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Pokemon: Amber Sun and Opal Moon


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ok so the team get some new pokemons that is cool

so far whats aarons, selenas, chloes, and jovis pokemon list so far what pokemons do they have so far?


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Hey thanks for the review Merklock and here are the answers for your question-

“Pukka”- Zapbit
“Dante”- Glarewulf
“Horus”- Falwing, soon to evolve
“Rocky”- Newture, soon to evolve and get more Cameos, preferably in the upcoming Misty Arc
“Snow”- Calfy, soon to evolve
Numerous That vary including a Shovnel named “Min”, “Sting” his now Brant(Will get a Debut and probably Evolve in Chap 8), “Shelly” his Platle(Will be seen in Chap as Dante will be relieved), a Secub named “Magi”, Fluff a “Fuzzala”, a Batcho named “Lunny”, a Dunma named “Camie.” “Simba” his Zombty(Will get a cameo in next chap as Horus will take a break, though will be given to a certain girl later as a Birthday present) and that probably is it for now.

“Clancy”- Adapmutt
Fuzzala(Get a Debut soon)
Wasting(Will get a Debut soon)
Batket(Once Batcho)

Jovi- Will get more Pokemon

Chloe- Pokemon


Pokedex Researcher
Hello. It took me a little while to get through this story. I like your attention to background details, having full character forms on significant characters. And mixing the typical journey fic with Shadow Pokemon is a nice idea.

There are problems which slowed my progress through this story, though. For one, this needs a really good editing, as there's a number of errors that would slip through a standard spell- and grammer- check program. Like this line:

Aaron was stunned, curious and all the wile amazed, “You evolved awesome!”

That should be 'while'. And unless he meant 'You evolved to an awesome form,'. there should be a comma or period after evolved.

And this:

"Gosh darn it, its evolving,”

That's an it's situation, because that would be, 'it is evolving'. Undo the contraction mentally to figure out if it's the right place for its or it's.

There's also your characters. I find it hard to care about Aaron and Selena's journey. They're really flawless and that doesn't interest me. When a scene comes up like the Denny's meal earlier, where everyone is just starting at these absolutely beautiful main characters, that turns me and other readers away. I was rather interested in Aaron's test anxiety, which made him fail the standard Trainer's test. That's a realistic and neat flaw, one which should make Aaron do rather badly in Gym Battles (since they are tests too). But he did really well, even though he used not one, but two Pokemon weak to Ground moves. That was very disappointing.

And Aaron's even more special with his unique ability to understand Pokemon. And he has every young female character that's appeared to instantly like him (even his sister, who just likes him and treats him somewhat better). Any given flaws, like not understanding girls and the above-mentioned test anxiety, aren't really flaws or don't balance his many good points. So he's not really interesting as anything except a fantasy and that's really not enough to make me like him.

The plot is also rather complicated, mixing Gyms, Contests, a whole bunch of characters, at least two of them interested in catching as many Pokemon as possible, the Pieces of Eight, and and evil organization with Shadows. It could get bogged down in all the stuff you're trying to get in. Plus, Aaron thought rather realistically that he might hide the third Snag Machine and be careful about using it... but then he goes and uses it against the first Oblivion admin he runs into. An idiot moment, which is a true flaw, but there is no mention of the idiot moment afterward and Michael even says he did well.

So, there's some good ideas in this and parts of it are interesting. But it's held back by a boring beautiful absolute winner new Trainer.


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Okay... I see where your getting at, I was thinking they were too perfect, even though well their related to Royals, they shouldn't be exactly perfect like their ancestors were, right? Plus Aaron should show more anxiety mixed with his oblviousity with other, major flaws, cause it makes him less Fanstastic and more lovable. HE aso should have more of a dislike for immaturity, like more of his sister should show. The plot and characters are rather flawed, though I thank you for help pointing out the weak points which I myself have not really realized till you shed light on it. I will definetly edit it and put Chapter Eight on hold. Yes, Aaron definetly needs some more flaws; when I conceid him Ysa I thought of a more anti-Brock character, one who instead of having ladies somewhat, er silently rejecting him and he be persueing them constantly to a comedical degree, Aaron acts oblivious. Also of course since Selena was and still is a tomboy, she should be treating her delicate brother more roughly in order for him to as one would say, "Grow a Pair." So I will definetly go and revise till the story seems more polished then its slightly shiny state.

The Pieces of Eight, what Team Oblivion exactly wants with them and the connection of them to the Twins of course will be revealed as they will tie in to the who, what, when and why of Lady Oblivia.


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The first Eight Chapters have been all revised, check them out! Aaron has beoame cold! A no not like Edward Cullen!
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Hello all Chapter Nine is almost out but here a taste of what is to come-

In Chapter Nine: Twisted Waters you get to have a taste of a crossover of Pokemon and hit crime-solving show N.C.I.S.

In next installment of the first part of the AS&OM Saga Aaron will be forced to be a fake boyfriend by a tomboyish mermaid, Misty's dad will be revealed as more story of her past is exposed, a flash back to an epic karoake number by Chloe is viewed and Selena catches nothing with the cruddy Old Rod! Though as well as all the hilarity is going on, a dark force shall be readying to be unleashed on Cloud Burst City, and with news of it Aaron will have to rise to take down a top Admin of Team Oblivion.


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Chapter nine is here! Yes it is sorta sucky of a mash up but hey at least I try! And also if this sorta a harem/ love comedy fic meaning most the times poor cold Aaron's going to have woman to try to tame him with not much luck! Note all repesctive things are owned by their respective owners, including Girlfriend by avril lavagne and N.C.I.S. both which are used and or warped in this chapter.

Chapter Nine: Twisted Waters

Aaron was standing in a old Ball Room where people of all ages were dancing in elegant, ancient, French-like Outfits that gave all a feeling of being Regal. The tiles shined fold in the sunlight that the Glass Dome above them let in. Aaron saw himself in a giant mirror that was on the wall of the circular room.

He himself was dressed in a gold Jacket; Copper-colored vest; a white, silk button down shirt on top. His hair was a little longer as his eyes shined like polished Lapis Lazuli; he wor long black slacks and wore polished, old styled shoes. He looked like a Prince at old Ball.

The three main girls of his life not family related stood together in front of him. Dawn had her lustrous hair down in black curls and was in a azure blue dress that hugged her developing curves as well as made her taller despite being short. Jovi was dressed in yellow that glistened like a vermilion sunset as her sky blue hair made her look like a thunderbolt descending from a cloud. Chloe was stunning in a Jade green dress that made her like a forest fairy; her brunette hair was down in a sorta messy bun that made her older.

Who will you choose Prince? Who will be your Princess, Píosa Anam? The voice was soft, alluring, gentle, but most of familiar for the teenager.

Aaron turned around to face the source of the courtly voice, a girl with gold hair and gold eyes like that of a Cat. She smiled at the boy as she dressed in a pure white dress with bits of gold in it. What made her all the more familiar was the fact she had a feminine version of his delicately carved face.

Aaron soon tried to walk up to her, asking,“Who are you? Why did you call me a Prince?” Though the whole place turned black like a cave as soon as his voice came out of his mouth. It was like his voice had destroyed the place; the Regal ball room full of people he never knew with only a few that he did.

He was in a dark void; a place that was cold and never warm nor bright. It was desolate like a desert of oblivion with only sands of darkness in it to match a pitch black sky.

A voice whispered in his ear, he awaking from the weird dream.

“Sola, my name was Sola, and all who are Kingslys were once Princes, that was before The Darkness destroyed what our family ruled.” The voice drifted away, as if a beautiful phantom that was being chased away by the Dawn.

Aaron awoke in the Center of Sandy Hills tiredly for it was one in the morning; he had to crawl in a tight alley just to get a old Hidden Power which didn't seem like much. Plus of a rad party last night thrown at a chain club called, “The Nightlife.” The next day- or today- he and the three girls he was traveling with were going to a small Port Company southwest of Sandy Hills in order to get to the next town with a Gym, Cloud Burst City on Airy Isle.

Now after having to face the realization he may be in love with his best friend, he's having some weird girl that looks like a girl version of him that had eerie, golden cat eyes, make him choose among his friends.

Weird Part is she didn't look like Selena, Aaron thought to himself, going back to sleep after touching the cheek where Dawn kissed him.

Aaron was walking down the road to the small Fishing Community at the end of the land route of Route 606. He was wondering what the girl meant by him being a Prince of something that once existed, that a the words that sounded like from the Arcane Language- Píosa Anam. His grandmother knew a lot of the now dead language due to being from the Kingsly line, a line that had always been deep rooted in Arcana and its people. Due to that fact during her childhood she was home taught by her mother, who was taught from hers and so on and so on. Aaron's mother knew a little but time had changed a lot of traditions for the Kingslys.

Great my feminine side's making me be polite and decide my soul mate before I even become sixteen, the boy thought looking at the early morning Sky as grassy plains of Route 606 brushed up against his pant legs. His sister and friends were talking about all the cute boys they saw at the party. Aaron of course was dancing a little and being polite with the girls who were very much flirting with him. They all are the same, they think I'm just hot cause of my so called looks and only want me for that or my family's loot or that they can “change me”. Aaron sighed as he soon tripped over something. His newly evolved Zapbit ran up to him and say what he tripped over and was now on top of.

A sleeping girl in a pair of jean shorts cut to mid thigh, with long, wavy carrot-orange colored hair. The girl had a with a serene look on her face. She wore a light yellow hoodie with no sleeves. The girl was still asleep despite being tripped over by a boy a few years younger then her.

The girl soon stirred from her sleep on the ground, opening her eyes to show off the sea foam colored irises in them. “What the?” The girl saw the cute boy on top of her; the teenager reminded her of the boy she had been in love with, causing her to blush deep red. A girl with the same copped blonde hair ran up to them; a brunette and a blue-haired girl lagging behind her.

Selena sighed deeply, a vein about to pop, “Aaron, get off the girl before you break something of hers.”

Aaron got off her, but Misty didn't mind. The boy was stunning; eyes like lapis lazuli, hair tawny and curly like a Greek sun god. Cold, stone like yet also delicate features and a medium built with broad-somewhat shoulders. The boy though also had a certain air about him, one of someone of genius stature as well as a high degree of chivalry. Aaron, Aaron the knight of Misty's dreams. Though could it be that he could replace Ash? The boy who was in love with May instead of her? May, a girl who was in turn love with another boy with green hair? Or was it that Aaron had those eyes- eyes like the sea at sunset, or at dawn?

Or was it that he was as cold as the ocean, and like it, she thought she could tame him? He was perfect though to get back at Ash.

Misty gave him a smile, and showed him how she treated the boys she did like.


Aaron rubbed his swollen cheek while the girl who slept on the ground, explained who she was and she was here.

Misty smiled as she sat on a leg, “I'm Misty Gibbs, the Cerulean Gym Leader.”

The younger girls had confused looks on the; Aaron looked to see them in their quizzical stares while he still cooked the Chicken Stew he was making for lunch. Aaron sighed, shaking his head, “She's from Kanto you guys.”

Jovi frowned, “Why is a Gym Leader from Kanto here?”

Selena astonishingly was the first one to answer, “The Seasonational Sisters- Daisy, Lily, Violet- aka Misty's sisters- came back a few months ago from an 'Around the World Cruise.'” Aaron's jaw dropped; he was confused on how his sister- his blonde, cruel sister -actually knew something that sounded actually true.

Then Aaron smirked, soon murmuring to Selena as he stirred the pot, “You read it from Seventeen, didn't you?”

Selena pouted, “I read it from People actually, Dork.” The tomboy turned away from her brother and back to the group of teenage girls. “Misty's probably on a trip to the Water and Ice Gym up in White Lake, right? Probably to get away from that nasty, rumored, break-up of yours with that rising-star trainer.” Selena gave a cheshire smile towards the carrot-top.

Misty blushed a even darked shade then her head. The girl shook the tinge off, soon murmuring through her gridded teeth, “We weren't together; sides he fell in love with another girl who probably will never love him back and will always treat him like a pet Houndour.” The girl looked down, obviously a little still hurt for the matter.

Aaron looked into the light brown broth that smelled of various seasons, Love is the most strangest thing in the world.

Chloe gently patted the girl's back, “Um, there, there?” Misty kept looking down, soon sobbing.

Selena gave Aaron a stare for no reason, causing Aaron to frown. The teenage girl looked away from the young chef and looked to the sadden Misty. Selena then asked Misty a simple question,“Why didn't you just go up to White Lake with a plane? Why be on foot?”

Chloe held a tissue out for misty, who took it, as Aaron started to place the soup into a few bowls for the caravan of five. Misty blew amazingly loud, soon looking to Selena with a still gloomy face, “I...I wanted my own adventure- and there a surfing contest on Airy isle- but, but I- wah!” The girl soon bursted into tears again, salting the already salty soup. Aaron grew a little irritated but kept his cool in order to be nice.

Though what Selena offered Misty threw him, and a stuffed-faced Jovi over the edge.

Selena gave a perky smile to the upset Gym Leader,“How bout Aaron poses as your boyfriend for a little? That way Ash could see you're with a new, er, better dork- I mean guy.”

Misty blushed and giggled like a young girl getting proposed; Aaron and Jovi lost it. “ARE YOU NUTS!?” The two said in unison at sly Selena who giggled in her high voice.

“She slapped me like she wanted to take my face off- or do not remember sis?” Aaron gave a icy stare at his twin.

Selena came to her own defense, “You were on top of her for a minute without moving an inch!”

Aaron's tinge of red showed brightly, mumbling, “Well you know I'm shy around cute girls.”

The girls smiled, thinking that those times he was shy meant that the teenager thought they were cute.

Chloe sighed happily though, knowing the relationship was not real,“You should do it Aaron; Misty apparently loves Ash, and wants him to be her girlfriend.”

Misty already finished her first bowl of soup. The girl corrected Chloe while stating her feelings, “I don't think I like Ash that much now; I think I'm in like with Aaron. I want him to actually be my boyfriend in fact.” The girl meant it if she really wanted Ash to be jealous and started to act, that or she really had fallen for Aaron

Selena clapped her hands together. Yes, the dork will be less of a dork if he has Misty to straighten him out.

Chloe wanted to smack the Gym Leader even harder then Misty smacked Aaron.

Jovi was about to kill Selena and Misty.

Aaron looked towards the sky after almost choking on his own Chicken Soup, wanting to shout- WHY ME! I ALREADY GOT ENOUGH FREAKING STALKERS! I JUST WANT DAWN!

Meanwhile, at the Lost Ruins.

Dawn Morgan held her chest for a few seconds, as if her heart was starting to ache. The girl had a bad feeling something was wrong with Aaron, what it was, she wanted to find out. She made a note to herself to email the boy the nest day. For now though the girl was dealing with some very angry Zombtys.

Misty was happy that she was with Aaron, even if it was to get Ash back. She did like Aaron more then the scumbag she used to love. Though Aaron squirmed a little when Misty put her soft hands through the loop made with Aaron's hand in his pocket. Misty looked towards him, head tilted to the side, “Whats wrong sweetie?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, “There's no Paparazzi so you can cut the bull.”

Misty looked toward him with a frown, “I actually like you Aaron.”

Aaron sighed, “Sorry just I don't act well with people.” Plus, I think I may be in love with my best friend, and the girl I sorta like is threatened by her. The boy mouthed in his head and held back from actually saying it in order to spare the heart-broken water lover.

Misty smiled and pecked his cheek, “It's okay, as long as we can spend time together.” The girl laid her head on the boy's shoulder.

Chloe meanwhile, thought of the karaoke she did the night before at the Club, which was a song that fitted now for this similar situation as it did for when Dawn was with them.

The Night Life, Sandy Hills Branch

The huge club's walls were pounding from the loud music coming from the built-in speakers. dancers on the dance floor were dancing. The girls Aaron was traveling with were strutting their stuff while he sat on the second level, a loft that overlooked the dance floor and acted as a secluded rest place. Aaron continued to read the book he bought with some of his Gym money while soon the three girls went up to sit with him to take a breather. The other teens on the dance floor kept dancing to the song“Disturbia.” Chloe though was no where in sight.

That was until the D.J. in a secluded roost announced the special two-hour even the Club was having. The D.J. then pulled out a slip of paper and grinned,“Yo yo yo all you sly people who managed to get a request in to Karaoke listen up cause the first one will having her shot.” The older teen looked around, “Doing 'Girlfriend' by the lovely Avril Lavagne; Chloe Gray!” The D.J. clapped in an awkward way while he still held his microphone.

Chloe, dressed in a green short sleeved shirt with a green and white stripped long sleeve under it marched up stage in black, ballet flats. The girl wore a semi-short green skirt with white tights extending from them. The girl had her brown brunette hair in two piglets as they were under a green cabby's cap. Chloe walked up to the fuchsia colored stage that was lit up, the white and black checkered dance floor glowing still with cyan, yellow and magenta spot lights.

A plasma screen soon appeared in front of the girl as she took the microphone nearby her from its stand. The D.J. then explained to Chloe what exactly to do, “Alright Chloe just sing along with the song as our awesome band, the Arcana Rejects, play. Be brave now 'cause a lot of people get nervous up here on stage. If you are though, just imagine everybody in their underwear.”

Chloe blushed as she imagined Aaron's in his. Damn it, that's just making more nervous and I need Aaron to realize how I felt about him and Dawn snuggling, well their relationship basically.

The Arcana Rejects, a band of misfit teens, started to play. The sixteen year old girl tapped her foot to familiar melody as the words started to flood onto the monitor. The girl nervously started to sing in a voice that was a little better in average, “Hey hey, you you I don't like your girlfriend. No way, no way I think you need a new one! No way, no way I think you need a new one. No way, no way
I think you need a new one. No way, no way I think you need a new one! ” Chloe then pointed to herself, “Hey hey, you you I could be your girlfriend.”

The crowd was intrigued as Chloe still had the jitters. Though wanting Aaron to not see her as a simple crybaby, she continued, “Hey hey, you you I know that you like me! No way, no way I know it's not a secret!” The girl tried a little of moon walking and want not as turned to the crowd and pointed to herself, “Hey hey, you you I want to be your girlfriend.”

The band started to go into a solo as Chloe started to twirl a bit in her skirt. The teenage girl then put the microphone into the stand and held it at where the microphone was,“You're so fine
I want you mine; you're so delicious I think about you all the time.” Chloe was starting to get more people to pay attention. “You're so addictive, don't you know what I can do to make you feel alright?” the last two words echoed thanks to the D.J. as Chloe winked up to Aaron, who was still actually reading to his novel and half heartily paying attention to the fact it was her who was singing.

Selena smacked him on the shoulder hard, “Stop being rude dork and put the book down!” Selena then threw the book who fell on to the dance floor and was tragically getting stomped on as more teens went on the chess patterned ground to stomp and cheer for the singer.

Aaron growled, “That was the latest novel from my favorite writer!” The boy frowned as the book from Michael Scott about, ironically, a pair of twins, was smashed and kicked around on the floor below. “You owe me a new book.” The teen boy said while crossing his arms as he stared at his chaotic twin.

Selena rolled her eyes in the dim lighted loft,“Whatever dork- Chloe's pouring her heart out so be nice and at least listen!”

Chloe kept singing despite a book almost hitting her in the head, “Don't pretend I think you know I'm damn precious, and hell yeah I'm the (due to this being a very noncuss-orientated text the following word will be bleeped, BLEEEPED ) princess!” Chloe smiled as she leaned out a tad with the stand still in her grasp. At that point Chloe had Aaron's total attention, his and the rest of her traveling buddies who had never really heard the girl cuss before. “I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right.” Chloe's voice got lower as the last three words echoed throughout the club.

Chloe grinned when she saw Aaron standing at the railing of the loft. Chloe then imagined Dawn and looked up and to the side.“She's like so whatever, you can do so much better! I think we should get together now- and that's what everyone's talking about!” Chloe danced with more confident, bold moves as the crowd was in a uproar.

The D.J. had the chorus of back-up girls echo, “Hey hey, you you I don't like your girlfriend;
No way, no way I think you need a new one! Hey hey, you you I could be your girlfriend!” The back-up girls let the band to hit a louder volume before they continued, “Hey hey, you you I know that you like me. No way, no way, I know it's not a secret; Hey hey, you you I want to be your girlfriend!”

Chloe then took over again, after she glanced to see Aaron give her a warm smile and wave, “I can see the way-I see the way you look at me, And even when you look away I know you think of me. I know you talk about me all the time again and again.” Chloe thanked god she knew the song well and didn't really need the Lyrics. By the point the last three words she had said latest boomed through the club, the D.J. had already had the screen sink back into the stage. “So come over here and tell me what I want to hear or better yet, make your girlfriend disappear; I don't wanna hear you say her name ever again. ” Chloe was pretty much owning the song, which was rare since the girl rarely ever got this much attention, especially from Aaron as he more intrigued by her then the Sandy Hills Contest a day ago. “and again and again and again. 'Cause she's like so whatever and you could do so much better!
I think we should get together now and that's what everyone's talking about! ” The brunette twirled a strain of brown hair and held her arm out while she danced with the microphone in her left hand.

The chorus sang the first few lines again as the band ripped on their guitars and drums. Chloe went on with the melody, making a circle with her index finger, “Oh in a second you'll be wrapped around my finger, 'Cause I can, 'cause I can do it better. There's no other, so when's it gonna sink in?
She's so stupid, what the hell were you thinkin'?” The teenager started to clap with the microphone still in her hands. The ambitious crowd clapped along, including Aaron, and Selena. Jovi though was red and kinda more then a wee bit ticked.

“Oh, in a second you'll be wrapped around my finger, 'Cause I can, 'cause I can do it better!
There's no other, so when's it gonna sink in? She's so stupid, what the hell were you thinkin'?” The band members were all smiling from the small stage they were on as the teenager twirled in her skirt while the chorus girls sang the first lines again.

Chloe started to fist pump as she jumped up and down,“Hey hey, you you I don't like your girlfriend! No way, no way, I think you need a new one! Hey hey, you you I could be your girlfriend!” The girl then popped her green shirt as she kept singing like a canary. “ No way, no way.” Aaron though finally realized what Chloe meant and smirked. “Hey hey, you you I know that you like me!”
Chloe put her free index finger to her soft, cherry redden lips. ”No way, no way, I know it's not a secret! Hey hey, you you I want to be your girlfriend!”

The huge gathered crowd fist pounded as Chloe did again. The teenage girl sand her final lines, “No way, no way! Hey hey!” With it the girl put back the microphone and bowed.


The group of five had made it to the ocean a few hours later; a small seaside cabin stood on what was left of the grassy field that lead to the white sanded beach. A tan man in a khaki shorts, a horrible Hawaiian shirt and sandals sat on a dock which had a small boat ported at it. His hair was deep gray as his eyes were hidden behind his ray brand sunglasses. The man had a weird simpleness about him that clashed with his infamous, complex past.

The man looked up and saw the approaching trainers and looked back to the spot where his line was cast, “I'm not the ferrymen; just a friend of his who's watching and using the Cabin while he is at a fishing convention.” The man sighed as he drank some of his Star bucks coffee.

Selena went up to him and bent down, “Okay, but we really need to get to the next town, so could you help us Mr.?”

The man slid his fishing pole into a holster and pulled off his glasses, looking into the young girls eyes with his lime green ones. The man sipped some of his coffee and spoke as soon as the pure black caffeine full drink went down his throat, “My name is Gibbs, Jethro Leroy Gibbs.”

Gibbs couldn't believe the fact he was on a undercover mission for his job at the Arcana N.C.I.S. and that it counted as his only real vocation for the year. He had been charged by his boss to investigate the missing S.S. Cobalt, which was said to be in Cloud Burst City bay. The man had been already forced by his old friend, the elderly Fishing Guru Mike Franks, to watch the cabin he had while he travel to the north for a Fishing Convention. He couldn't afford more wasted time- that was until he noticed Misty who was about to cry. What's wrong with her?

Misty looked to the man with tears in her eyes. “Dad?” Misty asked as she pulled away from Aaron and ran into the Naval men's arms. “Oh dad after Mom died we didn't know what happened with you; you were so heartbroken you took up that job with the N.C.I.S. place here and transferred from America. Since then you've been rarely out to see us” Gibbs stood confused on who the girl was- that was until he noticed the orange-red hair.

Dad? But that would mean she's. Gibbs couldn't believe it was his daughter, Misty. Misty and his oldest daughter, Daisy, looked like their mother who had died due to a gangster while she was in Arcana many years back. Since then the man gave the job of Cerulean Gym Leader to Daisy while he came back to work at N.C.I.S, leaving his prized Gyrados at home and working many hours as a Senior Naval Criminal Investigation Service agent in Arcana. “Misty, sweetie, I'm sorry I haven't been home. I've been stuck here in Arcana hoping you guys were okay and growing up well in Cerulean. Have you?” The man looked down at his daughter while he hugged the girl tight, rubbing the teen's back.

Misty nodded, “Yes, and daddy this is my boyfriend, I'm mean acting, boyfriend Aaron.” The girl pulled back so the ex-American Marine could see the scrawny boy.

Gibbs smiled in his mind, knowing the younger teenage boy was harmless. Gibbs though physically \at the teen boy while he said to his navy brat, “Come inside and meet my team Misty, bring your friends.” The man in his late middle age years grabbed his coffee left out the old rod his friend had given him. He lead the group into the Cabin which looked normal, a simple living room with a kitchenette on the side. All that really stood out was a single columned, five shelfed bookshelf line with books. Nothing really weird.

That was until the bookshelf slid across the wall, revealing a man with short spiky brown hair and deep blue eyes that matched his blue suit. “Boss, Mcgeek found the Cobalt and is there now; Abby's also been analyzing the shadow Pokémon's body functions and what not while we've been here.” The man walked with a cherry red dalmatian with charcoal gray spots all over it. It's tail was a open red flame.

Gibbs spoke up,“Misty, this is Tony DiNozzi. DiNozzi, Misty.” The man looked to girl with curiosity on his face, wondering how the pretty young girl was related to his boss.

“Wow, boss I didn't know your youngest was this old, and wow she doesn't even look like you.” DiNozzi gave a goofy grin as the gray haired man smacked the younger one upside the head. The dalmatian Pokémon sighed.

Aaron spoke up, “Is that a Thermatian?” The boy then took out his Pokédex to look up the dog.

The Pokédex lectured to the group of teens of what it was, “Thermatian, the Thermal Pokémon. Fire Type as it is the evolved form of Adapmutt if it is exposed to a Fire Stone. Thermatian are spotted canine Pokémon that said to draw power from volcanoes and the fiery core of the Earth itself. They are very interesting since they produce a white fire instead of a normal orange one. ”

“Yeah, he represents how I'm very passionate.” Tony smiled as a girl in a black tank top and black shirt walked out with deeply tan skin, dark brown eyes and long frizzy hair that was in a pony tail. The girl rolled her eyes at what the thirty-something year old said as she grabbed a water from the the fridge. A golden white, spiky, dog Pokémon with a gold streak down its back barked as her master grabbed a bowl and poured the cold, bottle watter into it. The woman put the bowl down and smiled to the group.

“Who do we have here Gibbs?” The young woman looked to her boss who was looking around for someone, or something. Misty ran up to the woman who looked middle eastern and gave her a big hug.

Misty hugged the girl tight,“Ziva how have you been! Your Shinyote looks more dazzling since the last time I saw it.”

Chloe looked up the creature, curious of what the shining Dog was, “Shinyote: the Shine Pokémon. Psychic Type as it is the evolved form of Adapmutt if it is exposed to a Dawn Stone. Shinyote are alluring, glowing dog Pokémon that love sunlight as well as light and feed off it. These Pokémon are usually always found wild as not many trainers own them due to the rareness of Dawn Stones.” Wow, would love to get one.

Gibbs coughed, “Ziva what do you have for me.”

Ziva let go of the girl and used her hands to gesture, “Abby has something; she said she found the reason why Shadow Pokémon are the way they are.”

Who are these people, Aaron asked himself. Aren't they suppose to be simple Naval Cops?

The secret base the guy called, “Franks” had was huge, and with it included several bathrooms, a living room, huge kitchen, several bedrooms, a individual lab for both their Forensic Scientist and a Medical Examiner who practiced in both Human and Pokémon medicine. The place was a magnificent labyrinth that also included an extensive library.

Abby's laboratory was giant a held many see through refrigerators as well as many computers and monitors. A gray-purple with a black streak version of Ziva's Shinyote was nestled in a corner of the lab. Abby herself was in a white lab coat with a goth punk spiked collar, skull white tank top with a red and black plaid skirt. The goth had deep forest green eyes and dyed black hair in two ponytails. Black, strap boots went to her knees as she got off her chair and saw the huge group. “Field trip?”

Misty shook her head, “Are you really not going to say hi to your friend's daughter?”

Abby smiled, “It's been a while Mist- your dad still trying to get you to be just as girly as your sisters?” The dark Dog yawned and stretched out as it went over to its master.

Gibbs kept his cool as Selena's Pokédex went off, “Dimgo: the Dim Pokémon. Dark Type as it is the evolved form of Adapmutt if it is exposed to a Dusk Stone. Dimgo are jet black, shadowy dog Pokémon that love moonlight as well as darkness and feed off it. These Pokémon are usually always found wild as not many trainers own them due to the rareness of Dusk Stones.”

Selena scrambled and turned it off, “Sorry Mr. Gibbs.”

Gibbs shook his head and then turned to Abby, “What do you have for me Abby?”

“Well Gibbs it appears Shadow Pokémon are actually made when their body is exposed to pure Infrared waves which turns the electromagnetic impulses from the electromagnetic field on their body from positively charged to negatively charged. Since the field is two-way to the electromagnetic waves in their brain, its causing them to turn brutally primeval to an extreme. ” The girl kept twirling her hands around each other as Gibbs stared blankly at the scientist. Aaron though understood and translated.

“It means they're closing the 'hearts' of Pokémon by Shadow Energy carried through infrared light, which is said to be opposite of what sun produces, which is ultraviolet, or as we see it, sunlight. So in sense there using infrared lasers to screw with a Pokémon's natural aura in order for it turn Dark. ”

Tony pointed to Abby and the only teenage boy and wagged his finger, “Are you guys related?”

In unison the two said, “No.”

Ziva had her arms crossed, “So Darkness is carried through red as light is violet? Shouldn't it be the reverse since warm and cold?”

Abby held up her index finger, “Thats what I thought, it turns out that we don't have active filters for ultraviolet and infrared light are built into our eyes somewhat, so we perceive the two as such.” Abby then brought up a model on a holographic projector showing our eyes without such. “So we need active filters for bright as well as void-like light of which the filters are dark red and light violet. Hence we see light pulsing off something unless the light is at a high level and vice versa. In sense pure Darkness as well as Light are violet and red perspectively. In order to see the Purple auras of Shadow Pokémon, someone would have to have the filters “on” into their eyes so they can see the auras, some can even control it like Pokémon can with their's.” She then put up a picture of what looked like a man in medieval wear with spiky blue hair and familiar lapis lapuzi eyes. “You guys, meet what's called a Seer; this Seer in fact was said to able to manifest aura from infrared so we could see it as violet blue. To him though, it would of course appear red due to advanced filters that in a sense 'flip' the light.”

Aaron couldn't believe who it was, “That's my ancestor, Aaron Kingsly the First.”

Abby pointed to the man in the blue outfit and then to Aaron, who kept looking at the mark. The mark was like a bird covering the upper part of a sphere, the boy had seen it on a book his grandmother owned and had told him it was the common crest of the mysterious Pokelanteans thousands of years ago. Aaron saw Abby and nodded, indicating the two were directly related.

Selena chuckled and pointed to the goofy looking person, “That's really who went to Kanto in the fifteenth century just to hook up with a old flame? Then when he vanished she went to Arcana and let her younger brother rule over Kanto in Cameran castle? Wow I thought he be cuter but he looks like a blue haired dungeons and dragons dork.”

DiNozzo held back a laugh as he though of Mcgee, and turned away from the teenagers to the forensic scientists, “Okay Abby so what exactly is the deal with Shadow Pokémon? Are they evil or not?”

Abby smiled, “Tony, Shadows are like children who are exposed to endless violence after being goody two shoes; they will give off bad vibes but they will keep trying to turn good again. That's when they turn red and start trying to do good.”

Jovi spoke up, “Reverse mode, where there in a state of battling their urges.”

Gibbs sipped his coffee, “Okay then lets go see what Mcgee found, and hustle before it gets closer to Sundown.”

Abby hold out her finger as she went to grab a box full of what seemed like a old eighties earbud,“I managed to make these by contacting a old friend of my who works with Prof. Krane in Orre; their Aura Readers and allow you to see Aura just in case theirs anybody using Shadows whose on the boat.” The group too the large ear pieces and place them over their ears. Aaron though held out his hand.

“I don't need one, I can see Aura.” With that the boy turned and went with the group who had started to get out of the underground maze.

The group had then started to travel on the ocean in the actually larger then first thought boat Gibbs owned. The adults were on the look out for the always vanishing Cobalt as the teens were fishing with the Old Rods Gibbs gave them in order to apologize for any damage Misty had done to them.

Aaron had waited to catch something for a long while after unsuccessful nibbles. Pokémon fishing was hard cause you could catch a regular fish and hardly ever an actual Pokémon. The boy's sister hadn't even gotten one bite as Aaron was encountering a creature that looked a living shell.

Chloe looked up Brant and then went to the shell, “Spishell; The Seashell Pokémon. Water Type. Spishell are able to hop around despite most of their body is in a heavy shell thats is tough as iron. They will spin on their back in order to confuse their enemies.”

Aaron was about to catch it after he had Rocky go a few rounds with it. The creature kept hoping around and was about to hop over the boat railing as Aaron finally caught it with a old Net Ball he found in Sandy Hills while his traveling buddies were shopping their hearts out.

Selena grew angry and reeled in tossed her rod in her bag. Aaron sighed and wrapped up the Old Rod and put it somewhere it wouldn't get smashed. But he wouldn't really need to worry since there was a special lining in the bags of trainers that allowed one to store a vast number of items.

The moon had sent in and a light appeared of the group's boat's light as another boat pulled up to theirs. The moon glistened in the darken sky as it's captain pulled the boat to theirs and dropped anchor. The captain then went to them and looked like he had seen a ghost.

The man looked frightened as his brown hair was somewhat matted and his olive green eyes were filled with terror. His gray, expensive suit was covered in grime that showed up in the mix of boat's headlights. “Boss, there were some grunts on the Cobalt, but they jumped overboard when I was about to arrest them.”

Gibbs gave him a stone stare, “So, is there anything else that you made us come out here now for Mcgee?”

Mcgee nodded, “Boss, Team Oblivion is planing to use a a giant Sky Carrier to attack Cloud Burst, we need to get there cause their hovering near the Windy Cliffs apparently. We have until till noon tomorrow till they rip up Airy Isle for every flying type there.”

The twisted waters of the sea at night meanwhile claimed the S.S. Cobalt till dawn's early lights once more.
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Nice chapter! You characterized Misty well.

Gibbs though physically stared at while he said to his navy brat
Stared at what?

It's tail was a open red flame.
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I like your dex entries. (Did I already say that?) Anyway, good chapter...keep it up! Excited for more!


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Okay you guys Chapter Ten will be inspiried yet not really based on a Chapter of one of the greatest people in the world- AirDragon. Yes Team Oblivion is using a giant floating Air ship- shaped like a air carrier ship- and will have Oblivion wanting to take out all the Flying Pokemon in the Windy Cliffs, though their like black-ops who of course lie to cover up their real goals. ;D here's the preview.

Chapter Ten: Cliff-Diving, Air-Fortress Demolishing and other extreme Pokémon stunts.

Aaron is now teamed up with Misty's father's team of highly trained "Naval Officers" in order to stop a conspiracy of Team Oblivion to take and shadowfy all Flying types on Airy Isle. With no real chance to stop the psycotic Admin Avie with his low level pokemon, Aaron will have to try his best to get inside the Air Ship Tempest and take the ship down before he faces a Top Oblivion Agent. Can he stop Oblivion's plans before the scoundrels can get what their really after? Will he find out more of the girl who haunts his dreams? Will Misty have to wear an embarrassing miniskirt and miss her surfing contest? Find out in the next estallment of P:AS&OM.


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hey i love ur fan fic its so good please hury with chapter ten=)


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GenosectArceus said:
I just have one question: Are you planning on making any artwork for any of these Pokemon.
I'd like to know too...I would love to see that!

I like your idea for chapter 10; hopefully we'll be able to read it soon. I miss this fic! :(


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im with gastly man id also like art for the pokes


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IT IS THE EVER ENIGMATIC AND IRONIC MR. CHAMPION =P Lol hello all I have come back from Hell, er mostly, called highschool with a fullride to my dream college and for the most part free to write and be a dork! Plus I'm am now able to write and have gotten through the rough patch that is called nomenclature when it came to renaming a few Pokemon and adding a few new ones like an epic Ghost/Fighting type and Ghost/Normal. I shalt have a revised chapter or two in a short while have good faith!


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You are back yay :D I'm also back (hopefully). I haven't been super active on here and I miss this place, lol.

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