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Pokemon Anime Face-Off V (2 Hour Cooldown)


site of lies
Welcome to the fifth installment of the Pokemon Anime Face-Off! I mean I likely won't keep this open for very long, but welcome anyway!

Currently: English dub opening songs [Click Here For Rules]
Next: Ash's Unova Pokemon

This is a thread where Face-Offs related to the Pokemon anime will be hosted. We host Face-Offs between the characters, episodes, seasons, battles and so on. Usually I'll host but other people can host their Face-Off ideas (or just make suggestions) here too as long as we're not playing more than one Face-Off at a time and you clearly state the rules and gameplay format.

- keepitsimple
- Dragalge

General Rules and conduct
- No essays. I don't want my thread filling up with pointless debates anymore!
- All SPPF rules apply
- All rules to the current Face-Off (which will be linked at the top of this page when the game is ongoing) apply

The rules to whatever Face-Off we're currently playing will always be linked at the top of this post.

Finally, I don't mind people talking about the show here. As long as you join in the game as well, the thread can also kind of serve as a chill thread to talk about the anime without a specific set topic.

Completed Face-Offs and winners so far:

(I) Companions + TR Face-Off
Winner: Iris

(I) Travelling Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: Meowth

(I) Ash's Kanto Pokemon Face-Off (Aipom excluded)
Winner: Ash's Kingler

(I) Dream Crusher Face-Off
Winner: Tyson

(I) Regional Bird Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Swellow

(I) BW Rivals Face-Off
Winner: Stephan

(I) Ash's Regional Powerhouse Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Krookodile

(I) Ash's Released/Temporarily Left Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Gliscor

(I) Ash's Johto Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Totodile

(I) Female Companion Powerhouse Face-Off
Winner: May's Blaziken

(I) Ash/Companion Pokemon That Hatched On-Screen Face-Off
Winner: May's Glaceon

(I) Team Rocket Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: James' Yamask

(I) Ash's Hoenn Pokemon (+ Aipom) Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Sceptile

(I) Male Companion Powerhouse Face-Off
Winner: Cilan's Crustle

(I) Ash's Grass-typed Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Bulbasaur

(II) TRio Face-Off
Winner: Jessie

(II) Companions' First Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: May's Blaziken

(II-IV) League Rivals Face-Off
Winner: Paul

(III-IV) Series Face-Off
Winner: OS

(IV) Episode Face-Off
Winner: Championing A Research Battle

(IV) Final League Battles Face-Off
Winner: Pikachu vs Latios

(IV) Companions + Classmates Face-Off
Winner: Clemont

(IV) Ash's Sinnoh Pokemon Face-Off
Winner: Ash's Infernape

(IV) Ash's Pokemon Elimination
Winner: Ash's Sceptile

(IV) Favourite Moments
Winner: Brock using his frying pan umbrella I guess...? Spearow speech was robbed


site of lies
Time for me to oversaturate this section with anime **** even further, as if it needs that at all.

- Don't ask me to vote for something. I'm not participating lol so don't expect me to care much about this.
- Okay I care a little bit. Don't let Under The Alolan Moon win this
- No I'm not including chronicles or the movies leave me alone. Not robbed.
- No I'm not including Japanese songs or ending songs leave me alone. Not robbed.
- Wait exactly 2 hours or longer between voting.
- The deadline is April 13, 3:00 PM EST. If that already passed, you can't vote any more. And then I'm tallying
- The song with the most points after the tally (Assigned one for each upvote and deducted one for each downvote) is the winner and that's it game over go home you bother me. Even if it's a tie.
- Speaking of that, you upvote one song and downvote another. Seems easy enough right? Here's the format

Upvoting (Song name here)
Downvoting (Song name here)

Songs competing:
Pokemon Theme (Indigo League)
Pokemon World (Orange Islands)
Pokemon Johto (The Johto Journeys)
Born To Be A Winner (Johto League Champions)
Believe In Me (Master Quest)
I Wanna Be A Hero (Advnaced)
This Dream (Advanced Challenge)
Unbeatable (Advanced Battle)
Battle Frontier (Battle Frontier)
Diamond and Pearl (Diamond and Pearl)
We Will Be Heroes (Battle Dimension)
Battle Cry - Stand Up! (Galactic Battles)
We Will Carry On (Sinnoh League Victors)
Black and White (BW)
Rival Destinies (BW Rival Destinies)
It's Always You and Me (BW Adventures In Unova)
Pokemon Theme - Version XY (X and Y)
Be A Hero (XY Kalos Quest)
Stand Tall (XYZ)
Under The Alolan Sun (Sun and Moon)
Under The Alolan Moon (SM Ultra Adventures)
The Challenge Of Life (SM Ultra Legends)

They all begin at 0 points but the points can go into negatives
Last edited:

Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Upvote Battle Cry (Stand Up)
Downvote Under the Alolan Moon


site of lies
Upvoting This Dream
Downvoting Under the Alolan Sun

under the alolan sun sounds like it would be in a theme park commercial or something


Demon Child
Upvote Battle Cry (Stand Up)
Downvote Under the Alolan Moon

Under the Alolan Moon is just awful


site of lies
This Dream +
Under The Alolan Moon -

you can also vote like that too i guess, just as long at it's clear who you're upvoting and who you're downvoting


Not thinking twice!
Believe in Me +
Under the Alolan Moon -


Auto-Memories Doll
Battle Cry (Stand Up) +

Under the Alolan Moon -

Participating in this Face-Off just for Battle Cry (Stand Up). What an opening, Erin Bowman surely is amazing.


Doing Their Best
Upvote Battle Cry (Stand Up)

Downvote Diamond and Pearl ( Diamond and Pearl)


Auto-Memories Doll
Battle Cry (Stand Up) +

Under the Alolan Moon -


Doing Their Best
Black and White (BW) +

Diamond and Pearl -