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Pokemon Bachelorette

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Well, Cloudy's out.

Me: Cloudy? Where are you?

;351;: Right here.

Me: Sorry dude, you got voted off.

;351;: :0 WHAT!!? But...but...I'm an awesome weather manipulater!

Me: Well, I guess noone likes awesome weather manipulaters who Weather Ball a hot chick.

;351;: *storms off with literally mini-storms brewing around him*

Me: Look out!

;351;: *accidentally trashes the city*

I will edit this page with the contest-oh yeah, I can't do Elvis.
Yeah, Copygoo did claim.
I just checked this.

If he doesn't do the contest soon, I can do it I guess.
Yeah, Copygoo did claim.
I just checked this.

If he doesn't do the contest soon, I can do it I guess.
*groans* Anyway, are we allowed to reserve spot for future bachelors?
.:E4 Jahu:.
;259;: *sees post* Sweet! You mean me?
No, I mean the Pokemon version of me, ;259; !
;259; (E4J) : Hi!
;259;: Wha--
You're not the Pokemon version of me, he is. You're just my post ender.
;259;: *faints*

The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light


Yeah, sorry, I can't do it. My keyboard's busted and I don't know when I'll get a new one.
Alright then, I'll do the contest.

I can't do it right at this particular moment, but as soon as I get back, I'll work on it.

-will edit this page-

EDIT: Okay, here come the contest~ :D

Chamo: okay then, our next contest is........



;179; : We're going to try to invent some new kind of chemical~ I'll have my assistants help too.

Chamo:......okay then. In the meantime, I'll wait about 100 miles away from this place...

;179; Why?

Chamo: oh, no reason..... ^^;

;261; : Okay then Ash, first we put this in that vial over there.

;291; : ......Okay then. *starts to mix*

;261; Excellent, these materials will start to mix when....-trails off on a long science speech-

;291; : (hmm....what happens if I do this....) -mixes a red chemical and a green chemical together.

-a black smoke comes out and Ash disappears-

;261; OMG! HE'S GONE!!!

;291; No, I'm right here.

;261; AND NOW HE'S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!-runs away-

;291; :c
;335; : Okay then, what should be put in now....

;039; : Just put a little bit of this, a little bit of that... -pours stuff in a cup-

;335; : ...............wait, a bit of what?

;039; It's all in the game of looove~

;335; Wait? but what did you put in?

;039; 10 Percent luck, 20 Percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure, 50 percent pain, and 100 percent reason to remember the name!

;335; I don't even know if we have "pain" anywhere....

-a small cloud of red smoke comes out-

;335; : -cough-

;039; : -cough cough- Sugar we're going down- -faints-

;412; : Hey can you reach the red jar at the top of the shelf.

;424; : Sure. -looks and finds multiple red jars- ....which one?

;412; : The red one.

;424; They're ALL red ones.

;412; What?

;424; : Yeah, just loo- -falls down, but catches all the jars in his hands.- Phew.....

-one jar falls off his head and into the chemicals.

;412; Uh oh.


;424; : *turned into a squid* grgrglglrglgrlgllflrg

;412; : ...........Ms. Currie........we have a problem...

;222; Well then, what should we work on now Steven?

;309; -starts to mix several chemicals together, then he drinks it-

;222; O.O What did you do that for?

;309; Because I told him to. I'm hungry.

;222; what the heck.

;309; Sorry, that's my bro, Nevets.

;222; : ........that's incredible! -stuffs Steven in a box- Now time to send this away to the institute where-

;309; *bursts out as Nevets* RAWR!

;222; AH! -runs off-

;347; : okay, the concoction is done.

;466; Great~

;347; All we need is 100 volts of Electricity to heat it up

;466; I got the buntson burner~ -turns it on, but it's broken-

;347; O great, it needs a new battery....

;466; Don't fret, I can recharge it!

;347; Be careful now...

;466; : I will! -shocks it, but the burner and the concoction explode-.................................oops......D:

;476; And now with that settled, add the powder Tipp.

;166; Okay then. -pours the powder in, but nothing happens-

;476; What? It should have worked! The portal to a new world should've opened!

;166; What?

;476; Err, I mean....why didn't it work? -notices the label on the powder and face palms-

;166; Is something wrong?

;476; That's not The purple dimension powder...

;166; What is it?

;176; That's foot powder....

;166; : EEWWWW! -drops-

;194; Quick! Add the liquid
;444; -pours liquid-

;194; Finally, we made the cure for cancer! Congrats to us buddy~

;444;.....that's what this is supposed to be?

;194; Duh! Why do you ask?

;444; Um.......I don't think this is the cure for cancer then....

;194; o_O Then what is it.

;444; -sniffs the potion- .....it's .......it's..................... KOOL-AID!

;194; -cries-

;201-b; Wait don't add that! You'll make something horrible!

;081; I know what I am doing, don't fret!

;201-b; But this is not right! Don't do it! You'll cause an explosion!

;081; -adds nitro acid-


;201-b; *cough* Melvin! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

;081; I'm not dead..........

;201-b; Huh? Where are you?

;081; Melted to your back....


-later that day, the hazmat team arrives-

Chamo: Well, glad we finally got all that stuff out of the studio before-

-sees Melvin melted to an unown-

Chamo: What ha-

;081; Do no ask....

;179; It's a good thing you came with the hazmat team.....It's a nuclear wasteland in there...

Chamo: Oh great.........

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I Crush Everything
Melvin for getting himself stuck to the unown.

Elvis was really funny here. Good job, CC.

The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light
Melvin. He didn't listen to the REAL scientist. You always should.


Thank you my prince!
;039; 10 Percent luck, 20 Percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure, 50 percent pain, and 100 percent reason to remember the name!
wow I don't like the son but I know the song. it went great in the AMV I saw it in

;448; *working on something to seperate Melvin and unown*wow this should help

Me: um what ya doing

;448; ill tell you later


Page of Heart
Stevens for listening to Nevets, when all of those chemicals could of easily killed him.

;424;: glglfrgh! *starts knocking down numerous chemicals onto himself with his tentacles to try and change back*


;190;: What the- *another falls on his head*


;424;: *has his tails where his arms should be, and his arms where his tails are* .......

Many hours later, and many, many poofs.

;424;: Hmm....this one changes me back, this one makes me a squid, this one devolves me, this one gives me the ability to read minds, this one turns me into a random Pokemon, this one gives me wings, this one gives me gills, and this one makes my tail-hands really big. *labels all* Okay, now to bring these back to the shelf.

*carries all of them back, but the one that turned him into a random Pokemon falls off and hits chamo, making a big cloud of smoke*

;424;: Oops. I wonder what she'll be.....

king of blue

That's me!
What happened? When I left, errm, last year, the thread was magically delicious! now it's all withered and dead like a banana let sit out too long (or an old tree). All us people that have left should take pity and hug the thread to life!!!!!!!!!

Yes, very odd, I know. But mabye people will pay attention now. Please, a plea to all of you old posters like myself who have stopped looking at this thread! Come back and share in the reflected glory when this gets to the top of the first page! come back, vote, and come back again! And to the writers, good job so far. (most) of the contests are interesting and exciting! Please give us more of this delicious ambrosia, the necter of the gods, and pasta! yes, pasta. The best thing since sliced bread!

Come, join in the wonderful group hug that is this thread! come, post, enjoy, and love this game. the beautiful thing is, if enough people come back, or join now, we can make this dream a reality! Yes, we CAN MAKE IT TO THE TOP OF THE FIRST PAGE! We CAN do it! This is the attitude this thread needs!

I love the batchlorette(sp?). Smart and somewhat funny! I vote Electivire for blowing up the battery.

So, I hope this speech has inspired you to do great thngs in the name of the game, Pokemon Bachlerette.

-This message has been brought to you by King of Blue;446;

The Baron of Fate

Has seen the light
Well that sure does put a bit of pep back into me for this game! We need to keep things running!

And thanks! The Bachelorette idea was mine this time. :D
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