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Pokemon Angels (Vol. 1.5)

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Okay this a little side adventure, sort of like filler. Its not eactly Vol. 2 but its not a full Vol ether. Much shorter story. I hope you like it.


Mina Koki was just your avenge beginning Pokemon Trainer that is until she found that she is Ice Angel, one of 17 Pokemon Angels so on her journey she must find the other 16 as well as the chosen one, the one who will melt the hearts of Pokemon and humans. She’s not doing it alone, along with Maggie Macels, her good friend and psychic and Kia Maxiop the Granddaughter of the keeper of Angel Shrine a shrine dedicated to the Pokemon Angels. The good thing is that she found some, Beth Tiuion a Rock Breeder who falls in love with every cute guy she sees is Rock Angel, Maddie Ricker, A famous dragon Pokemon master is Dragon Angel, Megan Kati, a rude water type trainer is Water Angel, April Tyson a famine coordinator who trains grass types is Grass Angel, Deborah Odison, a spiritual Fire type trainer is Fire Angel and Anne Maria, a former Team Aqua member and Mina’s long lost cousin is Dark Angel. Along the way Maya Kiki, April’s good friend joins them. Not only that but they found the chosen, a trainer named Ash Ketchum. Now they head towards Anmar Town, Beth’s home town where they will get a new companion, Ronnie Sansom how ever they need to run some errands before hand…

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 1: Mina Wins the Grand Prize

Mina and Anne were in charge of getting grocery that week, as they were walking back to the park were the others were they saw a raffle tent with several prizes Mina saw some she really liked.

“Cute, a Miroku plushy!” said Mina.

“It’s the consolation prize, if you want that prize you'll have to get the white ball.” Said Anne, “Hey wait a second, isn’t he that guy from Inu-Yasha who touches women’s…”

While Anne wasn’t looking Mina began to play, it was a raffle in which you turned a wheel and small balls come out.

“The grand prize is a trip for ten people to the orange islands to see the Legends Festival at Shamouti Island. That’s pretty cool but you want that doll.” said Anne.

A small gold ball came out.

“No way! You won the grand prize!” said the guy running the booth.

“Wow that’s really cool but I wanted the doll.” said Mina.
She began to cry.

"I... wanted... the... Miroku... plushy..." cried Mina

"Okay, okay. I didn't know that girls your age liked Inu-Yasha" said the guy running the booth.

She gave her the doll and Mina.

As they walked back Mina held her new doll and tickets.

"Great performance. I guess since there were so many he let you have it" said Anne

“Its also cool I won the grand prize. Wow what are the chances? I mean 10 tickets, it’s the perfect number” said Mina.

“At least you’re excited about it. Looks like we are going be a little late getting to Anmar Town” said Anne.

“Yeah but I mean a trip to the Orange Islands how cool is that?” said Mina.

“I guess your right” said Anne.

They got the where the others were at. They were waiting by a fountain in a park.

“Hey what took you so long?” said Megan.

“Oh look at the cute doll” said April.

“Hey wait a sec isn’t it that guy from Inu-Yasha who touches women’s…” said Maya.

“Look what I won, a trip for 10 to the Legend’s Festival at Shamouti Island” said Mina.

“No way!” said Beth.

“That is so cool” said Maddie.

“Awesome!” said Maggie.

“Will be able to relax on the beach?” said Kia.

“It’s not that cool” said Megan.

Deborah hit with a fan.

“Ow…” said Megan.

“You know, Shamouti Island in way helped us out” said Deborah.

“How is that?” said Maya.

“See that is the Legend that proved our existence, if it weren’t for the legend now one would think we were real.” said Deborah.

“With the exception of Team Aqua, Team Magma, the Team Rocket members here in Hoeen who are pretty lame, Ash, May, Max, Brock, Peter, Matt, Mr. and Mrs. Koki, Mr. and Mrs. Maria, Mr. and Mrs. Macels and all of Arukas Town yeah we are pretty unknown” said Megan.
Maggie hit her with a fan.

“Ow…” said Megan.

“That was not nice plus be more specific, both my and Peter’s parents know, and we are cousins with the same last name” said Maggie.

“Any ways, if it wasn’t for that legend coming true, some legend buffs would not know the truth.” said Deborah.

“You’re the only Legend buff that I have heard of” said Kia.

“Well does that matter.” said Deborah.

“I guess not” said Kia.

“Oh yeah, I should call Ronnie, tell her we are going to be late” said Beth.

“Okay in a few days we are going the Orange Islands” said Mina.

“All right!” said everyone else.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 2: The Problems on Shamouti

“Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice or Lighting. Lest the titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water’s great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone it song will fail. Thus the Earth shall turn to Ash” or so the legend said, a man once tried to collect the Pokemon Moltres, Artucuno and Zapdos as well Lugia because he though he was the chosen one, and thought the three Pokemon were the treasures that were needed to save the day. The three Pokemon battled and nearly destroyed the world. Fortunately Ash brought all three treasures to the shrine where a girl named Melody played the song of Lugia which saved the Earth. What Ash didn’t know when he left was that if someone moved the three treasures would mean that balance that was restored would once again shatter and the Earth would once again be in danger. But what Mina and the others did not know would that some how their powers had summoned them there because once again the balance would once again will be shattered.

“Hey Oakley, I found them” said a young woman with blonde hair with two bee hive like buns on each side of her head.

“Let me see” said a young woman with silver hair with more normal hair style.

They looked at the crystal treasures. Each one glowed, which kept the balance.

The young woman with blonde hair garbed the Lighting orb which stopped glowing.

“Do you think something bad will happen like last time” said the woman with blonde.

“No, let’s just take them” said the young with silver hair.

The young woman with silver hair took the Fire orb and the Ice orb both stopped glowing.

“So how much will these bring” said the woman with blonde hair.

These young women were master thieves, the blonde woman was Annie and the one with silver was Oakley. They recently broke out of prison. They stole the Soul Dew from Alto Mare, oddly enough they were stopped by Ash but that’s another story.

Meanwhile Melody the young girl, who helped Ash, was getting ready for the festival. She had brown hair and was thinking very hard to come up with the new festival.

“Working hard?” said her older sister Carol who looked a lot like her sister.

“Yes I am” said Melody.

The door bell rang.

Both got up and opened the door, it was a Slowking.

“Slowking, what is going on?” said Melody.

“Some one has just taken the orbs.” said the Slowking that could talk.

“What?” said Melody.

Melody and Slowking went to the shrine where they found the crystal orbs were missing.

“That’s not good” said Melody.

“The titans of will once again battle even if the crystal orbs are returned.” said Slowking.

“If only we knew where Ash was” said Melody.

“But they are coming” said Slowking.

“Who?” said Melody.

The next day Mina, Maggie, Kia, Anne, Megan, Maddie, April, Deborah, Maya and Beth boarded the plane to the island.

“This going to be exciting” said Deborah.

“Looks like Deborah won’t be able to put in more money for a while” said Kia.

Maddie nodded in agreement. Deborah has this tendency to but a bunch of stuff shrines and other places sell, a lot of the time she has very little money.

When they were in the air both Mina and Deborah got bad feelings, like something was wrong.

“I don’t know why but I’m getting a bad feeling” said Deborah to Maddie and Kia who she was next to.

“I don’t know why” said Kia.

“This feels so familiar” said Mina to Anne and Maggie who were sitting next to her.

“I don’t know why” said Anne.

Mina began to watch Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie.

“Why do I have to sit alone?” said Megan as each row had three seats and there were ten, as you can guess she was the only one in her row.

“Because no one wants to sit next to you” said April who behind her.

The plane began to shake.

“We are experiencing minor turbulence. Please turn off all electronics” said the captain of the speaker.

“Oh man, I just started watching it.” said Mina.

As got near the Orange Islands the turbulence got worse.

“This isn’t good” said Anne.

The plane began to shake more not only that plane began to fall.
“This is the captain speaking, please pray to god that we survive.” said the captain panicking.

“I have an idea!” said Maggie.

“We shouldn’t transform” said Maddie.

“Not that, me and Maddie will use out Pokemon.” said Maggie.

“Let’s go tell the crew.” said Maddie.

“Like that will work” said Megan.

Maggie hit her with a fan.

Both of them told the crew.

“And those who can’t fit on the Dragonair and Salamence, will be helped by my Celebi” said Maggie, she let it out.

Kia and Maya rode Dragonair with the captain. While three other people rode Salamence.

One of the crew opened the doors.

“Okay Celebi use Psychic one everyone but those on Dragonair and Salamence.

So all of them flew using Celebi’s psychic energy.

“Wow you’re amazing.” Said one of the flight attendants,

“Thanks.” said Maggie.

“This storm is strange” said Megan.

“What?” said Maya.

“It is.” said Mina.

“There is Shamouti Island.” said Kia.

Everyone safely got on to the ground Celebi despaired.

“Where did it go to?” said one the other passenger.

“How considerate.” said Maggie.

Celebi reappeared with everyone’s bags.

“Wow.” said everyone else.

“Return Celebi.” said Maggie returning it to it Pokeball.

A news reporter showed up.

“Jeez the press.” said Maddie angrily.

“So a group of vacationers got a scary plane ride, but fortunately thanks to two Pokemon Trainers, one being Maddie Ricker saved the day.” said the Reporter.

“How did you know this fast?” said Mina.

“My guess a little green Pokemon” said Maggie.

“Oh…” said Mina.

Meanwhile Ash, Brock, May and Max were walking when it started to rain hard.

“Oh great.” said May.

“The Pokemon Center is not too far,” said Max looking at his Pokenav.

“Okay let’s go.” said Ash and all four began to run though the rain.

They got there and everyone was watching the TV of the heroes.

“There was plane crash near Shamouti Island today but thankfully two Pokemon Trainers, one being Maddie Ricker saved the day.” Said the reporter on TV.

“Well, I won a raffle for a trip for 10 to Legends Festival, so I brought all 9 of my traveling companions with me, it’s a good thing I won other wise the plane would have been doomed.” said Mina.

“Well, I was glad Mina won this trip, other wise I would not have been a hero” said Maggie.

“I don’t talk to press so no comment” said Maddie.

So it’s thanks to these three brave souls that this had happened, Tom” said the reporter.

“No way.” said May.

“My guess is that Maggie used Celebi” said Max.

“Too bad we couldn’t see Beth.” said Brock.

“I wonder” said Ash.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(I messed up on posting this chapter so I had to delite the last one, so I'm not pushibg it up)

Chapter 3: Finding Out What’s Going On.

Later the storm had calmed down so everyone but Maddie and Maggie went out. Hours later Maddie and Maggie were talking about what happened.

“Why is Mina credited?” said Maggie.

“Well, its easy Mina is a cute, 10 year old blonde girl I hate the press so I don’t care.” said Maddie.

“That makes sense I guess.” said Maggie.

“Hey where is everybody?” said Maddie.

“Well, Mina, Megan and Deborah went to the shrine, everyone lese went to the beach.” said Maggie.

“Well I guess the weather is nice.” said Maddie.

Meanwhile on the beach Maya was about to go swimming.

“This water is ice cold!” said Maya.

Kia looked to the three islands of Fire, Ice and Lighting.

“Oh my god!” said Kia as she saw three strange things of light.

“What is that?” said Anne.

“It looks like Artucuno, Zapdos and Moltres” said April.

“That’s not good.” said Beth.

“Why are they fighting?” said Kia.

Meanwhile Mina, Deborah and Megan headed towards the shrine.

They go there and saw Slowking.

“So Water Angel, you have sensed the danger” said Slowking.

Both Deborah and Mina were surprised to hear Slowking talk, but Megan thought it was just speaking Pokemon not human.

“Are you the keeper of this shrine?” said Megan.

“Yes I am” said Slowking.

“Wow, a talking Slowking is the shrine keeper” said Mina.

“You mean it can talk?” said Megan.

“Any ways, what is going on?” said Deborah.

“The three crystal orbs have been taken.” Said Slowking, “With them in place it kept the peace between the three Pokemon however even if they are returned, the Earth is still in peril, unless ether he or Ice Angel, Fire Angel and Electric Angel returns them.” said Slowking.

“Great then the earth will be in peril unless we find Electric Angel soon or some how get Ash out here.” said Mina.

“Wait, you have found Fire Angel and Ice Angel” said Slowking.

“Mina Koki, Ice Angel” said Mina.

“Deborah Odison, Fire Angel” said Deborah.

“So you two are them?” said Slowking.

“That’s right” said Mina and Deborah.

“You two will be able to stop the fighting between Aticuno and Moltres and will be able to return the two orbs” said Slowking.

“I think we should tell the other first” said Mina.

“I’ll go to the hotel” said Megan.

“And we’ll go to the beach.” said Deborah.

It suddenly began storming again.

Meanwhile in the Pokemon Center that Ash and the others are they are watching the TV which was different than earlier.

“An underwater current has been disputing weather patterns” said the news reporter.

“It’s just like when you traveling in the Orange Islands.” said Brock.

“Your right, I wonder what happened?” said Ash.

Meanwhile Megan got to the hotel room.

“Hey guys something really bad is a happening.” said Megan.

“What is it?” said Maggie.

“Something really bad. We have to go to the shrine” said Megan,

Mina and Deborah got the beach and saw that everyone was watching the fight between the three Pokemon.

“That isn’t good” said Deborah.

“There they are.” said Mina.

They went down to where the others were at.

“Hey guys, something really bad is happening.” said Mina.

“Do you mean other then that?” said Kia pointing to the Pokemon.

“That is the bad thing.” said Deborah.

“We have to meet at the shrine” said Mina.

Not long later everyone met at the Shrine.

“So some one stole the three Orbs.” said Kia.

“What does that mean?” said Anne.

“Well it is said that initially the orbs brought by the chosen would bring harmony to the warring Pokemon but if they are removed then the Pokemon would fight again” said Deborah.

“The earth is in trouble isn’t it?” said Maddie.

Meanwhile Annie and Oakley were still on the island when a Magnemite saw them.

“You!” said Melody.

“What did we do?” said Oakley.

“I asked a Pokemon trainer to borrow his Magnemite, return the orbs to rightful place.” said Melody.

Annie and Oakley began to run the other way.

“Hey!” said Melody.

While this was happening Mina and Deborah sensed it.

“We will be right back” said Deborah.

“I wonder what that is about?” said Megan.

Mina and Deborah got there.

“Give them back now!” said Mina.

“Why are you going to stop us, go Espeon!” said Annie.

“Go Ariados!” said Oakley.

“Espeon use Psybeam!” said Annie.

The attack hit Mina and bounced off.

“What just happened?” said Annie.

“Ariados use Night Shade!” said Oakley.

The attack hit Deborah and bounced off.

“Maybe we should run Annie.” said Oakley.

“Yeah.” said Oakley.

They ran away.

“How are suppose to get the orbs back.” said Mina.

“Wait you know about them.” said Melody.

“I guess it our duty to get them back” said Mina.

Melody remembered what Slowking had said.

“Who are you?” said Melody.

“Mina Koki.” said Mina.

“Deborah Odison.” said Deborah.

Melody looked at Mina and Deborah.

“How did you know about the orbs.” said Melody.

“Well have you heard of the Legend of the Pokemon Angels?” said Deborah.

“No I haven’t” said Melody.

“Okay any ways come with us.” said Mina pulling her arm.

“We won’t hurt you.” said Deborah.

“What do you want?” said Melody.

They dragged her to the shrine.

“Who are you?” said Melody.

“We are the Pokemon Angels.” said Anne.

“Pokemon Angels?” said Melody.

“Well, when Tin Tower was burning…” said Maddie.

“Wait she doesn’t know the whole story.” said Deborah.

“O…k” said Maddie.

“I’ll tell. Long ago in the Dragon’s holy land, just out side of Blackthorn city a shrine was built, in hopes that Pokemon and humans would live together in peace. Born of that hope were the 17 Pokemon Angels. Each one represented type of Pokemon, Ice, Fire, Dark, Grass, Water and so on. They lived in peace with Pokemon and humans until one day…” said Kia.

“Tin Tower was burning Ho-oh told the Pokemon Angels to be reborn as humans. Most of us here are Pokemon Angels.” said Maddie.

“Most of you? Who isn’t?” said Melody.

Maya, Maggie and Kia raised their hands.

“So, why are you here?” said Melody.

“Well, Mina who is Ice Angel won a contest.” said April.

“All I wanted was a Miroku plushy from Inu-Yasha.” said Mina.

“Oh, I think I've heard of Inu-Yasha, isn’t Miroku that guy who touches women’s…”

The three Pokemon were still fighting and they began to fight at the shrine.

“Maybe Deborah, we can stop the fighting.” said Mina.

“How?” said Deborah.

“All we have to do is show our face.” said Mina.

“Okay, should we transform?” said Deborah.

“I think so.” said Mina.

Both transformed into their Angel form.

“Amazing” said Melody.

The both flew to the three Pokemon who fighting over the water. The wind blew hard.

“Please stop.” said Mina.

Artucuno stopped.

“I can’t fight any more.” It said.

“You too Moltres.” said Deborah.

“I will too.” said Moltres.

Zapdos squawked really loudly.

“What did it say?” said Mina.

“He said that, if you two refuse to fight. I win and your land is mine” said Artucuno.

The storm began to get worse.

“This is not good how are suppose to fight.” said Deborah.

“I think we should go back.” said Mina.

“If you are leaving we should go too.” said Artucuno.

“It’s dangerous to be here.” said Moltres.

Both Angels and Pokemon retreated to Shamouti Island.

“What happened?” said Maddie.

“Zapdos became power hungry.” said Mina.

“Do you think there is any shelter.” said Megan.

“We can go to my house.” said Melody.

Blue Persian


*eh-em!*Anyway you are missing these pokemon angels:Fighting,Normal,Steel,Ground,Pychic,Ghost

I hope that you can get them in shortly!!!!

;378; ;munchlax; ;373;

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(Well I can say that two of those will be the next two but I won't say which)

Chapter 4: It’s a Small World After All

And so they went to Melody’s house to talk. The two legendary Pokemon stayed out side since they couldn't fit.

“If only Ash was here” said Mina and Melody at the same time.

The looked at each other in amazement. Kia began to hum "It’s a Small World"

“You know him too.” said Melody.

“Yes, of course he’s the chosen one after all, our fates are intertwined.” said Mina.

“Funny, I thought he and Misty liked each other.” said Melody.

“It’s not like that, that’s not what I meant” said Mina.

“She meant that we have to work together for the fate of all Pokemon” said Anne.

“Besides, Mina likes a boy named Peter.” said Maya.

“No, I told you it’s not like that, I like Matt.” said Mina.

“Okay, okay.” said Maya.

“Anyways, Beth knows where they are.” said Anne.

“Yeah I do, with the bad weather he would have stopped at that Pokemon Center, I’ll go call it” said Beth.

She called the Pokemon Center and left a message just incase he wasn’t there.

“If he’s here, I give him the note.” said Nurse Joy on the phone.

“Thank you!” said Beth.

Nurse Joy went to look for Brock in case he was there, she found their group and said “Excuse me are one of you named Brock?”

“Why yes, my name is Brock, why would you like to…” said Brock but he was cut off by Max who pulled his ear.

“I don’t think so” said Max pulling him away.

“Oh, you got a message from someone named Beth.” said Nurse Joy.

“Did you say Beth?” said Brock he took the message and went to the phone.

“Oh Brock that was fast.” said Beth.

“Yes I was what you want to talk about?” said Brock.

“Well…” said Beth and they began a long conversation.

“Let’s leave them be for now and in ten minutes we’ll break it up.” said Anne.

April nodded in agreement, "Cutting them off from each other would be like depressing version of Mina and Peter." she said

Mina and Melody were talking about Ash and the people he travel with.

“So Misty went back to the gym?” said Melody.

“Yeah, I never met her, but she sounds nice.” said Mina.

“So is Ash going it alone with Tracy?” said Melody.

“Who’s Tracy.” Said Mina, then she remembered about what Brock said about how he didn’t travel with Ash at that time, “No, he’s now traveling with a coordinator named May and her little brother Max as well as Brock, he traveled with Ash before the orange islands but didn’t travel while he was here, I don’t know why. But anyways that’s who Beth is talking to.”

“Oh, too bad I was hoping to talk to Misty for a bit.” said Melody.

Maddie was thinking then she said “I have a plan…”

“What?” said Mina.

“Well it involves Dragonite; if we can fine one then we can get Ash out her fast.” said Maddie.

“Good idea.” said Mina.

Beth was still on the phone when Anne pushed her off.

“Sorry Brock, but we really need to speak to Ash.” said Anne.

The air around Brock went blue and he said “All right” in really depressing voice.

Ash came on, “What is it?” he said.

“The Orange Islands are in trouble, we need to bring you here right away.” said Anne.

“I heard about what’s happening but what’s going on?” said Ash.

“Well the orbs have been taken, as it turns out they have been keeping the balance but someone had taken them and thrown the balance out of whack. The legendary Pokemon began to fight. Moltres and Artucuno are under control but the Pokemon that causes the imbalance is Zapdos which we can’t stop with our powers.” said Anne.

“You also need to get the orbs back, and none of you can handle the Orbs with out the orb’s power disappearing, right?” said Ash.

“Well partly right, Mina can handle the Ice Orb and Deborah can handle the Fire Orb so that’s why we need you.” said Anne.

“I know but how am I going to get there?” said Ash.

“Oh I can handle that one” said Maddie who appeared at phone, “I can find some Dragonite to fly you. ”

“Okay.” said Ash.

They hung up the phone.

“You could have put me back on.” said Beth.

“Sorry.” said Maddie.

In the Pokemon Center Brock said the same thing, Ash also apologized.

Maddie left to search for a Dragonite, nearby she transformed into her Angel form. Everyone else thought of ether a plan or something to do.

“So then what should we do?” said Maggie.

“Well a good thing would be getting the Ice and Fire Orbs back, or just get the two women who took them in the first place.” said Deborah.

“We will leave that up to Mina and Deborah.” said Megan.

“What?!” said Mina.

“Well, we Pokemon Angels who don’t have a Legendary Pokemon should just stay here, relax and do nothing.” said Megan.

Beth, April and Anne appeared behind her with auras of anger surrounding them.

“Look, just because you have nothing to do doesn’t mean you can't help!” said Anne.

“Wow, aren’t we the one supposed be angry with her?” said Mina.

“I think so.” said Deborah.

“You know what, I think I’m going to help out, Celebi might be able to trap them some way. They are thieves after all.” said Maggie.

Everyone looked at her like she was hiding something from them.

“Okay… I’ve been planning to get Jessie and James like that for the longest time.” said Maggie.

"I'll help since Celebi is a Grass Type" said April.

Meanwhile Maddie was flying around when 4 Dragonite appeared.

“We heard that you need some Dragonite.” said one.

“Oh wow, thanks.” said Maddie.

“We know what’s going on, we knew that you could you some help.” said another one.

“All right fallow me.” said Maddie.

She began to as fast as she can.

Celebi was flying around the island.

“You sure this will work?” said April in Angel form.

“Yes, I’m positive.” said Maggie.

Annie spotted her.

“Look Oakley a Celebi should we capture for Giovanni?” said Annie.

“No, did you hear about what happened to the Iron Masked Marauder, he went power mad and even wanted to take over Team Rocket and the world.” said Oakley.

"Sounds a little like someone I know" said Annie.

“See I told you…” said April.

“Well at least they won’t attack it” said Maggie.

Celebi went in close to Annie and Oakley and made a force field around them.

“Hey what going on.” said Annie.

Deborah and Mina grabbed the Ice and fire orbs from them; they once again began to glow.

“That’s good.” said Mina.

“Now let’s take them to Melody’s house.” said Deborah.

“Okay.” said Mina.

"Vine Whip!" said April. Vines came from her back tied Annie and Oakley up and began to drag them.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 5: Battle to Save the Planet

They took Annie and Oakley to Melody’s house where Megan was well… getting some feelings out.

“Who are you working for?” said Megan.

“Why do you want to know?” said Annie.

Megan slapped her.

“I said who are you working for?” said Megan

“We won’t tell you!” said Oakley.

Megan slapped her.

“At least this PG.” said Mina.

“Me thinks Megan has been watching too many cop movies” said Maya.

"They did this on Spognebob once" said Maggie.

Meanwhile Maddie was flying to Hoeen.

“There’s Little Root Town” said Maddie.

“So are we almost there?” said one of the Dragonite.

“Yes we are.” said Maddie.

Back with the others, Megan turned on the radio and it played Stuck in the middle with you.

“Me thinks has been watching too many Quentin Tarantino movies” said Maya in panicked voice.

“This isn’t even PG 13” said Mina.

"I just hope she doesn’t cut of their ears" said Maggie.

Maddie had gotten near the Pokemon Center so she changed into her human form, it began to snow.

“This isn’t good.” said Maddie.

While this was happening Team Rocket was flying over head in their balloon.

“Look at all the Dragonite!” said James.

“Wait a second, it's her” said Meowth.

“Maddie Ricker, there is no chance we can take them.” said Jessie.

“Maybe if we catch them while she's not looking” said Meowth.

“That’s not a bad idea.” said Jessie.

Back in Melody’s house Anne turned off the radio.

“Okay Megan this is enough… anfic-fay is etting-gay ay-way too iolent-vay” said Anne speaking pig latin.

“Anne… I’m oing-day anservice-fay” said Megan speaking pig latin.

“Megan… ot-nay okemon-pay anservice-fay” said Anne speaking pig latin.

“Anne… ine-fay.” said Megan speaking pig latin.

“I’ll get it out of them.” said Mina.

She took out a balloon licked her hand and began to rub it.

“Okay okay… we work for Team Rocket, we are thieves for Giovanni.” said Annie.

“Why did Mina get a quick answer?” said Megan.

"Well maybe they are just grateful that they are not being physically tortured by a 12 year old" said Maggie.

Meanwhile Maddie got to the Pokemon Center.

“Maddie you’re here fast” said May.

“Yeah, I can fly as fast as a Dragonite, which I brought, incase you all want to come… Beth will be happy if Brock came.” said Maddie.

“Thanks” said Brock.

They went outside.

“It was raining earlier now its snowing.” said May.

“I know, its unbelievable.” said Maddie.

They got to the spot where she left the Dragonite to find that they were attacking Team Rocket.

“Prepare for trouble because we're in it!”
“And make it double be cause I know are”

"That's not even a rhyme" said Max.

“You know, with you two… things never go smoothly.” said Maddie.

She changed to Angel form and used Dragon Rage on them.

“Team Rocket’s blasting off again!”

“Now shall we go?” said Maddie.

“Right” said Ash.

Back in the house Megan sat down thinking.

“Why would Mina’s plan work?” said Megan.

There was an explosion outside.

They all went outside to see that Zapdos was attacking the nearby houses.

“This is not good!” said Mina.

They all watched Zapdos attacking the island. It squawked really loud.

“It wants to battle us” said Aticuno.

“What?” said Mina.

“We have to fight or he will destroy the Island” Moltres.

“We can’t let that happen!” said Deborah.

“We have to battle him!” said Mina.

“What?” said April.

“We have no choice if they battle, the world will be even more messed up but if we battle the world won’t be as messed up as will be if they battle.” said Mina.

“Fine then, let’s do it.” Said Anne, “We have to do something any ways until Maddie gets here with Ash.”

“Okay, let’s do it.” said Beth.

All 6 transformed.

“Maggie, Kia, Maya, Melody. Stay here.” said Mina.

“I think Mina and Deborah should go to the Shrine first and place the orbs in their place.” said Melody.

“Oh right.” said Mina.

Beth, Anne, April and Megan headed towards Zapdos while Mina and Deborah headed to the shrine.

Meanwhile Maddie, Ash, Pikachu, May, Max, Brock and the Dragonite was facing a terrible wind storm.

“This is bad.” said Maddie.

“Maddie you have a Dragonair, maybe you can let it out it out and change the weather” said one of the Dragonite.

“Okay, Dragonair come on out” said Maddie, “Dragonair, can you change the weather to a good flying condition.” said Maddie.

“Sure thing!” said Dragonair.

The wind stopped.

“That’s better, return” said Maddie, “You did a great job, now let’s go.”

"Will it work again?" said May.

"I doubt it" said Maddie.

And they continued their journey.

Both Mina and Deborah got the Shrine.

“There is Ice Island” said Mina.

“And there is Fire Island” said Deborah.

They placed the orbs in the rightful place.

“Let’s go to the battle” said Mina.

“Right” said Deborah.

They went to the battle, over the water.

“Hydro Pump” said Megan.

The attack did nothing.

“What happened?” said Megan.

“Zapdos is electric type, its strong against water.” said Anne.

“Oh right.” said Megan.

“Let me try, Vine Whip” said April.

A lot vines that came from April tied up Zapdos.

“Mina, Deborah!” said Beth.

“Beth, Zapdos is weak against rock Pokemon” said April

“Okay, Rock Throw!” said Beth.

A bunch of Rocks came out of nowhere, and Zapdos was knocked out.

“That’s bad, extremely bad.” said Deborah.

“What?” said Beth.

A huge storm appeared.

“Let’s just hope that Maddie gets here soon” said Deborah.

The Pokemon Angels returned to Melody’s house to pray that Maddie, Ash, Pikachu, May, Max and Brock all got their safely.

“I hope they are all okay.” said Mina.

“It all your fault!” said Beth to Annie and Oakley.

“What did we do?” said Oakley.

“You threw the balance that the Pokemon had out away. It all your fault!” said Beth.

She transformed and had a huge boulder in her hands.

“Stop Beth,” said Anne.

“Please!” said Mina.

“Look Brock is probably dead!” said Beth.

“Beth we won’t know until Maddie gets here.” said Maya.

“Remember we can’t die, Maddie will tell us.” said Mina.

“Fine I’ll have to see if Brock is alive to attack them.” said Beth.

She transformed back.

“So what are you?” said Annie.

“We are the Pokemon Angels; we won’t tell the story since you are a bad guy.” said Megan.

“You know, we need to break the tension we have so let’s do karaoke.” said Mina.

“Anime Fan first, Pokemon Angel second” said Megan.

Mina hit her with a big paper fan.

Mina began to sing It’s My Life from Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie.

Meanwhile Maddie was near the Islands.

“This weather is getting worse.” said May.

“We are almost there, there is the three islands” said Maddie.

Zapdos was no longer unconscious and began to attack them.

“Why is Zapdos attacking?” said May.

“It's mad with power” Said Maddie.

Meanwhile Maggie was singing I am, the second Inu-Yasha theme song. Beth looked out the window.

“Zapdos is back and it’s attacking something” said Beth.

“Okay, let’s go!” said Mina.

The left the house and transformed. They got to where Zapdos was attacking them.

“Hi guys!” said April.

“We need to get to the house!” said Mina.

Celebi appeared out of nowhere.

“I can take them” said Celebi.

Celebi, Ash, Pikachu Brock, May and Max were taken to the house.

“You!” said Oakley.

“You!” said Ash.

“Okay…” said Maggie.

Maggie, Kia, Maya, Melody, May and Max were surprised that Ash knew Annie and Oakley.

“So how do you know each other?” said Maggie.

“We stole something from Alto Mare the same time he was there.” said Annie.

“Yeah and you two nearly destroyed the city.” said Ash.

“This not the time for arguments, Ash you really need to get the orb to the shrine. It’s on the table” said Maya.

Ash picked up the orb; it began to glow once again. He and Melody left.

“Let’s fallow,” said Maggie everyone else.

The left, Maggie left Celebi as the guard.

The battle continued over water.

“We can’t knock him out other wise the weather will get weather will get worse.” said Mina.

“So what should we do?” said Maddie.

“Dodge attacks” said Megan.

They began to dodge attacks.
Ash and the other got to the shrine, he placed thee orb in its place and everything glowed. Green water came out of the shrine and turned the stone pillars around the shrine into crystal. Melody went up to the shrine and began to play a song with a sea shell flute. The crystal pillars began to glow in sync with the music.

“Wow.” said Maggie.

“Awesome” said May.

Zapdos stopped attacking the Angels. Aticuno and Moltres flew to Zapdos and all three began to fly in sync with each other.

“Let’s go the shrine.” said Mina.

Everyone agreed. They flew to the shrine and changed back to their Angel forms. The weather began to clear.

“This is amazing” said Mina.

The song was ending so the three bird Pokemon went back to their islands. The pillars turned back to stone.

“Everything is back to normal” said Mina.

Annie and Oakley were arrested and sent to a woman’s prison. Everyone including Ash, Pikachu, Max, May and Brock enjoyed the rest of Legends Festival. Though Brock spent most of his time with Beth. A few days later they left on a plane, Maddie paying for their airfare back to Hoeen.

“I hope this goes better then the plane ride coming here.” said Megan.

“You know, the only reason that it was a bad plane ride was because of what happened with the legendary Pokemon” said Maddie.
Mina was thinking about something.

“I wonder… if my powers brought us here.” said Mina.

“What do you mean?” said Megan.

“Well, I mean that if any one of us did the raffle would have won.” said Mina.

“Its probable, you might be right about it.” said Maddie.

Mina began to watch Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie. Ten minutes later Anne glanced at it and it was at the part the where Sakura won the lottery for the trip to Hong Kong.

“So maybe that’s why Mina has became an anime fan, because it has the answers to some of out problems” said Anne to her self

End of Vol. 1.5