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Pokemon Are Real!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by The-Judge, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    I know some may think that i am lying, but i am speaking honestly from my heart. While i was out walking my dog yesterday, i saw a Caterpie. On a tree. I was shocked and never told anyone about it, except you guys... The creator of Pokemon may have experienced Pokeon in reallife, too. That explains how i could see them and he could create it... Maybe its only some people that can see Pokemon? I dont BELIEVE they exist... I know! And i will get proofs if you dont believe me!

    Now, do you beleive me?
  2. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    And no, i am not crazy.
    I always get good grades at school and my doctors say i am normal.
    SO no crap about me being sick.

    Pokemon are real, maybe only to the people that accept it...
    Or is it only very few people that can see them?
  3. Locke Yggdrasill

    Locke Yggdrasill Eustis on reddit

    Um....yeah, caterpillars are real, maybe you were just having a case of stupid? Are you noticing things such as "Lol" around you, floating in the air?
  4. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    You are to closed-minded!

    CATERPIE, i said!
    A real one, the pokemon you see in cartoons!

    I swear to god i saw a real one! And as i said above, i am not stupid, i am a normal, i just has the ability to see Pokemons.
  5. RJ Fighter

    RJ Fighter Twoism

    LOL WUT?

    This thread made my day. Currently loling.
  6. Master of Elegance

    Master of Elegance You just got Punk'd!

    I would like to see PROOF.
    If you don't return with anything, you are lying!
  7. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    SHUT UP!!
    Imagine to be me! How would you have it if people didnt beleived you after you saw Pokemons?

    I am talkin honestly here, this is no joke.How can i convince you guys that Pokemons are real?
  8. RJ Fighter

    RJ Fighter Twoism

    Guys, this thread wins so much. He sounds so serious, too.

    Gold medal for you.
  9. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    I will go out tomorrow and look for Pokemons, dont worry!
    If i am right, do you then admit that people should listen to me for the future?
  10. keaki17

    keaki17 Edge Of Glory

    R U ON SUMTHIN? LOL They r not real... LOL
  11. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    If i sound serious, dont you thnk it is because i AM serious?

    No one understands, i am talkin about a big discovery!

    But wait... people doubted einstein. people doubt me. but i will return to here with proofs tomorrow. a picture of me holding a really, living pokemon

    and then you will regret what you said, right?
  12. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and yesterday, I saw a Pidgey in the sky.

    How old are you, eight?

    *Checks* FIFTEEN? Now I've heard everything.
  13. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    You fail at life and many more things.
  14. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    Can you prove they are not real? No?
    Then shut up.
  15. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    Why Dont You ****in Understand, I Am Serious!!!!!! This Is No F'ckin Joke!
  16. RJ Fighter

    RJ Fighter Twoism

    Trolling in a troll's thread.

    In before pidg- crap, too late. .-.
  17. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    You fail at opening your eyes to the world around.
    just wait till i prove that pokemon exists.
  18. keaki17

    keaki17 Edge Of Glory

    HAHA this is not true..LOL and i can prove it because like 99.9% of the other SPPf members also KNOW they r not real LOL
  19. The-Judge

    The-Judge Banned

    i am no troll, dumb...
    check my postcount. i have been a member for more than a year, and i have never trolled, neither am i trolling now
  20. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Just wait until you get banned.
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