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Pokemon Angels (Vol. 2)


Water Pokemon Lover
Teal, part of the reason you keep getting yelled at is because you can't say it in a polite way. Instead of just treating her badly, why don't you try actually being nice.

Anyways, Great chapter as always.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
(Kas is right plus you repeatdly say it, and thanks for the comlpelmt Kas)

Chapter 13: Chrissie’s Stupid Plan or Why You Shouldn’t Try to Become an Anime Fan so that you can Understand your Enemy Better

Maggie was cooking meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for all days again. After the 3rd time everyone got food poisoning. A few days after she started up again Mina was signing Grip on the karaoke. Missy who was watching them sang along with it. Chrissie got annoyed by it.

“Why are you singing along with it?” said Chrissie.

“I like this song.” said Missy.

“Well its annoying.” said Chrissie.

“Oh come on. At least I know Ice Angel more than you do” said Missy, have a double meaning to her words.

“Like what?” said Chrissie.

“Well she enjoys a lot of Magical Anime. She enjoys a range of popularity from Sailor Moon to Corrector Yui. She hates 4kids despite the fact that she watches Mew Mew Power. She watched Inu-Yasha but only when there’s new episodes on. She recently got into Magic Knight Rayearth, Excel Saga, Slayers, Gatekeepers, All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi and Urusei Yatsura she…” said Missy.

“Fine then, in order to learn more about Ice Angel I will become an anime fan.” said Chrissie.

Missy laughed very hard.

“What’s so funny?” said Chrissie.

“You’re not the type. There are people who can become anime fans and there’s people who can’t. You are one of those people who can’t” said Missy.

“What do you mean” said Chrissie.

“Well there are many types. There’s people who grew up on it like me and Ice Angel, there’s those who grew up during the Yu-Gi-Oh generation then there are those who are saw anime and thought it was cool I call them Adult Swimmers” said Missy.

“So you mean I’m getting in for the wrong reasons” said Chrissie.

“Plus it would also make anti- mech for Team Magma your the person who likes destruction with a causing a mech unless you agree with on using it for something” said Missy.

Missy began having a daydream in which she and Chrissie were destroying 4kids HQ with a giant robot.

“O...k” said Chrissie.

“I think you should study up on Water Angel’s cooking I mean she gave food poisoning three times in the last week.” said Missy.

“That will be my back up plan, I’m going for an anime” said Chrissie.
Missy began to gather her things.

“Where are you going” said Chrissie.

“I’m going away for a few days while you get this out of your system. I’ll be back when you realize it’s a bad idea.” said Missy.

“Is that the only reason” said Chrissie.

“I don’t want to laugh at you during this time seeing you try to be anime fan will make me laugh really hard.” said Missy.

She left, when she was far away from her sister she put on her Sasami Sango disguise.

Meanwhile Maggie was serving lunch.

“I don’t want any. My stomach is still a little sour” said Maya.

“You said it” said April.

“It's good thing we stopped” said Maggie.

“Hey guys” said Missy.

“Sasami!” said everyone.

“What are you doing here” said Mina.

“Oh Mihoshi is making the worst decision ever. So I had to come here” said Missy.

“Mihoshi?” said April.

“Your sister, right?” said Mina.

“Yeah” said Missy.

Mina whispered to Missy “Try giving your sister some name from a different anime.”

“Did I say Mihoshi? I meant Reiko” said Missy correcting herself.

“So what did Reiko do?” said Mina.

“She’s trying to become a fan.” said Missy.

“That’s so funny, she’s not even the type” said Mina beginning to laugh

“I know. I think she’s going to humiliate herself” said Missy.

“Unless no one knows about” said Mina.

“I think you’re going to find out” said Missy.

Meanwhile Chrissie was watching Tenchi Muyo.

“Okay so this guy has a bunch of alien woman in love with him?” said Chrissie very confused at what she’s seeing.

Back wit the others.

“Why is doing it?” said Mina.

“Because she took it as a personal challenge. She’s trying to beat a person she doesn’t like” said Missy.

“Oh...” said Mina.

Missy took a bit of lunch and said “I told her she study another person’s cooking habits as she made her friends sick with food pensioning”
Megan sighed at this, she knew Missy meant her.

Back with Chrissie she couldn’t stand any of the anime so far so she watched Sakura Wars and thought it was okay.

“I mind as well use this. But I should use a different costume other than the snobby girl. I like the Blue one but the yellow is good too” she said.

She began building a big Kobu, the robot they have on Sakura Wars.

Back with the other Missy was still talking about Chrissie.

“I don’t know what to do” said Missy.

“Just wait she may with her back up plan and stick with the cooking” said Mina.

“I get it I get it” said Megan under her breath.

There was a rumble and a giant yellow Kobu came out of nowhere.

“It’s a giant yellow Kobu!” said Mina.

“Kobu?” said Ronnie.

“Robot from Sakura Wars” said Missy.

“Oh” said everyone else.

Part of the robot opened.

“The cute twins of Team Magma are here!” said Chrissie dressed as Iris in her Kobu uniform.

“Thanks for ruining my favorite character” said Mina sarcastically.

“Where’s your sister?” said Missy.

“She’s gone okay she took a break” said Chrissie.

“Oh” said Missy.

“Hey where’s Juan Paul?” said Mina sarcastically.

“You already had sarcastic comment!” said Chrissie.

“I could only think of two other wise there would have been more” said Mina.

“I see…” said Chrissie.

“So what are you doing?” said Mina.

“Using Anime to kidnap you” said Chrissie.

She went inside and the light on a Kobu flashed on everyone. The Pokemon Angels but Megan and Mina began to get weak.

“Why aren’t you too?” said Chrissie.

“I have my wand and Megan got her hers recently” said Mina.

“Oh man” said Chrissie.

“If you’re going to cosplay to battle I will too” said Mina.

She transformed and went into the woods with Missy.

For the next 10 minute all that was heard from them was. “The buns a little uneven.” Or “I’m getting dizzy from the spray.” The other angels other than Megan passed out while this was going on. When they were finished was Mina was dressed as Mew Mint (Tokyo Mew Mew, Manga cover version with much bigger wings)

“O…k” said Kia.

“Was it a bit much” said Mina.

“Not as much as Chrissie” said Maya.

“Fine.” said Mina.

She took out her wand.

“Lovely Ice Snow Strom” said Mina.

Chrissie and the robot were blown away.

“I think Chrissie learned her lesion. Don’t be something your not” said Missy.

All who awake stared at her for being a hypocrite.

“Well this is the real me. The other me is not. I’m more comfortable this way. I have friends and people who care for me” said Missy.

“Missy…” said Mina.

She detransformed, and she still had the costume on except for the wings since that was hers and not part of the costume.

“You figured out how to Changed clothes while in Angel form?” said Maggie.

“Sure did.” said Mina.

“I think the battles are going to more interesting” said Kia.

Kia began to have creepy day dream of Mina in her Angel Form cosplaying as Magical Girls. She shuddered at the thought.

Later Missy was leaving to find her sister.

“I had a nice time” said Missy.

“I just hope sister is okay” said Mina.

“I hope so too.” said Missy.

“Bye” said Mina and they parted ways.

As they were walking Anne said “I wish I could have seen you in cosplay”

“I took pictures.” said Mina.

She showed pictures of herself cosplaying doing poses.

“I just hope you’re not naked the next time you transform” said Megan.

Mina hit her with a big paper fan.

With Missy who changed back into her uniform, she found Chrissie burning the costume she had on.

“Burn you evil costume! Burn!” said Chrissie in a maniacal voice.

“What are you doing?” said Missy.

“Oh hey… you were right. I’m not the type to become an anime fan.” said Chrissie.

“I told you” said Missy.

“I’ve also been working on cooking like Water Angel” said Chrissie.

She was cooking stew, Missy it a bite and it was delicious.

“It’s very good… but” said Missy.

“But?” said Chrissie.

“Its suppose to be awful” said Missy.

“I put in wild mushroom in it” said Chrissie.

She felt a rumble in her stomach.

“Apache please” she said.

She passed out from the stew.

"Missy? Missy? Missy!?" said Chrissie trying to wake her sister.


The first five times I said it, it was nice. He didn't change a damn thing. The fic is getting worse and worse, only because every single chapter is:

"bla bla bla" someone said
"bla bla bla" someone said
"bla bla bla!?!" someone said.

Use some detail, alright?

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 14: A new Begging for the Cute Twins

Missy had extremely bad food poisoning. So bad she had to be taken to they hospital in normal clothes.

“Your sister is very sick and she needs an extremely rare flower to combat it when simmered into a tea. Its often found in areas with high Poochyena population.” said the doctor.

“That should be easy I know how to work with them” said Chrissie.

“Extremely territorial and vicious Poochyena. That will bite to death.” said the doctor.

“Uhhh….” said Chrissie.

“I don’t think we can save her” said the doctor.

“How long does she have to live?” said Chrissie.

“A week at least.” said the doctor.

“Fine then” said Chrissie.

She left the hospital and went for a walk.

“It's all my fault! I should have quit when I hade the chance!” said Chrissie crying.

Chrissie felt just like Missy, she too wanted to quit however like Missy she thought the other loved Team Magma.
In the same city Mina and the rest there. Mina had a bad feeling and didn't know why.

“What is it?” said Anne.

“I don’t know it I just have bad feeling” said Mina.

Chrissie saw them and got an idea.

“I know!” she said.

She put on her Team Magma uniform and went into an ally. She released her Zubat and told it to Attack Mina.

“A Zubat!” said Mina.

Chrissie peeked her head from the ally.

“Chrissie” said Anne.

She ran to the Ally.

“Why are you attacking my cousin?” said Anne.

“And in such a lame way too” said Megan.

“I need to talk to you” said Chrissie.

“What about?” said Anne.

She recalled her Zubat and changed into her clothes.

“I know I shouldn’t have done that but I need to tell you guys something, see my father was…” said Chrissie.

“I know died in mysterious accident. Your sister told us after we rescued her from that robot” said Mina.

“Oh yeah… that time I tied her up.” said Chrissie, “Any ways I joined Team Magma with my sister in hopes of getting revenge. I didn’t want to stay but we made a promise to stay until we were 18.” said Chrissie.

“And…” said Mina.

“Well I’ve always wanted to quit. I know Missy wants to stay on. And I’m afraid that because of not telling her that… after I went nuts with the whole anime thing I made some stew with poisonous mushrooms I knew they were poisonous but it was to make so that I would cook like Water Angel… I’m sorry but I don’t know your name.” said Chrissie.

“It's Megan and she poisons us with ingredients that don’t go together such as Pickles and Whipped Cream” said Mina.

“Pickles and Whipped Cream?” said Chrissie.

“I put pickles in Belgian waffles” said Megan quietly.

“Oh… anyways Missy is extremely sick the only cure is a rare flower that is area that is home to extremely violent and territorial Poochyena.” said Chrissie.

“You want me to help, I will under one condition” said Anne.

“What?” said Chrissie.

“You tell Missy how you feel.” said Anne.

“I will.” said Chrissie.

“Who knows maybe she’ll understand” said Mina.

“Maybe, I’m going back to the hospital to see where the closest location is” said Chrissie.

She went in the hospital and came back with a map.

“Fortunately it nearby, it also has info on the flowers” said Chrissie.

“Should most of us stay back?” said Maya.

“Psychic Girl should come” said Chrissie.

“Maggie” said Maggie.

“I’m coming too” said Mina.

“Why?” said Chrissie.

“Just want to help a fellow Otaku who likes Sakura Wars after all we need people to sign that petition to bring the games over” said Mina half lying, the part about the petition was true though.

“Okay” said Chrissie.

“All of you please look after my sister and if she awake keep your distance incase she uses one of her Pokemon” said Chrissie.

“Will do” said April.

All 4 went into the woods. Not long later the group was near where the flowers grew.

“The Flower has been to emit fermions that make Poochyena extremely vicious. Take extreme care if you need to pick the flower.” Read Chrissie.

“If the Poochyena attack I’ll create a barrier.” said Maggie.

“Cool” said Chrissie.

“Oh Chrissie, what do you think of that girl Sasami Sango?” said Mina.

“I think she is very nice person and the only reason why she’s mean to me is that I’m trying to capture you.” said Chrissie.

“Oh. That’s good” said Mina.

“What?” said Chrissie.

“Nothing” said Mina.

Meanwhile Missy was in dark room when Chrissie appeared.

“Missy I’m quitting Team Magma even if you stay. I realized working for Team Magma is not a very good idea” said Chrissie.

“Chrissie! I always I wanted to hear you say that. I think that too” said Missy beginning to cry.

They were about to hug when Missy woke up to find April and Maddie watching over her.

“Maddie? April? What are you doing here?” said Missy.

“You’d be surprised” said Maddie.

“Chrissie found the only thing that could save is very rare flower however Vicious Poochyena is always nearby so she took Anne. Maggie came as a body guard and Mina went as a friend” said April.

“She fed Chrissie some excuse about a Sakura Wars petition” said Maddie.

“When are they going to put that online?” said Missy.

“Everyone else is at the Pokemon Center except for Megan who’s also here. She’s getting stuff from the vending machine.” April.

There were loud bangs followed by Megan’s voice yelling “Stupid Vending machine I wanted a root beer!”

“I’ll go close the door” said April getting up to close the door.

“What is it with Megan’s luck and soda?” said Maddie.

“Has something like that happened before?” said Missy.

“Let’s just say that Megan has a lot of spare shirts. You can have one if she has your size” said Maddie.

Meanwhile in the forest everything was going fine until Poochyena came out its Pokeball.

“Poochyena? What are you dong out?” said Anne.

“$*^# you!” said Poochyena.

“What?!” said Anne.

“I hate humans and you too” said Poochyena.

It began to chase them.

“The flower must be nearby!” said Maggie.

“Anne you think you can transform?” said Mina.

“Yeah” said Anne.

Both transformed. Chrissie went onto Mina back while Maggie called out Celebi and which made her fly.

“So what are we going to do?” said Mina.

“Maybe I can use my powers to see what’s up” said Maggie.

“Give it a shot” said Mina.

Maggie closed her eyes and she glowed a bright green.

“I am one with nature, nature is part of me. I am one with nature, nature is part of me. I am one with nature, nature is part of me. I am one with nature, nature is part of me. I am one with nature, nature is part of me!” she chanted.

She had a vision about what was happening.

“Anne. You need your wand, it is the only way to counter the fermions. Apparently this flower was created from sadness of all dark Pokemon from not being able to ever see again.” said Maddie.

“So I need my wand” said Anne.

“We only have 4 dark Pokemon around that will listen to her.” said Mina.

“That’s easy. All I need is go to the Pokemon Center and borrow Houndour and Houndoom” said Maggie.

“Okay.” said Mina.

“Be back in a sec!” said Maggie she teleported away with Celebi.

In the lobby of the Pokemon center everyone was worried about Missy. Ronnie was on the phone with Megan.

“Okay.” said Ronnie then she hung up.

She got up and told everyone what happened with Megan.

“Megan damaged a soda machine and se needs to work off the debt. So we need someone to fill her place.” said Ronnie.

“I’ll do it” said Kia.

Maggie got there.

“Kia, Deborah. I need to borrow Houndour and Houndoom.” said Maggie.

“Why?” said Kia.

“I know why. You may borrow Houndoom.” said Deborah.

“But why?” said Kia.

“I’ll explain later” said Maggie.

She got both Pokemon and teleported back.

“All right!” said Maggie.

Both Pokemon came out on their own.

“Come on out, Crawdaunt, Murkrow and Umbreon” said Anne.

“Come on out Sneasel!” said Mina.

All 6 Pokemon glowed black the glow became the shape of beams. The beams took shape of the wand. It have a black peal on top with the symbol of Dark on it, it was cover with black gems.

“The Dark Moon Rod.” said Maggie.

“The most ironic of the all the wands” said Mina.

Everyone stared at her not knowing what she meant.

“It’s ironic because of Sailor Moon villains.” said Mina.

Anne went down to the ground and Poochyena was confused.

“What did I do?” said Poochyena.

“You said $*^# you! To me” said Anne.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. Chrissie covered both Mina and Maggie’s ears.

“I watch South Park you know” said Mina.

“I did? I don’t remember” said Poochyena.

Chrissie went over to Houndour and petted it.

“I’m sorry but had to give you up. I didn’t want to have because Team Magma gave you to me. I know you’re much happier with, Fire Angel though you went to be with her decedent.” said Chrissie.

"Chrissie did that too?" said Mina to herself.

A Wild Poochyena showed up with the flower in it mouth. And went over to Chrissie.

“Here I can tell is what you want. If you like I would like to join you” said Poochyena. Anne Translated it.

“Thank you so much!” said Chrissie she began to cry.

“Let’s go” said Mina.

Not too long later they got to the hospital to find Megan was mopping.

“I don’t want to know” said Chrissie.

“Well your going to know anyways I damaged a soda machine” said Megan.

Everyone stared at her.

"What is it with you and sodas?" said Mina.

They went to the doctor who went to the brew the flow into tea. Not long later Missy was sipping the tea. Chrissie talked to Missy while she was sipping the tea.

“Missy. There is something I’ve hated being a Team Magma member for the longest time. I’ve also wanted to quit. I under stand that you will probably love Team Magma. I should've told you a long time I’m so sorry” said Chrissie.

“You shouldn’t be the one who’s sorry I should be. I’ve hated Team Magma so much. You see I’ve keeping something from you” said Missy.

“What?” said Chrissie.

“I’m Sasami Sango. When I was rescued from the robot I made an alliance with Mina and the rest. So much so I consider Mina to be one of my best friends. I’m so sorry I kept this from you” said Missy.

“It’s okay. I think we should quit and put the past behind us” said Chrissie.

“You said it” said Missy.

Mina knocked on the door.

"Come in!" said Missy.

"Hey I know that you may or may not need but here we got you new outfits in case you guys quit." said Mina.

"Mina, is it okay if I join you guys?" said Missy.

"Of course, what you Chrissie?" said Mina.

"I have to think about it after I do something." said Chrissie

"What?" said Mina.

Later the two groups parted ways, Chrissie was headed to where their father died.

“I’ll meet you in Iuy Town okay with my decision.” said Chrissie.

“All right” said Missy.

They hugged and they went their separate ways.

As they were walking.

“It’s so good to be out of that uniform and be with you guys out of that disguise.” said Missy.

“I know” said Mina.

Kia sighed, “With Missy here all the time it’s going to be like having two Minas” she said.

“You said it” said Megan.

Both glared at them.

“Sorry” they both said.

“Now to continue on our journey” said Missy.

Meanwhile in a Team Magma base. They were having a meeting.

“The cute twins have quit, is possible that they have found out the truth?” said a male member.

“I will make sure if they have that I will make sure they are held captive” said the male member who gave Chrissie the flash light.

“Yes, Charles you are permitted to that” said a high ranking member.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
Chapter 15: Anne VS. Lily

Maggie was making lunch while Mina was doing karaoke. She sung Wedding Wars. When suddenly girl came out of the bushes with Blue Green hair and wearing sun glasses.

“I challenge you! Girl with red hair!” said the girl.

“Okay” said Anne.

"I'll be the referee, what's you name?" said Maddie.

"Yuri!" said the girl.

And so the match began.

“This is a one on one Pokemon battle between Anne and Yuri! When a Pokemon is unable to battle the winner is declared” said Maddie.

“Go Crawdaunt!” said Yuri.

“Go Crawdaunt!” said Anne.

“I see you have a Crawdaunt too” said Yuri.

“I sure do and you knew that.” said Anne, “Crawdaunt use Bubble Beam!”
Anne’s Crawdaunt attack hit Yuri’s Crawdaunt and it was unable to battle.

“Shoot!” said Yuri.

“Nice try Lily! I can see right though that disguise” said Anne.

“What?!” said Yuri.

"It was obvious, Yuri is Japanese for Lily" said Anne.

She pulled the bottom of her skirt to revel she is Lily of Team Aqua.

“Look why did you have to that?” said Anne.

“To try to lower your guard so I could catch you!” said Lily.

They began to glare at each other.

“Well I have to go I’ll be seeing you!” said Lily.

“Strange girl” said Missy.

The next day while Maggie was cooking breakfast Missy was doing karaoke, she sung Promise Land. When a girl came from the bushes with Blue green hair and wearing sunglasses.

“I challenge you girl with red hair!” said the girl.

“Okay” said Anne.

"I'll be the referee, what's you name?" said Maddie.

"Daisy" said the girl.

And so the match began.

“This is a one on one battle between Anne and Daisy! When a Pokemon is unable to battle the winner is declared!” said Maddie.

“Go Walrein!” said Daisy.

“Go Poochyena!” said Anne, “Poochyena use tackle”

Poochyena’s attack hit Walrein and it was knocked out.

“Lily, this is tiring. Please quit this stupid thing” said Anne.

Lily changed into her uniform.

“I won’t let our rivalry go to waste!” said Lily.

“It became waste, the second I quit Team Aqua” said Anne.

“She's right” said Missy.

“Geez!” said Lily.

She began to walk away. She turned around, pulled down her eye lid and stuck her tongue out.

Mina sighed “What’s with her?”

“We were rivals back in Team Aqua. She doesn’t want to abandon it so she keeps on challenging me” said Anne.

“That sounds really stupid” said Megan.

“For once I’ll agree with you” said Maggie.

“So what are we going do?” said Deborah.

“Ignore her” said Anne.

“That doesn’t sound like a good plan” said Maddie.

Back with Jonathan and J-Lo was playing old maid.

“So how did it go?” said J-Lo.

“How do you think” said Lily.

“Badly” said Jonathan putting up the joker so that J-Lo would get it.

“Yes” said Lily sadly.

“Well maybe you should give it up. Its getting tiring, I mean now that the two girls quit Team Magma I think we have a shot of capturing them” said J-Lo. She picked the Joker, she lost, “One more time!”

“Sorry” said Jonathan.
J-Lo sighed.

“Can we back to my problem” said Lily.

“Maybe we should capture her” said Jonathan.

“Let’s use a giant robot!” said Lily.

“No!” said Jonathan and J-Lo at the same time.

“What?” said Lily.

“Ice Angel tends to extremely angry when we use a robot, something about using it for the wrong reasons” said Jonathan.

“I have yet to use one yet” said Lily.

“Fine” said Jonathan.

Meanwhile Mina and rest were walking, though a forest. Mina was in especially happy mood.

“Thirsty may you be sometime say the magic and you will have a drink” sang Mina. She was signing the English version of Magical Girl Pretty Sammy.

“You sure are in good mood” said Missy.

“I’ve finally come to a decision about something.” said Mina.

“What?” said Everyone else.

“I don’t plan to tell you yet” said Mina.

“Why not?” said Missy.

“It’s just not time” said Mina.

“Fine!” said Maggie.

The ground began to shake.

“Oh great” said Anne.

A robot appeared.

“Great…” said Anne.

“We will finally capture you” said Lily in the robot.
Mina punched her hand to her fist followed by her transformation.

“I mind as well transform too” said Anne.

Anne transformed too.

“Giant Robots are a staple of Anime, how dare you use them for evil porpoises I will Freeze you Power” said Mina scolding them.

“You should really stop bothering me, my darkness will consume you!” said Anne scolding them.

“Fine then turn on the light!” said Lily.

A light shined on all them, Maddie, April, Ronnie, Beth and Deborah fell to their knees.

“I won’t do any thing since you are angry with them” said Megan

Both Anne and Mina took out their wands.

“Lovely Ice Snow Storm!” said Mina attacking with her wand.

Anne began to dance around with her wand she stopped and pointed the wand at the robot as Black Beam shot out.

“Wonderful Dark Moon Surprise!” said Anne attacking.

The Robot malfunctioned and fell apart. All three Team Aqua members fell to the ground.

“So you really want to mess with angry otaku?” said Mina punching her hand.

“I don’t know what you just said but I’m out of here” said Lily who ran away.

Everyone stared at her since she did something really stupid.

“Hey wait for us!” said J-Lo running away.

“Don’t leave me behind” said Jonathan running away.

Both Mina and Anne detransformed.

“I know Lily will still follow me a lot.” said Anne.

“With those battles you can lean to control your Pokemon” said Mina.

“You have point” said Anne.

“Let’s continue when everyone gets better” said Mina.

“Okay” said Anne.

Missy got a weird chill.

“Missy what is it?” said Mina.

“I don’t know I just got a strange chill” said Missy.

Meanwhile Chrissie got to the place of the mysterious accident she began to look at the remains of her father’s business. She noticed the remains, she knew she had seen burns like them before. It was caused by Team Magma.

“No way! They didn’t!” said Chrissie.

“That’s right Chrissie we killed your father.” said a young man’s voice.

She turned around and Charles, the member of Team Magma.

“Charles Stigginmob…” she said.

“Your family was a test, we didn’t mean to kill him it was mistake but you joining were part of the plan” said the young man.

“You knew while we didn’t, but we higher ranking than you!” said Chrissie.

“Well you would have known too much then.” said Chrissie.

“I’m going to tell my sister!” said Chrissie.

She began to run away but Charles let out his Mightyena.

“Use Shadow Ball” said Charles.

The attack hit and Chrissie began unconscious.

“Well I minds as well make you bait along with the others we had in mind” said Charles.

Emma Iveli

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Chapter 16: Secrets of the Past

It was beautiful day they were near Iuy town, while Maggie was cooking Lunch, Mina sang Just Be Conscious. Missy normally sang along but this time she was quiet. She had a very bad feeling.

“Missy what’s wrong?” said Kia.

“I just have this really bad feeling, I don’t know what it is.” said Missy.

“I think it will probably be all right” said Kia.

“Really thanks, but something tells me it isn’t” said Missy.

“Wassup!!!” yelled a voice though a microphone.

Maggie lifted her right index finger and shot off a small beam. A tree branch fell and Peter fell from it.

“Ow!” said Peter.

Mina stopped singing and went over to him.

“Peter what are doing here?” said Mina.

“Well I heard you signing and I deiced to just have some fun” said Peter.

“Peter” Mina said innocently

“Uh-oh” said Peter.

“Sit!” she yelled while hitting him in the head with a giant mallet.

Meanwhile nearby Ash and his group was in the woods when they heard Mina yelled “Sit!”

“What that Mina?” said May.

“I think it is and knowing what she just yelled Peter is there” said Max.

Brock let out his Mudkip.

“Can you lead me the way to Megan?” said Brock.

Mudkip nodded and both headed in the direction where they were.

“Well knowing Brock he can’t wait to see Beth” said May.

“The only girl who likes him, at least while she’s around I won’t have to pull on his ear” said Max.

The other three and Pikachu followed him

Back with Mina she whipped her forehead when she heard Matt’s voice saying “Mina!”

She turned around as saw him. She began to blush very hard.

“Hi Matt” she said.

“Hi” he said, then noticed that Peter was on the ground with the mallet on his head, “I see he was inconsiderate you”

“That’s right” said Mina still blushing.

“Beth!” said Brock’s voice.

Beth turned around and yelled “Brock!” Both began to hug each other.

“Hey Mudkip” said Megan .

“Hey Megan” said Mudkip.

Ash, Pikachu, Max and May got there too.

“Hi guys” said Deborah.

“Hey” said Ash.

“What’s going on” said Missy.

They just acted like nothing happened then Matt, Ash, Max, May and Brock jumped at the sight of Missy with out a disguise.

“Why are you not wearing a disguise?” said May.

“What’s going on… whoa!” said Peter getting up with the mallet still on his head.

“Well it’s like this” said Missy.

Meanwhile in a nearby Team Magma base Charles was showing pictures of some people.

“These people are close friends to the Pokemon Angels, however we have conferred that these people are near them to be used as bate to lure them: Ash Ketchum Pokemon Trainer and Chosen one, May, Pokemon Coordinator and daughter of Norman the leader of the Petalburg Gym, Max, son of Norman which I already stated, Brock, breeder, former gym leader and “boyfriend” of Rock Angel…” said Charles.

“Why did you use quotation marks when you said boyfriend?” said a male Team Magma boyfriend.

“Because both of them tend to fall in love a cute member of the opposite sex. Matt Cox, Pokemon trainer, grew up in same town as Ice Angel, she has a crush on him, Peter Macels, Pokemon Trainer, Ice Angel’s rival and Dark Angel’s cousin, Maggie Macels, Pokemon Trainer, good friend of Ice Angel, traveling companion of the Pokemon Angel and Guardian of Ilex Forest, Kia Maxiop decadent of Fire Angel and traveling companion of the Pokemon Angels, Maya Kiki, Pokemon Coordinator former rival of Grass Angel’s and Traveling companion of the Pokemon Angels and Missy Jiku former member of Team Magma and new Traveling companion of the Pokemon Angels. Will not capture Ash, Maggie and Missy. She might go nuts after what her sister would tell her” said Charles.

“What?” said the Male member who spoke earlier.

“That we used her family as an experiment for Team Magma” said Charles.

“What?!” said the male member.

He stormed out of them meeting.

“What was that all about?” said Charles.

“He was a member of the cute twins’ fan club. He might tell the other who didn’t quit in sympathy” said a female member.

“You do have admitted they are pretty cute” said another male member.

Everyone in the meeting stared at him as if he said something extremely stupid.

Back Missy she finished her story.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe it” said May.

“Wait why did she poison you with mushrooms again?” said Peter.

“Trying to intimate Megan’s cooking” said Mina.

“Yes it’s that bad” said Megan talking into her chest.

“The stuff she makes gives you food poisoning” said Maggie.

“Any ways we’re meeting Chrissie at Iuy Town which is nearby.” Mina.

“I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about it” said Missy.

Chrissie looked very sad so Mina diced to cheer up.

“I know how about more karaoke!” said Mina.

“Hey can I try?” said Ash.

“Sure” said Mina.

Not long later Mina had picked a song for Ash and well this happened…

“My ears are bleeding!” screamed Maya.

“For the love of god please stop singing!” said Maggie.

“It hurts!” said Peter.

“Well frankly you suck” said Megan doing a Simon Cowell impersonation.

“Ash, you must never ever use the karaoke machine again” said Mina grabbing the mike.

“Ok” said Ash.

“Ash, you should really sick to Pokemon Training” said Max.

“Thanks a lot” said Ash.

“Hey I have funny idea! Can I borrow your Poochyena Anne?” said Missy.

“Of course after all she did belong to you” said Anne.

Missy choice the ending theme to Excel Saga, for some reason Poochyena sang and Missy translated into Japanese.

“Ummm… Mina?” said Max.

“That’s how the song goes, oddly enough” said Mina.

The earth began to shake and a Giant Robot showed up with the top opening up with Team Rocket coming out.

“Prepare for trouble”
“And make double”
“To pro…”

“Hi James!” said April interrupting them with an evil smile.

“Grass Angel hi! We were just leaving!” said James.

“No we weren’t!” said Jessie.

“You want Cacnea to go attack us again?” said James.

“Fine we’ll attack Pikachu when they are gone.” said Jessie.

The three went back into the robot. The Robot began to run but tripped on a fallen tree trunk which they tripped on. The robot then exploded.

“Tem Rocket’s blasting off again”

“That was quick” said May.

Suddenly another robot appeared and this one was different and had the Team Magma logo on it. The top opened up.

“Hello Missy long time no see!” said Charles coming up from the top.

“Hello Charles what do you want?” said Missy.

“Oh ember when we used the chosen for bait well we are doing it again but a little differently” said Charles.

Robot hands began to grab May, Max, Brock, Maya, Kia, Matt and Peter and put them in a basket in back of it.

“If you want them back, go to the Team Magma base including you Missy. We captured your sister after all” said Charles.

“You monster!” said Missy.

“Give them back right now! Except for Peter since he’s a jerk and a baka” said Mina.

“I heard that!” said Peter from the basket.

“Oh I didn’t know you can hear me!” said Mina.

“Well I didn’t know you can her me!” said Peter.

“Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!” said Mina.

“I think she’s missing the point” said Maggie.

“I think he’s missing the pointing” said Max inside the basket.

“Does this happen all the time?” said Charles.

“Only when Peter’s around” said Maggie.

“So he gets on her nerves?” said Charles.

“That’s not the right word for it, it’s more like torture” said Mina.

“Same here” said Peter inside the basket.

“I’ll give him since it wouldn’t matter if he’s gone or not” said Charles.

The hand reached back inside and pulled out Peter and put him back onto the ground right next to Mina. The hand nudged him to her.

“Hey!” said Mina and Peter and the same time.

“Well its tome to go!” said Charles.

He pushed two buttons, one3 made knock out gas fill the basket and the other shot as smoke ball to distract them. As everyone was couching from the smoke Charles made his getaway. When the smoke cleared he and the robot were gone.

“No!” said Missy.

“Brock!” said Beth.

“Why could he just take him!” said Mina.

“Well I’m the lucky one aren’t I!” said Peter gloating.

Mina glared at him wit her eyes tearing up.

“Jerk!” she said.

She was about to punch him but Ronnie got in front of Peter and stopped her punch.

“Wow” said Peter.
“Mina this not the time.” said Ronnie.

“But they have Matt and they just gave the jerk back” cried Mina.

“Don’t worry we’ll get them back” said Missy.

“That’s right” said Anne.

“Why is Mina crying about Matt being taken?” said Ash.

Everyone stared at him.

“Clueless” said Megan.

“No kidding” said Maddie.

“Pikachu…” said Pikachu embarrassedly.

“Need help?” said a voice.

Everyone turned around and saw a young man. He was tall with dark green hair and looked a little geekyish.

“No way!” said Missy.
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Chapter 17: Never Get a Ton of Fan Boys Angry

Hours before the remnants of the Cute Twins Fan Club Met. It was decided that all but two members would quit, the others would quit immediately one of those who quit was going to help Missy immediately another who didn’t quit would help Chrissie and then quit. While the other one who didn’t quit would stay ad feed Missy and Chrissie pending if she wants to join the Info on Team Magma and incase the Pokemon Angels get kidnapped by them free them then quit. Larry, the Team Magma member helping Missy told them that.

“How can we believe you?” said Maggie.

“I do, he’s an obsessive fan boy of me and my sister” said Missy.

Everyone stared at him for the obvious reason.

“So how did you decide who do what?” said Missy.

“We picked a pieces of Paper, each one had a dot, the black one meant you had to quit with out coming to see you guys, blue meant you had to quit but come here and help you, silver meant you had to help Chrissie and Gold meant you got to keep in close contact with them.” said Larry.

“And you got blue” said Megan.

“That’s right” said Larry

“Any ways can you show us the way?” said Mina.

All 8 transformed, Maddie let out Dragonair which Missy, Ash, Pikachu and Peter rode and Salamence which Larry rode, and Maggie of course flew. However Mina and Peter kept on fighting.

“Baka! Baka! Why did you have been not taken!” said Mina.

“Maybe we should have ridden with Larry.” said Missy.

“Well maybe because I annoy you so much!” said Peter.

“Your right” said Ash.

“I think I’m going since this is pretty annoying” said April.

She began to fly ahead of the rest but the special lights came from nowhere and hit April.

“Oh geez!” said Mina.
Ash’s Grovyle came out its Pokeball. Grovyle and Celebi went over to April. All four of April’s Pokemon and out began to glow green that shot out of beams. The glow formed a shape of a wand, it was green with yellow gem shaped like a flower on top. Inside was the symbol of a leaf. She grabbed it and her strength returned.

“All right! Thanks Grovyle!” said April.

“Your Welcome” said Grovyle.

April began to spin fast and stopped with a pose.

“Rainbow Grass Flower Surprise” said April as a blizzard of different colored flower petals destroyed the lights.

“I think it would be best if Mina, Anne, Megan and April are in front while we bring up the rear” said Maggie.

“Okay” said Mina.

“Thank god, we don’t have to listen to that yelling” said Larry

“No kidding” said Deborah.

Mina, Anne, Megan and April flew in front destroying any light that would come out. They got them all.

“I just hope the others were all right” said Mina.

Meanwhile Maya waking up with Chrissie looking at her.

“Chrissie? Where are?” said Maya.

Maya looked around and saw that everyone what was taken was in a round glass chamber. May was also awake trying to wake up Max.

“In a Team Magma base. They took our Pokeballs so we can’t get out, they are over there” said Chrissie pointing to where the Pokeballs were.

“Oh” said Maya.

“I can’t believe your love for me had grown cold!” yelled Brock in his sleep.

“He’s been yelled like that since you guys got here” said Chrissie

“That’s bizarre” said Maya.

“No kidding” said May.
Back with Mina and others they counted to fly.

“I got a bad feeling!” said Maggie.

“It’s just them” said April, “Stop now!”

They stopped for a second and there was a large crash. When the dust cleared Team Rocket was in a mess.

“They finally landed” said April

Team Rocket was dizzy for a bit then noticed who was there.

“Prepare for a Surprise Trouble”
“And make it…”

“Look you guys want Cacnea to go nuts and attack you do what I say!” said April with an aura of anger around her.

“Yes ma'am!” said Team Rocket.

“I have a plan to work with the fan clubs!” said April.

“What?” said Mina.

“You’ll see” said April.

Back in the base Matt was beginning to wake up. Maya was banging on the glass to make it break.

“I told you its now use. It super tough” said Chrissie.

“What’s going on?” said Matt.

“And what’s that banging?” said Kia waking up.

“Kia, you awake!” said Maya very happy, “Once you’re fully awake I have an idea”

“Okay…” said Kia.

“What ever the plan is, it won’t work, after all we are surrounded by plastic.” said Chrissie

“That’s even better than I thought” said Maya.

A few minutes later Kia was all set.
“Come on out everyone!” she said.

Every single fire Pokemon came out.

How did that happen?” said May.

“I’m Fire Angel’s decedent” said Kia.

“Oh yeah, your family runs the Angel Shrine” said Chrissie.

“Any ways I think we should get our Pokemon to attack” said Maya.

“Oh right! Torchic use Ember!” said May.

“Torchic use Ember, Houndour, Arcannie, Cyndaquil use Flame Thrower!” said Kia.

“Vulpix use Flame Thrower!” said Maya.

“Growlithe, Houndour, Ninetales use Flame Thrower, Combusken use Ember!” said Deborah.

All Fire attack hit and melted the melted the plastic. However an alarm sounded.

“This isn’t good!” said Chrissie.

A male Team Magma member came in. He typed in some stuff on the alarm system ad it stopped.

“Well Chrissie, at least your safe… for now at least” said the Team Magma member.

“Aren’t you the vice president of the cute twins fan club?” said Chrissie.

“That’s right!” said the Magma member removing his hood. He was very handsome; he had bright blue hair and same color eyes.

“He’s really cute” said Maya blushing

“Well Maya, how April?” said the Male member.

“How do you know my name?” said Maya.

She blinked, and then looked at him for a bit.

“Jon?” said Maya.

“It has been a long time” said the Magma member.

“Okay this is unexpected” said May.

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Chapter 18: Old Friends

When April and Maya were younger there was a young fire trainer named Jon who lived in Arukas Town too. When he was in rebellious stage he ran away and no knew what happen to him, until now. Oddly enough he’s only two years older then Maya and April.

“So it been a while” said Maya.

“You always had a crush on me” said Jon.

Maya was blushing a lot, almost as red as a tomato.

“Oh so you know each other.” said Chrissie.

“He’s from Arukas too.” said Maya.

“I think maybe you should try to wake the other two” said Jon.

“Oh yeah” said Chrissie.

“I told you, I pledged my love for someone else!” yelled Brock in his sleep.

“Just ignore it” said Chrissie.

Meanwhile April was explaining her plan.

“So we make Team Rocket try to steal so stuff from Team Magma” said April.

“What do you mean try?” said Jessie.

She stared at them, “Because you’re lame” she said.

“We are not!” said James.

“Can we please start the plan” said Mina.

“Fine” said April, “Celebi!”

“Right!” said Celebi.

Celebi glowed and everyone was teleported into the Team Magma base it was set in two groups, Team Rocket was sent to the Pokemon room while everyone else went to out the room. Where they were being held captive.

“Where’s Team Rocket?” said Ash.

“Oh they are in where they store the Pokemon no one uses” said Maggie.

Meanwhile with Team Rocket, they were too excited about where they were. It was a room with a ton of Pokeballs on shelves.

“It’s a Pokeball paradise” said Jessie.

“Wobbufet!” said Wobbufet.

“Let’s start grabbing!” said Meowth.

All three plus Jessie’s Wobbufet began to steal the Pokemon. However the alarm began to sound.

Back in the room where the captives were Jon went on the computer to see what was going on.

“There are intruders in the Pokemon storage room, I think we should take this chance to flee” said Jon.

The door to the room began to open. Everyone began to get scared until they saw who opened the door.

“Hi!” said Mina smiling.

“Guys” said everyone but Jon.

“You guys came!” said Maya.

“Of course, we’d come” said Anne.

Beth ran to Brock who was still asleep.

“Brock please wake up” she said.

Brock finally began to wake up.

“What’s going on?” said Brock.

“You awake” she said holding on to him.

“Hey Larry, what’s going on?” said Chrissie.

“Nothing” said Larry.
“Hey Jon, how’s it going?” said Missy.

“So-so” said Jon, “Hey April haven’t seen you in while”

“Jon, I knew you ran away but I didn’t think you joined Team Magma” said April.

Jon began to laugh nervously, “Well yeah” he said.

“Come on, let’s go!” said Missy.

“Wait, I have to tell you something, Team…” said Chrissie almost not finishing, “Team Aqua didn’t kill dad, Team Magma did!”

“What?” said Missy.

“I would have told you earlier when I found out but when I did Charles kidnapped me” said Chrissie.

“We knew, Trey found for us. In a meeting.” said Larry.

“Yeah, when the remnants of the Cute Twins Fan club discovered there was a lottery, to see who would help you guys. I fortunately enough to get 2nd place there was someone other than the cute twins I wanted to help” said Jon looking at Maya.

“Who?” said Mina.

She noticed that Maya was blushing.

“Maya you’re blushing” said Mina.

“It nothing” said Maya.

“So then you two decided to help them. You will pay!” said Charles who entered the room.

“Charles!” said Missy who began to cry.

“Well it’s a same you found out, go Mightyena!” said Charles, “Use shadow ball on Missy and the other traitors!”

Mightyena lunched 4 attacks, however Mina got in front of Missy, April got in front of Jon, Deborah got in front of Larry and Anne got into front of Chrissie. The attack got deflected from the attacks.

“So looks like I’m going to battle you.” said Charles.

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(I've been busy and as well had writter's block)

Chapter 19: Mega Battle.

So All 8 Pokemon Angels got ready to fight. Mina, Anne, Megan and April prepared their wands.

“So those are the wands” said May.

“You about them?” said Kia.

“Beth told Brock about them.” said May.

3 of the 4 that didn’t have a sighed.

“What’s wrong?” said Maggie.

“We still don’t have any wands” said Ronnie.

“I don’t need to worry” said Deborah.

Every single fire Pokemon came out their Pokeball in the room went over to her.

“I know my four will help me but who will I choose” said Deborah.

I guess it’s a big honor to the Pokemon to give her the wand” said Beth.

“No kidding” said Ronnie.

An almost random scream was heard. “Oh no a Hariyama has broken in the building! And it breaking though the walls”

The Hariyama broke though one of the walls.

“Oh yeah!” it said, “I found Fighting Angel!”

“You want to join me?” said Ronnie to the Hariyama.

“Oh yeah!” said the Hariyama, “I would like to join you”

“Matt’s Tyrouge came out it’s Pokeball as well as Ronnie’s other three. Deborah’s Combusken went over to Ronnie.

“I know I’m your Pokemon, but how about you give my spot to someone else?” said Combusken.

“Okay.” said Deborah.

All 6 Pokemon glowed light brown, the glow took the form of a wand. It was light brown with a large orange gem on top with the shape of a fist in it.

“The Fighting Sprit Rod!” said Kia.

Deborah had chosen the Pokemon.

“Okay other my three who want to I choose, Kia’s Houndour, Maya’s Vulpix and May’s Torchic.” said Deborah.

“Yay!” said May’s Torchic.

“This is what I get for making fun of Smoochum isn’t it?” said Magby.

“I wanted to help” said Torkoal who began to cry and blowing smoke. Everyone except for the Pokemon Angels coughed.

“What’s with Torkoal?” coughed Peter.

“He’s just very emotional” said Max.

All 6 of the Pokemon glowed, the glow formed a wand. It was very red and had a large ruby on top with a fire symbol on it.

“The Fire Flame Rod!” said Kia.

All 6 that had the wands went to the front line.

“Why can’t we have the wands?” said Beth crying a little bit.

“I don’t mind” said Maddie.

Ronnie began dance around.

“Romanic Fighting Chi Hit!” said Ronnie doing her wand attack.

A white beam of energy came of the wand and hit Charles on the shoulder. But nothing happened to him.

“Nice Try! I’m wearing armor made of the same material as the ropes underneath my clothes I’m immune to your attacks” said Charles.

“I’ll try!” said Deborah.

She began to dance around.

“Heartfelt Fire Blast Ignite!” said Deborah doing her attack.

A huge flame came out of her wand and hit Charles.

“Ha! You can’t touch me!” he said.

“Your arm’s on fire” said Missy.

He looked at his arm and began to scream like a little girl.

“Now while’s he’s weak!” said Deborah.

All of the Pokemon Angels did their wand or power attacks.

“Lovely Ice Snow Storm!” said Mina doing her wand attack.

“Pretty Water Rain Drops!” said Megan doing her wand attack

“Wonderful Dark Moon Surprise” said Anne doing her wand attack.

“Rainbow Grass Flower Surprise” said April doing her wand attack.

“Rock Hard Crash!” said Beth doing her power attack.

“Dragon Rage Supreme!” said Maddie.

“Is it me or are the names of the attacks with the wands are pretty cheesy” said Max.

“You haven’t seen any Magical Girl anime, have you?” said Missy.

The combined attack hit Charles very hard.

“But my defense!” he said.

“Their combined attack hit you pretty hard, you diverse it.” said Chrissie.

“And you two, how dare you help them. You two will pay!” said Charles trying to stand up.

Mina walked up to him and flicked him gently on the arm. He collapsed from pain.

“I think it would be best if we leave now” said Mina.

And so the large group hurried out the Magma HQ along with Jon. They went a few miles away before the Pokemon Angels transformed back.

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Chapter 19 Chrissie’s Decision and Mina’s Announcement

So the big group rested, after awhile Maggie and Brock prepared dinner. Mina set up Karaoke. After Missy did Lum no Love Song dinner. After everyone was done Chrissie had an announcement make.

“Missy, I know that you want to travel with me but… I think it would be best if we traveled separately.” said Chrissie.

“Why?” said Missy.

“Well one thing is that we’ve been together for so long and also it would better if we have Team Magma spread out in two groups one to catch me and one to catch you. Larry, Jon I would like it if you two would come with me they are after you two for betraying them. Unlike the others who just quit they will be after your heads too” said Chrissie.

“Okay” said Jon.

“Who-hoo!” said Larry.

“Hopefully we’ll be seeing you around Jon” said Maya blushing.

“Yeah” said Jon also blushing a little bit.

“Oh that reminds me” said Mina.

“What?” said Ash.

“I too have an announcement to make. It’s great that the three people I wanted to it to be are here.” said Mina.

“What?” said Maggie.

“I will not enter the Hoeen League any time soon. I have chosen to wait until after I finished my training to loose and after I do other leagues. This way I participate when I’m really ready” said Mina.

“Mina, are you sure?” said Matt.

“I’m positive” said Mina.

“That’s too bad I was kind of hoping I’d face you in the Hoeen League” said Ash.

Peter began laugh, “I guess you really are afraid of me” he said.

“Nani!?” said Mina.

“Nani?” said May.
“It means what is Japanese” said Missy.

“That’s right you are afraid to face me!” said Peter.

“You the one who should be afraid, I can beat in a second” said Mina.

“Well you are afraid because you just are. You are a bad Pokemon Trainer, you suck at it” said Peter.

Mina looked like she was going to cry.

“Peter…” she cried.

“Yes?” he said.

“Sit!” she yelled. She took out her giant mallet and whacked him in the head.

“Can’t say he didn’t diverse” said Maggie.

Mina then began to jump up and down on the mallet.

“Is this over kill?” said Missy.

Mina then took out her Karaoke machine, placed it next to Peter’s ear, turned it up to the highest and began to sing Moon Revenge.

“Not that song!” groaned Peter.

“Mina I think it’s time to stop!” said Anne.

“No!” she said.

Anne grabbed her but Mina began to kick Peter’s head with lighting fast kicks.

“This is just the first Yukari moment in Azumanga Daioh” said Missy.

No one anger Mina for the next few days” said Megan.

“No kidding” said April.

Everyone deiced to have Mina take a time out. While she did Maggie healed any injured to her cousin which were a lot, he was bleeding a lot.

“You know you should be nicer to Mina.” said Maggie.

“What? I can’t hear you, I my eardrums blew out” said Peter.
Maggie placed her hand on is ear and it was fine.

“Okay, as I was saying you should be nicer to Mina.” said Mina.

“Well I should I?” said Peter.

“Well one thing she has the giant inter dimensional mallet” said Maggie.

“I’ll be a little nicer so her won’t hurt that much” said Peter.

“What?” said Maggie.

She placer her hand on his head.

“I meant I’ll be nicer so I won’t be in so much pain” said Peter.

“Really so your stop fighting” said Maggie.

“Fat chance. I’m just going to stop before she can pull out her mallet” said Peter.

“I bet that won’t happen” said Maggie to herself.

The next day the four groups parted ways.

“Oh Brock” said Beth.

“Oh Beth” said Brock.

Ronnie began to pull Beth away while Max began top pull Brock away.

“I’ll be missing you sis” said Missy.

“I’ll miss you too” said Chrissie they hugged.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” said Peter to Mina.

“Bye Matt” said Mina blushing.

“What about to me?” said Peter.

“Well you’re a jerk” said Mina.

“Well you’re a baka.” said Peter.

“Only a baka will use baka to someone who isn’t if they don’t know what it means” said Mina.
“What?” said Peter.

“Exactly” said Mina.

She pulled down her eyelid and stuck out her tongue then ran away.

“Hey!” said Anne.

“Mina!” said Missy.

“Wait up!” said April.

Later as they were walking Mina realized something.

“Hwy what happened to Team Rocket?” said she said.

“I don’t know” said April.

Back in the Team Magma base they were captured and were being held in a cell.

“Why this does always happens to us?” said James.

“I don’t maybe because spineless” said Jessie.

“What ever the reason we are stuck here” said Meowth.

“Team rocket’s signing off again” all three said.

End of Vol.2

(When I finsh the first chapt of Vol. 2.5 I will put it up)