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Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2)

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Pokemon Angels
Vol. 2
By Emma Iveli

Mina Koki was just your average begging trainer but when her first Pokemon Smoochum was kidnapped by a trio of thieves she found out she is Ice Angel a Pokemon Angel. Now she must go on a journey to find the other 16 and the chosen one, a person that will melt the hearts of humans and Pokemon. Along on her journey is Maggie, her good friend and psychic and Kia the granddaughter of the shrine keeper of the Angel Shrine, a shrine dedicated to the Pokemon Angels. She finds Rock Angel AKA Beth Tiuion a rock breeder who falls in love with every cute guy she sees, Dragon Angel AKA Maddie Ricker, a famous dragon master, Water Angel AKA Megan Kathi a rude water Type Trainer, Grass Angel AKA April Tyson, a grass coordinator, Dark Angel AKA Anne Maria, a former Team Aqua member and Mina’s long lost cousin and Fire Angel AKA Deborah Odison a spiritual fire type trainer. Joining them along the way is Maya Kiki, April’s former rival and best friend. They also find the chosen one a young Pokemon trainer named Ash Ketchum. Now they must find all other Pokemon Angels. After a quick vacation they are back on track and on their way to Anmar Town where Ronnie Sansom Beth’s best friend will join up but they get a surprise.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 1: Fight for the Right to Travel

All ten girls got to the outside of Anmar town, Beth’s home town. They got to the top of a hill that over looked it had many buildings, most looked the same.

“Boy I haven’t been here in a while” said Beth.

“Well it’s always weird to go back home.” said Megan.

“I just hope that Mr. Sansom let her go” said Beth.

“What?!” said everyone else.

“I forgot to tell you, we need to talk to her father to let her go with us. She’s an only child and her family runs a fighting Pokemon Dojo.” said Beth.

Meanwhile in town, Ronnie is walking home from school. She had long dark brown hair, which was in a loose ponytail tied by a braid of her hair.

“I hope Beth will be able to talk to my dad.” said Ronnie to herself.

“Hey Ronnie I heard that rock breeder is going to talk to your dad.” said a voice.

It was a student from her dojo. He has green eyes and sandy blonde hair.

“What do you mean?” said Ronnie.

“You’re tricking her to think your friend so you can travel. Then later you plan to dump her half away around the world so you can travel by your self.” said the student.

“No it isn’t.” said Ronnie.

“Quit denying it. You know the truth.” said the student.

Ronnie got angry and ran to her house, Beth was like her sister. When they were both 5 they met. Beth was getting bullied at school because wants to be a breeder and specializes in only in rocks types. Anmar Town is famous for it fighting Pokemon dojos Ronnie didn’t care about that she felt a special bond with Beth.

“I hope I leave this town everyone's such a jerk here.” said Ronnie to herself.
Mina and the others got into town looking for Beth’s family.

“Well rock breeder your back” said the student from Ronnie’s dojo.

“Look the name is Beth quit calling me rock breeder.” said Beth.

“I know rock breeder, how about a battle” Said the student.

“If you want a battle you have to go though me” said Mina.

“Mina?” said Beth.

“I still need training to control my power.” said Mina.

“Right.” said Beth.

“Go Hitmonlee!” said the student.

“Too bad for you! Go Smoochum” said Mina.

“You have a Smoochum? Return Hitmonlee!” said the student. His fighting Pokemon came out.

“What?” said Mina.

“I don’t battle with puny Smoochum.” said the student.

“Maybe you just want to get you Hitmonlee injured right I understand.” said Mina.

“You understand?” said the student.

“You may be a jerk, but jerks still care for their Pokemon” said Mina.

“Hey thanks” said the student and left.

“Does that mean what I think you mean?” said Maya.

“What do you mean?” said Mina.

“Oh you know Peter.” said Maya.

“Peter has nothing to do with this.” said Mina.

She began to get very angry.

“Hey my house is over there.” said Beth.

They went into the house. It was nice but pretty small.

“I’m home!” said Beth.

“Oh welcome back Beth” said her mom walking into the entrance way who looked lot like her daughter.

“Hey Rock Breeder!” said her little brother who had orange hair and green eyes.

“Now honey, just because it’s ‘cool’ to make fun of your sister doesn’t mean you have to fallow the trend” said her mom.

“Oh yeah, these are my companions Mina Koki.” said Beth.

“Hi” said Mina.

“Kia Maxiop” said Beth.

“Hello” said Kia.

“Maggie Macels” said Beth.

“Hey there.” said Maggie.

“Maddie Ricker” said Beth.

“Oh wow, can I have your autograph?” said Beth’s little brother

“Only if you promise never to call her ‘rock breeder’” said Maddie.

“Fine” said Beth’s little brother.

“Megan Kathi” said Beth.

“What’s up.” said Megan.

“April Tyson” said Beth.

“Hello there” said April.

“Anne Maria” said Beth.

“Hi” said Anne.

“Deborah Odison” said Beth.

“Hello” said Deborah.

“And Maya Kiki” said Beth.

“Hey!” said Maya.

“I think you should tell them” said Maddie.

“Fine” said Beth, “I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?” said Beth’s mom.

They went into the living room where Beth’s dad was in the room he looked a lot like his son.

“You know the Pokemon Angels…” said Beth.

“Yeah?” said Beth’s dad.

“Well it’s true and I’m one of them.” said Beth.

“You’re crazy.” said her little brother.

“Chris!” said her mom.

“No it’s true” said Beth.

She transformed.

“Wow!” said her dad.

“That is so cool!” said Chris.

“Almost everyone in the group is a Pokemon Angel” said Beth.

“Almost?” said her dad.

“Maggie, Kia and Maya aren’t.” said April.

“Other wise it would have been kind of creepy, Maya grew up with April, Kia is from the Angel Shrine and Maggie is the cousin of Anne’s cousin, Anne is also Mina cousin.” said Megan.

Beth hit Megan with a fan.

“Don’t mind Megan she’s rude.” said Beth.

She detransformed.

“Well do you plan to tell Ronnie?” said Chris.

“Yeah, I think she’ll think it would be cool. After all she’s just as obsessed with the Legend as I am.” said Beth.

“Just as obsessed?” said Mina.

“Hey maybe we should go now and meet her now.” said Maddie.

“Good idea, see you later.” said Maddie.

“Bye” said her mom.

“Hey I was wondering why is everyone calling you rock breeder here?” said Mina.

“Well, 1/8 of this town is fighting Pokemon dojos, so most of this town trains fighting Pokemon including Ronnie, she’s the only who ever treated me like a person, not as some outcast, and she has always been like a sister.” said Beth.

“Always…” said Mina.

“…like a sister.” said Anne.

“I wonder…” said Mina and Anne.

They got to the Sansom Dojo. Beth opened the door to the front area.

Meanwhile the student who getting ready for a practice battle saw Ronnie there.

“Hey Ronnie, you know rock breeder got to town today, with a lot of friends looks like she won’t travel with you.” said the student.

“Quit it, you want me to stay don’t you, I’m going.” said Ronnie.

“If she tells you she doesn’t want to travel with you don’t be surprised.” said the student.

“Shut up Steve! You jerk, I hate you, just leave me alone!” said Ronnie.
Ronnie ran off to the living room.

“Oh Ronnie, Beth’s here.” said her mother who had light brown hair and blue eyes.

“Really.” said Ronnie.

She went out side and saw the big group.

“I see, Steve was right you’re in a big group, so that means you don’t want to travel with me.” said Ronnie.

“No I do, of course we will have to talk to your father first of course.” said Beth.

“Really thanks” said Ronnie smiling.

Mina, Maddie, Megan, April, Anne, Deborah and Beth sensed something from Ronnie.

“What is it?” said Ronnie.

“Nothing, we need to talk in private.” said Beth.

The other 6 nodded.

“We’ll be back in a few minutes.” said Mina.

“How strange.” said Ronnie.

“Why did they leave us here?” said Maya.

"I think I know what it" said Maggie.

Meanwhile Christie and Missy were watching them.

“Target sighted, we will avenge Rupert Stigginmob” said Missy.

“Missy, you know he was going to retire soon any ways, he's as old as dad would have been if they hadn't killed him.” said Chrissie.

“Oh yeah any ways he said he was going to retire in 6 months they just made him retire early” said Missy.

“Let’s just do our mission okay” said Chrissie.

“Fine” said Missy.

Meanwhile they began to talk.

“Ronnie might be…” said Beth.

“Fighting Angel.” said Deborah.

“Can we confirm it?” said Mina.

“Yes, Combusken can tell.” said Deborah.

“Oh yeah, it’s also it also a fighting type” said Megan.

“Fine then after she asks her father, we will ask” said Beth.

“Okay.” said everyone else.

They went back to where the others were.

“What were you guys talking about?” said Maya.

“We’ll tell you later.” said April.

They went into the actual Dojo. Many different students were practicing with their Pokemon, including Steve from earlier.

“Father.” said Ronnie.

“What is it?” said her father who looked a lot like male version of his daughter.

“I’d like to leave.” said Ronnie.

“No!” said her father.

“Why not.” said Ronnie.

“Because you are not ready.” said her father.

“Oh come on, she’s 15. Let her.” said Beth.

“Fine if you and one of the people who wish to be your companion beat me, in a fighting Pokemon battle.” said her father.

“Do any of you train any fighting Pokemon” said Ronnie turning to the girls.

“I do.” said Deborah.

“Really. Thank you, oh what is your name?” said Ronnie.

“Deborah.” said Deborah.

“This is a tag Pokemon battle between, Gene Sansom & Steve Bert and Ronnie Sansom and Deborah Odison.” said the referee.

“Fine then, Hitmonlee go!” said Steve.

“Go Machoke!” said Ronnie’s father.

“Go Hitmonchan!” said Ronnie.

“Go Combusken.” said Deborah.

“And begin!” said the referee.

“Use Karate Chop on Combusken, Machoke” said Ronnie’s father.

“Use Double kick on Machoke.” said Deborah.

Combusken’s attack hit and Machoke was unable to battle.

“Machoke is unable to battle.” said the referee.

"You're amazing!" said Ronnie.

"Well I guess it’s my abilities of a trainer." said Deborah.

"She's good" said Ronnie's father to himself.

There was a loud screech and everyone but Mina, Beth, Maddie, Anne, April, Megan, Deborah and Ronnie were unaffected.

“What is that sound?” said Maggie covering her ears her ears.

In the door way was Chrissie and Missy with headphones and two Zubat next to them, which is where they sound came from.

"We are cute!"
"We are sweet!"
“The cute twins of…”
“…Of Team Magma are here”

“You again!” said Mina.

“Well I’m happy you remember Ice Angel” said Missy.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” said Mina playing innocent.

“Deborah, Ronnie is indeed Fighting Angel.” said Combusken.

“I think that's a little oculus.” said Deborah pointing to Ronnie who was unaffected.

“Well any ways, let’s just use these ropes on them.” said Missy.

She shot out a gun and Mina, Anne, Megan, April, Maddie, Deborah and Beth were tied with the ropes though Anne was unaffected.

“Oh man I’m loosing energy.” said Maddie.

“Me, too that’s because I haven’t stored the energy.” said Mina.

All of her Pokemon came out and gave her energy to her.

“Let’s transform.” said Mina.

“Right” said Anne.

Both transformed to their Angel Form.

“No way!” said Ronnie.

“You mustn’t do this to us, I will freeze your power!” said Mina.

“How dare you this here! My darkness will consume you!” said Anne.

“Well I can figure since that girl is unaffected, she one of the Pokemon Angel who have not awakened” said Chrissie.

She shot her gun and ropes shot out.

“Oh no!” said Ronnie.

Beth jumped in front of them although she had ropes on her.

“Beth your one too aren’t you.” said Ronnie.

“Yes I am, and I know you are too, that is why we are such good friends.” said Beth.

All her Pokemon came out and all four began to glow.

“What going on?” said Ronnie.

“She learning her Power attack” said Anne.

Beth got up.

“Let’s transform.” said Beth.

“But I don’t know how.” said Ronnie.

“You will.” said Beth.

Ronnie closed her eyes, her hair turned to light brown it came out the ponytail. She grew taller and her clothes changed to beautiful robes. She grew wings that matched her hair.

“Oh wow.” Said Ronnie

Beth transformed.

“Rock Hard Crash!” yelled Beth raised her hands.

Several rocks appeared and broke the ropes and some of the floor boards.

"Sorry!" said Beth.

“Oh no!” said Chrissie.

“High Jump Kick!” said Ronnie.

She kicks the guns out of Missy and Chrissie’s hands.

“Now leave this dojo.” said Ronnie.

“We will.” said Missy.

Both returned the Zubat to their Pokeball and the noise stopped and the left.

Ronnie’s father looked at her in her angel Form; he knew that she had to leave

“Ronnie, I understand now that you must go on a journey” said her father.

“Really?” said Ronnie.

“Yes, I understand it your destiny and I see that it’s shared by Beth.” said her father looking at Beth.

“Thank you father.” said Ronnie.

“Make me proud.” said her father.

Steve looked at Ronnie, and began to blush, the reason he always teased her was because he really loved her, he knew when she left he would confess.

The next day everyone left, Steve followed them to the edge of town.

“Hey Ronnie wait up!” said Steve.

“What is it?” said Ronnie in annoyed voice.

“I want you to have this Mankey, I just caught” said Steve.

“But why?” said Ronnie.

“I just wanted to say, I like you maybe even love you.” said Steve.

“What?” said Ronnie.

“Hope you come for a visit” said Steve and he left.

“I’m getting a stomach ache!” said Megan.

Ronnie hit her with a paper fan.

“Thanks for the fan!” said Ronnie to Mina.

“Your welcome and its nice to you breaking it in” said Mina.

“So are you going to go on a date with next time you come here?” said Maya.

“Maybe, I have to think about it.” said Ronnie.

“Hey maybe if you do and Brock is in town too…” said Maya.

Beth began to blush a lot.

“You know, I just noticed Maya is a tease when it comes to romance” said Mina.

“She’s always been like that” said April.

“So do you think I will be able to meet Brock?” said Ronnie.

“Oh yeah chances are high.” said Kia.

“Really why is that?” said Ronnie.

“Ash, one of Brock companions, is the chosen one” said Maggie.

“Really cool.” said Ronnie.

Mina was looking at her pokenav.

“Hey the Angel Shrine is nearby, that reminds me Kia have you told your family about us?” said Mina.

“Well um… no” said Kia.

“Well let’s why not go.” said Maddie.

“All right awesome I've been meaning to go!” said Ronnie.

“Next stop, the Angel Shrine.” said Mina.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 2: Kia’s Secret

A few days later they got the Angel Shrine. Kia was a really nervous, not just because she had to tell her family about how she found out but not only that but she has kept something from everyone else but Deborah. They got to a large set of stairs and torii.

“So this is the place.” said Mina.

“You know, I think I left some thing at the Pokemon Center.” said Kia.

She began to run away, Maddie grabbed her by her shirt. Kia ran in place.

“Look you have to this Kia! You have to tell your family that you found out.” said Maddie.

“But I don’t want to.” said Kia.

“Now move!” said Maddie.

“Yes maim” said Kia.

She went up stair as everyone followed her up. They got up and saw 17 different statues they were of the Pokemon Angels.

“Oh wow.” said Mina.

There was young woman with long black hair wearing a kimono and hakama sweeping the ground with a Chameleon.

“My whole Family specializes in fire types” said Kia.

“Interesting.” said Mina.

Deborah looked a little worried; she wasn’t sure how everyone would take the news about Kia’s heritage.

“Oh hello Kia you returned.” said the young woman.

“Hi Porsche” said Kia.

“That’s Porsche?” said Mina.

“Yes she’s my oldest sister” said Kia.

Three more girls came out.

“Hey guys Kia’s back.” Said a little girl she had dark blue hair.

“Hey Kia, it’s been a while” said a girl about Mina’s age who had dark green hair.

“Why haven’t you called?” said a girl who looked about Deborah’s age who had dark red hair.

“Oh let me introduce you this is my youngest sister Subaru.” said Kia.

“Hi there.” said Subaru.

“My younger sister Lexis” said Kia.

“Hello there.” said Lexis.

“And my older sister Mercedes” said Kia.

“Hi.” said Mercedes.

“Kia your back.” said a woman with brown hair.

“Hi, mom.” said Kia.

A man with dark blue hair and an old man showed up.

“Hi dad, and grandfather I have something to tell you.” said Kia.

“What is it?” said her grandfather.

“I Uhhh...” Said Kia and she began to run away but once again Maddie grabbed her by the shirt.

“You have to tell them.” said Maddie.

“Fine” said Kia.

A few minutes later, Kia told them in the shrine.

“I have, been traveling with the Pokemon Angels.” said Kia.

“You mean all these girls are the Pokemon Angels?” said Subaru.

“No, Maggie and Maya are not but the rest are.” said Kia.

Porsche began to laugh.

“That is too funny, looks like you’ve been dealt cosmic retribution” said Porsche.

“Look, I don’t need to take this from some miko who never want to hone her true skills as a Pokemon Trainer!” said Kia.

“Well at least my Pokemon don’t follow me around.” said Porsche.

They began to glare at each other.

“Now stop you two” said Lexis.

“Hey who is who?” said Subaru.

“Well Mina who awakened 1st is you know, Beth who awakened 2nd is Rock Angel, Maddie who awakened 3rd is Dragon Angel, Megan who awakened 4th is Water Angel, April who awakened 5th is Grass Angel, Anne who awaked 6th used to be a Team Aqua member so you know who she is, Deborah who awakened 7th is Fire Angel and Ronnie who awakened 8th is Fighting Angel. As I said Maggie and Maya are traveling with us.” said Kia.

“So has Kia told you?” said Porsche.

“Told us what?” said Mina.

“About our heritage.’ Said Porsche

“Oh how you are decedents of a Priestess of Ho-oh.” Said Maddie

“Well that Priestess was the only one and she no ordinary Priestess ether she had special gifts with Fire Pokemon.” said Porsche.

“That’s pretty cool.” said Mina.

“And the reason was that her mother was Fire Angel.” said Porsche.

“What?” said everyone but Kia, her family and Deborah.

“I have to go.” said Kia.

Kia ran out the door crying a little bit.

“I’ll go talk to her.” said Deborah.

“Since she's gone, why don’t I travel with you?” said Porsche.

Megan hit her with a big paper fan.

“I’ve always wanted to that.” said Megan.

“What was that for?” said Porsche.

“That is a no just because, she kept something from doesn’t mean we want to travel with you.” said Megan.

“Then why did you hit me with the fan?” said Porsche.

“Like I said, I always wanted to that.” said Megan.

“Look we rather travel with a girl who is a little like Kagome then a girl who is a little like Ms. Deep” Said Mina.

“What?” said Porsche.

“Oh yeah Mina just into yet another anime.” said Maddie.

“Its up to 19, 17 out 2 awaiting, Mina has yet to see the TV series though of this new one just the video.” said Maggie.

“O…k” said Ronnie who had not been explained about Mina’s hobby.

“Look we’d rather travel with Kia then you, got it.” said Beth.

“I don’t blame them” said Lexis.

Meanwhile J-Lo and Jonathan was watching them.

“So this is the Angel Shrine, it’s pretty nice, I don’t want to mess it up” said J-Lo.

“I guess we will think of a plan to have as little damage as possible.” said Jonathan.

Kia was crying when Deborah got there.

“You okay?” said Deborah.

“Yeah I knew Porsche would do that, I just hope you won’t travel with her instead of me.” said Kia.

“My bet is that Megan hit her with a fan and Mina brought up some anime reference to say no.” said Deborah.

“You think so, if your wrong I’ll understand, Porsche as always been jealous of me, I have a rare ability in decedents of Pokemon Angels, the ability to control every single fire Pokemon, she has the very common the ability to strengthen, no one in my Family can talk to fire Pokemon though.” said Kia.

“You have the ability to control fire Pokemon yet you didn’t believe in legend that is pretty funny.” Said Deborah she began to laugh a little.

“Hey!” said Kia.

“Now, now calm down” said Deborah.

In the room that everyone was in J-Lo and Jonathan came in.

“What do you want!” said Porsche.

“Just the Pokemon Angels” said Jonathan.

Both had the rope guns and shot it at all the Pokemon Angels except for Ronnie and Anne. Mina was of course unaffected.

“Why isn’t Ice Angel unaffected?” said J-Lo.

“She must have learned her Power Attack.” said Jonathan.

All four of Beth’s Pokemon came out and gave Beth their energy.

“So Rock Angel has learned her too.” said Jonathan.

Mina and Beth ripped of the ropes.

“Transform guys” said Anne.

“Right!” said Ronnie, Mina and Beth and all four transformed.

“Oh man, so Fighting Angel awakened too.” said J-Lo.

“Hey wait a second where is Fire Angel?” said Jonathan.

“Who knows.” said Jonathan.

They began to pull the weak ones.

Kia and Deborah saw what was going on.

“Looks like I have to transform.” said Deborah.

She transformed and went to Team Aqua.

“How dare you do this to this shrine, my fire will burn you!” said Deborah, “Flame Thrower!”

She shot the attack form her hands. The attack burned the roped off.

“Looks like we have to go.” said J-Lo.

“We will back for you” said Jonathan.

Both of them left running.

“Thanks Deborah” said Mina.

Later they were talking.

“So you want to Porsche to join right?” said Kia.

“No, we want to still travel with you.” said Mina.

“We don’t like Porsche.” said Maggie.

“In fact Megan hit with a fan and Mina mentioned some anime to say no.” said Beth.

“Really. Thank you.” said Kia.

The next day they were saying good bye to Kia’s family.

“Update us whenever you find another Pokemon Angel” said Kia’s mother.

“I will.” said Kia.

“After all it is Porsche’s punishment to carve their names into the statues” said Lexis.

All of them stared at Porsche as she was caring Mina’s name into the statue of Ice Angel. Kia giggled at the sight.

“Be careful Kia” said Lexis.

“I will.” said Kia.

They left the shrine, Ronnie was wondering about something.

“You know I wondering, who are Kagome and Ms. Deep?” said Ronnie.

“Well I‘ll tell you about my hobby.” said Mina.

“Hobby?” said Ronnie.

“Yes, I’m an anime fan…” said Mina

“Looks like we have to hear the story again.” said Kia.

“Not that I mind.” said April.


OMG is 'said' the only talking word you know?! Get a thesaurus(sp), you REALLY need one. I'm going to say a 4/10 at the moment, lacking major description and for a mostly dialouge fic all you do is have ["bla bla bla" said bla] ["bla bla bla!" said bla] and it's really, really tedious.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(Thnk you for cristisim, but that's just how I write, oh and a small wraning this chapter is one that is mostly about otakus so most of the jokes have to with anime)

Chapter 3: Ronnie’s Dream and an Otaku Scheme

Ronnie was on stage in a beautiful outfit, singing. She had just finished her song, her fans cheered. Then the George W. Bush came looking for his blankie. Ronnie looked at strangely. The secret service came and gave him blankie and both of them walked off stage, Ronnie did another song. The crowd cheered her name over and over that is until she woke up.

“Oh, I having a dream” said Ronnie.

“Hey Ronnie, its time to get up.” said Megan.

“Okay.” said Ronnie.

Everyone was ether talking, brushing their hair, brushing their teeth or washing their face on the beautiful sunny morning in the forest.

Ronnie began to wash her face.

“So let me guess you were having your usual dream” said Beth coming right next to her.

“Sure was.” said Ronnie.

“Bush looking for his blankie or the pope lost because he’s so old?” said Beth.

“Bush I don't get the Pope any more for obvious reasons.” said Ronnie.

Ronnie has this recurring dream where is she is a pop star, in middle of her concerts ether George W. Bush or the pope appears then leaves however the Pope doesn’t appear any more since there is a new Pope.

Meanwhile Team Magma was having a meeting.

“According to our findings, Ice Angel is something known as an otaku, but unfortunately we don’t know what that is” said a male member of Team Magma.

“I can fill that one” said Missy.

“Oh no, I was hoping they would never find out” said Chrissie.

“What is it?” said the Team Magma member.

“Well it’s a really obsessed anime fan.” said Missy.

Everyone in the room was confused.

“The reason I know this is because, I’m one too.” said Missy.

“This is why Missy is against using any giant robots in out plans” said Chrissie who is very embarrassed.

“All, right you'll be in charge of this next plan” said the Team Magma member.

“All right, let’s do operation AK.” said Missy.

“What does that stand for?” said Chrissie.

“Anime Karaoke!” said Missy.

“I thought so.” said Chrissie.

Later the Angels were walking though a town when they passed by a poster, it was for an anime Karaoke contest. Mina saw it and went to is.

“I have to enter!” said Mina.

“Great…” said Kia.

“Mina Koki, Pokemon Trainer 2nd, Anime fan 1st” said Megan.

Mina hit her with a big paper fan.

“I seriously think I can win. The prize is 25 anime DVDs of your choice” Said Mina.

“I guess that’s true.” said Anne.

“I’d like to enter too.” said Ronnie.

Everyone looked at her like she said something strange except for Beth that is. Then again Mina was glad that Ronnie would like to it.

“You need help. I understand if you’re a little uncomfortable. I know quite a few English songs.” said Mina.

“Really thanks” said Ronnie.

Later inside the Pokemon Center Mina was going over Karaoke.

“Okay I think the song that is best for you is the English version of Midnight Sun.” said Mina.

“Okay” said Ronnie nervously.

She sang it and it was really good.

“Wow, I think you’ll do great” said Mina.

“What song are you going to sing?” said Anne.

“Yura Yura” said Emma.

“Yura Yura?” said Maggie.

“Inu-Yasha 2nd movie, just programmed it in along with songs from Pretear and R.O.D. the TV” said Mina.

“Another anime?” said Kia.

“Yep” said Mina.

Meanwhile Missy was practicing for the contest although it has to do with plan she was entering too.

“Why are you entering?” said Chrissie.

“Well actually if you must know, the contest is real and I’m entering. If one of the Pokemon Angels beat me, then we will go out with the plan” said Missy.

“Missy…” said Chrissie.

That night Ronnie was awake in her bed, she was nervous about the contest.

“Hey Ronnie you awake?” said Beth who shared the room with her.

“Yeah” said Ronnie.

“You don’t have to worry, its not like you’re on American Idol” said Beth.

“Your right” said Ronnie.

“No I want the cheese nana” said Megan in her sleep.

Both laughed at this.

The next day they went to the contest, Missy cosplaying as Sakura Shinguuchi from Sakura Wars.

“I bet I know what girl is singing” said Mina.

"I would like to sing Midnight Sun" said Ronnie

“Now is that the English one or the Japanese one?” said one of the people who are heading the registration.

“English” said Ronnie.

“Okay good luck” said Mina.

“You too” said Ronnie.

“Luck is for the losers” said Missy.

“Look just because your dressed up as Sakura to sing the Sakura Wars theme song is just plain wrong to get points” said Mina.

“Oh really” said Missy.

“Though I do have to commend you on your taste with anime” said Mina.

“You’re a fan of Sakura Wars?” said Missy.

“If it took place in modern times would Iris’ parents be considered criminals?” said Mina.

“That’s a yes?” said Missy.

Mina nodded.

“So what other anime you like?” said Missy.

“Well despite my age, I like a lot, some child friendly and some not so child friendly but not Hentai” said Mina.

“It time to bring out the contestants” said the announcer.

“My song will give the hints” said Mina.

“Okay” said Missy.

The contest started, there were many bad contestants but good ones as well.

It was Mina’s turn and she did great, when Ronnie did her turn she was great as well, Missy who sang The Sakura Wars theme song did great as well.

“Now its time for the three finalists, Mina Koki who sang Yura Yura from Inu-Yasha” said the announcer.

“All right” said Mina.

“Kevin Macwell Lum no Love song from Ueresi Yatsura” said the Announcer suppressing a laugh since it was a girls song

“Cool!” said a young man named Kevin

“And finally… Ronnie Sansom! Who sung Midnight Sun” said the Announcer.

“Ronnie and Mina are the finalists” said Maggie.

Missy got angry. She began to cry and ran away.

“When that guy’s t turn is up that is when I’m going to attack.” said Missy as she was running away.

“They will sing their songs again then you will vote.” said the announcer, “First is Kevin.”

“Not so fast!” said Missy’s voice.

Both Missy and Chrissie showed, Missy was still dressed up as Sakura and she forced Chrissie to dress up as Sumire.

"We are Cute!"
"We are sweet..."
“The Cute Twins of Team Magma are here!”
“Are here…”

“Chrissie, you have to put more feeling into it” said Missy.

“I know that but how am I dressed like this?” said Chrissie.

“Are you really a fan?” said Mina.

“Yes I am. I know you’re a fan of Inu-Yasha as well as Sakura Wars” said Missy.

“Real fan wouldn’t do this” said Mina.

April handed Maya, Maggie and Kia surgical masks

“Put these on when you see me transformed” said April

“Right” said Maggie, Maya and Kia.

If you’re really a fan, prove it” said Mina.

“Okay what’s the contest” said Missy.

“You show how much info about the anime you like” said Mina.

“Okay, I’ll go first then mine is Sakura Wars…” said Missy, “Both Maria and Orhime are half Japanese, your turn”

“This one’s about R.O.D.,” said Mina, “The first R.O.D. OAV episode predates the 9/11 attacks by two months, in case you didn’t know part of the first episode takes place in New York in which a helicopter crashes into the North Tower of world trade center”

Everyone in the audience stared at her.

“She’s right,” said the announcer. Everyone began to cheer.

“Wow your good” said Missy.

“Thanks” said Mina.

“Let’s just get them” said Chrissie pulling out a rope gun.

Chrissie shot it at Ronnie.

“Okay” said Missy who shot the other in the audience.

Meanwhile April transformed in the hallway where no one was looking, she went back into the auditorium.

“How dare you try to stop this contest, I will root you out” said April.

“We missed one” said Missy.

Maya, Maggie and Kia put on the masks.

“Sleep Powder!” said April.

A powder hit everyone I the audience, they breathed it in and fell asleep.

Both Anne and Beth ripped off the ropes.

“Mina you ready” said Anne.

“Yes I am.” said Mina.

All three transformed.

“This is suppose to be a fun time for all but ruined it, my darkness will consume you!” said Anne

“You ruined most of these people hopes and dreams, I will rock your world” said Beth.

“How dare you ruin this you are an awful anime fan for doing this, I will freeze your power!” said Mina.

“Mina Koki, Anime Fan 1st, Pokemon Angel 2nd” said Maggie taking off the mask.

“How dare you do this!” said Ronnie.

Mankey, Hitmonchan and Deborah’s Combusken came out of the Pokeballs and went over to Ronnie, all three glowed light brown.

“No way!” said Mina.

Beth smiled; she knew why it was happening.

“How dare you do this, you don’t have a fighting chance!” said Ronnie.

Her hand began to glow she ran over to them.

“The Fighting Ki Uppercut” said Kia.

“Fighting Ki Uppercut!” said Ronnie punching air that made the air move and the air hit the cute twins they went flying though an open window.

“Wow there’s open window what are the chances?” said Mina.

All 4 looked at Ronnie.

“Okay spill why did you learn you learn your power attack?” said Mina.

“Well, I think I should tell it’s my dream to a pop star and…” said Ronnie.

“You know… this isn’t American idol” said Megan who was just begging to wake up.

“I know that, but still.” said Ronnie.

After everyone woke up the contest counted and Ronnie won.

After the contest everyone walked to the video store where the prize was.

“I’m going let you have the DVDs after all I’m not a fan” said Ronnie.

“Thanks you” said Mina, “April that plan of yours…”

“I’m a causal fan, nothing like you Mina but I do kind of like anime” said April.

“Really I didn’t know that” said Mina

Mina wrote a list of all the DVDs she wanted and Ronnie got them for her.


You aren't listening. Don't say said. That's a miserable word. Say things like 'scrreched, boomed, blasted, yelled, whispered, mumbled...' anything aside from said.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(First I thought it was just critisisim now it just seems like harassment. I like useing said okay. I may use other words on ocvcasion but I like using said. And beside everything is prewritten up to chapter 15, I only add bits and pieces here and there to improve on the olegnal)

Chapter 4: The Giant Robot Incident

Mina had gotten 25 DVDs including two series: Azumanga Daioh and Angelic Layer. Mina’s anime TV patterns had changed a lot, since IC had stopped showing Tenchi and that new Inu-Yasha episodes had began to air at 12:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays it has become an ordeal just having Mina up that late and she’s the youngest of them. On Thursday morning everyone was half asleep while they did their morning stuff.

“Why is Mina so happy?” said Megan.

“She went to sleep right after.” said April.

“Good morning.” said Mina.

Maggie, Kia, Beth and Maddie were pretty much used to it as they joined Mina right when Inu-Yasha was ending their new episodes last season.

“It will take a couple weeks but you’ll get used to it” said Maddie.

“And she was only here for the last episode” said Beth.

“No fair!” said Megan and April.

Not long later while they were walking though the woods.

“Can we please take naps!” said Megan.

“Please!” said Ronnie.

“Okay.” said Mina.

They got settled into a camp site everyone who needed to set out their sleeping bags.

“Fine, should we wake you up for lunch” said Maggie.

She turned around and everyone who needed sleep was in their sleeping bags asleep.

“Looks like it’s just us for while” said Mina.

Mina began to watch one of her DVDs while the rest played a game of cards.

“Do you think this will take while?” said Kia.

“You mean the naps or them needing to take naps every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?” said Maggie.

“Them needing” said Kia.

“It all depends on their personality, Anne will be the first and will get used to it by Tuesday of next week, my guess Megan will be the last which will be in few weeks” said Maddie.

“Where did you get that?” said Kia.

“Just a guess.” said Maddie.

Meanwhile Ash, Pikachu, May, Max and Brock were nearby. Ash had recently caught a Torkoal and May a Skitty. Ash’s Torkoal had let itself out of it Pokeball and began to run near the camp site of Mina's group.

“I wonder what got into Torkoal?” said Brock.

“I don’t know” said Ash.

Torkoal ran all the way to where Deborah was sleeping. Everyone didn't know what to do.

Kia saw it and said “Must want to join Deborah, or at least meet her.”

“Makes sense” said Maggie.

“Torkoal!” said Ash.

Beth turned around, saw the in including Brock. She yelled out “Brock!”

“Beth” yelled Brock.

Both began to embrace each other.

“Hey guys” said Maddie.

“Oh hi, where are the others?” said May.

Maddie pointed to where everyone was taking naps.

“You know Mina’s an anime fan well she kept everyone up ‘till 1:00 to Watch Inu-Yasha.” said Maddie.

“So their all taking naps except for Mina who is immersed in a new anime DVD” said Maggie.

Mina’s DVD had finished and she saw they were there.

"Oh that Osaka she's so dense maybe I should cosplay as her" said Mina she then noticed that Ash and the others were "Hey guys"

After while they started to talk some more.

“That’s great so Ash got a Heat Badge and caught a Torkoal and May got two ribbons and caught a Skitty” said Mina.

“To bad Brock didn’t catch anything” said Beth.

Everyone but Brock stared at her as if she had something well kind of stupid.

Ronnie started to wake up.

“Is breakfast ready yet?” said Ronnie.

“Who’s this?” said Max.

“This is Ronnie, my best friend and Fighting Angel” said Beth.

Ronnie noticed how close Beth was to Brock.

“So I see, this is Brock, he is very cute” said Ronnie.

April, Anne and Deborah also began to wake up.

“Why is a Torkoal over me?” said Deborah.

“Oh I wanted to meet you for so long” said Torkoal with tears streaming down its face.

Smoke came out of Torkoal’s back of course this made everyone cough, well not everyone.

“Why aren’t I coughing?” said Mina.

“It’s out power, you know that” said Anne.

“Oh right” said Mina.

This woke up Maya.

“What just happened?” said Maya.

“Sorry, it happens when Torkoal gets excited” said Ash.

“I see...” said Maya a little confused.

Meanwhile Team Rocket was watching them.

“Oh no it’s those girls again” said Jessie.

“Looks like Cacnea’s going to attack me again” said James.

“We can’t give up, I mean what if we show them out secret weapon!” said Meowth.

Meanwhile Jonathan and J-Lo were watching them.

“So it time to strike those Angels won’t know what hit them” said J-Lo.

“So what's the plan?” said Jonathan sounding a little board.

“Well recently I’ve heard rumors about someone using Giant Robots a lot and I have one built” said J-Lo.

“Awesome.” said Jonathan still a little board.

“You don’t seem like your self to day” said J-Lo.

"I just have this bad feeling that something bad is going to happen like we are going to left out on the limb of a tree that on a cliff" said Jonathan.

"Like that will ever happen" said J-Lo.

While this was happening Missy and Chrissie were watching.

“So usual plan” said Missy.

“Yes this time we are using a giant mechanical device that looks like a person.” said Chrissie.

“I think you should do this alone” said Missy.

“Why?” said Chrissie.

“It’s a giant robot, you know how I feel about other giant robots” said Missy.

“Unless its ether you battling them for sport or fighting them against aliens, demons and whatever” said Chrissie

“That why, so I’m not doing it” said Missy

“No way! Its time for your humiliation at my hands, last time was embarrassing” said Chrissie.

“Oh you were a good Sumire” said Missy.

She pulled out some rope and tied Missy.

“I’m going to make do the plan” said Chrissie.

Back with Mina, Ash and the rest Maggie and Brock were prepping lunches.

“Wow, looks like a big lunch today.” said Mina.

Suddenly the ground began to shake.

“What going on?” said May.

Suddenly a giant robot that looked like a Cacnea showed up.

“Prepare for a surprise trouble”
“Make it a double”
“To protect the world of from devastation”
“To untie all peoples within out nation”
“To denounce the evils of truth and love”
“To extend our reach to the stars above”
“Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”
“Meowth that’s right!”

“Who are these weirdoes?” said Ronnie.

“Team Rocket” said Mina.

“They are pretty lame, they never learn their lesion and constantly loose to Pikachu and us if we are around” said April.

“Not this time, we put out new super robot to protect it from any and all of your attack” said Jessie.

Megan who was still asleep woke up.

“Why is Team Rocket here?” said Megan.

Suddenly another robot appeared that looked like Gundam and the top opened up as well.

"We are Cute!"
"We Are Sweet..."
“The Cute Twins of Team Magma…”
“Are Here..."

“Why is Missy tied up?” said Maya.

“Its Chrissie’s idea! I don’t like using mechs for out plans but because I made her cosplay as Sumire last time she's making me do this” said Missy.

“Hey the two girls who had us kidnapped them” said Meowth.

“That’s right.” said Chrissie.

“Someone please get me off this” said Missy.

Yet another robot that looked like a transformer showed up but the top didn’t open.

“Didn’t except that, did you?” said Mina.

“Why just because they gave you shows doesn’t mean we have to” said J-Lo in side the mech.

“That coming from the losers” said Chrissie who went inside the mech.

“Who ever gets more wins.” Said J-Lo

“Fine with me” said Chrissie.

The two robots shot out the ropes of course not getting Mina, Beth and Anne. Team Aqua got Ronnie however.

“I think that’s a bad idea getting the Fighting Angel” said Chrissie

“Why?” said J-Lo.

Deborah’s Combusken came out as well Ronnie’s Pokemon. They glowed a light brown.

“I told you, Fighting Angel learned her power attack” said Chrissie.

“What about us?” said James who went back into the robot while everyone went back in to the robot while everyone was watching the other two.

“Just grab Pikachu while they are distracted” said Meowth.

A metal arm grabbed Pikachu.

“Well see ya!” said Jessie

Team Rocket’s giant robot fled.

“I’m going to get Pikachu back!” said Ronnie.

She transformed.

“Me too” said Beth.

She also transformed.

“I’m going to the twins” said Mina.

She transformed as well.

“Looks like I got Jonathan and J-Lo” said Anne.

“J-Lo?” said May.

“It’s her nickname, J-Lo is her idol really really really obsessed” said Maggie.

“That obsessed?” said May.

Both Beth and Ronnie chased after the Team Rocket’s robot. Team Rocket had no idea they were behind the robot.

“I’ll get Pikachu out” said Ronnie.

“Okay” said Beth.

Ronnie flew to the front of the robot.

“Hello!” she said.

She went to the hand that was holding Pikachu.

“Karate Chop!” said Ronnie.

Her hand began to glow and chopped the hand and it broke.

“Pika!” said Pikachu.

“Now Beth!” said Ronnie.

“Right! Rollout!” said Beth.

She curled up into a ball and hit Team Rocket’s robot, hard. It exploded.

“Team Rocket’s blasting off again!”

“Do they say that all the time?” said Ronnie.

“Just when they fly off, I wonder how do they survive?” said Beth.

“Let’s get Pikachu back to Ash.” said Beth.

Meanwhile Anne faced Team Aqua’s robot.

“I’m still angry with you Jonathan, for what you did to me!” said Anne.

“I figured this would happen” said Jonathan.

“What!?” said J-Lo.

“She’s going to Dark Moon Light Laser, the robot’s going to explode and we end in the same spot as those weirdoes” said Jonathan.

“Dark Moonlight Laser!” said Anne.

The attack hit, the robot exploded and J-Lo and Jonathan went flying.

With Mina, she was having a hard time attacking because of Missy.

“Please get me off of this now! I don’t want to do this!” said Missy crying.

“Oh jeez, I mind as well get her” said Mina.

She flew to top of the robot went in grabbed Missy flew out.

“Hey no fair.” said Chrissie.

“Ice Snow Wind!” said Mina doing her attack.

The attack hit and the Robot flew away.

“Thank you so much” said Missy still crying.

“What am I going to say?” said Mina.

Not long later everyone was staring at Mina since she save Missy.

“Why did you rescue her?” said Anne.

“She was crying… she's still crying” said Mina.

Missy was indeed still crying.

“Fine she can stay with us until after lunch, after that she has to find her sister.” said Anne.

“Fine.” said Mina.

After half an hour Missy finally stopped crying. Then they began to eat lunch.

“Why were you crying?” said Mina.

“Well my sister made help in the giant robot. I don’t like using giant robots for Team Magma plans. I’d rather battle other giant robots or fight an alien, demon or other menace. ” said Missy.

Everyone but Mina stared at her since they didn't understand.

“Well if I had a giant robot that’s what I’d do” said Mina.

They began to eat lunch that both Brock and Maggie made.

“Hey you don’t seem like the typical member of a team, why did you join?” said Anne.

“Well out father died in mysterious accident years ago, later found evidence that Team Aqua caused it, Rupert Stigginmob consoled us after it happened. He became like a father to us. He recently retired. That’s why we joined Team Magma, I don’t really like it. I hide it from Chrissie but I don’t like working from Team Magma she loves it. We promised if we would ever quit we’d do it after 18. So in order to not disappoint her I have to do my duty not what.” said Missy.

“I have an idea.” said Mina.

She whispered something her ear.

“Oh I’m not that site too good idea” said Missy.

“Hey wait when did this happen? This mysterious accident?” said Anne.

“About 6 years why?” said Missy.

“Nothing” said Anne.

Anne got a strange feeling about it.

“Around your sister, let's fake being enemies. And in three years if we still haven’t found the rest you can join us. Okay” said Mina.

“Okay!” said Missy.

“Right” said Mina.

They shook hands.

“Maggie's a very good cook” said May.

"Thanks" said Maggie.

Later Missy left to find her sister.

“Well is time to get going” said Ash.

“Yeah” said Mina.

“Oh Brock” said Beth holding Brock.

“Oh Beth” said Brock holding Beth.

“Time to go” said Max pulling on Brock’s ear.

“That’s right” said Ronnie tugging on Beth’s arm.

Not long later as they walking in the forest.

“So what did you tell her?” said Megan.

“We will communicate though a message board we both go to, PM each other” said Mina.

“Really.” said Anne.

“Are you sure we can trust her?” said Maddie.

“For now, we should” said Mina.

“Interesting two snitches, one for Team Aqua the other for Magma” said Megan.

“There’s one from Team Aqua?” said Ronnie.

“Yes his name is Jimmy, Anne’s boyfriend” said Maya.

Anne began to blush hard.

Meanwhile Team Rocket, J-Lo, Jonathon and Chrissie were all on a tree branch on the side of a cliff over a river.

"I knew this would happen" said Jonathan

A rope came down for them.

“This only for my sister and the losers. One at a time okay.” said Missy.

Chrissie went up first, then Jessie, James and Meowth, the rope was pulled up before J-Lo could get on.

“Sorry, no Team Aqua members.” said Missy.

“Didn’t expect that.” said James.

Both Missy and Chrissie walked away.

“So what they do to you?” said Chrissie.

“They just fed me and that’s it.” said Missy.

“Really? That’s all?” said Chrissie.

“Well me and Ice Angel talked anime and that’s it.” said Missy.

“I see.” said Chrissie.

“Mina and everyone you can all trust me” said Missy to herself.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 5: Let’s Work Together to Power Up!

It’s been a week since “The Giant Robot Incident”. Everyone but Megan has gotten used to the Inu-Yasha late night schedule.

“So sleepy” said Megan who fell onto a bed at the Pokemon Center.

“That’s Megan’s bed” said Ronnie.

"I agree" said Maya.

Meanwhile in the lobby Mina was on the computer looking the PMs from the message board.

“Dear Mina, yes I can write you in as a character in my fanfics though you have to wait until I write “My Life in Anime A”, it’s where Emma gets an Angel from Angelic Layer. I think I'm going to have to call you Mina K. since there is that girl Mina who appears every once in while if you are in the same chapter. Thank you, Emma Iveli” read Anne over her shoulder.

Mina jumped in surprise.

“Anne you surprised me!” said Mina.

“What was that note about?” said Deborah who walked up.

“Oh me and Missy asked to be characters in a fanfic. This way it will show our friendship in a way we can both appreciate and have Chrissie not know since she doesn’t even know my name.” said Mina

“O…K” said Deborah who then walked away.

Later Megan finally woke up.

“What’s breakfast?” said Megan.

“It’s early evening” said Mina.

“Are you sure?” said Megan.

“Well its 5:25 PM that’s for sure” said Maddie.

“I think I had my first memory. It was me using my Power attack! That’s why I’m going to start practicing how to use it.” said Megan.

“It just happens you can’t practice” said Mina.

“Are you sure?” said Megan.

Mina nodded.

“Well that’s easy for you to say, you learned it and you awakened before me. Ronnie and Anne didn’t.” said Megan.

“Megan’s right! I want to learn my power attack too.” said Deborah.

“I swear you are acting like anime characters” said Mina.

“Now come on you guys shouldn’t do that and you’re acting weird too.” said Maddie.

“Maddie’s right, you two are acting weird” said April.

“You two should be jealous too.” said Megan.

“No at all” said April.

She was lying, she was a little jealous but that's all.

“Me nether” said Maddie.

Maddie was telling the truth.

“Tomorrow we will start it!” said Deborah.

“I’m feeling embarrassed for both of them” said Maggie.

“I’m feeling embarrassed for my family” said Kia.

“Hey Deborah want to trade rooms?” said Maya.

Maya is one of the two girls sharing a room with Megan.

“O…k” said Deborah.

“Looks I have to stay with them.” said Ronnie.

“Okay tomorrow will start operation Power Attack” said Megan.

“Right!” said Deborah.

That night in Mina, Anne, Maya and Beth’s room Mina was thinking about something.

“What is it?” said Anne.

“I think that it was me watching anime near them caused them to act like that” said Mina.

“What?” said Anne.

“I tried an experiment with Peter once I played a song in his room for a week while he was sleeping. And all he said for that week was lyrics from that song.” said Mina.

“I don’t believe you” said Maya.

“Tomorrow ask Maggie about it she helped me.” said Mina.

The next morning both Deborah and Megan got up to train. The let out all the Pokemon and began doing exercise.

“What’s wrong with them?” said Azumarill.

“I wish I knew.” said Houndoom.

Matt and Peter were walking to the Pokemon Center when they saw those two.

"Looks like they're here" said Matt.

"I just hope I don't get that mallet" said Peter.

While this was happening in the lobby Maya asked Maggie “Did Mina play some sort of trick on Peter?”

“Oh do you mean the underpants pie or the song?” said Maggie.

“Underpants pie?” said Maya.

“It’s a gross story” said Mina.

One day Mina asked Maggie used her powers to dump a whole Chocolate Cream pie in to Peter's underpants in order to make him think he pooped his pants.

“She means the song” said Beth.

What didn't know was that Peter walked into the lobby and he heard what Maggie was about to say.

“Oh yeah, it was when I was in town, I used Celebi to play a CD with one song on it over and over again while he was asleep for one week all he can say was the words to “Moon Revenge” said Maggie.

“And that’s in Japanese” said Mina.

“Any ways, I think Deborah and Megan have listened to the anime for so long while they were asleep that part of their personalities have changed temporally. I’ll have Celebi check” said Maggie

“Wassup!” said a voice.

“Hi Peter” said April.

“So that’s why all I could say was the lyrics to that song from the first Sailor Moon movie” said Peter.

“Well you should have figured that, after all it’s the song from Sailor Moon R the movie” said Mina.

Crawdaunt came out of it pokeball as usual.

“You jerk this is more revenge for what you to me!” said Crawdaunt.

“Stop it Crawdaunt” said Anne.

“Hey guys!” said Matt.

“Matt” said Mina.

“Hey, I was wondering what with Deborah and Megan?” said Matt.

“Their personalities are temporally warped due to Mina’s obsession” said Maya.
Mina stared at her as if she just something out of character.

“Some one has to take Megan’s place as the one who makes fun of everyone” said Maya.

“I was just about to send Celebi to see how long.” said Maggie.

She sent out Celebi who disappeared.

“It will come back in a little bit” said Maggie.

Nurse Joy saw what Crawdaunt was doing to Peter.

“What is that Crawdaunt doing?” said Nurse Joy.

“Don’t mind them, I know this looks weird but my Crawdaunt is doing this because when this young man was younger he would kick my Crawdaunt when it just Corpfish” said Anne.

“Are you telling the truth?” said Nurse Joy.

“She is, I have pictures” said Mina, handing over several pictures from when Peter was little. It all of them kicking Crawdaunt when it was a Corpfish.

“Why do have those?” said Maya.

“Incriminating evidence” said Mina.

Nurse Joy looked at them she was shocked.

“I see…” said Nurse Joy.

“I was like 5, that was over 6 years ago! Why are you doing this to me!” said Peter.

He began to cry.

“I’ve done my job” said Mina who walked away with a sneaky smile.

Few weeks later, Mina was singing “The Starry Night” from Angelic Layer when April got up to and went into a heavily wooded area.

“Celebi, I know your out here!” said April.

“Hi, I was hopping just to observe you for a few minutes” said Celebi.

“I know, but I have something to tell you, tell out past selves to look in “The Legend of the Pokemon Angels”" said April.

“Okay” said Celebi.

She went back in time to when Maggie released her.

“I’m very happy I did have to do that when I learned my power attack” said April.

Back in time, Celebi came back to Maggie.

“I’ll go get April” said Celebi.

A few minutes later April got there.

“Well for some your future self told me to tell you to look in “The Legend of the Pokemon Angels”” said Celebi.

“I’ll go barrow Mina’s and Maddie’s copies” said April.

A few minutes later she came back with the books.

“Let’s start reading.” said April.

A few more minutes later they found it the answer.

“I found it, turn to page 147” said Maggie.

“Overdrive, when a Pokemon Angel is wanting something her personality temporally changes, she becomes more hyper and somewhat annoying, the one exception is Electric Angel as that is her personality all the time so you won’t ever know if she’s in over drive or not” read April.

“Looks like we have to tell everyone else” said Maggie.

April nodded.

With Mina and the rest, Peter was yelling at her.

“First you make me say the lyrics of a song for a week strait and now I find out you have secret pics of me!” said Peter.

“Well if you wasn’t such a jerk I wouldn’t have” said Mina.

“Oh yeah!” said Peter.

“Yeah, you baka!” said Mina.

“Baka?” said Peter.

“Yes you’re a baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!” said Mina.

“What does that mean?” said Peter.

“I won’t tell” said Mina.

Baka means idiot in Japanese.

"Tell me right now!" said Peter.

"Sit!" yelled Mina who then hit in the head a giant mallet.

“Now you two stop fighting!” said Maggie.

“We found something important” said April.

They showed them the page.

“Their in overdrive” said Maddie.

“Overdrive?” said Mina.

“Overdrive is when a Pokemon Angel wants something really bad, she becomes very hyper active.” said Maddie.

“So it isn’t because I have watching Tomo-clad episodes of Azumanga Daioh.” said Mina.

“Well any ways they will act like this until they learn their power attack.” said Maggie.

“I just hope they won’t stay like this for long” said Mina.

“Well, this may be a while” said Maggie.

“I have an idea!” said Maddie.

“What?” said everyone else.

“Well we tell their Pokemon next someone attacks us, their give them their power” said Maddie.

“Oh, that’s right. It depends on the Pokemon and my guess as they are embarrassed” said April.

“Fine, I’ll help out too.” said Peter.

“Come on out everyone!” said Kia.

“Corsola let’s go!” said Beth.

“Dewgong, come out” said Mina.

“Crawdaunt I choose you!” said Anne.

“Kingdra come on out!” said Maddie.

“Vulpix come on out” said Maya.

“Cloyster, Magby come on out.” said Peter.

“Houndour” said Kia.

“Corsola” said Beth.

“Go tell Megan and Deborah that we want to see their Pokemon” said Maya and Beth.

“Vul!” said Vulpix since no could under stand her.

Both Vulpix and Corsola went to them.

“Hey guys” said Vulpix.

“The others would like to borrow your Pokemon for a while” said Corsola.

“Sure thing” said Megan.

“Okay” said Deborah.

Vulpix and Corsola brought them to them.

“Okay, next time we are attacked by Team Aqua or Team Magma we would like you lend them your powers” said Mina.

“All of Deborah’s Pokemon agreed however none of Megan’s Pokemon did.

“Fine I guess you want Megan to stay like this until she really ready” said Mina using reverse psychology.

“You know, that wouldn’t be so bad” said Maggie using the same tactic.

“I guess you right” said Mina.

“Azu!” said Azumarill.

“They said they will do it” said Smoochum.

“All right!” said everyone else.

“I’m thinking if I should contact her” I said.

“Let’s not do it. It is would be suspicious to her sister.” said Anne.

“Your right” said Mina.

“Do you know what they are talking about?” said Matt.

“Nope” said Peter.

“A member of Team Magma made an alliance with us.” said Maddie.

“Oh.” said Matt.

“You can go now” said Kia.

“And tell them that we are leaving soon” said Ronnie.

“Hey I was wondering who is she?” said Peter.

“Oh we haven’t been introduced I’m Ronnie, I’m Beth best friend and…” said Ronnie but she was interrupted by Peter.

“So you do think it’s strange that 7 of these girls transform into Magical Beings?” said Peter.

“Come with me” said Ronnie.

She dragged him into the woods; she transformed and did Sky Uppercut on him.

“Next time get your story strait before asking someone something.” said Ronnie walking away.

“Yes ma’am” said Peter.

Ronnie detransformed and walked back to where the others were.

“Punching some guy in the face always leaves me refreshed.” said Ronnie.

Peter went over the there.

“Hey Peter you have a bloody nose.” said Mina.

“At least it doesn’t look broken” said Maggie.

"How can you tell?" said Ronnie.

“One of my powers includes healing, I can’t tell if something broken” said Maggie.

“Just put some tissues on it” said Mina.

“Hey is it really broken?” whispered Ronnie,

“No, its not. If were I would be help in him” said Maggie.

“Thank goodness.” said Ronnie.

Later they were on their way.

“So where are we heading?” said Megan.

Mina took out her Pokenav, and said “Fallarbor Town”

“Why are we going there?” said Deborah.

“Contest, Maya and April are entering.” said Mina.

“Really, I thought we going to Lavaridge” said Deborah.

“That’s was I thought too” said Peter.

Mina glared at him.

“I was kidding… kidding” said Peter

He sighed and said to himself “I would want to get punched the face again or get that mallet ether”

“I’m hungry!” said Megan.

“I’m board!” said Deborah.

“Is it lunch time?” said Maya.

“About, let’s stay here for a while and rest” said Maggie.

“Yay!” said Megan and Deborah.

“And so you won’t get board, Anime Karaoke” said Mina.

“Yay!” said Megan and Deborah.

“They’re acting like little kids” said Peter.

“I get first ups!” said Megan and Deborah.

“I have an idea, why not do a duet, I know quite a few songs” said Mina.

“Cool!” said Megan and Deborah.

“Would you like to do one from Nurse Witch Komugi, Sakura Wars or Sailor Moon.” said Mina.

“Any in English?” said Megan and Deborah.

“Yes the one from Sailor Moon” said Mina.

“Yay!” said Megan and Deborah. Mina began to set up "Who do you think you are?" on the machine, with Deborah doing the Serena parts and Megan doing the Raye parts.

Meanwhile J-Lo and Jonathan were watching them, both had auras of anger surrounding them.

“We will strike now!” said Jonathan.

“Right!” said J-Lo.

While Deborah was singing her part ropes grabbed her, Megan and Maddie.

“Not again!” said Maddie.

“You guys!” said Mina.

“That’s right, you will pay for last time! We were stuck on a branch on a cliff for three days until it broke off and we landed in water!” said Jonathan.

“How embarrassing” said Ronnie.

“Time to transform everyone!” said Beth.

Mina and Maddie nodded.

All 4 who weren’t tied transformed.

All of Megan and Deborah’s Pokemon came out, as well as Mina’s Dewgong, Peter’s Magby and Cloyster, Maddie’s Kingdra, Maya’s Vulpix, Anne’s Crawdaunt, Beth’s Corsola, and all of Kia’s Pokemon. The Fire Pokemon glowed red and the Water Pokemon glowed blue. Closter went over to Mina and Matt’s Snorunt came up to her as well and glowed Sky blue.

“Mina’s powering up!” said Maggie.

“Right time to transform!” said Megan.

“Okay!” said Deborah.

Both transformed.

Megan did a fast twirl and put her hands to the sky.

“Water Fall Blast!”

Deborah made a circle motion with her hands.

“Fire Burn Storm!”

Both attacks attack hit the same time.

“All right!” said Ronnie.

Tyrouge came out its Pokeball and went over to Ronnie. It glowed light brown.

“You’re also powering up” said Maya.

Both Deborah and Megan detransformed.

“What were we doing all day?” said Megan.

“I don’t know” said Deborah.

“Do you want to know?” said Mina.

"We will get revenge!" said J-Lo.

"That's right!" said Jonathan.

Both ran away.

Later they continued on their journey.

“So we in overdrive?” said Deborah.

“Yes you two were acting like little kids” said Peter.

“I wish I wasn’t in overdrive too, and then it would have been fun to see her act like that.” said Megan.

“She never changes” said Mina.

“Any ways we learned our power attacks so that’s good” said Deborah.

“I would like to learn my power attack but it’s all right if I don’t learn it soon” said April.

“I don’t care when I learn my Power attack.” said Maddie.

“Anyways you two should think about the contest” said Maggie.

“That’s right, next stop Fallarbor Town” said April.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 6: Meet Sasami Sango

Everything was normal again. However both Peter and Matt were temporally traveling with them. So it was more noisy then usual with Mina and Peter arguing.

“Baka!” said Mina.

“What does that even mean?” said Peter.

“I won’t tell you” said Mina.

“At least tomorrow morning will be quiet” said Megan.

“Yeah since Tonight Inu-Yasha’s on, Matt and Peter will be asleep all morning” said Beth.

“Well that’s one good thing” said Maddie.

“Actually, Matt’s a heavy sleeper and he gets to sleep really fast” said Maggie.

Meanwhile Chrissie was watching them while Missy was packing some bags.

“Why are you taking a two week vacation now?” said Chrissie.

“I told you after the giant robot incident I need a break from you” said Missy.

“So I contact you to where we will meet okay” said Chrissie.

“Okay.” said Missy.

When she got far enough from her sister she put on a disguise she never used before. A girl who had wavy purple hair and glasses.

“Okay this should work if I want to act like a real trainer” said Missy.

She got where Mina's group were. Peter was on the ground with the mallet on his head.

“Excuse me, but I wondering if someone can loan me some anime DVDs.” said Missy.

“Did you say anime?” said Mina.

“Oh great another anime fan” said Peter getting up with the mallet stuck on his head.

“Shut up” said Mina, “Of course which anime series?”

“A lot, but Sakura Wars in particular” said Missy.

“Do you go by Kawaii Girl?” said Mina.

“That’s right, call me Sasami” said Missy.

“Sasami?” said everyone else.

Missy explained everything.

“This is my disguise, Sasami Sango” said Missy.

“Nice making a name from two popular anime characters” said Mina.

“Um… Anne I meant to say something to you last time we met, you can keep Poochyena” said Missy.

“Thank you, but why? She’s your first Pokemon” said Anne.

“Poochyena was given to me by Team Magma, even the new Pokemon they gave me doesn’t feel right” said Missy.

“What Pokemon?” said Mina.

“Zubat” said Missy.

“Oh I see…” said Maggie.

Well why don’t one of us help you catch one. Since you don’t really want to help your sister catch us why not have one that wouldn’t have the heart to attack us anyways” said Mina.

“Okay.” said Missy.

“I don’t trust you so Magby attack that girl” said Peter.

Both Deborah and Kia got in front of Magby.

“Please don’t.” said Kia.

“You shouldn’t do it, sure it may be a trap but for now let’s trust her” said Deborah.

“Fine” said Magby.

“Oh yeah, you know there’s a con near Cilegna Town next week” said Missy.

"Really Sasami, okay it’s the perfect place for us to go. Big crowd and us in disguises it’s the perfect place!” said Mina.

“What?” said Kia.

“Come, you can walk around freely from the group for once outside of a Pokemon center with out worry of being attack from Team Aqua or Team Magma.” said Mina.

“Well at least it’s after the contest” said Peter.

“Well I don’t like it!” said Kia.

“Fine then we’ll vote, Peter and Matt excluded” said Mina.

“All for” said Mina.

All but Kia raised their hands.

“All opposed” said Mina.

No one but Kia raised her hand.

“All right it’s decided we are going” said Mina.

“Hey!” said Kia.

“I’m kind of fan and I always wanted to cosplay.” said April.

“Same here” said Maya.

“I want to see if there's karaoke” said Ronnie.

“I want to try something new” said Beth.

“I want to go for Mina’s sake” said Anne.

“Me too” said Maggie.

“I want to make fun of their costumes if they are bad” said Megan.

“I just want a nice day without being at a Pokemon center.” said Deborah.

“I just don’t want to be asked for my autograph” said Maddie.

“Okay, I’ll make the costumes any requests?” said Mina.

“Sasami from Tenchi” said April.

“Meilin from Cardcaptors” said Maya.

“Anyone but Kagome from Inu-Yasha.” said Kia.

“Okay” said Mina, who decided Kia, would go as Kikyo.

Missy looked at her list.

“That’s pretty funny” said Missy.

“Let me guess by the way your disguise is you want Kohran, right?” said Mina.
Missy nodded happily.

“Okay” said Mina.

“Oh yeah I was wondering who are these two guys?” said Missy.

“This Matt” said Mina

“Hi!” said Matt.

“And this is Peter” said Mina.

“Look I don’t trust you!” said Peter.

“Shut up Baka!” said Mina.

“It means jerk doesn’t it?” said Peter.

“No” said Mina and Missy at the same time.

“Shoot there goes my lead” said Peter snapping his finger in disappointment.

“They are from Mina’s home town” said April.

“Peter is also my cousin as well as Anne’s. Anne is also Mina’s cousin so it’s pretty strange” said Maggie.

“You two are cousins?” said Missy.

“Not only that but Beth and I grew up together” said Ronnie.

“Maybe you were born together to find each other easier” said Missy.

“That makes sense” said Mina.

There was a loud noise.

“What is that?” said Matt.

“The Cute Twin of Team Magma is her!” said Chrissie holding a very large rope gun.

Everyone stared at her.

“Where’s your sister?” said Megan.

“I don’t know but she got very upset after the giant robot incident” said Chrissie.

“We anime fans would love to use a mech, as long as it is for fighting evil beings and other giant robots” said Mina.

“That’ what my sister said. How do you know that?” said Chrissie.

“That’s what I would do” said Mina.

“O…k, any ways time for me to attack!” said Chrissie.

She shot at Deborah, Megan, April and Maddie. All of the Water and Fire
Pokemon came out and gave their energy to them.

“You learned their power attack too.” said Chrissie.

“All right, time to transform!” said Mina.

“Right” said the others.

They all transformed, afterwards they huddled together.

“I can’t use my power attack since the power up” said Mina.

“Me nether” said Ronnie.

“And we just learned ours” said Deborah.

“I can do it” said Anne.

“Me too” said Beth.

“Okay” said Mina.

“Dark Moonlight Laser” said Anne doing her attack.

“Rock Hard Crash!” said Beth doing her attack.

Both attacks cut the ropes.

“Blizzard!” said Mina.

Chrissie went flying.

“I now understand why you always beat me” said Missy.

“Huh?” said Mina.

“Team work, all of you trusts each other” said Missy.

Missy began crying.

She remembered when she was first assigned to it. She didn’t want to it as she is a big fan of Maddie, she also didn’t like the fact that had Anne’s parents captive for many years.

Anne’s Poochyena came out of its Pokeball.

“Oh Poochyena, I know you still love me. I remember I asked to go to Anne because I didn’t want to train you anymore, it brought back terrible memories.” said Missy.

“Then Poochyena…” said Anne.

“Unlike Houndour and Houndoom who came on their own free will, I told Poochyena to go to you” said Missy.

“But Poochyena’s your first Pokemon, that’s the Pokemon you have a connection to.” said Anne.

“I know, but I know that Poochyena’s life would be much better with you. Please” said Missy.

“Okay” said Anne.

Something out of the bushes, it was a Sneasel.

“Hello there I just want to speak to the Pokemon Angels” said the Sneasel who was clearly female unlike Mina's.

“Sneasel, can you please become this girl's Pokemon please” said Mina.

“Of course!” said the Sneasel.

“Thank you Mina.” said Missy.

Later in a Team Magma base.

“I found these three with the Pokemon Angels, one has been identified as Peter Macels, another Matt Cox however the third remains unknown.” said Chrissie.

“Can you inform your sister about them?” said a Team Magma member.

“I can’t not as long as she is on vacation” said Chrissie.

“Fine then. Find out more about this girl by yourself and report it to me” said a Team Magma member

“Yes sir” said Chrissie.


You need to change your vocabulary. You need to put in detail. You need to change the dialouge. I am not harassing you, it's just that you aren't taking into account anything I've said, and this fic is turning out abysmal because of it.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(Look I had a bad time at school okay you don't want to know what happened, I don't even waqnt to say what happened okay :( *is acculty cryibng from what happened*)

Chapter 7: More Contest Rivalry

The larger than usual group finally got to Fallarbor Town with a lot of problems from Peter. When they got to the Pokemon Center, he fell right into bed.

“Sleep!” he said falling into the bed.

“O…k” said Matt.

Meanwhile everyone else was in the lobby. There many people practicing for the contest.

“Look out the winner is here!” said Maya.

“I’m going to win!” said April.

“No I am” said Maya.

“Now, now you two play nicely” said Maddie.

“What’s with them?” said Missy.

“Well they grew up together and they have a rivalry when it comes to contests” said Mina.

“Funny I haven’t seen them fight like this in a long time” said Deborah.

“Yeah since we met Maya.” said Mina.

Matt came in the lobby to ask Nurse Joy something.

“Um… my friend just wet the bed can we have new sheets” said Matt.

“Did I just here what I think I heard?” said Mina.

She walked away toawrds the room.

“I wonder what she’s going to?” said Missy.

“Beats me Sasami” said Ronnie.

“Wow, you guys haven’t figured out?” said Maggie.

“Ohhhh!” said Megan she figured out that something might have happened to Peter.

Megan began to walk away.

“This is going to be interesting, does any want to watch?” said Maggie.

“Watch what?” said Missy.

"I'll show you" said Maggie.

She took Missy's hand and both began to walk away.

Nurse Joy was changing the sheets with the door open.

“I’m so sorry.” said Peter.

“That’s okay” said Nurse.

Mina entered the hall way close behind Megan, Maggie and Missy.

“Well here I go” said Mina.

Mina walked signing “Bed wetter, bed wetter, bed wetter”

“Wow it’s just like that Love Letter teasing song that Yukari sang in Azumanga Daioh” said Missy.

"O...k" said Megan.

“Mina!” said Peter gritting his teeth.

Megan walked into the room.

“Oh crud” said Peter.

“You wet the bed? That is so embarrassing! How old are you 5?” said Megan.

“Megan! I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!” said Peter.

“I’m all done” said Nurse Joy she walked out of the room very fast so she wouldn't see the aftermath.

“Challenge accepted but do you think you can win?” said Megan.

“Oh man I forgot, Megan’s Water Angel” said Peter.

“Later, right before dinner” said Megan.

“I changed my mind” said Peter.

“Good choice” said Megan.

That night during dinner Missy was talking to Mina.

“So your relationship, what is it exactly?” said Missy.

“With who?” said Mina.

“With Peter.” said Missy.

“Sasami, Missy… I hate his guts!” yelled Mina.

“Well it reminds me of Ranma/ Akane and Kagome/ Inu-Yasha … and Usagi/ Mamoru… and Momoko/ Yosuke well you get the idea.” said Missy.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” said Mina.

“You two like each other but can’t say it” said Missy.

“No its not! If I had the chance I would physically harm him which I have, you know what I do to him.” said Mina.

Missy adjusted her glasses and said “I don’t think so”

Mina blushed, walked away and said “I have to go work on Maddie’s costume”

“I can tell they love each other.” said Missy to herself.

Then the next day right before the contest began.

“I’ll win!” said April.

“No I will!” said Maya.

Mina and Peter were arguing too but unlike Maya and April it was very childish.

“You are a bed wetter!” said Mina.

“I’m not” said Peter.

“Are too!” said Mina.

“Am not!” said Peter.

“Are too!” said Mina

“Am not!” said Peter.

“Are not!” said Mina.

“Am too!” said Peter.

“Are not!” said Mina.

“Am too a bed wetter! And that’s final” said Peter.

Every stared at him because he did say something extremely stupid.

“He sure is a Baka” said Missy.

“What baka mean any ways?” said Maggie.

Missy whispered into her ear.

“He sure is one” said Maggie.

Later the contest began in the Contest Hall. It was April’s turn

“All right April!” said Matt.

“Wow this is the first Pokemon contest I’ve ever been to” said Missy.

“Really I guess you never had time” said Mina.

“Yeah I never really had the time” said Missy.

“Come on out Roseila” said April.

Roseila came out sparkling almost.

“Use Petal Dance!” said April.

“Right!” said Roseila. Roseila began to spin the spinning made flower petals go everywhere.

“Now use Magical Leaf to cut the petals” said April.

“Okay!” said Roseila who stopped spinning. She took out her flower and shot out glowing leaves that cut the petals. The Petals went all over the hall.

“Pretty” said Missy.

Mina looked at her with a smile.

April’s score was 27.7

“The best score yet” said the announcer.

Then it was Maya’s turn.

“Go Maya!” said Ronnie.

“Come on out Butterfree!” said Maya.

Butterfree came out.

“Use String Shot!” said Maya.

Butterfree used String Shot.

“Now use Confusion on the string shot.” said Maya.

The sting shot became different shapes of Pokemon.

“Oh wow!” said Missy.

Maya’s score was 29.8.

“As near perfect as can be” said the announcer.

“Wow, Maya did better than April.” said Missy.

“April’s a very good sport. If used all of her power then she would have had a perfect score. But she can control it very well. She's one of the two can that is why...” said Mina but Mina cut her self off what she was about to say.

“Is there something you want to say?” said Missy.

“No, there isn’t” said Mina.

Something had been on her mind for quite a while but she still needed to think about it would have annoying just to blurt it out especially in front of Peter.

Later the official scorings were put up.

“They won’t face each in the first round, that’s good” said Maddie.
April’s first match was first, right before there was a small explosion. From the dust came J-Lo and Jonathan.

“Even though we don’t have a cute phrase we can come out in a big” said J-Lo.

“It was her idea.” Said Jonathan pointing to J-Lo.

“So grass Angel we meet again” said J-Lo.

She took out a gun and shot April.

“I have an idea!” said Maggie.

She took out a few pieces of cotton and gave some to Missy and Kia. She went up to the stage.

“Come on out Igglybuff!” said Maggie.

“Igglybuff!” said Igglybuff.

She took the microphone from the announcer and gave it Igglybuff. She put the cotton that she had into her ear. Kia and Missy did so to.

“Igglybuff, use Sing!” said Maggie.

Everyone in the contest hall fell asleep, except for J-Lo, Jonathan who plugged their ears and the girls.
Maggie returned Igglybuff to its Pokeball and gave the sleep announcer back her mike.

As Maggie was leaving the stage Celebi came out of its Pokeball, as well as all of April’s other Pokemon. All of the Pokemon glowed green.

“Could it be?” said Maggie.

“April’s learning her power attack” said Mina.

“All right!” said Missy.

“Too bad for your sister” said Megan.

“Your right” said Missy.

April ripped off the ropes and she transformed.

“How dare you do this at a Pokemon Contest, I will root you out!” said April.

“No!” said J-Lo.

“Grass Flower Blizzard!” said April she twirled very slowly and a flurry of flower hit them so fast and hard that is literary carried them away. Both J-Lo and Jonathan flew out the building.

April smiled and collapsed

“Looks like we have to clean up” said Mina.

“I’ll go find Maya, wake her up and get her to help.” said Maddie.

“I’ll wake up Matt and the Baka” said Mina.

Everyone cleaned up including April after she felt better.

“We should wake up everyone” said Maggie.

“I have a great way!” said Peter.

“What?” said everyone else.

He grabbed the mike from the announcer and yelled in a British accent “Hey wake up!”

“What happened?” said Nurse Joy.

“My Igglybuff got too excited and used Sing” said Maggie.

“Okay. Now I think we should start the contest back up” said the announcer.

“Here’s your mike back” said Peter handing her the Mike.

April won her battle as well as Maya.

“Ether way, one of our friends will win” said Mina.

The battle began after one hit from Maya April threw in the towel.

“Hey it’s just like last time, but it’s the opposite.” said Mina.

“You mean…” said Missy.

“Last time they fought in a contest Maya threw in the towel after just one
Hit” said Maddie.

“So I guess the winner is Maya by a TKO?” said the Announcer "Didn't this happen last time they fought except the other way around?" she mumbled.
After the contest Matt and Peter parted ways. As they were walking in the forest Maya asked April.

“Why did you give up?”

“Last time, you did it for me. This I did for you” said April.

“Thank you” said Maya.

“Next stop the Cilegna Anime Con!” said Mina.

“All right!” said Missy.

"Oh great..." said Kia

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(Thank you for your compelemnt)

Chapter 8: Maddie Gets Kidnapped… by Team Rocket?!

The con was still days away, but Mina had finished the costumes. As you know Kia would be going as Kikyo (Inu-Yasha), April as Sasami (Tenchi Muyo), Maya as Meilin (Cardcaptor Sakura) and Missy as Kohran from Sakura Wars. Mina made choices on personality, hair color or body type and a random element. Anne would go as Anti (Corrector Yui), Maddie would go Michelle (R.O.D.), Maggie would go as Dijiko (Di Gi Charat), Megan would go as Mint (Tokyo Mew Mew), Beth would go as Ranprha (Galaxy Angel), Deborah would go as Houtaru/ Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon), Ronnie would go as Ran (Angel Tails) and Mina her self would be going as Osaka (Azumanga Daioh). They diced to try on the costumes.

“Wow this good, really good. The best costume I’ve ever had” said Missy.

“Thanks” said Mina.

“So this isn’t Kagome?” said Kia.

“Nope” said Mina.

“It’s Kikyo” said Missy.

Kia began to feel suspicious about something.

“Is there some sort of relationship between them?” said Kia.

“Nope” said Mina.

Mina lied, in Inu-Yasha, Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo but they are completely different though.

“Why do I get the feeling like they are lying to me.” said Kia to herself.

“I was wondering where did you get the wigs?” said Ronnie.

“It’s a secret” said Mina.

“Oh come on” said Ronnie.

“I can’t tell you” said Mina.

Mina learned how to make wigs from string shot, she learned it from the internet.

“Okay” said Ronnie.

Later they back in regular clothes, they were near a beautiful lake.

“There’s a river, I bet it goes out to the ocean” said Ronnie.

“It sure does” said a voice.

“Who said that” said Mina.

“Said what?” said Maddie.

“I heard it too.” said Megan.

There was a small splash of water and Spheal came out.

“Kawaii!” said Mina.

"Kawaii?" said Maddie.

"It means cute" said Missy.

“I got lost and I came up stream. Can I live with Ice Angel?” said Spheal.

“Hey what about me?” said Megan.

Spheal looked at both of them.

“Ice Angel looks nicer.” said the Spheal.

“Really!” said Mina.

“Really” said Spheal.

“All right! I caught a Spheal!” said Mina doing the V is Victory sign.

"I'm just as nice" said Megan.

Not too far Ash and company were walking around, lost.

“Where are we?!” said May.

“I don’t know” said Max.

“Well it’s your fault!” said May.

“Why is it mine?” said Max.

“Pikachu…” said Pikachu.

“Come on guys stop it” said Ash.

Meanwhile Maggie was cooking lunch and Mina set up the karaoke machine. Mina begins to sing Starry Sky. April gets up and heads into a heavily wooded area while everyone was looking at Mina.

Meanwhile back with Ash and the others they heard Mina singing.

“What’s that?” said Ash.

“Music, maybe someone’s nearby” said Max.

“We should check it” said May.

“I think I heard this voice before.” said Brock.

They head towards the music.

“Hey it’s Mina” said May.

“Hey!” said Ash.

“Oh hey!” said Kia.

Beth went to Brock.

“Brock!” said Beth.

“Beth!” said Brock.

“My stomach!” said Megan.

Ronnie hit her with a big paper fan.

“Ow!” said Megan.

April came out of the heavily wooded area.

“Oh hi guys” said April.

"Why were you in the heavily wooded area?” said Maya.

“I had to inform something about the past” said Maggie.

“What?” said Ash.

“Oh I get, Celebi right?” said Maggie.

“Bingo” said April.

“Hi guys do you recognize me?” said Missy.

Ash, Brock, Max and May looked at her.

“No who are you?” said Ash.

“Not at all” said Brock.

“Why would we recognize you?” said Max.

“What they said” said May.

“It’s a good disguise after all.” said Missy.

Maggie’s body began to glow. She sent out three beams from her hands followed by clear "ows" of Chrissie, J-Lo, Jonathan and Team Rocket.

“Got rid of all the spies, so you can tell them now” said Maggie.

“Thanks” said Missy, “It’s me Missy the Team Magma member”

“What?!” said Ash, May, Brock and Max.

While they were eating lunch they talked.

“Why are dressed up like that Mi…” said May.

“Call me Sasami, that’s my alias right now.” said Missy.

“So you trying to hide identity” said May.

“From my sister, if she finds out I’m sticking around with Mina and the others I’m in danger” said Missy.

“So why are you traveling?” said Max.

“There’s an anime convention in a few days in Cilegna Town” said Missy.

“I can’t wait!” said Mina.

“Wow I didn’t know there were conventions” said Ash.

“There are a lot of them.” said Mina.

“Wow” said May.

Meanwhile Team Rocket was trying to find good binoculars after Maggie destroyed most of their equipment.

“That creepy psychic girl. She’s going to get hers” said Jessie.

As they were looking they found orange ropes.

“What are these?” said James.

“Bright orange ropes.” said Jessie.

“Os I remember these” said James, “Members of Team Magma gave them to use to capture a Pokemon Angel”

“Oh yeah” said Jessie.

“Why don’t we capture them and give them to the boss” said Meowth.

“What?” said James.

“Picture this, 8 beauties that control Pokemon, almost have of all Pokemon under their control. And do you know what the boss would say?” said Meowth.

“What?” said Jessie.

“For giving me these legendary beings I’m promoting you to the executive branch” said Meowth.

“I don’t know… don’t they have free will?” said James.

“It doesn’t matter, with this they would be in weakened state. And I have plan to make fun of Ice Angel.” said Jessie.

Meanwhile Maggie was washing dishes.

“Oh May I have something to show you” said Maya.

She took out a Ribbon case.

“I won another Pokemon contest” said Maya.

“Wow that’s so cool” said May.

“Have you gotten any badges?” said Ash.

“Nope, I still need to train” said Mina.

“To win?” said Ash.

“No to control my power better. Every time I battle I win because of my powers. I know that it’s not considered cheating since it’s me and my Pokemon working together. But I channel too much power into my Pokemon” said Mina.

“Channel?” said Ash.

“Yes, all the Pokemon Angel once their Powers have awakened they can channel their energy into the Pokemon their working with. But, right now only Maddie and April can control it” said Kia.

“All my Pokemon’s attacks are too strong. I need to make them not so strong.” said Mina.

“Wow, how are you going to that?” said Ash.

“I began to battle with April and Maddie. They make it so that the Pokemon can withstand a certain amount of attack if I do too much their Pokemon are unable to battle. I’m doing pretty well. I still need control it more.” said Mina.

“Some times Maggie also uses Celebi, since April can channel her energy into the Celebi” said Maya.

“Hey can I help?” said Ash.

“With Treeko, sure. I should do a variety of Pokemon since I only battle with so few.” said Mina.

Not long later the practice match began.

“Since Ash is not used to it, I’m going have Treeko be at a very high level, but low enough that Mina can channel.” said April focusing on Treeko.

“This is a one on one match between Mina and Ash. The winner will be declared when the opponents Pokemon is defeated.” said Maddie who was refereeing.

“Go Treeko” said Ash.

Treeko came out its Pokeball.

“Go Spheal!” said Mina.

“Mina caught a Spheal!” said Max.

“Today in fact” said Anne.

“That’s pretty cool.” said May.

“And begin” said Maddie.

“Spheal use Rollout!” said Mina.

“Dodge it Treeko and use Bullet Seed!” said Ash.

Treeko’s attack hit while Spheal's missed, Spheal looked a little tired out.

“Spheal!” said Mina.

“I’m fine” said Spheal.

“Okay, use Rollout again!” said Mina.

“Treeko, use Pound!” said Ash.

Treeko’s attack hit and Spheal was unconscious.

“Spheal is unable to battle, Treeko is the winner!” said Maddie.

“Mina lost” said May.

“That’s what she was trying to do. The goal is to lose, strange every time she used Dewgong she’d win. I don’t think level had anything to do with it” said Maddie.

They turned around and saw all Megan envelop her.

“We won’t let you cheat! We won’t let you cheat! We know you can control your powers we won't let you cheat!” all of them chanted.

"I think Water Angel should stop messing around with you, she knows how control her powers" said Spheal

"Megan knows how to control her power?!" said Mina

“I think we should use a fan whenever Mina uses ether Dewgong or Spheal” said April.

There was an explosion. And a giant robot came out nowhere. The top opened up and Jessie was dressed up as Ryoko (Tenchi) and James as Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon).

“Prepare an anime trouble”
“And make it manga double”
“To protect the world from devastation”
“To untie all people within out nation”
“To denounce the evils of truth and love!
“To extend out reach to the stars above!”
“Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”
“Meowth, that’s right!”

Mina and Missy began to laugh.

“What is it?” said Jessie.

“Oh its not you Ryoko fits you, its James, sure he looks like Sailor Mercury some what but dressing like her? Ha ha ha hah aha!” said Mina.

"James is a cross-dress" said Missy.

"He does it all time" said Brock.

Both girls began to laugh even harder.

They took off the costumes.

“Are you after Pikachu or one of our Pokemon?” said Maddie.

“We’re after all of you.” said James.

“If Team Magma and Team couldn’t catch us what are the chances you will” said Mina.

“We’ll show you” said Jessie.

They went into the Robot and many hands came out and grabbed all of them. However all but April and Maddie became weak.

“What going on?” said April.

“These hands contain the ropes.” said Maddie.
All of April’s Pokemon came out of its Pokeballs as well Maggie’s Celebi, Ash’s Treeko and Brock’s Lombre.

“Brock’s Lotad evolved.” said Megan.

“That’s great” said Mina.

All of the Pokemon began to glow green.

“I’m good!” said April.

All of them but Maddie broke free of their hands.

“Let’s transform!” said Mina.

“Right!” said Anne.

They all transformed.

“Doing this when you’re obviously out of league, you don’t stand a fighting chance” said Ronnie Scolding them

“Trying to capture us is wrong, my darkness will consume you!” said Anne scolding them

“How dare you do that to me and your Cacnea, I will root you out!” said April scolding them

“You shouldn’t do that, my wave will crush you!” said mina scolding them

“What you’re doing is not right, my fire will burn you!” said Deborah scolding them

“You shouldn’t follow Brock and the others around, I will rock your world” said Beth scolding them

“Dressing up as one of my favorite anime characters is unforgivable, I will freeze your power!” said Mina scolding them.

“Why do you say those things?” said Jessie talking about the scoldings.

“Why do you say those things?” said Mina talking about the motto.

There was an awaked silence.

“I’ll handle it!” said April.

“No not your power attack!” said Mina.

“I’m not going to use it,"

She put her hands in front of her they began to sparkle white

"Solar Beam!” said April and she shot out a white beam.

The attack hit the giant robot and it went flying, however they forgot to Maddie from the hand.

“Team Rocket’s blasting off again”

“Oh great they have Maddie!” said Mina.

“That’s not good” said Anne.

“Don’t worry all you have to do is fallow me” said Megan.


Oceanic Legend
Well, here goes my opinion.

First off, you need to turn it into a proper fic, and remove the Play likeness. Aswell as the speech describe what's happening, and what the surroundings are.

Read the Advice for Aspiring Authors thread for further advice on writing.

Length was alright, but there were some grammar mistakes. Keep writing!

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(Thank you your complemnts and critizim)

Chapter 9: Maddie Learns her Power Attack

Team Rocket landed in some trees. Not noticing that Maddie was there.

Though she was unconscious still in the hand

“Why does that always happened to us?” said Jessie.

“Oh look” said Meowth.

He pointed to Maddie.

“That’s perfect.” said Jessie.

Back with the others they raced to where Team Rocket and Maddie were. Kia, May and Max rode on Arcanine’s back, while the Pokemon Angels flew with the others on their backs: Missy rode on Mina, Maggie rode on Anne, Maya rode on April, Brock rode on Beth and Ash and Pikachu rode on Deborah.

“I can sense Maddie’s Kingdra.” said Megan.

“I also can sense James’ Cacnea” said April.

Meanwhile with Team Rocket and Maddie who was still unconscious and the hand, they put her into a cage.

“Well we finally did something right” said Jessie.

“Let’s celebrate” said James.

They began to have a big lunch.

Maddie began to wake up she looked around and saw Team Rocket eating a big lunch.

“This is a dream, right?” said Maddie.

“This is no dream.” said Meowth.

“Let me go, do you know who I am?” said Maddie.

“No who are you, other then a Pokemon Angel?” said James.

“I finally meet people who don’t know who I am and their holding me captive.” said Maddie.

“What do you mean?” said Jessie.

“I’m the famous Dragon Master, Maddie Ricker” said Maddie.

“I think I heard that name before” said James.

He took out a book and saw Maddie’s picture in the book.

“Maddie Ricker, she’s rumored to be mean, those rumors came from her not wanting to sign autographs and the fact that she tends to punch the press, she is really a nice person” read James.

“So your famous, should we hold you for ransom or bring you to the boss?” said Meowth.

“What?” said Maddie.

“This is will take a lot of thought.” said Jessie.

“Honestly...” said Maddie.

Meanwhile Mina and the others had gotten there.

“Hey I know we already did they speeches but I have two more, I’d like to do.” said Mina.

“Okay…” said Anne.

“All right!” said Mina.

She went over to where they were.

“How dare you place Sailor Mercury with the likes of Man Faye! I will freeze your Power!”

“Man Faye?” said Anne.

“He’s a legendary cosplayer, that’s all I’m going to say” said Missy.

“Using giant robots capture us is just plain wrong, I will freeze your power!”

“We heard you the first time” said Jessie.

Everyone came out of the bushes.

“Pokemon Angels are here!” said Anne.

“Yeah, yeah, we know you’re here” said Jessie.

“Now pay up or else we’ll give her to the boss.” said Meowth.

Everyone stared at them.

“You’re holding her up for ransom” said Mina.

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” said Megan.

“That’s the best insult we heard her dealt” Mina whispering to Anne.

“Hey what does that mean?” said Jessie.

“You’re lame!” said Megan.

“What?!” said Jessie.

“You! Are! Lame!” said Megan.

“Want to say that to my face” said Meowth.

Spheal came out its Pokeball and whispered to Mina “This is a distraction. Go help the other Pokemon Angel” said Spheal.

“Okay” said Mina.

Mina sneaked to the cage and opened it.

“Glad to see me?” said Mina.

“Sure am” said Maddie.

Mina freed Maddie from the hand.

“That shouldn't have done that to me!” said Maddie with an aura of anger.

She ran out of the cage to see that Team Rocket was arguing with Megan who was singing “Lame” over and over again to the tune of Jingle Bells.

“I think she’s gone a little over board” said Mina.

“No kidding” said Spheal.

Maddie cleared her throat, Team Rocket turned around. Maddie smirked. All of her Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs and all glowed a shade of orange.

“You shouldn’t have messed with me!” said Maddie.

“What are you going to do?” said Jessie.

She transformed. She put her hands together then them apart a large orange fiery ball appeared.

“Dragon Rage Supreme!” said Maddie.

The huge ball crashed into Team Rocket and they went flying.

“Team Rocket’s blasting off again”

Maddie detransformed and fell to the ground.

“She was exposed to the hands for too long, she needs her rest” said Mina.
Ash, May, Max, Kia, Brock, Maggie, Maya and Missy came out the bushes.

“Sorry Maddie” said Missy.

“For what?” said Maddie.

“Well me, Chrissie and Rupert Stigginmob gave them ropes in the first place, I thought they disintegrated when the robot they used that them exploded.” said Missy.

“You must have given them more then enough” said Mina.

“Guess so” said Missy.

“I think I should get our stuff from the camp site and this can be out new one” said Maggie.

“Good idea I think I should come with you” said Kia.

Missy still looked sad.

Later After dinner Ash and the rest found out they were seriously lost.

“Man, you guys should learn to read a map” said Megan.

Kia hit her with a big paper fan.

Missy got up and left.

“I think I should talk to her” said Mina.

She went to where Missy was sitting looking up at the sky, she was also crying.

“It’s not your fault this happened, it was just a coincidence that it happened.

Even with we hadn’t interfered Maddie would have used one of her Pokemon.

After all she a Pokemon Master” said Mina.

“It’s not that.” Said Missy,

“What is it?” said Mina.

“You guys are the best friends I’ve ever had, especially you. I’m even surprised what both Anne and Ash are my friends especially after what I did to them” said Missy.

“Anne was angrier with Team Aqua than with you guys plus you gave her Poochyena. Plus both of them forgave you.” said Mina.

“You guys… I wish my sister was like you guys” said Missy.

“Sasami…” said Mina.

Chrissie was watching them however her sound equipment was destroyed when Maggie shot beams at her.

“Sasami Sango, I will find who are and why you are traveling with even if it kills me” said Chrissie.

The next day the two groups were parting ways.

“I can’t believe how much you guys get lost. You’re pathetic” said Megan.

“Mina can I borrow one of those fans fan” said Max.

“Sure thing” said Mina.

She handed him a big paper fan and he hit Megan it.

“Ow!” said Megan.

“Thank you” said Max handing back the fan.

“Your welcome.” said Mina.

“So looks like we’re parting ways again” said Brock.

“Looks like it” said Beth.

“Time to go” said Max pulling Brock’s ear.

"That's right" said Ronnie pulling Beth's arm.

“Well bye you guys” said Mina.

“Bye” said Ash.

As they were walking Megan said “You shouldn’t lend anyone your fans”

“You shouldn’t make fun of people” said Mina.

“Uhhh…” said Megan.

“Mina’s right you make fun of everyone, find another hobby” said Missy.

“Fine then I’ll cook lunch, cooking’s my other hobby” said Megan.

“I haven’t tried your cooking” said Maya.

“Me nether” said Anne.

“Okay, then you three haven’t tried anything until you tasted my food” said Megan.

Everyone who had Megan’s food stopped in their tracks.

“I’m not hungry for lunch” said they all said.

“Great the more for us” said Missy.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 10: Chrissie’s Plan

Maya, Anne, Missy and Megan just got over food poisoning when Mina looked at her Pokenav. It was early morning the day before the con.

“Just a couple miles” said Mina.

“Yay!” said Missy.

Mina looked at her watch.

“Its 7:55, time to get ready” said Mina.

“Time for Mew Mew!” said Missy.

They pulled out Mina’s TV and Satellite.

“It’s too early for this!” said Kia waking up from the commotion.

“Well too bad!” said Mina and Missy at the same time.

“Creepy” said Kia.

Half an hour later Mina and Missy talked about Mew Mew Power.

“It wasn’t that bad” said Mina.

“I know. If was extremely bad I would have done something to 4kids HQ you know what I mean, using eam-Tay agma-May” Said Missy.
Mina was shocked; then again if she had the recourses she would do something to 4kids HQ as well.

“I think they showed the episode that they would have shown if the vote wasn’t rigged” said Mina.

“It seems that, I was relieved when they showed the preview, I thought it Cardcaptors all over again” said Missy.

“Shut up! Just shut up! Who cares?” said Kia who was still awake.

“This is private conversation why are you interfering?” said Mina.

“Honestly” said Kia to herself.

Later after they continued on their journey Mina and Missy continued to talk about anime.

“I’m thinking of getting into Magic Knight Rayearth, I heard good things about it” said Mina.

“Considering how many Magical Girl shows you like as well as CCS and Angelic Layer you’ll probably like” said Missy.

“Oh yeah, Kia you might like it” said Mina.

“Really, why?” said Kia.

“A lot of the characters are named after cars” said Mina.

“Really I thought you were going to make a crack about something else” said Kia.

“I don’t get it” said Missy.

“Well Kia’s parents have an agreement, her mother gets to name all of their boys and her father gets to anime all the girls. Kia has four sisters: Porsche, Mercedes, Subaru and Lexis” said Mina.

“All car names…” said Missy.

“Well I’m also going to check out some other titles too.” said Mina.

“Really which ones?” said Missy.

“I have yet to decide.” said Mina.

Meanwhile in a nearby Team Magma base Chrissie was discussing her mission.

“I have only found out this girl’s name, Pokemon and hobbies” said Chrissie.

“What are they?” said a Team Magma.

“Her name is Sasami Sango, she trains a Sneasel and Zubat and her hobbies are being an anime fan” said Chrissie.

“I have an idea about her” said a Team Magma member.

“What is it Clark?” said another Team Magma member.

“What if it’s really Missy in a disguise and that she became really good friends with the Pokemon Angels” said the first Team Magma member.

“Don’t be ridicules, she on vacation” said the second Team Magma member.

“Yeah my sister is just on vacation nothing more, unless she knows something about Sasami Sango which I doubt” said Chrissie.

Meanwhile Missy kept on sneezing.

“You have a cold?” said Anne.

“No, I don’t think so” said Missy.

“Maybe someone’s talking about you” said Mina.

“What kind of thing is that?” said Megan.

“It’s a Japanese belief” said Mina.

“Sounds stupid to me” said Megan.

“So you’re making fun of someone else’s culture?” said Missy adjusting her glasses.

“No no, I’m not” said Megan.

Despite the fact that Megan like making fun of people she didn’t want to be considered her a racist.

Chrissie got to where they were and watched the group.

“While the cats away. The mouse will play” said Chrissie.

She looked over to a huge thing that was covered in shadows.

“Its time for lunch” said Maggie.

“All right!” said Mina.

“We need a small break any ways.” said Missy.

“I’m cooking this time!” said Megan.

“No!” said Missy, Maya, and Anne.

“Why not” said Megan.

“I don’t to have food poisoning again” said Missy.

“You know what I just realized, I never had your food I’d like to try it” said Deborah.

“What?!” said Missy.

“I was half kidding I haven’t had it, but Arcanine did on accident” said Deborah.

“Oh I see, Arcanine told you to stay away.” said Kia.

“Well any ways lets do Karaoke” said Mina.

“Yay!” said Missy.

Mina went first and sung Shinjitsu no uta.

Meanwhile Chrissie got ready.

“All right, this giant a robot has 9 whipping ropes to catch the Pokemon Angels and that girl on the outside. And an open cabin so I can get some air.” said Chrissie.

As Mina was singing, Chrissie arrived on giant robot.

“That robot…” said Mina.

“… is perverted” said Missy.

Both began to laugh very hard.

“Do you know they are laughing at?” said Anne to April.

“Nope” said April.

“What’s so perverted about the robot.” said Chrissie.

Mina began to blush “Well in Hentai tentacles are used like that”

“She’s right” said Missy.

“Stop it right now” said Chrissie.

She grabbed both Maddie and Missy and picked them up.

“This is bad” said Missy.

“I’m losing strength.” said Maddie.

All of her Pokemon came out and glowed orange.

“No it can’t be” said Chrissie.

“Come on out Sneasel” said Missy.

Missy sent her Sneasel.

“Use Metal Claw to cut off all these ropes” said Missy.

Sneasel cut off all the ropes.

Missy began to fall but Dragonair caught her.

“Thank you” said Missy.

“Sasami Sango who exactly are you?!” said Chrissie.

“Just an anime fan who good friends with Mina.” said Missy.

“Mina? Who’s Mina?” said Chrissie.

“You don’t know the names of any of them other then Maddie?” said Missy.

“No” said Chrissie.

“What about the other girls?” said Missy.

“Oh um sure: that is Creepy Psychic girl” said Chrissie pointing to Maggie.

“Hey!” said Maggie.

“That is girl named after car make that I can’t remember” said Chrissie pointing to Kia.

“At least she knows what I’m named after” said Kia.

“And that… that is the other girl” said Chrissie pointing to Maya.

“What?!” said Maya.

“Did you even notice that all the Pokemon Angels learned their power attacks?” said Missy.

“What, that’s not good” said Chrissie.

For some reason Chrissie’s giant robot began to float in mid air and turned upside down with Chrissie falling out and flew away.

“Maggie did you do that?” said Mina.

“Nope” said Maggie.

A Medicham came out of the bushes.

“I thought you needed help Fighting angel” it said.

“Cool!” said Ronnie.

“I better retreat for now” said Chrissie.

“Oh Fighting Angel, can I travel with you?” said the Medicham.

“Sure thing. I caught a Medicham” said Ronnie doing the V is victory sign.

They contented on their journey and they got to Cilegna Town.

“All right we are here!” said Mina.

“Yay!” said Missy.

Meanwhile in a Team Magma meeting.

“I’m afraid that all the Pokemon Angels who has been found have learned their Power Attacks” said Chrissie.

“Well it’s a good thing we were prepared then, we have heightened the strength of the energy wave by 10 times over, there is only one way the Pokemon Angels can win. And I doubt they would wind find out soon” said a Team Magma member.

"Thank you Charles" said Chrissie.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 11: Maho Shojo Pokemon Angels

It was the day of the con or Cilegna Town 2nd annual one day only anime convection, sponsored by Viz and ADV Films. Everyone was in their costumes. Kia still had a feeling that Kikyo had something to with Kagome.

“I’m checking out the dealers’ room” said Mina.

“I’m coming with you” said Missy.

“Checking out the karaoke room” said Ronnie.

“I’m going to see if there is relation between Kikyo and Kagome” said Kia quietly.

“What?” said Mina.

“I said I’m going something to eat and drink” said Kia.

“I’m going to check out worse if there are any worse costumes.” said Megan.

“I’m going to see if anyone recognizes me” said Maddie.

Meanwhile Chrissie was there. She figured out that they would be there, she had a mysterious new weapon on her, and she was dressed in her Sumire costume so no would notice her.

“If it wasn’t for the fact tat they are wearing costumes I would easily find them. This like searching for a needle in a hay stack” she said.

“Hey nice costume” said Megan in her Mew Mint costume.

“Uh thanks” said Chrissie.

“Not as good as mine though” said Megan doing a cute pose.

Chrissie stared at Megan not saying anything.

“You're no fun” said Megan.

She walked away.

“Strange girl” said Chrissie.

“Excuse me, may I ask you a question?” said Kia in her Kikyo costume.

“Sure what?” said Chrissie.

“Do you watch Inu-Yasha?” said Kia.

“Can’t say I haven’t I know my sister does but she's not here.” said Chrissie.

“Oh sorry I wasted your time” said Kia, who then walked away.

“Strange people here” said Chrissie.

She continued to search when she bumped into Maddie who was in a Michelle costume.

“Sorry” said Chrissie.

“That’s okay” said Maddie.

Both walked away as if nothing happened

Chrissie entered the dealers’ room.

Both Mina and Missy were checking out DVDs.

“Should I get this or this one” said Mina in Osaka, summer school costume .

“I don’t know what to get ether” said Missy in her Kohran Kobu pilot training uniform costume.

She looked up and saw her sister looking around.

“That’s not good” said Missy.

“What?” said Mina.

She pointed to Chrissie.

“Chrissie’s here and she’s cosplaying” said Missy.

“Sumire, oh yeah I remember, the karaoke incident” said Mina.

“I made that costume herself.” said Missy.

“We better get the others” said Mina.

“Right” said Missy.

Both spilt up, Mina found both Beth and Ronnie in the karaoke room. Missy found the rest.

They met in secluded place.

“So Chrissie’s here” said Mina.

“Where” said Kia.

“We don’t know but we saw her, she Sumire Kanzaki in her Kobu Pilot Uniform” said Mina.

Everyone stared blankly not knowing who that was.

“The costume she wore at the karaoke contest” said Mina.

“Are you sure its not some one else?” said Deborah her Sailor Saturn costume.

“I’m positive, I made costume myself.” said Missy.

“I’m sure its fine” said Megan, Kia and Maddie at the same time.

“How do you know” said Mina.

“Criticized her costume” said Megan.

“I asked her about Kikyo” said Kia.

“She bumped into me” said Maddie.

“Well let’s just hope that she don’t find us” said Mina.

“You guys were lucky, I’m pretty sure she didn’t get a good look at Maddie since she’s not wearing a wig, but with Maya, April and myself we are in danger as I’m wearing a wig but Sasami Sango looked like Kohran Ri, and Maya’s the worst as she has the exact same hair style as Meilin” said Missy.

“Hopefully we won’t get noticed” said Mina.

“Oh and Mina” said Kia.

“Yes?” said Mina.

“Did you know that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo?” said Kia.
Mina sighed and said “Yes, but it is often said that Kagome isn’t Kikyo”

“That’s what the guy told me” said Kia.

Later both Mina and Missy were just looking around in an area that didn't have much people.

“I wonder if Chrissie is forfeiting” said Mina.

“If she was she would have told us earlier. I have a bad feeling about this” said Missy.

“Sasami Sango” said a voice.

“Oh hello, girl dressed as Sumire Kanzaki, nice day isn’t it? How do you know name. You sure do have the same taste in anime.” said Missy.

“Well I guess it’s a good disguise, but I’m one of the members of Team Magma who’s after your friends, now where are they?” said Chrissie.

“I don’t know” said Missy.

Chrissie looked at Mina.

“Don’t mind me” said Mina in southern accent.

Chrissie took out a large flash light and shined on Mina. She began to feel weak.

“This flash light is 10x stronger then the ropes. You should faint any second.” said Chrissie.

Mina fell to her knees.

“You knowing your power attack is useless, you be captured by me” said Missy.

All of Mina’s Pokemon came out as well Missy Sneasel. All 6 began to glow Sky Blue, each shot out a light beam.

“What’s happening” said Missy.

“No not now!” said Chrissie.

Kia was not far away from them and saw a sky blue light.

“What’s that light?” she said, and then she realized what was happening.

Meanwhile Megan was being admired by a bunch of cosplayers who she was about to tease.

“You know you’re really cute” said one of the male cosplayers.

“Why thank you” she said.

She began to sense something.

“I’m sorry I have to go” she said.

And she ran towards where she sensed it.

Anne who was in her Anti costume was just looking around when she sensed the same thing.

“What is this?” she said.
Anne, Kia and Megan met at the exact same place. They ran in the same direction.

“What’s happening?” said Anne.

“If my hunch is right then Mina will be one of the strongest Pokemon Angels, even stronger then Megan and Deborah, and they have the most Pokemon power within them.” said Kia.

“That means stronger then me?” said Megan.

“I just said that” said Kia.

“I wonder what it is?” said Anne.

All three girls got there.

“Guys” said Missy.

“What’s going on?” said Megan.

“Just I thought” said Kia.

The beams of light took shape, of wand. It was sky blue, with gems all over it and a snowflake on top.

“It’s a wand…” said Missy.

“The Ice Crystal Wand, the wand of the Ice Angel” said Kia.

Mina grabbed hold of it, she felt her strength return. Mina transformed into her Angel Form.

“Oh no!” said Chrissie.

“Lovely Ice Snow Storm!” said Mina.

She did many moves in including a twirl. A blast of ice and snow hit the flashlight and broke.

“I’ll get you next time” said Chrissie.

Chrissie ran away. Mina detransformed and looked at her wand.

“I always suspected it, but never believed it. We’re Magical Girls” said Mina.

“Magical Girls?” said Kia, Anne and Megan.

“It’s a genre of anime, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Mew Mew…” said Missy.

“Okay I get it” said Anne.

Later after the convention was over and everyone was out their costumes Kia explained it.

“The Pokemon Angels have wands which they use in dire situation. Mina’s is the Ice Crystal Wand, Beth’s is the Rock Ore Rod, Maddie is the Dragon’s Den Scepter, Megan’s is the Water Droplet Wand, April’s is the Grass Flower Scepter, Anne’s is the Dark Moon Rod, Deborah is Fire Flame Rod and Ronnie’s is the Fighting Sprit Rod. It is said that after they are reborn when a Pokemon Angel has learned her Power attack, gathers 6 Pokemon of their type are gathered and the Pokemon Angel needs it the wands will reappear. The wand accentually even outs all of the Pokemon Power the Angels has within them.” said Kia.

“Well obviously Both Deborah and Megan will get them soon when the new weapon is used on them, but who else?” said Maya.

“I added up all the Pokemon from our core group that we received since I’ve added them up, there are 7 dark Pokemon all together and 8 Pokemon for Water and Fire. So you guys will get your soon, Rock has 4, so we need two more Rock types, same with Dragon and Fighting, and Grass only needs 1, also oddly enough even though Flying Angel have yet to be found, she’ll have her wand the second she’s in danger after she learned her Power Attack” said Maggie.

“Wow, what other Pokemon Angels have Pokemon needed?” said Ronnie.

“Well normal and ghost have 1, and Bug, Poison, Ground, Psychic have three each” said Maggie.

“That’s good for them” said Mina.

“Well its time for to go” said Missy.

“Well see you soon” said Mina.

“I’ll go easy on you guys,” said Missy.

“Fake it like Kagura in Vanishing Point; Naraku Disappears.” said Mina.

“Will do” said Missy, “I’ll be back on my next vacation or something really really big happens”

She left and took off her disguise. She found her sister.

“Missy I have bad news. Ice Angel’s powered up.” said Chrissie.

“How?” said Missy playing dumb.

Meanwhile Mina and the other were walking.

“So do think it was a ploy?” said Maya.

“Doubt it, Chrissie looked very angry when Sasami laughed at the robot and I also know when someone on a Team is acting, trust me, I know Team members” said Anne.

“That’s good.” said Maggie.

“Why didn’t you this before?” said Megan.

“I just didn’t get around to it” said Anne.

“This means that we have a good friend and trustworthy ally” said Mina.

“We still can’t fully trust her yet though” said Maddie.

“I know that, but at least we trust her a lot” said Mina.

“Its time to settle down, I’m thinking of making pancakes” said Maggie.

“Pancakes for dinner, cool” said Mina.

“All right so pancakes it is” said Maggie.

Everyone sat down and Kia started the fire with her Cyndaquil. Mina took out her wand and looked at it.

“Thank you Missy, without your help I wouldn’t have this” she said to herself.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 12: Team Aqua Gains Another Member

At a Team Aqua member meeting, John and J-Lo were briefing on what’s going.

“According out pictures, not only has all the Pokemon Angels found has learned their Power Attacks but Ice Angel gained her wand. We need to develop a weapon to balance this out.” said Jonathan.

“Of course, also we’ve been asked by another member who was helping the development of an upcoming project to switch to help you” said a high ranking male Team Aqua member.

“Who?” said J-Lo.

“Lily Milo. I’m sure she’ll help out a lot” said the Team Aqua member.

“Wasn’t she going to be…” said Jonathan.

“Yes, she was going to be the main operative in that mission but she changed her mind. She’s going to help out you two, you need it on grounds and I quote "To finally put an end to our rivalry and capture that *****” said the Team Aqua member.

“Yes sir” said Jonathan.

"I don't want to know what that's about" said J-Lo.
Meanwhile Mina was explaining more Magical Girl stuff.

“Most Magical Girls transform using wands and other items such as jewelry and other items…” said Mina.

“Such as?” said Megan.

“Well Wedding Peach uses a compact, Angel Lily uses Lip Stick, in the Manga the Mew Mews transformed by concentrating on marks. That’s the closest thing us. There are also the Magical Girls who don’t transform like Cardcaptor Sakura, despite popular opinion, she doesn’t transform, it's her friend who makes her clothes. I tend to put Magical Girls into three categories: Genuine and parody…” said Mina.

“Parody?” said Kia.

“Yes, most of the Magical Girls I like are in fact parody Magical Girls but three of them: Pretty Sammy, Neruloid Girl and Nurse Witch Komugi are parodies” said Mina.

“Why do you put them there?” said Maddie.

“Well it simple Pretty Sammy was one of the first and since it also a spin off of Tenchi Muyo which is comedy you get the idea, Neruloid Girl is in a show that’s an over the top comedy and her costume is very reveling and finally Nurse Witch Komugi is a mix of the two: it was spun off from another show, unlike Pretty Sammy the show it spun off from was dark and moody but Nurse Witch Komugi is the exact opposite of the show its spun off from meaning its over the top comedy.” said Mina.

“By the way you talk the show it was spun off from, you’re not a fan.” said Maggie.

“No way, it’s too moody, I like dark but with comedy like Inu-Yasha and Sakura Wars. Sakura Wars has some great running gags while Inu-Yasha is partly a comedy.” said Mina.

“Oh I see” said Megan.

“You do” said Mina.

“You’re a weirdo” said Megan.

Mina took out her mallet and whacked Megan on the head.

“Megan…” said Anne.

“She did deserve it” said Maggie.

“I may dislike Anime but I would never call Mina weirdo” said Kia.

"Wow I'm not surprised that Mina used the mallet." said Maya.

Later while they were eating lunch Meghan noticed no one was sitting near her.

“Okay what is it?” said Megan.

“What is what?” said Mina.

“Why is everyone always avoiding me?” said Megan.

“We don’t avoid you” said Maggie.

“Oh yeah? What about everyone not ridding with me on Gyarados? What about the rooms before Maya joined us? The plane to Shamouti” said Megan.

“Its all in head” said Mina.

“No it's not! What is it about me?” said Megan.

“Nothing” said Anne.

“I know all of you are lying!” said Megan.

“Fine then the truth is that you annoy us. All of us, that is why you’re almost always in the rooms on your own at the Pokemon Centers, and one of the reasons why we wouldn’t ride Gyarados” said Mina.

“One of the reasons? What were the others” said Megan.

Everyone looked at her as if she knew the reason.

“Oh yeah” said Megan.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re a Pokemon Angel we wouldn’t have yet you join us” said Mina.

That remark really hurt Megan.

“Fine then, I’ll leave then” said Megan.

“Good riddance” said Mina.

Megan got her stuff and left.

Not long later Mina was updating her karaoke machine.

“SO I add this there and okay” said Mina.

“Mina…” said Anne.

“What is it?” said Mina.

“What you said to Megan, were you angry about what she said” said Anne.

“No, not at all” said Mina.

“Oh come on. We should find her” said Maggie.

“She chose to leave and it her decision just let her leave” said Mina.

“But Mina!” said Anne.

“Maybe I should try out one of the new songs” she said.

She began to sing Midnight Blue from Slayers.

Anne and Maggie went to the others.

“Mina’s trying to forget about it. By pretending to like new anime” said Ronnie.

“No, Mina just into a bunch of new anime remember I think 7.” said Anne.

“Geez!” said Maya

“We should try to look for her anyways. She’s a sitting duck.” said Anne.

“Say Anne, has Mina always been this mature, I mean one of the new anime she likes is well pretty mature” said April.

“You mean she likes porn” said Maddie.

“No it’s like South Park” said April.

“Well she has, it was probably why both Maggie and Mina get along” said Anne.

“Why is that?” said Beth.

“The early stages of my training involve a crystal to strengthen my powers. However the crystal made me unable to feel any emotions” said Maggie.

“So with Mina being mature and Maggie being a robot so to speak it was good balance” said Maya.

“That right” said Maggie.

There was an awkward silence.

“I thought you were going to angry” said Maya.

“Oh about the robot remark, I got those all the time” said Maggie.

“Mina tends to be serous at times but the rest of the time she’s a real 10 year old” said Anne.

“I can see that” said Maya.

Meanwhile J-Lo, Jonathan and Lily were coming up with a plan. Lily had blue-green hair and a pony tail with green eyes.

“So I heard about the Pokemon Angels and they travel with a few other girls and sometimes some other people.” said Lily.

“Yes, other than the Pokemon Angels they travel with a creepy psychic girl, a girl who descended from Fire Angel and some girl who travels with them” said Jonathan.

“As well as two kids, one them is Ice Angel’s rival and Anne’s cousin.” said J-Lo.

“I don’t like Anne very much” said Lily.

“Why is that?” said J-Lo.

“She was also so smug and stuff that's why I joined to finally beat that *****!” said Lily.

“Oh you didn’t know. Jonathan was controlling Anne like puppet. She’s really the complete opposite” said J-Lo.

“Oh really” said Lily.

Meanwhile Megan was walking by herself.

“If I find any of the other Pokemon Angels. I’ll mind as well tell them” said Megan thinking about it.

Megan was walking not too far from Team Aqua. They saw her.

“That’s Water Angel, go do the trap” said J-Lo.

“Right!” said Lily.

Lily went over to Megan and said “Excuse me do you have any batteries, I need some”

“I think so” said Megan.

She took out her bag and gave some.

“AA any good?” said Megan.

“Perfect” said Lily.

She put the batteries into a flashlight and shined it on Megan.

“Stupid Pokemon Angel” said Lily.

Megan began to feel weak passed out.

Meanwhile Mina was testing out another song, Lum no Love Song when she got a feeling, Anne, Beth and Maddie also got that feeling.

“What happened?” said Maya.

“I don’t know but I think Megan’s in danger.” said Maddie.

“I got that feeling too” said Anne.

“So do I” said Beth.

“My guess is that Mina is feeling it too” said Anne.

“You think that because Mina has two Water Types” said Maggie.
Anne, Maddie and Beth walked up to Mina.

“What is it?” said Mina.

“We want you to help us look for Megan” said Anne.

“I don’t want to” said Mina.

“Please” said Beth.

“No” said Mina.

“Mina…” said Maddie with an aura of anger around her.

“All right all right” said Mina.

“Maddie is very scary right now” said April.

“You said it” said Kia.

All 4 went to look for Megan. Meanwhile Megan was tied up with Team Aqua.

“Your Team Aqua!” said Megan.

“Duh!” said J-Lo.

“I understand why you kidnapped.” said Megan.

“That’s right so we can use your Power” said Jonathan.

“Funny how you can only catch me because you have a new member” said Megan.

“It can’t be helped” said Jonathan.

“Also you caught me while I was alone, which is means you must be pretty bad. If you were smart you should have caught all of us. You’re very very lame. Especially this guy. He’s a lame wad” said Megan.
Jonathan got up and tried to attack Megan. Lily and J-Lo got up to restrain him.

“Na nah nah” said Megan making faces.

While this happening, they were talking.

“Look I’m just sick of her saying stuff” said Mina.

“I know we all are” said Anne.

“We just have to make sacrifices” said Maddie.

“Hey what’s that sound?” said Beth.

“It sounds like someone being restrained by two other people” said Mina.

“We should go see what it is” said Anne.

“Right” said Maddie.

All four girls went to see what that noise was. They saw what was going on.

“Anne!” said Lily.

“Lily!” said Anne.

They began to glare at each other.

“I can see they don’t get along” said Mina.

“Yeah” said Beth.

“Any ways, give our friend back!” said Mina.

“Mina…” said Megan.

“Get your flashlights ready!” said Jonathan.

“Right!” said J-Lo.

All three grabbed their flashlights.

“I forgot my wand.” said Mina.

They shined the light on the four that wasn’t tied up. All of them began to feel weak and Maddie. A sky blue glow appeared in front of Mina, her wand appeared.

“All right!” said Mina.

All of Megan’s Pokemon came out as well as Mina’s Dewgong and Spheal.

“Because you settled your differences, we will give Megan her wand” said Dewgong.

All 6 Pokemon to glow blue and the glow formed laser beams. The laser beam met and formed a shape the shape of a wand. It was light blue with what appeared to be a large drop of water on top with a symbol of a drop in it. Megan grabbed on it with her mouth.

“The Water Droplet Wand” said Mina.

“All kite!” said Megan.

Mina went to untie Megan. When Megan was untied she took out the wand.

“Transform you two!” said Dewgong.

“Right” said Megan and Mina.

Both transformed.

“How dare you do this me, my wave will crush you!” said Megan.

“You should learn your lessen, I will Freeze your power!” said Mina.

“Pretty Water Rain Drops” said Megan.

She danced around as she did it sparking water droplets sprinkled around until she stop and a huge gush of water came from the wand.

“Lovely Ice Snow Strom” said Mina doing her wand attack.

The two attacks hit all three members and they went flying.

“Since when are we Team Rocket?” said J-Lo and Jonathan.

“So the attacks names… are they like Magical Girl?” said Megan.

“Yes, a lot of attacks have names like that” said Mina.

“We should get back to the others.” said Megan.
Mina picked up Anne and Megan picked up Maddie and Beth. Later there was a compromise.

“So in order for Megan to stop making comments we are going to let her cook once a day” said Mina with a look of disgust on her face.

“Great…” said everyone else.

“I think we will go back to the old way” said Mina to herself.


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