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Pokemon and eating...

Skyeye Blaze

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If in the pokemon world, the pokemon replace all other animals, how do the humans eat any meat? Because if they did, they would have to kill a pokemon and then cook it...

Any thoughts?


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Pokémon haven't replaced all other animals. Regular animals still exist in the Pokémon world.
Pokémon are eaten by both humans and eachother.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

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In the Pokemon world, animals still exist. Thus, people can still eat them. There are episodes showing real fish, birds, etc., so there's no question that they still exist.


The avatars suck.
Who ever said Pokemon replaced animals?

Besides, what do people find so fasinating about eating Pokemon?

Moonbeam 587

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Yuuummmm... Fried ditto. Might get the grill a little gooey. :p (I know I am disgusting) How could you cook a ditto even if it were real? Wouldn't it just bubble over?

Moonbeam 587

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I thought since I reached my thing of 20 posts I might as well change my avatar. And no my name does not start with K. It starts with L. (I know random) I just want to get my post number up high!

No. 1 Machop Fan

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Farfetch'd was nearly driven into extinction because people thought it made a great meal when served with leeks.


I see them eating Tauros. As well as the afformentioned Farfetch'd.
Pidgeot is stated to Eat Magikarp
Ekans eats Pidgey and Spearow eggs.


oowww...nice.... id love to eat tauros steack... xD

And the Inuit tribes of northen Sinnoh hunt wailord in the deep sea.


Mmmm... Miltank burger. Who wouldn't want to try one?


As far as cooking Ditto.
it would probably turn into what ever you were trying to put it down with.
And out you down.


Multi-Type Trainer
They probably get their meat imported from non-pokemon countries such as the U.S.

*Drinkspit and laugh!*

What a concept!

Except for the fact that the only reason those appeared what because they had few Pokemon equivalents back in the day that could be considered edible.


<3 Breloom.
Doesn`t sneasel steal other eggs?
The platinum dex entry says a pair will steal eggs.
Doesn`t say what pokemon's eggs though...


Psephophthalmus artu
I believe one episode a long time ago has Brock saying as an aside that he thinks magikarp make deliscious meals. Then the gang gets attacked by Team Rocket before they have a chance to react to Brock's statement.