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Pokemon B/W boring?

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They're not boring, though I am bothered by the fact that the 8 gym cities are all visited right after the other. Thankfully not true in black/white 2.

BW2 isn't that much better in that regard. The only time the gyms aren't one after the other is after Mistralton City.


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Im not bored at 5 gens at all, but when i always lose i feel like not to play B/W for a day


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So I've put about 5 hours so far into Pokemon White, and I hate to say it, but I think I find it a little boring... the designs for all the Pokemon at their basic stages seem too cutesy and it almost feels like a chore to go through every gym leader... am I doing something wrong? :/

It's understandable, everyone has their favorite and least favorite Pokemon games. For me it was Diamond and Pearl, I did not like these games but I got through them. I think what you need is a break, maybe you are burnt out on Pokemon or like other people have stated do a nuzlocke or monotype run, that made Diamond much more fun for me to play. I personally liked Black/White and they are possibly my second favorite Pokemon games. It's just a matter of opinion which we are all entitled to, If you don't like these games then you don't like them, but I assure you every Pokemon Game offers a fun experience and every playthrough a unique experience.
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I feel like the games were more storyline-oriented and had the best writing compared to other games, and perhaps all of the extra dialogue to communicate the story might have bogged it down a little bit, and training is very easy, so I can see how someone could be not as thrilled by it, but I personally have been playing all of them almost every day since March 2011 with no end in the foreseeable future. The original adventure to me did seem very short in Black 1, but I didn't really have issue with that.

I think it's all about pacing. These games are not games that I would recommend playing through in single sittings or extended periods of time; I tried to slowly take in Black and found it much more enjoyable than my rushed White version.
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Man...I gotta say...I agree...B/W so far has been the worst gen for me...I mean its good graphics wise but...I just feel like theirs something wrong with it...

I started playing Pokemon when it first came out back in 1998. I was 7 back then. And i'll admit. The games just don't have that charm that they had way back then. I tried really hard to play BW2 and...I just couldn't go through it. I made it to the 7th gym and just gave up.

People are going to tell me its because i'm old but I really don't think age matters. I'm still a really big fan of pokemon, and I've been really trying to stay into it, I own almost every game and I'm getting back into cards and trying -and failing- at competitive battling...but...after 3rd gen...it just started going down. I don't feel the pokemon have that charm anymore that they did back then. I don't know how to explain it I guess I just don't feel the love, emotion, and personality in these pokemon as I do the old ones. The music isn't even as good as the old ones. Some of its good but... it'll NEVER beat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_5TVp1wSTU IMO. That song just SCREAMS epic battle.

I also, yes I liked the story in BW / BW2 but...I liked the simplicity of the first games. You were a 10 year old boy that was out to become a pokemon master and just happened to take down an evil origination, beat his rival and become the champion all the while catching all 151 -or more depending if your playing G/S/C- pokemon. It was almost kinda annoying to have all these characters constantly talking to me, and before and after each gym I had to fight Rival of the week. It felt like they were shoving the side characters down our throats and saying "like them!" Its not that I don't like the characters I do its just...to much. I don't play pokemon for story I play it for gameplay. And because the rvals shown up so much it took away from the epicness they are supposed to be. Every time Green shown up you knew "ohh its on". Or every time Silver shown up it was "lets see how much stronger you've gotten". They were tense, exciting, it was fun to blow your rival away. Here it just became repetitive fast.

The last thing I gotta say that I do feel like this game babied you a lot. Not as bad as it did in FR/LG where your first rival battle, that was supposed to be your epic first battle mind you, kept getting interrupted by oak's tutorial. It wasn't that bad but...It really catered to new players. You don't know how many times I was mashing A saying "yah I get it." I didn't do that in the first 2 gens. I learned as a played. All games nowadays feel like they baby you along.

Yah that's basically why I didn't like gen 5. It just was boring and I didn't really like the pokemon or the region as a whole. When I stopped playing my black 2 I actually started playing blue version again. I'm not trying to bash this game I understand people have different tasted in games, and there are always new players each gen. Like I said before I've REALLY been trying to like the new generations. I really have been. I always get excited when a new pokemon game is coming out. This is just how I feel, its my own opinion.

I'll see ya later guys, i'll met you all in the past. -turns on game boy and goes to fight green again-
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I've played better pokemon games...


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In terms of story alone, BW is probably the best in the series so far. Post-game might be lacking a bit since there is considerably less to do after you've explored the new regions (Undella Town and whatnot). Subway Battles do get a bit dry after a while, makes you wish they'd brought in features like those from the Battle Frontier (for BW at least).

BW2 definitely trumps BW in terms of the variety of features though.

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I'm enjoying Pokémon White, and I had once boycotted the fifth generation because I didn't like the Pokémon, which I'm mentally slapping myself over now that I've gotten far into the game. I'm still not too happy with a lot of the Pokémon designs, but they're easily ignorable, and I happen to like my team. As annoying as it was to level grind at first (especially when it came to Lenora), as soon as the story started picking up, I've been engrossed in it. Team Plasma is still not my favorite team, but Ghetsis has been kinda creepy. Even though I know you only battle him, like... I think once in the entire game, but I keep expecting to battle him at any given moment, and it's kept me on my toes (so to say) whenever I get involved with Plasma. Heck, even N is making me jump a little, since I never know when I'm going to battle him.

I'm not that happy with the rivals, but hey, easy experience points. At least they have some character development to them, even though I still prefer Silver over them.

The gyms have been fun, I really enjoy the designs and puzzles, though I think they tend to give it to you in a few places. My favorite is a tie between Elesa's gym, and Iris's gym.

I have of yet to fight the Elite Four, but I expect to have a blast.

I'm also liking the look of the game. The characters (especially the playable character) have some expressions that I've never seen before in the Pokémon games, and I think it's hilariously-awesome. I love the camera angles in some places, especially when it came to Skyarrow Bridge. That's really gorgeous, I really was blown away by the depth of it all when Castelia City was coming into view.

I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong in the game or what (though as I'm ready to head into Victory Road, my guess is I'm doing something right), but the game's kept me entertained enough to get me pretty far when I have claimed to not like it. The story is the best one in the main series thus far for sure, and I think that's what really kept me in place, because I want to see what's really going on and not having to rely on what I read on the Internet. Is the game my thing? Not really, but it's won a place in my heart with the rest of the Pokémon generations for sure, and I don't regret that.

Can't say the same for you, OP, as everyone's different in how they approach the series. *shrugs* At least you tried.


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I was dissapointed and bored with it for a while, but White has grown on me. Not my fave Gen, but still enjoyable.
It is quite dissapointing & sad to say boring..But I think we're all just growing up. Pokémon may not be getting boring but we're just growing up, ya know? :// I agree but we're just growing up nothing we can do to change that...Besides not everyone worldwide will like Pokémon B/W. Every Gen has it's 'mehhhh' Pokémon. ~Nya :33
Well, I would say the reason you're bored with the gyms etc. is because you've done this so many times with the other games. In my opinion, Black and White is the same game but with more pokemon and a slightly better story (and of course besides that, the gyms have gotten much, much easier). I mostly think it's the first reason though, I'm bored of doing the "beat up gym leaders and elite 4" thing too, but then there are still new things that keep me from getting entirely boring. But yeah, pokemon has now become more about what happens post story, like getting the stars on your ID or collecting medals, and also about competitive battling (battle subway, wifi etc.).


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Gen V in general is not boring, but it's not the best generation either.

Both games are great in its own way, but I feel that it still lacks something.
Must be the region design itself...


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Must be the region design itself...
I feel that that may be one of the main contributing factors to the boredom; the fact that the region is very circular makes it not feel as adventurous or exciting after a while, the only hard to reach adventurous place really being Route 18 and the P2 lab. I think the second games, however, attempted to fix this with the additions of new areas (Lentimas and Humilau) and means of transportation (the plane) to break the circuitous linear path of the game.


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I don't think B/W was boring. It is very fun and all the new designs and characters are cool


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I feel that that may be one of the main contributing factors to the boredom; the fact that the region is very circular makes it not feel as adventurous or exciting after a while, the only hard to reach adventurous place really being Route 18 and the P2 lab. I think the second games, however, attempted to fix this with the additions of new areas (Lentimas and Humilau) and means of transportation (the plane) to break the circuitous linear path of the game.

I guess it's really the lack of exploration and puzzles in many areas.

I miss traversing long winded paths only to get to a dead end and then I have to head a long way back to the fork like Rock Tunnel;
Or raiding villainous headquarters filled with rooms, floors, buttons, and warps like Silph Co./Celadon Game Corner;

I know BW2 had puzzling areas like the Castelia Sewers and Route 23, but there could've been more.


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I can only justify the OP's statement by saying that in comparison to B2/W2, B/W is a little boring (of course, this is just my opinion). I honestly didn't enjoy Black as much as I thought I would, but I've been burying my face into White 2, whose larger dex and enhanced storyline really pull it together.
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