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I know this is a long shot, but after seeing Serena's return last episode, I would like a series where Ash travels with Serena, with them traveling while accomplishing their goals together. Serena could be like Goh in JN where she has as equal focus and treatment as Ash. Basically she would be a female lead.

This is also knowning she is the most beloved pokegirl currently in Japan and has a lot of potential for more storylines. I loved her character change. She has the biggest change both character-wise and design-wise among all companions of Ash who returned in the series history (atleast for me).

I know it might seem romantic considering Serena has feelings for Ash, but it doesn't need to be that way. It could simply be two companions traveling together with a purpose (like Ash and Goh being sent to collect data) This could be good considering them doing different formats (such as replacing the region-focused setting and theme).

Or they could just throw in a new character in there, preferably a kid like Bonnie or Max. Brock has been gone for a while before returning as Ash' companion again, so why not Serena be like that as well.

However, not sure how it could relate to "Scarlett and Violet" theme of the show, or maybe just like JN series, it doesn't need to relate to its game counterpart.


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With the romantic subplot gotta admit that it was risky but kinda new to the anime, and really well done.

Never a Pokegirl has had this strong feelings for Ash, we had moments with Misty,May, Dawn and even Iris but not a total crush.

I don't think it's not going to be repeated again to be fair ,and never should be.

But this series does need a strong female lead again has been so long since we had one. Alolan Girls had their moments but they were 3.

And let's hope they had a better plot than just catching Pokemon and have sucky raid battles.


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In hope for a new series, Ash will go on his own like from M20, M21 and M23 without his companions did to catch some Pokémon that he didn't catch them for a long time like Goh did.

And what he's has to do?
  • Doing a next quest
  • Goal to become a Master
  • Competed catching all the Pokémon (Like Goh Did)
  • Doing a Project like Project Mew such as, Project Ho-Oh, Project Rayquaza, Project Mewtwo or Project Darkrai.


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If anything I think the latest episode actually showed they will continue to journey on their own for the foreseeable future


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I think in the anime, the main hero should the son/daughter of Ash & Serena. I would like to be his daughter who wants to become a Pokemon master like her famous dad. She would travel the world, battling others, catching as many Pokemon as she can.


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Nah, no more vague goals like pokemon master plz lol
Okay bad idea. But still what about Ash's daughter traveling to Iberia to see how she can do there? Sorry if I call the new region Iberia since it's based off Spain.


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To further expand on what I said in another post, Koharu and Serena follow Ash to the new region (PokeSpain) to do more contests, but Serena won’t even be traveling through the region with him. Rather, she’ll be too busy with Pokémon Contests and mentoring Koharu much like how Palermo was a mentor to Aria, but that’s only happening if Koharu even wants to go to the new region or decides to travel with Ash.

As for Ash, he might occasionally show up to watch their contests from time to time, but for the most part, he’ll be traveling through the new region with Clemont and Bonnie.
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Ash aged and join High School ( if SV rumor about school true ) then here come the comedy romance Pokémon format

On serious note , let him met his dad


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Ash aged and join High School ( if SV rumor about school true ) then here come the comedy romance Pokémon format
I don’t want Ash to play any role in SV. He can have his own series on YouTube plus he would be an adult now. No school for Ash.