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Pokemon Australia Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by SOCCER_PRO, Aug 10, 2012.

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    SOCCER_PRO Well-Known Member


    Hey guys and Welcome to the Pokemon Australia Club on Serebii!

    This club is for all those in Australia who love Pokemon and want to come together and form a community.
    This club was started so that you - the Australian Pokemon Fans would and could get information relevant to us about Pokemon News. We all know that we get left behind and then if we get anything none of the big Pokemon Sites even mention the Events we do get. This Club is hopefully going to change all that.

    The rules are all the rules on this forum itself please make sure you read them so you understand what is expected.

    If you want to become a member of this club it’s as easy as posting, requests will be checked regularly. Just post saying you’d like to join the Pokemon Australia Club. You will receive a reply saying you’ve been accepted.

    Club Owner: SOCCER_PRO
    Perilous Plaything
    PKMN Trainer Pat

    Ban List:

    Feel free to add the userbar into your sig if you feel like it.​
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2012
  2. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member

    Hello, I will join the Pokemon Australia Club. I hope you have more luck this time around.

    I am from Western Australia.

    SOCCER_PRO Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I hope so too, it is going to be my personal aim to keep this active.
  4. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member

    So do we know when the Keldeo event will happen in Australia yet?

    SOCCER_PRO Well-Known Member

    No idea about the Keldeo Event but I know we are getting special "Kyurem Edition" Games as well we a Collectors Edition Hintbook. This is my source.
  6. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member

    Yeah I checked that out from your signature. They look very cool.
  7. ThisIsPatrick

    ThisIsPatrick Well-Known Member

    I would love to join :D Hope this stays more active this time around.

    I'm from just outside of sydney, and ive been a fan of pokemon ever since I was 5 :D

    SOCCER_PRO Well-Known Member

    Yay Welcome.

    Topic: What version game are you going to get, Black 2 or White 2 and why?
  9. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member

    I am tempted to get White 2 just so that I can get a Reshiram with me as trainer; but I do love my Zekroms so it will probably be Black 2 for me.
  10. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member

    So I decided to get both in the end, the lure of two Kyurem coins was too much for me :). I have also preordered the guide.

    So how many pokemon do you have in your pokedex?

    SOCCER_PRO Well-Known Member

    You have preordered exactly what I have :) How exciting!
  12. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member


    SOCCER_PRO Well-Known Member

    You can only receive one. So you can go to either Target or EB Games. Whichever is closer.
  14. Silencer83

    Silencer83 New Member

    They are both in the same shopping complex where I would go. ;)
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