in the lab coat screamed like a very ****** off Mismaguis, “What the hell are you doing!” The old woman crossed her arms, anger at the thief and angry at herself she didn't have her Pokémon to teach the loser a lesson. Aaron looked at the grunt with a dark smirk.

“I'm here to steal these Pokémon so we can finally build up a full Shadow Pokémon army and hey! You almost mad me spilled the beans!” Said the Peon as he stood in his dark clothing with a huge dark blue “O” for Team Dusk on his shirt. He soon took out his Shadow Pokémon Poke balls and let the Shadow Abra- a Pokémon that looked like a squinted-eyeed mouse and Machop- a gray, biped Dinosaur with red eyes- loose, the Professor and the punk kid probably not knowing what they were.

Unfortunately again for the grunt, the “punk kid” could see Pokémon auras, and saw the obsidian-colored auras which stuck out due to their demonic presence. He did had Bolster who healed but needed a second Pokémon. Though Aaron's problem was solved when he saw that lone Poke ball in on the ground the Peon dropped.

He went and grabbed the ball, holding the cold metallic sphere; with Bolster at his side, he let out a wolf pup with glowing red fur and embers sparking off it occasionally. The Embpup looked up at his supposed new master with blue eyes and then barked out, “What the heck are they?”

“Shadow Pokémon, and were taking them down.” The teen said ready to fight, his grandmother stepping aside to let her Grandson take care of the thug. He was happy he got a Embpup- which was what he considered, but getting a rare Bolster was just an added bonus.

He was good with hiding his nerves, for now he was as nervous as they came despite the rage that was building up in him. The teen focused, using fake confidence and his channeled rage to intimidate the grunt who barely even looked older then Aaron.

The Peon with his goofy white hair grinned, “Okay punk lets go! Abra, Shadow Wave, Machop, Shadow Blitz that puny Bolster.”

“PUNY!” The Bolster roared as soon her eyes looked like thunderstorm clouds. The Abra glowed with dark energy and let it out in a wave at the two normal Pokémon, both who dodged barely and got some damage. Machop turned dark and sparked as he rushed Bolster, who dodged very fast. The teen used the Party app of his Poképod and soon looked to see what his Pokémon had at her disposal. Wow Bullet punch, Thunderpunch, Growl and Thunder shock, this little guy, er gal, was breed well, the boy thought. He knew that Embpup had simple Bite and Growl so he knew he was at a slight disadvantage. The good news though was that the Abra and Machop were level fives- meaning on the same field with the Embpup and Bolster. No real threats minus the Shadow moves; some scary stuff, Aaron thought nervously.

The boy then thought for a sec then yelled out commands to counter, “Okay Pukka(subconsciously named the Bolster) use Thunder punch on Machop, Embpup Bite on Abra.” The Pokémon obeyed, rushing the Shadow Pokémon. Pukka smirked at her name but accepted it as she had her right paw spark with electricity sending the Machop into the Stone wall, knocking it out and leveling up soon afterwards.

The Embpup hesitated, nervous in his first big battle as he soon bit down into the tan psychic Pokémon, the Psi Pokémon yelling out as it shadow pulsed the Biter with a Shadow wave knocking the Embpup off..

“Alright, Pukka help Embpup out with a Bullet punch!” The Teen commanded as the Hamster's right paw turned metallic and hit the Psi Pokémon hard, knocking it out after a second Punch. The thief cursed returning the Pokémon to their Poke balls as he soon fled, leaving the Pokémon behind and the stolen ones.

“That will teach you ya lousy thief!” Aaron said the thief running away like a little girl, one who was scared off by a simple battle.

“That can count as your make up exam.” Aaron's grandmother said, going over to check on the Poke balls and the Pokémon inside, turning around to face her grandson “I'm gonna send you on an errand, one that's going to have you need this.” She said taking out a slim red-and black Pokédex Version 6. “I'll need to give you the national Dex though so you know what your dealing with. Though I think your right to receive the two other Starters Oak was going to receive since no Pokémon from Arcana are leaving till Oblivion is taken down. I need you to go and get Krane's Snag Machine, let Wes look at it and fix it up. You need to catch as many shadow Pokemon as you can and prevent Oblivion from all costs get anything that can aid them for destroying the world.”

The teen though just though of one thing- of course the Oblivion thing was important and all, but- “What about Lena, won't she be mad?” Aaron nervously asked his Grandmother. Selena Kingsly's tantrums were legendary in the small town. The people of Sea Breeze town said her roars were like a enraged Diagla's roar of time.

The old woman smiled, “Selena is youthfully feisty, but don't worry, I'll give her one of the Adapmutt meant for you two.” Aaron had heard they were very awesome Pokémon, they adapted to their surroundings, taken the Type of the local Pokémon with its ability Localize. “Though come on, lets prepare you for the rough road ahead.” The professor said as the teenager returned his new Pokémon to their Pokéballs, the pair soon walking to the laboratory of huge mansion.

Though his journey had started with a very fateful encounter with a special Bolster and a mysterious peon.
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First Fanfic ever really- pleassse be gentle, I'll take tips and etc, just no flaming.

All rights to Pokemon as ideas and plot come from me, minus the allusions to things not owned by me.

P.S. Yes it seems unfair he gets all those awesome Pokemon but trust me, he's gonna need it.

Please Review!

Amber Sun and Opal Moon

Chapter One- Fateful Encounter

Arcana. A mountainous, wooded region far from Kanto, and even Sinnoh. A place filled with mysterious, ancient ruins that belonged to the mysterious Pokélanteans- the original humans who built Alto Mare; the Ruins of Alph; and numerous, other locations. A place where Professor Cedar - local authority of Pokémon - gives out the rare starters of the Moss Pokémon Newture, the Pup Pokémon Embpup and the Small Steer Pokémon Calfy. A place of 15 recognized Cities and many unique locations.
(I corrected the grammar of the above paragraph.)

Okay, you give a LOT of information out here...there's no expansion upon it...it's just kind of a "flat" description. There's no depth to the facts that you've given and it just sounds listy. I'd split it up into two different paragraphs, one that talks about Arcana and another that talks about Professor Cedar and the starter Pokémon.

Also, you have this strange tendency to capitalize words...ones that aren't specific names of locations.

A region full of exotic new Pokémon, never exposed to other humans, until a few thousand years ago when they first arrived to the mainland. Here, over 250 new Pokemon posses vast new attacks and abilities, ones that are rarely seen outside this land. This isolated world has barely been touched, as it exists near the Frozen North, but also touches the hot, Dry South.
(Again, I corrected the grammar.)

You don't need to say "barely a few thousand years ago." "Barely" is a complete contrast to a few thousand years. That's like saying "he barely blew up into a thousand pieces."

Here, there are Mysteries - both new and old, waited to be solved.

And soon with the start of two Twin siblings journey, shall a Darkness rise from the Shadows and Sleeping Legends to emerge from the Sands of Time.
Okay, that made no grammatical sense. I know what you're saying, but the dramatic effect is sucked out when it doesn't make sense to a normal reader.

It should read, "And now, with the start of two twins' journey, a darkness shall rise from the shadows to emerge from the Sands of Time."

You capitalize so many words, I have no idea if "Shadows" and "Sleeping Legends" are proper nouns.


Aaron Kingson had watched this battle over and over, always analyzing, always looking for a new way to take down the Ex-Sinnoh Champion Cynthia with the Challenger's(Lucas) Pokemon. He was figuring out a move to counter Cynthia's trump card, Lucario, using an Empoleon. He knew the only way to take out the Champ's last Pokemon fast would be using Earthquake very fast or Drill Peck. Then what do you know, Lucas, uses a simple Hydro Pump, which does barely nothing. Though ignorance is considered stupidly lucky bliss.
Okay, when you state a person's title, you need to separate them by commas to indicate a reflexive property.

i.e. "the ex-Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia, with..."

Also, you need to give us a bit more background about Lucas becoming the Champion, not just throwing in, "Oh, by the way - Lucas is Champ now. Kthxbai."

Then split up the paragraph to talk about the battle. The whole Champion thing should be one paragraph by itself.

"Then what do you know...lucky bliss.
This is a bit random, almost interjection-y...(not that it's a word.) It just sounds like random information thrown out. Give is more of a battle description before this. Even if you throw us into the middle of a battle, this feels like you just flashed us a few details that mean nothing.

“No, No you total idiot!” Aaron shouted at the 21-inch Black Television with a white Wii next to it in a normal Fourteen year olds voice. He pushed back small of his sandy Blond hair. Aaron was what you would call a total Nerd in a Model's guise, for the boy was smart and had good looks. The boy lacked though confidence-unless it was sibling rivary, which gave him a boost of confidence.
Saying "total idiot" is a bit redundant. Split up the televison and Wii sentence. ("black television" doesn't need to be capitalized!!!) Talk about the T.V., Wii, and his voice in three different sentences. (Expansion isn't all bad.)

Don't capitalize "blond"!!!

The next sentence should read, "Aaron was what you would call a "total nerd" in a model's guise, as the boy was smart as well as good-looking."

Soon a Fourteen year old girl's laughter erupted Aaron's ranting at Lucas, followed by a quick remark between the loud chuckles, “Your such a Nerd! No wonder you got all A's in the Classes. Though you still need to retake the Final Exam at the Pokemon School." Selena, Aaron's younger twin sister said with a huge grin on her pale face, grayish blue eyes looking at Aaron with total mocking.

Firstly, it's "you're", not "your." SPELL CHECK.
This sentence should read, "A girl's laughter pierced through Aaron's ranting. 'You're such a nerd!' "

The next portion of this is absolutely unnecessary as dialogue. You should explain it through narration, i.e. "Her statement was partially true. Aaron was a straight-A student, yet he still needed to take the Final Exam at the Pokémon School."

I'm not going to do every single paragraph, but you really, REALLY need to elaborate and split things up. You tend to collapse too much information that is UNRELATED to each other in the same paragraph. It doesn't hurt to make more paragraphs and expand! Try explaining background information via narration!

Also, please, please, PLEASE STOP using unnecessary capitalization. It really distracts from the important facts.

Example: We ran into the Abandoned Old House because the Scary Man was chasing after Us through the Dark Forest at Night.

This sample sentence is similar to what you do...it has almost no focus. All you see are big letters and don't know what is the most important. Only capitalize names of proper nouns! I checked at the bottom of your fanfic and nouns such as "Shadow" and "Whisperer" are properly capitalized, because they are important! Try to go back and edit your post!

If you need examples, please check out my fanfic (link in my sig) and see how to improve your writing. Also, feel free to send me a PM if you need help editing, advice, etc.

For this first "chapter", I give you a 6/10, but go back and change a few things around!


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Okay, this chapter was notably BETTER than the last one, but you STILL need to spell check A WHOLE LOT. You misuse "your" with "you're" and "their" and "there" CONSTANTLY. Plus, you never spell "Poké Ball" the same way twice.

Go back and REREAD the chapter 4, 5, 6 times before you post it!

You've improved considerably in this chapter, but you BARELY edited the last one. GO OVER IT AGAIN!

You need to give us more elaboration on details. It is still very listy in certain sections. It's like you give us too much information without explaining it fully.

What I do like, is your Pokédex entries and how you bold them.


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Chapter Three!

Revised Chapter Two Part One!(Long Story)

Chapter Two: An Odd start

The rain kept pouring and pouring in the small town of Sea Breeze, though it was now around time that the Trainers who passed their Exams could receive their beginning Pokémon. Of course now that since two Pokémon were freed up, a total feisty gardening brunette named Olivia and the other failure, a dimwit fire-lover(and possibly starter) named Jesse, got a Newture and Embpup respectively. The other one to actually pass, a young fisherman named Chris, got a Calfy. The Trainers had already seemed to left with their starters, five Pokéballs and updated hand-me-down Pokédexes to their dismay.

Selena, dressed in a white top and purple skirt, huge silver purse at her hip sighed, wondering what Pokémon she would get. Her Grandmother finally entered with her brother, a small Bolster with cobalt and vermilion fur, stormy blue eyes looking at her. A Empup with scarlet fur and icy eyes followed behind it like a follower would with their religion's leader. The petite teen girl then grew unhappy very quickly after finally realizing drilled-info about the pair of Pokémon, “You got a rare Bolster AND a freaking Embpup!” She screamed in a shrill voice at her brother as she turned to her grandma, “Grandma why?!” The teen girl whined on the verge of tears, then swallowed her betrayal. “The Assistant told me that you had allowed the starters to be given away.” The girl said, hands on her hip as a white Poképod with purple and pink trimming sparkled on her bare, pale arm.

Selena looked to her dweeby brother that was a twig and sneered, “You got them cause your their favorite; you have always been mom's and grandma's favorite which is only because your smarter then me!”

The Professor swallowed her angst best she could and spoke softly, “Your brother found the Bolster in the freezing rain, under a palm tree. He also took down a thief that was going to force me to start my captures I've done for the last 5 years over again; so he earned the Embpup and the other two starters in exchange of my surprise gift I was going to give you two. Though since you still need a starter-” The professor said looking for the Pokéball marked with the Adapmutt's registered Arcana number as soon she found the metallic sphere.

The Professor transferred the Pokémon into a normal Poke ball and handed it to her granddaughter, who had sneer on her face as if she smelled something foul, “Be gracious, an Adaptmutt can serve you well in Gyms as a durable Pokémon.” Professor Cedar explained. “They're rare in contrast to their evolutions due to the commonness of evolutionary stones in Arcana. I guess I'll give the other to your mother, she has been wanting a pet since you two are leaving.” The professor sounded sad and deeply concerned in her voice; to be brave at not worry her grandchildren, the old lady turned around once she felt her eyes watered. After a minute she turned back around, as if acting like nothing happened. The girl bitterly let the dog out, still a little annoyed.

The white lump of fur wagged its tail, soon asking, “Can I get something to eat?” The dog looked at its female master pleadingly.

Aaron knelt down and petted him, “She-my sister- doesn't speak Pokétalk, I do though, and most humans don't speak Pokétalk,” Aaron said with a soft smile, the small dog's trainer simply rolling her eyes as she registered him. “Ignore her she just cranky.” The boy assured the dog who seemed a little upset.

“I'm not cranky just ugh forget it.” The girl gave up in frustration. She then smiled and looked to her brother. “Hey...Dork lets have a little battle, my Adapmutt versus your new Bolster, who ever wins buys us- our supplies when we hit Green Brook.”

“You're on little sister.” Aaron said coldly, eyes blazing.


Aaron and Selena Kingsly always had had a very rival-like relationship, though when it came to battles, Aaron usually came on top in the last second.

The teens stood looked across to each other as they were in their battle stances on the wet front with battleground lines drawn on top of the coastal grass. The rainstorm weakened to a drizzle They then grabbed their Pokémon's Poke balls and threw them into the air. The electric Hamster appeared in front of Aaron as the small gray and white dog appeared beside Selena.

“Let's see first what I got and you got bro.” She pulled out a pink and white Pokédex and turned it on. The small teen held it over her starter as a robotic voice ringed out with a picture of Adapmutt on the screen.

“Adapmutt: The Surroundings Pokémon. Normal Type. Adapmutt are unique for they become the Type of the local Pokémon with a one-of-a-kind ability called Localize.” She then held it in Pukka's direction, “Bolster: The Bolt Pokémon. Electric Type. Bolster contain as much Electricity as it can carry in the spots it has on its body. ” She smiled as her brother soon gave out a command, which sent Selena scrambling.

“Pukka, use a Thunder Punch on Adapmutt.” Aaron said hastily. Pukka did so as the Adapmutt howled as his master responded.

“Adapmutt use a Sand-Attack.” Which the Adapmutt did as the Hamster squeaked, blinded by sand. Pukka got most of sands out of her eyes, but reminiscences were still in it the stormy colored, doll like eyes. “Now Head Butt it and Tackle.” The dog head butted the hamster, soon tackling it.

“Gr, Pukka use Bullet Punch! Then Thunder Shock! ” The Bolster did so, paw metallic the small Hamster hit the slightly larger mutt, which it then socked it with a jolt of electricity. Before Selena could counter her brother commanded a last finishing attack. “Thunder Punch now!” The Hamster responded, the hand-rather paw- of electricity delivered the last blow, successfully knocking out the small dog.

Selena swore like one the local Sailors as her grandmother cheerfully stated, “Adapmutt is unable to battle; Pukka the Bolster and Aaron are the winners!”

Aaron grinned at his sister while Selena returned Adapmutt to go heal him, her brother shouting while she left the room, “You owe me a bagful of supplies little sis.” Annoyance surged through Selena's body as she really wanted to flip the bird at Aaron. But she did not mind, she could always prank him later down the road.

“Enough Aaron, let's get you your Pokéballs and your Pokédex. Also as soon as you get to Sandy Hills head to the Museum, ask for Derek, he was a old student of mine and will help you.” She grabbed a envelope that contained a letter in her hand. “Hand him this letter, it will allow you to get the Snag Machine. I'm e-mailing Krane to come to Arcana and help me build a purifying chamber. If they have shadow Pokemon we need to get them fast before they can do real damage.”

Let's just hope we can stop these baddies, Aaron thought, wondering what was in store for him.

After the teen had his Pokédex updated and had went home to pack a bag with an escape rope, clothes of course with a few other things, he looked around for anything else.

He headed out of his room, looking over the room full of Pictures of Pokémon, his Game boy DS lite (Indestructible, gift from Grandmother on last birthday that included the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games based on the actual dramatic series of events) in its case, with a boatload of games. He fidgeted and gave in, sliding the case into his jacket's huge pocket. He then scratched his blond hair, looking over the room with a fourposter bed and then sighed. With his yellow as the sun bag slung over his shoulder, he went down stairs only to have his mother in front of the door.

Catherina Kingsly smiled holding out a pair of Nike Running Shoes for her son. “Last gift, I promise.” She said remembering how her son was more of the giving type then taking type. “Be safe, Phone me everyday, and make sure you and your sister bathe and wear clean clothes everyday if you can.” Catherina said looking her son up and down as a buyer would a new car.

The teen eagerly went and put on the shoes. He smiled softly as they were the right size. Aaron then thanked his mother and gave her hearty hug. With that and having his four new Pokémon in their Poke balls, he left his house and went to the outskirts of Sea Breeze, where Selena was waiting impatiently. They then went into famous Route 601, a grassy route full of grassy nulls.
The teenagers looked all over for something to capture, soon encountering a few Falwing- small falcon Pokémon that had golden eyes like sand and tan colored feathers under brown wings. They had a almond colored belly covered in black specks. Aaron whipped out his Pokédex as the Pokédex gave him the entry on Falwing.

“Falwing: the Small Falcon Pokémon. Normal/ Flying Type. Falwing are only egg lings and like dry, wooded areas.” Aaron smiled as he let Pukka out of her ball.”Go paralyze one of them with a Thunder shock,” he told the Pokémon.

“Do I have too? Can't you just use like Embpup or see if Newture knows Sleep Powder?” The Hamster said yawning. Aaron didn't mind it being lazy, who would blame her she had just took down two artificial fighting machines.

Annoyed, the young trainer told it to go ahead and do it as his sister fell over laughing. The Hamster successfully paralyzed one as the Falwing struggled; the others quickly flying away away to escape a similar fate. “Bullet Punch it so its weak enough.” When the Falcon looked dizzy, the Trainer threw a empty Pokéball at the bird, only to have the bird break out of it. His sister mocking laughter rang in his ears.

“Damn it!” The boy swore, “Pukka another Bullet Punch.” The Hamster did so as the bird was at it near limit. The Teenager tried again with a Pokéball, successful at that time.

“I'm gonna go hunt for some Pokémon. You train or do whatever for a bit Dorkenstein.” Selena said to her brother as she walked off, Adapmutt at her side.

Aaron went and started to level up his other Pokémon, getting the official Arcana starters to level seven while his Bolster got to level eight; the new Pokémon, who the teen named Horus, got to about level five. He managed to catch a Multipede and Fuzzala, both level four after three hours of going though level threes and many failed attempts at other level fours. The Fuzzala though went to his Pokémon Storage, the first one to occupy it, The new trainer headed to his sister, who was at the outskirts of Green Brook, Selena who had a Poke ball wobble on the ground till a loud ping was heard.

“Yes!” The Female Trainer said in a high pitched voice as she held up her Poke ball, “I caught a Fuzzala and a Multipede- both level five- and Adapmutt's at level eight now.” She said smiling at her brother, who took his Pokédex out and selected entries on Fuzzala, and then Multipede. Aaron simply smirked since Selena was very annoying and for the fact Aaron rarely smiled.

The Pokédex showed a Cream colored small teddy bear with a black, button nose and a fuzzy gray collar. “Fuzzala: Koala Bear Pokémon. Normal Type. These adorable Pokémon are very good companions though have untapped Power. ” The Metallic voice said, soon showing a picture of a millipede-like creature with three, yellow feeders, a crimson colored body and orange yellow spiked on each of is body segment. “Multipede: The Multi-legged Pokémon. Bug/ Poison Type. Multipede have a searing type of poison that burns like fire. ” Ouch, thats gotta hurt, Aaron thought.

“Not bad, lets get to Green Brook its almost dinner time.” He said turning his back, facing towards the last stretch of road to Green Brook, that was until a Youngster named Todd popped out of no where and challenged Aaron. What is wrong with these weirdos, Aaron thought to himself, thinking which Pokémon he had with him that were not tired.

After a moment of thought, the teenager nodded. “Alright, I'll battle you.” Aaron said as he grabbed his Multipede's Poke Ball and threw it, unleashing the tiny centipede.

The youngster smiled, “Let's make it a double battle; go Falwing and Multipede!” He said tossing the Poke Balls, releasing the tiny bird-of-prey and identical Multipede. Aaron chuckled and threw Snow's, his Calfy, Pokéball.

A small, light blue furred Pokemon with misty eyes yawned and looked to her master, “Um Master, you sure I can do this?” The Icy Horn Pokémon asked unsecured about herself. Guess all the starters have to start somewhere. The boy continued to wonder as how long his partners would feel insecure.

Aaron smiled, lapis lapuzi colored eyes shining, “Yes, you can, since you just learned Water gun you can take these guys down easily. Now Water Gun the bird and Sting you help her out with a Tackle on Falwing,” the trainer said getting to cocky, his other weakness.

The Multipede tackled the Falwing but due to Aaron's usual cocky arrogance his Sting got gusted and knocked out by the small bird. Aaron returned the Pokémon and sent out his Rocky, who was ready to pulverize like always it seemed.
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*Countinued from last post*

“Alright Human dude let's rock this joint!” The Newture said stomping his feet; meanwhile the Water gun had successfully hit the Multipede, soaking the venomous worm with water.

“Rocky use tackle on the bird before it can hit you.” Aaron bit his lip, Grass types were very easily damaged by flying type like bug-types were. He did have a little confidence, but he was also worry what would happen to his new Pokémon.

The youth told his falcon to use another gust, which rocky took head on amazingly and pile drive the bird into submission due to a rare critical hit. Rocky soon fell over; the Gust attack had done more damage then he thought.

The youth wasn't impressed, “I still have my Multipede so don't get cocky! Finish off that grassy muncher will a tackle.”

Aaron smiled his famous Vampire smile as he looked at the Multipede coming at his Rocky, “Rocky since you feel woozy, how bout you use your Razor Leaf.” The draconic lizard glowed a sinister deep green, as if its aura was coming alive.

The youth had been really cocky, thinking that his opponent was a complete moron- that was until his Multipede got knocked off its feet when the Newture's Overgrow ability had been activated, giving the razor leaf he launched a powerful kick to it.

Aaron of course got paid as soon as the two trainers returned their tired Pokémon. Selena rolled her eyes, soon saying, “And I rely on luck too much dork?”

“Come on lets go before anything else happens,” Aaron said while he walked to Green Brook Town with his pest of a little sister.

Green brook was not as large as Sea Breeze, though it did have charm. The small houses with the many flowers outside them reminded Aaron of a giant Garden. The place smelled sweet with all the Honeysuckles, Violets, and Roses. A small river ran through the town, hence its name.

The twins went to the Pokémon Center, a place that had a red roof and acted as a hospital for Pokémon and hotel for their Pokémon Trainers. The newly made Trainers entered through The Pokémon Center's sliding, automatic glass doors. A friendly Nurse Joy smiled at them as her trusty Chansey (which had not stepped foot on Arcanian soil till a hundred years prior), was at her side. The thirty something year old Pokémon Nurse posed light red hair and deep hazel eyes.

The Nurse greeted them as they approached the empty lobby of the Pokémon Center from the sliding door entrance, “Good Evening, I'm Fiona Joy; how may I help you?” The Nurse said.

Aaron saw a tray that had six indention into it and placed his balls into it. “I need my Pukka, Rocky, Dante, Snow, Horus and Sting.” The Nurse gave him an odd look as the boy sweat-dropped like an Anime Character would. “I mean my Bolster, Newture, Embpup, Calfy, Falwing and Multipede. ” he said, handing her the tray, she taking it gently and placing them next to a huge stack of trays. He did trusted Joys cause they and the teen had a few similar goals- one being to help Pokémon.

The Nurse turned to Aaron, “Lots of Trainers are here, from here and from out of Arcana So we have a lot of Pokémon needed treated; it will take about an hour though so your free to go and explore Green Brook. ” The Joy said with an impeccable smile.

Aaron nodded as Selena set her three Pokéballs in a tray's slots and handed it to the Nurse Joy the petite teen then sprinted to catch up to Aaron who was outside scanning the small town with cold glare.

Amazingly, Green Brook town did have a Denny's near the Pokémon Center, which was lucky for the Kingsly Twins. The two soon went inside the familiar place that mimicked the one in their hometown.

The Denny's restaurant was full of starting Trainers, all of which stared at Selena with goggle eyes like on a pet rock. Aaron rolled his eyes at the male trainers, they probably praying that bratty Lena was single, which as far as Aaron knew, was. Some of the girls stared at him though passed him off as his dweeb, others kept staring, as if they knew he would be nicer then a jock. Though his ice cold glare drove those girls away as well. The harsh teen was a ditz when it came to love and girls. To Aaron girls were another species altogether. That or menacing Pokémon that could breed with humans.

That would be creepy, Aaron thought, soon shaking the thought off. Pokémon breeding with humans just seemed wrong, the magical beings of nature would be corrupted by humanity.

The pair got a table at the corner as a pretty waitress in her late teens- hair bluish black with eyes reddish brown- came to ask them what they would like to drink, “Dr. Pepper” Aaron said, getting handed a menu which he took gently. Despite being cold to most people, he was usually as equally polite.

“Same-no make it a sprite.” Selena answered, putting back a lock of her copper gold hair, eyes twinkling a silvery sheen. The boys all drooled with idiocy due to Selena having a more then noticeable chest due to her small, lithe body.

The twins half-heartily looked over the Menus and got their usuals. Selena always had the hardy Western burger-Selena was a big eater despite her small size- and Aaron the healthy Club sandwich, both with Seasoned fries. It was when Selena was snatching some of Aaron's fries that the Waitress came and gave the bill. Aaron paid it as the Twins went to the blue roofed Pokémart .

The Pokémart was full of beginning items like Pokéballs, escape ropes, Antidotes, Burn Heals and Potions. It also had Pokémon food and other supplies related to their Trainer's journeys. The Shop keeper was giving a girl a little shorter then Aaron a giant bag of Pokémon food. The scrawny girl with light brown hair and familiar hazel eyes struggled with it.

Aaron, like a knight in scrawny armor, came to the weak girl's rescue. “Let me get that for you-” Aaron said taking the heavy bag of chow- something he was use to having helped his Grandmother with Pokémon supplies many times. He tried to be friendly cause he felt bad for the girl, sided she seemed like one who cared for Pokémon as much as he did.

The girl in her plaid skirt and button up shirt blushed deeply, looking down to soon mutter, “T-thanks, I'm Chloe.” She said, nervously holding out a hand.

“Oh-” Aaron said trying to keep the bag over one shoulder to shake her hand, which he was almost successful doing as he accidentally fell over, the bag cushioning his fall. “I'm Aaron, Aaron Kingsly.” The boy said rubbing his now aching backside of his head. The total klutzy Nerd, Aaron said within his mind, a cold smile on his face. His eyes sparkled and attracted the girl named Chloe fortunately without his knowledge.

“Nice job Romeo.” Selena said after giggling with a now giggling Chloe. “Sorry my brother is a scrawny dweeb, probably not you type.” Selena gave a grinned to her brother as Aaron coldly smirked at the witch- though a word that rhymed with it worked just as well- of a sister.

“Sorry-” Aaron said, carrying the bag. Realizing what his sister meant, a deeper blush appearing on Chloe and a tinge of one appearing on him. “Selena!” The boy protested, glaring at his little sister.

Chloe gently spoked up, breaking the tension, “Um, could you maybe be able to carry the bag to the Pokémon Center, my aunt's the Nurse Joy who runs it.” The boy nodded and walked out with her as Selena then locked from the two to the Shop Keeper and then back, shouting, “Hey, what am I suppose to buy dweeb?!” Though it was too late, the shy boy and girl were gone, and the feisty copper blond thought like her brother-something she seemed as a last resort. She bought both her and her twin a set of ten Pokéballs with two, white bodied with a red line and release button Premier balls included, free of charge. She also got a few Potionss, and a few antidotes along with a trusty escape rope, which was made from Abra hairs- since they shed liked crazy- allowing the user to teleport out of a cave to its entrance. She smirked though while handing over most of her birthday money. Stupid bet, she said in her head. Next time Aaron, next time.
Aaron was learning more about Chloe who introduced him to her Linx, a gray tabby like cat with black, split ears. A weird symbol on her back and a tail that had what look like three black fingers. The Linx's almond-shaped, neon yellow eyes stared at the teenage boy as he pulled out his Pokédex, scanning the Pokémon in order to get the entry on it.

“Linx: The Telepathic Pokémon. Psychic Type. Linx use their fingered tails to use telekinesis, and will hurl anything at humans who disturb their nest. ” The Drone voice said nonchalantly.

The Feline winked at him and whispered into his brain; If you do anything to my mistress, I'll break your spine.

That's not good, The boy thought to himself a little nervous now.

Oh no it isn't, the Linx replied, smiling a dark smile.

The boy soon turned away from his threatener, “Um so, Chloe, are you gonna start your journey? Gonna be a Trainer, Coordinator or- ” The boy ask, walking with the shy girl and her malicious Linx. He did trust her, cause only a very protective friend of someone nice would threaten him with something so severe.

“Coordinator, well more or less Breeder, anything to get out of Green Brook.” She said, “Aunt Flo though wants me to travel with someone so I don't get into trouble.” The girl said, as if asking Aaron something between her spoken words.

A red blush tinged on Aaron's face, “How old are you?”

“Sixteen, I'll be sixteen July 7th.” The girl said smiling a little. It was a special day; it was the opening day of Arcana's famous Starry Sky festival. Due to that her mother used to call her star child.

Aaron knew what she had been asking; any girl who loved Pokémon like she did was welcome to travel with Aaron in order to counterbalance his bratty sister. “I'm fifteen, maybe I can get your aunt to agree to let me be your er, escort, around Arcana.” Aaron said softly, no dark tone hidden in his voice.

“Oh my lord, a boyfriend! My shy sweet little Chloe is growing up.” The Nurse Joy said wailing as she tears poured from her Hazel eyes. Despite what it looked like, they were indeed tears of joy coming from Joy.

Chloe blushed crimson, shouting, “AUNT FLO! He's not my boyfriend, just a cute- I mean younger male friend.” The shy teenage girl said poking her index fingers together. “C-could I may travel with him and his sister?” The girl pleaded hands together. Aaron did seem somewhat cold, but she knew it was his flaw that would be useful.

“Sure, just let me get your brother's old Pokédex and a few hundred from the trust your parents left you. ” The Nurse said as Aaron came in after dropping off the Poke food in the Storage closest The Nurse looked back to her niece and commanded, “Go and get your boy- er I mean male friend's Pokémon from the back”.

Chloe quickly went and got them, her Aunt coming quickly back with a backpack full or supplies and a semi-new- yet used -Jade on Black Pokédex. Chloe went to hug her amazing aunt. She grabbed the bag and scanned the contents, sliding the slim Pokédex into her Denim Jacket she slid on.

Aaron got his Pokémon, let out Pukka and sat down in a comfy chair as his Bolster curiously asked while looking at Chloe who was coming over, “Who's the girl, your girlfriend?” She teased, only to have Aaron throw a pillow at her, which hit its mark square in the face. A ticked off Bolster then shocked Aaron, leaving his hair in a static-cling mess. Aaron shook it off and sighed.

An odd start to a Journey, Aaron, Chloe and a -walking with supplies to the Pokémon Center Selena- simultaneously thought.
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Chapter Three

Chapter Three- Mind Games

The Aurora Boreas glistened in the the twilight about Mount Flash Freeze, a cold, barren twin peaked Mountain that lied in Arcana's far North. The Starry Sky was being chased away by the rising sun; the snow its virgin white as it covered great pines. The Northern Shadow Pokemon Factory of Team Oblivion lied inside the warmer interior of the mountain. The warm inside was due to the mountain being once a volcano that became dormant; the land soon became snow covered and desolate due to thousands of years of Continental drift.

The icy ruins of Mount Flash Freeze were now full of Oblivion Peons, Scientists and Shadow Pokemon galore. The place was filled with rooms just for Shadow Tanks, things used to create Shadow Pokemon. The main leader of Oblivion was on a throne, her black, wispy dress hugging her curves while her black, dark hair was cascading down her back in a ebony colored waterfall of curls. Her piercing, amethyst eyes looked towards the three she called her Admins.

The One in charge of the Factory was a refined, intellectual lady who's name was Nerina. Nerina looked very delicate as she stood in her ice blue dress and her whitish blond hair were in short curls that came to her shoulders. Her ice blue eyes seemed always cold and calculating.

The Admin in charge of the Southern Factory was a giant hot head by the name of Prometheus. He had fiery red hair that were spiked like the tips of a flame. He stood in a black sleeveless vest with a purple O over his heart; a black shirt hugging his massive abs. The man yawned and hoping a underling by the name of Commander Darren was successful at the Lost Ruins in southern Arcana.

The last Admin was in charge of all Air Command- aka she supplied transportation, but Air Commander was a much more cooler name for such a somewhat idiotic job. Aiva was her name, and she did look like a bird like her name implied. She had a long, beak of a nose as her hair looked like two brown wings covering her head. She wore a yellow Air force uniform with a violet O over one of her many, many pockets.

All three of them were listening to their Leader's ranting. Lady Shadow was what everyone called her, and if you dared not to and did not show her respect you would not live to see another dawn.

“...Why you did not simply just go in and take the bloody Pokémon from that old crone I will not every understand! I told all three of you to simply pick one of you to do it! Yet you passed on to a peon that was walking by! Now we've gave alert to one of the bloody Leaders of the Protectors and will have a agent snooping where their nose does not belong! I swear I should just fire all of you and get robots. ” The frustrated, barely Eighteen year old girl said through her Kitsune Mask with dark shades of reds, blues and purples covering a white foreground. She then sighed and calmly commanded her Officers to do one simple thing, “Leave.” The Admins left their leader alone to mellow out and decide not to kill them, well for today anyways.

Oblivia- aka Lady Shadow- thought of her past, and her new beginning with a second chance of taking back what was taken from her so long ago.

Aaron Kingsly had awoken early on a fine, late Summer's day in order to beat the incoming traffic for the vast Mirage Woods. He soon noticed blood trickling from his nostrils due to his allergies and wiped most of it on some tissues. Of course being the refined young gentlemen he was he went to bathe; being the blond he was also, he forgot to knock.

Once he entered the bathroom of the room he occupied with his sister and his new traveling buddy Chloe, his doom was sealed as his nosebleed worsened. For inside the nice, marbled bathroom was a a half-naked Chloe in nothing but a big, green Pokémon Center towel. Chloe being the somewhat impulsive girl she was, pummeled poor Aaron and asked questions after she punched the boy – who she thought was sweet- multiple times, with no mercy, all the while shouting, “PEEPING TOM!”.

Aaron in a flash laid on the floor, a little bruised and knocked out by a petite girl who he had just met barely twelve hours prior. Chloe quickly came to his aid and called out her Healmur, and Pokémon who could heal any living thing. The girl soon murmured out for it to revive the boy. After a fluttering of eyes, Chloe recalled her Healmur. The older teen looked into the revived boy's eyes as she soon blushed scarlet realizing she was only in the towel. Aaron had a tinge of red as well as any boy would kill for the view he had.

Both shy, the pair jumped up and looked away; awkward silence filling the room. It was not till a sleepy Selena stirred from her sleep due to a buzzing Chatot alarm clock that the the embarrassed sixteen year old girl mumbled a apology for knocking the bloody snot out of Aaron.


“Warning: Mirage Woods is full of Pokémon known to play tricks on Trainers as well as having dangerous Madiak and Grizzane lurk about. Pokémon- though rare- from the Gloom Wood Forest and Palm Desert inhabit the woods.” The sign that lead into the Woods stated clearly. Aaron mused inside his head, Rare Pokémon eh? A paved road cut through the woods, one that the twins had walked by like the road to Greek Brook town.

“Let's get going, I wanna catch some new Pokémon!” Aaron said amazingly excited, the early morning sun barely shining. He then sent out his Embpup, Dante, to light the Woods which were still cloaked by the fading Night Sky. It ironically did look like the setting of a eerie book.

A tired Selena yawned, she was in her usual outfit of a a purple skirt, white top and a white headband with a purple line in it that pushed back her hair that went to her shoulders. Chloe was in a green top, a long denim skirt with a matching denim jacket, her long wavy brunette hair down her back. She seemed very alert, but that was because sugar made the older girl hyper, and unfortunately for the Kingslys, she drank a large Star bucks' Latte.

“Let's go, Let's go, Let's go, Let's go!” The older of the trio said excitedly and very annoyingly.”I wanna get to the next town now now now!” Chloe was zipping zagging around like a Zizagoon on Speed or Crystal meth.

“Shut up Chloe! It's freaking six in the morning.” Selena groaned turning to Aaron, “Why are we up so early you freaking nerd?!” She said accusingly at her big brother.

“So we can catch some rare Pokémon of course!” The boy said darkly happy; a drowsy Bolster at his side. Aaron knew the other trainers would try to get any upper hand to beat the Gym Leader in Sandy Hills, a Ground Type user he had heard.

The Caravan then went into Mirage Woods; a shadow figure looking at them while it sat in the tree tops.
The Grizzane was licking his fingers of what his new “friend” called Strawberry Jam; something he craved more of due to it being just as sweet as honey. His friend told the Grizzane, a Normal-Fighting type Pokémon with a very low IQ and very high blood pressure, that if he scared the people approaching he will be given more of delicious jaw. Lying to a Grizzane is the last thing any living thing would want to do, though the Grizzane's “friend” was not exactly alive.

The Gizzane walked on its light brown haired paws behind the trio of newbie Pokémon Trainers and then stood up on its hind legs, letting out a very loud roar.

Aaron, Chloe, Selena as well as Pukka the Bolster who was walking at Aaron's side turned and froze in terror; they did not know what to do. Aaron was to afraid to even reach for his turned off Pokedex to look up the large grizzly Pokémon or even try to talk to it. Terrified, the trio and Pukka fled without even looking back to see if the Grizzane was chasing them.

Happily, the Grizzane's “friend” gave it the rest of the delicious, precious Strawberry Jaw that was very rare in the Woods, seeing that it was fair. The “Friend” then vanished, a hearty chuckle lastly emitted before it teleported.

The next day moved on slowly with no luck and no sight of any rare Pokemon. Hour after hour lead to new captures on constituently seen Pokemon.

Selena Kingsly was at her wits end, soon throwing her hands into the air and screaming, “It's been six bloody hours of walking! All we have seen have been Hedgesmogs, Porkuspines, a few Bolsters, a bunch of Burworms and Multipede.” Selena listed in agony. “No Rare Pokémon from across the way.” She noted, annoyed at her brother. “Plus non-stop battles with loser bug catchers. Oh and a few abandoned Pokéballs and Potions.”

“Don't forget Falwing, Oh and the Grizzane that chased you guys yesterday.” Her Adapmutt now nicknamed Clancy added obliviously.

“Don't remind me.” The blond haired girl said, eyes closed. Soon a Burworm started to pass by, the then turned on Pokédex responding with its entry.

“Burworm, the Burrower Pkmn. Bug/ Ground Type. Burworm use their drill like nose to feel around for easy to sill through soil, if not, it uses its nose to go through.” The orange-tan worm with a drill like beak of a mouth looked at the trio with its squinted eyes and readily quickened its haste.

Aaron grinned somewhat evilly, sending out his Starter, Pukka the Bolster, to get it up to another level of power. “Levels” in the Pokémon-inhabited lands meant that the magical creature could control even more of its aura and unleash hidden powers.

Bolster's ears twitched as she looked at Aaron and looked away, tiredly grumbling, “God, no more captures or training, Aaron's put me up against Pokémon galore! Half the time he scares them off whilet other times he threw the Poke balls too freaking early, pissing them off.”

Aaron looked and offended and quickly replied, “Hey were trying to get as many Specimens- I mean Pokémon we can.” Aaron felt at that moment he realized he spent more time with elderly grandmother then people his own age. “Sides a Burworm, Hegdesmog and Porkuspine are a good few hours work.”

“Are we there yet?” Said a lagging Chloe, crashed from her earlier Sugar fix.

“For the last time Chloe, not yet!” The Twins said in unison, both actually agreeing for once as well as not bickering with each other. Soon a twig breaking came from behind them. The misty Forest seemed to have played a trick on them. Though a small, usually nocturnal, young female Pokémon was following the sweet smelling human female.

The Pokémon Trainers all were around a camp fire as the day drew to a end. A curious Chloe was looking up the starters that her friend posed, she started with Rocky, the grass cover lizard with quite a snapper.

Newture: the Mossy Pokémon. Grass Type. Newture are easily able to hid in forests due to their grassy backs. They are said to be able to live for a very long time if left undisturbed in a sealed cave. ” She then turned to the cinnabar colored furred wolf pup, “Embpup: the Shaggy Pup Pokémon. Fire Type. Embpup's fur can be lit on fire and remain unharmed afterwards. They smell very much like brimstone even in a field of very sweet smelling flowers.” Chloe finally turned to the last one, Snow the Calfy. “Calfy: The Icy Horn Pokémon. Water Type. Calfy can swim in any body of water and not have its wool-coat wet as their horns are made from permafrost.”

Chloe looked towards Aaron in awe, “Wow, your Grandma gave you all three Starters cause you prevented some evil person from taking a bunch of Pokémon she was going to send to the Professor Oak?” The girl said very intrigued- very fast too- her face a few inches from Aaron. Chloe blushed the color of Dante's fur and slowly pulled her face away, looking towards the fire.”

The Adapmutt looked clueless as his master and Pukka snickered at Aaron and Chloe. Love wasn't his forte, now being another type, thats where he had skill. Clancy sighed and curled up next to his master. Though a high-end screech came from nowhere; the screech only alerted clancy due to it being very high- high enough where only canine and some feline Pokémon could hear it. A black as night, bat-like creature with gentle eyes and a blood red spiky collar emerged, going and sniffing Selena who saw the scared looks appear on both Aaron's and Chloe's faces.

Selena sweat dropped, “There's something behind me isn't there? ” She asked as a Poke ball rolled out of her bag, the curious Batket put her nose to it, getting sucked in as Selena had slowly turned her head. “I don't see anything.” Having seen what happened, Puuka as well as her teammates, even Aaron and Chloe were laughing hard as the Pokéball had stopped wobbling.

Selena looked down to see the Poke ball on grassy ground floor and picked up, letting out the Batket, to her surprise, “W-what is that?! ” The teenage girl said pointing to the Batket as Aaron took out his Pokédex.

“Batket: the Echo Pokémon. Normal/ Flying Type. Batket use echolocation while flying around the Southern Forests of Arcana due to a severe lack of night vision. They usually only appear between 6 P.M to 6 A.M.”

“Wow its a level eight, your lucky to have caught it sis, well lucky at all.” Aaron stated the sentence very coldly. Selena didn't seemed really impressed till she realized that it was level eight.

Selena grinned her usual huge grin and picked up the little bat in her arms. She held the Batket in one arm and posed with a number one hand gesture. “I got a Batket!”

“That, was, lammmmme.” Pukka said; Selena smirked at it with a deathly look, the human cracking her knuckles. “I mean that was great!” The Bolster said scared from Selena's intimidation method.

“Let's get some sleep, tomorrow by at least four o'clock we should arrive in Sandy Hills City.” Aaron said returning his Pokémon and preparing first a sleeping bag for Chloe them himself, sleeping soundly in his sleeping bag by before 10 o'clock. Dante got loose from his Poke ball, looking around the break in the trees the caravan had settled on for a camping spot. The pup then curled up next to his Trainer, drifting off into dreamland
“WHAT THE HELL!” Screamed Selena, looking for her silver hand bag with all her important accessories while her brother was looking for his backpack. She was worried; her period was always sorta random and she was a bleeder, which without the right tool for the job, would make her ruin a pair of her favorite, er, “underpants.”

“S-somebody's messing with us.” Said Chloe, who was looking around. Dante sensed a Pokémon and stared at a shadow figure in the branches of a tall, old oak.

“Oh your dead on the mark, my dear...” A Pokémon hiding in the Trees and Dawn's shadows said to itself. The Pokémon had yellow eyes and a yellow toothed gin, a violet colored body with a long wispy tail and witch hat-like structure that was part of its head. Shakespeare the Spookster is the name, and playing Mind Games is my forte, The Pokémon cleverly came up with the slogan as he let go of the humans belongings, disappearing. The items fell on top of a bush as the Teens grabbed them, looking around. After such a weird experience, they went on their way, not looking back.

Another pair of eyes stared at them, one who grinned at his mischievous prodigy's prank on the Humans. He was a centuries old Marage, a creature with whirls dug into his caramel colored body. The Pokémon floated in the air by using his Telekinesis and wondered something.

Can I play a even better Mind game with these fools? The Marage thought devilishly.


The Pokémon followed the trainers, curious of what he could achieve. He put a lot salt into the boy stew, making it just as bad as his little sister's. Macrage then created a few fake, rare Pokemon to mess with the children. It was not till Dante, the Embpup, used a powerful Ember against the shadowy Marage, who fell out of the tree like a total weakling and or coward would.

The Marage shouted at the Wolf, “Why did you do that you son of a (female Wolf)!”

The Caravan turned to face the Marage, a being who had wispy white hair and gold colored palms, belt, and feet. The boy named Aaron pulled out his Pokédex eagerly.

“Marage: The Illusion Pokémon. Psychic Type. They can easily create the simplistic 3-D illusions and are very rare, even in their native region of Arcana. ” The Pokédex rang out as the teen girl known as Selena grinned evilly.

She let out Clancy and told it to Localize, the Pokémon soon becoming a Psychic type. “Now tackle it.” She commanded.

“Rodger!” The Clancy responded, the little dog charging at the Pokémon who fling the Pokemon away with a strong Psychic as if the dog was a simple rag doll.

“Not yet, when you are ready, I shall appear to you in the Gloom Wood Forest, till then.” The Pokemon said, either to Selena or Aaron or even to silent Chloe the trio did not know. Though soon they knew it, the Pokémon was talking to Clancy. Though what the Marage meant was its last mind game for Aaron and company.
Characters of Significance

Name: Aaron Patrick Kingsly
Date of Birth: August 1st 1994
Hometown: Sea Breeze, Arcana
In Party: Pukka(Bolster), Dante(Embpup), Rocky(Newture), Snow(Calfy), Horus(Falwing), Sting (Multipede)
In Storage: Fuzzala, Burworm, Hegdesmog and Porkuspine
Likes: Studying, Helping, Reading, some Writing and Sketching, Playing a musical instrument
Dislikes: Immaturity at bad times, Redundancy, Harsh Pranks
Relations: Selena(Sister), Catherina(Mother), Agnes Cedar(Grandmother)
Summary: A sometimes surfer looking Academic and Musical genius who has a tendency to wear suits every time he can. Since he can see Pokemon Auras and Speak their language he charged with taken down Team Oblivion; often is seen to get stage fright fear when battling a serious battle.

Name: Selena Meghan Kingsly
Date of Birth: August 1st 1994
Hometown: Sea Breeze, Arcana
In Party: Clancy(Adapmutt), Fluffy(Fuzzala), Wilhelmina-named by Aaron-(Batket)
In Storage: Unknown
Likes: Drawing, Dancing, Singing, laying around, Kick boxing, Exploring, Jokes
Dislikes: Snobs, Know it alls minus her brother.
Relations: Aaron(Brother), Catherina(Mother), Agnes Cedar(Grandmother)
Summary: A confident, tough tomboy with the small, developed body of a nurturing goddess with the blondness, cruelty, and curiosity of a California Valley girl.

Name: Chloe Daphne Joy
Date of Birth: July 7, 1993
Hometown: Sea Breeze, Arcana
In Party: Linx, Healmur
In Storage: Unknown
Likes: Healing, Helping, Grooming
Dislikes: Rough Fighting, Peeping Toms
Relations: Related to all Joys
Summary: A shy girl who is handy with lots of feminine things like sowing and nursing.
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Chapter Four Revised.

Chapter Four- Of Heroes not so old.

The Palm Desert bordered the Mirage Forest, and after a week of being outdoors the members of the Kingsly Caravan were happy to be almost to the next town. Aaron, Selena and Chloe were all in perky moods- well they would be if the desert heat were not kicking their behinds.

“Why is it so freakin' hot dammit!” Aaron roared out as his shy little Calfy used a water gun on her master.

The Calfy smiled and wagged her little sub of a tail, “Better master?”

Aaron blinked soaking wet and felt extremely better, “Yes, yes thank you Snow.” He said smiling at the little bison calf.

Aaron was then pushed away by two deranged teen girls. “PLEASE COOL US OFF SNOW!” Chloe and Selena screamed simultaneously as the little Icy horn Pokemon did so. The cold, refreshing water gun set the teen girls at ease. Chloe then let out her Healmur to get cooled off, a green little monkey like Pokémon with black rings all over its body.

Curious, Selena took out her Pokédex and looked up the Lemur as the Lemur jumped on his mistress's shoulder.

“Healmur: Natural Healer Pokémon. Grass/Normal Type. They were the first Pokémon used ever as Pokémon nurses; these Pokémon use healing plants to help Pokémon in need. ” The Pokedex said mechanically.

“It was a gift from my Grandma in Luckfield City.” Chloe said smiling at Aaron.

“Wow I heard that Healmur were like used before Chansey but I've never seen one up close,” Aaron said enthusiastically as he poked the Lemur's nose and it snapped at him.

Selena smirked, then soon coughed- “Nerd.”

“Watch it, human,” The Healmur said with a Shark-like grin as he looked towards Aaron.

What next, Aaron said in his head. His Poképod ironically beeped with a Email from his grandmother-

“Michael Sanders is waiting at the Pokemon Center and is coming with you to the Museum to meet with Wesley Nichols. Be polite.” The black text said on the white background.


Michael Sanders scratched his spiky, red hair as he looked around Sandy Hills City at the Pokemon Center. Sandy Hills was a small yet complex city full of tan colored houses and palms. The twenty year old in a gold blazer and pair of wrangler blue jeans let out his Jolteon, Jove. While scratching the yellow big cat with a equally spiky white collar's head, he looked back at his new, state of the art Poképod for messages. A familiar whistle noise broke the tranquil silence as he turned to see the distant faces of his little sister and his older girlfriend.

Jovinna or Jovi for short, Sanders was petite and lean like her brother; she had on a jean shorts with a white top, her dark blue hair in a ponytail an under a black and red cap while a aure blue with gold set of large head phones some what strangled her neck. At her side was a small red on yellow Plusle and also blue on yellow Minun. The fourteen year old was walking to her older brother in front of the Pokemon Center as she was coming back from shopping with Mike's girlfriend, Lovrina.

Lovrina Sharpe and her family were tied with the first and second Cipher Shadow Events in Orre. She was daughter of Eric Issac Neville Sharpe, who was code named Ein during his involvement as main research developer the first time; as well as Alyssa Labelle, who took the code named Venus and ran the the elusive Under. Both were trialled but due to the fact they seemed sincerely sorry for their crimes, they became the runners of Realgam Tower to make up for their pasts.

Lovrina followed in her father's dark footsteps and became Head Researcher and Developer of the second generation of Shadow Pokémon as well as the XD001, a Shadow Lugia who was said to be unable to be purified. That was until Michael proved her wrong, doing so using his father's and professor Krane's invention, the Purifying Chamber. The Lugia since then had became an asset to Michael's team and was named “Whirl” due to being from distant Johto's Whirl Islands. Lovrina, or known as “Rin” by her friends, became a close friend of Michael, a apprentice under professor Krane and a asset to Orre as she found a way to safety migrate Sinnoh Pokémon to the Orre region, populating the once Pokémon-barren land.

Rin and Michael grew into a elite Pokémon Trainer and Researcher respectively, Rin falling for her one-year younger boyfriend as Mike did so for her. Mike was sweet and kind, which made Rin more sweet and kind in the process. Rin walked with Jovi in her usual designer jeans and frilly light blue top; honey colored eyes looked in the distance at Mike as her pinkish hair fell in curls down her back. Her Delcatty (the one ironically Michael purified and gave to her as a Christmas present as it was originally hers), walked at her side, the tan cat with huge strange purple ears on top her head with matching, strange purple collar.

Mike waved as the two girls came up to him, Rin giving him a peck on his cheek as Mike blushed a little and Jovi rolled her eyes, putting her headphones over her ears. Mike chuckled and look around for this “Aaron.”

Jovi looked to see a poster plastered on the Pokémon Center's wall that displayed the eight Gym badges of Arcana. From the bottom right corner to the top displayed a tan- with specks- hill; a sky blue feather, a eerie, blue phantom wisp; a gray flame that reminded her of ash. Jovi then looked to see the other badges going from the middle around; a black disc representing she thought a new moon; a olive colored, diamond shaped cocoon; a blue diamond with a ice blue core; lastly a yellow sun like one that made her thought of artificial light and electricity.

Though the poster next to it was also very pleasing Picture displaying the fifteen different kinds of ribbons plastered all over it. She looked at them and then turned to her brother, face plastered with a sad, puppy dog look as she cutely said, “Brother...”


Meanwhile, Aaron and his group were walking into Sandy Hills City, a small oasis town filled with Palm trees, two-story houses with orange roof houses and a giant orange roofed building that must have been the Museum. They looked around a bit and soon headed to a small Cafe to cool off and grab a few drinks. Selena looked at her P.B.A and saw that the Center was only a few blocks away. A waitress approached as she slide off her device and looked over the waitress a few years older then her.

The girl looked mid-eastern, probably due to the effects of harsh sunlight had on the first people to live in the region. The teenager had long silky black hair and almond colored eyes as she wore a white button-down and a blue mixed with black skirt. The Cafe's logo was stitched into the right breast pocket of the shirt as she tapped her pen on her small notepad waiting for the threesome's order.

“Orange Juice please,” A tired, older looking Aaron mumbled.

“Um, w-water,” Chloe shyly asked.

Selena just yawned and and ask for what she would always get even in the early morning, “Cheese burger, curly fries and a milkshake,” Selena asked calmly as if it was nothing as her comrades wondered where the hell she put it all- that was until they realized she was, er, very “gifted” when it came to the mountains on her chest.

Maybe I should eat more...Chloe pondered as she looked down at her not very developed chest; the waitress walking off doing the same.


After Selena's pig out that seemed like a Snorlax's dinner, the threesome arrived to the Pokémon Center where Jovi was pleading and begging Michael to let her go on a journey. Michael saw Aaron and grinned; the old Hero pointed to Michael and gave Jovi a command like she was one of his Pokémon, “Beat him and you'll be able to go on your journey.” Lovrina sighed at her somewhat narrowed minded boyfriend.

Jovi looked to her opponent and said, “Let's battle,” She said grabbing two Poke balls ready to throw down. The Nurse Joy though did not seemed amused.

“Go battle outside now or I swear to Arceus!” The Joy exclaimed in a calm, yet frightening demonic voice while cracking her knuckles. Very intimidated the crowd slowly backed away outside, near the Town's waterhole.

Once outside, Aaron grabbed Pukka's and Horus's Poke Balls and threw them at the same time the seemingly sweet, delicate girl did. Jovi's Plusle and Minun were ready as ever as Aaron cursed to himself since Horus was a Flying type.

He cursed more when he saw that the pair of Cheering Pokemon were level twenty-five and Bolster was barely even level ten. “Pukka Bullet Punch and Horus Mud-slap” The Pokemon as they were told, a metallic paw landed on Plusle and the Mud-slap hit Minun, though either did barely any damage.

Jovi grinned and with a lot of reassured confidence, called up a counter attack. “Pluplu and Mimi, counter with Mud-Slap and Thunderbolt!” With that a huge wave of mud hit the Bolster, KO-ing it in a cinch; the Plusle fell back and did a flip in the air gracefully. The small thunderbolt totally knocked out the Falcon, the small, miniature rabbit with more punch then it looked. Aaron returned the Pokémon in defeat, Jovi kept saying “Yay” over and over to the boy's dismay. He took out a few dollars and change for Jovi since it was standard Battling rules. Jovi meanwhile was returning her Pokémon and told him to keep it.

Selena was in a fit of giggles as she now had total material to mock her brother with, that was until she saw how down on himself he was. Aaron gripped his left hand, gritted his teeth then looked towards Jovi. The disappointed boy calmly spoke, “I want a rematch when they are higher up Miss?” His eyes twinkled; his hair golden wheat colored that were gelled into spikes with some bangs hanging over his eyes. He was alluring to Jovi; though older, mature, cute boys were always higher up her food chain then simply cute boys her age. But there was coldness; a dark shadow that loomed over the boy.

Jovi smiled, “Jovi, and of course, cutie. ” She replied to him calmly then winked at Aaron which caused him to blush easily despite his cold, pale face. Michael was about to go big-brother on Aaron, but Rin held his shoulder-soon squeezing it- whispering to him, “So Jovi likes him, get over it Michael. She may just be trying to get on your nerves.”

Michael? Aaron's brain responded to the whisper of the name. The teenage boy then spoke up, “Are you Michael Sanders?”
Wesley “Wes” Nichols was a tall sturdy man of his late twenties with sandy blond hair and dark honey colored eyes. His black leather jacket with out sleeves matched the black wrangler jeans he wore, matching his ebony colored boots with gold stitching in them. The ex-snagger smiled as soon as he felt a soft chin rest on his shoulder while he tinkered with the latest of his devices. Wes had been the one who engineered the first Snag Machine, both the large one and its compact counterpart. Now he was working on the third incarnation of the device as his wife, Rui, rested her chin on his shoulder.

Raine Ula Ives, nicknamed Rui by her longtime friend Wes, was a tall girl-even taller then Wes- with long scarlet colored hair. She had sapphire colored eyes with metallic slivers in them. She wore a white sun dress that showed off her developed curves, which dug into Wes's back while she looked at the newest Snag machine.

The Snag machine had a shoulder cover with a deep red Pokéball symbol printed into it. The symbol glowed somewhat like a neon sign would. A fingerless gauntlet with the same neon red symbol on it was the matching component of the elaborate, usually illegal, device.

Wes soon set down his small, surgeon like instruments. The tinkerer gently pressed the circle between the two crescents on the gauntlet's symbol, turning both symbols of the Snag machine to a neon Green. Wes grinned in success.

Victoriously, he threw his arms up and accidentally smacked his beloved hard in the face, causing his own face to pale. For you see accidentally hitting the younger sister of the infamous, explosive, Electric Mistress Electra was signing your death wish.


Armed with a large wrench, Rui had knocked her husband of six years out cold. Sunny and Mooney, Wes's Espeon and Umbreon, cried in unison to their owner's defense.
Aaron's and Mike's trios arrived to Sandy Hills' Museum right as a man dress in a explorer's outfit ran out. The man had dirty blond hair with mud brown eyes while looking in his early twenties. He apologized quickly and kept running out of the town heading North.

The crowd soon entered the the Museum where a young receptionist spoke to them as they looked to see all the artifacts that looked eons old. “Sorry for the Curator, their was a breakthrough at the Lost Ruins north of the city. Anyways you all must be the ones Mr. Wes was expecting, he is on the next floor.” She said gesturing to the stair case in back.

Mike then told Jovi, Selena and Chloe to stay downstairs while he, Rina and Aaron went to see Wes. The young girls remained on the ground floor; they looked at all the artifacts and where, as well as when, they were obtained. The rest went upstairs to where the museum employees repaired damaged items that double-acted as the storage room. Wes was rubbing his head while Rui had her arms crossed and was pouting.

Wes spoke softly, “Babe I said I was sorry, and why did you even hit me anyways?”

Rui answered somewhat in a childish kind of way, “Don't try the 'Babe' stuff on me when I'm mad and bruised. Sides you're a meanine head for smacking me.” She pulled down a eye lid and stuck out her tongue in a very immature way, which did irk Aaron to do to his extreme dislike of immaturity.

The rest of the trio though sweat dropped as they stood there; after a few seconds of old marriage couple bickering Michael coughed. The couple looked and both in a very angry tone, said, “What do you want!” Mike then like he felt shrunk under the giants' pressure.

Aaron rubbed the back of his head and soon in a calm-yet cold- voice spoke to them, “I'm the newest guy to take on the Snag Machine User mantle.” His tone grew more serious and urgent when he said the last few words; Aaron knew it was better to get it now so he handed his grandmother's letter to Wes.

Still embarrassed, the couple quickly apologized as Wes gestured Aaron over. Wes grabbed the gauntlet and shoulder piece soon setting it on the boy's left arm. The boy moved his arm a little and darkly smiled, admiring the handiwork of the first Snagger.

Wes smiled as soon a ping came from his phone; Wes looked at the voice mail message icon and froze as the message had came from the Curator's phone, but the message wasn't from the Curator as he soon heard a young teenage girl's voice.

“We have Museum Curator Derek Carter, come to the Lost Ruins and give us the first and second Snag Machine if you want to see him live. You have till next Friday. Meaning one Week.” Another Voice came in, one that sounded very masculine, “Grunt they know they have a week you total moron. Just go! Anyways you have one week Wes to get us the Sang Machines.” The voice mail soon ended quickly.

Aaron wondered if it was the same who of which the thief he battled only a week and half ago was from after he heard the message. After a few moments he gave a sly smile and said confidently, “I have a plan.”
Characters of Significance

Name: Michael Alexander Sanders
Date of Birth: May 10, 1989
Hometown: North-West Orre
In Party: Jove(Jolteon), Whirl(Lugia), Python(Dragonite), Sally(Salamence), Foxie(Ninetails), Belle(Gardevoir)
In Storage: Numerous, including Ex-Shadow Pokemon, Minus a Delcatty given back to Rin
Likes: Computers, Battling,
Dislikes: Misuse of Pokemon
Relations: Lily(Mother), Alexander Krane(Step-Father and once Godfather), Jovinna(Sister)
Summary: The Second Snagger, he was the youngest of all three so far. He started out with his Eevee and a mission set forth by his Step-father to take down Cipher at its roots(Grand Master Greevil)

Name: Wesley Arthur Nichols
Date of Birth: December 22, 1981
Hometown: Ectureak City, Johto
In Party: Sunny(Espeon), Mooney(Umbreon), Leila(Tyrantiar), Flamel(Metagross), -Pompei(Typhosion), Bailey(Meganium), -Phoenix(Ho-oh)
In Storage: Numerous including Ex-Shadow Pokemon, minus Feraligatr named Ahab as it was given to Rui
Likes: Mechanics, Vehicles, Design, Tinkering, Inventing
Dislikes: Jerks, Wanna-bes, Thugs, Thieves
Relations: Rui(Wife), Elle(Sister in Law), Eagun and Beluh(Grandparents in law)
Summary: An ex Snagger from Team Snaggem that stopped the puppet Es Cade of Team Cipher, he is seen as a bad boy and anti-Hero.

Name: Jovinna Elizabeth Sanders
Date of Birth: July 7, 1995
Hometown: North-West Oree
In Party: Pluplu(Plusle), Mimi(Minun)
In Storage: Unknown
Likes: Pokemon Contests, Obviously Aaron-Spoiler- who is seen as her mentor after she has to get a new Pokemon to make the playing field for other trainers fair, but what?
Dislikes: Misuse of Pokemon, Creeps
Relations:Lily(Mother), Alexander Krane(Step-Father and once Godfather), Michael(Brother)
Summary: A damsel in distress who adores music, boys and cute Pokemon.
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Revised Chapter Five

Thank you Merlock for the review and sorta, The Chracter Designs and Pokemon themselces are in proto stage lol; if your a follow artist would love to see your work.

Lucario rule btw, originally thought and hoped it was a Legendary when Diamond and Pearl were released in Japan(followed the Serebi coverage on it.)

Sorry this Chap is a little late, been busy with contractors at my house and what not.

Revised Chapter Five

Chapter Five: Palms, Bombs, and Tomb-like Pokémon.

Aaron twisted his special, snow white pukka necklace with his fingers- something he always did when he was thinking hard strategy. He was wondering what should be done if Team Oblivion gets whiff of their scheme. If the Cipher wannabes realize there is a third Snag Machine too soon, like if a grunt get their Pokémon stolen and immediately tells the “boss,” the whole plan may fail and the Curator may get hurt. It then came to him.

“Okay me, Selena and Chloe will head out for the Ruins with the Snag Machines in two days since its about a five day trip to the Lost Ruins. I will of course wear a big hoodie since it will allow me to be able to hide the Snag Machine 3 or as Jovi puts it, 'Snagger 3.0.' . Mike and Wes will be high above on whichever of their Pokemon know fly. Officer Jenny and the rest of the Police Force will arrive to ensnare Team Oblivion.” Aaron concluded as he drew in different colored markings on a map of the Palm Desert.

Jovi soon spoke up, blushing a bit, “I'm coming with Aaron, and I'm gonna travel with my snuggle bear whether you like it or not brother to make sure he's safe.”The young, barely a teen girl declared soon grabbing Aaron's arm and rubbing up against it like a Skitty seeking attention or one who wanted to be petted. The older teenage boy coldly looked away, harshly sighing; a angry, dark meandering-looked Chloe crushed her unopened soda can with a great force, spewing Mountain Dew all over the tan, tiled floor.

Michael sighed and nodded as he sipped his hot, Honeysuckle and Vanilla tea. Wes was tinkering with the old Snag Machines, disabling the Poke Ball overrides in them that allowed one to be able to Snag Pokémon. Rin was talking to Rui, both of them giggling and laughing at something. Mike looked up and put down his tea calmly, soon speaking out, “Jovi, if you are going to start this journey, you will need a Pokémon not unfairly higher level then most trainers already. Problem is, I don't have one to give out that's Arcana-based so we don't have to refile our originally Pokémon passports. ” Mike looked around as he scratched the red stubble on his chin, hoping that no one had one to spare.

Wes then turned in his spinning chair and smiled, “I have one.” The mechanic grabbed out a Pokéball and tossed it to Jobi who caught it barely, “Found it a while back when I was on the way here from Sea Breeze's Port. Think it was abandoned due to it being only Level Eight cause its kind are usually in Dim Valley.” He said looking gloomily. Wes knew this since he was a Elite Trainer and had been to Arcana many times in the past.

Jovi enlarged the red and white orb; she then pressed the release button, unleashing the most terrifying kind of Pokemon for Selena and Chloe.

No, not a ravage, psychotic Ursaring, Tyranitar or Banette.

-A true RAT Pokémon; something even more rat-like then Rattta or Raticate.

Indeed it was a rat, one with dark blue fur that looked like a shag carpet from the 70's. Its eyes were a dark cherry red like its nose, which had black whiskers coming from it. The Water Rat Pokémon posed a hairy, tan tail that matched its underbelly.

The Pokémon though looked more scared of Chloe and Selena then them of it. Jovi looked at it with sparky eyes and ran to pick it up; excited, the Trainer cuddled it. The Pokémon nuzzled its trainer affectionately as Chloe and Selena were holding each other as they stood on top of nice leather couch the Museum's back room had.

The older teenage girls shouted in unison, “GET RID OF IT!”

Jovi pouted, she looked to them and replied, “No, it's adorable! You guys don't realize how cool it would to combine a Water Pulse and Dark Pulse together anyways.” The older teen girls simply hissed at the Rat Pokemon like cats and completely ignored Jovi.

Aaron was soon intrigued, “You're a Contest Lover?” He asked her curious, Jovi smiled- threw in a giggle or two- and nodded. Chloe just got angrier with every fake, pretty smile of the Nipponese girl.

“I didn't know Arcana had them; brother always though I should do my journey in Orre, but back home they are still just are trying to create a full League. Eagun and Justy have already offered to be Gym Leaders, but still.” The girl said sadly, “So I asked my brother if it would be alright if I could journey through Arcana and he told me I would have to beat whoever he picked from the crowd. He picked you cause he thought you were some veteran Cool Trainer with super-powerful Pokémon.” Jovi said some what embarrassed.

Aaron smirked, “Unfortunately that happens a lot. How did you know what this Pokémon was though?” He while taking out his Pokédex and turned it on.

Jovi blushed, “Oh, cause I looked at potential partners for Arcana Contests at the Pokémon Center while we waited for you guys; the list included Sewmice.” With just an utter of a word the Pokédex went into action.

“Sewmice; The Water Rat Pokémon. Water/Dark. Sewmice usually live in Sewers and oddly are very sweet smelling despite their habitats. This is due to their body taking the nearby bad fumes and turning it into a sweet-smelling Perfume. ” The Pokédex rang out as Chloe and Selena looked bewitched.

Aaron simply shook his head as his sister and friend started to inspect the Rat Pokemon, soon smiling it as the poor rat look terrified. The young boy turned to Mike and Wes and asked them something somewhat personal, “What happened to the Shadow Pokemon after you guys purified them?”

Wes smiled a little as he looked towards the newest Snagger, “I kept them, they of course belonged to Trainers, which originally I thought but the actually fact was that they were specifically caught due to them meeting certain conditions.” Wes took out his Poképod and showed him his PC 'Boxes' which were full of Pokémon, the ones exactly and some evolved ones that had been listed as Shadow Pokémon long ago.

Michael's story was similar, “The Second Generation of Shadow Pokémon were from a 'Pokemon Introduction Program' Duking wanted to do. When the Libra went missing, he tried Poke spots, which did help. Greevil payed Duking for the fortune he spent getting most of the Pokémon. ” Michael sighed and rubbed the back of his head before he continued, “I talked to Duking about them and he told me to keep them- which I did. Though I did it cause they deserved a good master who would treat them right, not like how they were treated by Cipher.” Michael had a fire in his eyes, one that burned like a true Pokémon lover.

Jovi and Chloe both got Contest Passes, Royal Blue cards with the class blood red Ribbon with a Picture and info about them at the Local Contest Hall while the Kingsly Twins healed their Pokémon.

Aaron was talking to his sister of course while waiting from his Team to get treated, “Why is Chloe getting a Contest Pass?”

Selena rolled her eyes and walked off to go to the Bathroom during their wait.

All Boys are ignorant, even my nerdy, Holmes-like brother, she mused as she opened the Girl's bathroom door.
Just another one of those days...Aaron thought miserably as he was walking down the dirt road of the Desert Route that ran through the Palm Desert two days after he lost to Jovi and had suffered through going Shopping to Woman places that no man would ever want to see. The lost though was something which still made him feel bad since he really hadn't lost to anybody before- if you included the hundreds of Sim Battles he had been in. Pukka was walking behind him as his traveling companions- all immature girls to top it off Aaron added bitterly-walked in front of him of course since he was a Gentlemen.

He yawned sleepily, tired despite the day was young. Selena was in a perky mood, though that was because she had a big breakfast and had energy to spare. Jovi and Chloe were in normal moods, but that was because they weren't dying from having to wear a huge black and white hoodie to cover and usually banned device.

The girls in front of Aaron screamed as they parted, inching away from the spot, allowing Aaron to see what they were shrieking for.

In front of him was a small sand dune with bones sticking out of it.

Commander Darren was angered like always especially when he was stuck in a tomb wired with bombs. He was frustrated for the fact that the Museum Curator, a one Derek Carter would not open the next room. The room contained a valuable item called the Sand Piece, a powerful item said to be one of the Pieces of Eight, Nine pieces that acted as a key which unlocked what his mighty Leader, Lady Shadow, seeked. Though for now he was stuck in a nasty smelling room full of empty Sarcophagi since the Mummies that laid inside were disintegrated over time. The only way inside the tomb which held an ancient Pharaoh named Memphis and the piece was Derek who was being very uncooperative.

“Will you please do it Mr. Carter?” Darren asked nicely, his voice still having a midge of a native city dweller's accent.

“No!” Derek said, crossing his arms.

“Yes!” Darren said smashing his fist into the dried sand-brick wall.

“No,” Derek calmly replied, not intimidated.




“Yes,” Derek said calmly and slyly, hoping for the dim witted Darren, a man who wore a black suit with a dark blue O over the Breast Pocket with a C on both shoulders.

Of course, the man with dark brown hair and stone slab eyes fell for it, “No- wait damn it! Stop with the mind games or we are going to blow the door down!” He said pointing to a beautifully crafted door that displayed the History of Sandy Hills. The Story of how Memphis, a tall pale man from afar traveled with his queen and many followers to an Oasis that they turned into a great Town. It then showed Memphis dying and the building of his Pyramid, a Moon or Sun above it with a beautiful pearl disc covering part of the circle. Derek looked at it and quickly figured it out. He had to in order to preserve such a fine, artistic piece of ancient, Arcane history.

“The moon will be full in a week's time; by then the Door can be opened.” Derek said as he put his fingers over the Unown glyphs. Warning of a Guardian who guarded the King's Tomb that held a Grand Library.

Darren ginned; he was going to have the Snag Machines and a Piece of Eight, which would make him a Hero of Team Obsidian

Super Master Admin Darren does have a ring to it, he thought delightfully.

Aaron knew that there was something up with the Pile of Bones, so he took out his Pokedex which register it as a Pokemon.

“Bonpaca: The Grave Pokémon. Ground/Ghost Type. The Bonpaca “carries” giant femur-like spinal bones on its back and has a hollowed skull mask on its face; all of which to intimidate foes.” The Pokedex said showing a Pokemon with bone white toes and light brown fur that helped it blend in with the Desert.

Soon the Bonpaca popped out of the hole it laid in and growled at the humans soon unleashing a full on Bone rush combined with Rage against them. The reason why remained a mystery till Aaron sensed other Presences. He then knew why the Bonpaca was attacking.

It had children, he came to realize.

“Get away from my children you poachers! I will whack y'all to death if you don't get!” The Bonpaca said in a shrill screech with a southern drawl.

Aaron sent out Snow, his Calfy, and told it to use yawn to lull it to sleep. The Pokémon let out a cloud after it yawned; the cloud though easily went through the ghost type. Aaron gulped and recalled his Calfy; the boy then gave the most easiest way to describe what they needed to do.

Not my best work, he quickly thought afterwards.

“Run away!” Aaron said quickly, taking off into a group of palm trees away from the sandy dunes. The girls followed in suit as they hid from the angry Bonpaca. The Bonpaca finally gave up after five, straight, intense hours of head butting the wrong palms. Today was not Aaron's or his traveling peers day.

The next few days became easier as local Pokémon aggressiveness was way down; which was because there was no nest disturbing luckily for a few days for the group. The Trainers though faced lots of Dunmas, a desert-kind of Pokémon that hid in the sand and scared off predators with the two bones that sticked out . The Bonpaca prevoltion did help build Aaron's team since all of the girls were afraid of them.

They were almost to the Pyramids when Aaron got challenged, not stop by Trainers with teams of Brants and Platles. It was when he got to the last one that the Trainer actually showed that he trained his Pokémon intensely and had something else then a Fire Ant Pokémon or a Armored Beetle one.

The cute Pokémon had green eyes and a small round brown body with long tan feet. A yellow spade like tail and matching miner's hat made it very interesting to say the least. “Shovnel: The Tunnel Pokemon. Ground Type. Shovnel dig very quickly and are very commonly used Pokémon by Miners.”

Aaron dimly grinned, letting out his small Falcon Pokémon, Horus. Horus flapped its wings; having sand fly up then drift back down. Horus looked at Shovnel with eyes of a hunter. Aaron called out a quick command, “Horus use Gust now before it can use dig!” The Avian quickly did what its master asked, using a giant gust to knock down the standing Shovnel.

The Shovnel was commanded by his master, a Youngster, to dig into the sand. Though before it could, Aaron called out, “Horus, another big gust now!” Another gale hit the Shovnel, knocking it totally out.

Aaron grinned, going and taking his winnings from the Youngster as they registered each other in their Poképods. The quartet moved on swiftly, soon approaching the Ruins. They turned into the canyon that held the ruins; the scenery frightened the Kingsly Twins like if they had seen a ghost, which they in fact did.

For as soon as they got there, Aaron and Selena stood frozen on sandy tile; getting their answer from a question they asked not long ago.
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Well you've done a pretty good job thus far. At the beginning there were some random capitalizations that xmikeyxlikesitx mentioned, but otherwise it is a very good read.

Let's see...

The Aurora Borealis glistened in the the twilight about Mount Flash Freeze, a cold, barren twin peaked mountain that lied in Arcana's far North.
I think that's how you spell borealis but I'm not completely sure. Also, lied sounds a little awkward; I believe the correct term is lay - anyone care to correct me? I'm not quite sure. Also, mountain doesn't have to be capitalized.

Michael saw Aaron and grinned; the old Hero pointed to Michael and gave Jovi a command, “Beat him and you'll be able to go on your journey.” Lovrina sighed at her somewhat narrowed minded boyfriend.
You may want to change this slightly. It makes it seem like Jovi is supposed to battle Michael instead of Aaron. Also, hero should be lowercase.

Overall: I always like reading stuff set in a new region, so of course I liked this a lot.

Yay for a hamster Pokemon!
And that Linx scares me... :)
Will review more!


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Thanks for the Review Gastly and if you need help with your Dex I'll much oblige!

NOTE TO ALL- Working on Gym Rosters and editing the current chapters(going to be a revised Chapter Two with lots more comedy.) Chapter Six will be up just ive me time- still kinda out of it from getting all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out at once X.X,

B.t.w Looking for like a Suigamori(Prob misspelled that) to help tweak my Fake Pokemon Designs- you will get credit if you help

Anyways Chapter Six, Pyramid of the Looney will feature the mysterious Captain Darren and the Shadow Pokemon under his command(hint- Theres three of them and they made be Ground, Rock, or Fighting Types). It will also show how crazy he truly is and his weird obsesive compulsiveness.


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Revised Chapter Six

Chapter Six: Pyramid of the Loony

The scorching desert heat of the Palm Desert was on the clothed back of one Aaron Kingsly- of which who couldn't care less. All he cared about was the mysterious pyramid. A pyramid that his sister drew perfectly without ever even hearing about it; let alone to have seen it. It was all a mystery, one he was eager to solve due to his love for the subject.

The Pyramid was a high, exquisitely built place that rivaled the famous ones of Giza or the ones in central America. Old statues of great Spinxes were on stone pedestals with missing pieces and broken noses- snouts in their case.

The Kingsly twins were still in their trance, it was not until Jovi coughed that they both blinked, soon looking to their friends apologetically. Chloe looked at both of them; worried, the brunette asked, “Are you guys all right?”

Aaron sorta yawned and nodded while Selena calmly said, “Yeah, just, the Ruins looked familiar.” She said soon going up to a statue and poking an intact statue's nose while wondering where all the Oblivion Grunts were. “Wow this nose is very well carved, though I'm surprised you did know this place Aaron since you like anything old.” The girl half-heartily insulted her brother due to her amazement that the nose felt soft, life-like and wet. It was not until eyes open to reveal neon brown silts in neon yellow eyes that she realized it was alive. The Pokémon yawned and stretch its sandy body shaking his tan sand mane as looked to the quartet, wondering who they were.

Selena and and Jovi both looked at it and were spazzing out from the cuteness that was the sand lion who had small sandy wings sprouting from its back. Aaron curiously took out his Pokedex and looked the beast up.

Secub: The Guardian Pokemon. Ground Type. Secub are very playful and cute Pokemon with amazing speed and defense. They act like old statues all the while ready to pounce on any grave robbers.” Aaron nodded as he took out a Pokeball, that was until he saw his sister and Chloe arguing over who gets to catch it. Sighing Aaron walked over to another of the Secubs, a higher level one, and sent out Horus while the sand-bodied lion cub jumped down from one of the largely, spaced between, pedestals.

“Horus, Sand-Attack now! Then follow it with gust” Aaron said as the bird kicked up a bunch a sand at the Secub, which helped get it to be bigger. The gust did nothing as the secub merely dodged the follow-up attack. Duh, it's made of sand- wait sand! Sand if exposed to fire would! “Horus return!” He said recalling the bird and sending out his wolf pup Dante. “Dante use ember to make the sand under it and its feet glass!”

“Smart plan!” Dante responded, dodging, a Quick Attack barely by the sand lion cub; the wolf jumped up and released a powerful, sun-enhanced Ember on the ground below the Secub. The sand and up to the Secub's knees, in mere seconds, became crystal-clear glass. The Secub struggled and was about to break free until Aaron responded quickly.

“Bite it just to be safe!” Aaron commanded the Wolf, adrenaline pumping as the wolf secured the Secub in its small jaw. Aaron threw a Pokéball, the sphere then engulfed the Secub in white light. Three wobbles later a loud ping rang out, signalizing a successful catch.

Aaron went and grabbed it, shrinking the base ball sized orb to its compact ping-pong ball size, “Good thing I stored everybody 'cept Snow, Horus, and Dante, now I can train this guy a little” The teen boy mumbled to himself, turning to see his sister, Chloe and Jovi all running from a pack of ****** off Secubs. “What the hell did you guys do?!” He asked soon running with them.

Selena was the first to manage to make a sentence while they ran to the doorway of the ruins, “Well....”

Five minutes earlier,

“You're so cute!” Jovi and Selena exclaimed while Chloe sighed. They pinched and pulled the cheeks of the original Secub. The Secub though did not like the pain it was receiving; it let out a loud howl, sounding the alarm. Wanting reinforcements against the cheek pincers.

The Howl echoed through the whole sandy cul-de-sac shaped canyon, alerting the other guardians. The eight other Secubs that stood on the matching pedestals started to awaken. Sand came to their call and replaced missing pieces while their eyes had became wide and newly alert.

The pride was ready to pounce to protect their ancient master's resting place. The main Secub howled, soon leading its charging pride at the the girls. Chloe quickly turned to the doorway of the temple, heading for it. The two other girls looked to the quick-thinking brunette then to themselves, soon taking off after her.

Aaron sprung into action, calling out his Dante and Horus. “Horus use a max Gust to make a giant wave of sand and Dante use max Ember!” The two Pokémon readied their attacks about the same time. Soon a wave of glass hit the circling pack of Secubs. Dust was thrown up on impact; non of the humans are docile Pokémon were able to see the Secubs' fate.

Cunningly, Selena took out a Pokeball at the same time Jovi. Both of the tossing the cold feeling spheres at the pride while the beasts were enshrouded in dust. They truly hoped that they could catch a Secub quickly before the pride was able to run away in order to heal their wounds.
An awaking Pokémon rose from the sand, shaking off its charcoal-black shelled body. Its stinger was on its long, whip-like tail. The big, eight legged insect yawned; soon the creature looked around at the wounded, knocked out Secubs. What happened to them, it asked itself while it was free and able to go and feed on any flies that had grew in the nasty old ruins.

That was until herself was engulfed in a bright red light; her whole body shrunk and was made compact, almost squished. The Pokémon named Serqet twisted and turned but was too tired and very unalterable. Her body was succumbed by the alluring place. A place where she could train and mediate. She gave in, her ball-shaped prison wobbling for the last time.
“I swear Lena, don't you realize that a Guardian Pokémon is not going to take you treating it like aunt Elizabeth. I mean don't you remember how we hated getting our cheeks pinched enough so where we go hostile?” Aaron shook his head, ashamed that he was related to such a nasty blonde.“You're lucky I could subdued them sis, but you should give them an apology while I give them food.” Aaron lectured furiously at his twin till the smoke finally cleared. Two Pokéballs containing newly- yet riskily caught- Pokémon stood out among the still unconscious members of the Secub pride.

The two Pokéballs laid on the sandy ground, waiting for the Pokeball owners to come and claim them. The girls then realized something when after they stared at the red-capped balls for a few seconds.

“Who's ball is who's?” Jovi asked curiously going to them, she then realized she could check to see what she caught in her Pokedex under “most recent.” She saw Secub under it; she then went and put the Pokédex scanner direction to the Pokéballs. The Pokédex registered the ball on the left as her Pokeball.

She picked up the ball all the while Selena was wondering what was in her. It could not have been a Secub due to the fact that they were still eight knocked out Secubs. What was in her Pokeball?

The curiosity irked her and caused her to go pick up to her ball slowly. She then bent down and grabbed the Pokeball while grabbing quarter fist full of white sand. Her hand shook as she pressed the button for a short second so the mechanisms inside the ball could release its new occupant. She knew she could peek inside the actually transparent red top but she was too nervous to do so. Batket was sweet and caught at night so she hoped her new catch was just as sweet.

She was soooo wrong.

What came from the Pokeball was big. It was as long as a boa with its tail pin down; it had menacing, sharp eyes that were like a snake's. It had big claws that could be used to both cut and hammer things. The beast's tail looked like a whip with a sharp, rigged bard on the end of it. The black shell on its body look like it could withstand a blow from a sharpened claymore.

“Oh my god, thats a Coilarron! Their sad to be only available at night here and at Marsh Isle out West. ” Chloe said very oddly excitingly. Everybody looked to her with an estranged face to which she replied, “Sorry, I've seen them before at the Center; very aggressive.”

Well most males are, I am very noble and as such would never hurt some one unarmed. ” The large scorpion exclaimed as Aaron tuned into it while laying out Pokémon food for the knocked out Secubs.

“Your a female Coilarron?” Aaron said coming over and rubbing the spot under its chin.

“Yes, and oeee that feels good sir.” The Scorpion cooed affectionately, soon nuzzling the boy's hand. “My names Serqet by the way.” The Scorpion rang out, looking deeply into the Aaron's eyes.

“Aaron, huh, Serqet is the name for the Egyptian goddess for Scorpions and Poisonous things. She made the Egyptians treat snakes and such as deathly, yet beautiful, things.” Aaron said going to pull out his Pokédex but before he could, the Pokédex was already finding the Pokémon's entry.

“Coilarron: Barbed Whip Pokémon. Bug/ Poison. Coilarron will use their whip tail to wrap around their foes and throw them after they inject them with their poison. They will rarely use their sharp claws unless they absolutely have to; Coilarron live usually in the Desert or in Swamps.” The Pokedex lectured like a Zoology professor would.

Selena had remained frozen as in fear for this whole time. Wondering what the granly bug was. She could take small bugs but big, dangerous bugs like Scythers, Pinsirs, and Scizors freaked her out, “W-want to trade Chloe?” Selena said shakily to the the brunette, not looking into girl's hazel eyes.

Chloe paused and leaned back to whisper to Aaron, “Um, why is Selena shaking?”

Aaron already figured out why due to their close bond, “She doesn't like big bugs; and sis,” Aaron said squeezing the Pokémon Trainer's shoulder, “You are going to have to get over your fear. Serqet's very nice; she's not like what the rest of her kind seem to be.” Aaron cooed to his sister in a calm voice. Selena is fearless, she needs to use that to get over the old fear she had for big bugs, Aaron thought soon going to see if he could hunt a Coilarron for himself before they turn in for night.


The next day was filled with Aaron sleeping in after spending till 1:00 A. M. trying to catch a simple Coilarron. He did manage to get one after dealing with numerous other Batkets till he caught one on his way back to camp with a tired wolf pup. Though his already small amount of sleep was cut short when someone woke him up abruptly by shaking him.

“Get up maggot!” The mystery man said. The man was with dark brown hair and pewter colored eyes. He had dark mocha skin and looked very familiar. Aaron got up, soon seeing his companions with their hands forced against their backs by Oblivion grunts. The mystery man must have been Darren, who was lean as well asvery willowy and moved with a dancer's groove. Darren was wearing a commander's outfit with black trimmings and what not. “I want those Snag Machines.”

Aaron quickly dug them out of his bag and handed them over. He prayed though the familiar looking man would not check to see if their were the real things.

“Trudy, get in here now! Send out that new shadow Makuhita you have.” The man said putting on the bigger Snag machine. He then took out a Great ball and threw it at the short, yellow Makuhita after its current owner sent it out. The Pokeball hit the Shadow Pokémon and fell to the ground.

Damn it, Aaron thought miserably.

“So you decide to try to trick D.J. Darren Fresh eh?” Darren said crossing his arms, he whistled to get Trudy's attention. “Trudy, battle the mutt.” Something felt familiar to Aaron, but thinking about where he knew Darren from would have to wait. Trudy sent out his Makuhita who looked like it was ready to kill; the yellow, monstrous fighter let out a malicious laugh.

Selena screamed out in total anger, “Aaron, you idiot! You forgot to come up with a Plan B if they found out the decoys were duds!” A nearby grunt got out the duck tape and slapped some on the the annoying brat.

“Go Horus!” Aaron sent out the Falcon who nuzzled at his breast a little, as if he had an itch there. The falcon then flapped its wings, trying to wake up. “Horus, use Gust quickly!” The trainer said as his falcon responded. The Makuhita though was to fast and dodged it without having a scratch land on it.

“Makuhita, Shadow Rush! ” Trudy commanded as Aaron was worried about his hostage traveling friends.

“Sand Attack it now!” Aaron commanded as the bird blinded and dodged the Makuhita quickly. Aaron then threw a special Pokéball that Wes rigged to send automatically to his grandmother's lab. After a short while, the shadow was caught and dispersed in a shower of pixels, meaning it was being sent automatically to the P.R.I.

Trudy cursed as his boss went up to go a round with the trainer. A salsa remix that every Pokémon Game Fan should know dispersed from a unknown source. The trainer knew who Darren was long ago; the man was the infamous Miror B. Darren though was bust looking for any loose threads in his uniform.

Weirdo, everyone thought to themselves, even the young Oblivion grunts.

Darren called out a shadow Bonsly- a living, brown, pot plant- and a Crandidos- a gray with a blue back and large skull baby dinosaur. The two glowed with a dark, demonic aura that made Aaron's skin crawl. Aaron sent out his Secub- Heather- and Coilarron- Ripper- to take on the two shadow Pokémon.

Darren mischievously smile, indicating the man had thought of something dark. “If I win punk, I'll let everyone go. If you lose you give me the new Snag Machine and all the Pokémon you have on your person.” The man said combing his hair repeatedly, as if to try to get it even more straight.

“Heather use quick attack on Bonsly- don't fall for it's fake tears and Coilarron use coil on the Cranidos before it can charge.” Good thing Aaron had a near-perfect photographic memory and played a lot of Pokémon games. His two new recruits quickly did what their master commanded, causing the Shadow Pokémon to weaken significantly. Aaron tossed his Pokéballs and caught the Shadow Pokémon after several rounds of Quick Attack then dodge as well as Coil. The grunts were ready to charge when Michael busted into the ruins with his Dragonite. The red-head's Dragonite managed to knock them out with some powerful swipes of a powerful set of Aqua Tail.

Darren had always hated kids, and already knew what to do, “Abandon ship- I mean mission!” The Captain of Team Oblivion said as the grunts who were not knocked out fled the Ruins in a hurry. The once obsessed with 70's man threw down a smoke grenade and fled through a hole another shadow Pokémon made for its dark master. Michael frowned and went up to Aaron and patted him on the back.

Michael smirked, he couldn't believe the kid made such a rookie mistake of not at least knocking out the sneaky Admin. Though Aaron didn't know that Miror B. would always be a total coward. “Good enough job kid, though Miror- I mean Darren will probably inform the honchos that you have a Snag Machine. Your in for a rough ride but I have confidence that you can do this. Though next time knock out the Admins you encounter so don't have a chance to run off.” Michael explained as he looked outside as if he was waiting for someone. “An Officer Jenny is on her way here with Wes to take these thugs to Sandy Hills County Jail. You should go find the Derek.” Michael recalled his Dragonite who was looking around curiously.

The quartet soon ventured the ruins, finding some Rare Candies, old Potions and a super Potions as well as some Batkets. They then made their way to where Derek was, the inner sanctum.
Derek had managed to open the door into the tomb. He had found Memphis ancient coffin, which held a mysterious jagged slate of Pewter set into the golden Sarcophagus of the Pharaoh. Memphis and his pets must had been guarding the piece for centuries, Derek concluded. The man put on a spare of rubber gloves that he carried in his kit and gently pulled out the piece from sarcophagus. He looked to see a new door across from the one he had waited a week to have unlocked. On it was a mysterious humanoid bird figure surrounded by various Unown, Pokémon which had mysterious powers. The bookish man wondered what it would take to unlock this door.

The museum curator put the slate of stone in his large, leather bag, then went over to the Door. He thought the Pharaoh's burial room would be the inner Sanctum, though now it seemed he was wrong. It must mean a powerful, rare Pokémon sleeps in the room. What could it be? Derek wondered curiously, looking to see the O, P, E, and N Unown symbols on the door.

Could it be that simple? He thought touching the symbols as they glowed bright gold for a millisecond then faded. He soon heard approaching foot steps and went outside to see his Pokémon's Pokéballs on the stone floor; the grunt who had been guarding him was no where in sight. A meow was then heard followed with a hiss.

Oh no, the Gym Leader thought dreadfully as he was far away from his Pokéballs and probably could not each them in time before a nice beating.
Selena was leading her group to the inner sanctum as her Adapmutt was smelling out for the Professor by using the hat his master found in the large entre room.

They soon heard a cry for help and ran to see a tall lean man in his twenties with face stubble and sandy blond hair that fell wildly over his face. The thing that was attacking him did not look alive.

Selena and the rest could have swore it was a zombie cat with bone exposed and dark swirled eyes. Aaron though knew it was something else from his experience with working with his Grandmother. It was a special, somewhat immortal, feline. Plus the fact he caught one a while back when he went to go take a leak. He wanted to “catch them all”, and who could blame the teenager, there were no weak or useless Pokémon in Arcana.

Selena's Pokedex concluded this for him; “Zombty: the Undead Pokémon. Ghost Type. Zombty, despite what one would think, are not undead due to their body, since their body actually made of short, fine hairs that make the patterns that make it seem like a rotting corpse. It is due to the fact they can exist for over 900 years, hence the cat term of 'nine-lives.'"
Jovi was the first to respond and threw a Great Ball- the one Darren Fresh used- and caught the Zombty successfully. Selena frowned since she did actually like Cats and thought a cool, kinda gross one like a Zombty would be good. But she did not fret when she and Aaron found a Technical Machine Sandstorm just laying around near the Inner Sanctum's entrance plus a nest of the interesting felines.

“Thanks Jovi for catching it when I WANTED TO!” Selena growled at the girl who caught the Feline before she was even polite enough to ask who wanted it. The angry blonde soon stomped off and leaned against the stone wall.

Derek wiped the sweat on his brow got off the floor. Derek then started wiping off the sand on his tan pants; the man in his late twenties went and retrieved his Pokémon as well as a smashed IPhone. “Thank you- oh you found that old TM of mine, it will serve you good. They tricked me and made me believe that one of my colleagues made a astounding discovery. They took my Pokémon as well as IPhone and made me work long hours only to be served thrown out Taco Bell Burritos. I don't even like Burritos. ” The man explained as he soon shook all of their hands and introduced himself, “I am Professor- or Doctor- Derek Carter; Head Museum Curator of the Sandy Hills Museum and Gym Leader of the Ground Type Gym of Sandy Hills City.”

Selena quietly thought to herself, great a bigger nerd then my brother, this means the first badge is a piece cake. The girl then smiled a dark smile at the revelation.
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Minor corrections:
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Have you heard of the Beart of Dartmoor? Dude I think it's a Luxray! You know how awesome it would be if it was a Luxray?! That or Mightyena or at least Werewolf haha.

Anyways; originally the Chapter was going to be both Contest AND Gym but it got WAY too long but here's something awesome about this. Since the Anime is ending another of it's chapters I took the liberity of sending Dawn off to Arcana. What's her connection to Aaron and the gang? Read and see!

*Revised Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven: The Dude who was a Lady!

Officer Jenny Waltz came and picked up the Trainers and Gym Leader in a large Police Van that lead the Police van that contained the Team Oblivion grunts. Officer Jenny managed to get them in once peace after being bounced on the rough dirt road that lead to the Lost Ruins. Good thing I grew out of my motion sickness, Aaron thought thankfully. He sighed getting out of the van The girls followed suit as they looked around the familiar town square. Chloe and Jovi both seemed ready for their Contest that day after spending a time in the Palm Desert focusing on their Pokémon's strengths.
Unluckily for Chloe, Jovi got a Dark Pulse and a Water Pulse as a present from her brother. As soon as she got them she taught them to her Sewmice. The method of which to use a Technical Machine, or Tm was to simply place it on the Pokémon and answer “yes” or “no”. The Secub she caught would be a good partner since Arcana Contests focused on switching from double battles to single battles and vice versa.

Even though the Kingsly twins were pumped, they could not battle Derek that day since the local Doctor- who was also a skilled Plastic Surgeon- deemed the Gym Leader bruised to much. Due to that and dehydration induced exhaustion, Derek needed a day's rest. So after Selena got over bellowing in frustration, the siblings decided to watch Chloe and Selene at the first Contest of the coordinator season.

The Sandy Hills Contest Hall was filled with snobs who were ready to be judgmental. Sandy Hills was Arcana's equivalence to Beverly Hills, but was with a lack of Movie Stars that one could encounter while in the City. No, this City's was full of Snobs that were rich, Arcana natives, a contrast to the rich men of different origins that gained their vast wealth from Show Biz in Hollywood.

The Contest Hall was like a opera house, but with a large balcony that contained seats, the Judges table that faced the huge Stage that was in the pit-like part of the Hall. A giant scoreboard was hung on the wall opposite of the audience and judges. The place itself smelled of old sweat, tears, and a hint of cheap caviar imported from the U.S.

A girl in her late teens with deep Hazel eyes and curly copper hair that fell to her shoulders looked bold, hinting she must have been the Master of Ceremonies. She wore a white sun dress that went to her knees and matching white sandals; the girl held a cordless microphone in her left hand as she walked onto the stage. The judges included a short, bald man with squinted eyes in a brown sports jacket with matching pants; the Local Nurse Joy, Demi with a ground brown cross in her nurse's cap; as the lost was another man with salt pepper hair, deep evergreen eyes and deeply tan skin.

The young women gave a bright smile, “Welcome Contest Lovers to the first official Contest of the Contest Circuit; I am your host Allison, the youngest of the Meridian Sisters.” The Girl explained in a perky, happy-go-lucky mode that had a huge spark of life- which mad Aaron want to vomit a little. “ This Contest will be the first of ten contests to follow at Sandy Hills. The Winner will get the Sandy Hills Ribbon!” She said showing a Ribbon shaped in a half circle like a hill with brown, tan striped ribbons. “Now let me introduce the Judges; the first is all the way from the Johto Region, Mister Pokémon!” The girl pointed to the bald men; she then went onto the Nurse Joy, “Sandy Hills own resident Pokémon Nurse, Miss Demi Joy!” Allison then gestured to the Joy, who gave a small smile while the M.C. moved onto the last Judge, “The Italian – American, who newly moved to Arcana not many years ago to take his father's, Doctor Lawrence Robone's, place as the President of all Arcana Pokémon Contest President- Mister Anthony Robone!” The young M.C. gestured to the short Italian who gave a big wave and smile. “Remember everyone all Arcana Contests require either double battles in the Appeal or Battle round and vice versa with single battles. There are only sixty-four entrants that, after inspection, drops to around thirty-two, and from there eight go to duke it out. Also all Coordinators must be dressed in formal clothes.” She said with a stern, serious tone in her soft voice.

“Now for the first Pokémon Coordinator of the Appeal Round. All the way from the Sinnoh Region; she is the daughter of the Famous Johnna, as well as the younger sister to a Battle Maniac and a Champion of the Sinnoh League. Lets give a round of applause to thirteen-year old, soon to be fourteen, Dawn Morgan!” The girl who came on stage had bluish black hair and sapphire eyes that sparkled with a mighty determination. She wore a pink ball gown with fuchsia ribbons acting as the buttons for it. Her hair was up; light black curls going down in a open pony tail her back.

“Cuteyph, Barasnapper, Spotlight!”The girl shouted, tossing up her Pokéballs into the air. She let out clearly what was a angel-like Pokémon that was insanely adorable as well as a gnarly, blue and black serpent one. Both of the exotic Pokémon were native to the Arcana region. Numerous Pokédexes rang out as info about the two beasts were given out.

The first to be heard was the one over the teddy bear-like angel, “Cuteyph: the Adorable Pokémon. Normal/Flying. Cuteyph are said to be one of the most adorable Pokémon in the world as well as the most powerful and rarest. These Pokémon are said to be to fly on the harshest of winds and have been often said to even control them. ” The females of the crowd let out some “awes” as well as “I want one!” and “it so cute!” Who can blame them, Cuteyph could give Togepis and Skitties a run for their money. Especially since the Angel look-alikes could learn moves like Sky Attack, Extremespeed, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power as well as various other powerful attacks in their current form and evolved form.

Next was dark-looking fish serpent, which contrasted to the Cuteyph's angelic nature with its demonic, sea monster-like one. Aaron knew the creature managed to “float in mid-air” due to the fact that water Pokémon out of the water could use sort of a air propulsion by taking in oxygen and moisture from the atmosphere then used it to propel them selves off the ground. “Barasnapper: the Snap-Jaw Pokémon. Water Type. Barasnapper use their jaws full of teeth to snap at foes deep underwater. They swim by the motion of slithering through the water.”

Selena hit Aaron in the arm suddenly as Aaron let out a small yelp and looked to her, rubbing his arm, “What the heck was that for!” Aaron demanded angrily.

“It's Dee Dee dork, as in Lucas's little sister! As in your childhood girlfriend,” Selena added with a mocking snicker thrown afterwards. The boy rolled his eyes while he put on his glasses and lean further to see closer up.

Wow, it is Dede, just without the boy- haircut, Aaron thought, becoming astonished of how well-developed his first friend had became. Yes, long ago, Dede, or the very feminine Dawn Morgan, was mistaken for a boy just as amazingly that she was one of the few people back then who knew a more warmer Aaron. The memories of those days rushed back to Aaron; as if he was watching a Movie, he re watched the memories; a grim ghost of the future in the brighter past.

Nine Years Ago, Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh Region, Nippon

The cool, Autumn breeze arrived, signaling the start of September and school. Aaron and Selena had been put finally into a School after their mother begged their grandmother to have them enrolled while they stayed in Sinnoh. The twins were five, nearly six at the time they were taken to Sinnoh as their mother aided their grandmother still in the family business. The family business of course of Pokémon research done on connections to different regions. This remained the same for years, till their mother became a famous Author of stories for children; a gift of storytelling apparently inherited throughout Kingsly family's history.

The Kingsly Twins were enrolled in the local school of Twinleaf, one that held a girl over a year younger then her first friend in Kindergarten, one who recently got a boy haircut and had been mistaken for one. Her name was Dawn Nicole Morgan, and she had called herself Devon due to her slurring of speech. The first day of School had played out like this for Aaron and Dawn.

“Mom do we have to be here!? Can't I be at home at least and read more of a Farewell to Arms, or Frankenstein? Oh or maybe more of the Greek Myths, maybe Cupid and Psyche” Aaron said with a excited tone mixed with pleading eyes. Selena simply rolled her eyes and kept poking an ant hill with a twig she found laying around. The young twins and their mother were outside the local school of Twinleaf, one a old friend of their mother had recommended. The friend, Johanna, a widow in her early thirties was talking to Catherina, the twin's mother.

“I'm so sorry still about your loss, Charlie was a great man.” Catherina said to Johanna who had lost her American Pilot of a husband a year before, one who had treated Dawn like a little princess. Catherina then turned to her son and sighed, “Aaron, please give this a try; I know you don't like socializing but Johnna's youngest needs lots of friends and joy right now. Lucas has Bartholomew as well as Destiny, but the youngest doesn't” Lucas was Johanna's youngest son who was sorta really arrogant, it wasn't the boy's fault, he just couldn't pause and think. Lucas was friends with a boy named Barry-short for Bartholomew- as well as Des-short for Destiny- both of whom were bright and very adventurous.

Aaron sighed and nodded, he had met Lucas but never the younger one, she had always been sickly, much like he had been early in life. The Kingsly Boy sighed, walking into the school in his cargo shorts and white polo with a blue sweater over it. A boy younger them him sat in the corner; sobbing echoed the small, tacky classroom full of arts and crafts of students passed. Aaron went over to him and put his small hand on the boy's shoulder. The young boy had short blackish cobalt hair with sapphire eyes that shined. Something though itched Aaron about him.

“Why are you crying?” The Boy asked sincerely. Could this be Ms. Johanna's son? Aaron asked himself in the confounds of his own mind.

“I..I lost my dead.” The younger one said with a very notable lisp.

Aaron looked confused, “You lost your, er, Dad?”

The young boy nodded, and sweetly the older of the Kingsly siblings hugged the child; the young boy hugged back. “I'm Devon, Devon Morgan” the boy managed to say, choking back another sob.

“I'm Aaron, how bout I be your first friend here?” The Kingsly boy said in a soothing tone, “Devon” pulled back and nodded; when the boy did, Aaron realized that the boy was now boy. Not unless boys at this age were very confused and wore short skirts and pink sweaters with “Dawn” stitched into the left, upper chest.

Aaron mouth dropped, he soon adjusted his glasses to make sure he was seeing right. “You're... you're a girl?!”

Dawn blushed immensity and said flat out, “Well yeah, what did you think I was? A boy?” The young girl said soon laughing hard. “No need to worry, my mom gave me a sad flare cut” The girl said with a thumbs-up gesture.

The young Aaron sighed and wondered how he could have been so oblivious.

Aaron smiled an actually warm smile at the memory, the boy soon letting out a small chuckle over it. The trainer looked down to see his old friend perform an amazing appeal.

“Okay, Barasnapper use Water Gun and Cuteyph use a encore on Barasnapper!” The regal-looking girl commanded her Pokémon. Barasnapper let out a shot of water from of its mouth and soon glowed a dark shade of pink much like Cuteyph's usually violet ones had become. The Barasnapper was then having a round of rapid fire Water Guns came barreling out of its very toothed mouth. “Now Cuteyph use Twister!” The Japanese-American girl said; the Angel beginning to flap its pure white wings to create a small, navy colored tornado that took the Water Guns and flung them out again after being sent on a wild ride. The result was shimmering water droplets that shined due to the fact that their was a giant Window on the Contest Hall's roof that let in the strong Palm Desert Sun.

“Ewes” and “Awes” emerged from the audience, followed with loud clapping. Allison reappeared and spoke into her microphone while as Dawn stood there- Cuteyph at her side and Barasnapper coiled at her feet, “Simply Splendid Dawn! You took your Pokémon's basic moves and made them wonderful. Now to our Judges!” The Master of Ceremonies announced, gesturing to the Judges who were notably awed by the Performance.

“Very remarkable, barely flawed! I will give it a nine out of ten.” Mr. Pokémon said very excitedly with a strong Nipponese accent; a Nine appearing on the Scoreboard next to Dawn's picture.

“Same as me, very well done.” The Nurse Joy said, Aaron realized it was the same Joy who acted demonic on him and his companions a week before.

Robone was the last to comment, but his was the most sincere it seemed, “ Very well done, very smartly planned and its unique for someone to use the basic moves of your Pokémon to your advantage. You made a somewhat contrast of light to darkness and executed it very precisely.” The man smiled, giving a solid Ten to make Dawn's score near perfect. The girl jumped up and down, giddy with success.

Rounds passed with appeals not-as well executed like Dawn's was. Chloe's turn came up; lucky number 21 was her number as the girl walked onto the stage wearing a beautiful green blouse and matching green skirt that went down to her knees. The audience could tell she was nervous since she looked pale and shaky.

Chloe had tried her bested to show confidence, but still had very bad nerves due to it being her first contest plus her crush was watching. Aaron cheered for Chloe as Allison announced her, “Chloe Gray is the sister of our own Champion, Anthony Gray, and is from Green Brook Town!”

“Um, go Chloe!” Aaron said very lukewarm as his coldness started to inch back.

“Calm down Romeo,” Selena said sarcastically to her older brother.

Chloe got a grip of her self as she heard Aaron's cheer for her; the pair of hrt Pokéballs flew through the air. Her Linx and Healmur emerging from them, glowing with pumped auras.

Newly confident Chloe commanded her Pokémon with a gentle nature, one she always had possed. “Healmur, Razor Leaf, Linx use Extrasensory!” The girl said as sharp leaves flew through the air and soon stop suddenly. “Now make them into shapes!” The Linx then made hearts with the leaves and a spiral; the leaves soon fell gently from where they were down to the stage. “Healmur Quick Attack follow with a Scratch and Linx use Bite.” Soon the leaves were shaped like hearts and fell to the ground finally after two blurs were going around the stage slicing up the leaves.

“Wow, that was very dazzling!” Allison said after she lost her dizziness from the Appeal.

“Very unique but very Dizzy! Six out of Ttn” Mr. Pokémon said, an Eight appearing nest to the Brunette's Picture.

“Seven out of ten” Joy said like a Mom would for their kid who played hard and well but didn't really get their attention.

“Eight out of ten.” Anthony Robone said crossing his arms, somewhat frustrated at his Co-Judges who were to somewhat snobby to appreciate the simplicity of the appeal. The grand total was a twenty-one out of thirty, which made Chloe have to hope for a miracle in order to get to the next round.

Chloe seemed on the verge of tears, she had work very hard to do something to “Wow” everybody, but just gave them headaches apparently. Though the girl heard Aaron cheer for her, making her go deep red as she turned and walked off the contest floor.

Allison Meridian continued with the first Contest of the Season, “Now for the next entrée; all the way from Orre and step-daughter of the famous Professor Krane, Jovinna Sanders!”

“It's Jovi!” The blue haired girl correct as she walked on in a aquamarine colored dress that had a white collar on it. “Come on out Secub and Sewmice!” The girl said while sending out the cute sand lion and the sweet sewer mice Wes gave her. “Lets go with a Quick Attack Secub while Sewmice you use Water Pulse and Dark Pulse on Secub.” Secub dashed across the room white light somewhat glittering off it as Semice sent a giant loop of crystal clear water and blackish purple loop of darkness after it. The specks of white melded when the rings of Water and Darkness collided sending out spectacular pulses of blue, white, and purple that awed the crowd. Though when Secub emerged from the grand display he was totally weary and looked like his was about to fall over.

“Secub!” Jovi said running to check on her wounded Pokémon. The Secub smiled at her as it panted. Allison rushed over with a Potions or two ready.

After having two full Potions applied to it the Pokémon stood up as the crowd clapped for the little lion to have been such a risk taker. Allison smiled and stood up, a murmur of a “Thank you” heard from Jovi before the M.C. Spoke, “Very reckless but for a very, very beautiful result.”

Mr. Pokémon frowned a little as he spoke, “Though he survived, you should used a Safeguard or Protect when you use such a combination. Very amateur though it did give a grand frazzle dazzle, so eight out of Ten.” The man said bitterly, a six soon appearing to the teen's picture on the scoreboard.

“I am still shocked that you would do such a stupidly brilliant thing. So I give it a six as well,” The Joy smirked as the score rose up to fourteen for Jovi.

Anthony Robone made “tsk” noises to the other Judges who were being sorrow pusses. He knew Jovi had probably thought about what may happen and was just in shock that it did. It was not like she did it on purpose so her Secub would be purposely hurt, the man in his sixties thought. “I'm giving her a full ten cause she showed passion and determination, so did her Secub.” The man declared, the final score for Jovi set at twenty-four.

The first round ended with a few more good Appeals, but not ones that stood out like Dawn's had. People were praising Jovi for being such a dare-devil, something that she did wanted to be seen as now since her Secub had gotten bruised up from the collision of Sewmice's Water, and Dark Pulses. Aaron and Selena had managed to get back stage where Aaron reconnected to his first best-friend, a cold less smile on his face.

“DEE DEE” Aaron shouted happily, throwing his arms around Dawn from behind to give her a hug; Dawn though knelt down and roundhouse kick her old friend, causing Aaron to fall over. Her Cuteyph and Barasnapper were ready to back their master up.

Dawn looked to the assailant, soon remembering who he was due to the trademark wavy, dirty blond hair almost covering Aaron's sparkling lapis lapuzi eyes and gasped, “Oh Aaron, I'm so sorry!” Dawn said, helping the boy up as Selena snickered like a old woman would. Chloe sighed and Jovi crossed her arms, wondering who was this “Dee Dee,” and if she was a threat to her pursuit of Aaron's heart.

“It's been awhile Dawn,” Aaron said with a cold smile that oddly made the young girl's heart a flutter. She secretly liked, no, loved Aaron and had since that day long ago.

Nine Years Ago, Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh Region, Nippon

The Cherry Blossoms had bloomed in the gentle, Spring Rains in Twinleaf; time had significantly passed as Dawn had made many friends. But not even her closet female friend, Leona and even Kenny could compare to sweetness that was Aaron Kingsly.

What did make Aaron Kingsly stand out, the fact that he could talk to Pokémon, a rare ability that few have and that utilized it when a scary, rogue Skorupi attacked her on a field trip to a Zoo. It could be that or the fact he could read books for people twice, sometimes trice his age with grand comprehension, or that he made a special book titled, “The Princess of Dawn,” a story he made and gave to Dawn Christmas of 2001. A story that had Dawn as a princess of a grand kingdom who's father made her not to see her prince, but her prince(Aaron probably) in the end comes to rescue her.

What made Aaron stand out was the fact he was perfect, that or very near it, for Dawn. What was even more significant about Aaron is the blend of loyalty and humility he has; a contrast somewhat to Dawn with her over-confidence.

Dawn had been charged by their Teacher to take care of the class pets, a Plusle and Minun that shocked Dawn due to her over-hugging them. The young girl had manage to get her hair to grow to her shoulder, and now it was sticking straight-up which made her look like the Bride of Frankenstein. Sparks came off it which lead to Kenny, a boy in Aaron's class, to give her the nickname Dee Dee which punned off what he called the sparks, “diamond dandruff.” Dawn was humiliated as the class chanted “diamond dandruff”, and was about to cry till Aaron stepped in.

“Stop laughing at her, she just loves Pokémon more then you guys do! Dawn's beautiful anyways, minus the goofy way her hair is standing right now.” Aaron then pointed to the red head known as Kenny, “Sides you guys probably have even more embarrassing stuff, like Kenny seems to suck his thumb when he sleeps on the bus.” Aaron grinned mischievously while crossing his stubby child arms, knowing the game was set and match. Kenny was blood red from embarrassment as Dawn was admiring her Shining Knight, Aaron Kingsly.

“You okay Dawn, or would you like Dee Dee since you called yourself Devon?” Aaron said calmly with a tender sense of humor.

Dawn giggled and soon replied with,”Dee Dee is fine.” The girl then blushed as Aaron got her comb and brushed out her hair, Leona soon joined in to help tame the wild beast.

Since that day Aaron called her Dee Dee more or less to the pun she had called herself Devon, as well as reminder as the day that she and Aaron became best friends. Unfortunately for her Aaron moved back to Arcana in the Summer, leaving her with only the sweet memories she had of her Hero.

“Dawn?” Aaron said, looking at her with that sweet- yet somewhat cold- smile on his face. Dawn blushed and scratched the side of her face, wondering why he now had such a weird smile.

“I'm fine, and how are you? I missed you, you know.” Dawn admitted, blushing immensely. Aaron was puzzled why she was embarrassed; Selena was sighing, wishing her brother could just get it that Dawn has a major crush on him.

Aaron smiled more of that smile that melted Dawn's heart, he blush looking away before admitting, “I missed you two Dawn. I watched your Contests and the Grand Festival, you were wonderful; Lucas made a lot of sloppy mistakes at the Sinnoh Elite Four Challenge.” Aaron said it with admiration that made Dawn blush even more. Her Pokémon though wanted to get introduced.

“Oh um let me introduce you to all my Pokémon.” The girl declared, pulling out two more Pokéballs from secret pockets in her dress. “Come out Quilava and Prinplup!” The girl said, releasing a black and white weasel with fire coming off its back as well as a navy-light blue colored penguin with a gold tiara on its face. “These guys I took with me to Arcana from Sinnoh. I got Cuteyph actually as a gift from your Grandma while it was still an egg and caught Barasnapper when it accidentally jumped on the deck of the S.S. Pearl.” The girl said, the Cuteyph bowing while the Barasnapper showed a toothy grin. “I've been a week behind you apparently; when I first came from the Dragon's Paw to Sea Breeze, your Grandma told me you had managed to finally start your journey a week before.” The girl said grinning a little.

“Mom's and Grandma's ventures has caused me as well as Selena to have to take major breaks in our educations. Though yes I finally start my journey with these guys,” Aaron soon released his four Starters, all of which introduced themselves to Dawn. His other Pokémon were taken a breather at his Grandma's Lab, getting ready to aid him in his match the next day.

The T.V. In the locker room came on as Allison stood on stage, about to declare the Eight to move onto the next round. Silence filled the room as the Coordinators looked towards the M.C. Praying they made it to the next round. “Now to show the eight, lucky Coordinators moving on to the Battle Round!” The first Picture was Dawn, of which who squealed with excitement.

Pictures came after Dawn's but when the fourth one appeared and threw Jovi into a fit of jumping up and down. Chloe was nervous as hell and was hoping that she made it for now she would need to beat both Jovi and Dawn to have Aaron still have an eye for her. It soon came down to the last spot; Chloe was speechless and had started to feel clammy.

Allison then announced the last Coordinator.

The silence rose again in the Locker Room; tension poured from Allison like a deluge. A picture of a brunette appeared on the screen; at that point Chloe had closed her eyes, it was not until she heard Allison's voice that she opened them.

“The last one to make it to the next part of the this month's Sandy Hills City Contest is...Chloe Gray!” With the announcement of her name Chloe was about to fall over. The Coordinators then either left to go heal their Pokémon for the next Round or cried on the way out of the Contest Hall from disappointment.

Before Dawn left the locker room to appear for the next round Jovi whispered to her new rival a simple threat, “Your going down before you can make your move on my man.” With that Dawn was frozen from the sentence while the tough Orre girl went ahead of her.

The First battles were easy for Dawn, Chloe and Jovi as all three had type advantages against their opponents. The three were using their Cuteyph, Sewmice and Linx respectively as the boy who made it the second round of the Battle Round was with a Brant that knew Fire Spin. Unfortunately for him, Jovi was paired with him for an opponent.

The match went fast- Jovi's combing Dark Pulse and Water Pulse- as soon it came to Chloe's and Dawn's battle; Aaron was rooting for both while the crowd was mostly cheering for Dawn.

Allison was on stage and perky as usual, “Whoever wins this battle will move on to battle Jovinna, I mean Jovi in the Final Match of the Contest. Now, five minutes on the clock!” The M.C. raised her hand to the sky as the Screen which showed the full “HPs” of the girls with pictures above the yellow circles. Five minutes was on the screen then as the lines in the stage lit up, showing the battleground of where Chloe and Dawn were going to face off. “Now, begin!” The M.C. Said, getting off stage as Chloe and Dawn, both in their regal wear, threw their Pokéballs up.

“Spotlight Cuteyph!” The girl said, letting out Angel Pokémon who flapped its wings to keep in mid air.

“Let's go Linx!” Chloe said, confident and ready to fight for Aaron's attention with her trusty gray, psychic wild cat. “Linx use Teleport and Quick Attack!” Some points were lost for Dawn before Linx even moved an inch.

“Cuteyph use Encore to keep it teleporting!” Dawn commanded, the Angel's eyes glowing pink as the Linx kept teleporting on stage, causing Chloe to loose points.

Darn it I'm gonna lose if this keeps up, what can I? Oh! “Linx use Extrasensory so Cuteyph can't keep up the Encore!” The Linx managed to do so, but both Pokémon were stuck for a minute or two due to a somewhat Catch 22 situation their attacks lead them to. Points dropped significantly as their were only Two minutes on the Scoreboard left.

“Cuteyph use a gust combined with a Twister!” Dawn commanded quickly; the Angelic being flapped its wings using the gust it created to empower its Twister.

“Linx Teleport and Quick Attack before it can build up Twister!” Chloe commanded very smoothly, hiding her present nerves. The Linx teleported and knocked the wind out of the Angel, but with that the focus on the Twister was gone. The Twister hit the two Pokémon, sending the two skidding on the Stage floor. The bell went off as all the crowd turn their attention to scoreboard.

Allison soon looked to see who won and took her Mike with confidence, “The Winner is...Dawn Morgan with an inch of a more point!” The crowd clapped, happy that Dawn won the battle; Chloe was again on the verge of tears, drooping her head as returned Linx to it's Pokeball.

In defeat, the girl ran off stage to be scooped up into the arms of Aaron, who, being seemingly most polite boy in the world, looked into Chloe's teary, green eyes and said, “You were very wonderful, more practice and you could give Dawn a total beat down.” With that the girl snuggled into the boy's chest, a small smile on her face. Aaron pulled her off a little, “Why didn't you tell me your brother was the Champ anyways?”

Same old Aaron, Chloe thought, stifling a giggle.

Allison had set up the scoreboard for the final match; one between regal Dawn and tough, jealous Jovi. “All right, with five minutes on the clock, begin!”

“Spotlight!” The two Coordinators said in unison, sending out their Pokémon with a determined grace. It was going to be a cat fight for the ages.

The (female dog) is going down! Jovi thought as she thought of her strategy. “Sewmice, Dark and Water Pulse combination lets go!” The cute sewer mouse did so, sending out the familiar loops of Water and Darkness straight at the Angel.

Dawn grinned, seeing this as a good challenge, “Cuteyph, dodge, then use Gust with a Twister!” The flaps of the Angel's wings were powerful as it flew up, making a great gale. Though it took time to ready the Twister, opening an opportunity for Jovi to get Sewmice to due some damage.

“Dark pulse mixed with a Tackle to form a Dark Tackle!” The Coordinator commanded her Sewmice in a hustle; the Sewmice released the loop of Darkness before tackling the Cuteyph while the Angel ready it attacks. The display was magnificent; dark, eerie but very unique.

“Gust quickly Cuteyph!” Dawn said, the Pokémon blasting air at its attacker, knocking it to the ground and knocking points off Jovi's circle. “Quickly, ready a Gusty Twister.” The Cuteyph flapped its wings, again, readying another huge Twister that sent smaller ones at foe's. Jovi smiled as she had a brilliant plan.

“Alright Sewmice, Water Pulse and Dark Pulse- but after you use the moves use Tackle and make a Dark Waters Tackle!” The girl smiled as her rodent created the loops of Darkness and Water, soon entering the loops as it charged the Cuteyph, jumping up at it.

Unfortunately for Jovi, it was at the second the Twister formed around the two causing the Dark and Water Auras to collide with the swirling, small tornado the Angelic Pokémon it created. A dark cloud pulsed out after a few milliseconds of contact. Time was almost out as the smoke cleared with everyone in shock and awe.

Both Pokémon were successfully knocked out. The Judges whispered with each other for a few minutes before whispering to Allison. The M.C. Looked stun at what Judges decided, but none the less went up to stage and announced the Winner. “The Judges have decided that we have a tie! Both Winners will receive a Sandy Hills Ribbon which they can use to get into the exclusive Arcana Ribbon Cup!” The crowd soon clapped for both Coordinators who shortly received the Ribbons from the Contest President, Mr. Robone.
“Quite a Cat Fight today Jovi,” Selena said crossing her arms as Jovi was the last one in Contest Hall's locker room, which was very similar to a locker room you find in a High School. Jovi looked to her confused on what she meant, though she was aware of what Selena said.

“What...do you mean?” Jovi asked very dumbly; Selena was not buying it.

Selena closed her eyes and huffed as she put her hands behind her head, “I know you like the dork... I'm Aaron. I also know Dawn made you feel threatened cause you think Aaron would stop paying attention to you cause she's back in his life.” Chloe is thinking the same way probably. Selena then paused, waiting for Jovi's response.

Jovi bit her lip and gave up the acting dumb act, “Okay, I really like Aaron a lot; Dawn is so- well you know and I'm so not her.” Jovi sighed, looking upset. “I thought if I beat her Aaron would notice me.” Jovi looked away from Selena when she shakily said this, but what Selena said next caught her attention back.

“Aaron is clueless, but after a while, if you keep this up, he will get wise and will not want you all fighting for him. But,” Selena said pausing.

“But?” Jovi asked, musing the blond.

“I have dealt with boys that have had major cat fights for me and for me, I like the attention. Aaron hates confrontation like this and is going to- after he gets wise- will try to just stay friends.” Selena grinned and looked to Jovi, into her eyes, “I don't want this, I'll remain third party but I want the dork to get a girlfriend; he needs something to focus on other then just books.” Selena said the word with a huge sneer on her face.

Jovi smiled, “Thanks.” If I can't beat the competition, I'll just get inside Aaron's head, Jovi thought mischievously.

And so the plot thickens, Selena mused the quote from a book or movie; which one it was or either if it was a book or a movie, the teenager did not know. Maybe Dawn or Jovi, even Chloe, can finally get the dork to warm up his heart.
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Corrections below are in bold.

“I..I lost my dead.” The younger one said with a very notable lisp.
Minor error fixed!

You're... you're a girl?!”
"Your" is used when you are talking about possession. Ex.: your car, your house, etc.
"You're" is the same thing as "you are." example: You're very nice, you're welcome, etc.
Also, be careful as to what you capitalize - only proper nouns.

Anyway, nice chapter! The contest was a nice change of pace and I am excited for the first gym battle!

Please add me to the PM list! I may enter the contest as well, although not yet seeing as I have to brainstorm.


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Thanks again Gasman; will definetly add you to the P.M. list. I did have fun writing the Chapter, especially the flashbacks! Haha hopefully you got the Chapter name.

TO ALL! Chapter Eight will be up definetly by next week! Though if we are lucky I will manage to get it done by Saturday or Sunday. Here's some info on it!

Aaron and Selena have been anticpating for this day; now they have to face the Ground Master Derek. Can they survive the onslaught of annoying, young Gym Trainers?! Will they manage to take down Derek!? Will Dawn be in involved, actually fighting Derek as well? Will she prevail?! Will Aaron ever freaking realize he has girls falling for him left and right?!

Chapter Eight: Going for Dune!


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Chapter Eight is now up you guys. See what happens with the present Dawn Arc! Will she stay with Aaron though in the end? Like always I do not own half of Dawn but I own the half thats added for this story; I don't own Pokemon but my characters, place unique new items, concepts etc are very new. And the Fan Fic is rated PG-13 people, if your a little kid who still thinks girls/boys have cudies then DO NOT READ!

Okay first off yes Ground Type moves ussually are ineffected by electric types but Pukka knocks out its foe with its Quick Attack and Low Kick.

Second, Chapter Eight is revised and had a songfic in it. So it you need the music, it is Slip Away by Avril Lavagne(I think I spelled it right)

Chapter Eight: Going for the Dune!

The next day for the Kingsly twins and Co. had became very ecstatic as Aaron as well as his younger sister, Selena, were about to battle Sandy Hills Gym Leader; the Ground type user Derek. Dawn was with her old friends while Chloe was on a trip to the Book Store with Jovi after she said goodbye to Michael; both of course were probably going to find books like “A Slowpoke's guide to love,” that or “How to use Pokémon to make the Boy you liked fall for you.”

A squeal rang out in the Pokémon Center, catching much attention from the rest of its occupants. “Oh my god! You've met Princess Salvia, as in the Princess of Nippon!? As in the one who's kicking butt and taking names in the Kanto Contest Circuit?” Selena asked Dawn with mere inches separating the girls.

Dawn- who was known as Hikari in her native Nippon- had dressed in a white skirt that met the tops of her knees with a pink polo over a white shirt she wore. Her long, dark blue hair fell midway down her back as their was a clip that kept her longs from covering her eyes.

Aaron smirked, “Anyone who's on this week's Seventeen apparently is her Idol.” Selena gave him a death stare and backed a little from dawn, a little red from embarrassment.

Dawn rubbed the back of her head and awkwardly smile, soon murmuring, “No need to worry.” She smiled at Selena and continued, “Yeah she looks like me she gave me a- OH! I need to call my Mom to make sure Togekiss and the rest are okay. ” Dawn went to a Photophone and turned it on, soon dialing her home phone number. Aaron and Selena were standing around her as Dawn had sent in a chair, waiting for the call to go through.

A woman in her late thirties- early forties picked up on the first ring, “Dawn? Wait, are those the Kingsly Twins? Oh Aaron, Dawn has missed you incredibly, she still has those photos of you two from Kindergarten and the Storybook you wrote her. Oh you were such a gifted writer and artist just like your mother. Dawn can't shut up about you though! All the time in Sinnoh she would call and see if I could manage to track your family down. When she found out your family finally settle in Arcana instead of leaving that house of yours unoccupied, she came home, said “Hi”, dropped off her Pokémon except Piplup as well as that cute Cyndaquil and caught the first S.S. Pearl out of Sinnoh to compete in both the Arcana League and Ribbon Cup.” The mother caught her breath and sighed. Dawn was beat red and wanted to go up to a Ursaring, drenched in honey, and die. Selena couldn't blame her, she was pretty much “exposed” to Aaron.

Aaron was cherry red; he knew Dawn liked him due to Selena telling him finally a year or two ago, but in all the Teen pulp fiction he has read, what he heard from Johanna clearly showed that Dawn loved him in either a sweet, or stalker like way. How could he let her down gently that he didn't really want a girlfriend right now, especially since she was a rival.

“How are my Pokémon? Togekiss misses me a lot probably huh?” Dawn said; a tone of worry in her soft, young voice.

Johanna smiled as she replied, “They all do Dawn; oh speak of Togekiss now.” A giant Dove Pokémon with many red and blue triangles on her body was then next to Johanna. The beautiful creature opened it mouth as it obsidian eyes glistened, as if it were about to cry. “I'll send it over in a sec, good thing I have that mini-Pokémon transporter. Let me go get it set up real quick” Dawn sighed; her mother always loved Infomercials and products of “as shown on T.V.” The woman soon had the Togekiss sent over, a Pokeball appearing in the cup- like appliance of the close by Pokémon Transporter.

Dawn took the familiar Pokeball that she only received a few, short months ago. She then released the Peaceful Dove-like Pokémon inside the Pokeball.

The Dove chirped as soon as it was released, “Princess! Oh I have missed you so! Your other Pokémon are doing well but still! Buneary evolved into a Lopunny though a little while ago and it learned attract. Also you forgot your blankie, I was worried that you could not sleep at night without it. ”

Aaron blushed, which was noticed with his notable pale skin, and chuckled a little, “You have a blankie Dawn?” Aaron whispered to the girl with a grin plastered on his face.

Dawn frowned and whispered back, seeming very annoyed, “It told you that! Oh I'm so gonna get her! She needs to stop treating me like, like my mom!”Dawn said, plastered with a pout as she had her pale arms crossed.

“What was that Dawn?” Johanna said with a small smirk.

“N-nothing Mom, um how are the rest?” Dawn asked, trying to steer away from a possible, embarrassing lecture.

They're fine, your Ambipom misses you a lot; I can't really tell with your Mamoswine causes its so piggy like. Pachirusu zips around when it hears your name as Buneary evolved after I gave it a massage and let it outside to go- well you know. I think Lopunny found a wild Staravia and battled it cause it was covered in gray and black feathers when it came back. Oh and have you been wearing clean panties- I mean clothes missy?”

At that point Dawn wanted to just jump off Mt. Coronet when she got back to Sinnoh; Aaron tried not to laugh but Selena could not help her self.

Dawn blushed deeply and seemed very annoyed, “Thanks Mom for watching them for me. My match is in thirty minutes so I should go!” Dawn said before she ended the call. The girl looked up to the other two challengers with a smile, “Guess we should go huh? Everybody in town that's a trainer has been waiting for Derek for a long while, so it's definitely going to be a Zoo.”


Boy what Dawn said was an understatement, Aaron thought to himself as he, his sister and three girls he had for company arrived to the brown bricked building that was the local Gym. Trainers of all ages were lining up just to register for a match with Derek; hell it seemed Derek would be stuck at the Gym forever.

A young man in his late teens wearing a bandanna came out and saw Aaron, soon waving to him soon running up to the pack of young Trainers, “I'm Derek's assistant Timothy, he told me that you guys were going to challenge him so you have first go with him, and since Mrs. Morgan registered very early she'll be able to take a whack at Derek after the Kingslys go. First though you have to go up against the three Gym Trainers, which since there is three of you should be easy.” The assistant said, leading the challengers into the Gym.

The Sandy Hills Gym had class to say the least, though of course the floor was sandy and before the Gym Leader's Arena there was a few trainer's standing on rocks that arose from the sands that were the Ground. Timothy then sent the Gym's challengers against the Gym's Trainers, who were being annoying as little kids were and kept insisting that one of them got to battle the “hottie”- aka Selena. Though Timothy sighed and being the guy he was, paired Selena with the elderly ruins explorer who was apparently British.

Piece of cake, Aaron thought to himself as Timothy paired him up with a youngster. The boy was definitely younger then Aaron as he wore jean shorts, a plain white tee, sandals and a straw hat that covered his dirt-colored hair.

“Go Burworm!” The youth said, sending out a familiar, yellow tan room with a white drill nose above its mouth.

“Let's go Dante!” Aaron said, releasing the Wolf pup who's fur sparked a little with embers.

“What's the plan Doc? Or would you prefer Romeo ?” The wolf pup said in a some what similar voice like that of Marty Mcfly of Back to the Future- a movie the wolf pup had seen the night before. Dante gave Aaron the nickname Doc due to his high intellect, similar to Doctor Emmett Brown in the movie.

Dante also knew that his master had been snuggling with a certain girl the night before. Which was seen as awful to two others. Though the wolf pup didn't know who because he was tired.

Aaron smirked as what his fire type said. “Were gonna use Ember to fry this sucker!” Aaron soon pointed to Burworm, who got nervous quick. The Embpup sent a fireball at the Burworm.

The youngster smirked, “Not unless you can hit it! Burworm dig!” The worm then drilled into the soil, hiding under it. Aaron wasn't happy cause he knew fire types were against Ground Type moves.

Aaron grinned soon enough, “Jump and wait for it to pop up!” Dante waited, soon leaping into the air as soon as he heard the ground rumble. The Burworm popped out the ground from being the Embpup and knocked it far, causing it to take major damage.

Embpup though bounced back, blazing with its Blaze ability, and sent a powerful ember at burworm, knocking it out successfully.

“Good job Dante!” Aaron said, though his Pokémon looked at its owner and gave a toothy grin before turning totally white, illuminating light from its body.

The youth wasn't happy as he returned his Burworm as was about to send out his next Pokémon, “Gosh darn it, the stupid thing is evolving,” The boy cried out as he held the metallic Pokeball in his right hand.

The Shaggy Pup Pokémon glowed and shined, changing its shape all the while. The Pokémon soon stood on its hind legs, which became bulky and built. His torso was broad, his arms were stronger, more longer and bigger. The Wolf grew a blaze-like mane as his muzzle became longer. The light faded, showing a totally different Pokémon; a totally different Dante.

The Pokedex rang out, “Glarewulf: The Wolf Pokémon. Fire Type. Glarewulf use their powerful, incinerating arms and legs to chop through steel. Their teeth are very strong as they are said to be quickest and reckless of their forms.”

Aaron was stunned, curious and all the wile amazed, “You evolved into a Glarewulf; that's awesome!”

Another metallic message rang from his devices, “Congratulations, your Glarewulf has learned Metal Claw.” Aaron grinned, Metal Claw would be a lovely new move to try out on this guy's next Pokémon.

When the young boy sent out his next Pokémon, Aaron had to pull out his Pokedex to look it up. The armored beetle the boy sent out was light yellow as well as metallic, dark blue. “Platle, the Armored Beetle Pokémon. Bug/ Steel. Platle's armored hide are as tough as titanium; they have somehow lost their Drill-nose. Platle will often use such moves like Rapid Spin and Gyro Ball to defeat its enemies.”

To easy, Aaron thought, commanding his new Glarewulf to use a quick Fire Punch on the probably newly evolvee.

All three trainers had manage to win their battles, and by doing so had won a chance to battle the Ground Type user Derek. Timothy had told them who was going to battle when.

“Aaron, Selena then finally Dawn.” The assistant announced, looking at the teens' with his olive eyes with tips of brown hair over them. “Aaron, you wait in the holding room just ahead till the door slides open. The girls will be escorted by the Ruin Maniac to the stands to watch your Match.”

The younger teens nodded, Aaron going into the wooden holding room while his sister and old friend were taken to the stands. The room's door seemed automatic and made of a strong steel. The teenage boy had sweat on his brow from anticipation. He was going to face Derek with his trusty Pukka despite the disadvantage, his falcon Horus and his shy calf Snow.

Aaron soon had the Door open; a roar of a crowd was what he first heard while he walked into a small sized arena the size of a High School Gym. The familiar light blue wall paper gave him a smile, the sandy desert- like battleground got him a little wordy though. Dunes varied among the battleground, giving Derek a definite advantage. The sun glistened brightly though the windows among the top of the roof, shining sunlight on Timothy who was acting as the official referee. The seats were packed with the citizens of Sandy Hills; a scoreboard held the Pictures of both Derek and Aaron, along with three blank slates under their pictures. A small, raised stage across the way held the nerdy Derek, who grinned as soon as he saw Aaron walk out.

Aaron was terrified, he hated being watched by big crowds, it made him nauseous. Now to have that and his text anxiety act up were two things that may lead to his downfall. At that moment he felt as bad as he did when he let that thug, Miror B. or Darren Fresh, escape.

“Welcome Aaron to the Sandy Hills Gym! This will literally be your sandy tomb!” The guy gave a creepy chuckle that made Aaron a little weirded out. “All these people came out to see their region's professor's grandson duke it out against me.”

Aaron gulped as he looked around, I can do this, I can do this. I have both luck and logic on my side.

Aaron stepped on his platform; Timothy raised his red and white flags up, “The Battle will be three, single battles, of which the Challenger is able to substitute. This official Arcana League Gym Battle will be between the white side; Sandy Hills City Gym Leader Derek Carter, and the red side; the Challenger Aaron Kingsly from Sea Breeze Town, will now begin!” The referee announced, lowering the flags signaling the start.

Derek threw his first Pokeball,“I breed him and the rest of the Pokémon I have specially. Let's go- Shovnel!” A picture of the small subterranean Pokémon appeared in place of the blank slot.

“Calm on Aaron!” Dawn said loudly from the stands, wearing a cute pink and white Cheer Leader's uniform that included a very short skirt. Aaron was crimson as he saw Dawn bounce up and down, doing cheers in her Cheer outfit. She was like a cute Lopunny while she did those Cheers, moving her white and pink pom-poms all around. All the guys and pervy old men drooled, praying for a random burst of wind.

They prayed with no prevail.

Aaron soon sent out his show starter, “Horus, let's go!” The picture of the small falcon came on the screen as the Trainer remained cool, despite being nervous as hell, “Start with a Gust- hit it before it digs!” The Falcon soon sent a gust at the Shovnel, who took a small chunk of damage from it.

“Shovnel, hurry as use dig!” Derek commanded the Pokémon quickly; the Shovnel soon dove into the sands.

Aaron grinned, he had a special move combo just in case this happen, one he got from Dawn, “Okay, Horus listen close, use Gust to empower a Twister!” The falcon chirped simply in agreement, flapping its wings to start the tornado fury about to come.

Shovnel soon came up from the sands, and with perfect timing, the tornado was launched at it and successfully knocked it out. The small Falcon smiled in victory as Dawn kept cheering, occasionally saying, “He used my move combo!”

Timothy then declared, “Shovnel is unable to battle, the Challenger's Falwing is the winner!” The crowd roared in excitement as the two battlers went to the second round, Shovnel's slot turning black. Aaron sighed, he need to stay calm or he would doomed.

“Let's go Dunma use Confuse Ray before it can move!” The Desert Pokémon quickly sent a spiraling ball of violet energy at the Horus before Aaron could react. Next thing he knew it was totally confused. “Alright finish it with a Tackle!” The Dunma charged at the Pokémon, knocking the bird out cold.

As soon as Timothy called it, the slate with the small falcon's picture turned black and white. Aaron gritted his teeth as he send out Snow. He need to focus, and quick.

“Snow I want you to avoid the Confuse Rays at all- wait use Mist quickly. ” Despite being more of a Tank, Snow manage to create a mist that shrouded the room. The temperature went from toasty to very cool in mere seconds.”Now fire water guns at it as soon as possible.” Water guns shoot from the Icy Horn Pokémon's mouth, hitting their marks when squeals of pain came from the usually docile Dunma. Dunma fainted in a mere five rounds before it could land a hit on Snow.

Thank Arceus its knocked out before it could do any more damage, Aaron thought thankfully.

Derek smirked, “Dunma don't worry we still have our trump card.” With a sly smile, The Gym Leader returned Dunma and threw out his ace in the hole, Secub. “Secub, Sandstorm!” The lion cub did as it's master commanded, summoning a mighty Sandstorm that only covered the battleground.

“Snow use water gun before it can-” and as before Aaron could finish his sentence, the Secub had manage to dig underground by using the Sandstorm as a camouflage. Next thing Aaron knew, he was down to his last Pokémon as soon as Snow's picture dimmed.

Oh crud, oh crud, oh crud, Aaron thought nervously.

Aaron swallowed his nerves and started to show back bone, “Alright Derek, I'm going to send out my trump. Lets do this Pukka!” The Teen sent out the hamster who yawned and looked around, wondering where she was.

“Gym battle?” She said quizzically, looking at the paler then usual Aaron.

Aaron nodded as the hamster sighed, “Pukka use, er well.” Aaron did not know what to do, all he had to work on was the Hamster Pokémon's new Quick Attack move. He shook off his jitters and focused, “Quick attack.”

The Gym Leader laughed darkly, “A Electric type is your ace against my Ground Types. My oh my you are a fool to believe that sir. ” Derek pushed up his glasses as he pointed towards Secub as best he could, the Sandstorm roaring. “Sand Tomb Secub- and keep trying to get it.”

The Secub gave a dark grin as it summoned a bunch of Sand to ensnare the Bolster with. The Bolster though was amazingly quicker. The Sandstorm though pelted it unfortunately.

The sweat on Aaron's brow was immensely now, he would need to win fast but how? Before he could command the next move for Pukka, one of the Secub's Sand Tomb was successfully, knocking a good chunk of Bolster.

Dawn was speechless, so was Selena, but they weren't speechless because Pukka seemed about to lose. Oh no, it was because Pukka glowed a familiar white light- meaning it was evolving right there in the middle of a grim Sandstorm.

The crowd was in awe as Pukka grew taller and bigger. What emerged from the light was a heavy built rabbit with golden yellow fur with long ears- with cobalt tips- and a cobalt-colored, rough-edged, tail. The Rabbit had cobalt, rough and very broad shoulders; cobalt patches on fur covered its risks to its elbows. Its feet were covered in cobalt footies as under the Pokémon's unique cobalt blue eyes, were the familiar shade of blue colored, flat ended, lighting bolts instead of semi-circles.

Aaron pulled out his Pokedex after he allowed Pukka to learn Low Kick, “Zapbit: The Zap Pokémon. Electric Type. Zapbit are very quick on their feet and will appear behind a foe then attack them from behind. They use their paws to attack foes with a combo of Quick Attack and Thunder Punches as well as using Thunder Shock for long range.” Pukka's new long ears twitched as electricity pulsed in her hands.

“Alright Pukka, let's try that new Low Kick of yours after we use Quick Attack.” The Trainer looked to his Electric Bunny who oddly seemed like she was about to burst. The Zapbit was pulsing with electricity now as small thunder shocks came off its fur. Aaron was tongue-tied even though he knew the Ability and knew it well, “That's Super-Charge!” Aaron of course had seen only once before, and that was against the first grunt of Team Oblivion he had ever encountered. The Ability was like those of Swarm and Torrent; when ever a Electric Type with it was in a pinch, it's attack power rose significantly. “Okay Pukka, lets try a Quick Attack with a Low Kick-powered up Thunder Punch Combo!”

Pukka grinned as she quickly came and appeared behind the Secub, delivering a blow as it said, “Now you're talking my lingo!” With a supped-up Thunder Punch that manage to do some damage and powerful Low Kick, the Zapbit manage to take down the Secub before the Sandstorm did.

Aaron went and threw up his nerves- as well as the breakfast at Denny's with Dawn- when the battle was over.

After a quick rest, Derek was then facing Selena, who had sent out her now ground type Adapmutt. The dog howled, anticipating the first move. The Shovnel of his was ready, and he going to mix it up despite the disadvantage.

Timothy raised his red and white flags up once more, “This official Arcana League Gym Battle will be between the white side; Sandy Hills City Gym Leader Derek Carter, and the red side; the Challenger Selena Kingsly from Sea Breeze Town, will now begin!” The referee announced, lowering the flags signaling the start.

“Iron Tail Shovnel!” The young Man shouted, still pumped from his last battle and posed a fierceness in his eyes you would see among war-ready Soldiers. His Shovel stub of a tail glowed metallic as it went to slam it into the dog.

Selena crossed her arms and smiled, “Clancy, use Bite and keep biting it!” The Dog soon bit into the Shovnel, and kept biting it unto the poor thing fainted.

Timothy rose up the red flag, “Shovnel is unable to battle, the round goes to the Challenger's Adapmutt! ” The scoreboard soon had the Picture of Derek's Shovnel fade.

“Go my loyal Dunma! Use Confuse Ray quickly!” Before the Pokémon could though, Selena had already came up with a counter. What could she say, battling was in the Kingsly blood; it had been for a long time.

“Quick Attack, and Bite!” Selena kept her eye on her Adapmutt as it dashed across the sandy battleground, avoiding the Confuse Ray. The hound attacked the desert llama, soon biting down into it. The Dunma though was not happy, and threw the Adapmutt into the wall, that was right before it fainted.

“Both are unable to battle; Stalemate!” Timothy announced to the excited crowd of Sandy Hillians.

“Go Secub!” The Gym Leader sent out his last Pokémon with a frown on his face. Am I losing my edge? Derek Carter had always been good in battles, but this was ridiculous.

“Serqet, do your thing! Coil it before it can Dig or do whatever.” Selena had a bad feeling in her
gut, but why?

“Yes maim!” Serqet answered her, waiting for a command.

The scorpion manage to coil it with it's tail, but that was going to be her and Selena's doom. Derek grinned and thought, I'm back baby! “Sand Tomb it Secub before she realizes!” The Secub soon ensnare the huge bug and itself in a Sand Dome. When the sand fell back to the ground, the Coilarron was knocked out cold.

A white flag rose up, “Coilarron is unable to battle, the victor is the Gym Leader's Secub!” Selena pouted, running her finger over the red top of her last Pokémon's Pokeball. She stood in her softball pose, ready to pitch her Ball.

“Go Mina!” The girl said as the sheepish Bat looked around confused, “Mina, sweetie can you use Confuse Ray on that Secub?” The Batket smiled and nodded, soon laughing a swirl violet ball at the Secub which manage to hit it. The Secub became dizzy and very clumsy.

“Secub, use anything you can; hurry!” Derek was on the ropes, and he knew it. Pokémon at low levels were more susceptible to hurting themselves once confused. Derek should know, he used the combo just a match before.

Secub manage to use a clumsy Quick Attack, which of course Batket managed to avoid, “Wilhelmina, use Growl then Bite!” The Batket let out a loud growl and soon bit into the sand-flesh of the lion cub. The Secub roared in pain as it flapped its sand wings, wanting to escape. The Batket soon finished it off before its confusion wore off, “That's it Mina!”

The crowd chanted “Selena, Selena;” the young referee held up a red flag in the teenage girl's direction. In his usual monotone voice, Timothy shouted, “The Gym Leader's Secub is unable to battle, meaning the Challenger has won the Dune Badge of the Sandy Hills City Gym.” With that Selena fell to the grounded, her stomach roaring.

“Can I get a Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of fries!” The teen pleaded while holding her stomach; her brother, traveling companions and Batket all sweat dropped.

Dawn was in her usual clothes, ready to get her badge as she knew she was at a advantage with two Flying Types. Of course though she wanted to start off with her ferocious Barasnapper.

Timothy raised his red and white flags up again, “This official Arcana League Gym Battle will be between the white side; Sandy Hills City Gym Leader Derek Carter, and the red side; the Challenger Dawn Morgan from amazingly Twin Leaf Town, will now begin!” The referee announced, lowering the flags signaling the start.

“Spotlight Barasnapper,” Dawn tossed the Pokeball gently; a skip in step and a perky disposition shining like the sun. The dark, serpent-like Baracuda looked scary as ever. The crowd whispered among themselves of how “ugly” and “gnarly” it looked.

“I have ears you know!” The Barasnapper roared, unhappy at the negativity she was getting. She then looked to her opponent with a ferocity and was eager to attack.

“Water Gun then chomp on it with a Bite. ” The serpent sent a shot of water at the Shovnel and sonn bit into it, but for some reason it was at that time the Shovnel went into overdrive.

The Shovnel started pounding on the Baracuda, hitting it till it till the Barasnapper finally flew to the ground, the Shovnel then used a powerful Mud Slap against the Barasnapper, knocking it out.

Dawn sweat dropped as her Snake fish squirmed a little; the beast pale with what seemed his soul soaring up from its mouth.

A white flag rose up for Derek, “Barsnapper is unable to battle, the victor is the Gym Leader's Shovnel!”

Dawn then called out her Cuteyph, “Lets go Cutepyh, use Twister!” The Angel then sent a small, navy tornado at the Tunnel Pokémon.

“Dodge it and use a good Iron Tail-Pound combination before it can charge up a Twister! ” Unfortunately for Dawn, who was new at Gym Battles, She was already toast when the Shovnel quickly rose up and hit her Dove with a powerful metallic tail, which it then used to pound on the Dove with.

Dawn focused, pumped as she could be as she recalled her Adorable Pokémon- the one who had been given to her as a gift from Aaron's grandmother. The Pokémon who she saw as her own baby. You do not mess with a women's baby, especially this woman's, Dawn thought to herself. "Alright enough play, lets go Prinplup your going to be my last Pokémon so don't fail me now. Make it Pay for hurting Cuteyph with a Aqua Jet.” The girl's eyes were fiery and demonic, as if she was posed with the spirit of a now very ****** off mother.

The Prinplup smirked and spoke in a sorta tropical slang, “You got it brah!” The Penguin then charged itself at the Shovnel, water pulsing from it all over.

The speedy, critical hit definitely did some damage to the Shovnel as it fell to the ground unconscious, “Shovnel is unable to battle, the Challenger's Prinplup is the winner!”

Damn, the Pokémon's gotta be at least by Level 30 now, Derek hesitated when he grabbed his Dunma after returning Shovnel to its Pokeball. Though he still threw the Pokeball with the Desert Llama out.

“Aqua Jet again, then peck it when your close up!” Dawn was seriously scary then; half the crowd as scared to death, the other half had already soil a good pair of underwear and pants.

The blue Penguin enveloped itself in water again and blasted itself like a rocked at the Dunma who did not have a moment react. By the time the Penguin was done, it looked like how Barasnapper did. “Um, Dunma is unable to battle, so the Challenger's Prinplup wins!”

Derek smirked, “Beginner's luck; let's go Secub.” The score on the screen showed both of the battlers had one Pokémon left. The Secub yawned and looked towards his master, soon meowing in a growling fashion.

The sand lion pouted, “Aren't we done yet?” Secub shook it self, extra sand falling to the ground.

“Secub use Sandstorm then Dig!” Derek shouted quickly.

“Whirlpool now Prinplup.” Dawn smiled like a Vampire would. The Prinplup summoned a blue, swirling vortex of water and sand The Sandstorm was roaring as Secub had manage to dig underground. But as soon as the little sand lion-cub came back up, Prinplup threw the massive whirlpool of mud at it, trapping it. “Aqua jet plus Peck combo.” The Prinplup reversed the Combo though; he chirped to have his beak glow with energy then jumped up with the swirling mass of water around. The Prinplup hit the Secub on the first go.

Dawn smiled; she had won her first Badge thanks to one of her closet friends.

The five teens stood outside the Sandy Hills Gym with Derek and his Assistant. Derek held a cedar wooden box which opened to reveal miniature Dunes with specks of white in their tan colorings. They glistened golden in the setting sun's light. The assistant soon pulled out a red-brown colored T.M. that looked like it had a extra sheen on it. Timothy smiled as he spoke in a tired tone of voice, “It' a token of gratitude from me; it's Rock Smash a Hidden Machine that you'll need on your journey. If you want to test it out if you go to the Northern side of town you can try it on some boulders. Also you can use it to get to a old Technical Machine we have on the ground.” The assistant soon pointed a boulder that lead to a narrow alley between the Gym and hill slope it laid next to. The boy took it and his Badge; Selena took hers and Dawn to hers, putting it in a purple case as Selena put her in a white one she had. Aaron took out a old Orange he got as a present from his Mother many years before.

Aaron smiled one his brilliant smiles, “Thanks Tim, I'll teach it to one of Pokémon as soon as possible.”

The Gym Leader sighed and spoke up, “I present, Aaron Kingsly, Selena Kingsly and Dawn Morgan with the Sandy Hills Gym Dune Badge as well as-” Derek paused, soon grabbing out three Tan colored CDs from his leather Bag, then continued, “The Technical Machine Dig, which if ever you need one again-” He paused, grabbing out a slip of paper with something similar to number scribbled on them. “Call me, set up a rematch and if you win, you'll get another T.M. 28.”

“Thanks again Derek, good bye, for now.” The teenage boy said, taking the Cds and the paper. He gave Selena and Dawn theirs and kept the last for himself, gently putting it in a case that shrunk and fit in the side of his Bag.

Dawn frowned as the group started to walk, stopping in her tracks. Selena turned and looked to her, “Aren't you coming?”

Dawn shook her head, “No, I'm going to the Lost Ruins to train, their may be stuff still their yeah now?” She said grinning, showing off her Poketch. “I'll see you around Aaron,” The girl turned around, tears forming in her eyes as she started off.

Dawn whispered into the wind, “I don't think Aaron will ever feel the same for me as I do him.”

Na na, na na na, na na

Dawn didn't know what else to do, Chloe was older and almost as tall as Aaron, which made her short self-esteem shorter.

I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me

Dawn cried, hoping Aaron could hear her and run into her arms like he did long ago. But for now, with Jovi threating her due to her love for the same boy that Jovi liked, all she could do is flee like a scared Pokémon. She also thought she knew the answer to the question Aaron left unanswered.

I remember it clearly...

Dawn remembered the day Aaron moved back to Arcana when his dad died. Dawn didn't want him to go, but it was dreaded fate.

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

Dawn did love him, as much as she did that day. She did love him; either as a best friend or a lover, which one though, was a mystery to the girl.

Na na na na na na na

Dawn soon sat on a bench; her tears rolled down her face which was in her soft hands.

I didn't get around to kiss you
Goodbye on the hand

Dawn touched her lips, she would love to have his lips meet hers, just once. Just one, simple time.

I wish that I could see you again
I know that I can't

Dawn knew their was no point of trying to win him over; Aaron probably had a crush on one of the other girls in his life. One that could change him back to what he was along ago. So she decided in the midst of her tears not to try to see him again.

I hope you can hear me cause I remember it clearly

Dawn just wished Aaron knew how much she cared about him, even when he became a colder shadow of his former self.

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

Dawn remembered the day Aaron became cold. He became so ice cold when he heard his father died due to a gangster. Aaron had been crushed, even more crushed Dawn had been in his position.

I had my wake up
Won't you wake up
I keep asking why

Dawn had stopped her tears shed from her father's death; but did Aaron ever stopping shedding tears? She still wanted to be with him, but the girl wasn't sure what kind of love it was. Was it for a love of a older brother originally? Or was it indeed one for a childhood crush?

And I can't take it
It wasn't fake
It happened, you passed by

Dawn had told him that day that he moved away that she loved him and had asked him if he loved her back. The girl knew it was a primal love, but she did mean it. In what way she did not know. Aaron though was cold, leaving the question unanswered. Dawn had simply thought the boy was in a state where his “wall,” was up, so she waited, hoping he would stop being cold, as well as oblivious.

Now you are gone, now you are gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back

Aaron could slip away again. Dawn knew there was a chance he could finally stop his anger toward most of humanity. She then stood up, a piece of paper with her contact info on it she meant to give Aaron but after thinking the night they snuggled of what kind of love she had for the boy. A letter fell out of her purse. What the? Dawn picked up the two pieces of paper, a drizzle starting. Dawn read the one in Aaron's awful handwriting, quickly touched by his words.

She would try her best to, and Dawn had a idea that could help break more of the boy's wall. The girl soon ran back to the the Pokémon Center, where the quartet was heading. The letter fell to the wetting ground...

Now you are gone, now you are gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back


I don't know when will see each other again. But I want to see you again, cause, well I care about you deeply. Your my best friend- maybe you could be even more. Though were parting paths again for a probable shorter, your still in my heart. I hope you train hard in the ruins. I'll find out what you truly mean to me, and I promise I'll finally answer that question you gave me long ago. I'm sorry I was cold back then and I'm still now. I didn't mean to make you feel hurt or wait for me all this time.


The day you slipped away
Was the day i found it won't be the same noo..

The sprinkle had turn into a deep rain as the girl ran, happy she was in running shoes. Dawn was almost there and didn't care she was drenched.

The quartet were inches from the quartet before Dawn ran up and kissed Aaron for a brief few seconds on his cheek. When she pulled back and looked down, Aaron was crimson and warm in the cool, rare, desert rain. Chloe and Jovi were fuming, and Selena was actually smiling. “Call me,” Dawn mumbled, still a tinge of red on her face as she handed Aaron a then wet slip of paper with her phone number and email on it.

The day you slipped away
Was the day that I found it won't be the same oooh...

Aaron was still stunned as Dawn went north to the ruins, swaying her narrow hips as the young girl walked into the sunset. Aaron didn't know what to do; Should I chase after her? He thought.

Na na, na na na, na na
I miss you...

Dawn smiled, I'll see you soon Aaron and when I do I'll you'll show me how you feel about me. You can bet on that!
The lesson of the chapter is that mothers have their own kind of Blaze-Swarm-Super=Charge-Torrent, or Overgrow ability. Naw its more like guts from the Mystery Dungeon Games

Name: Derek Howard Carter
Date of Birth: May 9th, 1986
Occupation: Ground Type Gym Leader and Museum Curator
Location: Sandy Hills City, Arcana
Hometown: Sandy Hills City, Arcana
Powerhouse: Secub Level 16
Dunma Level 14
Shovnel Level 14
Prizes: Dune Badge and TM Dig; Allow use of Rock Smash
Likes: History and Science, Tropical as well as Sandy Places, The Mountains, Fossils, Old things, Enigmas
Dislikes: Grave Robbers, Ignorance, Curses, Snakes
Summary: A dedicated anthropologist and archaeologist; he is kidnapped by Team Oblivion in the Story and is forced to decipher the Unown Runes that tell of the mysterious Pewter piece. He mostly uses his Pokémon for research and official Gym battles.

Name: Dawn Nicole Morgan
Date of Birth: October 15th, 1995
Hometown: Twin Leaf Town, Sinnoh Region, Nippon
Prinplup Level Unknown (Probably around Level 30)
Quilava Level Unknown (Probably around Level 20, 25)
Togekiss Level 18
Cutepyh Level 14
Baracuda Level 17
Likes: Dresses, Being at her Prime, Aaron(A lot!), Shopping, Contests, Battles, Cute Pokémon, Singing, Dancing, Cheerleading, Classic and Classic Music, Ballet.
Dislikes: Dirt, Being Dirty, Being Snuck up upon, Gangster wannabes.
Relations: Johanna- Mother, Lucas- Older Brother, Decreased Father by the name of Nathan
Summary: Dawn is quite a Character, she is very sweet yet can be somewhat snobby. The girl loves to Cheer lead as she is witty enough to come up with great chants. She is very confident but also very humble. She has read a lot in order to keep up with her love, Aaron and is determined for him to realize possible feelings he has for her. When she was younger Aaron became her first, and the best friend. It is possible Aaron likes her back, but is either too shy or too scared to say it.

Chapter Nine will be up about next week! What will happen to the Co. now?! Will Aaron admit his feelings- which by now we all know he has for Dawn- for her? OR will Chloe or Jovi steal the boy away from the young Coordinator/ Gym Battler?! Will selena show patience with fishing?! All will be revealed in-

Chapter Nine: Twisted Waters
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“Okay Pukka, let's try a Quick Attack with a Thunder Punch and Low Kick Combo!”
Thunder Punch...Aren't electric moves unable to affect ground types?

“Now you're talking my lingo!”
Derek held a Cedar wooden box
Lowercase "cedar."

So anyway, nice chapter! Gym battles (and possible relationships haha). And yeah, I understood the last chapter's title! Keep it up :D


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Thanks and-

Okay GasMan I'm going to give you this life lesson, NEVER underestimate a ****** off, juiced up newly evolved electric Rabbit, ESPECIALLY a female. Same does go for human woman.
Especially when Aunt Flow is in town; oh Gasman I'll give you a awesome cameo, just shoot me off what types you want and if you would be intrested in being Selena's first love intrest ;D.

I'm Going to list the main players of Anime and their Ages as of the year the fanfic takes place; which is August 2009.

Ash is about 161/2, Brock is 18, Misty is about 17 since she is a few months older then Ash. Tracey is 18- probably will never make appearance, May is now about 15, Max is now 11. Dawn finally of couse about to turn 14 in October.

Now for some major Characters of the Week.

Name: Maya “May,” Lily Smith
Date of Birth: May 1st , 1994
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto Region, Nippon
Pokémon- On Hand
In Storage-
Likes: Bicycling, Watching T.V., Contests,
Dislikes: Cheaters, Liars, Sneaks, Snobs
Relations: Brothers- Brendan and Max, Mother- Caroline, Father- Norman
Summary: May is a sweet heart who followed in her brother and his girlfriend's footstep by entering Contests, as well as Blaziken and the outfit. May is very insecure and often shy around the Boys she likes. She deeply cares for her brothers, but rather hides the fact that she really misses Brendan by not really mentioning him. She loves to skateboard and surfs when ever she can. She once had a deep dear of Pokémon. She has a big stomach and has what appears a small metabolism.
She will appear soon in the Fic, maybe either in the later of the first season, or the second or third.

Name: Misty Blair Williams
Date of Birth: March 5th , 1994
Hometown: Cerulean City, Johto Region, Nippon
Pokémon- On Hand
Togekiss(the Togetic she had at the Mirage Kingdom who came looking for her after the Teogi Colony's exposure to a large, Shiny Rock Meteorite that was excavated)
At Gym-
Vast Goldeen and Seaking
Likes: Bicycling, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Baking, Fishing, Pistachio Ice Cream
Dislikes: Her Sisters, being flat-chested and small, Immature people
Relations: Three Sisters
Summary: Tomboyish, out going, perky as she can be very caring and defensive. She has a short temper and does not like immature people. She will do anything to get her way and will do anything to get her Gym notice by. She is very motherly despite being the youngest in her family. She can cook enough to strive on; Misty is an amazing Water Specialist and has one the Whirl Cup, Water Chariot event in Alto Mare and has been tough to beat as a Gym Leader in Kanto.

She actually will appear in the Next chapter, I know right a MISTY CAMEO! It will be a three part event due to a Surfing Contest in Cloud Burst City and will explore the abandoned S.S. Cobalt that Team Oblivion wrecked, meaning they can only explore a small part of it for now.


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Okay GasMan I'm going to give you this life lesson, NEVER underestimate a ****** off, juiced up newly evolved electric Rabbit, ESPECIALLY a female. Same does go for human woman.
Understood! XD

Especially when Aunt Flow is in town; oh Gasman I'll give you a awesome cameo, just shoot me off what types you want and if you would be intrested in being Selena's first love intrest ;D.
Cameo?  Thanks!
Types (for a team, right?)...let's see; at least one ghost type and maybe one dark, also an ice type and possibly dragon...and fire.  But I'll leave the rest up to you! 
Selena's love interest?  Really?  Sure!  Thanks :D
As for my name...you could just make one up or pm me. 

Thanks for putting me on the PM list. And a misty cameo sounds awesome. 

I will try and review more!  I may be offline this next week because I'm going out of town and there's no 3G coverage there...but I will review all in time!  :)